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Last thread is auto saging >>10789402

As almost all of the summer look book releases are out, AP will start to churn out their autumn ones. Which prints are you most excited for?

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>Which prints are you most excited for?
how would I know? we've only seen one so far

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Random question, but does a Kira Imai Cinema Doll postcard illustration exist?
Also is there any source on higher res print postcards?

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I just want to know if AP is going to fuck us over with Dream Doll or not.
I don't want another Soap Bubbles fiasco.

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The way things are going, probably.

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I know. I have a microscopic thread of hope. But they probably decided on the release details months ago, way before even Japanese lolitas were pissed off at the Soap Bubbles rerelease disaster.
Time to scream into the abyss.

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Cogimyun when

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Pretty much a snoozefest and lot of re-releases

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New Lookbook this week!

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Anyone know if this is the plasticky sturdy material or the peeling faux leather?

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The shine is soft, so I'm assuming it's the faux leather that peels

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Here's a slightly higher quality picture. I can't tell if it's too taobao for me or not, the mascots are just too cute

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Ugly shiny taobao tier trash

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I've been waiting for a cute Halloween border print. I'm filled with joy.

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Such a cute bag but the risk of it being bad quality is too high..
Sunny Smile Laundry and Photogenic Pallet are 2 upcoming print we've seen. Adding the new Halloween print on the look book too, that's 3.

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The only good Halloween print released by AP was Halloween Treats.

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>>10796057 #
>>10796058 #
>>10796062 #

The only good Halloween print released by AP was Halloween Treats. (2017)


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Shame on you for not including Horror Garden.

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Cry about it

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This material looks matte, I wonder if it's the same as their bow bag or something else?

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It's a rerelease basically and matte. You can tell in photos when it's the thicker glossy pleated.

But if you buy a bag new and take decent care of it its unlikely to have issues.

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Not true at all. If it’s the shitty pleather kind, it’s not a matter of if but when it flakes.

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They haven’t used the good material in over 10 years. Assume anything new is the crappy stuff unless the see otherwise.
From what I’ve heard, it has very little to do with how well you take care of it. People had nwt bags that started peeling just because the material sucks. I’ve heard that weather plays into it (I think it peels worse in humidity? Not sure though) but I’ve never kept a bag with the new material long enough to see.

Basically, new AP bags are ticking time bombs. If you don’t care if the bag lasts 2-3 years and then gets trashed, then go for it. If you’re looking for something longer lasting, buy a different brand or the old bags made of the old material.

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I had a mid-2000s release of this bag - it was made of that sturdy pleather they used and held up incredibly well, but I wouldn't trust nu-AP to not fuck it up and change the material

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i can weigh in on the bag material. the matte bags used to be made out of PU bicast leather, which is traditionally made of split leather(leather scraps) coated in PU, however they changed from using split leather to using polyester for the base, which is cheap and fragile and allows the coating to flake off due to moisture retention and changes in humidity. the shiny bags are made from PVC, which is fully synthetic, doesn't have a separate coating and is breathable due to it's structure, and doesn't flake. so basically AP was fucking us over with poly before most of us knew it.

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All pleather is fucked eventually compared to real leather but a few years isn't the worst. And taking care of it includes storing it in a somewhat climate controlled environment and making sure it's not bent or wrinkled which many lolitas do not do at all. NWT purchased secondhand years later is also different than NWT purchased direct from the brand because it's already even aging and degrading sitting there.

If you want an everyday bag that will hold up for a decade with proper care it's probably not a good choice to do the soft pleather and you should just get a custom real leather one commissioned, or go for the glossy glitter pleather ones that are more sturdy. But let's not pretend lolitas are giving their AP pleather bag the same care bag collectors are giving their LVs, Birkins, etc. That plays into it a lot. I personally know I'm not storing my bags properly and as such I'm not going to waste money on brand ones. If I had a special temp or humidity controlled wardrobe and proper shelving and all maybe I would.

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Thanks for the extra info nonny. It seems like in general that anything made of a material that is just coated in paint is eventually going to crack and flake right?

Do you have examples of specific bags, maybe ones that are recognizable like Melty Chocolate or other ones made to match prints, that are made of each different material so people can look at photos to spot the difference?

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God why does the material look so awful? It wouldn't look Taobao if AP would actually bother using some nice cotton but here we are.

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i just explained the differences. the "glossy glitter" "pleather" you're talking about is PVC. pleather is very different PVC.

>It seems like in general that anything made of a material that is just coated in paint is eventually going to crack and flake right?
yes, the PU bags are basically the worst regardless of the leather/poly, the leather ones just last much longer. as far as the difference, it's harder to say, since the PU layer is made to look like leather. it's likely that the age of the bag is a factor, but older bags are still going to be prone to flaking. as for PVC bags, any of the shiny, glossy smooth bags are PVC. the main difference between them is the texture and shininess. i can make a list later on when i get home(i'm at work) of at least the PVC vs PU bags.

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>different PVC
different FROM PVC

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Man I want this stupid bag. Why does AP ruin everything? I have one of these bags already and I've always wanted to own it in more colors. But I'm not going to spend almost $200 for it to fall apart.

Once again, everything is ruined by polyester.

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Lol of course most Lolita’s aren’t treating their plastic bags like they would a bag that costs 10-several hundred times as much. Comparing an AP bag to a Birkin is ridiculous. Most lolitas also don’t have a climate controlled wardrobe… that’s not exactly common. No one expects the same quality as leather, but I don’t think it’s wrong to not expect the color to start flaking off in a couple years on a bag that costs $100+. And I know people who bought bags directly from AP, didn’t use them regularly and they flaked.
The PVC bags do hold up though. I have 15ish year old bags that are in great condition. Ya, you can’t expect to throw it around and trash it and have it look perfect, but if you’re relatively careful they hold up well.

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I agree with this. I bought the lemon heart bag new, use it multiple times a week in disgustingly humid weather, and it hasn't flaked or cracked. I store it in a closet with Arm & Hammer moisture absorbing bags. I'm sure it will crack and peel eventually, but I'm happy with the amount of use I've been getting from it.

