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Haven't had one of these in a while now, have we?

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lets get some questions going

what's your most worn main piece?
what's your least favorite aspect of old school?
raschel vs cotton lace?
how long have you been wearing old schoo?

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Where are all the posters at? I'll start and dump some images afterwards

>what's your most worn main piece?
Picrel, since I wear it both as an OP and a coat. It's so sturdy and comfy!
>what's your least favorite aspect of old school?
Definitely the sizing. Japanese women used to be more petite and brands less size-inclusive, so you often see 58cm waist skirts and 78cm bust OPs that would only fit a small percentage of short and slender women. Also, how popular it's gotten in recent years - the old school boom definitely affected the prices. On the other hand, there's more fresh content, new old school inspired releases, and older pieces circulating on the second hand market.
>raschel vs cotton lace?
That's like asking who my favorite child is. I love both, but I'll say cotton just because I still can't get over how Meta's cross raschel lace feels against the skin. Protip - avoid it like the plague if you have sensory issues.
>how long have you been wearing old school?
Going on 5 years now, I've never worn anything outside of old school.

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What happened to this girl, Caroline, from the Oregon community? She posted a lot on EGL livejournal back around 2007. She was one of the original "fatty-chan"s and I have been curious what happened to her after Livejournal.

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the good old days when this was considered abnormal. now 200 lb whales are running amok and everyone just accepts it

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>what's your most worn main piece?
A meta gobelin JSK
>what's your least favorite aspect of old school?
Also have to say echo another anon in saying sizing. I'm already underweight and very slim, yet I still struggle to fit into some of my garments comfortably. I would probably have to be downright skeletal to achieve a comfortable fit. At first I was surprised this sizing was ever common, especially because the girls look quite average-sized in old-school snaps. I realize now that even a couple inches height difference plays a huge role in fit.
>raschel vs cotton lace?
It really just depends on how it's used.
>how long have you been wearing old school?
Pretty much since I started wearing lolita. It took me a while to warm up to the aesthetic, but now it's my absolute favorite. So much of the appeal hinges on quality, which in lacking in too many brands these days. A bonus is that it's also generally most far-removed style from the comprehension of normies and tik-tok itas.

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Presenting irrefutable proof that lolitas are instinctively drawn to trees. Treelitas are real.

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Presentation over, hopefully this was an eye-opening experience for some.
I'll be back with more oddly specific image dumps, if someone does enjoy this. I'd also like to request some coords with maxi/tea length skirts.

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this makes it look like trees are recharging stations for old school lolitas.

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that shiro coord on a dirty tree branch? i'd be worried about walking around with a big dirty patch on my ass for the rest of the day

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Anyone buy this skirt (or others) from MAM, or have any better pictures of it? How's the quality compared to oldschool BABY or Meta?

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she's probably sitting on a cloth. it's common to do that when doing outdoor fashion shoots.

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My least favorite aspect of old school is everyone getting into it lol
This is a "who's gonna grab the oldest piece ?" battle

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>what's your most worn main piece?
Sailor OP by meta, not because it's my favorite but because it's by far the easiest and most comfortable to wear (especially in weather like this)
>what's your least favorite aspect of old school?
Thirding sizing and how hard it can be to find lately! Seems like due to the popularity a lot of it almost always gets snatched up, I have pretty good luck getting old school innocent world though (which tends to have a wider range in terms of size anyway)
raschel vs cotton lace?
Both are nice but I like cotton lace best!
>how long have you been wearing old school?
Shortly after I got into lolita (started with moitie pieces), so around 2 years now?

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Dropped pic

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>what's your most worn main piece?
karami jsk, it's perfect for the hot weather where I live and so comfy. Biscuit print sleeveless OP is a close second
>what's your least favorite aspect of old school?
definitely how brutal the secondhand market is, I specifically want that one japanese scalper who posts everything on fril marked up to go away
>raschel vs cotton lace?
Cotton lace 100%
>how long have you been wearing old school?
only about a year! It's the only lolita syle I've ever worn too

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Why did Demonia do this to us? I just want to buy a replacement for my bubble toe clown shoes

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What happened to your old pair nonny? Is it anything fixable?

