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Post you coord to be drawn by our lovely artists!

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First time posting in one of these! I think this photo would be perfect since the background is already 2 dimensional and I would like to match it (^ω^)

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Hey nonnys. Was wondering if someone would draw me. Maybe shave off some extra pounds and put me at a slim 450lbs. Thanks! Can't wait to see your creativity!

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oh wow we have a real celebrity here! how cool! thank you for gracing us with your presents! i didnt know gals like you come around here! i drew you! i hope you like it Teethstchaaan! this is my first time drawing a celebrity. please dont judge me art to harshly <3

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you miserable fucks are what killed these threads and why no one ever self-posts anymore

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This, can you not be bitter fucking assholes for like five minutes? Christ.

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These threads used to be so friendly. People used to comunicate, give concrit, and, well, draw. I myself got a few nice pictures.

What you are doing now is ruining the atmosphere and being a piece of shit. Wanna discuss someone you don't like? There are plenty of threads.

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Maybe shitty people shouldn't be stupid enough to post themselves on 4chan

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Selfpost threads are a cgl staple, newfag

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what shitty things has she even done? post it on the farms or gtfo and stop trying to excuse your bitterness

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it's on btb you retard.

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Let's be real she didn't even self post it's clear someone with a vendetta posted her picture and the other one. And on top of that she literally has done nothing but be cringe at times which everyone has done at some point in their lives

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the single cringey video about sexual assault, made with good intentions? that's what you think warrants this level of spergout?

stop killing this board more than you already have

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I came to this thread expecting to see cute coords and art after being absent for a few years but it’s a cesspool like the rest of the board and now I’m sad.

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This is depressing. Was hoping to draw some folks for fun in between commission work. You bitter weirdos ruin everything.

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Yeah. I wanted to selfpost, but not anymore

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The lolita community is just running on fumes and pure bitterness now, it's always been like this but it seems worse than ever lately. Tjhank christ I'm happy dressing up just for myself and with my small close-knit circle.

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hard agree. it feels like people took “lolitas don’t need to be lovelies” to the nth degree, both on and off anon. like yes, you don’t need to be lovely, but have you considered not being a shit person? i get that this is 4chan but i guarantee that momentum is carried into group chats and comms.

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And here's the thing...we aren't a large community by any means. If you're getting shit on on here and the farms, chances are it's someone you know and is nice to your face spewing said shit. The calls are coming from inside the house. It's why i don't trust anyone. I have a decently large following for a lolita and I'm actually pretty embarrassed to be a part of the community at the moment.

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Did you get posted

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I mean, what difference does it make? I literally just pointed out a repeated pattern that happens in this community. inb4 "sowwy u got posted" you're clearly part of the problem

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Go bitch and cry somewhere else

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yawn same reguritated comebacks that I always see on here. Maybe go try to work on your self esteem and not being a shit person

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What if I want to be a shit person? Whatcha gonna do?

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Nothing because chances are no one gives a fuck about you IRL so just keeping doing you I guess

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not a damn thing because chances are no one gives a fuck about you IRL so just keep doing you i guess

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don't let let them get under your skin.

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no one fucking liked self posters from the time period I'm from

OR trip/namefags. what fucking period are you from you newfag?

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Why she white

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this is so fucking cute

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Thanks anon
Looks better white

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Both of these are clearly hate posts. You know you don’t have to be bitter all the time.

Anyways I did these really quickly in between my shifts. I don’t think either people lurk here but I hope they like them

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you are 100% right about this, and/or it’s someone who met you once at a comm meetup and is basing their hate off of meeting you once

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these look like shit, also you do realize you're on cgl rite. this is a chan board, of course people are trolling. you're a fucking moron and draw like an autist too

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You made her have a beard

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You must be 18 to post on cgl

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The “it’s a chan board” argument is weak because /cgl/ is unique in the culture of vitriol toward a small group of non-celebrity people involved in the board topic’s community, minus boards that are solely dedicated to raiding/doxxing/gossiping—but those are mostly hosted on niche chans, not 4chan. Other boards on 4chan tend to have a sense of humor, and the negging that goes on is to be funny or it’s not all that serious. The vendetta posts made here are extremely personal and made with the intent of hurting people instead of memeing. The difference would be tangible if you spent any amount of time on other boards. So yes, gulls are uniquely terrible and it’s not even funny anymore, it’s just sad.