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This. A smaller bag I never used that came with a special set from a few years ago was flaking when I got it to sell. But my older boston bag is holding up fine.

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speaking of peeling AP, the handle of a parasol I've had for years peeled recently. I am wondering how to fix it. Ribbon or sewing a cover on? I can ask in sewing thread or the stupid questions thread if needed.

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On the PVC, thanks for explaining. I couldn't remember the right name for it.

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There’s no way to repair the pleather, but wrapping it in grosgrain ribbon could poribably work

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I guess people really are skeptical of the Boston bag - only the red colorway sold out on Paris. The rest have multiples still in stock.

>> No.10796228

200 euros is starting to be a shit ton of money for a low quality bag.

>> No.10796240

They would prolly rather get it from the JP store because you get more bang for your buck there. At least for burgers. You pay more shipping but no customs and basically 25% discount built in compared to when the yen is stronger since we're used to it being about ¥100 to $1.

>> No.10796323

>could probably work
If you have no clue, don’t respond. Ribbon would slide around and get funky over time newfag.

>> No.10796414

Nta but I assume they mean adhering the ribbon down. Even then though there's grippy tape stuff you could use instead I suppose.

>> No.10796415

i will see about the ribbon. they also make handle covers like for strollers and such i was looking into. thanks!

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How well do the moisture absorbing bags work? Do you have any other brand bags that peel? I live in a pretty humid area (90% on average) and I’m looking for ways to slow peeling

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Halloween print is called Happy Treat Cafe

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New print from the Autumn catalog- Vintage Toys

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More from the catalog

>> No.10796463

Happy Treat Party, not Cafe

>> No.10796465

We are both wrong, because the skirt cut seems to be called Happy Treat Party Cafe

>> No.10796466

Are there any more scans?

>> No.10796467

The print name is Happy Treat Party. Cafe here refers to the cut of skirt. Same as Ice Cream Parlor, Honey Cake, Ichigo Bread Bakery.

>> No.10796474

There’s a grey jsk and a full version of the purple OP of happy treat party, that’s all I can access on weibo currently

>> No.10796475

And the grey jsk is literally just the photo of Risa wearing Lady Tiered, so it’s not new

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For the most part, everything else in the look is what we've already seen at the Paris Anniversary Showroom event

>> No.10796481

This print looks so much brighter here than at the Paris event

>> No.10796482

I’ve used ribbon to wrap different items before, if you do it carefully and attach it right, it’s actually pretty durable. Calm your tits newfag.

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Wasted potential of a print

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>> No.10796496

Everything shown is straight garbage. Looks like I’ll be saving money this autumn, thanks AP.

>> No.10796508

The skirt/hoodie combo on the right is so cute

I was skeptical of this print but the lavender is nice. I just wish the cuts were cuter, I fucking hate that DBR OP cut and that style of salopette.

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Excuse the grainy as fuck photo. But has anyone else noticed the absolute state of the black bag in the stock photo? The shitty pleather is rippling already!? How they actually think this is acceptable to put out, its a joke at this point.

>> No.10796555

this looks awful. it looks like nu-moitie.

>> No.10796557

I thought the matching blouse would've been much better. (And you can barely see how those wristcuffs are supposed to look)

Most of the blouses out of this lookbook are really boring. At least I'll be saving cash for the next few months.

>> No.10796560

are they separate wrist cuffs? i can't tell.

>> No.10796562

this is originally what wrist cuffs were designed for

again, classic newfags on 4chan bandwagoning with little understanding or background on the fashion. i love how much newfags have poisoned the well with lack of fucking research.

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File: 700 KB, 1808x1117, 005I9RAigy1h4wviu7bacj32c03401kz__02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's listed as Happy Treat Wristcuffs for both the JSK and Cafe skirt

It's really confusing since they're placed over a long sleeved blouse

>> No.10796569

Was I talking about the purpose of wristcuffs?

Or how you can barely seem them in these images?

>> No.10796571

I don’t think those are separate wrist cuffs, it looks like attached lace at the end of the sleeve. But I also can’t read moo ruins so it might list them on the side, idk. The lace on the left side looks like it’s flaring out way more than wristcuffs do but AP has also been releasing weird shit so who knows.
Yikes, that’s pretty bad. It looks like the material is even thinner than before if it won’t even sit smoothly in a staged photo. I wonder if this will sell out or people will be put off by the bad stock photos.

>> No.10796572

I'm not sure why you think arguing is going to save your idiocy and ignorance, newfag.
you just look even more newfaggy by arguing

>> No.10796575

Where is dream doll?

>> No.10796578


It'll probably show up in one of the upcoming Spoon volumes

>> No.10796591

They work fairly well. It could be luck, or the bags I own might be a little different from those known to peel horribly. I own a couple of the lady heart quilted bags that are in near-perfect shape and the newer present ribbon bags. All of which are softer synthetic leather material.

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File: 718 KB, 955x1334, Wowitstilllooksbad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More bonnet fails.

>posting in particular how "gorgeous" the bonnet is
>the bonnet is half folded backwards to keep it from flopping over

Also I'm seeing so many pictures where people aren't taking 5 seconds to fluff up the pom poms so they don't look like flat, hairy pancakes. I got my JSK in the mail yesterday and the pom poms look a lot better if you actually squish them back into shape. I have so much secondhand embarrassment when people don't do the absolute minimum to look presentable before rushing to put on their ~brand new~ dress.
Okay rant over.

>> No.10796600

this girl is just a cringefest in general

>> No.10796617

all of those bags are PVC, anon.

>> No.10796643

Lady Heart definitely isn't, and only parts of Present Ribbon bags are PVC.

>> No.10796647

Looks like chiffon. The chiffon AP normally uses for its prints is actually pretty good. Way better than whatever you may find on Tao.

>> No.10796652

what? chiffon is sheer. that heavy opaque polyester obviously isn't chiffon

>> No.10796659
File: 281 KB, 1445x1445, 20220806_173019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The way it drapes looks like it's the same material as Happy Garland (grosgrain)

>> No.10796663

I see AP ordered more of those giant pompoms than they needed for Nakayoshi Bunny

>> No.10796801

When is the Milky Planet MTO happening?

