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Old saging thread that newfags are still posting in: >>10813892

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Reposting some content at the end of the last thread.

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Why doesn't this girl give up on fashion?

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the vendetta a gull must have towards this girl is brutal. she’s stocky and her coord isn’t perfect, but it’s well matched and doesn’t belong here.

>inb4 wking. this shit stirring is retarded. you gulls must be really bored now that the farms milk has run dry

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I like seeing her collection of older quirky lolita/pre-lolita pieces but god I hate her coords sometimes.

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>caping for wonderfuck
Lord almighty way to tell on yourself that you’re new.

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Anon isnt even talking about wonderfinch

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Not ita

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get your eyes checked, retard. i wasn’t defending WF’s bumfuck leopard print mess.

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Half her coord is tacky TaoBao trash. It cheapens the look.

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Every time I see a picture of WF, it looks like she has wispy beard hairs. does she?

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i’d burn the socks and go for a brand chiffon blouse, but this still isn’t ita. her color-matching and coord sense is good; not great, but good, especially compared to the absolute dumpster fires that have been dominating CoF lately. nitpick.

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Her wardrobe is wasted on her
And she always looks so greasy too…

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Has there ever been a PoC (not including Asians of course) who managed to not look ita in a coord?

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I know it's bait but her coord is so good, I want to share it again. PoC can look absolutely beautiful in Lolita

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why would u respond to bait and then just post a good coord in the ita thread? summer will never end

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Jfc I can't believe peppermint patty is still a topic. Move on.

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Lady Sloth strikes again

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I never thought I see the day. It's the jeans jsk lol. The quality of the fabric even looks ok-ish

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Can y’all up the game cos 80% of these just belong in a nitpick thread.

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get ur eyes checked

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Sad thing I still kinda fuck with this. Not the coord, but the dress. Maybe if the bow was smaller.

>> No.10819120

The phone case, the pose, the ears...I can smell it through the screen

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Yeah it's not good when the jeans jsk stands out as the nicest thing in the coord.

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Can you up your standards because these all look like shit and you shouldn't be tolerating such poorly thrown together C̶o̶s̶p̶l̶a̶y̶s̶ I mean coords

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can’t help but think she gets dressed in the dark, how does she always look consistently terrible?

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For real and its always the same couple of responses.

>Fat legs
>Get your eyes checked
>You need to up your standards
>Oh youre defending this because youre fat

Get creative at least. If you intend to hurt someone you wont do it like that.

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Let me not forget


You guys nitpick at coords and people and can't even hold your own rebuttals to the same standard?

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ita thread is prone to nitpicks and vendettas on occasion, but no, ita-chan, 80% of these coords are objectively terrible. there’s no theme consistency throughout most of them, the colors clash, and the coords don’t feel cohesive. the pieces chosen are often tacky, cheap-looking, and unflattering on the wearer. give us an example of a nitpick and any gull will be happy to pick out exactly what the issues are.

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This is alright imo

>> No.10819207

kek no

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The outfits aren't good. They are Ill fitting with ugly colour combinations. Poor quality clothing and even worse quality accessories and Halloween makeup.
It looks bad and it's not even fashion at this point it's little kid dress up but it's adult women who go out in public.
10% are nitpicks. Not 80%

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this, genuinely upsetting that western "lolita" has been so far removed from the actual fashion for so long that these eyesores are being defended.

>> No.10819221

agree, but part of the problem is also the death of concrit culture so i'll give some.

terrible drag makeup, weird belt, almost looks like she used the belt to make a sack dress into a gathered shape but hard to tell, stretched out socks that don't fit, clashing mix of warm and cool pinks, headbow looks cheap and wrinkled.
amish silhouette doesn't read lolita, crusty looking normie faux fur coat, pilgrim hat, printed tights look weird with the moitie heels but that may be subjective
she's not skinny but idk about 'obese' kek. what's more ita is the gross sheer socks and pained expression on her face. reddish orange lipstick clashes. also subjective but those chiffon blouses almost always look cheap and ita.
burgundy is too dark to go with that jsk. pretty sure the jsk is axes femme which explains why it's a bit too short and a-line to read lolita, even for oldschool. the socks are terrible, just buy brand socks. use complexion makeup. dye your hair a neutral color or stick to blackxwhite. take coord pics in front of a less cluttered and ugly background. she has potential imo
get bangs. this set is just ugly but she didn't exactly coord it badly. it's the pose making her look slightly retarded, and is she in the backrooms?
jsk is like a foot too short. the 2edgy4u facial expression and pose makes her look old and angry.
get bangs. has the vibe of trying too hard to experiment before learning the basics. ugly normie shoes
don't love the textured blouse which also looks too small but otherwise alright
get bangs. jacket and tights are too normie and clash.
for the love of god get bangs. get more flattering glasses. coord-wise, just start over with something way simpler.
same as the above - start over with something simpler. you're not cosplaying. horror themed tattoos clash with sweet lolita, wear long sleeves next time.

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literally. i think saying 10% being nitpicks is too generous. this is what happens when we no longer have inspo threads. looking through them you can actually get a good idea of what a good to great coord looks like

>> No.10819265

It's because a lot of the clueless newfags fat itas being posted are the ones coming here. They genuinely can't tell why they're dressing poorly

>> No.10819282

Point out which coords look good and are nitpicks and someone will spoonfeed you as to why they're bad, faggot. I bet you dress like shit.
Is this thread so poisoned to the point where the average poster cannot tell what is wrong with these coords? good lord. some people truly are style blind if they cannot tell between a good coord and an ita. I just feel bad for them because they dress like shit in person too since they can't tell what looks good and what doesn't.

