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This thread is for sharing your feels.

Previous thread:

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I had a panic attack yesterday from extreme loneliness granted I was pretty high after years of not having any friends it just came at me like a truck. I moved out recently I didn’t really “talk” to my parents but it was nice having ppl around you yk? I don’t really like big changes it’s hard getting used to a new routine especially one so bleak and lonely. I thought about adopting a cat off the streets but I dunno what the pet policy is where I’m at now. There’s this cat Alice that’s been around my parents’ neighborhood for years now. I think taking care of a pet would be a way to keep me grounded and my mind from drifting somewhere unpleasant. I might start dating again it doesn’t have to be long term ig just learning about someone’s life and living with them sounds like picking up a new story or series to follow. but unlike a story or series you cant just stop a relationship right at the good part so that in your mind the characters all live happily ever after. They say ignorance is bliss and I believe it. I been having all these flashbacks of idiotic decisions I made in the past and it’s like if I just took a step back and thought about it before I acted I wouldn’t be plagued with all these regrets. sigh

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Anon look up the pet information lol
And go on meetup.com and find a local meetup or club to join
If not local, look for online sessions. Don't give up if they don't go immediately well.
You need social interaction or you'll continue to break down. And I don't mean social media. Like people who you regularly talk to about funny and dumb stuff.

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I think I’ve fallen out of love with lolita. I’ve worn it maybe 3 times in the last 3 years and always feel really awkward when I do. I also find most coord pictures boring? Except for a couple individuals where I just like their style/vibe in general, I just want to unfollow anyone that only posts lolita content. I attended a meetup for the first time in years because I wanted to try the venue anyway, and the secondhand embarrassment from the ‘culture’ was real. I feel bad for thinking that way because some of them were nice people.

I still like some lolita adjacent brands a lot (stuff like Milk, old Emily Temple Cute) but I really don’t style them in a lolita way at all. I think my interest is shifting towards Western brands but I just don’t know what’s out there.

This wouldn’t matter so much except lolita’s been such a big part of my life for years so I feel a little lost without it. I’ve become known for it in my circles but it’s such a chore for me to wear it now.

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>secondhand embarrassment from the ‘culture’

Why is culture in quotes when you know damn well there is a culture?
This sounds like your own personal issue for judging people who are simply enjoying themselves. You’re dissatisfied with your life in general and trying to cast stones and blame other things for it. But really it’s probably better to leave, instead of sitting there like you’re any better and less ‘embarassing’ than everyone else

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No one is forcing you to be in the fashion and chances are you don't look that great in it anyway. Now sell me your burando at low prices.

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I distanced myself from my local comm and the online community a few years ago and feel great about it. It feels like too many lolitas online make lolita their entire personality. That’s probably why they take it so personally when anybody criticizes lolita and not them specifically kek

I prefer to hang out with friends who wear a mix of lolita and other styles. And if I want to talk about my hobbies I’d rather talk with passionate normie friends than a lolita who only has a surface level understanding

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>too many lolitas online make lolita their entire personality
no, most of us just realize that people follow us for lolita and don't care about our other hobbies. that why private personal accounts exist

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why don't you just reach out and make lolita friends with the individuals you actually like instead of going to comm meets and hanging out with a bunch of unfiltered weirdos?

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who cares about follows

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Almost all women?

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I meant lolitas I speak to, not random lolitas on social media

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I meant lolitas I spoke to, not randoms on social media. And Even if I didn’t the point still stands >>10790784
>>10790801 are great examples

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I joke meanly on cgl but I'm much nicer to people in my comm. Don't use other people as an excuse for your disinterest.

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you didn't even say /cgl/ you moron

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Distancing myself from my comm and social media doesn’t mean I’m not wearing or not interested in lolita, can you tead

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How do I tell my friend that I jerked off to his sister's spicy cosplay Twitter without him making it weird?

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why do you need to do that? sounds gay.

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someone left their shopping cart behind my car at Costco >:(

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I'm sorry you had to go through something so traumatic! How are your cats doing?

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Literally just don't tell him you imbecile

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I wish society would up and pass a law to kill drug dealers, rapists, child molesters, and sociopaths already. Many criminals commit a crime because they feel they're morally excused or because it is just too profitable compared to the punishment. The punishment being a few years in a place where they network with eachother.
Just fucking kill them. They are not Jean Valjean. They cannot be corrected. They only pile up. Fucking kill them. That's the only way to stop them.

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I'd like to add traffickers to the list.

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As much as I would love them all erased from existence if there was no doubt they did these things, I don't trust the the justice system and investigators to not be lazy. You sometimes hear reports of people in jail who end up being innocent and that's freaking scary.
So I think an alternative could be to put them in prison but to prevent them from networking.
Maybe isolation, no contact with the outside world, and only contact with prison employees.
To prevent them from going absolutely mad give them video games and tv.
That way if they end up being innocent then at least they haven't lost their mind.

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I just feel like he has a right to know

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kek you forgot to drop you name, faggot.

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Who are you talking to? You can talk to me if you want :)

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Eh a lot of the "innocent" people probably are guilty, it just gets picked up by the media as "innocent man sentenced to jail" based on some technicality and to push the narrative that black men are just picked on for absolutely no reason.

I'm with >>10791221 there are too many people on this planet, nobody is going to miss them and way too many of them get pardoned or something.

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I do lots of other things in my life besides lolita. I’d have the same reaction if someone posted that they played volleyball but felt secondhand embarrassment at other people laughing and throwing balls around. don’t be shitty and don’t have a woe is me attitude about it. No one is forcing you to play volleyball or do lolita, just leave if you don’t enjoy it

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Dude you’re a fucking creep

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you're clearly one of the annoying comm members anon is talking about. did someone ghost you or something?

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I'm okay with the death sentence in cases with irrefutable evidence, like clear footage of the criminal doing the act.
If you can't trust the media you can't trust the legal process either. There are too many lazy and corrupt cops out there. Some of them don't care if they get the right person, close enough will do.
I'm not saying these people in the reports that say "innocent man in prison for x years" are necessary innocent people, they're just not guilty of the crime they're in prison for.
They might be guilty of petty theft for example, but are in prison for a murder they didn't commit.

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If anon was happy with how their life was going would they really be bothered by lolita culture or how their comm members are acting?

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Nobody has ghosted me i’m just an uptight bitch. I’m enjoying my comm and my frilly fuckin dresses, more than you can say

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big ita energy.

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>go to tekko
>find really cute boys cosplaying as my husbandos
>too shy to say a word to them
wouldn’t they like if a girl approached them…? im an idiot and the con ends tomorrow

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Literally go up to them tell them you like their cosplay and ask for a pic, come on anon do it.

>> No.10791304

>approached them
Define approached

>> No.10791305

unfounded reaching

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nothing is happening tomorrow other than a flea market that me and my friends are going to, i doubt the specific two will be there
one was a lelouch that was in a smash tournament and he was so cool i tried saying "go lelouch!!" to cheer him on and i don't think he heard me
like going up to them and talking to them about their cosplay

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only itas don't realize that comms can be full of annoying, unsavory people. many lolitas only use comms to pick out people who are worth being friends with and then leave. most lolitas in comms are shallow.

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Sounds like projection from you. I’ve been in a few comms and people were pretty chill. Sorry you hated your former comm. I don’t get why you’re so upset about people liking their own comms and thinking they must be ita if they do lol

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NTA but you sound ita as fuck to me also. Lonelitas aren't uncommon, stop being so threatened by them.

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happiness is achieved by cutting out annoying whiny people not by tolerating them?

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Are you happy anon?

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actually yes, i’m happy and i want other people who want to improve their lives to be happy too. which is why i don’t like seeing angry gulls who fling shit at people trying to get away from bad influences.

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I think you missed the point though? People were taking offense at original anon shit talking other people and calling everyone ita, which is what toxic people do. Nobody gives a fuck if you want to be a lonelita or not.

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she said she disliked the culture, not the people in her comm. and finding coords boring isn’t the same as calling them ita. you’re the ones who took offense and started calling her judgemental, accusing her of being dissatisfied with her life, and saying she looks bad in it.

this analogy doesn’t make sense because playing volleyball is an inherent part of playing volleyball. being in a community is not an inherent part of lolita.