>> No.10796808

This was never mentioned

>> No.10796811


>> No.10796814 [DELETED] 

Next lined up is Cherry Berry Bunny.

>> No.10796816


Bad news for people that hate good news, and here's why!!

The next lined up is Cherry Berry Bunny !!!
(Kc, heart-jsk, otk)
follow by the return of Colorful Ribbon with new additional colorways! (Mint and yellow) this re-release includes the headbow and wrist cuffs as well

New items complimenting this set:
Colorfully Ribbon Otks!
and last of all, a special edition parasol for Colorful Ribbon with all it's colorways




>> No.10796869

For real tho I would kill for a rerelease of colorful ribbon

>> No.10797017

I really hate this design. I think the border itself is not amazing but still cute, but the rest of the dress is soooo lazy!! Those huge polka dots just look like something to take up space, it doesn't add to the print at all. Wish they would have put more effort into the rest of the dress design. The border could even use more work, feels like there is more empty space in this border than most border prints. Such a shame because I'm a slut for lavender and spooky shit, but they fucked this one up. But I guess that means I can just save up and not have to deal with the bloodblath I'm sure that release will be.

>> No.10797020

this is cute and makes me wish I were 5'0". Risa is 5'3" and the skirt already is bordering on too short on her. I'm screwed at 5'6", the jsk and OP look short too.

>> No.10797076

She follows and replies to ddlg creeps on her Insta too. She’s creepy.

>> No.10797102


>> No.10797126

I like the left one a lot, not the best coord for it probs, but I like it a lot

>> No.10797131

just wait and you'll see

>> No.10797140

it's not chiffon you retard.

>> No.10797145

What a design mess. It's tragic since the fabric and lace actually look nice, too. What were they thinking??

>> No.10797151

Agree. This is one of the few halloween prints I'm passing on and I buy almost all of them.

AP has lost their spunk for prints

>> No.10798083

No new releases this week. This screams logistics problems to me.

>> No.10798098

It’s not even Friday yet you dink.

>> No.10798101

I take it back. I thought you were being an impatient newbie. I saw AP’s announcement on Instagram.

>> No.10798125

There’s national holidays this weekend

>> No.10798133

Do you mean Obon? It's not an official holiday, although many people take a couple days off. AP shops are still open this Saturday, at least in Tokyo.

>> No.10798135

yama no hi is on the 11th and is a national holiday...

>> No.10798140
File: 500 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220811-110853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even if they're open, they're not going to release new items this week

>> No.10798141

It was literally yesterday, so it shouldn't matter for their normal Saturday releases.
Which is why I said they're likely experiencing >>10798083
>logistics problems

>> No.10798143

no1curr about your stupid tinfoil.

>> No.10798150

Oh wow. I checked all the other twitters too. Same thing.

How many years till AP completely tanks, anons? They better rerelease Milky Planet and Milky Fawn before they do.

>> No.10798159

The same company that regularly sells out of $50 haircombs and wristcuffs? I think they’ve got a few decades in them yet

>> No.10798234

>thinking mountain day is a big, important holiday
They don’t close aside from New Year since that’s when most people shop, you nonce. Some stores take a few days off at random dates too but that’s all.

>> No.10798286

no one said the store would close you fucking retarded. but shipping companies probably weren't delivering since it's a national holiday.

>> No.10798287

whenever chinese lolitas lose interest in them. until that day, they're guaranteed immense profits no matter what they do

>> No.10798294

You’re retarded if you think shipping companies get a day off there.

>> No.10798298

So fucking over AP's late updates. I have to stay up late to see if it's worth getting up early for Paris.

>> No.10798300

...can you not read? There's nothing this week. >>10798140

>> No.10798314

It’s not even the usual time they announce updates. Try bitching later next time.

>> No.10799423

If they’re rereleasing all these older prints it may be more likely than you think

>> No.10799748

By accident I came across quite a few japanese lolitas asking on a forum site about brand, especially AP and Baby's shoe sizes and saying that they want shoes that go to 25.5cm again as they have big or wide feet and of course everyone gets recommended Antaina and Dream V. Must not just be the western comm that needs this too then.

>> No.10799964

Genuinely wonder what Japanese Lolita’s think about polyester and AP’s other questionable choices

>> No.10799966

inb4 million posts about japanese lolitas loving poly because it saves space and fits their climate

>> No.10799972

I bet a lot of them don't like it, especially the ones that have been lolitas for 20+ years are used to quality

>> No.10799974

Jp lolitas also talk about AP's shop girls especially in 109 being "garbage" and "rude" to them while they were shopping, so that means that they're not only rude to foreigners like the western comm has speculated/given stories about for years.

>> No.10799983

I had a nice shopgirl in Japan. At least to my face. She gave me a whole booklet with what pieces in the store had what measurements since I have a large bust and wide shoulders but wanted to try on an OP.

She may have shit talked me behind my back because lots of Japanese girls are like that stereotypically, but she'd likely do it to anyone.

>> No.10799986

>in 109

>> No.10799995

I'm glad you had a good experience, it's probably a certain shop girl or just hit or miss.

I think the OP of this particular thread I translated meant Laforet, did think it was weird for a split second but didn't think when translating oh well it's not the end of the world.

>> No.10799996

Don't most people talk shit behind each other's backs regardless of culture?

>> No.10800002

I've heard Japanese women in particular are known for it even among Japanese people. All Asians are about saving face but Japanese people in general never say how they truly feel to almost anyone except extremely close friends or family, so when someone talks shit very publicly even behind a person's back it's seen as kind of normal or expected, but also a negative trait at the same time to potential friends or romantic partners.

>> No.10800005

Japanese are notorious for complaining about everyone and anything. Look at reviews they leave on Google and any anonymous site they post on. The only thing they know how to do is piss and moan.

>> No.10800006

Weird backpedal mate. I can’t take half the posters on this board seriously because of the larping.

