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Post the most ridiculous, sad, and borderline hilarious price gouging in the second hand market

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This is even sadder when AUD$85 is barely USD$60

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This makes me wish I could filter out users. Who would pay more than $5 for any of these. Even less considering how greasy and used they look

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this girl is notorious for buying and selling for 100-400% markup. tinfoil but I think she deliberately doesn't leave feedback as a buyer so sellers won't leave her feedback, then people can't find her scalped items as easily when they buy from her

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Ok which of you is going to buy the AP perfume for 300 dollars?

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Holy shit, that's absolutely absurd. What a greedy bitch.

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Jesus Christ who would even purchase a perfume online LOL. You can’t even smell it first.

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I will never get over KSK getting exposed for overpricing damaged consignment and not listing any of the damage. Hilarious.

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Damn, seems like a good time to unload all my damaged old Bodyline. Is there any downside to selling trash as long as I'm upfront about it being trash?

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Honestly no. Some old school ita will buy it up anyways for 6x the price if you sell it on depop and call it deadstock y2k

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It's not on their site anymore either so I'm guessing it sold.

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The dress is gross but imagine being so pressed about a $140 dress

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She's a known UK scammer

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Kek are you the one who ruined it? We know it was a TXlita.

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LM really needs to be burando and limited Taobao brands only. Handmade, off-brand, and ugly indie crap belong on Etsy or Depop.

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I am pretty sure there's a limit of 3 offbrand items, if mods are alive they will delete the listings if you report them

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No taobao at all would be ideal

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I have a bottle that I'll drop on LM if any of you dumb whores are seriously considering this

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i’m not seriously considering theirs but i would yours if you were to list it on LM, nonny~

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This girl is shit at packaging items too

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Deets? That boils my blood.

I bought an expensive Baby wedding style dress from LM and the seller didn’t put it in a bag or package it at all. She threw it into a box. It just so happened that the mailman left the box by my doorstep and it rained. The dress was soaked. The seller told me to just deal with it when I asked for a partial refund for the cleaning fee.

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I fucking hate fat bitches

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Different anon here. I’ve bought from her before but only when she realized nobody would buy at her scalped price and had to do ~50% reduction lmao to be reasonable.

She fucking REEKS. Everything I purchased from her reeks like the worst perfume ever. I mean it takes a few washes to get rid of. It’s easy enough to get rid of so i didn’t leave a bad review but she’s a nasty bitch and i won’t buy from her anymore now that I know she scalps this much

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I’ve bought from this dumb lemon bitch, I regret leaving a good review. She’s so difficult but I thought “at least I got my item”. Poorly packaged too. My husband opened the package for me and even he was shocked at how she just chucked that shit in a paper envelope and called it a day

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I hate this so much, when will stinky bitches learn perfume isnt shower in a bottle. They’re like middle school boys with axes, gross.

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the stains look disgusting

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I thought no one likes Meta's prints anyway

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Do they mean reeking like stinky or just reeks of the perfume specifically? Both are bad but the former is worse. It could be that it just smells of the perfume because some people spray it on their clothes instead of their body.

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My greatest fear. I alway ship with item in a bag for this reason.

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I meant both. Like the perfume smell was there and then there was BO sweat smell on top of the perfume smell. I swear to god she uses perfume instead of showering

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Anyone else going to buy these or should I?

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I had the same issue but with a different seller. She chucked a pair of white moitie OTKs in a regular envelope. No padding, not even a ziplock bag. She didn't even ship them on time and came up with a bs excuse on why she couldn't ship. I'm lucky I got my item at all and that they arrived not damaged, aside from discoloring that was not listed.

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God just imagine how bad the smell is

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holy fuck why

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Stay away from seller moonssong. Look at her most recent reviews. Straight up scammer who is quickly taking money and then going silent. Then apparently threatening to sue people for harassment for complaining about it kek. I narrowly avoided buying into that dumpster fire

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post SS on the farms

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Me too anon, a very pricy/rare dream dress showed up in a poly mailer so thin that you could literally see through it, and nothing else. As someone who's extremely thorough when it comes to packing my items safely, even the cheapest ones, I'll never understand this

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She delivers, you just need pay more to play

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A fatty in my comm does this to all her AP. I don’t even like AP but I do sew professionally and it’s so painful whenever she posts her latest ‘project’.

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There's...nothing wrong with it ? They selling the Dream Fantasy Special Set at an actual normal price

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Could you describe the fragrance profile? I'd actually consider buying it if it smells good even at a significant markup because it's difficult to buy fragrances from Japan due to the alcohol content and the fact a lot of shipping companies aren't willing to deal with a flammable liquid like that.

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delivering after 3 months and scamming 9 buyers still warrants a bad review, moonssong. if you were so desperate for money you should have made your prices higher.

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Seconding staying away from this crazy scammer. She has some kind of mental issues.

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You shouldn’t need to OFFER more money just for an item that you bought at an already agreed price.

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Light airy floral. It's very Japanese, I have some cheap perfumes that aren't as good but were easy to get at the local drugstore when I lived in Japan. Everything that ships to Western countries is too heavy, I want to move back as soon as I get my life together

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Imagine taking such obvious bait this seriously. Moonssong is just ghosting buyers, not extorting them

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you say that like it’s not also bad

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Think it should be free, poorfag? The absolute state of this board. Holy fuck.

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i think anon is showing off that they're retarded for selling it so cheap.

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it is definitely still bad, but it's retarded that you think she would actually come in this thread and say "pay to play"

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You know who says pay to play? That one pedo who thinks he’s a pharmacist.

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Get your facts straight girl

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is this allowed? the fuck. is that allowed

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The honey cake petition girl has come back

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i dont keep up with angelic pretty, will someone please explain this to me?

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i went to go read the comments and it's gone.... did they delete it or did someone actually purchase this

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i dont think you can delete sold listings, i assume its just gone lol

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sugar hearts has diehard fans and it’s consistently sold within the 1k range the past two years

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Is she going to harass every single lolita to sign her next shitty petition again?

