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What are you gulls up to now ?

Previous thread >>10788696

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Anime Frontier is the next big one, there ain't much until then

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Wage slaving in Ohio til next year pretty much. I hope the Colossalcon staff can better space out their resources for Texas a bit better. Otherwise just talking with a few Texas gulls here and there, I’m actually pissed off that one of the artists I followed brought all of his good shit to San Japan.

Only dude I know of who makes Phase Connect merch

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There's Banzaikon in SPI at the end of the month, except I never heard of it before last month and don't know what to think of it. The people promoting it at San Japan told me it's sponsored by fucking Tesla, but their website is being somewhat lowkey about that information.

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If Banzaikon ghosts everyone I'll know who's responsible.

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Are the Texlitas done shit stirring and surrounding themselves with pedos?

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Only thing on the radar for now is EcchiExpo in December. While I'm not at all keen on the $100 entry fee, at least it's something different so maybe that'll make it worth the trip out there. IkkiCon after that, mostly because I missed Colossal Texas and wanna see how it fares at the Kalahari. To be honest *THOUGH*, I still have yet to experience any truly amazing Texas cons (Four last year, two this year)

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I need to get started on stuff for anime Frontier

I really hope this year they have some japanese guests and more programming to make it worth the money. Last year was kinda sad but since it was their first I'm giving them another shot.

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The best way I can describe CCTX is that the crowd is willing but the staff isn't. I would blame lack of people due to overlap with DragonCon like the week after, CrunchyRoll Expo, and unironically San Japan.

The venue is pretty good when it doesn't rain, and the Kalahari was still running their own events (Night Market, Live Shows downstairs and up by the bonfire, Farmers Market on Sunday.) My girlfriend and I did Phase Connect & Dress Up Darling, and we had to answer a bunch of questions for a bunch of confused boomers. Personally shit like that makes me nostalgic for the old con era before everything was over taken by influencer normies. Honestly, I would say CCTX is good until you have to fight for hotel rooms to get in, then it's fucking terrible. I think that will be awhile though, Roundrock hasn't even built the actual kitchen level rooms + the Villas (which are foreshadowed to be in the back) this time around. Idk what's going to be on that empty fork going to the left.

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My buddies were thinking about going to Anime Frontier, what do they have going for them besides industry panels? I saw last year's schedule and they were really light on panels, but if they have something else going for them like a party scene or something then I might check it out this year. I remember liking the FWCC when I went there for A-Kon several years ago, so it's tempting to go just because I remember the venue being good.

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Programming wise they have nothing. They've hinted at japanese guests but haven't announced anything.

I am not a party seeker so I can't really speak to the nightlife.

I am pissed they are staying crazy and requiring masks again this year. Can we be over that now?

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They didn't really give a shit about it last year. Unlike most TX cons Frontier is mostly staffed by temp workers with some Left Field Media employees in the background. The temp workers aren't enough paid to care if you're wearing a mask.

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>I am pissed they are staying crazy and requiring masks again this yea
Another con I refuse to go to. They want to keep playing doctor, I'm not giving any money.

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Part of what sucks is that Frontier staff work so many other cons so they've been caught up with those and leaving Frontier to their uwu influencer hype squad that just reposts shit and blandly answer questions in the discord chat. They aren't focusing on Frontier yet so it's gonna be a while before we know anything about programming or guests.

Masks are only required in the dealers hall and panel rooms though so you can wander the cc without getting yelled at, at least.

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Bro in not going all the way outto SPI

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>>Masks are only required in the dealers hall and panel rooms though so you can wander the cc without getting yelled at, at least.

Yeah so what's the fucking point then? Just let us not wear them. I am sick of all the ass pats they are getting in their discord. Speaking of thr discord, better not discuss Anime Frontier policies in the Anime Frontier server or you'll be banned UWU

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Hopefully its just virtue signaled bullshit like San Japan and nobody genuinely gives a shit. Pretty sick of these germophobic circlejerks

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That’s how it’s been for every big Texas con. None of them actually cared in the end. It’s Texas, anyway. I don’t think it’s actually legally enforceable. FWCC is cold as fuck so I might just wear one to keep my nose warm ha.

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There's a reason the policy specified in panel rooms and exhibit hall and did t just say convention center, because they can't enforce it in a public area.

I guess it was stupid to think with the CDC basically gutting their recommendations cons would be forced to stop mandating this crap.

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I mean until cons become government entities they can do whatever the fuck they want. Private businesses, which cons are, can decide to enforce masks or not. It's not like Texas is lacking in cons that don't require masks.

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Sorry anon, I meant socially forced. If literally everything else a person does is at places with no mask requirements its going to be harder and harder to keep them up. The CDC rolling back their guidelines guts a cons ability to claim they're following them. Now they're out here saying they know its changed they just think they, an entertainment event, know better than the center for disease control.

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This isn't the argument you think you're responding to

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Yeah I can understand that. At this point the people who are pro-mask are just louder than the people who aren't and cons think that making those people happy are better for them, therefore. It still boils down to someone like Frank telling himself he's doing soooo much for the community even if the general public doesn't give two shits.

Anon clarified but thanks. It's still in the same general vicinity of conversation so it still kind of applies even if that's not what anon meant.

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so considering they’re happening on the same weekend, is cctx or anime austin more worth my time?

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>the same weekend
Colossal Texas was a month ago...as of today

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my bad. google is retarded

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Is it even worth coming here to talk about cons anymore?
The San Japan thread was dead as fuck and everyone here only spergs about stupid /pol/ shit for some autistic reason.

I just wanted some friends to anime sperg with for a weekend and the board is just dead now.

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I dunno anon. Considering the things you choose to focus on and what you choose to take away from those conversations I don't know what it is you think you're contributing or expect to take away. Is this post discussing conventions or adding to a conversation about conventions you would want to have? Are you part of the problem you seem to have?

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Colossalcon Texas ain't in November anymore homie.

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/cgl/ has sucked for a while now. Even the artist alley general disappeared for some reason.

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>fuck con talk
>I need friends

We aren't gonna help you. This is a trash-talking area. You need to figure out how to approach people in person as it isn't here.

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So Club Kaiju is trying to do more events (Karaoke night) and managed to get Ghost Data to attend at the most recent party; wish they didn't have a fucking furry open for him though lmao.
That's been pretty cool I guess. I wish there was more to do than just lose at Smash Ultimate, drink, and dance.
Does con season just straight die during winter?

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>>Does con season just straight die during winter?

>>fan fest
>>Anime Austin
>>Anime Dallas
>>Anime Frontier
>>Ecchi Expo

Did you even bother to look for upcoming events?

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In his defense maybe 3 of those are worthwhile

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>meet guy at con
>seems nice and chill
>someone claims there’s drama with him
How do you anons figure this shit out without making it obvious that you’re going around asking about it? Farms are dead so asking there is pointless.