>> No.10800011

People don't even wear their uniforms on the way to work because small missteps like eating onigiri on the subway will result in some asshole calling your company to complain. They're extreme karens

>> No.10800012

They're Karens but just very apologetic and polite about it. They have insanely high standards for customer service and consumer goods, restaurants, etc. and want it affordable.

But that goes both ways. That's why the idea that shopgirls would be rude to your face is ridiculous. Privately or snickering to others if they think you won't notice yeah but because of the high standard of service in retail they'd never be rude to you directly.

It's probably some foreigner butthurt that they didn't get special treatment or a Kelly Eden type mad that refunds aren't allowed.

>> No.10800014

Tell me you’ve never set foot in Japan without telling me. The stereotype that customer service is immaculate there is just not true.

>> No.10800015

Is there a reason people are shocked that shop girls are rude? I feel like that can be assumed from most retail workers. I work in a small store and my attitude with most customers is that I want them to be in and out so I can go back to my phone or talking with my coworkers. We get too many customers in one day for me to try pretending to be your friend and I don't get any cut of our sales so I don't care if they buy anything or not as long as they get out of my face.

B-but anon!! Japanesu people are so special and different!!!!

>> No.10800017

It doesn't always play out perfectly in execution, but the expectation of Japanese consumers is high. I lived and worked in Japan for years. Obviously I am not native Japanese so my experience may vary. Think what you want I guess. Japan isn't a magical land that is that difficult for someone to have been to.

>> No.10800023

the customer service there is better than most places though. it's about perspective.

>> No.10800057

Calling your workplace to shit on you for a slight public misstep is not polite and apologetic, it's blatantly insane.

>> No.10800060

The US shopgirls aren't rude. Sounds like you're just an unpleasant cunt who hates your job, really.

>> No.10800070

Sorry to get you excited, I just looked up that particular thread and the first commenter meant Shizuoka 109, the rest were Laforet and a couple other stores. Now you can stop being more embarrassing with your larper comments.

>> No.10800072

Shit talking is a world wide thing, a human thing, not sure why you're being sarcastic?

I can see that some anons are stereotyping/putting everyone in the same group. We all know that each person behaves differently regardless of culture (some will be rude or shit at their job in front of you a bit like >>10800015 and then others won't etc).

>> No.10800091

is Jelly Candy Toys not making it to the US shop?

>> No.10800092

It's probably delayed.

>> No.10800141

Shizuoka doesn’t have an AP store wtf…..

>> No.10800144


>> No.10800146

The main problem is foreigners thinking they’re friends with the shopgirls, because it’s the staff’s job to be welcoming and chatty. Know a couple dumb cunts that would go to the store just to hang out for hours and you could tell the staffs were so done but couldn’t say to fuck off. If someone doesn’t meet you outside of their workplace, you aren’t friends.

>> No.10800147

Could have been a really old post. AP used to have a shop in Shizuoka. It closed about 5 years ago.

>> No.10800315

Shut up retard

They had a shop there years ago

>> No.10800331

Laundry time lads

>> No.10800332

Yes, Shizuoka had a store called Shizuoka 109.

>> No.10800334
File: 137 KB, 390x195, 4A576B3D-3F7A-42D9-A108-0106BE36A90F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10800336

I think it's funny the banner is sax but there's no sax colorway. would have been cuter as the special set color than the navy imo

>> No.10800346

What colours do you think will be most popular? Least popular? How about the other items?

I think the OP and jumpers will sell out. The accessories and some blouse colours don’t match with anything really so I think they might not sell at all.

>> No.10800347

I think white colourway may be most popular. Pretty sure the jewelry and clips will be popular too. Really not sure about the blouses.

Do I break my non-buy for this series anons?

>> No.10800349
File: 235 KB, 600x720, 01_1660699573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like the jewelry is flocky

>> No.10800352

Thats not what flocky is. Its just glitter.

>> No.10800356

I’d wait to get it second hand. I think people will get buyers remorse because it’s a weird print and sell it off in droves.

>> No.10800366

That's true. I also feel like particularly the pink colourway won't be as popular, since the shade of pink is a little weird.

>> No.10800374

I wish there was a sax colorway like the banner. The colours AP chose for this release are so weird and make me not want it, despite how cute the print is.

>> No.10800378

Anon, that's probably just the texture the laser engraving tool left on the acrylic. (You see it more often on rings since they're smaller than necklace charms) The materials are always listed on the item listings.

>> No.10800390

White is the only sensible colorway. The pink and yellow look terrible.
I think the blouses are pretty ugly too, but people are rabidly tasteless, so it'll probably all sell out.

>Do I break my non-buy for this series anons?
Not worth it at all. If you really like it, I'd just get some of the accessories instead. But the dress itself is painfully niche and the quality is nothing special.
Also the print is dangerously close to the hem/bottom of the dress, on some of the photos. It looks really off to me and I'd be scared that AP's bad QC might let something slip though.

>> No.10800397
File: 488 KB, 1031x1031, Clean up your QC AP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scrolling through the colorway images just gets worse. The space at the bottom of the black colorway is noticeably smaller.

>> No.10800415

No it is not. Use your head nonny. It would make ZERO sense for jewelry based on a shiny plastic bottle to have a fuzzy or flocked texture.

>> No.10800497

I was considering it too and decided to skip it in the end. Like >>10800390 said its pretty gimmicky and, while cute, I'd probably wear it once and throw it in the back of my closet. Not what I need when I'm trying to downsize.

Also the white is really the only cute colorway and I imagine it'll be really hard to get.

>> No.10800549

I hate when you pay retail + ss fees then realise later on no one wants your dress so you have to sell for half the cost and you've barely worn it

>> No.10800556

I'm dumb and can't tell if you're being sarcastic.
This just sounds like bad planning and not knowing your style. In general, AP poly print releases aren't keeping their retail value.

>> No.10800568

Whomst ready to do some fucking laundry

>> No.10800579

Retard. Why would I be sarcastic? It’s an ugly print with accessories that aren’t going to match anything other than this dress. People are going to realize how hard it is to style and get bored with it after two wears.

