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Thought I should get a thread going.

Lived in CBUS for 22 years so if you want pretty good food recommendations or sightseeing ask what type of stuff your into CBUS have a lot of options

What are your:
>Attending Alone or Group

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This one's a "maybe" for me now. Never been, and ColossalCon is the only thing I've ever done in Ohio, so not sure what to expect or if it's worth going out of the way for yet desu. Anybody got some input?

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Matsuricon usually falls on a day where I have to work or I have another irl thing planned nowadays. I don't really have any hopes or expectations other than I have lived in Ohio most of my life and I have never met the local scene.

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For some reason Matsuri attracts more Normalfags and Westernfags than actual Japanese/Animefags and I feel like they make up the majority of the attendants than compared to Ohayocon (I haven't gone to Colossalcon so I have nothing to compare). I really feel hesitant to go there because of that.

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I haven't been to this convention since before COVID...will it be worth if if I'm coming from a different state?

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Been going since 2012 but not sure if worth it this year. Lack of guests so far and masks being required suck. >>10776179 Late Night Slice still open? Miss the old days of food/event rooms running all night so was pleased to come across them last Matsuri. Long wait but was pretty good pizza

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Late Night Slice across the street is still open. That business is an institution in Columbus. They have multiple locations

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I've been few times before covid hit. It's pretty chill if not somewhat worse than Collsoal cuz of no water park but it's still fun.

The local scene is a bit on the non weeb thing but still generally great all around.

Depends on how far, if ur flying definitely no. I would save that for Collosalcon.

Oh dude they expanded and a lot more niche food joints opened up around the city like the new Korean corndog shop.

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I was literally just at North Market yesterday and a Pokemon thing was going on. They didn't require masks, as does the rest of the city. I think I'll pass on dropping in this year.

>Non weeb.

That's going to be a no for me bro. I'm exhausted on capeshit and I'm more of a Holo Live / Phase Connect and Mecha guy nowadays. I'll stick with going out of town for cons.

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The worst part of this is that they cannot enforce masks anywhere that they don't require a badge for. Main hallways, food court and other popular gathering spots are 100% mask optional, but god forbid you go into a room adjacent to that without one on. It's purely performative at this point and I think they wrote the policy on their site on purpose to make it seem this isn't the case.

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Apparently Tsukiyama Sama studios was denied a photography badge due to behavior that doesn't align with Matsuricon. Anyone got deets?

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