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>someone claims there’s drama with him
Pic related.
>How do you anons figure this shit out without making it obvious that you’re going around asking about it?
Judge the person based on interactions with them rather than "trust me anon my dad literally works for the con!". You know how petty drama can be in the cosplay community so why bother with something that's probably been a rumor sent through a game of telephone by 10 people only to be a complete different situation.
>Farms are dead so asking there is pointless.
Room temp IQ here, probably so far from the reality of the situation if there it's near BS.

If you can't make your own judgement calls based on social interactions with an individual then you need to grow up, especially in somewhere like a cosplay community. For all you know they don't like this person because they have a nono opinion on discord, so anything made up is just their to 'own the whatever'.

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Whatever they said I didn't do it.

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all those are smaller cons that you can avoid. frontier, ecchi are prob the only ones worth. and whats the point of ikki if you already went to colossalcon?

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Stop listening to people and just make your own opinions about him. You'll probably find out that maybe people have problems based on their own issues or that they're envious/ jealous of what he has.

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I'm sorry if you are unimpressed but it's clear thr scene doesn't just die. Slows down maybe, but events are happening every month

And the point of going to ikkicon is that you don't want to wait until the summer to go back the the kalahari. Ikkicon will also almost certainly be a larger event than colossalcon was. Colossalcon was a tiny ass con too

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Who is it? If you can Google his name or screen name and they pop up with the archive or the farm then you have your answer. Otherwise most likely thing is that someone got butthurt and is spreading rumors. If there's real drama, someone might even message you if they see you hanging with him. If they don't go to the trouble, it's obviously not bad enough to get your panties in a twist.

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>Ikkicon will also almost certainly be a larger event than colossalcon was
This is yet to be proven considering ikkicon last year was also small. and even then, it was convenient. whereas with kalahari all the rooms are expensive as shit.

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Just take it with a grain of salt, keep an eye out for habits you get warned about to see if it's true or not. I've often found the people who will cry a river about someone being a "problem" are more often than not trying to hide their own shit. As someone who's hosted room parties the amount of dumb shit about "drama with X" is unreal. Earlier this year at a con had someone say my friend stole a bottle of booze from my room... even though he brought it well ahead of time and was just taking it back to his room. This started simply because a thot and some orbiters around her that chilled in my room had their favorite drink taken and didn't care to ask me about it. So they just had a downer moment and assumed some dumbshit because of it, wasn't till colossal when I met back up with people they realized it was a misunderstanding.

Still if you let others form opinions for you, you don't sound like that much fun to be around anyways.

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From someone who did both Ikkicon's and Colossal Texas in 2021, I can say without a doubt that the attendance for Colossal was absolutely tiny. And while I'm not sure how well suited Ikki is for such a large venue either, that Marriott definitely wasn't gonna work forever. Somebody told me last week that Colossal Texas this year was even smaller, which is definitely believable.

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No I didn't, so fair enough, but I was more generally curious because I didn't see much chatter here or on /cgl/ in general on those.

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>having to rely off of a gossip forum for how to feel about someone
>not developing basic gut judgement.


It’s because most gulls moved over to Walled Gardens on discord or have their own group going on (me for example.) So it makes forming new groups like obnoxiously hard unless someone goes out of their way to form a meet up and then risks telling /cgl/ about it.


CCTX was defo smaller this year but I still speculate it was because of overlap with Dragon Con, San Japan, Crunchy Expo imho. Plenty of choices when it comes to party cons off of that, but it looks like CCTX is taking the “for the locals” route which, I wish was the case with Sandusky.

Speaking of which, one of the gulls I talk to regularly on instagram showed me this con off by South Padre Island called Banzaikon? Looked it over on insta and it looks fairly new, the only con pics I saw were some some regular Texan con goer called Mexican Bhudda. If anyone has info about the area please let me know, I’m trying to plan out something for next year.

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If ikkicon's attendance tanks so much it's smaller than colossalcon TX was this year then its fucked.

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Banzaicon isn't new. It ran from 2010-2013. I'm honestly surprised it's back.

I don't know if it reflects on the whole event, but someone over there is just lifting content from a-kon's website verbatim. They even included the passive aggressive emoji.

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Con website text lifting is quite common.

>> No.10808528

San Japan was at least upfront that they stole a bunch of verbage directly from Anime Boston. Probably part of the reason their policies were so shit.

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Winter starts dec 21

>> No.10808588

>Insular groups on discord

I've really wondered on the overall impact of this on communities as a whole. Doesn't this kill discoverability? Or are most people just content to go to events with the same people they always have?

>> No.10808639

Not this badly, usually they at least change some things. It's gone now but they had also pulled the cosplay rules from Akon and didn't even bother to remove thr mentions of Irving.

>>ecchi expo

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any female anons on here who want to form a love live group... does anyone know where i can look into getting into a group locally here?

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It honestly depends on what you’re looking for out of a group. Most of mine are 20~30 year old post college graduates, so I just treat mine like an anime club. It just grows by word of mouth, or in this case, because I chose to make it a fediverse instance instead of making it a discord group because I like the idea of building my own internet. It doesn’t really kill discoverability because the entire idea of fedi is that you run your own bootleg twitter that’s connected to other networks of bootleg twitters.


I hope it survives at least one more year, I really want to use the beach as a proper beach episode as I feel like it’s much more suited for photoshoots than Colossalcon ever will be.

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You aren't from TX right?
Our beaches are not what one would call photogenic, just don't be too let down.

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Nah, but I'm around the con scene enough to know a bit about the area. Would have moved down, but it's fucking financial suicide rn.

>Our beaches are not what one would call photogenic.

Yes, but South Padre Island is still worth exploring in my opinion. Even if Banzaikon (next year) ends up being a wash, I get to have a beach episode for 3-4 days straight.

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any lolitas going to frontier? looking for someone to hang out/room with.

>> No.10808775

well, scratch the rooming idea because all the con blocked rooms are sold out. fuck. frontier will be packed this year.

if any gals want a roomie who can pay the majority of the hotel fees and supply the alcohol, let me know kek.

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Really? Sheeiit. Guess I'm commuting from hotel to con every day.

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add me hex#7945 on discord

please provide veriificaiton when you can. it'll just be us and im staying at the towneplace suites (?) idr. we can discuss if you decide to join me. So down to coordinate a cord together during the day though, I'm more a cosplayer desu.

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will i get murdered if i crossplay in TX
5'11" and don't pass

>> No.10808945

No, just make it obvious you're doing it ironically if you're not comfortable.

>> No.10808946

I have done it in all four major cities, sometimes in public areas. Never an issue, but then again, the closest I ever felt like I was going to die was after getting an Uber ride at night in Houston with a very unamused man named Abulaziz or something along those lines (dressed with just matching pajamas and a wig).

