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I wanna start cosplaying after I get /fit/, but wanna go ahead and get the stuff made, how would I get sizes and stuff for shit determined for AFTER my body changes shape and shit
>looking to lost 50 lbs and don't wanna get shit made that won't fit right, but don't wanna miss cons and stuff because of it

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Don't be a retard, get everything that isn't going to need drastic sizing alteration done and leave the rest until you're most of the way there. Unless you've gotten fit and then slobbed out multiple times before and know what your in shape measurements are, you'll not be able to predict accurately enough what your measurements will be.

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crazy concept
hear me out friend
this might be insane but stay with me
use your fucking measurements bro just measure yourself and..... get shit that will fit with those measurements

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What about for armor, thats mainly what im worried about, don't wanna make something that won't fit in 5 months

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Is there a website I can plug in my my measurements, fat percentage, and shit then get projected measurements for when I'm at a certain weight?

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You can wear armor as a fat ass it doesn't matter, if your going through the effort to lose weight you should do skimpy fujobait costume that you can show off your body in

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I am literally getting /fit/ so I can cosplay as rance and have sex with a bunch of cosplaying chicks at the next con I go to

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this is so dumb, why are you trying to jump the gun and get shit made BEFORE you get fit? you have no idea how/where/when your body is gonna change, and if you shit your measurements and your new shit doesn't fit because you were too impatient, then what?

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Because I can :^)

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>he doesn't believe in zyzz
Shut up, were all gonna make it

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Based I have a few cosplay I'm thinking of depending where I am in my fir journey. I should be in shape for the next one I'm looking at, the one after I should shredded for if I keep doing what I'm doing.
I have it all charted out.

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Already lost 50 lbs, 50 to go. Then bulk and cut till I'm shredded.

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Cuz time is of the essence.
I understand making a cosplay takes time. So if I have an idea of where I want to go I should start early

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word of advice; go a step bigger than you expect

worst case, you fit just enough. best case, you can tighten your outfit in spots with some dress clamps or some pins and hide it. my Homura outfit i got when i was 20 pounds heavier, and now i just pinned down a spot where my bow is to make it more slim fitting.

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Thanks for the advice and congrats on the weight loss

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