>> No.10819289

stop doing this. no one cares about concrit here we're not the posters.

>> No.10819293

i'd rather have concrit than the usual ita/not ita arguments with no substance and sperging about trannies. thanks for the post concrit anon

>> No.10819294

I care

>> No.10819295

nta but it's clearly needed kek

>> No.10819297

God forbid someone gives suggestions to improve.

Sure as fuck can't say "your purple hair with 3 inches of root doesn't go with classic style" in the COF/Reddit hugbox without being "called out" for being "rude."

>> No.10819307

these long posts of concrit are fucking annoying.

>> No.10819314

no you can't

>> No.10819373

Better than individual replies.

>> No.10819385

concrit is useful and brings actual discussion rather than just “lol fatty”

>> No.10819387

Bangs are not necessary for lolita. Maybe 5 years ago but not now. And most Western girls stretch their socks, no matter what body type they have. Besides, who cares about stretching cheap Taobao socks anyway?

>> No.10819399

I agree what's wrong with alot of the
>needs bangs
Are just an overall unsuitable hairstyle to begin with.
I miss the wig days because everyones hair was able to match their outfit properly untill it became a mandatory thing and any natural hair was labeled ita
The complete opposite happened and wigs themselves became ita
I suggest for non lifestylers who don't want to commit to a haircut to just buy one nice wig to throw on for Coords even a clip on fringe would be fine.
I think cosplay-chan's ruined wigs in this fashion with neon pink party city tier wigs.
Wigs have been apart of gothic Lolita since the early days so it's still being authentic to the fashion

Sorry for wig rant lol just sick of greasy overgrown roots and shitty hair cuts and unstyled hair

>> No.10819414

How original. I shouldnt have to hold your hand for you to be able to tell the difference. Seriously faggot? Nothing better? Your insults are lacking. Try harder.

>> No.10819416

I absolutely agree with you that a vast majority posted here are complete trash but I see people here sometimes with cohesive wardrobes, matching colors and put together wigs and they get flung in here for having fat legs like... People have either gotten seriously bored or it's just a group of angry incels who cant find fap material. I wont post a picture but Im sure a nitpick will pop up at some point and lean off of that.

>> No.10819417

Love the jsk. Not the coord tho...Also would it hurt to have a wig of matching colour?

>> No.10819418

God, bad coord is one thing but couldn't she have the photo retaken if she made a retard face (accidentally?). Or is that a guy, idk, ugly either way.

>> No.10819422

Even if it were true that every western lolita stretches out her socks (lol) why not wear solid ones? Warped stretched out prints never look good.
A bit ot but Western lolitas need some kind of a cultural shift towards accepting that some things won’t fit tall, large framed or larger busted people and won’t look good. It’s frustrating when it’s something you can’t change like height or bone structure but we are wearing brands catered to small framed Japanese women, not every cute piece is going to flatter everyone so find alternative cuts, learn to sew, etc. Socks are absolutely the easiest one to find a flattering alternative.

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the west in general has had a cultural shift in the opposite direction with all this fat acceptance haes shit. and even then many people are delusional about how they look, so many don't care to begin with.

>> No.10819441

There's so many layers to unpack here...

>> No.10819446

If you changed out the bag and legwear, this wouldn't be too awful for a casual coord

>> No.10819449

>Western lolitas need some kind of a cultural shift

>> No.10819457

You still dress like shit faggot, most of these coords are super bad. Point out the nitpicks, you won't. You know your taste is shit and you don't want to get torn apart, I get it.

>> No.10819461

i agree, but there’s nothing i can do about the salty ana-chans who insist on being contrarian when someone posts a cute coord. there’s quite a few mentally ill gulls on here, and it’s something you have to get used to as a /cgl/ browser.

i wish we saw more concrit a la >>10819221 . thank you, nonna.

>> No.10819464

Holy shit.

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Don’t tell me they walked around Japan dressed like this

>> No.10819477

That’s a man, Maury

>> No.10819486

they isn't gender special, anon.

>> No.10819651

I'm also ashamed to say I think it has potential. I would wear it styled like casual lolita with a cutsew, utks and some cute sneakers. maybe a high ponytail with a matching scrunchie.

>> No.10819659

or neither

>> No.10819661

So much wasted moitie!

>> No.10819718

It's all nu moitie it does not matter

>> No.10819766

Sad but true

>> No.10819881

Don’t insult Moitie ita like that.

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File: 1.73 MB, 1170x2121, 5909323C-DF4F-4D9D-B371-81AAAF7FAB5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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grandma curtains core ?

>> No.10819955

go back

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File: 1.54 MB, 1170x1890, 47E9E8E6-9847-46E4-8781-EEC872DE3650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and yes this was tagged as lolita.

>> No.10819978

i love this kind of trainwreck shit that's not lolita, or even an actual outfit at all.

>> No.10819979

Ya know, if this was some part of clown fashion (I’m pretty sure it literally is) then ya know, whatever. That has its own set of rules. But don’t drag lolita into this… this hurts to look at. On that note, has anyone noticed a rise in like… clown aesthetics in lolita? I don’t mean from Taobao brands or whatever the hell they’re doing but it’s so weird???

>> No.10819985

Yes. Lor was the first one there are more clown itas than ever.

>> No.10819990

That's not the original Moitie Ita. She's the new era one.