>> No.10808996

I toured Austin in a skirt and didn't get anything bad at all

>> No.10809004

Austin, Dallas, and SA, you're fine. Plenty of virtue signaling white libs to protect you. Houston is a little dicier. As an immigration hub, it's full of foreigners who subscribe to more traditionalist beliefs. Remember, trannyism is a mostly a phenom in the English speaking world. It's the ultimate first world problem.

>> No.10809065

Depends, do you put out?

>> No.10809096

There's still rooms outside of the block listed on the website. I mean, one thing downtown fort worth does not lack is hotels near eachother and it's not like it'll be summer.

>> No.10809097

NTAYRT but im also looking for a room. idk how people do this kinda thing anymore since forums and facebook groups are mostly dead these days

>> No.10809480

How about anime austin vs anime dallas

>> No.10809546

2 tiny af shows. Pick the one that's local to ya.

>> No.10809550

Anime Dallas is definitely more worth currently. Anime Austin (as of now) is lookin' to be the Dashcon of Austin area anime cons with only two va guests announced so far and about seven weeks left to go, which would be kinda ironic considering the name of the con.

>> No.10809579

anime austin is going to be sad as fuck kek. i’ll still be there though to kill a weekend and browse the artist alley.

>> No.10809636

Just moved to Austin and I have no friends

>> No.10809653

Born and raise in Austin, but same

>> No.10809661

From CA?

>> No.10809704

Nah from a different Texas city just moved for work

>> No.10809750

Do they at least have room parties?

>> No.10809755

Come to Dallas, we're cool and have a cheaper housing market, plus pretty much the same industries as Austin.

>> No.10809761

Is Oni-con worth its money, or should I skip it ?

>> No.10809762

Not unless you live in/around Houston
Any serious distance and it's not worth it.

>> No.10809788

Lifting like crazy so I can pull off some muscular cosplays.

>> No.10809857

Same bro. We're gonna make it

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Good luck bros.

>> No.10809914

anyone going to anime fiesta this weejkend?

>> No.10809977

Way too far.

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File: 52 KB, 623x644, 6D73FB0B-AA0A-4E39-B821-C9D82E5900C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The LA con scene is pretty dead so my friends are looking for TX recommendations that (preferably) have a halfway decent night scene. We're going to Frontier but have no clue where to go after that.

>> No.10810066

Ikkicon at the Kalahari is probably going to be a party con. I'm not sure how you avoid it when there are bars all over the resort.

Aside from that your best bet is probably just hitting anything sizeable. A-kon, Anime Matsuri, San Japan

>> No.10810068

>>10810066 (checked)
>$6 jello shot
>Drastically reducing the "Monster drink" cups but keeping the same price
It had better be a party, cause no way in hell am I gonna pay them for drinks directly. Four Colossal's in 15 months, and I haven't done it once. No plan on changing that now. Plus, this Kalahari is by far the least isolated, so there's HEB and Walmart right down the street.

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>Cup sized being nerfed.

Bro have you thought about the following ;

>There is a liquor store next to the HEBS
>Bringing a blender
>Going on ebay for pic related.

I doubt you'll get turned down for refills.

>> No.10810122

You sound poor

>> No.10810125

I've never even seen these cups before, but not a bad idea if they're still in use.


>> No.10810307

Not even Houston people really go. It's a former shell to become a sad state of a con. Go to cosplay at the beach but don't actually attend.

>> No.10810318

They're technically not. But they are the OG Kalahari Chalices and are still honored by the Kalahari. I think paying 25+ for a mixed drink is fucking stupid but people like their meme alcohol, so more power to them.

>> No.10810363

how the fuck can anyone stand driving to cons in dallas, that place is a hellscape for drivers. everything is either under construction, closed off, or has an accident going on.

>> No.10810409

Clearly a lot of people are ok with it, cause Dallas holds claim to the most conventions in a single US metro area by far, with at least 15 this year. I'd venture to guess that's the most in the entire world, too.

>> No.10810454

I bought a house here and was a transplant from Long Island since 2018.
Dallas and Texas driving in general is head and shoulders above where I'm from. Sure the traffic can be ass, but most of the construction is done at night and the overall strategy of the highway infrastructure does actually work more often than not.
I don't disagree it could be better, and I definitely think we could do with expanding the commuter rail system (which I've never used but looked into extensively and found lacking), but it's not as bad as you're selling it either.
You can crash on my couch for the next con you want to go to here if you want.

>> No.10810514

Anybody at south Padre for banzaikon?

>> No.10810518


I'm not seeing that many photos over Instagram. I'm hoping for someone to take over all pictures because I'm seeing more dealers and like... a k-pop concert?

Like, is the con owner a drug baron or something

>> No.10810528

yeah I've lived there for about a year and the driving was fucking horrible for me, every day I'd either see an accident or almost get involved in one cause of the aggressive drivers lol. Last time I went to dallas I was hit almost 3 times in one day, saw someone almost get hit by a semi, and saw the crispy aftermath of another accident that closed off like 5 lanes. Maybe I'm just unlucky but driving in Dallas is what taught me road rage.

>> No.10810578

Yeah that seems like bad luck to me, sorry you went through that anon

>> No.10810591

Anyone planning to go to Big Texas Comic Con? I've never went but my partner got us 3-day passes. Is it comparable to other cons in the state?

>> No.10810598

It's a smalli-ish comic con in the same venue as San Japan. It's a 4th of the size of SJ. Your partner should've gotten a day pass as you'll see everything in a few hours.

>> No.10810603

Of course not. They love their pedophiles. Theyd rather protect pedophiles and dox people that speak up. Their costumes are more important to them than friends or the pedophiles trying to get police to shoot the whistle-blower. Why should they care?

>> No.10810735

Any good hotels still not booked semi close to the con center?

>> No.10810749

For Frontier, that is. I know the main buildings are booked solid barring cancelations

>> No.10810750

Are you talking about Frontier?
The Sheraton, the omni, Fairfield inn, Hampton Inn, and Hilton all still show rooms available on Google

I don't understand why people are freaking out about "con hotels" being sold out when every hotel in the area still had rooms.

>> No.10810751

I might be going since its close. Debating skipping for ren fair. Also depends if I finish my costume in time.

>> No.10810753

Usually people panic about hotels at the venue proper because they either have a lot of cosplay material (or just dread transporting it from hotel to con and back) or they plan to get shitfaced and want to similarly skip the logistics.

I'm more the former but its also nice to just be able to drop deer room buys in the room without travel.

>> No.10810757

It's a convention center, there is no "hotel proper." All the hotels I listed are the closest. They are all across the street from the center.

Half of the "con hotels" are almost a mile away.

>> No.10810759

I guess my only local frame of reference is the center at Matsuri literally conjoined with the hotel and SJ with two hotels attached.

>> No.10810765

I'm with you anon, I don't get why they picked some of those hotels to get con rates for. People don't realize just how huge the con center is and the entrances are closed off from easy access. You have to circle the entire cc in order to get in with how Frontier closes it off for some of those hotels.

