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Well someone in VG decided to talk about it and post a video... its getting juicy and it all starts with this man on the picture...

He has uploaded a video now on his youtube channel talking about it but the TLDR is.

He is mad because girls are manipulating the contest by either offering lewds or rigging the votes between themselves.

What do you think about this cgl?

Link to the video : https://youtu.be/kmaPmtHH7ps

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If that’s his entry then he had no chance regardless, but he does have a point that sluts have been ruining anything legitimate when it comes to cosplay for years now. The faggot coomers who let themselves be dragged around by their dicks are just as much to blame also.

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he's retarded, it was only a meme that he was upvoted on reddit for his shitty cosplay. now he posts it everywhere and thinks hes actually popular. now he's harassing the ladies
they should disqualify him

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Couldn't finish 2 minutes of his inarticulate rambling. I'm guessing he didn't win with his lazy crossplay and then blamed it on cheating from the rest of the entrants who were actual cute girls in cute outfits and now he's unsubtly sharing his shitty drama video here asking for sympathy and understanding.

Most people don't know shit about sewing or propmaking or wig styling. So they go for what they know: "Does this make my peepee hard?"

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Local man find out his haha funny man with beard in dress cosplay isn't actually good

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>be joke cosplay
>be mad that thots are winning a popularity contest

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Not long ago people here were complaining about leading cosplayers as escorts barely in disguise, working the cons to get more clients/sugar daddies. Many were named.

And now you are all fine with it?

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Well yeah, he's right. There's a circle jerk group chat of last year's winners giving each other their 3 votes a day to boost each other up to win again this year and combining their followings and botting. There was already someone who botted last year. You can see it's not even subtle with how they endorse each other in the comments section. This is what's enabling those who would never win to otherwise if there was judges/a fair system to have a spot on the top like that slag in the bikini

I don't even need to mention the fact that Only Fans girl is promising nudes for winning fiasco. Without judges, this contest has very poor sportsmanship that deters newbies from ever having a chance. I certainly wouldn't be one to apply with these facts being well known. A shame for those who actually did quality craftsmanship.

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He's currently winning as the top 20 all get the same prize. Not even in risk of falling out of the top 10, even.

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The circlejerking is pretty apparent, there is no sane world where the girls on the left would ever get more votes than the ones on the right.

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This guy is a walking landwhale who doesnt groom himself or use makeup and just buys a baggy ali express clothing.

Imagine being in the top 10 as a "token fatass dragqueen" and complaining about fairness

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>fat and ugly man loses in dress up contest to actual girls
wow, its fucking nothing

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What's the prize? 50$ amazon gift card?

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This is my first time hearing about this, and I recognize this dude because he's made past effort to post his works in the Discord Cosplay channel - Roon and Akagi - and I respect the grind. But I mean... the broskie should understand a neckbeard doing a crossplay of whats supposed to be canonically sexy feminine characters is not gonna garner as much attention. My friend made from scratch and posted his Bismarck cosplay in there as well with a head to toe effort from make up to silicone booba and got very little recognition. Women will garner more attention for cosplay, thats just how it is. This poor guy should not be so mentally invested in something so trivial when he could clearly be putting his time and energy into better things.

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Most of the people seem to be missing the point here. It clearly isn't about some fat idiot guy being salty. The issue is that some people who aren't even cosplaying can reach the top 20.
I think this is something that would apply to many contests.
Especially if it is year after year of the same people rigging it.

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Sounds like the people running the contest are incompetent retards and have failed repeatedly to establish any level of control or fairness in their competition.

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Well I saw this on /vg/

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File: 844 KB, 3235x3393, __peter_strasser_and_peter_griffin_azur_lane_and_1_more_drawn_by_kowai_iamkowai__8d6e1a3228ab6daf71db031858327435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sounds like the people running the contest are incompetent

Azur Lane's first anniversary on the Iowa had a multitude of people's passwords revealed on stream. This is par for the course for Yostar.
I will still reiterate that he should put his time and energy into better things, but I surmise there is also the path of "there is no such thing as bad publicity"...if he can garner the attention of enough apathetic basement dwelling booba loving mobage whales to be outraged at this.

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all cosplay contests are dogshit nepotism/popularity contest memes. they always have been, always will be.

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The strongest argument against any democracy is a simple conversation with the average voter.

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