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Being healthy is kawaii

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If your bmi is over 18 you're not healthy you're obese

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Ugh this is me. BMI is 17 (even taking into account the fact that I'm Asian) but I still just barely fit into my oldschool. I'm not even an ana-chan but I will diet however much it takes to stay wearing my favorite pieces.

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>Being healthy is kawaii
You got it all wrong, anon - starving yourself to fit into clothes that were made for someone with a frame twice as small as yours instead of finding clothes that fit your healthy body is what's truly kawaii

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damn you must have a huge mannish frame, that's sad.

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Kek maybe if I had a mannish frame then maybe I'd stop dieting and blame it on genes, but no. I have a 25 inch waist instead of 24.

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We all sacrifice something for beauty.

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Go back to MPA.

imo it's all about bodyfat % and bodyfat distribution pattern.

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this. i have a fairly high bmi but am pear shaped so i have thinner calves and arms and torso and literally no one knows because i fit into everything.

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just wear a corset

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no no, being healthy is kawaii but not in the way these unhealthy ED mongers and those who love to trigger others and themselves love to propagate.
working out, eating right and clean (eating ENOUGH) and feeling good about yourself is kawaii.

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do you only wear unshirred skirts? most old school JSK/OP aren't that small and 25 inch waist can fit very easily

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yes, i'm talking about my unshirred pieces. all the shirred stuff fits easily.

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i’m assuming that you must have wide ribs. no changing that, consider getting into other aesthetics

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Weirdos like you calling other women mannish are why trannies think they can pass as women

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BMI means nothing if we’re being real. i have a BMI of 23 and i fit into mary magdalene, which is most of my wardrobe. i carry none of my weight in my upper body, just my ass and thighs.

weight distribution absolutely is key for many. if you’re distribution is shit, then you’ve got a problem with this fashion, regardless of how healthy you are.

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Just get them modified if it’s a matter of one inch

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I can fit old school but if I take a really deep breath I can't

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No, I've had a 24 inch waist before. And I fit into most of my oldschool pieces perfectly fine, it's just the couple unshirred ones that give me grief. I can still get into and wear them without looking bad, I just can't take overly deep breaths or eat a large meal, like >>10797028 . Losing that inch again will make it more comfortable.

ignore it, it's probably just a projecting tranny.

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I have 28 bmi I weigh 145, my liver is trying to burst from my stomach what do i do to get rid if this belly fatv??

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>just my ass and thighs
Are you, by any chance, looking for a gothic lolita gf?

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already have one, but the offer is flattering nonna

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agreed. wide ribcages are normal for a lot of different women, it's not mannish. you can be thin and have a wider upper torso and small waist. see dita von teese for example.

im assuming you're really short? and do you work a sedentary job? if yes to both, you should try getting your meals to only two a day with a snack if you get peckish. i know calorie restricting is usually bad, but it's not restricting if you barely burn calories throughout the day to begin with. so many people eat too much for the lifestyle they have. 3 full meals a day is for people who actually move in their 9-5.

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I am torn between wanting to be swole/buff vs. wanting to fit into brand pieces.
It is very annoying how listings for blouses rarely have bicep or cuff measurements

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If you have a fatty liver you should reduce your seed oil and sugar consumption. I suggest the Keto diet. Eat 2 meals a day in a 6-8 hour frame and make sure it has low to zero carbs.

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as a lolita who works a sedentary job and lost 8 cm off her waist in about 4 months (61 cm now!), I still eat 3 meals a day with snacks and sometimes dessert! I’m short too. one just needs to be really careful with portions, and loading up on vegetables instead of carbohydrates. my meals are about 1/3 of the portion they used to be. not disagreeing with you at all just presenting an alternative option for other nonnas.

i think it’s really important to be aware of if you are actually hungry or not. i think a common weight issue is the tendency to eat, just to eat. if you eat a really really big tasty meal, and you wake up not hungry, skip breakfast or have something very small, like a banana. balancing stuff like that is making me lose weight pretty rapidly and sustainably.