>> No.10810769

Considering you could literally walk in the back door to SJ thats not surprising.

>> No.10811346

Place your bets if I get this costume done before BTCC or if it gets pushed out to December for Frontier.

Also BTCCfags should hit me up so we can hang out.

>> No.10811678

Any good Halloween cosplay events in Dallas? Got my candy shopping done early this year and it's getting me thinking ahead.

>> No.10811692

There's Minna Art Market next week at the Music City Mall in Lewisville. Also on Halloween Nerdvana in Frisco does a costume/cosplay contest. My friend did a closet cosplay of the daughters from RE Village last year and won Judge's choice.

There's also Club Kaiju tonight in Deep Ellum, but that's catgirl themed and not specifically Halloween.

>> No.10811706

on that note - anyone know of any similar halloween cosplay events in austin?

all i know of is the valhalla bleach rave, but up until this point i’ve refused to go to valhalla on the principle of them having a pathetic game selection for an arcade bar.

>> No.10812329

whats the sauce on kskawaii? they made some strange apology post in ig the other day.

>> No.10813375

check out lolita lolcow. the LOC crew paid a visit and the anon brigade were not happy they got posted kek

on another note, is anyone going to anime austin? i definitely wasted my money on this bumfuck con and am wondering if i will see any gulls there

>> No.10813402

We had some of groups go to Banzaikon and overall it was awesome. I saw some of their staff members were organizing their own convention and basically trying to throw the chair under the bus. Sad when people take advantage of others. From what Mrs. Davis shared that convention chair Joshua is literally known in the convention scene for being one of the nicest people around. If not for Akon letting us know we probably wouldn't have gone.

There were some panels that got cancelled and moved around but overall we enjoyed ourselves. Mayra and Jonathan literally were part of this Kpop group they hosted at Banzaikon and there was a wrestling match with the real life Peter Griffin. They also had a drag show and their raves were chill. I loved the rooftop rave it was beautiful.

To be fair I didn't see Tesla there but my friend said they were at a lot of the Banzaikon events so I don't know. Maybe we just missed them cause we got there late.

This convention was definitely worth going to. We're already planning for next year!

>> No.10813424

Wtf is this propaganda?

>> No.10813439

I'll probably be there kek, here's hoping the con cancels so you can get your money back, 'cause the price of their weekend badge is definitely not worth what they're offering. Like, even fucking Anime Dallas is offering much more for considerably less!

>> No.10813442

The only people who were upset were LOC's sockpuppet accounts. LOC has been trying to "cancel" KSK for months because the owners are Jewish which makes the LOC nazis big mad kek

>> No.10813488

They have to badly shill to prop themselves up. It was a sad state of a con.

>> No.10813689

Anon from >>10806666 here, what was wrong with it? I had too much going on last month and ended up not going, but I might check it out next year if it's not complete shit like A-Kon was this year.

>> No.10813857

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeead con. Every one was in McAllen.

>> No.10814025

They've also already announced Vic as their guest of honor for 2023 so they have to make up for the loss of attendance right out the gate lmao.

>> No.10814083

You really didn't miss anything at the bleach rave

>> No.10814106

kek. glad i saved my money then. how was the night?

next year i’ll plan to attend any halloween events in dallas or houston. i’m regretting passing on anime texas now. the atx cosplay scene is disappointing.

>> No.10814145

Not a lot of people, not even a lot of cosplayers. The most fun I had was playing smash bros against other people there. By the second half of the night they were just letting anyone in so buying a ticket was pointless lol.

>> No.10814182

Ecchi expo's hotel prices are way too high, is ilkicon an alright time? I've always heard from staff at other cons that it was almost as shitty as Matsuri.

>> No.10814195

Quite mediocre but moving to the Kalahari might be a good move. Even if sucks you'll have a good time at Kalahari.

>> No.10814234

I don't think anything at ikkicon has ever started 3 hours late. They did have main events in that tent one year though...

>> No.10814331

Like Matsuri did?

>> No.10814334

Matsuri had so many problems that year, vic was the least of them.

>> No.10814483

Is Anime Austin worth going to?

>> No.10814493

Only if you like tiny af cons.

>> No.10814505

there will be at least two gulls there already :) i’d say come out for a day if you’re local and want to waste some time, but don’t travel or waste your money on the weekend pass. go saturday for the cosplay contest unless you wear j-fashion, in which case the sunday tea party would be more worthwhile.

benefit of small cons is you don’t have to watch thousands get turned away at the cosplay contest doors kek.
>coping re: my weekend pass purchase

>> No.10814579

Yeah I figured it was a small con, I might just go anyways if I got nothing to do that weekend.

>> No.10814853

been hoping to see my fav thicc thigh booty cosplayer celeste, but she was a no show. guess she stopped. i heard she #meetoo'd a lot of people. every time she was swamped by 'photographers' at the conventions and was seen outside or in the courts taking hundreds of pics.

>> No.10815032

>In the courts
Absolute classic

>> No.10815321

Did anyone go to Big Texas Comic Con?

>> No.10815359

Yes, I went to get a few autographs. It was still in a small space.

>> No.10815481

Yeah I saw some pics of it and it seemed kinda empty, probably more for locals huh?

>> No.10815529

Alamo City CC shot themselves in the face in trying to go too big too fast. There isn't a big Comic Con here anymore with A-List celebs. PAX got the fuck out of here too. Only locals care about Big Tex because no one else can get their shit together to show how it's done right.

>> No.10815542

Damn is there anything worth going to in San Antonio

>> No.10815546

Maybe San Japan unless you already hate them.

>> No.10815832

Anyone else heard of Kowai con?

>> No.10815877

You have to be a shill. The only thing that shows up when you google this is a tixr page that was posted 5 days ago.

>> No.10815881
File: 398 KB, 1125x2065, 2EA2AA1F-1B58-4113-AB14-A55B6BC429FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nayrt but the kowai con info is circulating facebook right now. i saw it mentioned in the AAoA group.

looks interesting. will probably be tiny like every other pflugerville-area con.

>> No.10815886

Thanks anon, now I have the website and it's exactly what I suspected, another little con run by Fandom Events.

>> No.10815922

Yeah I figured it would be a tiny ass con given it's in a marriott, just wanted to see if anyone here heard of it as well

>> No.10816033

imagine having a horror con which encourages body paint, elaborate makeup etc
in the unbearable Texas summer heat
What a great idea!

>> No.10816538

It's depressing that we've lost ushicon. The last year it was held, was probably the best experience at a con I've ever had, and now, post-covid, all that I've got is shitty cons like Matsuri and San Japan

>> No.10816615

Ushicon was for 40 year Olds that were mad that anime got popular and they were trying to recreate the early 2000s era con experience.

So if that was fun to you you just don't like cons.

