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As corona restrictions are finally over, street snap sites are slowly getting fresh snaps again so I thought it would be nice to have a thread on those.

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Tbh was surprised to find out that Kera has been selling its contents as NFT.

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japanese men are so ugly

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that's women

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both are from the tokyo girls streetsnap site and women

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Nope those are both male.

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>Tbh was surprised to find out that Kera has been selling its contents as NFT.
just copying fruits

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tokyofashion stayed fresh for a while, but the site has not updated since april. they are doing videos on social media instead.

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had to scroll back to Aug 5 to find a picture on their Twitter (pic related). mostly they have switched to videos.

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Otona Alice has been carrying the legacy of KERA and GLB snaps forward. they mostly cover alternative fashion events, which are unsurprisingly mostly indoors this summer. would they count for this thread?

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example from Aug 17:

Otona Alice Snap


Mapi Castell


ファッションテーマ●Strawberry Picnic



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recently posted snaps from @tomoike_2525

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women with unfortunate faces exist whether you like it or not, doesn't make them male, >>10802663 in particular is also a egg model

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they are a prolific street snapper. so far i have only been posting from august, and i am not yet halfway through what i downloaded. i am skipping repeated outfit shots and the most boring ones.

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Most of the time women with unfortunate faces are still visibly female.

>>10802664 has a 5 o clock shadow and a male build or are you gonna argue 'she' is a model too

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you sound like a tranny who can't tell women and men apart anymore, gtfo

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>no adams apple
ah yeah right, aldo dark haired women also can have a darker upper lip hair growth, pretty common in asia actually but you are probably white

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No he’s not. He takes mainly candid photos often without permission. Or he starts taking pictures without announcing beforehand if you’re near him and his friends. Hardly real street snaps imho.

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post real ones pls

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lol, do these asian women also commonly have a beard shadow and giant lower jaw? That guy also has the wide ribcage of a male and no breasts. And no shit you can't see the adams apple from this angle.

I'm so sorry nonny that you can't tell someone's a man if he doesn't take his dick out for everyone to see.

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anon >>10802664 is a male. japan is very liberal about gender, especially in alt fashions. look at mana. that's why they took to troon shit so quickly.

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>liberal about gender
lol no, hence you can't declare yourself trans without forced sterilisation following to ~prevent the disease from spreading~, you have clearly not been to japan

also underbites are a thing even in women, by your logic Amo would have been male by her candids too

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Ah yes, people clearly posing for the photos and showing off their jewelry details closeup are something that happens totally in secretly taken candid pics.

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why is someone with an unfortunate looking face a model?

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having an underbite doesn't make a woman look male.

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you are saying that like if most magazine models wouldn't look shit without shoop

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I’m sorry you are shit at reading and overlooked the word “””mainly”””

Nonna cherry picked photos and said so as well. My Japanese friends complain about him taking photos without permission.

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>My Japanese friends complain about him taking photos without permission.
if that is true, that probably explains why many of the photos get so few likes or retweets compared to photos of similar quality from other photographers.

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new from Vogue

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those are the interesting ones to me so far. many days of Fashion Week remain

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Maybe the second one. But then again some Japanese women are ugly as fuck. It's why they go towards hiding behind bright clothes
>Lolita is an ugly girl fashion
Japanese women in there 40s are the ugliest and it's hard to tell the difference between a man in a dress or a woman

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Asians are just ugly in general

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Someone finally said it