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Richfag here. Where do you guys find a tailor for your custom cosplay? Any tips?

I want the most economical way to get something tailored specifically and perfectly with high-quality materials. Getting everything right is critical, particularly the shape and how it works with structural components. Quality and economy are both competing interests but i'd like to maximize both

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Spend the money on plastic surgery first, nobody will care about the quality of your cosplay with that ugly face of yours.

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wow WTF!

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hazbin hotel is dogshit

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Rule of thumb for commissioning cosplay stuff is: Cheap, Good, Fast. Pick two. If it's cheap and good, it won't be fast. It's fast and good, it won't be cheap. It's fast and cheap, it won't be good.

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I don't need fast or cheap.

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My real question is, should I outsource to another country like China, or deal with someone locally?

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>I want the most economical way to get something tailored specifically and perfectly with high-quality materials
When you say "tailoring", it implies you're working with a premade garment. Based on your post, I think you're looking for a custom made costume made to your measurements. If so, you'll want to find a commissioner, preferably someone local so that they can accurately measure you and perform many custom fittings. However, getting yourself professionally measured, then sending those measurements to your commissioner will do just fine too.

Also on another minute note: you keep saying that you want the most "economical" costume. In this context, that would translate to wanting the most affordable costume which is why >>10796260 explained that you can either have it be good quality or cheap but not both. I believe what you're trying to say is that you'd like to pay premium to get your money's worth (meaning you'll spend more money than average to ensure a good quality product).

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I'm trying to maximize two values... I am happy to spend more money, but if there's a way to get 100% value from a Chinese tailor and an American one and the price is much different, I will go with the chinese one. If I will get fucked with the chinese tailor, I will spend more money.

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You will get fucked with a Chinese costumer. At least considering how much of a newb you seem to be.

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Are you thinking of buying a premade one from a cosplay website or contacting a commissioner directly?

If you're buying premade, you're likely buying a Chinese costume anyway, so just pay the additional fees for a custom size. However, you will not have any control over the materials used.

If you're buying from a commissioner, you'll have complete control over materials, design, and fit, but you will eat the fees for their time and experience which will likely be more. I'd say get an estimate from a few commissioners and compare that to some cosplay websites. Then determine for yourself what has the best value.

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To be honest, I agree. I wouldn't take the risk on a high value costume nor your first one.

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>I want the most economical way
Pick one

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Wasting money when it's unnecessary is a poor person quality

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What's the best way to find commissioners?

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You want to find a bespoke costumer.

If the picture is what you want made, you want to look for costumers who have experience making tailored menswear. If they are local to you (or close enough that you’re willing to travel there), even better as you can do fittings and adjustments in person. However, a skilled maker can do it using only measurements. You will most likely want to get measured professionally unless you know someone experienced in it because if someone is drafting based on measurements alone and you fuck up the measurements, it’s not going to fit and you’ll be in the hook to pay for modifications based on that fuck up. It’s easier to just get it done properly from the beginning.

This will likely cost more than you expect that it will, and it probably won’t be what you would call economical. Most bespoke costumers charge much less than they’re worth because people expect the cost of Chinese factories but custom made in the US/Europe etc.

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lmao no. being a mizer is a nu-money quality. rich people literally don't care.

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poor detected

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This anon >>10796311 laid it out really well. To add onto what they said, it helps to follow costumers on Twitter and Instagram. Many of the high level ones (especially those who judge contests or participate in journeyman / masters level contests). Take the CRX Masquerade happening this Saturday for example, you can look up the judges and contestants, see which are open for commissions, and look at their work. Also look through people they retweet or talk to a lot since they tend to be in friend circles. Alternatively you can check out the hashtags.

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