>> No.10819991 [DELETED] 
File: 3.24 MB, 1920x1080, uglyclowns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


the common thread running through all of these is that the people are ugly
even if you put lipstick on these pigs, nothing would change

it is their entire being that makes them ita
they were born ita
they will die ita

pic rel
women dress like clowns now

>umm sweetie thats normal fashion now and i dress for myself not others :)
chew on rocks infertile sow

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kys faggot moid. you sound obsessed

>> No.10820042

dial 8

>> No.10820078


I was just thinking that, ever since she started doing clown makeup shit so many have popped up. Can we just get rid of her? I don't know how she became so popular...

>> No.10820080

patron saint of itas

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File: 506 KB, 750x747, 4CEA1718-0868-4AAA-B422-8B51DD687AE8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Average ita couple.

>> No.10820214

A plate of Dorito chips on a dress. Why?

>> No.10820215
File: 708 KB, 1170x1159, BA0861B2-C6A6-4590-9401-11E3436CC6F3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Conlitas strike again.

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File: 220 KB, 960x960, fugly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820287


When will people learn that you need more than a dress to make a coord? I'm so sick of people slapping on a dress and bow with boring ass shoes and some shirt then calling it a lolita coord.

>> No.10820314

It's the conlitas, nonnie. What else do you expect?

>> No.10820316

>expecting fat people to have taste or self awareness

>> No.10820317

I feel like this would be okay if she lost the ddlg collar and got better shoes.

>> No.10820334

Someone on the Reddit post gave them some pretty solid critique and they got buttmad at it.

OOP said that she’s been in the fashion for 6 years. This is not how I imagine a seasoned Lolita to look. Kek. This reeks of baby’s first coord.

>> No.10820335

The shitty beige normie hat and """kuhhwaii""" sports socks need to go too.

>> No.10820336

tbf it's not her first coord. her and her uggo gf have been posted in the ita thread before

>> No.10820340

And her hair kek. So basically the whole coord

>> No.10820348

Itas will never learn. Honestly it looks like she bought one brand piece and went into her closet and paired just normie Shit with it.

>> No.10820352

Is that beck?

>> No.10820353

tiktok was a mistake

>> No.10820355

A pretty shitty piece of brand no less

>> No.10820359
File: 1.80 MB, 1170x2062, 21D1B957-7716-4750-9D5A-9B258A2FD429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you let yourself get so fat you start looking like you have down syndrome

>> No.10820360

This fuggo enby has worn lolita for six years >>10820270 and this ugly ham planet has been in it for over ten years >>10820215 and they still look like ass.

They have thousands of resources at their disposal and yet they refuse to improve. It’s mental illness at this point.

>> No.10820363

This joke stopped being funny the first time you said it

>> No.10820439
File: 192 KB, 843x1350, 315710946_1179542316307934_8595972581713798072_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820440

Might as well be. I found her on COF and all of her coords look like newlita coords. She'll never learn.

>> No.10820441

Everything about this is terrible but the shoes are just so awful

>> No.10820443

not that i'm denying she looks like an absolute dumpster fire. she mass-posted on the subreddit today trying to double down on how she's been in the fashion for so long and thus can't be ita. they all looked god awful though kek.

>> No.10820444

The coord is fine. Go seethe about fatties somewhere else.

>> No.10820445

this haircut should be banned, it never looks good. double ban for unnatural hair colors with this cut

>> No.10820446

the coloured hair fad needs to go.
it almost always looks like shit because
the colour don't fit their skin tone to begin with
it's badly applied
and they don't maintain it properly meaning there is always those ugly dark roots

and this haircut is okay for dykecore, not for Lolita

>> No.10820447


>> No.10820450

That’s some adult baby shit. It’s just missing a pacifier.

>> No.10820452

You're fine. I know you're not denying anything. Don't worry anon!

>> No.10820479
File: 1.29 MB, 1052x1502, 1CCE4DDB-4778-43D4-8C9C-2F933783F0DB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820483

meh y’all would be eating this up if she were anorexic

>> No.10820489

No, the blouse doesn't work, neither does the backpack, and there's insufficient head accessories. Plus this isn't the kind of print that works with the look she's trying for. Even on an annie this would be a mess.

>> No.10820511

Agreed. She could also stand to put on some makeup and get a better petti

>> No.10820515

I feel like people aren’t as strict with itas as they used to be. Like, if you looked ita you were automatically given crit or just ‘punished’ somehow. We need to bring that shit back.

>> No.10820526

coord would look like shit on anyone, but way to out yourself as a fatty

>> No.10820528

God damn the subreddit is already shit, but if I have to read another post about "is this dress loliable" with the worst dress you have ever seen I'm going to scream.
Like ??? How long does it take to realise that you need Lolita dresses to wear Lolita fashion ? It's that simple

>> No.10820530

the comments often entertain their delusion, or express that the offbrand dress in question won’t work but other offbrand dresses can, which continues to fuel the western permaita culture. it’s maddening, but the subreddit has been like this for years.

the term “loliable” needs to die. nothing fills me with more rage and disgust. can’t the reddit itas just ask if pieces will work for lolita without being so gross and cringe?

