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I found out about this board by just browsing 4chan a year ago and started to look at ita threads thinking it was hilarious that people were getting roasted over what they were wearing. I don't know when it happened but I started to get a sense of the fashion and now ita threads are just cringe compilations.

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I first read "gothic lolita" on a blog in 2005 and didn't know what it was, but I liked how it sounded. Then I joined a local community, but I wore my first outfit in 2007.

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The Death Note manga lmao. Someone described Misa’s outfits as gothic lolita. I didn’t particularly like her outfits but I did like what I found when I searched for gothic lolita and here we are.

My local comm didn’t allow people who didn’t own any brand but, since this was the mid 00’s, that just meant the local comm consisted of a handful or girls who could afford to travel to Japan and buy things in person. I was bitter about this at the time but nowadays we accept everyone and have many members who’ve been in the comm for years and still don’t have a single coord despite the widespread availability of the fashion now. It’s funny when they call the current comm elitist.

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Friend showed me a photo of Mana online around 2003/4 at the height of my chobits phase and it spiraled out of control.

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IMVU in 2006. They had lolita clothes for the avatars and I immediately was curious and started googling.

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"A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan"
Also when I used girlsense frequently, there was some kind of official shop that showed japanese street styles. I forget the name but it definitely has harajuku in it

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Actually it might not have had harajuku in the name... It was so long ago I truly cannot remember

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I was into gothic fashion and then one day bumped into gothic lolita online.
I already liked the fashion displayed in Chobits (I don't mean that was gothic lolita, I mean the fashion worn by some characters in chobits), had seen and listened to some visual kei, and I thought maid costumes were cute back then (yes, I know, cringe) so this was something I wanted to know more about.

>members who’ve been in the comm for years and still don’t have a single coord
There are some in my comm as well. Grinds my gears, they've been in the comm for 10 years but never had and still don't have a full coord. Some of them admit they don't want to properly wear the fashion. It feels like they are just there to gawk and participate in discussions they don't know shit about.
This is why they should be kicked out.

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Those people are so annoying. Many lolitas have public instagram accounts, so just follow those if you want to look without participating.
I hate it when they chime in on discussions with their uninformed opinions and contribute to misinformation or derailment. One super prolific commenter keeps recommending AliExpress tier e-girl stuff in our coord help channel even though she knows it’s “not TECHNICALLY lolita but I think it would look cool!” and I’ve noticed that newbies are starting to take her advice. This person has never worn lolita in her life, why is she here? Why is anyone listening to her? Of course you can’t call her out without everyone getting on your case for gatekeeping / being elitist / unwelcoming. I wish I could stuff these people in a time machine and send them back to the era of our comm where the entire comm (like 5 or 6 people) would literally look you up and down and smirk at you Mean Girls style if you weren’t wearing burando.

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>you can’t call her out
I think this is a problem, and it annoys me outside of my local comm too.
For example when I see contemporary sweet being posted in the old school comm.
But I don't want people getting at me for supposedly being mean/elitist/whatever, especially when the comm has such slow traffic already.
Another annoying thing is that people still give likes to those posts. They probably didn't notice where it was posted.

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I found it on one of those old listicles about kOoKy things in Japan (like back in the day when everyone in the west thought Japan was entirely yamanba gyaru and panty vending machines), they made jokes about the fashion being pedobait or something.

I was like 11 when I read the article but the fashion rolled around in my mind until I found it again on tumblr a few years later.

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Sissy porn UwU

In reality I don’t actually remember at this point. I am/was a fairly big weeb so I know a lot of weird Japanese stuff.

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Honestly not only is the lax acceptance policy annoying but it is unsafe. Anyone can get in, any predator or fetishist, and I've seen it. These people aren't usually outright saying what they are there for.
I believe the mandatory minimum to be fully allowed into private group discussions is one main piece regardless of brand. There is plenty of public information online and affordable options. If they aren't willing to commit that little, why be in the group? If anyone doesn't like that they can make their own unsafe unregulated group.

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fetishists buy brand now too. especially since it's more easy to get overseas than it was even a decade ago. many of them are essentially furries and have the same autist male income to afford the price point of brand. there's literally no winning.

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Scrolling Wish when I was 14

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In 2012 or 2013ish, my friend and I were at an anime convention and she pointed out the lolitas walking by. And that’s all it took! I started watching Deerstalker out of curiosity and fell in love.