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I agree that cutting annoying people out of your life is effective.
I have extremely low tolerance for cringe behavior and very easily get second hand embarrassment so you're preaching to the choir here.

It's just that when people are happy or at least not dissatisfied with their life stuff (like annoying or embarrassing people in their com) just doesn't bother them that much. It will slide off you like water does from a duck's back.
A few annoying or embarrassing people in your local com is no big deal, and definitely not enough reason to quit interacting with the entire com.
You can always figure out which meetups have the annoying/embarrassing people or not, or arrange meetups on your own, or just go to a few meetups to make friends with people you actually like and exclusively hang out with them later on.
My local com used to be hugely embarrassing in the past (like at least a third) and I still managed to make friends to hang out with exclusively.
Now my local com has mostly people who act normally.

If the majority of the com is comprised of annoying or embarrassing people (unlikely but still possible) you can be a lonelita and there is nothing wrong with that. But the idea to quit wearing a fashion entirely (even on your own) because people in a com contributed to falling out of love with lolita seems a bit extreme (like the OP suggested).
Hopefully that OP will find the love for their fashion again and can separate their feeling for the fashion from their feelings for their local com and lolita culture.

Or maybe they just don't love the aesthetic anymore and other people have nothing to do with it. That's fine too, it's just a hobby. There are other hobbies that are worthwhile.

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Manowar said that not trying is like having tried and failed. Just talk to them. Worst case scenario you drop spaghetti and nobody remembers you because you were one person in one con over the years.

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i love jfashion and lolita but i cant pursue it and everyone hates me bc im a tranny

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I missed my dream dress on CC yesterday. I've only seen it pop up three times on the secondhand market since it was released and I missed it every single time even though I religiously follow CC and WW update times. I couldn't afford it when it was released because I was a student back then and now that I have all the money in the world to spend on lolita I just can't put my hands on it. It's so frustrating.

I know it's "first world problems" but it's the feels thread and I needed to vent out.

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I've never encountered a tranny who calls himself a tranny so this is most likely bait

>> No.10791361

not bait, i call myself a tranny all the time

>> No.10791384

This is pretty common actually. Same with lesbians calling themselves dyke.

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Finally got below 50kg. Just wanted to see if I could do it. Somehow doesn't feel "earned", though. The travelling and then falling sick helped a lot, I think. After that was just reducing meal sizes. I didn't even go for a jog.

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same, walolita and mori kei are cute but I can never wear that stuff

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>now officially part of a 200k youtube channel about cars where I participate with my costume, with a lot of networking
>appearing on a lot of media because of another costume of mine
>made friends with a cool girl that shares a lot of things with me, already invited to go with her and a hot cosplayer friend that does a character i have a raging boner for
>invited to a big event by one of the convention organizers next month

It's been a good time, anons. My worries about finding a cosplay girl to fool around with have dwindled... I know I will get it sometime, with my exposure to the media and my chill vibes and chill approaches to people.

>> No.10791521

I hope you don't get a rebound effect anon.
My weight loss sometimes doesn't seem earned either. For example I ate too much (in my opinion) for a while and then I still lost weight.
Not that I'm complaining. I just thank my metabolism for not being shit right now.

>> No.10791525

What car channel?

>> No.10791596

Can't say.

>> No.10791616

Not even a hint?

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very empathy of you anon thanks. the cats are fine they come around less and less tho. the oldest cat, the tri color one, that I met a long long long time ago is still alive and kicking! I just fed her like an hour or so ago.

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>stuck in a massive creative rut for 2 months
>finally end up getting the motivation to get a cosplay out
>literally no life the cosplay over a week, from drafting the pattern to getting the two pieces out
>try it on with wig
>feels like the moment harry potter got his wand in HP1, fucking angelic

the shit feels and looks SO sick I'm still over the moon about it.

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I am happier just to read what you said

>> No.10791668

Coming back like we didn't just see you talking about telling your friend you're jacking it to his sister

>> No.10791685

I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR FAKE SOUP POSTS. I dont have any friends therefore no super hot cosplay friend sister to jerk off to. you know what im starting to believe that you're the OP of that post you friend sister jerkoffer.

>> No.10791688

you deleted it bro. if it was fake you wouldn't have deleted it.

>> No.10791707

you cant fool me I know your schemes. you know in my light novels only the bad guys uses schemes. you wouldnt want the title of being a villain attach to you would you anon? fight me face to face like a real man bitch. LoL aram, valorant, tetris, chess or we could meet somewhere and box irl. if those influencers can do it I think I should be able to knock a few noggins.

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She literally was calling people ita for liking their own comm in later responses, unless that was some other anon who got buttmad and decided to whitenight her.
I think that being in the community is an inherent part of lolita but we can agree to disagree.

>> No.10791974

Yeah dude, you sperging out like that totally isn't the behavior of someone who'd tell his friend they jack it to their sister. You're a fucking creep dude, you act all "uwu i'm so awtistic" but you're a total sex pest.

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You sound pretty ita.

>> No.10791987 [DELETED] 

Hi cousin, i did that the other day with all my groceries in the shopping cart... I didn't realize until I drove half way home.

When I came back the cart was pushed over and my biscuits were stolen :(

>> No.10791990 [DELETED] 

>How do I tell my cousin that I jerked off to his sister's spicy cosplay Twitter without making it weird?

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>new convention happening this week
>first mentions of it is in december 2021
>it is only announced on may with a whole event for the announcement
>e-sports company is behind it
>get a lot of influencers and people from the local cosplay community to promote it, but even then they fail to generate hype
>even renting a famous convention center, two weeks after one of the biggest comic cons of the year
>they begun this week to distribute free tickets through the local town hall
>a few hours ago a shitstorm is in motion on social media, with other influencers pointing out absurd rules such as toilet paper, 'portable electronics,' pen and paper not allowed inside the convention, and if confiscated, it will not return at all
>there are people on social media complaining they worked for the company making the comic con and did not pay them
>artist's alley folks saying that there are huge fines if they do not using their internal payment system inside the convention
>mfw people are comparing it to fyre festival
>mfw people are thinking this is some sort of money laundering
>mfw the huge shitstorm

I'm witnessing something epic and i'm laughing so hard at it because some people who deserve to get fucked by being attached to such a shitshow were part of the advertisements for this. This is going to be epic.

>> No.10791995 [DELETED] 

>How do I tell my cousin that I jerked off to their spicy cosplay Twitter without making it weird?

Anon why would jerk off to your cousin?

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> I think that being in the community is an inherent part of lolita but we can agree to disagree.
Just dropping into the conversation. I respect your opinion, but I’m curious why you think this way?

My way of thinking, autistic as it may be, is this: Wearing lolita for oneself, without the need for others participating alongside you, without the need to be observed, is to me the peak enjoyment of lolita. That’s not to say that people with comms and lolita friends are lesser than. But I find that solitude, that resolve in yourself and your decisions, to embody the “spirit” of lolita. Lolita is selfish. Lolita is personal fulfillment. Lolita is indulgence. That looks like different things for different people. To me, it looks like minding my business and wearing my clothes every day. I feel no desire to associate with other people (aside from occasional anon posting) just because they wear the same style. So as you can imagine, it’s surprising to me when someone else expresses that a community is an integral part of the experience.

>> No.10792001

NTA but I don't get the attitude that the community is integral either. While I love my lolita friends, I was equally happy before I joined a comm and we all have other common interests. If we only had lolita in common it would be so boring. I think I can give or take the community and organised meets. I just like dressing up cute for myself.

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>going to a con this weekend
>gained some weight so my small sized cosplay doesn't fit perfectly
Everyone will think I'm fat

>> No.10792006

im not sperging out though im totally nonchalant. if our posts were dialogues from a light novel I'd be the calm unbothered mc while you're the whiny side character. not even childhood rival level yet noob. read up on your lore nerd im not autistic my niece is. there's nothing wrong with liking hot babes it's perfectly normal
I dunno bruh calling me cousin here sounds like a setup to me. not very cousinly of you Sainte.
>i did that the other day with all my groceries in the shopping cart...
at least you got most of your groceries back sucks about the biscuits. did you go back into the store to get a replacement? the first time I ever bought some biscuits, like ones where you have to bake them, was when I was living with my ex. she also showed me how to pop it open. shit made me jump. when she did it she place it on the counter and poked it with a spoon but I think you can just twist them open. maybe it was a pull tab I forgot

>> No.10792008 [DELETED] 


Oh hey cousin soup`
Nah、I did not get them again because they were already checked off on my shopping list. You can^t buy anyone more than once at the groceries if you checked it off.