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How tall are you?

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portions are deffo a good option, i think some people have a harder time measuring or being truthful, which is why i suggested cutting meals to two. both effectively would end up at the same amount of calories a day if done right.

and yes, so many people force themselves to eat when they're not hungry. the whole "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" schtick was always hard for me, especially when I always felt nauseous in the morning, which is very common in women. moving to a small snacks, or just only eating when I'm hungry has been the most sustainable way for me to stay within a normal/slim weight range.

also, access sugar is just so fucking bad. the american diet in particular has so much hidden sugar in it, and i've realized it makes me feel terrible.

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5’3. no clue what I weigh because I don’t keep a scale in the house. i guess I’m not short-short, but short enough that any amount of excess weight makes me look like a rectangle.

yeah we’re definitely on the same page!! and good point about excess sugar. i have a massive sweet tooth but limiting myself to really small treats daily prevents binges. making yummy teas with berry, fruit, or cinnamon flavors and adding stevia helps curb that craving too! (I know the jury is out on if stevia is bad for dieting or whatever but I use it every day lol)

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>the american diet in particular has so much hidden sugar in it
Nayrt, but when I moved to the US and used regular store bought white bread for my toast for the first time, I almost puked - it was SO sweet! I was shocked that even savory bread is packed full of sugar there

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no, keto is bad for grown ass people in the long run. quick google search on how it is literally ruining lives.

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There are negative reports on any diet, this doesn't prove anything.

Keto may not be suitable to everyone, but it may just be the right kind of way to eat for some.

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This. The single greatest thing anyone can do for their diet is to cut out all added sugars. I was eating store-bought chips and salsa the other day and noticed that the salsa tasted sweet....and sure enough, they had added cane sugar. They will put it in anything because it's extremely addictive and most people have become so taste-blind to it, that they won't even notice it.

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same with salt and sodium i can't eat regularly salted chips now because of how salty they taste. and they all have extra preservatives as sodium in them anyway.

nta but keto is different, i suggest you do your actual research from an unbiased party. keto isn't just another diet.

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Keto is awful if you like sweets because artificial sweeteners taste like ass or make most people insanely gassy, and many Keto people like sweets and just sub those and alternative flours that give awful texture to things. It is also not good if you go the super unhealthy "put bacon and bacon grease in everything" route because saturated fat in excess isn't great for cholesterol.

But like any diet Keto is fine for people not doing anything extreme so long as you can stick to it. That's the issue with diets. It has to be a long term change so most doctors don't reccomend changing it just for weight loss.

If you eat a healthy whole food diet with fruits and veggies and lean protien or healthy sources of fat then you're likely fine on keto but at that point you don't need keto to lose weight you just need portion control. And eating less processed carbs or sugar in general is good for most people, especially in America. I can't do Keto because I like fruits besides just berries.

There is some evidence about how ketosis affects people at risk for cancer or things related to cell degradation like dementia, etc. because of the way it affects cell division or your telomeres or whatever I think? And some stuff around epilepsy too. But for the average person it's just another option of many potential options for a diet to sustain weight loss.

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Keto isn't a diet, anon. It's nutrition deprivation. You sound nuts.

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i'm going to listen to nutritionists, and so far most do NOT recommend keto UNLESS under the guided instruction of a physician that believes it can facilitate specific goals outside of weight loss.

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Don't assume I haven't done my research.
Again, it's suitable for some people. Don't attempt it without oversight of your physician if you have diabetes or hypertension because going keto will reduce your need for some medications.

Keto is usually fine for people who just need to lose excess body fat. And as with most diets there's some reading you need to do before attempting it.

This is why I hate the junk food approach to keto and only like the whole foods approach to keto.
But people want to have their cake and eat it too so they create or buy 'keto concoctions'.
I've tried sugar free sweets a few times, always gave me the shits. Sugar free ice cream, again shits.