>> No.10816625

All the panels were actually knowledgeable people talking about shit, though. The smaller scale also meant you got to actually interact with people, and the pop trivia night/karaoke room were great. I'm sorry you couldn't get along with the neckbeards, but that's a (you) problem.

>> No.10817483
File: 119 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm looking at Oni-Con schedule along with their guests. They really need to throw in the towel.

>> No.10817550

Is there a way to rideshare for Frontier

>> No.10818472

>Anime Austin
>Anime Dallas
>Anime Frontier
>Ecchi Expo

Final cons for 2022. Anyone hitting any of these up?

>> No.10818474
File: 141 KB, 784x1145, eht3nkssss291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thinking about anime dallas or anike frontier but I like to cosplay but I don't like being complimented so I'm trying to figure out what cosplay to wear that will make people stay away from me

>> No.10818482

I am going to Anime Austin and Ecchi Expo. Gonna be Levi Ackerman and Kazuma Sato for both of those probably.

>> No.10818483


>> No.10818490

Gonna try and get Dallas and frontier in
I'm staff for Dallas and hopefully this semester won't be hectic to the point I can't get to frontier

>> No.10818501

No that's to cringe. But last month I went to a con as angel devil and got literally asked on dates by several girls, it was really awkward.

>> No.10818538

Tiny yes but fun enough for me and my lads. Played music in the hall outside the karaoke for 30 minutes, hosted a bullshit not-panel (unsanctioned, impromptu) in one of the unused panel rooms and the staff were just amused. Liquor table in the karaoke room, overall OK. Troon autism levels minimal. If I were closer I would go annually.

>> No.10818569

anyone going to ecchi con??

im going as chris-chan [say hi if you see me] and I have a couple of friends going with me who want to find an after party (4 girls and 2 guys)

we have "extracurriculars" if you're interested but are mostly looking for a cool group to chill with.

add me on dsc if u want to talk more


>> No.10818713
File: 3.37 MB, 360x360, 1617011361493.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10818721

I would post ironically go as dagoth ur but I don't have the body for it

>> No.10818723

I'm going to be there as scaramouche but I don't talk to men, men are disgusting. If you see a scaramouche flipping you off and laughing that's me

>> No.10818726

Jesus christ you sound terrible.

>> No.10819053
File: 38 KB, 239x226, 1668364337076192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So they announced the vendors and artists, as well as panels. I'm not sure about the schedule because it's still a bit sparse, but half the contents are also TBA so I'm confused. This seems like they may have sent it out a week too early? But then again, they sent out a schedule two whole weeks before the convention. When has that happened recently?

Got into the costume masquerade though, and they spot you a free 3 day badge too. Not a bad trade considering it's 70 dollars now worth of value. Most other conventions I entered the contest in were less giving.

>> No.10819074

Are you ugly?

>> No.10819102

He's cosplaying as Chris chan

>> No.10819136

First day of anime austin was a little weird, the opening show or whatever was like at the end of the day for some reason, it was nice meeting some local cosplayers though. Not a lot of people at all, but the atmosphere was relaxed. Pretty much no security and barely any staff as well.

>> No.10819178

i was there too and actually really enjoyed it! i met some cool people as well and enjoyed the idol performance.

>excited for today
>crossing fingers i’ll meet more lolitas

>> No.10819197

If you see levi or aki today say hi lolita-chan

>> No.10819287

think i missed you :/ day 2 was fun as well! i hope you had a good time, anon

>> No.10819371

Yeah surprisingly a good time overall though the dance was kinda lame lol. Good to hear you had a good time as well. I'm probably gonna go Sunday as Aki as well, but only for a little bit.

>> No.10819404

So did San Japan ever update the public about that supposed staff member that fought with an attendee over their mask? SAPD was involved

>> No.10819463

Anime Austin overall was what was expected, the type of con you go to make your own fun rather than the con itself being a source of fun for a cosplayer. Would go again tho. I'll post more when ecchi expo and ikkicon happen.

>> No.10819465 [DELETED] 

Kinda wanted to go to ecchi expo but my gf is 17
Sad!any such cases!

>> No.10819474

Yeah this was my first time going and it was small but I enjoyed it! Everyone I met was super nice and I'm always hesitant to meet new people because you never know who just has fucked up vibes. I'll probably go again next year.

>> No.10819485

That sucks to hear. I went there in 2019 to try it out after hearing about it at San Japan the year before and thought it was alright, though I was too sperg to socialize with any of the regulars that were there. It was definitely a con you'd go to for the panels, which was my thing at the time.

>> No.10820120

Who here Anime Dallas this weekend?

>> No.10820148
File: 1.32 MB, 4096x3174, 63b26c0c2ecd070799e17e1565ac3601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going even though it looks tiny

>> No.10820149

Sweet I'll see you around. I'll be in Gengar shoes.

>> No.10820234

No group but, I'll be down to dress as a FBI agent

>> No.10820361

Anyone going to Frontier? I'm not expecting too much from it so what else is there to do in Fort Worth?

>> No.10820364

I'll be there for the weekend. If you don't have anything to do at the con there's pretty much just shopping and stuff in downtown and Sundance.

>> No.10820800

Please say hi because I only saw one scaramouche cosplayer and you weren't them

>> No.10820867

No boots this time because they killed my calves yesterday but I am in a Gengar Hawaiian. I'll be around after since I'm helping with clean up.

>> No.10821684

Damn looks like I'm going to Frontier as well, my wig is gonna look fucked

>> No.10821701

who will be at ecchi expo? is it worth checking out if you’re not a sex-addicted moid? might drive down for a day for the cosplay contest and cabaret but am not sure i want to deal with the mega coomers

>> No.10821759
File: 174 KB, 1026x1170, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Awsome can't want to...

>covid policy


>> No.10821775

Go check the thread for it goober

>> No.10821786
File: 72 KB, 200x204, 1663258344933265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anime Frontier is boring. I dropped a fuck ton of money on a hotel and drove five hours from Houston for this? Onicon was busier than this, and that was hardly more than a lobbycon.

>> No.10821804

Ugh. These vaxholes probably think the CCP lockdowns are justified and that the human rights violations happening there are justified. The covid zealotry is very disturbing. Fucking NPCs.

>> No.10821808

How busy is it?

>> No.10821823

I ended up not going because of work, but given that A-Kon is completely JUSTed now I might go next year if I hear good things about it since I still like to attend at least one DFW con per year. The guest performers are great picks and the panels seem interesting, but as someone who mainly goes for panels I'm worried at how packed the panels will be at a con where it looks like only two panels are ever happening at the same time.

>> No.10821829

Not him but probably like a third of a kon

>> No.10821833

I'm going to ecchi with some friends, it might be an okay party con. I heard last year was pretty cozy aside from the broken AC.