>> No.10792009

Well i’m just not thinking too hard about it because i don’t care that much either way but to me lolita is a community of women making spaces for others to express themselves, plus the rest of the lolita stuff such as interest in tailoring, quality control, etc etc. i personally don’t think I can separate it from just being ‘fancy clothes’ . To me, you can wear lolita. like those kink people can just wear lolita, if you don’t associate with anything related to the community. but I don’t think you ARE a lolita, in my personal viewpoint, and you are free to have a different viewpoint.

>> No.10792024

failed my nofap streak I wanna castrate maself

>> No.10792031

Yes, it's just "fancy clothes". It's not that deep. Lolita is clothing, it can hold whatever special meaning to you but it doesn't change the fact that it's just clothing. The only requirement to be a lolita is to wear the fashion.
Participating in a community isn't an inherent part of being a lolita, especially since there's no real culture associated to it like goth or punk. Just because we wear the same fashion doesn't mean we share the same interests, I for one couldn't care less about sewing or tailoring. Now I'm lucky enough to live in a big city where I can participate to official events but as nice as the women I meet there are, we have absolutely nothing in common besides the fashion and I see no point in keeping contact with them afterwards. I've been wearing the fashion on an almost daily basis for fifteen years and I find it amusing that according to what you said, someone like me doesn't qualify as a lolita but someone who only wears the fashion to take pictures for Instagram and/or to go to meetings or events does.

>> No.10792032

You're allowed to masturbate and it's not a moral failing if you do, you know. Get off the internet and stop listening to incels, or go to therapy if you have a legitimate addiction problem.

>> No.10792034

having sex with yourself is inherently immoral and sinful. Lust itself is a mortal sin.
I do have a legitimate addiction problem

>> No.10792036

>…if you don’t associate with anything related to the community. but I don’t think you ARE a lolita
There are so many other “lolita culture” related activities that don’t involve being involved in a comm, though.
>owning and reading GLBs/KERA/other fashion magazines
>ingesting lolita and lolita-adjacent media, be it kamikaze girls, rococo documentaries, anime like gokinjo and paradise kiss, the list is endless
>having extensive knowledge of the fashion itself
>decorating to align with your lolita style

The list is essentially endless. But your point is that, a lolita who does all of these things and wears the fashion every day isn’t a “lolita”? With all due respect, you’re correct; you haven’t thought about it very hard.

>> No.10792094

Ah, I see, so you're not only brainwashed but also retarded. My bad. Good luck with your nofap journey that will always set you up for failure until you change your mindset

>> No.10792111

>Wearing lolita for oneself, without the need to be observed, is to me the peak enjoyment of lolita. I find that resolve in yourself and your decisions, to embody the “spirit” of lolita. Lolita is selfish. Lolita is personal fulfillment. Lolita is indulgence.

This to me is the "spirit of lolita" as well. Or rather I would like to add that wearing lolita for yourself, for the right reasons (kink/sex is not the right reason, neither is attention), is what makes someone a lolita.
I don't think someone needs to engage in lolita culture (reading certain magazines, watching certain shows, certain other interests/hobbies) either to be a lolita.

There are benefits for me to engage with the community. Especially the exchange of information regarding releases, quality/reviews, etc. I enjoy engaging with my local comm for those same reasons but just because we have one hobby in common doesn't mean we're automatically friends or friend material. I've never had more than 2 lolita friends at the same time.

There was a time when I wore lolita at least 5 days out of 7 but didn't take pictures (didn't care about them, no skills, didn't make time in the morning). 1~2 days out of 7 I was just home in my room wear and I didn't want to get any lolita room wear.
For a long time now the online lolita community is very much "pics or it didn't happen" to the point where people assume that if you don't share coord pics you're not really a lolita and shouldn't really join the conversation even if you share pictures of stuff you bought and write reviews.
That was one of reasons I learned to take pictures but realized as soon as I started I just enjoyed taking pictures and looking at them even if I didn't share them. I don't wear lolita as often any more as I used to, but when I started sharing pictures the community considered me much more of a lolita.
I can't say I blame them though, it makes sense from a security perspective.

>> No.10792126

>I just enjoyed taking pictures and looking at them even if I didn't share them.
Yeah, same here. I just get to surprise myself on google drive with 'this time last year' pics. I don't have social media. The closest I get is occasionally sending a pic straight to a friend.

>> No.10792138

It's crazy how much being visible online to others is what's considered one of the most if not the most important thing in "being a lolita" nowadays in the eyes of others.

Because even if you are a lonelita who wears it 24/7 if the online com doesn't see you wearing it you're basically not a lolita as far as the comm goes.
The current online comm isn't for people who don't want to take their own pictures or don't want to appear in pictures.

I understand that the comm wants to see coord pictures because otherwise they feel like they're wasting their time by talking to someone who might not even wear lolita, and I understand that seeing people's coord pics can help keep the creeps out.
However, with the way things have been going lately that doesn't really keep the creeps out since a lot of mods don't want to ban obvious predators/sissies because they're afraid "could just be a trans woman who doesn't pass yet, I don't want to assume the worst, I want to give the benefit of the doubt".

Like the Caleb situation when he tried to enter the budget fb group. You probably don't know anon since you're not on social media, but others might know exactly what I'm talking about.

What are the reasons you're not on social media anon?
I'm not saying you have to, I'm just curious.

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>It's crazy how much being visible online to others is what's considered one of the most if not the most important thing in "being a lolita" nowadays in the eyes of others.
Social media is a plague lol

>Because even if you are a lonelita who wears it 24/7 if the online com doesn't see you wearing it you're basically not a lolita as far as the comm goes.
Yeah I'm in the camp where I view it backwards. The concept of being A Lolita vs wearing lolita. Personally I wouldn't feel right calling myself A Lolita unless I was an everyday lifestyler. Like I the people I know who are A Goth, it shows even in their casual outfits. They're sleeping in a band shirt with chipped black nail polish, dyed black hair, and a jangle of piercings.
Since I wear normie clothes (even if it's often more dressed up than my peers) I feel weird saying I'm A Lolita. Maybe it's a no-true-scotsman thing. I'd never correct someone who called themselves as much.

>What are the reasons you're not on social media anon?
Primarily privacy and safety, secondarily effort, tertiarily perfectionism & fear of judgement
1. I hate the idea of getting doxxed, of men just being able to message me and/or get parasocial (I've never received a dick pic or death threat, I want to keep it that way), of being Seen by people who I don't want to interact with.
2. Effort! Time! I spend enough time on the internet as it is.
3. Perfectionism: when I initially migrated from myspace to facebook, I was very attentive to how I posted that would be received well by friends, family, teachers, church members, future employers. I also had a fear of looking vain and like an attention whore (likely due to exposure to 4chan).
I stopped midway through highschool. I'm in my late 20's now

>> No.10792151

It's not just about "social media", it's about showing people in general, even when I'm just out and about. It's a art that is meant to be observed to be appreciated. I want to feel like a storybook main character, like a princess or witch. If I just wanted to feel fancy I would wear expensive clothing like every other rich person.

>> No.10792157

>it's art
kek, no.

>> No.10792159

>fashion design isn't art
in what world

>> No.10792161

frumpy girls in weird dresses aren't art. sorry. you sound so fucking pretentious.

>> No.10792165

Even cooking can be an art. Sorry you don't know anything about the fashion world but fashion design is literally a visual art.

Maybe when you wear it, it isn't

>> No.10792166

I'm sorry but thinking you're walking art is pretentious ita shit.

>> No.10792170

Is a painter not a painter if she leaves all her artwork in her studio?

>> No.10792172

I understand what you mean about your personal definition of being a lolita vs wearing lolita.

