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>tfw just naturally good at DIY cosplay/finding the perfect components/being creative with it to get a spot-on match
anyone else know this feel?

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I'm attractive enough that I get complimented for wearing anything so I'm lazy

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Nope, I don't believe in talent or "naturally good at".

The things I was making the first 6 months really sucked and then quickly improved.
I always sight inwardly when people say I'm so talented and they wish they were. I always want to tell them it's just putting in the work.

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I'm better than almost anyone at cosplay

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Nobody cares about technical skill
It's all about the face

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What metric are you measuring by?
Sewing skill?
Prop skill?
Makeup skill?
Photoshop skill?
Social networking skill?
Commissioning skill?
Paneling skill?
MacGuyvering skill?
Cosplay contest skill?
Idol skill?
Japanese skill?
Wig skill?
Cobbler skill?
Weapon skill?

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The Dunning-Kruger effect is strong with this one

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i had the massive fall after entering a craftsmanship contest. thought I could just smurf along and then enter as a beginner and stomp all the other beginners, but EVERYONE had that exact same idea so I was humbled pretty badly. the winners clearly deserved the prizes desu, I'm not too mad about it

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Judges can tell and will bump people up categories as needed. I had that idea, too, until I realized that I'll never outcompete people who spent 2 years hand-beading their ball gown

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