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sheesh what a vicious post. some mean girls activity itt

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Actually samefagging but I will concede that /vt/ might be just as bad. That’s the only other example I can think of. But the population is men who like Vtubers so they’re subhuman anyway.

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You also realize that draw threads on basically every board other than /ic/ are pleasant, right? Everyone recognizes that it’s a free drawing. If you want something good go spend money on it

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Tinfoiling butI think T-Chan is purposely making fake hate to boost her clout. The postings on Btb, LC, and other sites have to be her being behind it.This is a tactic people used to get attention to their page

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She lurks Check the farm

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every lolita lurks

>> No.10795305

These aren't some secret dark web websites you need an onion browser to access, every lolita lurks. You seem new

>> No.10795310

She told her followers not to lurk 4chan

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didnt you recently make an entire video bout avoiding cgl? and here you are slumming around with the rest of the bottom feeders. tryna get some clout round here wont get you shit. fucking hypocrite.

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>Wants to match 2 dimensional background...
Kek. Little does she realize her personality already matches it.

>> No.10795322

drawing sticks true to reality

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Nonny I don't think this is tinfoil. I think you are right. She's everywhere and I'm sick of seeing her. I come here to get away from the fake activism and constant virtue signaling of wokefags like her.... Yet here she is as desperate and attention seeking as usual. She posts here so she can cry racism when the nonnys make fun of her. It's incredibly pathetic.

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holy shit, no one fucking cares, go cry about it on the farms instead of the draw thread

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imagine being so dumb you think this was a legit selfpost

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I really like what you did with the star border. This is cute and I hope it can encourage others to participate.

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Please post actual coords. I want an excuse to dust off my tablet and draw for once.

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Alrighty then

Let's see what happens

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My scanner is being weird and my hands are shaky but i tried to have some fun.

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Why does the door and surrounding around the edges of this person looks warped and distorted

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it's really sad when people justify being mean for no reason because "lolitas/the community has always been mean!" as if that's okay

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toelita anon where are your shoes from they are so, SO cute.

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shut up autist

>> No.10795585

lurk moar. no one is here to spoonfeed newfags that don't know basic shit

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bpd chan

>> No.10795596

just look up "Melissa Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Marble Angel Wing" anon. unlike others that like to shit up the board I'm very nice and helpful so if you have any other questions anon feel free to ask!

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ty soup!!!

>> No.10795615

Is this… angli_deas?? She used to pose in a spot exactly like that

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Cute coord anon. I ordered the VW winged sandals not too long ago.

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Not a groundbreaking coord, I know, but whatever. Draw threads are my fave, I love seeing all the talented people (coming from someone who cannot draw for shit)

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do itas this ugly really lurk here?

>> No.10795637

This is cute!

>> No.10795642

this is offensive to us bpd-chans who are in therapy and try our best to be good people, anon's just a miserable asshole

>> No.10795647

Did VW x M do a re-release with them?

>> No.10795649

Unfortunately no, I bought mine secondhand. Just waiting for my shopping service to ship them out.

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So, Ive lost 20lbs and was able to wear lolita again. It's not the best coord, but I was happy and had lots of fun with my comm.

If you want to draw it, draw me a bunny head pls =)

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Thought I'd post a coord instead of drawing for once.

Also sorry for the shit pic and pose, this was originally just a coord try on, I don't really take pictures of me outside.

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Oi can i get one too?

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i call this piece "throw a texture on it and call it done" <3

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Awwww thank you, this is so cute!

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I wouldn’t usually post here but I thought this picture was funny so fuck it

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Nonners this is enlarged_capcake

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Quick, scratchy, shit drawing. Enjoy.

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Because of her gravitational pull.

>> No.10795870

you're going to hell anon

>> No.10795892

why do you think, dumbass

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i chose my color pencils in the dark so the hairbows are definitely not the color i would have liked but oh well

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here's this one too

>> No.10795932

Isn’t this the inbred Alabama racist girl?