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I had this skirt in black x white and wasnt a fan. It's not bad quality, but it has too new of a feel to work for old school imo.

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I've worn them almost daily for about 3 years. Both the straps and the sole kept detaching, and I kept taking them to a cobbler, but I think they're pretty much unsalvageable after so many unsuccessful repairs. I really hate that the new Demonias look so generic

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I’ve had the exact same problem as you where the strap keeps snapping and I’ve had it fixed so many times it’s no longer fixable. I’m so sad about the redesign, I won’t be buying the new pair. Doesn't demonia understand that the reason people liked Dolly 01 Ed the stupid clown toe?

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*is, not sure why it autocorrected to Ed

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which ones in particular are you looking for? aliexpress has some similar ones(that i think are knockoffs even)

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Oh yeah, I've heard that many people have this exact problem with a lot of their shoes. It really sucks that they're not great quality, because pre-redesign there used to be nothing like it left on the market. It really made me happy to see that they still carried the exact same designs they produced in the 90s. I even considered emailing them to say how much we love their old shoes

I have the dollys. I've seen the knockoffs on Taobao, but sadly they don't come in my bigfoot size (US 9) and I still prefer the og design for some reason

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Since that large imgur archive is kill and most old school specific blogs are also either dead or host a very small selection of images, I've been thinking of sharing my archive with others somewhere. Would anyone be interested in that? What would be the best platform for me to use? Imgur, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, or something else entirely?

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I would be interested nonny! I recommend imgur to dump them :)

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Please... Pinterest would probably be good

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Pinterest is scum, its why we lost a lot of sources for things. Anything but that.

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nonnies, out of curiosity, do you believe a website created just for dumping, tagging, and filtering EGL images would be successful?

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What's wrong with Pinterest? Genuinely wondering, because I've been using it for a while and had no issues so far

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what video is this from? i remember watching it years ago and idk how to find it again.

>> No.10797694

It's from this TV report. The original video got removed for copyrighted music many years after it was uploaded, so I reuploaded a copy I had saved


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You can't properly search for things on pinterest. Whenever I search for something I get either nothing but crap, the same stuff all over again, or it starts off with good results and then it's nothing but onrelated results. It's designed that way, so it keeps you endlessly scrolling in the hopes, that you actually find what you are searching for. The only good thing about pinterest is the album function. But let's say anon has a huge archive with over 1000 images, it will be a pain to scroll through everything. And you'll have to have the link for that album and anon might private it some day, or some day pinterest drops some stupid url or security changes a la photobucket, where all those good old albums become inaccessible and will be lost forever. Tumblr is the same shit like pinterest to keep you addicted to scrolling and making it almost impossible to search for older content

Flickr would be a slighly safer choice as of now, because if you type in a keyword, you get exactly those results and it would be easier to refind a lost album. But flickr is also outdated as and we don't know about changes in the future

The best option imo would be to create a dropbox link, where everyone who is interested, can just download it. If it gets taken down some day enough copies exist, and someone else can just reupload it.

>> No.10797722

except on pinterest you can save any image to your own album and nothing will happen if it's deleted from the original. there's tons of images on pinterest like old magazine scans that have deleted tumblrs that are still there.

>> No.10797725

The problem with dropbox would be their upload limit, I imagine the archive would become stunted at some point.

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You're the best, anon!

>> No.10798168

Thanks for your input, anons! I forgot to mention that my image archive is in the tens of thousands, so I was leaning towards something like Flickr or Pinterest, where you could separate them into albums by theme/colorway for ease of viewing.

