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Does anyone think cosplay being pushed into the normiesphere is ruining the aspect of the community? The point of it is to do it in areas where it makes sense: conventions and parties. And at ren fests. However, we have this growing culture where they are forcing it into more normie areas. not only is this a awkward, but it's only making an embarrassment out of the hobby to begin with. We do this to have fun, but we have people who do cringe stuff like walking around normally in it like it's fashion. Or worse, doing photoshoots and poses in the middle of malls and such.

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Letting normalfags into any hobby is always a bad idea. Everyone thinks they want mass acceptance and widespread popularity for their hobby, but it's always a bad thing. It's pure monkey's paw bullshit.

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oh no! muh secret club!!!!!

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more like cringe club

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I bet the guy on thr right has a fat cock.

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if he's taking steroids, not really

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Guy on the left looks pathetic, but guy on the right is huge and lumpy in a way that just standard body building and training doesn't do.

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What do you think it tastes like?

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i've never seen anyone cosplaying outside of a convention what are you talking about

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>t. lolita

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are you counting lolita as cosplay?

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imagine gatekeeping cosplay

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I'm just salty that when I was into cosplay I was made fun of and harassed at cons/school. Now we have big tiddy Staceys and fat cock Chads dressing up looking all hot and making me look lame again because I'm not as fit or good looking.

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No one is gatekeeping shit. The problem is that the people doing cosplay is doing cringe shit with it.

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>No one is gatekeeping shit.
That is literally what the first post is doing.

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No it isnt. Reread nigga.

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what are you doing if youve been in this hobby longer yet newbies are already showing you up?

you cant gatekeep if you just naturally suck at it

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tbf older cosplay holds no candle to the shit we do today

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Left unironically has a normal body that wouldn't look too bad under a shirt but he's mogged so hard by right that it makes him look downright obese. Poor dude.

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I reread it, it's still gatekeeping.

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the soul of pre-2012 anime cons vs today's anime cons is just night and day.
i'm convinced jessica nigri was the first warning sign. and maybe that chun-li bitch that would post her tits and ass hanging out then complained when people liked her tits and ass hanging out.

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jessica changed the game for sure. I was skeptical when cosplay started to become "popular." It went exactly the way video games: ruined it.

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>maybe that chun-li bitch
Either way, I agree. The camwhore-ification of cons leds to the rise of twitch tiddy streamers, onlyfans, and simp culture.

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That was already going on. What happened is that chaturbate and stripper culture flowed into cosplay.

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that's not how steroids work dummy

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anon i...

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I just want to be a dweeb in cosplay. I don't want to compete with hot people in cosplay.

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>i've never seen anyone cosplaying outside of a convention what are you talking about


You are welcomed

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lost his job and no longer a millionaire being a degenerate in Japan. Also kicked out of Japan.

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>lost his job
He never lost his job. He still works in same company https://aberimo.ch/team.html
And he was listed there many years back. Yes, including the time he tweeted about him supposedly getting fired from DHL or whatever parcel delivery service it was. That story about him working as parcel delivery guy was obvious pure bullshit. He would never earn enough to get such apartment and several truckloads of gadgets, games and manga/anime stashes working such shitty job.

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holy shit

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>Specialist in Finance and Accounting

Is this my future.

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good old mp! yeah, he has been a special case

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