I do general low carb btw, my macros aren't quite right for keto and they don't need to be for me to reap the benefits. I think it's great for satiety and stable energy levels but other people may not experience the same benefits.
I only eat starch based foods and junk foods once in a while.
I cook from scratch, focus on protein sources and vegetables, I don't just stick to lean protein sources though and I'm also not scared of a good quality olive oil.
My go to meals are salads, soups, stir fries and stews. I eat fruit occasionally.

A lot of people eating the SAD will do great just cutting out junk food and overly processed food and eating more of the whole foods you mentioned. That alone doesn't do it for me and I also have to cut out starchy staple foods.

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What nutrient are you being deprived on on keto?

Absolutely none. Dietary carbohydrates are classified as non essential.
Can they be beneficial? Sure. Are you automatically nutrient deprived if you don't eat them, even long term? No.

nutritionist isn't a protected term anyway.
Dietitian is. And there are definitely a few who do recommend it for "just weight loss" because insulin resistance is a common cause of obesity. Very rarely are overweight and obese people just overweight or obese but completely fine otherwise. They usually have hypertension, increased blood sugar levels, insulin resistance and a host of other compromised health markers.
For overweight and obese people weight loss isn't just for weight loss sake. It's for health.
If you're not overweight or obese to begin with most dietitians won't help you lose weight.

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lolno. you clearly haven't researched enough. any physician or nutritionist is going to recommend against it because like other anon's said, it's not a diet. it causes nutritional deficiency and alters your metabolic state into ketosis, which is unhealthy for everyone.

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For me, the biggest problem with keto is that it's just really inflexible, and ends up being inconvenient/not sustainable in the long run.

For example, if you're doing flexible dieting, portion control, etc. you can have some excess calories in a meal or a day as long as you balance out your calorie budget by having smaller or lighter meals later. On keto, you can't even have a small slice of cake at a birthday party or have a little ice cream cone on a date bc the sugar is gonna take you out of ketosis and fuck your shit up. I wouldn't be able to last long like that lol, sweet tooth I can maybe live without but I like to do fun things with my family and friends and sometimes that involves dining out or treats for special occasions.
I've had good success with portion control though, and most especially, buying fewer junk food items. Actually I just moved recently to somewhere where our preferred grocery store doesn't deliver and we've been making less frequent orders and thus I'm snacking a lot less bc I don't wanna drive 20 mins to pick up a stupid snack order and waste my gas and time. My waistline is thanking me lol

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Oh, you're a man. That explains everything.

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This. I don't see why anyone even needs to go to the extreme of keto and avoiding sugars altogether. Just stop eating added sugars, and limit yourself to natural sugars from fruits. You'll lose plenty of weight from that alone, and it's way more sustainable (and easy!) as a long-term diet

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you're confusing nutritionist as a term with RDN, which is called a nutritionist shorthand.

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okay troll


I'm still right though, seethe, you fat bitches.
I bet you jiggle all over.

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most idiots who do keto do it as a yoyo diet anyway. keto is already bad and coming in and out of ketosis to lose weight is literally retarded.

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You sound grumpy from your body's lack of nutrients.

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OG anon here who suggested the Keto diet. I didn't expect such a shitstorm, but here we go... Anon complained about having a fatty liver, not just their weight and Keto can be a great therapy for that. The point of Keto is making your body use fat for energy instead of sugar/carbs, so you stop having hunger cravings and can detox your body while fasting/being in ketosis. A fatty liver, if you are not alcoholic, is usually a side effect of a high carb/sugar/processed junk food diet which uses bad and cheap ingredients and cooks everything in cheap seed oils (which are bad for you in excess), and Keto tackles all of those at once. If you still have sugar cravings while being on Keto, you're doing it wrong. You have to cut sweet things out of your life, but you get used to it. If you are doing it right, anything including the slightest amount of sugar starts tasting grotesque and you stop craving it after a while. That is the magic of it. And you don't have to eat greasy bacon with every meal, just because Keto is a high fat diet. This is a misconception. You can get your fat from other sources, like cheese, coconut, yoghurt or fish as well.