It sucks that Pinterest didn't work out for you, I've been using it as a personal archive for a while myself and found it quite useful! Although, I never use the search function and just rely on my homepage suggestions, which honestly have been spot on for me. I don't ever plan on privating or deleting my profile, however I have had a few scares with their new harmful pin detection system. All of mine have been reinstated after submitting an appeal so far, but it's still worrying. I do plan on uploading everything as a zip file and linking it here, but would also like to curate the collection somewhere online.

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Samefriend, forgot to mention that it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with a program like JDownloader and back up everything you value on the internet just in case. I know we've all been told that whatever you put online stays there forever, but sadly that's not the case. Anon brought up a good point about websites shutting down or mass-deleting their content (still mourning the death of Yahoo blogs and Flash), so it's always good to try and preserve as much of the data as you can while it's still available.

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Samefriend, forgot to mention that it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with a program like JDownloader and back up everything you value on the internet just in case. I know we've all been told that whatever you put online stays there forever, but sadly that's not the case.
Anon brought up a good point about websites shutting down or mass-deleting their content (still mourning the death of Yahoo blogs and Flash), so it's always good to try and preserve as much of the data as you can while it's still available. I'll do my part in keeping my image archive alive, regardless of where I decide to post it.

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this isn't old school

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yes it is

>> No.10798208

are you blind or just a retarded newfag

>> No.10798215

personally I like to use google drive/photos for my stuff... and I can organize pretty decently on it.

>> No.10798216

old school is a style not an era.

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i'm not even the anon who posted it but you're a retard. old school is a style. this jsk was released with the OP, which was a re-release from that era. the only thing i wouldn't exactly call old-school is that chiffon blouse, but paired with the rest of the look, we get what the style is supposed to be

>> No.10798223

trips of truth. old school is a style based on the look of an era of the fashion. it's not like vintage or retro, where it has to come from that time period or something.

>> No.10798227

Something can be old school in terms of when it was released or it can be old school in the way the coord is styled. This is a 2020 release styled in a modern way so it fits neither requirement.

>> No.10798228

it's styled with plain white socks and RHS. you think this whole coord isn't old school because of a single chiffon blouse? kek what a retard

>> No.10798229

They aren't RHS you fucking retard, they're Baby's Victoire shoes which weren't even released until like 2010.

>> No.10798246

God your lack of basic fashion knowledge is painful.

>> No.10798251

The Victoire shoes are literally just (yet another) RHS redesign. Are you being purposefully obtuse or are you some kind of style-blind autist

>> No.10798253

Kek that's like saying tea parties are old school because they're just another mary jane redesign. I just know your coords are shit if you're this oblivious to detail, no different than the girls who pile on tacky Taobao garbage and claim it's "OTT sweet" just because it's all in pastel colorways.

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File: 808 KB, 730x610, Screenshot 2022-08-11 181711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

weird it's almost like tea parties add a giant bow, front and center in a design that wasn't present before, while Victoire shoes just add in a few straps to a shoe design that already came in multiple different designs. weird how those two things are not the same thing at all. almost like both strappy shoes and RHS in different designs were present in old school fashion or something

>> No.10798256

Shoes with giant bows existed during that time period too dumbass.

>> No.10798260

if the blouse was cotton with cotton lace (like btssb's back pintuck blouse or a more extravagant cotton blouse), and there were UTKs with cotton lace (like btssb's ribbon knee socks, any torchon/cluny lace would do) I would consider this old school.

The chiffon really does ruin it for me. The fact that there is no lace on the socks visible also makes it seem like they're just plain white tights, which is too boring imo.
I understand why people say this (the coord) isn't old school.