>> No.10821843

I'm going tomorrow if you wanna hang anon

>> No.10821855

That is 3 nerds that will be there
I'll definitely be in the crowd at the cosplay contest if you gulls happen to be around as well

>> No.10821909

I'm getting lunch atm but headed back after, I'm in the blue scarf if you happen to see me. ( The Little Red Wasp makes a good drink)

>> No.10821986

I’m looking for a con to sell lolita and cosplay stuff I’m no longer going to wear. Do you think ikkicon would be an okay con to do that at? Since it’s at the Kalahari I assumed it’s gonna be a swimsuit con of sorts, wondering about other people’s experiences at swap meets/sales.

>> No.10822156

Anime Frontier was pretty mid, but there's barely any security and the mask mandates aren't that strictly enforced. Overall it was pretty okay but the panels weren't too interesting. There wasn't anything to do aside from that afterparty you had to pay for separately. Decent for people who just wanna buy shit, otherwise not particularly great.

>> No.10822249

I definitely got the feeling they are moving towards making a "Anime NYC South" con - very corporate, destination-shopping type of con. I admit I also spent more money than I usually do in 3-4 cons but I also only got things I really wanted.

What is everyone's next TX cons? Next big ones for me are Weebcon and A-Kon again.

>> No.10822254

Ikki is next for me, then AggieCon and A-Kon. Is WeebCon worth attending?

>> No.10822267

I'm going to ecchi expo and ikkicon. Already bought the tickets and everything.

>> No.10822291

I would say its only worth it if you're local to DFW or wouldn't have an issue commuting to. That might change this year though since they moved to the Gaylord; the venue this year was insanely tiny and packed but they'll have more room and they have a Hella good guest list so far.

>> No.10822634

My Ecchi Expo lineup is Nanami, Levi, and Majima. Say hi if you guys see me

>> No.10822777

For the people who went last year, how easy is it to get laid at Ecchi?

/cgl/ hasn't been the place to talk about conventions for a long time. Plus even when it was, it was just drama 24/7 so good riddance.

>> No.10823176

Did anyone get laid at ecchi expo?

I did not, but I had fun. Can't see how anyone is able to approach anyone even during the rave parties.

>> No.10823177


>> No.10823186

Ecchi Expo was pretty fun, but 100 dollars is excessive for the size of the convention. Small ass dealers room. The main events were decent as well. The shows need some screens to display what's happening on the stage. Good luck seeing anything if you're past the first 5 rows. The rave music should have had more anime music. Con has a noticable imbalance towards male attendence (obviously). Felt about 50-60% of attendees were in cosplay. I heard about 3 after parties happened after the con, 2 at the hotel and 1 outside. More fun than a commercial con but it's definitrly better if you aren't attending alone.

I managed to get laid, I was approached instead.

>> No.10823190

Are you a dude? How did you get approached?

>> No.10823195

I'm a dude, my cosplay was a character a girl simped hard for.

>> No.10823197
File: 1.50 MB, 498x498, uoh_uuohh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the only way to get ONS is get lucky to get simped over the character you cosplay
I'm not gonna make it bros... I don't watch anime.

>> No.10823202

> I don't watch anime

Then get the fuck away from my hobby. No shit you can't get laid at an event you have no stake in.

>> No.10823330

What character?

>> No.10823332

A character I actually resonated with and physically resembled. Get away from my hobby you dirty sexpest.

>> No.10823333

That anon >>10823330 is not who you been posting from yesterday. After your earlier post >>10823202 I stopped asking or being a retard because you were right.

I like video games, but these cons are mostly anime-related and my knowledge of anime 2012+ are non-existent.

>> No.10823334

If you're into vidya just cosplay from that. Almost all cons have videogame cosplayers.

>> No.10823417

1. I'm not the same anon you were having a bitchfit over.
2. You're on a board for cosplaying and stop gatekeeping. Get a fucking life dude.
3. No one gives a fuck about your physique. I wanted to know if I saw you at all.

>> No.10823419

I don't see myself going to A-Kon again unless they either cap attendance at whatever the building they're currently using is designed for (which they want because they'd rather make more money at the expense of making the con into a fire hazard) or have some guest that I really want to see.

>> No.10823421

I attended one of their events, the one when they brought TeddyLoid to the Green Elephant in Dallas. They seemed cool, but most of their current shows are in Deep Ellum which I hate going to so I haven't been to any of their more recent stuff.

>> No.10823426

Nah gatekeeping is based, if you aren't gatekeeping do you really care about your hobby? Dirty sexpats can fuck off and stop trying to flood into my hobby. You people who get mad about gatekeeping are always the ones that would be trolled by it. You probably did see me because I literally walked throughout the venue multiple times.

>> No.10823428

nayrt and jesus what crawled up your ass

>> No.10823429

Dealing with the invasive species that just wants to use your hobby gets old real fast. Sick of seeing and dealing with these "people". I wish upon them no bitches and zero hoes.

>> No.10823545

I'm glad I just come here for info, I honestly don't think I'd be able to handle someone going on about "sex pests" or drunkenly ranting about being forced to wear a mask for an entire weekend. You guys are terminally online

>> No.10823553

>you guys are terminally online
>is on 4chan

>> No.10823556

You're right, I should've phrased it better.
You niggers do NOT know how to hide your power levels.

>> No.10823592

The parking is great in Deep Ellum and there's always cops around so it feels plenty safe.
Hard to relax I guess, but I haven't seen anything bad go down either.

>> No.10823642

>hide your power level
>on 4chan

>> No.10823915

There were genshin cosplayers every day of it
>inb4 genshin doesn't count

>> No.10824790

>so it feels plenty safe
That's a sign that it's NOT safe

>> No.10824973

>deep ellum
pick one and only one

>> No.10825765

I haven't been to ikkicon in a couple of years, is it just me or does it seem to have gone downhill?

I guess I'll find out. At least there's a water park now?

>> No.10825787

favorite tx cons tho?

>> No.10825836

How hard were you dropped on your head as a baby?

>> No.10825877
File: 57 KB, 671x250, image_2022-12-27_140112364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thinking about hitting OkiCon up in Norman OK for new years because why the fuck not. Anyone else goiing?

>> No.10825884

This is a Texas thread.

>> No.10825886

a-kon, colossalcon tx

>> No.10825927

its 2.5 hours north of dallas you retard, I have seen many texans go to oklahoma

ikkcon aint happening on new years now anyways

>> No.10825928

Ikkicon canceled the water park event, so no water park sadly.
ColossalconTX is the one I'm looking forward to the most, it was really fun and had a good vibe.

>> No.10825933

I know where Oklahoma is, it is not in Texas.

>> No.10825934


>> No.10825945

I'm not the one posting in a Texas thread about non Texas cons.

>> No.10826037

the thread doesnt specify geographical bounds or texan population :^)
If I can drive 5 hours south for a con you best believe I'll drive 2 hours north to a con

>> No.10826046

Anon are you alright? The thread is titled ‘texas thread’ ???

>> No.10826081

We got some grade-A retardanons in here.