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It looks like she might be leaving judging from her selling dream dresses

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They moved it to the anime market circlly. Apparently it’s actually a cosplay of some figurine or something idk. It’s nice for a cosplay but idk why they thought they could shill this as a lolita JSK

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This is an idolmaster costume shes been trying to sell in im@s groups for awhile now

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Thank fuck. She was annoying.

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> hmm, maybe i should add a second pic of this blouse since it's a bit hard to see

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chiffon sweetfags are getting bolder

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When will people learn not to photograph white things on white backgrounds and vice versa

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Um.. I don't think forever 21 shorts are ouji, but you do you pooners

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Lacemarket is so dead right now for buying and especially selling that I'm considering shipping outside the US. Or is it just me?

>> No.10815575

I stopped using it when the pandemic price boom happened.

>> No.10815578

Nah it's been like that. Might broaden your prospects though. Just make sure you get accurate quotes for international shipping. I always select "get a quote" for international; someone will pay whatever it is if they really want it enough.

>> No.10815601

Will do for sure. At least I'm not trying to sell those OTT Baby dresses

>> No.10815611


Ohh what are the dresses anon ?

>> No.10815650

I’ll wager you’re one of those cunts that buys plenty from other countries then cries about international shipping being ‘too hard and scawy’ because you’re too dumb to fill out a customs form. We don’t want your filthy rags anyway luv.

>> No.10815665

Nayt but international shipping is like minimum $50 USD if you want any semblance of tracking and I’ve had plenty of girls act like I was scamming them when I told them the price for international shipping because of that. I don’t mind shipping internationally but it is more stressful since if something gets stuck in customs for a while or a customs fee is charged, often people will get mad and take it out on you even though it’s not the senders fault. Sorry that your country charges taxes on stuff ordered from other countries but you should have planned for that when you bought something from another country.

>> No.10815672

aww, you gonna cry little baby?

>> No.10815678

>implying yuropoors can even afford to buy from burgers now

>> No.10815687

this. half of them don't even have the ability to keep the lights on right now, much less buy frilly cute dresses to sit in a dark room and do nothing

>> No.10815689

US sellers should stop selling to Europeans once and for all. A girl had the audacity to leave neutral feedback because I ‘failed to remind her about custom fees’. She only had 2 feedbacks so she was a newfag on top of that. Fucking dumb eurofags. Stop whining about high customs and shipping fees or stop buying from outside of your third world countries.

>> No.10815696

>She only had 2 feedbacks so she was a newfag on top of that
You said it yourself, actual seasoned lolitas won't complain about customs or shipping cost regardless of where they're from. We all know how this works, a single bad experience with a clueless newfag doesn't mean everyone is like this.

>> No.10815701

Why are you throwing insults when I was just explaining why some people don’t want to ship internationally? Being a cunt about it reflects on you being a crying baby, not me.

>> No.10815705

sorry i made you so angwy!

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I stopped selling because I am waiting to see how the new income tax rules work out for Paypal and other online selling platforms. I stopped buying because my closet is too full of things I need to sell, lol.

But my mood for buying things has also gone. No good new releases dims my appetite to buy and I have basically every old release I want.

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Whenever I buy something from outside EU I ask the package to be marked down in value. A 160€ dress can add up to 300€.
A lot of LM sellers state in their TOS they won't markdown - then I don't buy from them. Customs have no clue if your rare stained 2012 AP dress is worth 300€, for them it's just a dress.

>> No.10815946

the eurofags on here are unhinged and need medication. surprised they are out of the hospital though.

>> No.10815948

A brand new with tags dress is less obvious to hide from customs. Move if you don’t like paying the outrages fees.

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>be second hand clothing company
>buy over brand
>release new product
>buy back product from consumer at cheaper price
>charge higher for the product second hand than for the same product new

>> No.10816042

the amount of moitie products theyve sold for more than they have in stock brand new is retarded

>> No.10816055

Blame it on people like Sainte who bought all of the goody-goods at ridiculous pieces. Now there's nothing left but lesser brand pieces, ita and offbrands listings.

>> No.10816089

If only moving country was that easy lol. Though no one in their right mind would choose to move to the US now

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Seriously? 160 for a shitty altered Bodyline dress? This dress, historically, sells for like 30-50 at highest. What retard would buy this?

>> No.10816158

I fully understand where you’re coming from but I always say no when asked and back out of the sale if they ask twice. I don’t want to break the law for a rando.

>> No.10816161

$160 for bodyline gave me a good chuckle after a bad day, thanks nonny

>> No.10816173

lurker newfag here but why is this stuff all so damaged to heck? do they just wear it for days?

>> No.10816234

It’s almost like clothes get worn out or damaged if you wear them frequently.

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who among you is powerful enough to buy the oxblood wet-look cornet bloomers

>> No.10816247

Jesus christ, why do those things even exist?

>> No.10816249

cornet and putumayo were both considered ita brands, along with Meta sometimes for the sole fact they broke a lot of lolita fundamentals

>> No.10816252

oh wow

>> No.10816253

Half the Americans have no idea that doing that is ilegal

>> No.10816254

What even happens if you get caught? Monetary fine?

>> No.10816286

Um are these still available though? please post the link :)

>> No.10816288

anon noooo

>> No.10816289

nvm found it lmao ty

>> No.10816324

I want them, but I don't want to have swamp ass

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File: 70 KB, 491x500, 39779060-24FD-4B29-A13F-BE383631059F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So how are you going to coord your new bloomers that look like they’ve been trodden on after marinating in a mud puddle anon?

I was thinking you could do some kind of dried berries theme

>> No.10816334

They just charge the recipient what they think the item in the package is worth, which I noticed is normally just them charging for just over the threshold price (that's if it isn't something super obviously high priced like a brand new macbook).

>> No.10816363


the pictures are so horrific and for that alone i need it... just look at the texture. have you ever seen that before? it's groundbreaking how cursed it is.

for $15 i think i might be able to restore it desu. i'd be surprised if the wrinkles are all stuck. it doesn't seem to be peeling at all so that's a good sign.

we'll see, i'll keep you all updated. if not i'll consider your idea.. it's a solid 7/10, although cranberries for fall is not very creative of you

>> No.10816369

Post pics when you get them

>> No.10816371

Items can only be insured for the marked value.