>> No.10798279

You can see the top of the socks, they're not tights. But I agree the blouse ruins it

>> No.10798283

kys back to tiktok

>> No.10798324

>Implying tiktokers aren't the ones who claim old school is only a style and not an era to defend their ugly devil inspired and XXXL indie monstrosities
larp harder

>> No.10798329

To elaborate on what I was saying here >>10798246

>Vintage: A piece from a specific time period 20 years or older
>Retro: A modern piece or outfit imitating a period 20 years or older and not necessarily accurate to the period it's imitating

If you're going to use them as a key point of your argument you might want to know what you're talking about

>> No.10798394

Actually no, tiktok itas are the retards reeing about shit like proto lolita and thinking VW is essential to old school. Old school is a styling, not a style itself, nor a time period. It's simply based on the look of a time period, but not necessarily from then.

>> No.10798404

>implying early lolita that's separate from the fashion's current canons and rules doesn't exist
>implying VW hasn't been and still isn't a huge part of lolita culture in Japan

>> No.10798408

Sorry you can't afford VW but no one itt even said their RHS were the only ones acceptable in old school, just that those particular Baby shoes are far too modern looking to fit the style.

>> No.10798415

I'm so tired of seeing all those old school cookie cutters. Any old schoolers who aren't boring?

>> No.10798421

Can you read?

>> No.10798429

Is this bait? Any non-cookie cutter old schoolers would get roasted on here, so I'm not gonna post my favorites

>> No.10798430

No because retards like the ones you're seeing in this thread think old school = any solid main piece with white lace.
Can you?

>> No.10798436

I am not talking about anons ITT I'm referring to annoying zoomers. Which, I guess ARE ITT after all. VW is NOT integral to old school. It may be better, but zoomers acting like it's literally a requirement need to fuck off period.

>> No.10798873

Any chance someone's been keeping track of Maid Lane Revue stuff that's gone up for sale over the years?

>> No.10798897

I have some of their items saved

>> No.10798919


Would you be interested in making an imgur or flickr album of it?

>> No.10799183

Why do you wear old school? Do you genuinely like it or do you just want to follow the trend?

>> No.10799196

is old school even particularly on trend anymore? i feel like it peaked in popularity in like 2018-19

>> No.10799200

I genuinely don't like modern lolita aside from gothic, and even then only on others. As soon as I discovered what old school was (shortly after discovering the fashion itself), I decided I'm going to wear it and I never stopped. If anything, I hate that it became popular, because it drove up the prices

>> No.10799213

I haven't liked anything new from brands since, like, 2014. Plus the quality of a lot of old school is unmatched in comparison to modern.

>> No.10799224

it's the only substyle that actually reads as lolita to me anymore, everything else is a bastardization.

>> No.10799231

It looks way more "vintage doll-like" to me, which I find absolutely precious. Visually, its clean but rich in design and texture. Meanwhile, a lot of new school is the opposite, a pretty print on a minimally designed poofy sack (or worse, polyester) and makes you look like a child instead of a doll.

>> No.10799237

There's really nothing exciting or interesting about modern lolita

>> No.10799247

1: nostalgia; I first saw lolita fashion during the old school era and started wearing it back then,

2; the way it makes me feel; after it ended brands didn't commonly make anything that I felt I wanted to have anymore.
Modern lolita just doesn't make me feel the same, I can recognize it's cute but not cute enough to want to buy and wear.

3;modern lolita sometimes doesn't even register as lolita to me; I also agree with that other poster that a lot of modern lolita items just feel like a bastardization.

4; old school is more wearable and more of a street style. Lots of modern lolita seems more costumey to me, despite the fact that old school sometimes also has aprons and stuff. The materials, comfort, construction etc of old school is just more suitable for everyday wear.

>> No.10799251

Pretty much this. Plus it goes over better with normies for day to day wear.

>> No.10799265

agreed. With my old school stuff, whether it's pink or black, I can just say "it's a version of gothic/pastel goth" and normies with no alt fashion knowledge will accept that.
I never get accused of being an age player and I haven't encountered anyone who thought what I was wearing had something to do with a fetish or a kink as long as I didn't mention the word "lolita".

>> No.10799280

Would unfortunately be a copyright nightmare with lots of drama from people being posted without their permission.

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