>> No.10800603

most prints look best with their set accessories, but you can definitely wear the print without them and wear the accessories with a solid. if you don't have anything that will match it, that doesn't mean others don't. the accessories would be cute with someone who has more retro style main pieces already like retro dot. hell, a girl in my comm wears mostly retro inspired pieces.

>> No.10800605

If you look beyond regular lolita accessories it has a lot of potential. Just wrap yourself in clothesline, and use clothespins to hang actual laundry on it, covering up part of the dress but still having some show. You can change it up a lot by varying what laundry you hang on the clothesline. Or you can just use the clothespins, put it on your nose, in your hair or just on your dress.

This is not a serious suggestion and I don't actually know much about lolita but I wonder if someone talented could do it well with a really experimental outfit.

>> No.10800609

That’s the only way I can see it being styled well, is if you do it more retro kitschy rather than lolita. Maybe it’s the colors. I could see a laundry print being cute if it was more whimsical, like it had lyrical bunny and friends doing laundry or something. This just missed the mark in my opinion, but I don’t like the retro styled stuff in general.

>> No.10800622

Is it just me or does the print look off-center? It doesn't line up with the bear's paws and the ears seem too high up

>> No.10800624
File: 39 KB, 426x640, 22-08-19-y-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know it's old news, but even ClosetChild couldn't make the bonnet look good. They sold it for only 6,600 yen too.

>> No.10800651

i think chinese girls like retro a lot. there's a retro fashion community in china that's been blowing up more recently. (i think on tiktok) and that retro inspiried is more popular for normie clothes there too.

>> No.10800652

*i know that

>> No.10800655

there's very few japanese lolitas today compared to 10-20 yrs ago so their opinion probs wouldn't make much difference anyway. if chinese lolitas started hating poly then ap would likely change their ways

>> No.10800725

Um anon I wrote this >>10800549 why are you saying you did?

I wasn't being sarcastic, it happened to me a couple years ago. I changed styles after nearly 10 years, not too soon after I bought the dress. I'm sorry but everyone sells their stuff eventually and sometimes straight away when things don't suit you or you hate the quality etc.

>> No.10800780

>This is not a serious suggestion and I don't actually know much about lolita

then stop commenting in this thread faggot

>> No.10802309
File: 142 KB, 390x195, 1AF7EC9B-00B2-4801-9E9B-856C04E2C955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another boring re-release.

>> No.10802310 [DELETED] 
File: 131 KB, 1024x514, 0827slide2-1024x514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who asked for this?

>> No.10802311

why? who the fuck even likes this?

>> No.10802344

The very large very powerful Scottish lolita mafia

>> No.10802345

Is it just because shit like heihei is semi popular rn?

>> No.10802352

we have been getting multiple check series every AW since forever

>> No.10802355

it's a re-release...

>> No.10802405
File: 102 KB, 500x600, sx-112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the hell is AP spending resources on things no one asked for?

Also a rerelease of this garbage Milky Bear bag.

I don't expect much anymore, but this was really disappointing.

>> No.10802520

probably chinese lolitas like it. no one here seems to follow the chinese lolita community so we never know what the actual trendy stuff in lolita is. if we had someone keeping up with weibo we would probably have a better idea of what ap would be doing next

>> No.10802529

If this is what Chinese lolitas want, they are single handedly going to ruin AP for me.
I mean, it's already ruined, but every time I don't think we can go lower, I am proven wrong.

>> No.10802531

This. And there's nothing we can do about it. Chinese lolitas have the worst style out of everybody.

>> No.10802534

I-i kinda like it...

>> No.10802535 [DELETED] 

Only I can save AP.
I've made 12 print designs I can showcase to AP and work with their designers to restore preceeding successes of their brand name.

>> No.10802537

Only I can save AP.
I've made 12 print designs I can showcase to AP and work with their designers to restore preceeding successes of their brand name.

I won't share them but I will say one of the design involves a certain sport. Polo. Which is exciting isn't it!?

>> No.10802547

I love this bag. I hoped they’d rerelease it eventually and now I have it in three colours~

>> No.10802557

It might be okay if the fur wasn't terrible quality and the other half of it wasn't flake-prone pleather. It's the two worst things put together.

>> No.10802607

can you explain why? i don't mind plaid, but it's so over designed it looks like you're wearing a christmas tree skirt...

>> No.10802761

well we know that japanese lolitas are into the more mature/plain looking dresses these days than the 2010s sweet style, and maybe chinese lolitas are the same. maybe only the west is desperately wanting the 2010s looks. which sucks for us and means we probably will never get it.

>> No.10802779

Anyone else just see AP USA hype up including a literal single sticker as a bonus for spending +100 $ with them?

>> No.10802880

I like tartan, sadly the polyester fabric with such a markup will be a pass for me. 100 bucks for a fake polyester collar? Nope.

>> No.10802921

Chinese lolitas have moved on from AP and baby. PH is the new status symbol.

>> No.10802937

I'm dumb. What is PH?

>> No.10802942

Pink house

>> No.10802946

Pink House is a totally different style though. Are Chinese girls just style hopping completely?

>> No.10802966

do you have any proof/screenshots? i find it hard to believe they moved on from ap, who else is selling out all the random ugly crap ap releases

>> No.10802967

yeeeep. 2018-2019 was like the boom year of lolita, then they hopped to nanchatte/jk uniforms around 2020, and now it's mainly PH and hanfu.

>> No.10802969

lol what kind of screenshots do you want? I mean I can find ones that were commenting on how disappointing and ugly AP lookbooks have been, but that's just one thing out of many. You can mainly tell by the price of secondhand lolita market and the in-stock status at big SS's on taobao - a few years ago the fancy BTSSB and AP dresses (and I mean the $1000+ sets) and popular series like dream marine/holy lantern are instant sell outs, and their secondhand market prices were actually higher than their original prices by a lot. Now they're not even selling when people cut their prices and there's no excitement when re-releases are announced. People were excited for the french cafe MTO recently but that's it.

