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It's been a while. Hope you had fun in your substyle threads. It's time to return to the motherland.

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Fundraiser for 2 dresses, in a collaboration between LOCOCO and Fukasawa Midori. One OP is made of Bishu wool, the other (pic related) is made of velvet. Both materials are produced in Japanese factories.


It's already fully funded, deadline for supporting the fundraiser is 30th September, 11 pm JST. There are items other than the 2 OPs, including matching hair accessories and a bag.

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The wool OP: Suberbe, la Robe Noir

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More complaints about JetJ quality

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it doesn't look any different though.

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The ruffles aren't as densely sewn

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The ruffles on the stock photo/sample(?) looks like they were cut along the selvedge, but the ones on the customer photo like it was cut on the cross grain. Which makes the ruffles stick out and look a lot less neat and uniform. Also like >>10807584 said they don't look as densely gathered either.

It's a small detail, but imo it looks way cheaper in the customer photo

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Those prices are absolutely bonkers, but the wool looks gorgeous

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sorry im dumb as hell where are the prices

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nevermind mobile site kept crashing i found them

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The bottom one looks like a China made replica kek. I wonder how JetJ will survive now that they've alienated most of their remaining Chinese customers with their shit quality. They don't even seem that popular with Western or Japanese lolitas anymore.

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Every time I see a girl that is ingrained in the community wearing one of the 2010 AP dresses that aren't steadfast, they are faded to shit and looks like complete garbage because no amount of careful washing is going to *not* fade the dress dye.

Just as a fyi to the newfags, anyways. It looks like shit.

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this is just wrong

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it's not, your faded AP print looks like shit.

the irony in this is I don't doubt you are one of the people who refuse to buy the machine washable prints that AP releases now.

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it's not a small detail it really bothers me

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Anyone who thinks it's a "small detail" probably buys most of their clothes from TJ Maxx

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I'd rather have that people participate in meets with wash their items, even if it fades them.
What a dumb thing to care about that others are wearing faded dresses.

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nah anon I think about this every time I see Milky Planet et al go for $70k. Most of these pre-2014 sweet prints have badly deteriorated compared much older lolita/jfash pieces. Partly it’s the nature of the dyes/material but mostly no one really cared to ‘preserve’ them and that’s not even a criticism t b h, they were worn and enjoyed and hung up on open clothing racks and mannequins in direct sunlight. I think they can look cool on edited instagram pics but irl they look like old bed sheets.

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>I think they can look cool on edited instagram pics but irl they look like old bed sheets.
this. yes.

I'd much rather look at and wear something that isn't faded, personally though. 2010s aesthetic be damned. it doesn't look great when it's faded to shit

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no, i mean you can prevent fading, you idiot. people who treat their prints like regular cotton are the ones with fucked shit.

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>hung up on open clothing racks and mannequins in direct sunlight
This, I always think it looks nice to display but it's so dumb in terms of longevity.

It's not just prints, even solids will fade (unevenly) when displayed in sunlight.

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I'm so paranoid about my dresses getting faded and shitty from washing so I only wash the nasty parts under the arms and around the neckline. Is that gross? I think I smell fine.

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Most of their stuff these days looks like overdesigned tacky taobao with ugly prints anyway. Not surprised their popularity is waning.

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Did the MI comm turn 16 this year and have a celebration tea? Or was that a members sweet 16?

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Your dresses will get damaged over time from oils from your hair and skin. Don’t wash them every single time you wear them, but clean them every few wears. I usually wear a camisole below OPs to minimize skin contact.

Seriously, what’s with the influx of disgusting newfags who expect their clothes to be completely perfect forever? It’s possible to keep your in clean and unstained condition, but thinking your clothes will stay brand new after 5-10 years is some conlita shit. If you actually wear the fashion and dress up for more than IG photos or shitty tiktoks, expect your clothing to show a little wear.

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this. people have forgotten the art of the spot treatment. there are velveteen dresses with embossed appliqués that have zero whole-wash methods, and spot treatment is the only way. Circus Puppet runs into this problem consistently.