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Most likely through Venus Angelic's bodyline videos. I also remember Beckii Cruel wore AP a few times. I used to watch them both religiously when I was like 11-12.

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PSG, Stocking was my first encounter with the idea of Lolita fashion then browing /cgl/ for cosplay reasons got me interested in Lolita fashion myself.

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In 2005 I picked up a Japanese GLB at my local library by accident. By that time I didn't own a computer, so I couldn't look it up online and forgot about it later. I rediscovered it about 2 years later via zemotion on deviantart.

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In 2003 because some the german spinoff of Nakayoshi aka Daisuki reported on the various jfash styles from back then, first two were sweet and gothic lolita.

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Good to see all the oldfags here, and I mean that in a affectionate way.

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If you want to weed out fetishists and predators the minimum should be two X chromosomes.

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I support this notion

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Eh that still doesn’t filter out the ddlg women lol.

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>ddlg women
god i hate them...

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Worked so well in the past, with thots getting burando to butcher for porn.

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do you know what minimum means?

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Ruri Gokuo from Oreimo...

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>Your suggestion is not 100% perfect therefore it's bad

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On /cgl/

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Some burglars smash in your windows, so theres really no point in locking your door.

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Same here anon! I still have those two issues.

After learning about it in 2003 and picking up my first GLB in a Japanese bookstore in 2005, it took me years to actually wear it (in 2008/9).

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this motherfucker

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It still weeds out the one who are too lazy even do that. Some predators love to lurk but wouldn't be caught dead actually wearing it, and we can weed those ones out at the minimum.

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This. Once people see there’s actual effort that has to be put into joining they’ll be deterred from joining since it’s no longer as easy. Requiring brand will 1) decrease the amount of minors 2)refine the comm members down to avid Lolitas 3) anyone who slips through the cracks (brand ita or fetishist with brand) can be more easily spotted and addressed now that the comm isn’t 50 teenagers, 20 men and 8 actual Lolitas

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From this book, when I was 12. Full of misinformation and embellishments but delightful nonetheless. If you know you know

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I remember seeing these pages, just don't know what the book was called.
Was this by tokyopop by any chance?

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it really doesn't work that way. a little over a decade ago my comm had a problem with a male photographer who was preying on new members. he was chubby and short and stuffed himself into brand and gave everyone a false sense of security because of it. i'm pretty sure a few members thought he was gay. there were no other males in the comm and you had to own brand (or f+f) to join. even though some of the younger girls complained about him, the mods saw no reason to kick him out because he did free photography. it was clearly a fetish for him so a lot of us left and made a sister comm. my point is that comms are full of nepotism and even when people try to gatekeep they make exceptions anyway. not trying to say it's hopeless, but it just doesn't work how you imagine.

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Nah, it's called Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno. It was published by some small press or independently or something in like 2007. It was one of the most poorly-bound books I've ever owned, it literally fell apart within hours of my purchasing it

It was my gateway into buying the Phaidon Fruits books and going full fashion weeb

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No it's not perfect, but with the current "standard" that photographer and more could just waltz in without the dress. To address the ones that do get through, an option would be votes and general observance of improvement and knowledge of the fashion and community. Then they can be given a warning or straight kicked depending on how creepy they are.
Lolita is a luxury not a right for any creep or asshole to demand access to. Comms need to grow some balls and be OK with people leaving if those people want more lax rules on predators and fetishists.

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Also if someone is worried about "how do I tell new people they can't join?" You don't. If someone asks about the style and is genuinely interested, point them to resources, then say there is a com where people get together and dress up. That let's them know there is a community, and also let's them know they need to be dressed for it, while also providing resources.

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comms are not going to do this. it's more than "not perfect".

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Ok pedo sorry you're not wanted.

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Through anime/kawaii livejournal communities in 2006 or 2007. Some girls whose style I admired were also in the lolita communities. I got my first brand, an AP blouse, in 2008. I wasn’t great at it for the first couple years though. Tons of loliables and I didn’t know how to style myself since I was quite young and awkward.

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wut? i'm saying that this is unlikely to happen because people care more about nepotism and inclusivity than people's safety.

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Meow tan? Sorry if it’s weird but you’re one of my idols.

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Back in 2006/7 I'd hang out here on /cgl/ for the cosplay and would occasionally look at lolita threads. I'd also see it referenced in manga sometimes. I think I looked around some websites to try to buy the fashion but was deterred when I saw that coords weren't just OPs, but you also had to purchase blouses and shit (I was a stupid minor lol)

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