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Who do you consider to be influential in the Jfashion scene? Back in the day there were people I followed on livejournal and tumblr for their coords eg: pastelbat, faunkegin, milkyfawn, etc. but I wonder who would be considered influential or inspiring in 2022. What platform do they use to make content? What about them inspires you?

Post handles or photos of who you feel is inspiring or interesting.

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Nice bait thread

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Don’t care. I miss rose nocturnalia

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probably the only nice influencer.

Realistically I think Lovelylor definitely has influenced newbies into getting nothing but devil inspired and throwing together random stuff in the fashion that doesn’t even remotely blend in.

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Me too

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there are some decent lolitas on tiktok but most of them aren't worth anybody's time. I know a couple who I'm 90% sure have eds but I know they'd deny it lol

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I still can't believe that dumb whale really bullied her away.

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All of the nice and cute girls leave or get driven out by shit stirring itas. When are the bullies going to get called out on their behaviour?

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little never. using social justice as bullying is impossible to thwart.

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If you could only follow 10 lolita instagrammers, which would they be?

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