>> No.10820531

This is a public hazard. She needs to get off that bridge before it breaks. They have weight limits for a reason

>> No.10820545
File: 425 KB, 1280x1707, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820546
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>> No.10820549
File: 78 KB, 500x500, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820550
File: 645 KB, 500x568, 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820564

For a fat girl this coord passable
It's almost as if it's possible to dress for your body type even if youre a whale
But lose the cardigan the colour is off

>> No.10820565


>> No.10820569

>shitty 50s style circle skirt is lolita
fuck off

>> No.10820574


>> No.10820575
File: 1000 KB, 857x1071, yikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820580

he dress isn't lolita, newfag

>> No.10820585

doubt it, the dress in >>10820548 isn’t really lolita though it’s cute for a lolita-adjacent look. she’s also got the saddest ‘zoomer in her parents bathroom’ pic

>> No.10820586

The mind boggling thing is , often they don't even post offbrand dresses. One really asked if her squaredance dress can work for Lolita. Like .. no ?
Also yes the term loliable has to die

>> No.10820594

i think the term is fine but main pieces can never be loliable.

>> No.10820595

Is this a man?

>> No.10820601

Her Reddit account is so embarrassing, she should probably not attach her face to all her genshin impact erotic fanfiction and poorly drawn anime porn

>> No.10820609

You can critique all you want, but don't be a completely ignorant dumbass by calling this a circle skirt. 50s vintage? Yes. Circle skirt? Not even close. And it's a cute look even if it's not lolita.

>> No.10820620

> it's not lolita
...which is exactly why it's posted in the ita thread.

>> No.10820624

it's a circle skirt you autist

>> No.10820629
File: 1.13 MB, 1170x2077, 2A96EA10-2ADF-4684-9F2C-A602C5B32BA0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The square dance dress really got me.

Or the itas who post devilinspired screencaps, insisting it’s Lolita even though devilinspired tag stuff so that they’re items up on Google searches.

So embarrassing.

>> No.10820633

How it is not lolita. It's covered in sweets has petti room and a frilly collar.
It would have a hard time passing it as anything else

>> No.10820634 [DELETED] 

Looks pretty lolita to me. Just because it's drop waisted

>> No.10820638

At least for me, why the dress doesn't read as lolita, is the lack of trim, especially around the base of the skirt. Most, I'm speaking 99% of dresses will have some form of trim, whether it be lace, or fabric ruffles. Details like that is what makes this dress seem "off"

The bodice is also incredibly plain. Then again, it's hard to infer detail, especially with the neckline, to correctly infer whether the dress is Lolita or not.

>> No.10820642

Nta but going by the print it’s not a full circle skirt. Plus the top looks to be pleated and the hem circumference is nowhere near big enough for a gathered/pleated circle skirt, especially at that length and waist circumference. If anything it’s a partial circle skirt, which aren’t uncommon in lolita.

I’ll give you that it looks at an attempt at lolita. Most dresses posted to lolita sewing groups look like this. For me it misses the mark because of the ugly print. If it had a more appropriate print or was solid with some trim around the hem and a more structured waist sash it could work.

>> No.10820649

ita redditor detected

>> No.10820650

>partial circle skirt, which aren’t uncommon in lolita
yes they are. i'm sick of this meme.

>> No.10820651

Are you all new??
I bet you think Jane Marple and Emily temple cute aren't lolita either

>> No.10820652

I saw this on tumblr, I think she said it's her first handmade piece and she's only 17 so hopefully she'll improve

>> No.10820654

Looks like someone just discovered lolita and is now
>the expert on all things Kawaii
Get over your self
>The strict rules of lolita fashion
Are stupid and pointless. Something that western lolitas made up because they only knew how to wear full set angelic pretty to anime conventions.

90% of the coords posted to ita threads are here because they prioritize following made up rules over actually looking good

Otherwise why are you trying to explain egl to an egl forum.

>> No.10820655

Oh it's cute though. Looks like chocochip cookie

>> No.10820656

>What is an A-line skirt

>> No.10820657

NTA but an a-line is not a partial circle skirt you nutjob. Are you that retard who was reeing about how all lolita is circle skirts? Most lolita skirts are rectangle skirts, including a-line. Circle skirts are generally not appropriate for lolita because the hemline is curved.

>> No.10820658

The fuck it does. It's made from ugly joann fabrics quilting cotton and you can tell the lace is cheap from that grainy picture.

>> No.10820659

kill yourself

>> No.10820661

>Most lolita skirts are rectangle skirts, including a-line
Please stop. And fuck you for saying this nonsense in the same rant where you accuse me of defending circle skirts.

>> No.10820663

Are you new or something? Or don't know how to sew? Oh, you think a "trapezoid" skirt is different from a rectangle skirt, I see. Retard.

>> No.10820665

aline skirt isn't a circle skirt by default and anon is right no aline in lolita is a circle skirt. 90% of lolita skirts are rectangle and gathered at the waist. just look at glb patterns for fucks sake. a quick google search will explain. you can shut up now.

>> No.10820671

Nta but a trapezoid skirt is not the same as a rectangle and the resulting silhouette is different. You will not get an a-line shape with rectangular panels. Rectangular panels make a “cupcake” silhouette.
Anyway full circle skirts are very rarely seen in lolita because the silhouette is too much like square dancing dresses and they use a fuckton of fabric. I’ve only really seen Meta do them, because they are a little more experimental and do some vintage-inspired cuts.

>> No.10820673

I wasn't saying that rectangle skirts would make a-line ones, just that most lolita skirts are gathered rectangle skirts. Either way anon is a fucking idiot if she thinks most lolita skirts are circle skirts.

>> No.10820687

I think you're confused--we all know A-line isn't circle, that was clarified way upthread. Now anon says a rectangle skirt is an A-line skirt.

