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Diru an gurei edition

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Any love for Inugami Circus-dan? The lead singer's voice is incredible.

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Love 'em! Inugami Kyoko is an angura goddess/demoness.
Check out Aresz, not exactly like Inugami but the vocalist is like a blonde, grumpier sister of Kyoko
There's not much of them on youtube sadly, and their stuff is not too easy to find online, but their albums are very good.

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WHOA, what a set of pipes! Definitely gonna look into them more

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These threads are so inactive because you guys only follow old and well-known bands. You don't even attempt to check out and new, super active bands because you're stuck in that "new=bad" mentality, despite the extreme diversity in style and quality of current bands.

We also don't talk about the actual fashion/hair/make at all.

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I don’t think new=bad but I haven’t listened to Japanese music in close to 15 years so I just enjoy the nostalgia

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>We also don't talk about the actual fashion/hair/make at all
Why not contribute and encourage these discussions? Suggest new bands to check out or start conversations by asking questions, you can make these threads better

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I would like to get into some new bands, any recommendations?
I like the sound similar to Lareine's.

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How about Glamscure?

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I remember people posting new bands in past threads. Are you ok?

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I like them, thank you!

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You're welcome. I like them a lot. Here's another one I like.

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Bring back mini hats

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