>> No.10802979

like ones showing that the ap tag on weibo is dead, or that the shanghai store doesn't sell out? bc last time i checked, neither of those things was true. xianyu prices for 2010s ap and other popular/coveted dresses was still high last i looked too

>> No.10802987

those are all totally different demographics of people, anon. hanfu fashion has been popular for 4+ years.

>> No.10803009

Yes for old stuff. But the question was who is buying new AP? It's not the Chinese lolitas.

Yeah hanfu has been popular but it's been a bit different with the recent interest in more historically accurate outfits compared to the old anything goes/fantasy styles. Demographics for these fashions are not as clearly delineated as western communities - there's a reason why we call them "three pit(s of money spending) girls", many of them spend money in lolita/jk/hanfu, only trends change and the amount of investment in each change too. Out of the "three pit" fashions I'd say hanfu is currently trending more than the others since lolita has lost it's 2018/2019 fervor, and jk uniforms had a huge surge of "knock-off" shops in 2021 which also killed their popularity.

>> No.10803012

>Are Chinese girls just style hopping completely?
They pick what's the most expensive style to show off their wealth, and lolita is pretty much normie high school girl fashion by now.

>> No.10803017

Weibo screenshots with complaints or whinging about AP would be fascinating to see. It seemed like they were still hyped about the recent influx of bland poly releases.

>> No.10803031

if it's not them and it's not us then is it... japanese lolitas...? damn, what happened to their taste

>> No.10803057

anon is making stuff up.

>> No.10803074

I really love plaid and it looks really cozy. Same vibe as that physical drop plaid princess op.

>> No.10803169

Given how many of the series they release go into the end of season sales...it might just be that AP is out of touch at this point.

Sure thing. It's not like I'm actively browsing weibo/xiaohongshu and a part of a couple of Chinese community group chats.

I guess a few people might like some of the items - I know the SS slots for the white version of sunny smile laundry were immediately sold out, but none of the other colours were. One of the most common sentiments you get when you search “ap 新品" (ap new releases) on weibo is "I'd rather they 炒冷饭 (fry cold rice, i.e. re-release older items)."

>> No.10803172

you have yet to share any proof other than things you claim you've seen. you're not the only one who can use chinese internet in the world.

>> No.10803182

Lolita died out like nanchatte did, too many stores selling replicas. I’ve heard that a lot of people who opened lolita shops in China say that the fashion there died out in 2019, and that they’re not making any money now. The majority of Chinese lolitas I follow have been in the fashion for a long time now. I hardly see anyone join new, on the other hand hanfu has gotten wayyy more popular especially since it became less fantasy and more clothing like. There’s a lot of people blending normie and hanfu now.

I don’t think they care about it being poly vs cotton as much as they prefer a specific style of sweet.

>> No.10803193

It's a reasonable transition, the same way lolitas used to leave sweet for classic as they aged or how Misako wears more MILK, PH, etc nowadays VS lolita. Pink House is cute and costs a lot more, I've even seen CN influencers doing ootds and styling tips for cheaper out of season PH and stuff. If you're plugged into CN sns at all you can see the shift since cottagecore has become more prominent amongst normies the last few years.

>> No.10803447

You’re right about hanfu. The idol shit is still popular too.

>> No.10803553

I am a PHfag, pricing on the secondhand market has been slowly increasing, I follow PH related tags on instagram and I get so so many chinese accounts suggested to me

>> No.10803560

Ok like, what do you want though. I can get you screenshots of people's comments, but in the end I could just be cherrypicking there. The proof is in the market: SS slots are not selling out, we haven't seen the kind of clusterfuck frenzy of breaking doors at AP shanghai for a while, you don't see posts from famous alt influencers in AP as much as PH these days, taobao lolita styles are shifting to look like PH instead of AP, secondhand market of non-old AP is slow af etc... Unless you're the kind of person that doesn't believe something unless it's written out in black and white text, in consensus, from every chinese lolita poster existing, then the signs are all there.

>> No.10803576 [DELETED] 

is this a tranny print
is cgl a jewish tranny board

>> No.10803593

Oy vey, shut it down! The goyim know!

>> No.10803607
File: 1 KB, 125x125, geιcτ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10803615

Yes it is still the chinese lolitas. using a handful of weibo posts to prove lolita is over in china is silly, because i can find a handful of weibo posts showing chinese lolitas hyped about new releases and speculating on what will be re-released next.

cgl has been churning out discussion on AP dying out for the last 5 years, but nothing has really changed. AP seems to be doing fine.

>> No.10803618

>Given how many of the series they release go into the end of season sales...it might just be that AP is out of touch at this point.

did you know that when OG honey cake came out it ended up on sale? that doesnt mean anything

>> No.10803621

she hasn't even posted any of these posts. and she thinks it's the same group of people wearing something else.

>> No.10803625

>t, we haven't seen the kind of clusterfuck frenzy of breaking doors at AP shanghai for a while,

That happened once and yet AP is failing if every single release doesn't result in breaking doors? IIRC that didn't even happen at the peak of the AP frenzy in china!

theres plenty of taobao brands doing AP-esque and other similar styles, they aren't all shifting to PH style overnight. its undeniable that PH style is a new trend emerging since about 2019, but it hasn't dominated AP entirely.

>> No.10803710

the thing is, even if only a small amount of the chinese lolita community was still obsessed with ap, that would still be thousands of lolitas and enough to sell them out. simply bc the population there is so fucking huge, especially compared to japan or most western countries

>> No.10803714

again, ph trend isn't with the same group who wear lolita.

>> No.10804065

Since AP pleather is bad which sucks because their bags are cute, does anyone know if emily temple cute's bags peel?

>> No.10804105

All pleather bags will peel eventually. Even real leather can peel if you treat it like shit all the time, but it takes a long time to get to that point. I don’t have any etc bags but i can vouch for q pot bag quality, which can be kinda similar in style

>> No.10804156

I wish newfags would understand all pleather will peel instead of coping and giving excuses as to why their bag flakes.