>> No.10826098

>>thread doesnt specify geographical bounds
>>Texas thread

And you called me an autist??!?!

>> No.10826110
File: 256 KB, 516x526, Tee hee Banana Peel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10826136

Holy SHIT you guys hate this place
Look I agree that it's not the nicest part of town but I'm also pretty confident you won't get mugged if you're in any area that's well lit.

>> No.10826137

Hello Oklahoman
I cannot attend because I'm out of town but please keep posting about OK cons here. I will try to attend them as I am able.

>> No.10826141

You’re fucking stupid as hell. quit trying to mislead people into thinking deep ellum is safe. you’re gonna get someone murdered.


>> No.10826145

>Holy SHIT you guys hate this place
Dfw is my favorite part of Texas by far
I've lived here for years
Stop trying to get anons murdered. Next you'll tell them to open carry rifles at the gay nightclubs or something.

>> No.10826413

You know what, fair enough gulls. I've heard these horror stories in the past and thought they were overblown or referring to a different part of town. All I can say is that I've been parking in a well-lit lot in a well-trafficked area with lots of people around, and as such have never feared for my safety. I'd like to think that through abiding by these principles that others would be able to have a safe and fun time as well.
I do see police in the area (especially near the factory) but have always thought they were there in the context of patrolling the area and making their presence known rather than actively arresting people.
Also the one time I forgot to pay for parking I got a fucking ticket so I figure there have to be cops loitering around to check that at least.

>> No.10826414

For reference, I've always been around Saturday nights and left between midnight to 2am

>> No.10826427

I’ve had my fun in deep ellum but I feel like you’re either still fucking around, or you just walk around all the time plugging your ears singing la di da lmao.

There’s been several murders and shootings in deep ellum this year, and you’re still thinking it’s safe funtimes and you just need to stay in a well lit area…like lights can stop a stray bullet?? I mean you could get shot anywhere but why would you walk into the shooting mugging capital of dfw and be like ‘oh yeah lights and the police will save me!’

You need to start paying attention to your surroundings more and get a sense of self preservation or you’re gonna get your shit fucked

>> No.10826451

>like lights can stop a stray bullet?
No, it just reduces the likelihood of someone doing something retarded like that. They could very well do something in the open and nobody would do shit because they don't want their shit rocked (and by the way, you don't have a way to call the police since they just mugged your phone).
You're sure as hell right about being aware of your surroundings though.

>> No.10826563

It's much safer than new orleans, so I've never been acutely worried. Keep your head on a swivel and don't look like a pussy I guess. Zero issues ever.
See y'all there new years if you go, I'll probably wear that tall green fishing hat (iykyk)

>> No.10826582

I will not be there but if I spot you at a diff event there I'll say yo

>> No.10826882

Not really anything else to post about except Tokyo in Tulsa

>> No.10826891
File: 213 KB, 580x560, 1672432982124005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy late new years. I've been busy as shit playing Gundam EVO.

I think the only Texas Con I'll be able to make this year is Colossalcon Texas due to a change in jobs. I know I've had a few seagulls manage to sneak into my suite here and there, and I'm not exactly against that (thanks Logan for showing my crew around Austin, and myself.) but I think I'm planning a cook out this time around. I'm working on an RX-78-2 but I don't quite know how I'm going to transfer a whole ass gundam without driving directly from Ohio down to Texas. Anyways to get to the point, if you guys are at CCTX 2024, and you see me, I can probably offer a hotdog or some food. Assuming that I'm not busy doing photoshoots for my girlfriend that entire weekend.

>> No.10826922

been trying to find the 'professional' photographers that ask certain cosplayers for photo ops. been on reddit (got banned 3X for asking) and other cosplay sites give no help. i'm guessing they're just 'guys' that look 'professional' but just want a private collection of certain cosplayers. only other thing is checking out the 2 or 3 day videos from comicpalooza, fandemic, anime matsuri, etc here in houston/austin.

any help would be appreciated. i've been out of houston for 3 years now working outside the US and haven't been able to go to any cons. thanks.

>> No.10827343

they're all on instagram. plus you meet them at cons by either being stopped by them or simply going up to them

>> No.10827623

Well so much for Deep Ellum. Club Kaiju is changing locations to Green Elephant.
Anyone been? Is it a nice venue?

>> No.10827624

What's the mastodon server?

>> No.10827783

Ikkicon dropped their schedule and it is terrible.

>> No.10828140

A pretty big step up in terms of general location, and the company has been around for years so that's good, but man oh man it's branding looks unprofessional as fuck, so i have my doubts

>> No.10828141

I'm surprised they're willing to risk a drag show at a family waterpark in roundrock. Seems more of a downtown Austin thing to me.

>> No.10828158

A terrible schedule is best at ikkicon
It means bored girls who have lots of free time

>> No.10828228

No one wants to suck your sad peen anon

>> No.10828236

I've never not gotten laid at a con so uhhhh yuh

>> No.10828729

>What is Waifu Expo?
>A brand new convention in the DFW area; this is an 18+ convention created by Juliette Michele. This convention specializes in the Ecchi category of anime, with the goal of bringing an older audience to feel free to express themselves and content they enjoy.
So this will crash and burn year 1?

>> No.10828743

Considering the person running it is billing themselves as top guest I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.10828860
File: 25 KB, 229x252, 1525495774252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>another ecchi con

This seemed like a good idea before the OnlyFans era.

>> No.10828864

I like green elephant, they hosted teddyloid there. It's usually pretty safe and the drinks are reasonably priced.

>> No.10828940

If you know Tony, you can ask him about it. I'm not publically advertising it.

>> No.10828980
File: 116 KB, 640x613, 1652013968426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>drag show
this has nothing to do with japan in any way
why can't they just leave us alone holy fuck
I'd rather see confused looking Marine recrooters or middle aged insurance peddlers

>> No.10829006

But anon, we have to be ~accepting~ of all degeneracy.

Their whole programming block on Friday after like 6 pm is basically horny on main. What is going on?

>> No.10829111

At least it looks cheap.
I went to the one in San Marcos, and for the $$ I was fairly disappointed. The average con 10 years ago was just a degenerate, just didn't have open tiddy art in the vendor hall.

>> No.10829116

they can only offer panels that people sign up to offer to run, so blame the community I guess

>> No.10829229

huh, I never knew that the spoiler tag does not work on this board.
Is there any reason for this ?

>> No.10829241

They can also decline them. I blame whoever at the con decided Friday was basically ecchi expo

>> No.10829305

Why is the best in show prize for the swimsuit contest a sex toy?

>> No.10829371

Debating making the trip up to Rocko for Ikki this year but Its less than a week away and my cosplay project isn't anywhere close to done and I don't have a room.

>> No.10829402


$80 passes but can't bother to update their website except the default theme. I guess they stopped paying their web developers to put in a placeholder.