>> No.10816373

Please leave my name out this.
I hold no responsibility in the price rise for any brand listings on LM、 be it Angelic Pretty or Btssb.

it is just the market acting accordingly as it should.

also、 don't be fool by anyone posting as me with "Sainte" in the namefield without my full tripcode.

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>> No.10816412

samefagging schizo troon

>> No.10816471

If your shit is lost in transit you will have one butthurt buyer that can't get the original value back due to scamming the value

>> No.10816496

No shit, it would then be on the buyer and theres nothing they can do about it

>> No.10816498

Except they’ll just file a PayPal claim and screw over the sender. Do you think they’re just going to take the L and accept that if they’re too cheap to pay for customs fees?
In the US, it’s a felony to mark down the value on a package. Everyone does it, and I don’t think most people realize that it’s technically a crime, but you Eurofags need to realize that you are asking someone to commit a crime so you can save a few bucks.

>> No.10816499

nta but discordfags do like to blame everything on one person pretty frequently. wouldn't put it past them to be responsible for >>10816055 this post. they've been talking about Saint a lot recently.

>> No.10816539

Funnily enough I've had Americans try to scam me out of money with the whole "lost in transit" or "undelivered" thing but luckily I've always taken out the appropriate insurance and use tracking. I don't ask anyone to mark packages down and I rarely buy from US sellers so I'm good

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>> No.10816641

Why would anyone do that ? What ??

>> No.10816663

Either a sewing project or edgelord shit or mental illness probably

>> No.10816839

I understand that it is but I'm still not paying 200€ in customs taxes. I could buy a whole new wardrobe with what I saved. If the item gets lost in transit I won't bother or blame the seller, it really isn't their fault.
If the seller is not willing to markdown I'll consider if the taxes are worth paying or I simply don't buy the item. I'm not hurting anyone and I don't intend to fuck up the seller, I just don't want to pay outrageous amounts of money "because it's the ethical thing to do". Also I believe those people have more important things to do rather than investigate 20yo girls selling dresses

>> No.10816846

but you have to pay customs for new dresses too. this sounds like poorfag bs.

>> No.10816848

How is not wanting to pay twice the item's value in customs poorfag behavior? Literally nobody wants to throw away their money, whether they're poor, rich or middle class.

>> No.10816850

not when nearly every SS can mark the value lower, its only lacemarket where you get shafted with customs

>> No.10816954

tell us what they smell like

>> No.10816956

I love how Euros and Leafs gloat about their amazing “free” healthcare and other government provided services but cry endlessly about having to pay taxes. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

>> No.10816973

Shopping services aren’t a common thing in America, numb nuts. Marking down the package is a felony there. A Japanese SS isn’t breaking the law by writing a lower price on the customs form.

I’m sorry that’s happened to you. Fwiw the postal service in America is shit so the seller may not be lying. The carrier marks the package as delivered even if its to the wrong address. Porch pirates are a problem as well.

>> No.10816974

well, marking down the packages isn't primarily what's illegal. it's knowingly giving a false monetary value of any kind, which is a felony because it's insurance fraud technically. and is a felony everywhere.

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File: 1.39 MB, 1200x1774, IMG_20221109_160145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where in the world is that Lolita ? It's way too short

>> No.10817107

correct, this brand isn't lolita fashion. It's a general kawaii aesthetic brand by youtuber Mikan.

if there's a possibility you have to pay import taxes on international packages then marking down the value of the contents of the package is tax fraud, which is illegal.

>> No.10817109

that's not on the one marking it down though. but again it's not just illegal in the us it is in japan, china, everywhere. the only reason some ss do it is because they want the money. the other anon is totally wrong.

>> No.10817136

It's not lolita and Mikan said herself when she released this collection that it wasn't lolita and that she didn't want to upset or offend the community.

>> No.10817142

rip to this girl spending €200 on mikan's basic ass clothes (unless there was a discount for buying the set), then having to sell it for less than a third of the price.

>> No.10817143
File: 61 KB, 404x618, 41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

41% discount, based or coincidence?

>> No.10817155

Based retard

>> No.10817201

Funny how you think rich people pay their taxes
Are you 16?

>> No.10817203

Europoor, if you don't want to pay customs for your shit then you don't deserve to have it in the first place.

>> No.10817224

look for qwintry.com

>> No.10817226

Please link me nonny
if its cheap i wanna save him

>> No.10817277

U right I'm sorry I'm gonna cry on my dresses now

>> No.10817288

why do some LM users refuse to use keimarket? i know the userbase is small, but do they not realize that no one on lace is going to buy a set like this?

>> No.10817301

Probably because no one browses keimart

Still not a reason to post on LM. They should just put this shit on depop. Or burn it idk

>> No.10817310

Or stop giving hard earned money to drop ship Ali Express resellers named mikan.

>> No.10817434
File: 517 KB, 720x946, lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh Facebook marketplace... you can't pay me $7 to even wear these things.

>> No.10817436

What is that stitching... My 5 year old niece could do a better job

>> No.10817437

i wish i had her self confidence

>> No.10817440

That's her work. You can also invest time and effort acquiring stuff when its marked down by 300 dollars.

>> No.10817527

Foreskin lolita

>> No.10817605

>Customs have no clue if your rare stained 2012 AP dress is worth 300€, for them it's just a dress.
This. I never bought a dress for more than $50. EVER. And I've been with lolita for more than a decade.

Less obvious? LOL, LMAO even. Well, I know that it will depend on the country. Still, customs doesn't have the slightest idea what the fuck is lolita. Nor j-fashion. Maybe cosplay, and that's a stretch. And believed me, I've been there. They can't even point all countries on a map. Outside electronics, big normie fashion names (which lolita isn't for a light year), as long as it looks reasonable (reasonable = price of a dress at your regular mall), it's smooth sailing.