Maintaining quality is also a part of the upkeep process. repeat washing your dresses is lazy. Luxury pieces in fashion require luxury care. So many of the MM and VM pieces that have circulated for 10-15 years have maintained their quality because classic lolitas have had to figure out how to maintain the close proximity dyed florals.
(But also the dress quality is better than AP so that helps kek)

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>Circus Puppet
reasons why you should take everything said here with a grain of salt

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some of us actually speak more than one language, also not a sweetfag if you could not tell.

also what part of what I said is incorrect? Spot treatment is a real method to maintain quality of dresses.

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i speak multiple languages too, retard. i also wear multiple substyles and have receibed MM dresses in absolute shit condition before. just admit you have no idea what you’re talking about and go

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Circus Puppet? Go back, ESL larp chan.

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enjoy your stinky dresses.

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Lmfao Circus Puppet because you’re ESL, right. Tell us more about how you don’t wash your Magdalene Mary and Maiden Victorian dresses, larper-chan

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Is it just me or is the online comm kind of dead lately

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all the nice lolitas were invited to the secret invite only lolita imageboard. you're stuck with the itas because you sinned.

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This describes most lolitas I know, to be honest. I don’t trust reviews without tons of detailed pictures because anything that doesn’t rip apart during the first wear is hailed as “amazing quality”. Even diehard brandwhores often can’t articulate exactly what makes their burando higher quality than off-brand. Lolitas will claim that what sets lolita apart from other fashions is an emphasis on quality, then turn around and buy from SouffleSong or Lady Sloth.

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JetJ's response

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Google's translation:
Thank you for your continued patronage. We sincerely apologize for the fact that the mass-produced product of "flower in a vase op" that we sent to you was different from the sales sample (the gathers on the neckline and cuffs are different from the sample photo). Today, when I checked with the production factory, the cause is as follows. The handling of the gathered parts and the way of arranging after sewing are different from the first edition, so the result of this resale product is different. We deeply regret that there were inadequate points in the finish of the product, and we apologize for that.
Therefore, we will respond to the return and repair of the product as soon as possible.

*For customers who have already shipped products and wish to return or repair them, please contact us by either shop mail or Weibo (to prevent mistakes, contact us Please select only one). After confirming, please return the product you received.

When contacting us, please be sure to provide us with your order number, registered shipping name, and return address (you can also attach a screenshot of your order).

*In addition, as a result of consulting with the customer's factory that has not been shipped, we will temporarily discontinue all products currently in production and those scheduled to be produced in the future in order to correct the gathered part. As soon as the corrected product is completed, we will ship it as usual, so we are very sorry, but please wait for a while.

*In regards to the fabric and pattern, we received a question as to whether the material and pattern of the reissued product had changed compared to the first edition. Therefore, please note that the fabric produced this time is slightly different from the one used in the early days).


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Next, let's talk about the cuff design. When it went on sale for the first time, many customers commented that it felt cramped because the cuffs had no elasticity. There is no change in the overall shape and pattern of the dress, so we hope you will understand.

*Delivery after modification
Due to the large number of items ordered this time, we will inform you of the official delivery date in advance while consulting with the factory.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers, but we will do our best to produce products that will please our customers, so we appreciate your understanding. We will strive to strengthen our production and quality control in the future, so please accept our apologies. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We appreciate your continued patronage.


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calling a person a larper for a switched dress title name (despite the literal description being accurate; plush material with embossed appliqués) truly shows the level of brain rot within the sweet community. you people are fucking retards if you think washing your entire dress consistently after each time you wear it is suitable care. Just admit you don’t shower before you go out stinky chans

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calm down retard.

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First time seeing these pics. Is she standing in a factory?

>> No.10808489

Yes, it looks like she is in the factory the fabric is made. What you seen in the background are looms.

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im pretty sure its a set, i swear ive seen other brands post photos with the exact background

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>you people are fucking retards if you think washing your entire dress consistently after each time you wear it is suitable care.
this is exactly what I have been saying as a 2010s print sweetfag

girls got some ugly ass decontrasted looking bed sheet dresses at meets, nowadays. yo, yes I am gonna judge you for wearing something that has been trashed and looks like shit.

