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Help me dye my hair /cgl/!
Tried yesterday using >pic related
I have short, medium light brown hair, left plenty of color on for 25 minutes, and when I washed it literally everything came off

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I dunno this brand but not all dyes are equally good. The fact that this says 15 washes is telling, bc my semi-perm brands (a variety of them such as Manic Panic Amped) last much longer than 2 weeks. Even different colors within the same brand will have different longevity though,

That said, sounds like your hair might have been too healthy. Semi permanent really only stays on bleached hair. The damaged cuticle is what lets the dye penetrate, plus it's just brighter on blond so it looks better too.

Not a hairdresser but been doing these colors since loooong before they were trendy.

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Incredible answer, thank you!

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i have used the exact same one with my brown hair- did nothing. 2nd experiment was mild bleach and my hair turned green but it wasnt horrible i guess. Lastly tried bleatching properly and it finally worked but result was bit blotchy. It was so bothersome I'd just recommend going to hairdresser.

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>That said, sounds like your hair might have been too healthy. Semi permanent really only stays on bleached hair. The damaged cuticle is what lets the dye penetrate, plus it's just brighter on blond so it looks better too.
this... just no. it's based on pigment, which is why people with blonde hair don't need to bleach it.

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You're welcome! People's opinions on the products vary but some I personally like include Artic Fox, Manic Panic Amped, Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime, Pravana Vivids and Pulp Riot.

Generally purples and blues fade more to the ugly greenish colors while pinks and reds and oranges tend to stay truer to color but just to fade out. I think reds and such are also supposed to fade quicker but I feel like they last longer for me.

Steer clear of Splat dye, everything I've heard suggests that it'll fuck your hair up. And no brand's pastels really last long plus your hair needs to be almost white blond.

Nonna is right that a salon is your best bet, but you pay a lot more for it! I basically started these colors in the 90s when it was all DIY. My hair is dark so I went short before bleaching bc I knew I might fry it. It's just hair though, it grows back!

Anyhow with practice you can do something pretty vibrant and long lasting at home for WAY less... just need to get used to it! And maybe not mind fried hair lol.

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Ok if you say so but in my many years of experience with it that hasn't been what I've seen. The times I've put fashion colors on natural blonds it's washed out hella quick. So I'm just telling her what I have experienced. The bleach damage seems to make a difference. Pink stays bright in my bleached hair for months, not weeks or days. If you're a hairdresser or have firsthand experience then I bow to your knowledge but it's still not what I've seen.

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I'd add though that there does seem to be an optimal level of damage because I know hair that is TOO porous doesn't hold color either. But if it's not porous enough it doesn't absorb at all, that's what I mean.

Actually after thinking about it and looking at the Manic Panic site, the difference isn't damage (as I said above) but rather hair texture. My hair is naturally super fine and silky and won't absorb color without bleach. I've even put black Manic Panic on my hair unbleached and it slid right off, though the pigment was dark enough to be seen. But of course not everyone has slippery hair like mine and the few friends whose hair I've dyed. But if you have naturally coarser or more porous hair, then yeah it makes sense that all that would matter would be the color.

(For example: "Hair should be pre-lightened (bleached) to a pale blonde before coloring. When color is applied to virgin (unprocessed/natural) hair, results will vary (according to hair texture and color)." from the MP website's directions. So bleaching is just a way to change your texture if it's necessary. Thanks, nonna, for making me think through that more.

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