I also understand your reasons for not wanting to be on social media.
I used to dislike that fact that anyone including people from my past could just look me up on fb and gawk. That's why I had privated as much as possible and didn't post on my fb much (2 or 3 times a year). For years I only had a fb because one of my friends thought it was important that I have one so I could read all of her posts.
She has deleted her fb and other social media once she had kids.

Some comms on fb required that all members show certain things on their fb (such as the face as profile picture rule, and you must have x amount of worn coord pictures visible on your fb).
So that was something I had to accept if I wanted to join certain lolita fb groups. The side effects were pretty mild after posting pictures on my fb. An acquaintance (who is married btw) suddenly asked me out. An ex made a friend request. Some passive aggressive backhanded compliments from someone I used to go to high school with. And there was and still is the occasional message request from some random guy.
No dick picks or death threats yet.

I'm a perfectionist but trying not to be since it sucks the joy out of many things.
I try not to overthink any fb posts I make or put too much time into taking pictures.
No filters/shooping either for me, that's a hard line and I won't cross it.

>> No.10792174

I don't wear lolita fashion with the goal of being seen by random people outside. Any attention (positive or negative) from strangers who don't wear the fashion is unwanted.
I consider it an unwanted side effect of wearing lolita in public. It hasn't deterred me yet though.

>> No.10792241

Ok pedo

>> No.10792262

no, it's lolita as fuck. behold my beauty, normies

>> No.10792263

she's still a painter but presumably she'd want people to look at her paintings. likewise, you're still a lolita if you don't post on social media, but isn't it obvious why others would want to?

>> No.10792265

normies aside, if you post on social media, you're seen by many more other lolitas who wear the fashion and can appreciate your coords.

>> No.10792273

It's fine to want that for yourself. What I'm saying is silly is a requirement that others want that too.

>> No.10792282

Is it weird that I'm kinda bummed my coords haven't ever been posted in an ita thread?
When I first started 13 years ago they were super bad, but I never took pictures. I've improved a looot since then, but they're far from phenomenal.
My colors match, things fit fine, and everything is cohesive, but they're overall pretty average.

I wear only super sweet, and so they're pretty unimpressive compared to a lot of ott looks
I can't explain why, but I kinda keep hoping I'll get posted to an ita thread one day. I mean, I'm kinda fat and not very pretty so I'm easy picking...
I scour through every ita thread looking for myself and low-key get disappointed when I'm not there.

Anyone have any theories? Cause I don't get why I feel this way...

>> No.10792291

You probably want to be seen and acknowledged and think that negative attention is all you can get/deserve, and/or any positive attention is a lie

>> No.10792300

Honestly most submissions of nitpick coords to the ita thread are either vendetta posts or self posts. Be the change you want to see.

>> No.10792309

I heard a nice song about two mortal enemies being friends. I wish one of you manhaters were here so we could sing it as a duet.

>> No.10792332

people use 4chan as a way to selfharm sometimes.

>> No.10792350

one day imma fk your mom. she’s going to leave your dad and we’re getting married (me and your mum). every time you even THINK of responding to me, after marrying your mum, you’re going to have to refer me as ‘papa’. but NO do you think it’s that simple? you’re not only going to refer me as ‘papa’ but you’re going to call me ‘papa soup’

im so bored someone post something relatable

>> No.10792375

That's the only reason I post my coords on social media, so other lolitas can see them/interact with me about them and we can all enjoy the fashion together.

Do you normally rarely/never get concrit on your coord posts despite asking for concrit?
I could see that being a reason why you would want any feedback on your coords at all, even if it comes from places like the ita thread.

>> No.10792398

>I wear only super sweet, and so they're pretty unimpressive compared to a lot of ott looks
I 100% prefer toned down to OTT

>> No.10792441

post yourself. that's what 50% of the other posts are

>> No.10793055
File: 424 KB, 1078x1600, 7-o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, I'm just shilling Shinju no Nectar now, but is she the perfect character to cosplay?
I mean, not only hambeasts are able to cosplay her
But also...

>> No.10793059
File: 510 KB, 1079x1600, 29-o (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...thin and busty women

Also, anime when?, even tough it won't cover the Sha

>> No.10793066

Just do it
And if you want to transist, at least, keep your dick
Or be very sure about it, that you want a neovagina

>> No.10793067

kay pedo

>> No.10793079

Been experiencing a lot of weird health problems recently, and it’s getting annoying since I can’t enjoy my summer since I keep getting sick. Down there has been aching a bit inside recently and today I had some blooding discharge with what looked like little chunks of flesh within it? It definitely freaked me out. I know it can’t be a STD since I’m not sexually active but it really freaked me out, I’ve never had anything like that happen before.

>> No.10793081

doctor, now!

>> No.10793181

eat it

>> No.10793189
File: 685 KB, 2048x1825, 20150408WHITE-slide-L0ZB-superJumbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lowkey want to cheat my trad wife with my cosplay crush. I'm really tired to her for not supporting my struggle, living in her idea where she doesn't want to fix the society and only care for herself is pathetically egoistic. She likes to ordering and complaining around. Instead of being submissive and breedable, she's be like, "anon, please do X" or "anon, please don't do Y". My finance are gone shit compared to before my marriage life. I've been fallen for trad wife meme so hard I kinda wish I want a divorce.

Should have marry my cosplay crush at the beginning. She has 10/10 body, cutiepie chink, rich af (her father is a real estate boss). I could be living like a king if I was marrying her.

>> No.10793197

An old comm that abused me has been having me isolated for years. People I haven’t met or ever talked to hate me for no reason because they manipulated a situation to use against me. I always wanted to speak out but I’m scared knowing what they did to other people for no reason so I tried to take power back and have peace of mind. It didn’t work and makes me feel sick I betrayed my own feelings. Anything about them sends me into fight or flight mode and this made it worse. They went out of their way to hurt me when I wanted to heal so they made me afraid and paranoid of anyone wearing these clothes. I wish people wouldn’t judge from one sided rumors.

>> No.10793358

A miscarriage, from you being a HARLOT

>> No.10793480

Must be an immaculate conception then hehe

>> No.10793506

I have so many good memories of frequenting /cgl/ daily in MS-HS as a lone lolita to save pics, look at concrit, keep up with online comm BS and find out about cool vintage mags and rare pieces, so I'm so pissed off about the state of this board now. What kind of fucking idiots let this become a borderline fucking red board for people who don't even fucking participate in either hobby to get their rocks off to the ugliest white chicks in shitty ebay halloween costumes? Do you motherfuckers not know what bait is anymore? can't fucking figure out how to sage? All the jfashion threads are full of normies and the most basic 2013 bullshit misinformation too, y'all are a goddamn disgrace. It's gotten to the point where you can't even scan the fucking catalogue without wanting to rip your fucking eyeballs out

>> No.10793529

I hate being white. Privilege doesn’t make up for being ugly.

>> No.10793621

haha newfag it’s summer so everything is chaotic rn due to all the summerfags(that’s what we call anons that just discovered our secret club this summer). everything will return back to normal once school starts again.

>> No.10793700

stfu soup, it's always summer on this board. what's your favorite kind of soup?

>> No.10793752

your question reminded me of one of the worst rotten food smell I ever smelled. If you’re going to make something and forget about it make sure it ain’t chicken noodle soup. I left that shit in a thermal in my car for over a week by the time I pop the cap open it was horrible. anyways I been craving egg drop soup lately. what’s your favorite soup anon?

>> No.10793816
File: 25 KB, 408x408, yodabreathe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw my lolita friend in non-lolita clothes for the first time and she's got a dumptruck ass.

>> No.10793823

was searching something on google and somehow ended up on the farm. took a glance at it and saw a familiar face on the front page. havent heard about pt in years cant believe she's bald and a man now. I wonder what she's going to change her name into I hope it a weeby one.

>> No.10793830

petticoats can hide a multitude of things.

An acquaintance thought I had a big ass because he only saw me in lolita and didn't know how petticoats worked or what they were. He was surprised when he saw me in normie clothes, my ass is pretty flat.