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were we discussing obese people or were we discussing people who just want to shed a few pounds?? stop moving the goal post, also dieticians are also just as wary as recommending it, so far most don't unless it's for epileptic children or Alzheimer's patients you dumbass .

moid confirmed.

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>detox your body

this is always the tell tale sign that a person understands little when it comes to the human body/biology. you never need to "detox" your body, that's not how our systems work, and you made the assumption that the person had a "fatty liver" because they said they have a gut.

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>anon literally says their liver is trying to burst from their stomach
>I just somehow made assumptions
You sure showed me, anon.
There are different views on detox, thankfully. Fasting does has beneficial effects on the liver, if you want to believe it or not.

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it's a man.

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>most do NOT recommend keto UNLESS under the guided instruction of a physician that believes it can facilitate specific goals outside of weight loss.

Yeah I don't like keto and don't think it's great to recommend to most people for weight loss or better than other diet choices, I stated that in my post. Half of it was talking about why it sucks and why people end up unhealthy doing it and why it's pointless compared to a reasonable balanced diet.

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I've lost 5kg through the last months and everyone I know keep telling me I got thinner when they first see me but I can't see it myself, is it normal

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I'm going to see an eating disorder therapist after 10+ years of barely surviving through various EDs with no help. I'm excited to hopefully start living again, and fall in love with wearing the fashion in a healthy body.

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Definitely normal, you can become blind to your progress because you see yourself every single day. If other people are telling you they can see noticeable changes, it's definitely true, so good job!

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Started the year at bmi 18.8 and now i'm 16.6. Feels good.

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bmi is worthless. you should concentrate on measurements.

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I go as low carb most days as possible. Meaning, I eat almost entirely animal sources (meat, fish, eggs). I do eat dairy because I can tolerate it. I don't eat a lot of veggies desu. I'll have the occasional salad, broccoli, broiled asparagus, etc. I avoid fruit except the occasional berries. If I could go full carnivore, I would. Oh, and I don't snack between meals as a general rule. I do fasting as well, (IF and some 24-48 hour fasts once per week)

I don't pay any attention to portion size or caloric intake because satiety hormones kick in. Excessive carbs and sugars fuck up those hormones.

People think I've been working out and making serious changes. I haven't. I'm sedentary af and losing about 1.5 lbs per week. If I did work out, I'd speed it up. They say abs are made in the kitchen, and it's 100% true. 90% of the work is in making tiny changes in your habits around food. You do not need to push yourself through anything or struggle.

At the start of this year, I had 5 dresses in a wardrobe of 50 I could wear. Right now, I can wear 48 of them. I need another 10lbs or so lost before I can wear everything.

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Following up from this >>10797820


If you're doing keto the right way, you are in general avoiding the sweet flavor palette as much as possible. You have to treat sugar and sweet cravings like a drug addiction and cut it cold turkey. If you still want to have some rare sweets on occasion, you might be able to tolerate it after you've distanced yourself from sugar for a long enough time.

I still enjoy chocolate, but it's stevia and monkfruit dark chocolate with a very low sweetness profile. I'll vary rarely make myself a baked good or some cookies. But in general, I try not to have them around.

Keto Products are generally shit and full of garbage. You know how America tries to make their version of kawaii but it always fucking fails? Yeah, that's keto products.

It's not sustainable because you're still eating the same way you did.

Don't eat anything out of a package unless the ingredient list is minimal (less than 10). Buy fresh whole foods that are recognizable. Eat a lot more fat from natural sources (omega 3's and avoid seed oils). Your need for snacks will go down to zero. You'll have a lot more money to spend on brand when you're not shaky, hangry and addicted to sugar all the goddamn time.

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>I had 5 dresses in a wardrobe of 50 I could wear. Right now, I can wear 48 of them.
How much weight have you lost this year??

>> No.10797850

Well done anon.

This is incredibly similar to what has worked for me.
If I could afford all of the different beef cuts I wanted and could manage to source them I'd go carnivore too.