>I don’t want to break the law for a rando.
Break a law? What law? The country of origin doesn't give a fuck (you don't pay taxes to ship something), let's say the country of destination cares. What are they going to do? Prosecute you from the other side of the planet? Send an undercover agent to take you out? LOL. There's nothing they can do. Even if there was they sure as hell aren't going to do it for a $300 dress. And even less for someone that sells on occasion, and 2nd hand (not like you're shipping a container of new dresses).

China ALWAYS marks down, unless you SPECIFICALLY ask them not to. Has any country in the world done anything to hunt down Chinese sellers? No. The result is that customs does not trust package invoices from China and asks you (the receiver) to provide accurate prices at the time of paying the tax (with maybe making you print the real invoice from the store as proof, but rarely is that needed if the prices look reasonable).

Ffs ppl, you're unbelievable. I guess you don't pirate either, oh no, the FBI will be at your windows any minute now.

>> No.10817606

Even nips, which are the most law abiding ppl on the planet, woke up and let you tell them what do you want the package to say (and remove original invoices and shit). But yeah, in the begining, at least the SS I use, I think they were starting out then, getting "creative" with the package invoice was taboo.

>> No.10817851

Jeez they look like afterbirth, anon who purchased them please keep us updated

>> No.10817864


I bought bodyline shoes off ebay once and the customs bureau contacted me to ask me for proof of what I paid for them. I thought I was in so much trouble. I just sent them a screenshot of the paypal transaction and paid for my customs and that was it. I was scared that customs would claim I asked the seller to mark it down.

iirc the seller had claimed the shoes were 15$ but I paid 25$ for them without shipping.

>> No.10817906

You’re using the $ so I assume you’re in the US. We have much loser tax laws as far as buying things from other countries; basically if it’s for personal use, you’re fine. In Canada and Europe (and maybe others but those seem to be the biggest ones I’ve seen talk about it), they have to pay taxes on imported goods. Because they have better social services/healthcare is paid for etc., they pay higher taxes in general. So when they import a dress for say, $300, they have to pay taxes on that price. Hence why they ask people to mark it down so they don’t get charged or get charged less.
Yes, it is a crime to do it, at least in the US it’s a felony. I’ve never heard of anyone getting busted for it or anything, but that’s just the fact. Most people will do it because it’s so unlikely to get caught, or they don’t know it’s a crime or whatever, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is. I doubt they’d ever hunt someone down for something like a dress, I’m sure the law is in place for big businesses that are exporting large amounts of product.

>> No.10818006

Fuck off you larping poorfag ESL nonce.

>> No.10818011

nta but when i lived in the US i bought $10k worth of furniture from japan and they never charged me anything despite the fact that they're supposed to charge after $2k. however the us government got really pissed at me for importing $10 worth of tea so i dunno what's wrong with them.

>> No.10818025

I think the 2k limit is because that’s where they assume a baseline can be drawn between shipments of personal and commercial goods, however your furniture was obviously for personal use so they didn’t charge you for it like they would if it was a bulk shipment of something going to a business.

>> No.10818035

Marking stuff down for international shipping is fucking stupid because if it gets lost, you can't suddenly change the value and get your money back.

Meanwhile, if you're traveling back to your country from Japan, I agree that customs will not know the value of your items. For all they know, you brought them with you. But for shipping, a declared insurance value is the main point.

>> No.10818107

Do you even know what a nonce is?

>> No.10818612

Is anybody's (especially older) Emily Temple Cute and/or Leur Getter bags still holding up? I want to know if they're better than AP or Baby when it comes buying secondhand bags

>> No.10818624

ETC yes, LG no

>> No.10818633

That sucks about the LG one, I would have thought that they are made of similar materials. What bags are they?

>> No.10818781

Materials are basically the same, it's just luck of the draw that my ETC ones are still alive and not flaky like the LG ones.

>> No.10818789

>dumb amerifag thinks people only use nonce as an insult when they're actively preying on kids
People don't have to be committing incest to be called motherfuckers either, genius

>> No.10818820

I guess it's just luck then like you said. I wish there was something to stop these bags from peeling

>> No.10818838

It's illegal for a seller to mark down the value for customs.

Also the seller gets screwed over if the buyer disputes something and the package wasn't fully insured.

Get used to hearing no.

>> No.10818843

Has anybody used 303 aerospace protectant to stop bags from flaking? I heard that vintage toy collectors use it on their pleather figures

>> No.10819641
File: 285 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221121-125025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this bitch fucking mad? $300!?

>> No.10819649

Imagine thinking someone would be willing to pay 300$ for some fucking triangles on a string, unbelievable.

>> No.10819662

The anon you replied to literally said they don't buy from sellers who aren't willing to mark down the packages, take your amerifat rage somewhere else

>> No.10819666

It's been freezing cold lately, I was going to list my bottle for sale but I would hate for it to freeze and spill out. I know there's a little bit of alcohol in perfume but it's probably not enough to keep it from freezing, right? Do you guys think I should wait or sell now? Was hoping to sell easier during the holidays

>> No.10820326
File: 251 KB, 1099x1045, FCDE749C-C92B-433C-A1DB-2BB81A739958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do people really think anyone cares? While still obnoxious and none of my business, I at least get the logic behind saying you need money for an emergency, but this is on another level

>> No.10820327

If you are truly broke, buying dresses isn't exactly a great idea, do these people even have savings? I guess everyone has different priorities

>> No.10820389

I did bought mine for $500
so what?

>> No.10820391

All bags made of that material will peel eventually. It’s not luck. They are not made to last.

>> No.10820403

You should have bought some education because “I did bought” is not correct grammar

>> No.10820409

Where has the appreciation for dresses gone ? Also what always make me wonder with Lolitas buy and sell fast: do they even manage to coord well ? If you have a dress for such a small amount of time do you even get the chance to try different coords out ? See what fits or not ? And well be more creative than just wearing the set ?

>> No.10820412

Retarded use of $500 for that flimsy shit

>> No.10820464

You sir are sooooo weird
You do realize people finesse 1000x that amount on canvases with layers of paint right? Or heated clay.

It was worth $500 because that's what the seller priced it at. It is displayed on my wall as decoration because in my eyes it is art

>> No.10820469

cant you just fuck off already tranny cousin fucker?