Nobody said that, idiot. You insisted that >>10820550 was a circle skirt, anons pointed out that no, it's not. Then you went off, accused people of defending circle skirts (which no one is doing), and in your butthurt ranting for being wrong about that particular dress's skirt cut, said A-line skirts are rectangle skirts.

>> No.10820689

Anon, you're the only one saying that's not a circle skirt. And you claimed a line skirts are circle skirts. Autism.

>> No.10820690

>it’s a partial circle skirt, which aren’t uncommon in lolita.
>What is an A-line skirt
you're blind.

>> No.10820691

>circle skirt, anons pointed out that no, it's not.
It's a partial circle skirt, which is a circle skirt. A circle skirt is any skirt cut with a curve at the waist and hem to give it more volume. A partial circle skirt is still cut with a curved waist and hem and therefore is a circle skirt. Are you the nut who said it was vintage? If you don't know anything about fashion or sewing, don't talk like an expert. Jesus.

>> No.10820699
File: 71 KB, 378x640, 9F7431E3-B624-4F32-9BA7-B38F2BBE4CC4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was tagged as lolitafashion… the person shown didn’t choose the tags so I won’t call her an ita but I will call animal services

>> No.10820711
File: 163 KB, 960x720, 2021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AnimeNYC 2021 Lolita Fashion Meetup

>> No.10820713

i can smell this picture and it smells like freshly opened cheap chinese goods and french fries.

>> No.10820724
File: 371 KB, 1170x2131, 3D36BFCA-5C98-4B4F-848A-5FE66AFBD560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820726
File: 1.57 MB, 1170x2032, 95972E81-6BE3-424F-BEA9-697280CB7210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820733

Is zozo the dog or the person

>> No.10820742

>we love pets!
>shows someone using their clearly uncomfortable pet as an accessory
I could go on a rant about how frequently people mistreat small dogs, but all I can say is I've treated mine like you would any other dog and I've never seen happier, more content animals in my life. People are shocked when they meet my dogs and they're well-behaved, socialized, don't exhibit signs of anxiety, bite, growl or bark at them. Someone needs to start a small dog revolution for these rascals to have the happy lives they deserve.

>> No.10820750
File: 199 KB, 656x960, 4960523_Jen_wrapping_ribbon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820751

This is cute.

>> No.10820755
File: 42 KB, 616x426, ERrpe4-VUAAVcO4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10820773

i hate this bitch and her aliexpress coords

>> No.10820775

If she sewed this going for Milk/ETC/Jane Marple it’s fine, I have a JM dress with the same silhouette. pic is too small to tell the quality of materials. But if she wants her next project to read as lolita:
- more material on the skirt to give it poof
- puff sleeves, elasticated sleeves or just no sleeve and make it a JSK
- neckline doesn’t feel like a lolita op. A square neck that would allow a blouse collar to peek, or just a Peter Pan collar would work.

>> No.10820778

Does nobody knows how to style their hair nowadays?

>> No.10820779

That poor dog what the fuck

>> No.10820782

>it’s fine
it's not fine. even from that blurry photo, i can identify what materials she used and they're not fine.

>> No.10820801
File: 146 KB, 960x699, 4943304_Sweet_Lolita_Fashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820804


>> No.10820814

You know which ita behaviour also really fucking grinds my gears ? People just posting dresses, just dresses nothing more, on the subreddit and asking how to coord it.
Like ?? Why are you even trying to become a Lolita if you don't even do the most basic step ?

>> No.10820815

There is so much going on, but what kills me most is that she cut off the tips of her gloves to show her nails. Like
That's a new low. The rest of the outfit is a big meh, I've seen worse, definitely not Lolita, looks more like a Ecchi wedding version of some waifu. At least it's somewhat color coordinated.
But the gloves, god the gloves.

>> No.10820826

Thank God someone else noticed the gloves. I nearly choked to death when I saw them.
She also had this labelled as sweet for...some reason.

>> No.10820832

Someone in my comm has done this with every single dress she’s bought for years now. She uses the appropriate coord help thread and technically isn’t doing anything wrong but everyone who’s been in the comm for more than a month is sick of it so we all ignore her. That means the only feedback she gets is from complete newbs who don’t own any pieces yet themselves and their suggestions are… something.

>> No.10820841
File: 604 KB, 477x600, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reposting it from the other thread because she's been a permaita since 10 years now

>> No.10820844

Lana del Rey is a moitie ita?

>> No.10820845

It is fine

God why is there an influx of.
>Actually that isn't lolita because lolita is
Blah blah blah dumb made up shit because only OTT is lolita and casual doesn't exist
I swear you are all from tiktok and just finished watching all the shitty lolita fashion documentaries from 2012 and reading fyeahlolita
Go fuck off. You all sound like you've been in lolita less than a year

>> No.10820847

anon we're talking about the materials, this must be you. i've been into lolita for almost 2 decades.

>> No.10820849

At that point why be in the fashion. And I don't mean that too mean spirited, in the end fashion can be a lot. Lolitafashion is a specific fashion, with specific rules, but nobody is holding us at gun point. Maybe she should reconsider If she even likes the fashion.