>> No.10797852

Do you ever start feeling sick of meat? I notice that when I eat a lot of animal protein, I feel physically sick and end up under eating by a lot, which obviously isn't good either. What do you normally eat in a day, what kinds of meals do you prepare?

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Fasting for 24+ hours is not healthy. I genuinely believe some of you are delusional. Is this a health thread or a pro ana thread ?

>> No.10797855

nta but fasting in general is really bad for your mental health as well. there are studies that show more extreme forms of intermittent fasting leads to bad eating habits and impulsive choices for food.

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>pro ana
That person isn't underweight, they literally couldn't fit into almost all their dresses. They were flat-out obese. For a whale of that size, going 24 hours without food is not some death sentence.

>> No.10797861

Fasting in general for you is great for your body, actually. Extreme anything is bad.


>Although intermittent fasting often results in reduced calorie consumption, weight loss is not the main driver of the health benefits observed in preclinical and clinical studies, according to the authors.

>> No.10797862

You realize that one can be "pro ana" or have an eating disorder without being underweight, right?

>> No.10797864

I'm pretty skinny (157cm/40kg), but still feel like my thighs are fat.

>> No.10797867

nayrt but curious, is it possible you felt physically sick because what you ate was more satiating than you expected? Animal protein tends to be very satiating, especially things like egg, beef, pork and chicken. Often when people eat lots of animal protein and vegetables, but not much carbs or junk their appetite goes down because of how satiating animal protein is especially without the appetite stimulating properties of junk food.

I see people eat regular portions during meals even on a carnivore diet.
A lot of them tend to focus on beef cuts with lots of fat in it.

I did mostly animal protein a decade ago and noticed I got very full very quickly on pork belly. Like literally after 3 bites, and if I ate more I'd start feeling nauseous.

To avoid undereating a lot (which isn't sustainable) I recommend keeping different meats and fish in rotation. Different beef cuts, eggs, salmon, chicken, maybe pork, lamb if you can get it.

I'm not doing carnivore because it's too difficult to source and afford specific cuts of meat where I live. So I do general low carb and get a good amount of vegetables (salads, stir fry, soups).

what makes you think fasting 24h is unhealthy for someone who has a lot of excess fat to lose, as long as they kept on top of hydration and electrolyte levels?

I can totally understand the negative impact on mental health on some people and that it can be a slippery slope for some, but physically I don't see the danger if the person has a lot of excess fat to lose, keeps hydrated and on top of electrolyte levels.

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as long as you have a healthy body fat distribution pattern and healthy body fat % I wouldn't worry at all.

It's a high visceral fat % that is unhealthy, and usually having a bigger midsection (regardless of your weight and size) is an indicator of that.
If you're not apple shaped, column shaped or ruler shapes you're probably fine as long as bf% is good.

If health is really something you worry about and you can afford to see your doctor then do so.

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Anon, nothing bad is going to happen if she's still obese. Stop freaking out for no fucking reason. People have been fasting, usually religiously, for centuries.

>> No.10797901

>nothing bad is going to happen if she's still obese
She can easily plateau extremely early, or bounce back and gain everything she lost and more by restricting heavily while still overweight

>> No.10797905

you realize that is physically impossible, right? she will not magically gain weight from thin air if her diet is restricted, nor will she keep maintaining a large weight off less fuel. what you're saying is completely fake, nonsensical bullshit

>> No.10797915

That's not what I'm saying and if you took even one second to think about what you read, you'd realize that. Heavy restriction is proven to lead to relapses and binge eating, which is how people gain their weight back. Hopefully that clears it up for you.

>> No.10797921

She's lost a massive amount of weight already, sounds like you're just a crab in a bucket

>> No.10797925

what part of my post did you misunderstand.

>> No.10797932

5”7 and bmi 22, kill me lol.

I’m working on fixing it but man I wish I could just eat tasty things. Like why does a small ice cream or whatever have to shove me way above my daily goal. Why are there so many calories in every damn thing.

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This is depressing.

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