>> No.10820473

aren’t you a paedophile?

>> No.10820474


No evidence to support those outrageous claims

>> No.10820475

>in my eyes it is art
Proving once again that you're a moid with shit taste

>> No.10820476

Accept me as your Saint and maké atonement for your sins

>> No.10820480

let's not reply to him anymore so he can finally leave

>> No.10820481

newfags will always take the bait, unfortunately. thankfully trannies off themselves eventually!

>> No.10820524

It is... disobedience

>> No.10820527

this, just add his name/trip to your filters and you'll never see his garbage moidposts again

>> No.10821018
File: 1.74 MB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20221128-194119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna do my head in

>> No.10821046

just saw this & had to make sure someone posted here, literally a $20 shein dress. burn that shit.

>> No.10821047

the cornet afterbirth was supposed to arrive today but sadly the customs agent decided to try extra hard to be a pick me government cuck, & hold the package from my ss until I send the the fabric composition as well as manufacturer’s name & address for every single random second hand item. never had this happen to a package before.

>> No.10821049

Cringe. Just say it’s held in customs next time.

>> No.10821051

I once had that happen for an angelic pretty dress. It was so annoying and then I got hit with a huge fine afterwards.

>> No.10821061

you’re cringe :)

that’s annoying, it’s the ss/shops one job to label it correctly

>> No.10821604
File: 532 KB, 1533x511, god.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$400 for fresh cherry? nu-AP, easily snaggable chiffon? no fucking way

>> No.10821626

>fabric composition
What the fuck, can they not see it’s just a bunch of clothes and not elephant leather or some shit?

>> No.10821635

OP's country might have specific tariffs on specific materials. IIRC my country charges extra for importing wools for whatever reason.

>> No.10821649

>no u!!!!

>> No.10821718
File: 477 KB, 1125x1002, A0215E18-5783-4925-A36F-BB2BAA66D606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hope this seller has a shit fucking day. 1 month auction length for desirable moitie? really?

>> No.10821721

Why are you seething? Wait for the auction to finish like any other auction, and check if you still want the item for the price it stands at. People usually forget about it by the time it ends, so you have a better chance of getting it for cheap. Is this your first bid or something? It's the going rate for these pieces.

>> No.10821727

are you new? nta, but it obviously has little to do with the starting price.

>> No.10821730

Not either ayrt but it seems like they're just butthurt that they aren't able to have instant gratification by being able to purchase the item sooner.

>> No.10821733
File: 381 KB, 600x900, E927E1F9-2AD2-46F7-B5ED-4952D0DC3CD2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

agree 30 day auctions are kind of annoying but is this really “desirable moitié”? I don’t wear gothic so maybe I’m missing something but they both look like 2010 homecoming dance dresses

>> No.10821735

then she would be bitching about no bin. long auctions are annoying if you want to bid because you have to watch them for like a month and most smart bidders don't bid until the last few days. they're literally pointless.

>> No.10821736

>i don't wear gothic but...

>> No.10821743
File: 1.74 MB, 3464x3464, E041AFDD-8A62-4DBD-A949-E23045C52495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10821745

ok but first can you explain to the class why you’d pay $500 for these ugly dresses?

kek I can almost smell the axe deodorant

>> No.10821753

>Is this your first bid or something? It's the going rate for these pieces.
where did i mention the price, retard? i'm seething because it's fucking stupid to have an auction go on for that long, as >>10821735 mentioned. especially with moitie. if either of those pieces were 'buy it now', they'd be snapped up within a matter of hours. us moitiefags check the brand tag on LM daily - some even check it hourly. anyone with the funds and desire to purchase these pieces will see the listing within the first day or two, so what on earth is the point of this auction lasting a month?

>I don't wear gothic
your opinion is irrelevant then. yes, they're desirable, and moitie's flocked damask looks far better than that unflocked normie trash. sorry you lack taste.

>> No.10821797

how the fuck has die walkure not been posted here yet. like i dont really care but id think people would be talking about it more.

>> No.10821799

>if you don’t wear gothic lolita your opinion is irrelevant

So how come it’s impossible for you guys to keep your mouth shut about how ugly sweet is?

>> No.10821801

>you guys
i wear sweet as well as gothic. not sure why you’re trying to infight between subcultures kek. no one cares.

>> No.10821802

samefag and *substyles, oops.

>> No.10821814
File: 579 KB, 1352x582, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 8.51.50 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ew... this is not a vest-friendly fabric.

>> No.10821817

This Regretsy garbage needs to be banned from LM.

>> No.10821834

39" waist holy shit. i would kms if i was that giant

>> No.10821841

Seethe more that the seller decided to auction their item out for however long they wanted instead of catering to you. I have tons of rare Moitie, I know what it's like to check hourly. How is that even relevant to your sperging? Keep reeing though, it will go to someone who deserves it.

The answer is in your own post. No one gives a fuck.

>> No.10821857

>39-43" waist

oh god.... fat oujis always just look like ageplayers

>> No.10821930

Ridiculous thing to complain about. Chinese 2nd hand auctions and brand new release bloodbaths are much more worse than this.

>> No.10821957
File: 772 KB, 828x1567, 31AF70DF-7E76-4851-BE98-1973DBD87433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone actually reserved this piece of landfill
“there is good amount of small, dark stains on the ruffles and on the front”

>> No.10821969

xianyu auctions are no problem with a good ss agent

>> No.10822118
File: 820 KB, 2000x1014, whore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checks out

>> No.10822127

you're mad about someone charging for the $30 shipping from japan? did you just join the fashion today?

>> No.10822128

Tbf it’s probably just them trying to recover EMS shipping fees or whatever. We can argue whether or not people should try to get their shipping money back or not, but it’s not like they’re profiting off of it. Just cutting even after deciding they don’t want it anymore.

>> No.10822131

What's with anons being so upset that the specific item they want costs a couple dollars more than they're willing to pay or that an auction ends after a month instead of a week? What kind of whiny entitled bs is that?

Just don't buy it and move on.