>> No.10820851

I'm talking about half the thread. And some of the other threads.
The overly nitpicking
>It needs a proper colour
>Needs trim
>Boarder print
And on and on as if they're talking about cosplay and not a fashion

>> No.10820853

>Lolitafashion is a specific fashion, with specific rules
And this is the exact mentality that lands girls in the ita thread to begin with. I've never heard someone say this who doesn't dress like shit

>> No.10820855

I have read on past threads that according to a French Gull, Moitie Ita is special needs and has developmental issues. Apparently her French is even awful and she is a native speaker. At this point I think she sees anything Moitie and thinks Mana. She added me years ago on facebook and that's mostly all she is posts is Mana, VK artists, cosplay and sometimes her cats. Every so often she messages me photos of her cats just to say hi. I'm pretty sure she got into the fashion because of Mana and associates it with him.

>> No.10820856

that's not nitpicking. you're reducing lolita to a silhouette when a lot of things go into it. lolita isn't simply a cut of dress, you can't just make a dress with the proper shape and expect it to be lolita. construction, details, fabric and lace choices all make the dress lolita or not. even clolita follows the formula. the rules of lolita that you think are being enforced here have fuck all to do with dress construction.

>> No.10820859

are you on crack? it's always the people who insist lolita doesn't have rules and try to coord hot topic cat ears and pink demonias that make up the majority of itas

>> No.10820860

it's the same moron squawking about her fugly quilters cotton cherry dress.

>> No.10820871

>Every so often she messages me photos of her cats just to say hi.
Wholesome Moitie ita

>> No.10820874
File: 391 KB, 1170x1761, 45B3B10A-0863-4E27-9682-980E16E4730F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10820876

God I absolutely hate when people wear heavy/extreme makeup with lolita fashion, even if your coord is great I feel like it really brings down the quality of the coord.

>> No.10820887

I'm sorry, I should have rephrased. What I mean is that her outfit is nice, but so far away from anything that I personally associate with Lolita.

>> No.10820888

Aww cats are cute

>> No.10820925
File: 1.20 MB, 1170x1692, 4DB29D0B-3B9D-46AC-A43D-F2F8A0B1DD35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820926

maybe im just a retard but part of the fun with lolita is figuring out what works with what and picking pieces out. sad af to find out that a lot of gulls just want to be handheld

>> No.10820931

So tired of seeing this cheap shitty shein corset everywhere

>> No.10820932


>> No.10820943

It's accurate to say that those "Is It Loliable" posts are mostly women seeking approval from a niche but don't give enough of a fuck to appreciate the coordination part of the fashion they are subscribing to. I'd figure that's why the subreddit is so full of perma itas like >>10820270 who are trying make "Vaporwave Lolita" a thing when they can't even get their basics down lol.

>> No.10820951

This is closer to ero-lolita than anything..

>> No.10820954

I love this. I wish she had a blouse, and maybe a bit more poof in the petti but this dress will always be one of my favs. Honestly couldn't care less if that makes me a perma ita.

>> No.10820956

Im so sick of those posts Im tempted to type no everytime it's asked now.

>> No.10820964

>a blouse

>> No.10820975
File: 129 KB, 637x960, 5431616_IMG_6922_v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10820983

this is like the paragon of itas, thank you anon. the taobao dress that looks like it’s made of tissue paper, the normie tights, the kawiwi pose, 10/10.
advice to this woman if she cares: try a more mature style that fits your age and never take makeup advice from lovelylor ever again

>> No.10820988

Are her waist ties, tied in the front????

>> No.10820995
File: 2.35 MB, 1500x1332, 0DDA1351-6829-4F34-9AFE-E91CCC6CD9B1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

christ on a cracker just be a girl who wears pants sometimes. no need to larp as muh super oppressed mlm catboy twink

>> No.10821014

But then they don't get the attention and the asspats. They don't get to be offended by everyone and everything who dares trigger them. They don't get to be uwu special.

God damn us, the world was soooo much better before social media. Much less narcissism and mental illness.

>> No.10821019


You guys hit it on the nose.

I never had a problem with trans people or non binary.

But social media has definitely created an influx of uwu gay fantasy catboy people it's not even funny.

It became trendy. And dont get me started on the mental illness factor.

>> No.10821021

Someone's giving Umbridge a run for her money. You go girl.
Jesus, those socks are so stretched out they look like casts. I've become sick and tired of sweet lolita, it's only passable on people who still look petite and youthful on anyone else all I can see is DDLG cosplay.
That tree looks more lolita than she does.
The obvious, lose weight please. For your physical and mental well being, and to stop your legs from looking like overstuff sausages in a too small casing and the double chin is making you look related to the Crimson Chin. A dress silhouette like that only looks good on a body that is petite with little to no boobs/butt, on anyone else it ages you like crazy and gets into creepy territory.
...I don't have any words. This isn't even an outfit but a cosplay.
She's trying so hard to fit into that dress. Emphasis on trying. Didn't think armpits could get a fupa but here we are.
This is a rare problem where the dress is much too big for her, she's drowning in it, and it's like she's wearing anti-makeup. The pastels are completely washing out her pale cool tone skin. Jewel tones would be much better. Such a shame.
"Detransitioning" LMAO, you definitely got the wide shoulders down if it helps.

>> No.10821025

It’s very obvious to me that she had a rough night, got up, took coord pics, and heavily used snow to shoop some makeup on. I have to respect the determination though.

>> No.10821027

all of her pics look like this, anon

>> No.10821030
File: 197 KB, 640x960, 5046861_LbEu91jkFA0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10821031

Very fitting that he’s wearing a skirt with the most gluttonous sweet pastries on it.

>> No.10821039

but aNoN the NY comm is one of the best didn’t u know!

Kek. I’m surprised the NY girls haven’t rushed here to wk their bitter ugly selves yet. They’re too busy deflecting criticism from the parasol papers.

