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Does anyone else see a connection between cosplay and borderline personality disorder?

Like every cosplayer I know has it. I have it too

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Idk maybe you're just in BPD circles, especially if some of them are self diagnosed and being influenced by the others in the group. I tend to hang out with an inordinate number of people with ADHD and/or depression, and I think it's just because I get along with that population.

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honestly now that i think about it, i think all my cosplayer friends have it…. but agreeing with other anon it’s probably partially influenced by people naturally gravitating toward people like themselves.

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Depends if you hang out with a lot of women.
Women into cosplay have a 70% base chance of having a mental illness. That number goes up with factors such as age or even the type of cosplay they tend to do.

For men? I reckon maybe 20% base chance of mental illness.

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I’ve only ever met 1 person with it (that I know of). I just have boring run of the mill depression

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yk I see a lot of people that say they have bpd online but I still dont know how they act differently from a person without bpd. also streamers on twitch can tag their mental illness now kek

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>For men? I reckon maybe 20% base chance of mental illness

You mean men who cosplay? You're kidding me. Men seeking validation through their looks is a red flag of mental illness. I'd say it's closer to 70% as well, they just tend to hide it better and don't post about their craziness on Instagram etc

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As someone with mental health diagnoses (not BPD though), it's multiple things. 1) Being ostracized from your peers as an adolescent because you're "weird" (ie just neurodivergent) leading to seeking out nerdier hobbies 2) Creative types in general tend to have higher rates of mental illness, even if most of cosplay nowadays is less creative and more just buying shit 3) People with mental health issues tend to cluster together in communities, making it seem even more prevalent than it is 4) Cosplay has an inherent escapist/identity play element which would be enticing for someone with a disorder that leads to an unstable self-perception

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dont fool yourself

its 100% regardless of gender

fukin retards

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I straight up don't believe you know that many people with true borderline. It's a hellish disease. Not everyone who is difficult/reactive or who has trauma/abandonment issues is automatically borderline. It's ridiculous that people are trying to get validation by saying they're borderline. Is their pain not taken seriously by others (or themselves?) if they call it things like cPTSD or anxiety?
If everyone you know has borderline, at least take the opportunity to fill up a DBT support group. If they're all peers it would mean they have accountability and the opportunity to practice techniques outside of the meetings.

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cPTSD is basically acquired borderline. They are so close that there's debate on them being the same disease

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>"true borderline"
People can have mild cases of BPD

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>acquired borderline
BPD is acquired, it's not something you are born with

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Some genes can influence the development of it, so people can be born more at-risk for it. But you're right that it's acquired/developed later on.

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I've only ever met one cosplayer who mentioned having BPD in my presence, so I don't know. But there's a very clear connection between cosplay and mental issues in general, so it wouldn't surprise me if it were the case.

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Men who cosplay non ironically are extremely mentally ill

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Cosplaying "ironically" sounds like the gayest shit imaginable

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What I mean is if you go to a con you notice most people do shit very casually
They're wearing a $20 aliexpress costume
Then you have the high effort mentally ill people who spend lots of time or money on everything

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>They are so close that there's debate on them being the same disease
No way, that's ridiculous. I can see cPTSD leading to borderline but to say that every case of cPTSD could be defined as borderline is just not accurate. I have no idea how there could be debate around that.

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>i'm actually one of the cool ones for having a shitty costume

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No I am severely mentally ill and spend lots of money on custom tailored cosplays and making my own props

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based, me too

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How do you find good tailors for this stuff? Locally? online?

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Locally tends to be pretty expensive
I just get measured locally every so often and get stuff commissioned from china

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How is the quality?

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It's a lot easier to find tailors online than locally unless you live in a major city. Even then, you're still probably better off finding one online so you can shop around for preferred quality and prices

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Really depends on what you're getting done
Higher quality fabric means much much higher prices
Everything is going to be polyester or cotton with synthetic leather when needed unless you're willing to pay $400+ per costume
Actually equality if craftsmanship is just dependent on who makes it

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