>> No.10804262
File: 366 KB, 1100x552, フォトジェニslide2 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Photogenic Pallet this week
Black is Shibuya and online only
OP is Shibuya and online only
There's also no JSK

>> No.10804263
File: 316 KB, 600x720, risa01-1 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10804264
File: 358 KB, 600x720, risa01-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10804265
File: 277 KB, 600x720, risa02-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10804266
File: 183 KB, 600x720, 03-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10804267
File: 258 KB, 600x720, 01-49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10804278

I actually quite like the print, but why would they release 3 main pieces, and have them all be ridiculously short, 85-89cm? Would it kill ap to acknowledge that people taller than 160cm exist

>> No.10804280
File: 136 KB, 600x720, lv_1662004016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cutsew from this series is actually cute except for the heart cutout on the chest. This jirai-kei type of blouse is fun for casual coords. But that heart cutout just reminds me of those gross virgin-killing sweaters. Ugh.

>> No.10804282
File: 28 KB, 500x500, 4bd0a4b98d9fce4a487656557c3478ffe83e5a196d3cc4e3af9270f1a48a665b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>But that heart cutout just reminds me of those gross virgin-killing sweaters. Ugh.
The original ones don't even have a front cutout? Cutouts have existed on normie clothes forever, heart cutouts in cute and kawaii stuff are so common.

Better for me if less people like them though. I like the heart cutout because it's placed high enough to actually be visible on a JSK instead of covered like some other blouse or cutsew details.

>> No.10804283

bunny hoodie is 10/10

>> No.10804314

Their worst release.

>> No.10804325

I usually don't buy from Paris, but the USD and Euro are 1:1 right now and SS orders filled up a long time ago, so I went for it.

I think I was able to get both the sax and pink brooches. Honestly the accessories are the only good part of this release (pretty standard for nu AP). It was kind of a relief that the jewelry will be released separately.

What did other anons manage to get?

>> No.10804359

I got the heart and bunny brooches in pink. I was trying to holdout and hope there would've been a jsk, but there wasn't so I also got a salopette.

This series was disappointing. There wasn't even a printed headbow.

>> No.10804392

got the salo, parka, heart broach, and bunny hair accessory. I decided to go for the paris shop as I figured this would be a blood bath

>> No.10804491

This is a thematic mess.

>> No.10804518

Did scalpers just give up on AP? I barely see anything listed on Mercari/Fril after new releases anymore.

>> No.10804535

Now you've said that, I've noticed that too. Hopefully they're done now, maybe things weren't selling or they found another niche fashion or hobby to invest in.

>> No.10804565

things weren’t selling and they probably moved onto another platform or niche hobby. it doesn’t help that AP PARIS improved their ordering system around the time the scalping got bad and most people now can get 80% of what they want if they’re okay with paying higher prices to AP Paris. I know I am versus giving it to scalpers after failing at the JP or US website

>> No.10804583

Yeah I'm not sure if scalpers have "moved on" or if there's so little quanity, that nothing makes it to mercari/fril (that happened to Sugar Decorarion).
I hope it's mostly the former though - I'm so worn out from 2020-2021. I never want to go back to that amount of chaos.

>> No.10804594

I wonder if that note they gave out at the releases scared some of them into either being more sneaky about it, holding onto stuff or just not bothering unless it’s something highly sought after (ie Dream Doll when it comes out).
Logically I’d say they’ve moved on to something more lucrative, most releases haven’t been super sought after so they’re not going to have people willing to spend the money to make it worth it.

>> No.10804601

>Dream Doll
Every time I remember that we don't know if this will be a MTO or a Soap Bubbles disaster, I die a little more inside.

>moved on to something more lucrative
In general, I hope this is the case. I feel like I have whiplash from how quickly everything changed during covid, and then now I barely understand what will be popular/scalped anymore because the hype just... left. I used to see lots of people on instagram screaming over the most mundane of AP releases, and now I hardly hear a peep. I don't know if the pandemic really just pillaged the fashion, burned down our secondhand markets, and then left, or what. Are people so fickle that they lost interest that quickly?

>> No.10804602

> I used to see lots of people on instagram screaming over the most mundane of AP releases, and now I hardly hear a peep.
We’re in the middle of an economic recession, food and gas prices are skyrocketing everywhere. And most lolitas (and people in general, desu) don’t have stable incomes or high savings. Naturally demand has gone down

>> No.10804679

Stop spouting misinformation or horse shit theories. Scalpers make up half the sales at AP in store and online. They’re not using JP sites to sell since AP threw a temper tantrum.

They did move on. Why do you say Sugar Decoration wasn’t on those sites? I saw so many of the jumpers and blouses.

>> No.10804683

I saw a handful of blouses and one white JSK. Maybe I stopped looking too soon, but I remember noticing that there wasn't much and I heard people saying the stock was almost non-existent, like Soap Bubbles (except Soap Bubbles had more scalped listings).
It would be cool if scalpers backed off because of AP actually getting mad at them. I haven't seen much of Photogenic Pallet.

>> No.10804695

The scalpers are still buying whether they sell on Mercari or not. The number of scalpers hasn’t decreased in the stores. As I said they moved to other platforms.

>> No.10804769

Since the majority are Chinese, they sell directly to Chinese buyers

>> No.10804839

Do we think we’ll ever get a milky Chan the fawn rerelease or mto? Would anyone be willing to help me type up a very short email to let AP know that people are interested in this?

>> No.10804863

I want the same thing, but I feel like the hope is dead. If Chinese lolitas have moved on, it kills the hype for 2010 sweet. I can only hope it happens one day though.

>> No.10804885

Pay some Chinese girls to email them instead, then they might listen.

>> No.10805464

prophet-chan where art thou ;_;

>> No.10805551

Seconding this. Where is Dream Doll and the Laundry Bunny purse coming? Throw us a crumb, we humbly beg you.

>> No.10805552

When, not where sorry.

>> No.10805565

Maybe if people weren’t cunts about her all the time she’d share more.

I’m guessing it also has to do with delays and such, because AP is releasing accessories after the coordinating dresses, I assume because they’re coming from different factories and they’re trying to stick to schedule as much as they can. But it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they were determining what exactly will be released each week a few days before.