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What was the huge drama that the Moitie Insta posted about? Can’t find anything

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I really don't think the price is crazy, especially considering the fact that it is real wool, not produced in the third world, and an extremely high quality wool. A dress like that is probably using 5 or more yards of fabric. Also the yen is down right now so the price would be cheaper for you. There are shitty polyester pieces that go for over 1k secondhand. With this, you're paying for material quality and craftsmanship. I'm ecstatic to see that pieces are being made in quality materials; this piece is just not my taste though
It's not a set, if you scroll down you can see it's the factory

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yea nevermind i might be fucking schizophrenic bc i cant find the photos i was thinking of

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From what I could gather in Instagram comments, TikTok tards we're leaving nasty comments accusing mana-sama and MM of cultural appropriation due to the bands wearing braids in the Klaha era.

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This is interesting, but the current designs are too fancy for me. It looks like they had done a project before with a more casual style. I would be interested if they do a casual dress again.

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this. these are not "normal" clothes and can't be tossed in the wash consistently. People wouldn't do that with their designer clothes, and neither should anybody with lolita.

>> No.10808730

desu i feel like if you're willing to spend the money on brand, you should also be willing to shell out a few bucks on the drycleaner's

>> No.10808734

Is spot cleaning really such a far off concept these days? Personally I do both, I spot clean JSKs that don't touch my skin and I'll bring everything to the drycleaners once a month. Blouses, OPs, and things that get direct skin contact either get thrown in the wash or go straight to the drycleaner asap. I just can't imagine having a catch-all laundry routine in this fashion.

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>she thinks clothes get dirty from your body and not touching public seats and benches and shit

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Is it normal that baby sf hasn't updated their fulfillment status page in two months?

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This is probably old news, but did you guys see the Mana Pullip doll? Pretty cute.

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i prefer the triple fortune one they did recently, not really into dolls though

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seeing the generally accepted attitude of lolita culture from
>lolita is just normal clothes it’s not a costume! wear your lolita every day and do all of your daily chores in it or you’re a poser conlita meetlita! i wear my lolita to scrub my shower and dig holes in my backyard because i’m a true and honest lolita not like you costume wearing fakers
>lolita has to be treated specially lolita polyester and cotton are made of different fabric than your plebian non lolita polyester and cotton shirts! you have to keep it pristine and impeccable and if you get a single snag or sign of use on it you’re a disgusting piece of shit! how dare you let another person breathe on your $10,000,000 holy sunshine and rainbows polyester skirt, if anyone even looks at it funny it will explode into smithereens
on here over the past few years is fascinating. it’s interesting to me

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ok stinky

>> No.10809147

are you new?

>> No.10809151

i find you interesting

>> No.10809156

the feeling isnt mutual, go shit up a different board thanks

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sorry i hurt your feelings babe

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what does culture have to do with basic garment care? i think you might be a little stupid!

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what a nice little straw house you’ve built. mind pointing where in this thread (or ever) has anyone stated those things? we’re talking about basic generic care for luxury goods, nobody is trying to keep things in “mint” condition, that’s impossible after repeated use.

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Tbh, most dresses are less than $100 secondhand. 2010s sweet prints used to be really cheap too. If somebody isn’t buying at retail price, I can see why they wouldn’t want to shell out for dry cleaning.

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ayrt, the anon from >>10809143 is trying to point out the shift in mindset from "you should do everything in lolita, no matter how dirty or dangerous it is to your clothes. If you don't you're not a real lolita" to "these aren't regular clothes, they need to be babied and only be worn for the activities with the least risk of getting them dirty".

I've noticed that shift in mindset as well. But I'm happy there's less finger pointing at people who want to wear lolita occasionally now. I don't want to wear it to bleach my sink/bathroom or to go grocery shopping.

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For all this laundry discussion, just look up Abby Cox's video on modern laundry. If I'm spending big bucks on a well made, quality dress, then I'm going to care for it and wash it by hand and spot clean. I want it to last.

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i figured i'd ask here, where's a good place to buy a proper decent quality petticoat? i don't mind if it's on the pricier side as long as its decent and gets to me relatively quickly.

>> No.10809512

Aurora and Ariel, Wunderwelt original

>> No.10809594

I noticed MeLikesTea increased their prices quite a bit since I last bought from them. Are they still worth buying from?

>> No.10809598

they werent worth buying from in the first place imo, their pettis are so weirdly shaped

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