>> No.10822184

The newfags in this thread.. I s2g summer doesn’t end.

>> No.10822185

They can price it at whatever they want, they bought it, it's theirs. Besides, this is probably just item cost + postage, you're lucky they didn't have customs fees too.

>> No.10822192

Cry harder Gnomie. Better yet: quit lolita entirely so you can stop being a bitter poorfag.

>> No.10822232

by that logic this entire thread concept should be scrapped if people can do whatever they want and we don’t get to complain
WW shipping is free if you’re patient enough to wait for a few things in your cart

nta and it’s all subjective anyways but charging buyers for the cost of shipping is tacky and makes you look poor and desperate. especially when the item came straight off WW, it seems like a thinly veiled attempt to profit off reselling lolita (ie scalping) and is absolutely deserving of criticism

>> No.10822240
File: 185 KB, 720x1946, Screenshot_20221205-123053_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao this is like a $40-$50 Infanta dress wtf

>> No.10822241

Oh calm your tits you entitled child. Just find another one or be faster at buying next time

>> No.10822243

It's infinitely more tacky and poor to whine about 20 extra dollars and post the listing on cgl with the filename as "whore". Especially over a mediocre coat that's a dime a dozen.

>> No.10822250

again, you’re not talking to the original poster.
why do you guys want to defend this person so bad, is it because you include shipping costs on your own listings? if newlitas and brand itas are impatient enough to buy it then go off I guess

>> No.10822251

>again, you’re not talking to the original poster.
Nta and you're not necessarily talking to the same anon. It's not that difficult to imagine more than one anon thinks it's silly to post such a minor annoyance in a thread usually reserved for regretsy garbage, scalpers, and destroyed dresses.
>why do you guys want to defend this person so bad
It's not defending them to point out OP being ridiculous. It's clear the OP is personally invested in this item and mad that they didn't buy it on WW or that they would have to pay more than the lister did.

>> No.10822252

I'm neither of the anons, but why is it entitled to make fun of someone? Personally i don't even want the jacket, but the thread exists to make fun. Sure, anyone can do what they want. Yet people still post to the ita thread. It's a meaningless argument

>> No.10822261

Now that’s a hilariously stupid price. I’ve sold NWT burando for less than that tacky lace monster.

>> No.10822272


>> No.10822276

nayrt but I hate this dress so much, especially when people buy it because they think it's old school.

>> No.10822277

My favorite parts are the corset lacing going right up into the armpits and the sideways lace in the middle of the bodice.

>> No.10822278

Oof :) Yes, the placement of the lacing and ribbons is way off. When you tie them the bows end up halfway between the strap and your armpit.

The white to black ratio is all off, and then there's just boring bare straps.

I've seen this dress worn and there's sometimes (not all of the time) something wrong with the gathering ratio of the tiers, so it ends up with volume in the wrong shape. At first I thought it was the petticoat those people were wearing but they looked fine under other dresses. So I'm guessing this dress is just inconsistent " quality".

This dress design is what you get when you start with a good old school design, then play a game of telephone about the design details, then let a blind person draw it.

Lace vomit.

>> No.10822294

Me three. I was trying to buy an old Meta OP, but messaged the seller too late, and they offered me this monstrosity as an alternative, because "it's also old school"... Yeah, no

>> No.10822296

Wtf why is she scalping like this? You can’t mark up the price for what you resell EVER. Ban her from lolita spaces.

>> No.10822300

Haha very funny, don't quit your job for stand up

>> No.10822305

that's a yellow flag to that seller, perhaps trying to scam someone who they might have thought could be new.

>> No.10822308

It’s why this thread exists nonna. Don’t mark up your listings to make up for SS and shipping and customs fees. It’s your problem and not your potential buyers. They shouldn’t cover fees you were stupid enough to pay.

>> No.10822330
File: 188 KB, 720x1934, Screenshot_20221206-010851_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that was quick

>> No.10822332

When you try to establish rules just to suit you and your empty wallet...

Funny how none of these people or it could be the same anon complaining aren't bringing up the real "scalpers" of lacemarket like cherry sp for reselling bodyline, schk ho selling new ap for triple the cost, chanyeol exo for selling multiple nwt melty ribbon chocolates for at least 10 times the price, all the people continously selling those antique beast headdresses and more. Yet you people are fussed about whether someone adds shipping costs into their listing because they just want to see if they can get their money back.

>> No.10822351

>it's your problem not potential buyers
>fees you were stupid enough to pay
Kek nta but what bullshit logic is that? There is no problem, and buyers do not care unless they're just poor like you seem to be. The "fee" in question is shipping ffs. Shipping costs money when they buy it and when someone else buys it later.
Any bitch whining about normal shipping costs was probably going to try to haggle for a price drop while begging to let them buy it with a payment plan. Your posts reek of an entitled broke baby who can't fathom that other people have more than two nickels to rub together at any given time

It will never make sense nonna. The real scalpers never get called out because even retail or normal secondhand value is way too expensive to be on the whiny poor children's radar. Price complaints beyond obvious egregious violations like
>>10822330 are only ever "why isn't this thing priced in the exact way I want it to be for ME". There is a clear vendetta and they're hoping they can shame the person selling the jacket into lowering the price if they also use cgl but they're so whiny and dumb it backfired.

>> No.10822377
File: 2.44 MB, 1920x1084, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not all the same anon and why can't people be annoyed with both? i don't bother posting chanyeol_xo or cherry_sp because everyone already knows about them, it would just be repetitive.

anyways. this person is claiming their items are 'handmade' but reverse image searching shows it's on multiple etsy stores. then again if someone had shit enough taste to buy this maybe they deserve it

>> No.10822395
File: 7 KB, 236x250, 1664490361238434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You people have mental illness

>> No.10822396

I actually agree with you, but also i think you're going so far at this point you must be a troll. No one cares that much about it, regardless of their opinion.

>> No.10822403

jokes aside I’ve never met a lolita without mental illness, myself included

>> No.10822407

Nta but I've never met any PERSON without mental illness. Existence is a hellscape full of trauma and suffering.