>> No.10795933

Ayyy that looks cool! Thank you so much anon

>> No.10795934

darnit forgot my tripcode

>> No.10795935

fuck off

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The tiny whiskers are so cute! Thanks <3

>> No.10796136

first drawing. best drawing.

>> No.10796169

>another victim of Starting Strength

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Many thanks and appreciation to draw my coord. Please take liberty to include nazi hat and swastikas. Also other white supremacist dog whistle or KKK. I will be pleased if made hateful as possible. Though not necessary if not of your comfort, simple coord is also nice and will not be mad to see normal coord. Thank you.

>> No.10796178

Please go fuck yourself

>> No.10796370

okay eslchan

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Post your favorite coords recently whether it be from Instagram, dreamwidth, Facebook ect.

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Sorry, I can’t really tell what’s on your head from the picture.

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Thank u! I love those floppy ears!

>> No.10796499 [DELETED] 

This so cute anon!Thank you.

that unironically was my first AP print/dress I ever purchased, I gave it a test run as you can see the tags are were still on the barrette laymao

>> No.10796501 [DELETED] 

This is so cute anon!Thank you!!! I hope you love the wing sandals as I do! They're nice and comfy

that unironically was my first AP print/dress I ever purchased, I gave it a test run as you can see the tags are were still on the barrette "laymao"

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This is so cute anon!Thank you!!! I hope you love the VWxM wing sandals as I do! They're nice and comfy

that unironically was my first AP print/dress I ever purchased. Dreamy Horoscopes. I gave it a test run as you can see the tags were still on the barrette "laymao"

>> No.10796697

Aww thanks anon!

>> No.10796698

you fucked up...

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>> No.10796737


>> No.10796760

im sorry you were tricked into drawing Sainte, anon. for future reference, he has disgusting huge hairy man hands and can't make a good coordinate if his life depended on it as evidenced by >>10795564 so make sure to check for those two things so you don't get tricked again.

>> No.10796772 [DELETED] 

Hi anon, you can show all of us a photo with one of your coords.

I'll even draw for you ^-^
I have various skilled professionals titles under my name, artist JUST happened to be one of then. "Laymao"

>> No.10796773

Hi anon, you can show all of us a photo with one of your coords.

I'll even draw for you ^-^
I have various skilled professionals titles under my name, artist JUST happened to be one of then.

and don't forget, I have the largest AP collection in the states, undisputedly so.

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File: 1.03 MB, 1574x2098, 454E0E44-B322-4A38-81F8-B8A3970A5503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd be very happy if one of you nonnies was kind enough to draw me! do whatever you want with the face

>> No.10796805

i will sure draw you anon when i have the time this week.

>> No.10796815

money can't buy taste which is obvious by your coords. "laymao"

>> No.10796819 [DELETED] 

Show us one of your coords I dare you.

I'll draw you if it's worthy

>> No.10796820

That was my first dress and time trying on lolita "laymao"

Show us one of your coords I dare you anon
I'll draw you if it's worthy

>> No.10796823

>I have the largest AP collection in the states, undisputedly so
watch out everyone we got the next jahr over here

>> No.10796825

he really thinks this simply because he splurged during covid. when we have lolitas with 6 figure jobs who have been in the fashion for almost 2 decades.

>> No.10796826

having every cut and color of all of the recent shitty AP MTOs isn't the flex he thinks it is. No one cares about the amount of stuff you have when you look like shit wearing it. Like putting lipstick on a pig, it's comical.

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>> No.10796841 [DELETED] 

another discord minor you're trying to groom, Sainte? kek

>> No.10796842 [DELETED] 

Nah I don't groom people.
they're actually older than me and I'm 180

>> No.10796844

Nah I don't groom people, I don't know where you get that idea from its random but ok

>> No.10796995

this is unrelated, but I'm pretty sure she's the only person who owns my dream dress. knowing that it's going to collect dust in her closet for eternity, since she probably doesn't even wear the fashion anymore but still won't sell any of her pieces, is truly depressing

>> No.10797016

Might wanna put your hands behind your back or smth when you take pics, it makes the maleness super obvious.

>> No.10797095

I don’t understand?

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semi related to the thread

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