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Post all the evo cosplay you found. Looks like they turned the fighting game into a con with the artist gallery apparently and cosplay

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whats with the surgical masks, isn't this in the US?

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All cons in the us now require masks, though its very loosely enforced

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>All cons in the us now require masks, though its very loosely enforced
Most dont

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>"In an overabundance of caution, all attendees are required to wear an approved face covering"
>must provide proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or a negative COVID test
>Entirety of Vegas dropped their mask mandate including in government buildings.
>Mandalay Bay dropped the mask mandate when the city did, including for all employees.

I wish Black Hat would have hacked the fuck out of EVO but I guess that's too much to ask for.

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Why do you care so much? Just ignore them, fighting games clearly aren't your interest anyway.

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You know who didn't have an issue with it? The actual fucking players.

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yes they did lmao

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>All cons in the us now require masks
Is this some sort of bait? This certainly isn't true, and anyone that visits cgl even very occasionally would know that.
Some do (probably more than half), some don't. Some parts of the country seem to have this requirement more than others.

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wow you're a psychic anon? you can predict everyone's interests, thoughts and likes by one post? that's amazing! you could totally use that talent on another wonderful website called reddit and fix all the world's problems!

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also a few cons in vegas recently didn't require them.

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CaytieCosplay, tkn801, and SphereHunter

Inb4 "sphere is le tranny!!!" Willie hears yeh, Willie don't care

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Sharkpartyqq (bitch was quick!)

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Rando (tkn's bf? They really played Tekken with that thing lmao)

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MsValentine2552 (she was in the front row during DBFZ top 8)

That's all I got. Sticking to one costume per person to be fair. Hope you guys had a good time watching or attending EVO!

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I think the girl is Celiste. She posted entering with the chainsaw controller

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Tranny is the best

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Here's the difference: they still wore them. They understand that sometimes in life in order to participate you have to follow rules, which is what a lot of anti-mask people seem to fail to understand.

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