>> No.10793894

I tried a century egg recently and that shit smelled like industrial sealant. my favorite soup is pho, but I'm too lazy to make it, so I just think about it sometimes.

>> No.10793903

is he retarded? petticoats are obviously fabric to anyone with two eyes. it's not a fucking bustle

>> No.10793908

>century egg
I googled it but I never had any eggs that dark before. I might have had something similar but white and orangeish. is it really salty?
>my favorite soup is pho, but I'm too lazy to make it, so I just think about it sometimes.
are you the same anon that said pho was your favorite when I posted that pic of some pho awhile ago? pho is great I didnt really consider it a soup when you asked me that question.
>but I'm too lazy to make it
oh snap anon knows how to cook pho too sheeshhh. is your pho how they say restaurant quality anon? I think my favorite viet soup is bun bo hue. low key think people would like it more if it had a simpler name.

>> No.10793912

Some people are obviously ignorant about these things.
Just like men who can't tell a woman is wearing makeup when she's not wearing blue eyeshadow and red lipstick.
A while ago I spoke to a guy who was looking at before and after photos of a woman's makeover, and he said the makeup was amazing because it erased her wrinkles. I had to tell this dude about filters.
God dammit some guys are idiots.

A petticoat doesn't show when it doesn't peek out under the skirt. We (you and I, other lolitas) know it's there, but some normies don't understand where the volume is coming from.

We think it's common sense but a lot of guys just don't understand because they've never had an interest in those things and haven't been exposed to the knowledge.

>> No.10793918

how lonely are you? don't you have actual friends or family to talk about this inane shit with?

>> No.10793938

wdym? my posts has always been whatever

>> No.10793967

You shouldn't cheat your wife, but you should consider divorce if you're already this unhappy. Definitely don't have kids. Most people don't want trad life anymore for a reason, I grew up in a pretty traditional area and these relationships 100% of the time ended up with the man resenting the woman for "doing nothing all day" and the woman resenting the man because she's financially beholden to him. It's pretty rare to see a happy wholesome team.

>> No.10794041

Ok pedo

>> No.10794055

if I make you angry enough will you make a lolcow for me anon.

>> No.10794195

If thinking pedophiles like you are disgusting, then so be it

>> No.10794290

i went to a local con today and when i went to the desk to buy tickets they were sold out there and online and i guess out of spite i spent 6 hours sitting at the hotel lobby where it was taking place at

>> No.10794294
File: 508 KB, 891x1071, 1659115516070836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cringe. Why didn't u pre reg

>> No.10794307

i was gonna go for one day so i didnt think it would be necessary

>> No.10794328


>> No.10794338


>> No.10794342

It's pretty depressing that the only thing I've been looking forward to with main lolita brands is rereleases for like, a few years. Baby has put out some good shit but 80% of their stuff isn't even my style.

>> No.10794383

>Most people don't want trad life anymore for a reason
care to elaborate more?
and why there's a trad wife meme scattering around in /fit/ and other social media?

>> No.10794385

went to a con and realized I've never had a female friend

>> No.10794409

Literally no point in telling him retard

>> No.10794426

my metabolism is completely fucked from on/off eating disorders my whole life and i'm trying my best to lose weight. i'm not obese but in the slightly overweight category and it makes me so depressed. i have my weight constantly talked about on the farms and people have gone so far as to post old photos when i was literally starving myself and running for an hour a day and taking adderall and comparing them to my current body. i'm starting to fall out of love with lolita as a result. i don't know what to do, currently I do intermittent fasting and do weights 2x a week and cardio 3x a week. i'm trying to be patient with myself but all i can think about are the horrible things people have said about my body and i just want to give up and sell my wardrobe at this point. i don't even care if i'm giving myself away at this point; feels really bad man.

>> No.10794429

I'm kind of happy saving money, I had been spending a lot buying both secondhand and new, now I have a decent wardrobe and just try to think of new coords with old items. All I buy is accessories and old pieces

>> No.10794469

I think this is a part of why I’m losing interest. Part of the fun was getting excited about new releases, but there’s been nothing to be excited about for a while. The AP laundry dress is cool albeit gimmicky, but I don’t like the materials. I like some of the Baby classical stuff I guess, but it’s all rereleases. I want to travel more so at least it’s good to be saving money for that.

>> No.10794552

Sometimes I feel really fat and ugly but then I look at popular lolitas in their normie clothes. Instant confidence boost.

>> No.10794562

I think you might just be fat and ugly

>> No.10794565

How does one should deal with someone that is a cosplayer and makes sure people know about their political opinions?

>> No.10794571

Maybe a bit by normie standards. Every time I see a lolita in regular clothes they’re either really bland, have unfortunate faces, weird proportions or sometimes all of it. It always looks like lolita is the only thing they put effort in or ever look good in so it’s a little bit sad.

>> No.10794622

Depends. Are they based or pozzed?

>> No.10794623

as you know, most people who make sure others know their political opinion is either a leftist or a MAGA Trumpist

>> No.10794738

sucks to be you ig

>> No.10794740

Social media just isnt fun anymore. It hasn't been for a long time. I miss tumblr and even deviantArt,, I don't like partaking in lolita communities online because it's mostly newbs posturing and trying to attain clout by one upping each other. Where's the fun in that when I'm in my late 20s,, I didn't make very many friends online when I was younger. I'm not in any lolita group chats though I know a few exist,, I'm thankful I have irl lolita friends but it does get lonely online not having groups to chat with, mutuals to comment on, online events and challenges,,

>> No.10794743

It's a meme because society is fucked up and people have this nostalgic idea about past traditions. It doesnt work for a few reasons:
1. Obviously, most people need dual incomes nowadays to get anywhere. Even if you don't necessarily need it, it sure makes things easier.
2. Before/after kids are in the picture, there just isn't really a while lot of work to do around the house. Women's work made sense when washing machines, dishwashers, pre packaged foods, and so on didn't exist. There's just not a lot of work to do around a household unless you're trying to run a homestead. You can hire a maid to clean once a week and get everything done in two hours, why would you want essentially a full time employee on call to do that instead? Both men and women subconsciously realize this and it ends up with the women suspecting they are useless and feeling insecure, and the men getting irate that the wife has it easy while he works so hard every day, etc.
3. Lack of stuff to talk about. The women in this situation usually spends a lot of time on stupid bullshit like Facebook, shitty tv, etc. They get out of the house less and less, causing them to feel depressed. They become harder to relate to because they don't do anything all day.
4. As previously mentioned, the unequal financial arrangement also causes resentment.
There are a few more reasons but I've got on enough, it works for some people and it's good when you have kids or like a homestead but in the modern day it's generally been left behind for a reason.

>> No.10794757

>Women's work made sense when washing machines, dishwashers, pre packaged foods, and so on didn't exist.
you mean in the 1700s? kek.

>> No.10794780
File: 131 KB, 595x445, smokinganimegirl4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to my first ever con in a week
>wanted to do cosplay
>ordered my stuff weeks ago, spent over 300$ in total for my whole cosplay
>It finally arrived
>looks like fucking dogshit
A chest piece is way too small for me, the boots are fucking massive and don't fit me, everything looks like trash. I tried putting it on today and almost cried. I have spent so much and been waiting for this con literally all summer. Its literally all I have been thinking about since June and now I am not even sure I will attend... I feel fucking sick...

There's always next year I guess... but thats so long ago. Fuck...

>> No.10794787


>> No.10794792

Well mate, this is one of the reasons to make your cosplay. The other being that we who make ours look down upon those who buy theirs. What is your cosplay anyway.

>> No.10794841

I can't help but feel like the trad guy I'm dating will feel embarrassed if I wear gothic lolita with him. He expressed liking it in the past - he asked for a few coord pics when he drew me a portrait and told me I looked very pretty, but IDK

>> No.10794849

Yes you are


>> No.10794867


>> No.10794880

I was hanging out with group of cosplayers, most of them have partners or are gay so I knew better not to go there.

Event went on fine and everyone had fun. Girl B mentioned to another friend that she cheated before but she’s not my type anyways plus she took her boyfriend with her to the event.