>> No.10821090
File: 132 KB, 1034x1280, photo1668796894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10821092

I literally cannot stand the leg warmers trend. Sneakers too, I just haven't seen it done right. Even if your sneakers are burando.

>> No.10821115

Nitpick. This isn't even an attempt at lolita. It's a different fashion style that they're just using some brand pieces for. Post real itas, anon.

>> No.10821119

What is the style they're attempting, exactly? Tiktok Amazon-kei?

>> No.10821122

It’s supposed to be hime-gyaru, apparently.

>> No.10821126

My statement on shitty leg warmers and sneakers still stand

>> No.10821129

Most of them are a bunch of genderspecials to worried about pronouns to care. Though I think 2 of those OPs from that pic are $400+

>> No.10821135

Yeah I agree they're ugly as piss, but the original post still doesn't belong in the ita thread. (Didn't realise I'd replied to your post too on my last one-- my bad, nonnie!)

>> No.10821142

literally where?

>> No.10821151

why do you think i said apparently? it's more like a weeb's shitty interpretation of what a gyaru is than actual gyaru

>> No.10821169

it looks like ita clothes but gyaru wigs. confusing.

>> No.10821170

no, dumbass i mean what part of this looks like that.

>> No.10821171

>gyaru wigs
Looks more like old hime lolita wigs. It looks like someone described the GLB to them and told them the brands and they came up with this shit.

>> No.10821175

>old hime lolita wigs.
hime gyaru is what inspired hime, along with the use of gyaru wigs crossing over into lolita. it wasn't the other way around.

>> No.10821176

nta those wigs look nothing like hime gyaru wigs or gyaru wigs at all. tight poofy curls like that are more old school lolita. these wigs have no bouffants. you sound new as fuck.

>> No.10821179
File: 72 KB, 450x605, kg_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those aren't gyaru wigs newfag. See pic related.

>> No.10821184

it's literally what one of the girls in the photo describes it as, retard. get yourself some basic reading skills.

>> No.10821185

anon, i'm not saying they didn't claim anything, my statement was hyperbolic because it looks like shit and no one would have guessed that. god newfags need to leave.

>> No.10821186

Are you dense? Holy fuck kys off the board.

>> No.10821187

i'm not new, just too autistic to understand tone text kek.
sorry about that

>> No.10821189

if you can't understand tone well, maybe don't be so hostile?

>> No.10821190 [DELETED] 

Speaking of hime.. did any nonnas see Jemma’s take on hime lolita? Its not hime at all. She’s desperate for asspats in the lolita sphere yet doesn’t know shit about it. She just likes the attention.

I knew she would be way off the mark after her “gothic” style video.

>> No.10821191

Speaking of hime.. did any nonnas see Jemma’s take on hime lolita? Its just regular sweet. She’s desperate for asspats in the lolita sphere yet doesn’t know shit about it. She just likes the attention.

I knew she would be way off the mark after her “gothic” style video

>> No.10821200
File: 209 KB, 640x960, 4267370_loli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10821203

I dont know why but this picture took me back to 2008

>> No.10821205

because it's a perfect ebay ita. complete with battenburg parasol and arm warmers.

>> No.10821209

with the doll is this supposed to be some sort of cosplay shit?

>> No.10821217

>itas need plausible deniability
just stop.

>> No.10821224

Sauce on the wigs and parts for the top two?

>> No.10821258

u say this but ur concrit is so off, too- specifically really telling on your concrit of
in that u ignore the horrific looking shoes and go for the nice looking jacket saying it's "too normie" when it would fit well in an actual classic coord and normies would look at u like ur crazy

>> No.10821265

nta but that jacket is from a normie store and looks nothing like classic.

>> No.10821270
File: 589 KB, 720x1068, 4543559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course it's a genderspecial fakeboi

>> No.10821272

>I never had a problem with trans people or non binary.
You should. Those annoying turds are trying to replace the very useful notion of bio sex by nebulous BS about etheral fee fee and love for dresses and Barbie.

there are only men and women.
it's based on your chromosome. You cannot choose it, you cannot change it.
The fact you like wearing make up or not is irrelevant to me.

>> No.10821287

For the fact that trannys and non binary’s are trying to deny basic science should be an issue

>> No.10821291
File: 834 KB, 1152x1441, Img_2022_11_30_07_14_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10821302

Basic science says our body is made up of tiny spheres with smaller spheres spinning around it

>> No.10821304

How is this ita? Better than every other coord posted here. It's not great but it also doesn't deserve to be here

>> No.10821315

no, this isn't what science says

>> No.10821319

>why not point out absolutely everything wrong with every coord
there’s a character limit kek

>> No.10821322

This dress is so hideous and I haven’t seen a single person make it look anything but cheap.

>> No.10821330
File: 743 KB, 828x1030, 2143FFF8-73C7-4941-A154-0921FE3E6B44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get wanting to try something new but she fell off. Should’ve stuck to oldschool, she was the only tolerable fattie

>> No.10821334

Not even remotely ita

>> No.10821360

the morbid obesity and lor makeup say otherwise

>> No.10821362

Looks good, makeup slightly too heavy but it's otherwise very nice.

>> No.10821368

It looks like those Etsy dresses made out of old kids bedsheets.

>> No.10821372

either your her or friends but she looks good in other stuff. this was not it.

>> No.10821379

This is a clusterfuck of mismatched themes

>> No.10821381

Mismatched themes?? The themes of what, shoe, fork, square and pink? Would a comically large fork make the coord better for you nonny?

