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Dude was the Godfather of cosplay photography



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cgl doesn't actually care about cosplay any more, it's just coomers fapping to low effort e-whores

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Call me when Eurobeat King dies

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Wasn’t he homeless for a while?

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Guy was overrated. He was one of the few with decent equipment and was slightly less of a creep than the dudes with the right setup. I chatted with him once or twice and he was so fucking plain, uncreative, and unchallenging.

He was also super judgemental. My wife and I will often take our photography cost in sex with some of the costhots. It's totally consentual and we always make sure to film it so if we get sued there's no issue, but he just looked down on it like we were evil or something.

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Everyone liked this guy in the early 2000's because he took and published everyone's cosplay photo. Made every cosplayer, no matter how bad, feel included.

To be honest, I thought he died years ago after he had a heart attack or some shit.

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I m e an I also lok down on you because having to pay for sex is legitimately pathetic.
>but we paid in services s-so
It's still prostitution. You must be hideous to have to pay for sex lmao

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Jesus christ what is wrong with you???

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>like we were evil or something.
No offense, with what you wrote on a dead guy’s post, you sound like you are

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Katkwo, is that you?

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This and that creepy old white dude with the beard and wears a bucket hat that lurks around California cons

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>paying for sex

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Lolitas chased away the actual cosplay community we once had

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Only in murica, I guess

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is she bad? one of my friends knows her so i've only met her once. seems like an ethot but besides that was okay

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I wish this were true.

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coomers are chasing away both.

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He looks like an obese Tony Shalhoub

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You guys are butthurt incels or fatties. I get my rocks off and you get angry? I already said it's consentual and you're fucking having a meltdown.

No, I'm not katkwo's husband. But I would definitely smash if she's open to it. She's not my wife's type but she would let me hit it.

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Terry Richardson go back to /p/

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This guy took pics of one of my first cosplays ever back at AX2000. I hadn't heard from him in the community for years. Sad to see him pass.

Each year, the OG convention crowd seems to be facing their mortality. It's starting to really depress me. For those who weren't around back then, the people in the cosplay community used to be much closer and tighter knit. Everyone knew everyone (for better or for worse).

Now it's all disconnected e-thots and cliques.

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Confirmed butthurt fatty. I honestly prefer the butthurt incels to you.

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It's always been super cliquey you gaywad zoomer

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I’m a photographer. So the best way to have people morn your death is to just take a picture of every cosplayer? I’ll keep that in mind

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No, the best way to have people mourn your death is to be involved in a community. He actually had professional equipment as a reporter and took great photos of cosplayers before cosplay photography was really a thing.

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