Day after the event I found out that one of the girls slept with one of the gay guys and is now making the gay guy the bad person as the girl A had a girlfriend. Girl A had shared this to Girl B, which I assume is a made up story and now Girl B is getting the gay guy cancelled. She cheated herself and she’s now covering for her cheating bff. That poor gay guy has now went hiatus.

Also I know Girl A is lying since she’s posting a lot of things on her instagram, how happy she was at the event and lots of ig stories. The times she posted coincides with the time she’s doing it with gay guy. I’m sure she’s the one who led him on and is now just feeling guilty about it
>just realised I posted on wrong thread

>> No.10794904

maybe in your fujo heads but news flash this is IRL
not relevant but tyler willis and keemstar would be a perfect power couple.

>> No.10794916

pot calling the kettle black

>> No.10794934

okay Laura

>> No.10794936

I have seen the post from the guy just now. I thought I should check here for any news and there it is. It’s against 4chan rules to drop ig handles so I will not use, but girl A is girl Ari isn’t it? It’s not the first time they were being promiscuous.

>> No.10794937

Finally made a friend who I could be close with and the more time I spend with them, the more I see how dumb, negative, self-absorbed, mentally ill, gossipy, and weird they are. They have an issue with anyone and everyone who even looks at us when we’re out in Lolita. I feel sad about the situation and I’m trying to just keep our interactions around Lolita. I understand that there is some level of autism involved with wearing Lolita, and I have my own faults too, but it just makes me sad I haven’t been able to make friends with someone on the same wavelength as I.

>> No.10794945

>They have an issue with anyone and everyone who even looks at us when we’re out in Lolita.
this exact thing has put me off getting to know an acquaintance of mine, too. seething over every single polite normie who asks for a photo or pleasantly makes small talk with us is just not well-adjusted behavior.

>> No.10794946

you spelled it wrong. also it's obviously someone baiting by LARPing as her

>> No.10794948

lara does post here tho

>> No.10794950

im sure she does, but no one is retarded enough to make it that obvious by literally talking about the farms

>> No.10794958

have you seen her tiktoks? she mentions the farm by name constantly.

>> No.10795006

exactly, she has no reason to come here and expose herself when she has another platform where she is protected from immediate criticism. you either have to be the dumbest person on the planet to take that bait, or you're the one who posted it

>> No.10795019

Your friends are retards. Also "gay guy" isn't exactly gay if he's fucking female consluts

>> No.10795021

tl;dr fags are drama

>> No.10795068
File: 3.46 MB, 480x360, period.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well it's almost Christmas.

Four years since Christmas 2018, when my only brother gave up cosplay forever after he poo'd in his $600 Devil May Cry pants.

>> No.10795219

>want to cosplay anime guys
>they all have no jaw to speak of, and an "almond shaped" chin
>i have a square, angular jaw

I got some pics back and it looks completely off the mark. I've seen some other people cosplay a character I did (girls crossplaying) and their softer chin looks a lot more on the money for the char. literally 90% of anime chars all have soft chins, too.

>> No.10795243

cosplay video game guys instead, they usually have more masculine looking faces

>> No.10795458

we had capital punishment for basically all of human history and it has never stopped people from committing crimes. in fact rapists in particularly got punished less because their victims felt bad about accusing them and the courts would drop any case without half a dozen eyewitnesses because they were petrified of killing an innocent

>> No.10795622

Just because it didn't stop all crime ever doesn't mean it doesn't work. In fact, that it's been used for "all of human history" kind of proves it works. Our ancestors weren't all retards who just did things for no reason.

>> No.10795623
File: 56 KB, 520x720, EanICeD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only western video game characters

>> No.10795625

I was diagnosed with DID today. I'm still kind of reeling, but it sure explains why my wardrobe is part AP sweet, part moitie goth, and part bimbo.

>> No.10795636

I just got scammed out of 250$ by some chink.
Its not that bad. I feel kinda sour but whatever. At least I learned my lesson and its only 250, could have been a lot worse

>> No.10795643

What happened?

>> No.10795658

Too embarassed to say, but its cosplay related so I still wanted to post about it in the feel thread

>> No.10795673
File: 1.84 MB, 2500x2500, lolita doomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the girls in my comm are theming out one after another

>> No.10795689

Cool, I've been being treated for DDNOS for a couple years and haven't gotten a solid diagnosis. Congrats on your DX, it's always an interesting feeling. Similar boat as you though, AP sweet, old school goth, masc yohji kei.

>> No.10795690


>> No.10795692

what does this mean

>> No.10795705

but anon, I like weeb characters :^(
I've been putting off western video game guys, because I mostly go to anime cons. might need to dust em off since I look like a fucking Skyrim Nord cosplaying a twink half the time

>> No.10795788

Idk most people irl are insufferable leftists so you’d probably be fine, just stay off 4chan.

>> No.10795793

I do that from time to time, it’s pretty easy to get people to insult you when you are a hideous creature like me.

>> No.10795794

Try fighting game characters.

>> No.10795808

Yet she knows if she just stops acknowledging it that it will get better but she still posts about it daily. She’s not that bright.

>> No.10795831

Sounds like they’ve gone genderspecial (themlets)

>> No.10795965

>finally make my first cosplay instead of buying it
>Worried about everyone thinking it looks like shit

>> No.10795996

Another interracial couple ended with murder. Now the media are bleating about femicide again. Forget that the man was a drug user from a culture that says women shouldn't even have the right to education, vote, and choose their husband. There aren't any kinds solutions proposed either. It's another PR built on someone's death.

>> No.10796028

Sometimes I just want to disappear from the lolita community with no explanation. I wish I were a lonelita. My local comm annoys me, but I’ll still go to events because I don’t have that many friends outside of lolita nor do I have much better to do. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells with the whole Instagram community (Yikes), and I’d like to say I just generally disagree with most people in other groups like Facebook, or Discord. There’s so much drama everywhere, “x starts petty fight with x for doing x thing that does not matter whatsoever” and I can’t take it anymore. It’s ridiculous and it makes the fashion feel like a chore when it used to be fun. I guess the community aspect might just not be the right thing for me, as I don’t feel like I fit in. I appreciate the friends I have made, but I’m so tired of pretending to like everyone else.

>> No.10796046

DID isnt real fuckwit

>> No.10796103

Sauce? Want to read up on this

>> No.10796107
File: 30 KB, 128x123, wrinkled pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my first con in 2.5 years
>probably the only con I can attend since there aren't any fall/winter cons in my country
>my arms/shoulders are so fucking fat despite my mid section being pretty flat
>3 weeks left till con

It feels like it's fucking over, I'm way too bulky, I would have to like fast for a week before the con to have any semblance of hope

>> No.10796132

>I would have to like fast for a week before the con
Don't do that anon - you're not going to lose any fat in that time frame, but you're almost guaranteed to feel like shit at the con and won't be able to enjoy yourself at all. Reconsider your overall lifestyle, diet and the amount of exercise you get and show up looking better next time.

>> No.10796289

Why the fuck is it so hard for people to just apologize? Acknowledging shitty behavior isn’t a bad thing. Admitting fault isn’t a bad thing. Everyone does it. It’s fucking normal. What’s not normal is pretending to be incapable of hurting others or acting like a victim 24/7. Just because someone wrongs you doesn’t excuse you from wronging them. I like people more when they can admit fault or doing wrong. I like people that are willing to correct their mistakes and be better. I have 100% more respect for ppl that can admit their actions.

Im so sick of hearing one sided drama and being expected to hate someone out of bias. There’s always another side to the story. Dont know why it’s so hard to not get other people involved too. don’t use others for boo hoo cry baby therapy if you aren’t paying them!!

>> No.10796355

Guts from Berserk?
Dark Schneider from Bastard?

>> No.10796357
File: 76 KB, 720x900, FRQu6ebXsAMX_Um.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found that picture which discribes weeb girls
Can you agree?

>> No.10796363

I can only relate to the dildos and books

>> No.10796374

Oh sorry didn't realize you were a psychologist

>> No.10796412

DID is the new tiktok trendy "unprovable" illness, we know you don't have it. It's not a fun party full of imaginary friends even if you do have it. It's a trauma response and doesn't work like your trendy tiktok influencers act like it does. At best it's like you have PTSD and blackout and people around you think you were drunk. Alters aren't real DID barely is.