>> No.10821383

She has Bettie page hair, clownish makeup, a muted tea-themed jsk, circus tights, and rhs. how the fuck do you think that goes together

>> No.10821384

Nothing wrong with either of these.

>> No.10821386

Did anyone see that Fluffy Kawaii Jo crowdfunding campaign for the pride/ tranny and every other woke label under the sun hit it’s money goal? At least 3 people in the comm I’m part of gave money to that trash.

>> No.10821411
File: 1.13 MB, 1170x1796, 1E96F786-5B31-4882-956C-3407A1DDF79A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the ita that keeps on giving

>> No.10821413

>The themes of what, shoe, fork, square and pink?

this is the actual funniest shit ever

>> No.10821420

You didn’t answer my question about the comically large fork.

>> No.10821430

she probably does have a comically large fork given how fat she is

>> No.10821458

I got excited to check back on the ita thread to see if someone was gonna respond to me with something funny. Thanks for disappointing me.

>> No.10821463

if you get excited to check responses to your post on the ita thread then the only disappointment here is you, to your parents. yw tho

>> No.10821471
File: 91 KB, 800x1200, 94AA85ED-8728-4B2D-9EEC-F1DC25FCF3F3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Would a comically large fork make the coord better for you nonny?

>> No.10821472

The hair and makeup is giving deedeezeta.

>> No.10821477

Sorry you only wear solids from Walmart but contrasting patterns is a thing.

>> No.10821483

go for a run instead of obsessively wking yourself next time kek

>> No.10821484

It's not all the same anon, you deluded vendetta chan. Are you mad that she dresses better than you or something?

>> No.10821485 [DELETED] 

nobody but you would be caught dead in that coord and that shitty clown makeup makeup

>> No.10821486

nobody but you would be caught dead in that coord and that shitty clown makeup

>> No.10821489

Sorry but watching the one anon with the vendetta pretending to be other people to look like people agree with them is so funny.

>> No.10821493

Exactly. Who would cape for a mid coord like that.

>> No.10821496

not ita

>> No.10821497

plain but not ita
not every coordinate is supposed to be an OTT eyesore

>> No.10821499

That was my first post about her lol, calling an ita an ita isn't vendetta.
What is this projection

>> No.10821517

ayrt isn't even the one who tore her outfit apart, I am. Projection, much?

>> No.10821549

Lmao I’m just here to girls laugh. You’re clinically insane

>> No.10821559

Noticed my spelling error *make girls laugh. Sorry ladies

>> No.10821566

Stop accusing others of being insane when you're the one going on an unhinged WK spree, thinking everyone is the same person, and pretending you're doing it for "a laugh". Just get better taste and move on

>> No.10821567

You didn’t find my fork joke funny? I’m literally killing myself

>> No.10821568

I’m sticking my comically large fork in a comically large light socket because of you

>> No.10821569

You know what else is comically large?

>> No.10821577

i thought it was funny, sperg-chan

>> No.10821578

My dick

>> No.10821585


(Re: >>10818771) I'm just curious, what color would you suggest coording this jsk with instead of the burgundy? Because I think it could be a cute old school look

>> No.10821589

Can scrotes please stop shitting up the thread I’m tired of seeing the same shit about comically large forks and people desperately clinging onto delusions of thinking mid coords are ita.

>> No.10821598

opinion disregarded
go take a comically large chill pill

>> No.10821602

the gobelin is so busy and heavily textured, a simple cotton blouse in warm white would be nice. an intense color like burgundy could work for a jacket or an accessory, just not something as central as the blouse. still think it'll be hard to make that jsk "read lolita" but it would at least be a nicely balanced outfit.

>> No.10821605

The bodice is shaped really weird. Is this handmade?

>> No.10821616

Male hands typed this. As if a woman would get upset over the word scrote or say chill pill kek.

>> No.10821630

What are you even talking about? Women say that. Do you believe words have genders too? Go dilate.

>> No.10821633

Axes Femme I think

>> No.10821641

i wear the same shoes as her, but my substyle is casual old school gothic, have i committed cringe?

>> No.10821645

begone, moid

>> No.10821650

Wow cum ahahaha so funny! You’re still a greasy ita.

>> No.10821699

you’re probably fine considering your substyle, but heels or platforms will always look better than flats, especially in gothic. in old school you can get away with more shoe diversity, but those read really normie. get new shoes when you can.

>> No.10821723

Honestly i like this alright. i'd replace the wristcuffs with some bracelets and rings, paint the nails or wear false ones, and maybe change the headband (might be normie but it's hard to tell due to the angle) but even that is going into nitpick territory. The actually ugly part of this photo is her arms, but there's not a whole lot she can do here, and it feels mean to make fun of that when she can't control it (unlike someone with shitty coord skills who can control it). Plus she has them mostly covered with the sleeves and WCs.

>> No.10821725

NTA but to be Lor tier she'd have to have ghostly foundation and way too much blush so high up her cheekbones that it looks like she's trying to hide her eyebags.

>> No.10821824

If you're a lifestyle lolita then I would say it's fine with your substyle for everyday wear, just don't wear them for pictures. Conlitas will tell you that heels are always better but living daily life in heels is not worth the problems it'll cause your body later in life. I have the same ones and wear them almost every day, just never in pictures because I know they aren't ideal

>> No.10821987

This is like Napolean Dynamite's girlfriend as a lolita

>> No.10822998
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>> No.10824589

except she cant do either kek

>> No.10824590


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