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I'm looking for good characters to cosplay who fit my body type. I think cosplay is best when the figure is matched well. Any inspiration would be appreciated

I've considered the Summerween Trickster

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Go to the stupid questions thread you retard.

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this guy got his own thread and nobody bitched at him

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Hey, if you see others jumping off a building, would you do it too? Again, stop being an attention whoring manslut and go to the stupid questions thread.

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im with op why does the other anon get his own thread!

I like that cat tat i might yoink it desu

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It's all yours, friend :^)

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Anon, that thread is full of obviously joke and/or off-topic replies. Plus the latest comment is someone bitching at him. You can't point fingers like a little child.

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The fuck? Do you do a ton of wide pullups every day and nothing else?

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I'm basically untrained, Ive gone to the gym a few times this year

Anyway rec cosplay plz

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kys moid

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fat girl detected

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He has broad shoulders but is essentially skinnyfat. Pull-ups don't change bone structure.

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Mite b cool

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I mean this mite b cool

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a boy from Free!

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Any JoJo Part 4 guy really

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what is "Free!"? this is obviously impossible to google

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An Anime about competitive Swimmers

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What are you on about? There's someone screeching about grooming gangs in that thread

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Cute nipple hair

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What's up with the terrible cat tattoo?

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If i tickle ur nipple hair would u feel it on ur nipple or on ur hair follicles

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i'm only answering this if you're a girl (cis)

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