>> No.10796418


Nayrt but...
>It's a trauma response!
>It isn't real!

You can only pick one.

>> No.10796434

I didn't say it wasn't real, did I? Lrn2read.

>> No.10796630

Scrotes think girls like dildos because they see them in porn

>> No.10796874

Maximum respect from me, its hard to find truly authentic individuals like you these days.

>> No.10796882

i definitely feel this way too! it's so freeing in my opinion.

>> No.10796888

Nayrt but I also didn't know you were a psychologist thats crazy

>> No.10796895

>defending tiktok trends

>> No.10796961
File: 92 KB, 1280x720, standing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, it's sad to see that i'll be literally the only one in my whole cosplay field (star wars) who is going to be the that guy that you know they got a disability because his father is still a present figure even if they're 24 years old and they're clumsy as fuck even outside the costume itself.

>> No.10796967

you must be 18 to use this board

>> No.10796969

Having imaginary friends in your head doesn't make it any less samefagging.

>> No.10796970

I wish my father was a present figure in my life :(

>> No.10796985

Oh, I emphatize with you, anon. I hear that every now and then, specially from the old school folks.

>> No.10796993

It is literally a tiktok phase, I promise you not every middle schooler on tiktok and twitter has a real severe mental disorder because they said so and anybody saying otherwise is a ableist hater or something. Am I supposed to take the middle schooler DIDer seriously because they have the entire cast of mha as imaginary friends or what

>> No.10797093

have you gulls every visited /lgbt/? it’s kind of like old /cgl/ over there only gay.

>> No.10797116

Where do I find some girls to talk to. I just want to train to be more sociable.

>> No.10797134

I have been working out for about 4-5 months, have been inconsistent with my calorie deficit but I hoped to at least lose 4kgs or something.

Just went to a boys place for 2 days and he doesn't eat anything but ice cream, I'm vegan so I didn't try any.

Lost 2kg in two days.

This makes me a little sad even though I probably just lost water weight. But just to think that its that easy, just eat less or eat almost nothing makes me think I'm fucking weak and could already be down the 15 kg if I had tried enough

>> No.10797157

>go to con
>feel good
>people take pics of me
>feels good
>talk about anime
>feels good
>get home
>see comments on pics posted of me
>oh no
>see the people posting themselves in basically just a cosplay wig
>thousands of likes
cons are fun but I swear, social media makes the whole thing not fun retroactively

>> No.10797170

I don't want to give my location away even though I am anonymous.


>> No.10797205

God I’ve been digging into DID YouTube and such and all of it comes off as so fake to me.

I’ve watched some dissociadid videos and she comes off as an annoying theater kid to me but all the comments are like “omg you’re so valid, I love your littles, they are sooo cute!”

It just comes off as too complicated to not be an act to me and I know a shit ton of mentally ill people. Maybe I’m just an out of touch boomer but something just seems off to me about most of the stuff I come across.

And I feel like regardless of if it is real or not, therapists are going to run with it because they are just liberal, everyone is real and questioning people is bigoted types.

>> No.10797215

Yea right? Basically real DID is like blacking out with PTSD but doing things you don't remember. People treat it like they have super cool roommates in their head. It's the new kinning trend all over, but with a hard to disprove mental illness. Some therapists treat patients like they're just silly kids going through a phase and give them a diag for basically no reason. It's fucked up. Therapists have always been fucked up though, doing shit like "uncovering memories" and other things that turned out fake.

>> No.10797216
File: 427 KB, 1125x2436, 2D444529-AA7E-419D-8E06-C52C10ABE7D2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And like all the comments just reinforce it’s all just a game to me, like mental illness isn’t something where you act like this.

No one who has a mental illness and is trying to “educate people” would put up with people going “omg your mental illness is so cool, wow the fragment your mind created due to extreme trauma is soooo cool”

>> No.10797218

Went to my first con, seeing people out in cosplay and being asked to take pictures with people while in costume was a high I haven't ever felt before.

>> No.10797235
File: 12 KB, 276x204, 53A08630-5198-4DAA-9A91-9660D2410D86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what did you do to the kitten?

>> No.10797241

/lgbt/ is a shithole where a bunch of narcissistic trannies jerk each other off and not much else.

>> No.10797381 [DELETED] 
File: 496 KB, 2048x2048, 23968F85-CF43-4959-BFD6-7B50B6989C7B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know nobody cares about this but me, but why did Demonia do this to us?

>> No.10797392
File: 47 KB, 503x666, rxxjhgjre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw a couple sitting in the back of their suv playing with some of them awhile ago. they somehow got one of them to sit on their lap. the calico grandma cat that I first met is still around chillin in the backyard at night with the tux one and the yellow one
I learned a new term today. pooner that's another word for a girl lol p o o n e r

>> No.10797406

When I feel this way, I decide to step back for a month or so. If I feel better after that month and don't want to go back then I stick with it. That way you can try it out and don't have to commit to anything, just say you're taking a break and evaluate how you feel later.

>> No.10797412

i post coords on social media but i pretty much disengage from any sort of "heavy" conversational topics with people who aren't my trusted friends. it's a nice balance because you don't constantly feel like you're on eggshells

>> No.10797436

Please respond

>> No.10797439

You don’t, if you didn’t make friends in high school or college, good luck. Unless you attend church or some shit.

>> No.10797440

>tfw a good amount of people actually wanted pictures with me in my shitty cosplay
>didnt think anyone would so i didnt think about poses
guess il remember that next time, i genuinely wasnt expecting to get stopped a bunch

>> No.10797447

Thanks anon. I’ll try.

>> No.10797448

Yeah I literally had tape on my cosplay and was completely drenched in sweat, but people still wanted to ask me for pictures. Guess people don't notice nearly as much as we'd think they would.

>> No.10797449

Went to my 2nd con in a while with buddies outta state i liked it and all my buddy picked up someone's instagram
Im still wondering how they did that it kinda just went over my head i dunno
There were lots of cute cosplayers but i still don't understand how you would meet / talk to them even in like the arcade areas

>> No.10797451

Is this with regards to the sex scandal with iridescent idols? Cause half of London probably heard about it now.

>> No.10797453

Nta but can I get a rundown? Googling it turned up some stuff about the Vatican selling a bulding and The Sun imploding.

>> No.10797455

One cosplayer decided to cheat on their partner but regretted it the next day and is sobbing to everyone that she’s been a victim of abuse in an attempt to make people like her instead of hate her for her cheating. I was initially on her side but she, or our common friends at least, kept changing their side of the story. From her being abused and used, to the other person actually asked for consent the whole way but she was too drunk to say no, to it was all consensual and she wants to move on from this already. I’ve heard about this from three other friends and two of them don’t cosplay. People like their gossip and it’s spreads quite fast with idol community

>> No.10797460

Come on, the nerds at cons also all have gfs. It can't be that hard to meet people outside of you social circle

>> No.10797475

I have heard about it as well. I have also seen the idol group post about it in their socials.
>The members are posting about how happy they are at the event
>at the same time talking about defending their member and how this is not ok
reeks of double standards and typical attention seeking behaviour

>> No.10797476

If you’re training to be more sociable, talk to guys first.

>> No.10797495

And yet it is.

I don’t know how people make friends irl these days if they aren’t still in college. It’s easy to make acquaintances but actually friends? No.

>> No.10797505

Lolita feels dead. Secondhand sites feel dead. Hype for new releases feels dead.
I want to go back 5 years.

>> No.10797525

Ignore it, it’s the same fake other kin or head mates that people made up for attention 10 years ago

>> No.10797526

Finally, I have money, time for lolita to die.

>> No.10797533 [DELETED] 

This is what happened to me. I missed out on so many amazing pieces, because I was still in school when I started wearing the fashion. Now all those dresses nobody wanted get snatched up within seconds or go for $400+ on auction, if they ever do show up

>> No.10797534

This is what happened to me, except I feel like lolita has become too popular. I missed out on so many amazing pieces, because I was still in school when I started wearing the fashion. Now all those dresses nobody wanted get snatched up within seconds or go for $400+ on auction, if they ever do show up

>> No.10797539

Just gotta only buy Chinese lolita. Become a community outcast.