>> No.10829407

that's a new one kek

>> No.10829411

I used to think AM was jewing out with their high badge prices but I'm noticing most "nerd" type events (conventions, gaming competitions) these days have gotten more expensive.

>> No.10829557

Which TX cons are actually worth attending?

>> No.10829587

Lol, so bad

>> No.10829788

maaaaybe anime matsuri if they have a guest you like.
maybe Dallas fan days or Comicpalooza in houston

>> No.10829793
File: 114 KB, 500x500, 9daccf2f79704766b8feec287758210478216da0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speak for yourself
im in the same boat but i live near-ish to round rock so its not really an issue for me to make the drive instead of paying a billion dollars for a room. might just go anyway desu since i have shitall to do that weekend

>> No.10829894

If you like buying porn and sex toys, get a room at another hotel for cheap and just drive over. The lot is big. The waterpark isn't worth it unless you're staying there.
If you're not interested in lewd merch, you should probably pass this year. It's their whole focus for some reason

>> No.10829923

can someone explain to me why in gods name people would pay money to go out in public to buy sex shit? why not just order it off the internet? do they want the social experience of meeting up with other perverts or something?

>> No.10829948

>do they want the social experience of meeting up with other perverts

>> No.10829974

still doesnt make any sense but whatever, guess its just not for me

>> No.10829988

>still doesnt make any sense
yes, that's a lot of human behavior

>> No.10830064

Who else is going to the new Ikkicon in Round Rock?

>> No.10830166

I was planning on it but at this point I'm not sure whether I feel like it

>> No.10830208

Well you know why people go to ikkicon right anon???

>> No.10830249

I'm going to ikkicon, I'm hoping it's as good an experience as colossal con was at the kalahari

>> No.10830560

Friday is a full day and not a partial day which is a surprise.

>> No.10830572
File: 14 KB, 225x225, shinoasmug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

should be fun
lettuce senku returns

>> No.10830589

How is that a surprise? It's always been a 3 day con

>> No.10830609

I'm a local 50/50 on going. I ordered some things to make a prop and it's been delayed until today so if I go it'll be a rush to get that done for Friday, and I don't really want to be rushing for Ikkicon

>> No.10830610

>no open bar
Kind of lame
Every con should have an open bar

>> No.10830611

>open bar
What, dude it's a resort you can just go pick up liquor from the multiple bars or convience store

>> No.10830612

I'm sure you can encourage Kalahari to do it. $300 for one hour per person (domestic brews only, on tap)

>> No.10830613

Convince stores don't have good shit
I need at least half a liter of hard ass spirits a day for every convention
God I hate conventions when I'm sober

>> No.10830614

You know there is a Liquor store down the street right by the walmart right?

>> No.10830618

I can't fucking drive when I'm hammered and asking friends to buy me a case of vodka is cringe I hide my alcoholism

>> No.10830621

I put off deciding until the last second so I guess I'm getting a room down at the quinta but I'm going. Doom in the house.

>> No.10830630

Holy shit that's a long way to walk bro

>> No.10830656

Looked like the closest to the place. If I've got to find a parking space or something I'll just do that. nbd. Better than forking out for a room at the kalahari

>> No.10830657

It's only like 700 are u poor

>> No.10830658

Worse. I'm cheap.

>> No.10830660

Well I always get a hotel room in the convention proper so I can't drunkenly wander into traffic

>> No.10830661

It would be nice to have a place to stash dealer swag or drop cosplay stuff but I'll manage I guess. Two bed room would be sweet if it was like a group splitting it or something but its overkill for me and I don't have the drunken wanderings to worry about.

>> No.10830707

That's why I didn't do colossal last year. Maybe I can get a friend to offset this year.

>> No.10830720

>It's only like 700
in the current US economy being in a on-again-off-again recession, that's a hard sell for most people

>> No.10830805

>I don't understand uber exists
It's texas you nigger you can simply uber eats liquor

>> No.10830832

First time going to a con

>> No.10830833

Any meetups planned at the con or offsite?

>> No.10830872
File: 138 KB, 600x600, 1670288258080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Colossal was fun the last couple times, never been to ikki, but I'm gonna try it since I live nearby.

>> No.10830888

Doing your mom on and off site.

>> No.10830892

god dammit you guys are really making me sad that i didn't end up going to colossal

>> No.10830928

So far I really enjoyed Colossal and Ecchi Expo, gonna write a review for Ikki when its over.

>> No.10830955

I'm coming aaaaaaaaa

>> No.10830968

On the way now

>> No.10830996

Thank God there's a Walmart nearby. Forgot a bunch of shit.

>> No.10831021

Wal-mart is temporary, HEB is forever

>> No.10831390

Since nobody has an answer for you: spoiler tags are only enabled on certain boards. Typically media boards. Protip: if there's no checkbox to spoiler an image, the spoiler tags won't work.

>> No.10831577

Alright fellas, back from Ikkicon.
Overall, it was sorta mid. Most people are probably gonna compare it to Colossal Con and say Colossal was better. The spy x family cast appearance was a good choice. The switch to an 18+ only market after certain hours was an interesting idea, but the yokai market was rather small. The vendors hall was reasonably sized, but having to go through the vendors hall to access the gaming room is weird. Not to mention the gaming room had like no arcade cabinets at all, it was just lan computers with controllers. The all day karaoke room was a great idea I think, good filler when not watching the panels. The panels weren't all too interesting. Being the same venue as Colossal Con and using more of it for con space was a good choice, however Ikkicon fucked it all up by not utilizing the water park like Colossal did. Ikkicon staff was also pretty disorganized and so meetups ended up being organized mostly by the congoers. Some panelists also had problems getting set up due to staff incompetence. The first rave had a rather mediocre turnout, the second one was pretty packed. Security was pretty lax regarding food and drinks, but strict with weapons props. There were also room parties on multiple floors as well, and some kind of gathering in the lobby area after hours. Not exactly the worst con, but it could definitely be better.

>> No.10831586

Friends were saying that no staff was visible except for reg. True?

>> No.10831596

Official staff was mostly concentrated around the registration area, but they had volunteers on a lot of the doors. Some panel halls were completely unguarded though, so anyone could walk in to some of the panels without a badge. Of course, staff was around for all major events. There was a decent number of security officers walking around as well.

>> No.10831604

yeah okay now im kind of glad i didnt go to this one, but it kind of sucks how ikki was the only con this year worth going to in the austin area (that i know of)

>> No.10831616

I just hate that its not on New Years and in downtown Austin anymore. I loved going with friends to the con for most of the day and then heading to 6th street for the more serious stuff.

>> No.10831678

So far the cons near Austin that I know will be fun are Ecchi Expo and ColossalconTX. Galaxycon might be promising though, at least it's closer than San Japan.

Additional note about Ikkicon, the Sunday was surprisingly busy. This wasn't one of those cons that immediately die on Sunday morning.

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