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Last thread is saging >>10795894

How many of you were able to get the new Halloween print? Which cut and color?

The winter look book should be out any week now. What are you hoping AP revives? What type of new prints/solids do you want to see?

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I got the pink JSK, KC, ghost apron, and a few other accessories. Only missed 2 of the items I was wanting.

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I hope its not old sweet prints coming back I am not financially stable from all those (not all) last releases

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I'm hoping there's more Halloween related items than what's left in the lookbook (jewelry).

These are the dresses we have left in the lookbook, so I'm not really feeling hopeful there'll be much that'll appeal to me for the rest of the year.

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And another larme spread had been uploaded. More plaid.

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I missed out on my preferred cut and colorway so I’m hoping to nab it secondhand or on the US site. It’s not my top priority though but I’m weak for Halloween prints.

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I also got the pink jumperskirt and black apron! I was torn between the pink or black JSK.

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I'm just waiting for Dream Doll. I know AP will crush my hopes by pulling a Soap Bubbles, but nothing else is even worth buying.

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The blouse and long skirt set look really cute and comfy, I hope the material is nice.

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Maybe you can eventually get the black as well! It looked really good and I think the polka dots looked the best on it

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Still wanting a Twirling Ribbon re-release in the OP cut

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Imagine falling for this mess of a dress.

The wristcuffs are cool though.

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Me too. I want Cutie Heart as well.

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Excuse me gulls, without being a PITA, I slept on the Sunny Smile Laundry release but I haven't seen the bag on the AP website or for resale: did it get released? Will it ever be released? I figured if anyone knew they would be here.

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Did you wake up from a month long coma? It came out in August you newfag.

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Fair cop. Not exactly a coma, no. But getting my ass beat by my health, yeah. I'm kinda banking on harvesting the stem cells of the healthy in future but the bag will do for now.

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It did not release. Bags usually take months after the print releases to release.

Both the AP site and online shop keep an archive of each week's releases. Just check those in the future.

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AP x Sanrio collab

taobao tier

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Print seems cute!

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Print is really cute, I really need to see more photos of this before I really form an opinion of it.

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It's on the Laforet site. It's in-store with sales starting 10/8 and costs ¥47,080.

This is the only photo on there sadly.

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I'm glad that they actually put the Sanrio character all over the dress this time, unlike Cogimyun's collab.

I hope they eventually make a My Melody collab in the future

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Oh gosh it’s so adorable.

>> No.10808409

Please get a vision test ASAP

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wtf is this tacky hell

>> No.10808495

I want more Sanrio collabs (cough Tuxedo Sam cough), but AP is becoming more and more low effort.

>> No.10808512

If this is how AP is using influencer marketing, it’s having the opposite effect. I don’t want it if it looks this shoddy. The model looks like he doesn’t want to wear that abomination.

>> No.10808517

this could have been so cute but it looks so faded already lmaooo

>> No.10808521

they won't. my melody is licensed out to too many other clothing brands.

>> No.10808523

Thanks anon. Appreciate.

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Stop talking out of your arse.

>> No.10808548

i'm not, there are atleast 3 brands with my melody licenses.

>> No.10808570

And on the Laforet Cinnamonroll collab page alone, there are 16 different brands releasing wearable items.

Why would the amount of licenses stop at 3-ish?

>> No.10808573

Say you’re joking or that you’re a complete moron. How is a newfag like you a credible source lmao. Chuff off.

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Link please?

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Link to all collabs https://www.laforetharajuku.com/categories/4659625
AP page https://www.laforetharajuku.com/items/67064499

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Miho Matsuda is the best out of the lolita collabs, ironic since they are the only goth brand on there

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47000 jpy for a cheap looking polyester jsk. The print reminds me of a commercial cheapy 50.00 dress. Eesh

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the sad thing is it will sell out like all the bad prints do

>> No.10808698

angelic pretty is just overpriced taobao at this point

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Hot topic-tier

>> No.10808742

This makes the original Wish Me Mell Tea Time collaboration look like it should have been ¥100,000. It was such better quality, with multiple detachable parts and a bonnet with ears. This Cinnamoroll collab is just a cheap cash grab dress because ~Sanrio~.

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This week has a lot coming out.

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There’s more things posted to AP’s site. It’s nothing noteworthy.

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I really hate these kinds of releases with three different dresses. They're all terrible and it's almost as if you can tell AP is on braindead auto-pilot.

>> No.10808794

>the random corset lacing on just the top tier of the skirt
what the fuck

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>not knowing what larme is
Newfag please go

>> No.10808801

The rest of the dress is a completely average sweet dress with no other larme influence. It looks really stupid.

>> No.10808809

what about this is larme, moron?

>> No.10808834

Larme influences like the criss crossed lace are everywhere in Japanese fashion you nonce.

>> No.10808913

Go larp somewhere else, this is nowhere near larme

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What are you all planning to buy this week? I want to try to get the blouse and bonnet.

>> No.10808923

lmao no.

>> No.10808924

Thinking about getting the bag from JP site! Seems a lot of stuff is still in stock on Paris website, which surprises me.

>> No.10808926

Anon... no.

>> No.10808931

imagine thinking bodice lacing is larme

>> No.10808933

The markup on the Paris site is ridiculous. That and the shipping fee are why I’m not buying from there. It’s cheaper to go through my ss.

>> No.10808952

I got the pink Lyrical Bunny bag!

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AP should design a Halloween cherry print.

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