>> No.10797544


>> No.10797545

But i already have tons of guy friends
I just dunno how to speak I guess without sounding really socially awkward

>> No.10797546

Then you just gotta cry instead. Or get into a new fashion.

>> No.10797547

Then stop talking ain’t noon want to heardyou

>> No.10797552

Quiet esl

>> No.10797553


>> No.10797554

If you can talk to guys then you can talk with girls. Treat everyone the same and think it. The moment you think people are differentiate by their sexual organs then you’re the one making it awkward. Like how you ask guys what games they like, do the same for girls

>> No.10797562

Nope. One of the reasons it's dead is there is nothing to buy. I used to be requesting things with my SS every day of the week. Now I can go months without a single good item showing up.
People aren't selling. We're all just hoarding, waiting for better days.

>> No.10797563

Cool, great and awesome. Time to get deep into vintage clothes instead or something I guess.

>> No.10797566

I guess its just mental then

>> No.10797573

I just got home from vacation and back to my scale, and not unexpectedly, I've gotten even fatter. I really need to fix myself, but I have doubts I'll be able to do it.

>> No.10797575

Oof same I gained a pound or two when I went to a festival. Gotta try to reach my ana goals.

>> No.10797577

You can do it anon. Sometimes it might be disheartening to see slow/no progress, but it's all willpower.

same. i just found some instagram account with a think lolita who is absolutely my goals

>> No.10797580

Gonna do a somewhat strenuous hike later so that should help. Been trying to hike more to build stamina cus I’m weak and burn some calories.

Better than the pandemic days though, I put on like 30 pounds which I’ve mostly gotten rid of.

>> No.10797584

Nice! Having more muscle mass always makes it easier to lose weight because of the increased calorie consumption even when at rest. That's the reason people get fatter when they get older: decreased muscle mass

>> No.10797586

>you just gotta cry instead
That's what I've been doing as I drain my bank account by routinely buying $100 pieces for $400+
>get into a new fashion

>> No.10797605

I fucked up and combined ivory fabric with white lace on the collar.

>> No.10797623

In a coord or a sewing project? Ivory x white coords can look really nice imo

>> No.10797630

A sewing project, I totally forgot that i bought ivory fabric when i was buying lace

>> No.10797646

Tell that to Ari or Idol Momo, and her idol group members/fans from Iridescent pretending to be her friends but is actually telling on her to other cosplayers and idols. Pathetic
Just ask them which show they’re cosplaying from and ask them where you can see more of their cosplays. These cosplayers absolutely love new followers and would give their socials so fast

>> No.10797683

I'm trying to gain some muscle for a future crossplay (not a ton, but enough to fill out my upper body) but I have a pretty major surgery coming up in October that will mean I can't exercise for 2 months or more and is going to fuck up all my progress

>> No.10797686

I wonder if seasonal homosexuality is a thing. I have a bunch of kinks that come and go including being lusted after by a manipulative power bottom femboy. Good thing they go away after a wank. It would be hell to actually live them out and other people would get hurt too.

Are you the lesbian who wants to cut her tits off? If you can't gain enough muscle then you can always crossplay a reverse trap. Are you petite?

>> No.10797688

kys pedo

>> No.10797692

I kind of feel you on this. I'm making an ivory skirt, but had to order all the lace off Taobao, so I couldn't tell if their definition of ivory matched what I had. I bought all white lace and plan to dye it to match my fabric, maybe you could do the same?

>> No.10797703

Okay Bonna Belle. Maybe hold back a little on your sexual encounters and cheating stories. We all know you’re the one talking about Ari on her back. Are you enjoying that your ‘friend’ is being humiliated and branded as a liar?

>> No.10797704

Please. I have enough self respect to not name myself after an Adventure Time character. I would go for something sweet or dignified.

>> No.10797708

You seem to know a lot for someone that is not you

>> No.10797709

I have a penis.

>> No.10797710

Good on you.

>> No.10797711

I mean I'm not that or any woman. Idk what you are saying I know. But I love to hear gossip so tell me.

>> No.10797719

NTA stop bringing your idol drama here. If I can understand much from reading both here and on BritFag thread, so can you. Just connect the lines from there and stop dragging it. I know you lots are trying to figure out who is the snitch from your group so you are trying to keep the other person talking until they trip up with some info. Well don’t do that here, find somewhere else.

>> No.10797730

Bonnabelle and Idolmomo made plenty enemies in the cosplay scene, good luck finding out which one.

>> No.10797763

I only ever come on here anymore because your posts give me a giggle. Thanks, soup.

>> No.10797802

>a bunch of girls added me after a con
>they're all fujos who thought I was gay and into BL
Oh no

>> No.10797810

>a bunch of girls added me at a con
>they just wanted to fuck

>> No.10797827

Why did they think that? How do you know they thought that?

>> No.10797859

Tbh, i thought of bleaching fabric instead (I'm not even sure if it's possible), but now it's too late, so I hope that I'll get it redone later with different fabric.

>> No.10797876

>need a hard to find very specific speciality fabric for a costume
>get recommendation from film industry professionals about a supplier of said material saying they're the best of the best
>website is outdated, no photos or pricing, have to email/call to buy
>whatever, I can email them
>no one emails me back
>it's been 2 weeks
>too autistic to call

>> No.10797878

I shouldn't even entertain a degenerate like you but I'm 5'7 and very skinny. I don't think you'd call that petite. I don't want to be stuck cosplaying anime pretty boys, especially since I don't really watch anime in the first place. I'm too ugly to cosplay female characters (and androgynous looking female characters are pretty rare) and all I want to do is cosplay tough manly man characters but I doubt I'd be able to look manly enough unless I took steroids or hormones which is absolutely something I will never do.

>> No.10797933

I guess I am a degenerate. I wonder what you look like but I wouldn't expect a pic. Does your cosplay have to show your face?

>> No.10798049

yeah it's pretty dead nowadays. glad you're doing okay anon

>> No.10798052

LOL just this thread and I am feeling like breaking up with my lolita GF.

>> No.10798105

No photos for you, you'd just jerk off to them. My face is very androgynous. I get mistaken for a man on a daily basis until I speak.

>> No.10798126

99% of the people that crossplay muscular characters use a silicon muscular suit, and then blend the seams into their skin with latex. It passes the visual test pretty well and looks good in photos. My friends that crossplay shirtless guys all use them.

big booba cosplays also use silicon tits.

>> No.10798129

why? there must be other reasons

>> No.10798306

ok well i dont care about your head unless I'm getting some so just post those jumbo yum yums kay?

>> No.10798318

what dress?

>> No.10798375


>> No.10798530

Yeah I don't know either dog, he's a fucking creep.

>> No.10798535

you dont have to be jealous because anon was nice to me anon :^)

>> No.10798616

What even happened? :(
Neopets boards are more lively than this.

>> No.10798689

Those aren't realistic looking enough for me. Roid time I guess

>> No.10798734

>installing a webcam for a conference room
>showing the user how it works and I turn on a text video call
>I see myself on the camera and I just look like absolute shit
>just a pile of fat dropped into an office chair
>try to shift around to not look as horribly fat but it doesn’t work
>this is what people see when they have to look at me
I’d been eating right for a couple weeks now, felt proud of myself but this took the wind out of my sails. Realistically I’ve got over two years before I’m at my goal weight, I’ve tried eating at a deficit to loose 2lb a week but I can’t do that.

>> No.10798748

>jumbo yum yums
Scrotes... why are yall like this

>> No.10798965

>What even happened? :(
no clue but are neopets still a thing? I thought it died out a long time ago

>> No.10800789
File: 22 KB, 500x500, 1659701440154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a new friend convinced me to read Homestuck because he loved it
>Always avoided it when it was popular because the cosplay fandom was cancer
>Decide I might as well read it, if only to shit on it
>Enjoy it
>Enjoy it a lot
I'm on Act 6 and I'm actually really loving it. I want to cosplay a bunch of the characters now, but who the fuck gets into Homestuck in 2022? I regret missing out on the height of the fandom, even if I hated those grey painted fuckers leaving their mark on everything in the hotel back then.