>> No.10822436

Probably most of the population has a little bit of something even just from when they were forming tbf

>> No.10822529

I have to lose money on shipping and customs if I want to sell my stuff? What? I charge more than what I paid so I can make a small profit.

>> No.10822532

>small profit
sounds like you're a small scalper

>> No.10822553

I mean a small profit is alright, it's just insane when it gets to $100s more and you had no intention of ever keeping the still nwt item

>> No.10822878

Are you being serious that you have to resell at the price you bought it for lmao

>> No.10822881

cry more poorfag

>> No.10822992

lol or normal people can’t stand to be around you so you only attract weirdos

>> No.10823006

Found the most mentally ill anon

>> No.10823021
File: 30 KB, 771x281, biscuit bag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you announce you're leaving the fashion but don't actually want to leave
I don't understand when listings have been up this long and sellers don't consider lowering the price, I have a few saved searches that there's an item or two that are relisted 100+ times

>> No.10823272

I know it's mostly Americans here but is it just me or even AP sales for good prices get sold so much slower when you're outside of the US.

Also can lacemarket please get rid of continents in their locations list? The only ones separated are US and Canada

>> No.10823782

This is the most zoomer thing I've ever read kek. Most people do not have mental illnesses, they're called normal emotions. Once you get out of high school you'll realize its just a phase for your stupid friends to feel like they have special unique identities

>> No.10823793

I'm like 30 anon. Most people my age and asuppressed. Some form of trauma (if you want to not explicitly call it mental illness) because we had parents and a society that treated normal emotions like a problem to be supressed for the sake of capital and pretense.

>> No.10823931
File: 1.18 MB, 1640x1508, F662EBEF-42A9-4ABA-AE0D-8BF225DAB553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10823933

lmao they look so gross

>> No.10823940

It looks like it's made out of a fruit roll-up someone scraped off the highway and deepfried. Kind of like >>10816243 . Is this pic edited?

>> No.10823941

lmao yes i obviously used lighting / edited it to look as gross as possible. in reality other than the wrinkles they are cute! & in way better condition than i expected that’s for sure. the back of the bow has a super cute satin. i have absolutely no idea how the fril seller made them look.. like that lol. they’re in pretty much perfect condition other than the wrinkles. tag says dry clean only so after i do that i’ll post an unedited before & after

>> No.10823947

What does the material feel like? Is it soft?

>> No.10823955
File: 626 KB, 720x978, Screenshot_20221215-180643-875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10823956

Show us the chewed up cronchy bloomers on a mannequin. I’m dying to see how they look when they’re worn.

>> No.10823958

>actually followed through on the period bloomers
you absolute legend

>> No.10823961

i dare you to try to get a flattering pic of it

>> No.10823965

Mine didn't. I'm sorry your parents medicalized your normal emotions but thats abnormal

>> No.10824619
File: 1.55 MB, 2654x1056, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> "For reference, I paid ~1,200 USD (excluding shipping) for this piece. My loss is your gain."
> retail price ¥37,800
> 100% polyester
> stored on that awful plastic hanger??
money can't buy common sense i guess

>> No.10824630

from the taobao spam listings to their grossly overvalued jetj, kanoi is so fucking annoying kek

>> No.10824631

Love to see it nonny! So glad you were finally united with this incredible piece

>> No.10824635

>This. I never bought a dress for more than $50. EVER. And I've been with lolita for more than a decade.
Damn, where are you getting dresses for less than $50??? (I'm assuming you mean secondhand brand and not taobao stuff)

>> No.10824686

Just got another 300$ dress and I'll pay less than 20$ in taxes instead of 250, cry more

>> No.10824692

I really want to know what the embroidery and appliqué options look like.

>> No.10825856
File: 787 KB, 1404x783, wtf bodyline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who wants a 100€ Bodyline skirt?

>> No.10825866

Is that vinted ? I swear the biggest scammers are on vinted trying to trick newbies

>> No.10826067

real genuine question, but is there actually an issue with storing things on plastic hangers? most of my stuff is on wooden hangers but what is the difference

>> No.10826072

it's not the material of the hanger so much as the thickness. the fabric is going to get stretched and strained in that one spot. it looks like that jsk has elastic shoulder straps which is extra bad because they're going to stretch alllll the way out. better to fold it in half and drape it over the bar of the hanger so the weight is more distributed.

>> No.10826073

The hanger material isn’t super crucial, but a thicker hanger (like ones for coats) are somewhat gentler since it distributes the weight across a wider surface area.

Idk if the poster in that pic just put the dress on a hanger for photos, but if the straps are elasticated it shouldn’t be stored like that. Allowing straps to be bearing the weight of the dress— especially elasticated ones— will, over time, stretch out the straps/elastic and stress the seams where the straps join the bodice. If you have a dress with elastic straps or just one you really care about preserving longterm it’s better to store it flat or folded over a hanger at/below the waist

>> No.10826128
File: 538 KB, 1080x1382, Idiotbehavior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This person bought both the sax and pink Dreamy Baby Room headbows, took the star brooches, and is now trying to sell just the headbow itself.
It's always seemed shitty when people intentionally split sets/items. Just own it and take the loss. They even listed the condition as "new" which is completely misleading.

>> No.10826132

report it

>> No.10826144
File: 562 KB, 1352x997, Screenshot_20221228_092449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who tf asks $50 for a "lightly worn" shoebox?

>> No.10826422

People who brag about ””free healthcare”” and complain about the fucking high tax rate for everything are idiots. European healthcare is expensive as fuck and also amazingly shitty.