>> No.10805580

Angelic Prophet is my anti-drug.

>> No.10805587

why are you getting antsy anon when I literally said they probably moved onto other sites, learn to read, eat some food before you throw a bitch fit. or at least take some weed for the pms.

>> No.10805602

You are a dumb newfag spouting stupid speculations that even newer dumbasses believe as the gospel truth. Calm down kek.

>> No.10805646

newfags love speculating shit

>> No.10805650

Place your bets, will the dreamy baby room mto ship this month or will there be multiple delays?

>> No.10805665
File: 15 KB, 590x229, 234234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

China just had a lolita con that flopped badly, and the comments are like this.

>> No.10805669

Not gonna hold my breath. Production and supply chain issues , factory delays, etc. are out of AP's control unfortunately.

I don't mind waiting extra time. AP has never outright cancelled and refunded a MTO as far as I can remember. As long as it arrives eventually, all I can do it wait.

>> No.10805675

these comments don't seem indicative of it "flopping badly", anon.

>> No.10805680 [DELETED] 

Having reading comprehension would help, it's under the announcement of their bankruptcy.

>> No.10805681

The comment screenshot was in response to people doubting the decline of lolita, which is what the comment is about (it's under the announcement post of the con shutting down over the lack of demand for lolita in China, so the comments discuss why lolita is dying).

>> No.10805682

Hmm there’s lots of reasons things fail and it’s mostly due to terrible management. I’m not entirely convinced it’s 100% due to lolita being unpopular in china and not instead of shitty management and lack of events in that con.

>> No.10805693

I almost feel like maybe it'll be on time, but then again, it'll probably be the same delay as Nakayoshi Bunny.
I just want the sweet relief of finally owning the pink headbow with the star brooch. I'm still angry about people purposefully splitting the brooches from the jsks/headbows and trying to sell them for $80.

I'll be happy if lolita dies, just so people don't pull crap like that.

>> No.10805695
File: 345 KB, 456x645, 9DA8DABD-F9A7-4EBA-A33F-9E65E66758B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm hoping it will ship this month, but who knows.. I suppose it's likely to be delayed. Considering how lackluster most of the stuff released has been recently, I haven't been buying much, so I'm looking forward to getting my MTO order package from AP. I wonder if they will be announcing any more MTOs once DBR is shipped?

>> No.10805774 [DELETED] 

It’s on time. I just got an email about it. DBR and MBP will be available for pick up by the weekend.

>> No.10805775

It’s on time. I just got an email about it. DBR will be available for pick up by the weekend.

>> No.10805805
File: 229 KB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_20220908-074514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy days are here!
Glad and surprised there was no actual delay

>> No.10805928
File: 379 KB, 1200x602, 9303E4E9-F2AF-4FA7-9B89-9A229C949F45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is that all for this week?

>> No.10805930
File: 393 KB, 1200x602, 0910slide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.10805937

I like military AP

>> No.10805946

All this stuff is starting to look the same to me. I could have sworn both of these were already released (the applique one was at least). What a pitiful excuse for a release.

>> No.10805980

I actually think the top layer of the skirt is neat. I didn't realize the hearts were cut-outs until now. It's a shame that the plaid is ugly. I also like the idea of the plaid fabric for the shirring panel instead of keeping the solid color there.

>> No.10805988

I like imagining the anon in this thread claiming to have deep insight into the China comms is just using google translate...

>> No.10805989

how did everyone do with the US drop today?

>> No.10805994

Completely didn’t realize that Sunny Smile Laundry released today at APUSA, looking for the white headband so hit me with your best upcharge whoever is willing to sell lol

>> No.10806011

no need to imagine, it's true!

>> No.10806013

it's google translated, one is a man and they're not even saying it's dying just that people are wearing it less during summer.

>> No.10806088

I can’t believe this mess sold out online. The bear set makes sense but who would buy this abomination???

>> No.10807037
File: 351 KB, 901x902, 0FBA364D-578B-4A48-A169-5518012613AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can any Japan residents/entomologists ID this fella? Got a Tenso package today and he stowed away in my Lovely Toybox otks

>> No.10807038

oh yikes. try asking /an/

>> No.10807047
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>> No.10807071

Some kind of beetle larva maybe

>> No.10807268
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>> No.10807296

I think the pink and ivory colorways actually look nice, and the heart cut-outs are an interesting construction detail you don’t see often. The brown colorway is ugly though, the pink trim clashes and looks cheap.

>> No.10807305
File: 492 KB, 1200x602, 784EC632-C6B1-416C-84C7-46F1FEEE6D84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Halloween came early.

>> No.10807338
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>> No.10807339
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>> No.10807340
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>> No.10807341
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>> No.10807342
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>> No.10807343
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>> No.10807344
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>> No.10807345
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>> No.10807346
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>> No.10807347
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>> No.10807348
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>> No.10807349
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>> No.10807350
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>> No.10807351
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>> No.10807352
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>> No.10807353

The construction looks like such shit. Really depressing

>> No.10807374

I just like these accessories but not the rest of the release. Might attempt sewings some cute friends on aprons I made for extra embellishment.

>> No.10807390

Every time I try a Paris release, I'm reminded how bad the site is. The reservation system is so glitchy. I've been trying to add an "in stock" item to my cart for 15 minutes. I wish people would just checkout with their damn carts so the whole release would go quicker.

>> No.10807402 [DELETED] 

No yellow Heart Balloon Clip Brooch on AP USA?
The yellow colorway was pictures in their email and announcement (I know it was limited in Japan to online and a single store, but still).

>> No.10807403

No yellow Heart Balloon Clip Brooch on AP USA?
The yellow colorway was pictured in their email and announcement (I know it was limited in Japan to online and a single store, but still).

>> No.10807406

Sorry for double post, but I also noticed there was no yellow for the Bunny Icon patch clip either.

>> No.10807484

Yeah the yellow heart clip was definitely limited, and I think the yellow bunny clip was too - it wasn't specified on AP's site but at least one store I know of didn't stock it.

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