>> No.10826425

nooo let's not start again

>> No.10826449

Yes and no... Depends on what you're hanging.
I love wearing huge leather coats in the winter, and sometimes plastic coat hangers are too flimsy for them (some of them can be quite heavy, like 8lbs or more) and I end up storing them on wooden hangers instead. Anything that's really heavy probably isn't great to store on a plastic or wire hanger. I just think wooden hangers look much nicer too. When I'm photographing something for LM, if I can't put it on a mannequin, I put it on a wooden hanger because it simply looks more appealing
I have also seen specialty plastic hangers meant to hold heavy garments. I own a wetsuit, and it came with a branded heavy duty plastic hanger designed to stand up to the weight of hanging it both wet and dry for example.
The issue I think op has is less with the material of the hanger and more with the fact that it's being hung. There are certain items that should not be stored hanging, or should only be hung in specific ways.
Knitwear (and crocheted garments), for example should never be hung (especially not when wet).
The way knit and crocheted fabrics are constructed, stitches hang off the previous stitches in the same column (unlike woven fabrics in which the warp runs the vertical length of the fabric), so storing it hanging puts unnecessary stress on these stitches and will distort the fabric over time.
The dress pictured has elastic straps. It is not a good idea to hang an item by an elastic component (or to hang items with a significant amount of vertical stretch), because the weight of the garment will stretch out and distort the elastic over time, and the elastic will no longer snap back. These items should either be folded and stored flat (not ideal imo), hung by those weird little satin loops some women's clothing has (I don't know if jetj has those since I don't own any jetj), or hung on a pants hanger by using the pants hanger to clip onto a part of the garment that doesn't have vertical stretch.

>> No.10826473

>Just own it and take the loss.
Why should they? Retard

>> No.10826474

Yet there is no "breaking bad" type scenario here. If you get diagnosed with cancer you will get treatment without worrying you will go broke or into debt. Also "european healthcare is expensive and shitty" is BS because even if it's like that in some country (or multiple countries) I haven't found that to be the case in my own country or surrounding countries. I can already see someone claim "it may be free but it's so bad or the waiting lists are so long you will have died from cancer before you get an appointment". That's not true in general. It's Fox News level BS and it's not even on topic for this thread so shut the fuck up.

>> No.10826480

why are there bdsm teddy bears on the dress who would wear this? Is this jirai kei?

>> No.10826482
File: 75 KB, 405x689, balencienci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're taking a page from balenciaga's latest childrens line of course!

The people wearing that dress are edgelords with an ageplay kink and no taste

>> No.10826483

american's don't realize that they pay for healthcare when they're not sick and also pay extra when they are AND medication, elsewhere we don't pay for anything extra and don't get told by our insurance what medications we can and can't have. americans are little babies.

>> No.10826491

I don’t care how good or bad their healthcare is, I’m just tired of hearing Euros whine about their customs and taxes that subsidize it and putting the burden on overseas sellers to help them evade payment. Nothing is “free”. When you vote in more government programs you get those high taxes.

>> No.10826500

and who started to mention health care?
Just say "I'm tired of europeans complaining about customs and import taxes, putting the burden on overseas sellers to help them evade those costs" and leave it.
The way I see it is simple, if you live in such a country just factor in the customs/taxes and shipping into the price of the item you're considering buying. If you're not willing to pay for those costs then just don't buy the item.

>> No.10826527

Because buying something new, taking the part you like, then trying to make others pay for the leftovers is spineless.

>> No.10826535

No one is 'making' you pay anything. Just don't buy it. The only issue here is that the condition isn't accurate.

>> No.10826546
File: 815 KB, 944x1860, FA249336-C0D8-482A-9615-CD76440B66B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The balls on this seller must be huge, trying to peddle an unpopular (and frankly very mid-tier) set for $1k just because it's old school

>> No.10826554

that's the issue calm the fuck down

>> No.10826558

Yeah, I was perplexed by that as well. I think it's a nice set and the fact that the cape is NWT is impressive for its age, but she's not going to get $952 for it. That seller's other things are overpriced too though

>> No.10826570
File: 361 KB, 1080x1273, Wtfburando.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This behavior is one of my pet peeves now.
Selling Milky Chan but requiring the buyer purchases a second dress. No one cares about any of the other dresses listed. Why even state that you're "leaving lolita" when you obviously aren't, because you're just trying to make a bigger buck by selling a popular dress with an unpopular dress?
Can this be reported? She should just list the dresses together instead of canceling on people who only buy Milky Chan.

>> No.10826571

This is so common on Xianyu, I hope the western comm calls sellers like these out and doesn't help normalize the behavior

>> No.10826575

Yeah I don't want to sound discriminatory, but...
It's just stupid. Make the dress twice as expensive or whatever, I don't care. Just don't try to sell me trash you don't wantI could maybe see wanting to sell accessories or something as a set, but all of this is unrelated.

>> No.10826593

Is CC having a seizure? Wtf is it with those double digit prices?

This will get worse in the future, LM should just ip ban china kek

>> No.10826598

Nta but you're the one who's overreacting

>> No.10826611


>> No.10826636

has anyone reported this to the mods yet? i was really hoping we wouldn’t see this xianyufag behavior on LM but i guess the markets have started to cross over. it would be nice to nip this shit in the bud before it catches on in the western market.

>> No.10826640

I just reported it. I didn't really know how to describe the problem, but I just said it's confusing, a nuisance to buyers, and the dresses for sale should be listed together if the seller doesn't want to sell them separately.

>> No.10826648

i wasn't the same anon either.

>> No.10826724

This listing is such a trainwreck, there's a mentally challenged obeast typing paragraphs about the max bust size in the comments. Does this happen often on AP listings?

>> No.10827801
File: 181 KB, 528x908, Screenshot 2023-01-06 205341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> "I purchased this from a scalper and wanna make my money back. Also I wore it and cut off the tags, devaluing the item"

>> No.10827990

This jerk keeps making this as a new listing when it’s really a relisting.
No one wants to pay for it. I wish we can mute certain sellers.

>> No.10830721

posting an update pic on the cornet bloomers tomorrow ^.^ the dry cleaner said they don’t think they actually should be dry cleaned… so i’ve just been very gentle with them, i had them hung up in my bathroom while i showered for a few weeks so the steam could relax them. earlier today i ironed them on the reverse side with the lowest heat level, with parchment paper over it. i was able to get most of the wrinkles out of the bow part, i need to get a small ironing board that i can fit inside the leg part to iron those. but i think they’re looking pretty good ^.^ unfortunately i can’t put pants on my mannequin but i’ll post a coord pic.