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Last post is saging.

Anyone have good tips on how to use press on nails, or how to make your own? Since they're plastic, can I literally use acrylic paint to create designs? How easy are they to remove and store, and how many uses can they last for?

I try to keep my nails painted, but it's hard to keep up with, and regular polish takes so long to dry and chips. Gel seems like a pain in the ass to remove. I'd love any insight to your best methods, thank you kindly!

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this question is too fucking stupid. it's not even jfash related. just use google if you're this retarded.
t. anon who makes her own press ons.

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Okay anon, so what paint products do you use to make your own press ons? I can find the gems and bits myself. I'm looking for ones that won't dissolve in acetone.

Also, how is this not j-fashion related? Lolita and gyaru in particular have very detailed nail designs. Anons have even had argument here about judging girls on the state of their nails.

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I buy fake nails in bulk from AliExpress and then aggressively grind them down with my Dremel to fit my tiny nail beds (I have tiny child sized hands and most press ons don't fit me correctly)
Then I rough them up with some sandpaper for better adhesion and put gel polish over them. The number of uses you can get out of press ons depends on your lifestyle and how gentle you are taking them on and off. If you make a set, it wouldn't hurt to make a few extra nails in case one gets lost or damaged. Also, highly detailed designs don't look good with lolita, they look tacky. It's okay in gyraru because that style is meant to look trashy and tacky

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>ones that won't dissolve in acetone
Nayrt but good luck with that. Acetone is an extremely powerful solvent and most nail products and press ons are purposely made to be removed with acetone.

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>highly detailed designs don't look good with lolita

Define highly detailed. I've seen 3D sculpted acrylic nails that would probably look great with sweet lolita. Like a lot of things it depends on substyle.

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This is excellent advice, thank you nonny. What products do you use to adhere and remove them?
And I get what you mean as far as highly detailed - it's wiser to make some sets that can be versatile rather than specific for ease of use. Since my wardrobe has a specific palette and recurring themes, I'd probably make sets that coordinate with cherries, or bows, or the like.

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this girl just posted this pic to instagram like 2 hours ago and its already a thread pic? kind of weird lmao

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OP here, it's no coincidence, her post inspired my question in the first place.

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Those nails are hideous and don't even look like they belong with jfash

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Well I think they're pretty and go well with her sax coord. Check your salt level.

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Nice self post M0 M0

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She literally made a post promoting press on nails, why would she make this post? Christ you're daft.

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she's retarded

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Anyone know of somewhere that sells heart shaped openwork/pointelle knit fabric in pink, red, brown, etc. colors? I cannot for the life of me find any in stock at online fabric shops, even though pointelle knits have been kind of trendy recently in normie fashion.

Failing that, if anyone's got recs for taobao shops that sell cardigans with a heart knit like this, feel free to drop a link.

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And I'm sure you look like this. Can you all stfu if you cant stay on topic??

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I meant that the paint itself won't dissolve - just the glue. Sorry for the confusion.

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The polish will still dissolve if you're soaking them off in acetone sadly. If you want to remove press on nails without damaging them, I recommend either using sticky tabs (less secure but easy to remove from your nails and the press ons), or if you want to use regular glue, then use one of the methods where you soak them off with dish soap and warm water, then let them dry and use a dremel or efile to file away the excess glue.

Mine usually fall off naturally after about a week and I just save them and clean the underside with alcohol before and after filing away the glue. You could also probably just pop them off after a light soak in plain warm water if you're afraid the method with soap would be drying or bad for your hands or natural nails.

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Is there any way to buy a digital pattern from jp online store?

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You will have to soak them off in hot soapy water. Nail glue is standard but its strong, you gotta be willing to keep them on til they fall off.

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Another Dallas asswipe shitting up this board. It’s too bad you can’t buy taste because yeesh those nails…

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Just find a good nail salon or an independent nail artist and get your nails done once a month, press-ons look like shit 99% of the time

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why would anyone choose to wear a choker over neck straps... can't avoid flexing her overpriced costume jewelry?

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I recently lost all my interest in Lolita fashion after being quite active for several years.
What do you do in such a phase? What do you do to make Lolita spark joy again?

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Think back to what made you love it. Stop looking at insta lolita and what's popular and trendy. Comparison is the killer of joy. If you have never been in a comm, go try a big meet. If you're in a comm try to lone lolita it up or just dress up whike hanging with normie friends.

After an insta cleanse re-evaluate your lolita style. Maybe you're actually into a different substyle but got swept up in the trend flow.

Try out a different alt fashion.

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nail anon here. these look poorly done, especially the aqua metallic glitter nails. is she charging for these?

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Girl in OP pic didn't make them herself, she bought them or got them for free from a nail artist who sends for free or sells a lot of press ons to lolitas that are active on IG.

Idek if the girl who makes them is an actual nail tech or just a hobbyist; all her sets are simple stuff with stick on charms and decals.

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well the polish work is very messy.

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what about the quality of the nails aside from the design itself can you even see in such a deep fried photo?

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...i looked up the original photo?

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you can tell from how the light reflects off of it. the polish has pitting and isn't level, which is indicative of poor skill. that's wht the metallics look worse.

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Ah, that makes sense.

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dumb petticoat question that has probably been asked a billion times,

but I like lower poof, old schoolish style, slightly more a-line? (i hope im describing ok)
does anyone have any petticoat reccomendations?

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Shut the fuck up and crawl back to your discord server

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You've probably already heard this but malco modes. They have lots of shapes available and you can always modify one to have a shorter waistband or less poof. Plus they last forever, I have one that's over 10 years old and taken some serious abuse and still holds it's shape well.

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Anon, it's not exactly what you're looking for, but I'm working on developing a machine knit cardigan with a very similar eyelet pattern. My machine is standard gauge (4.5mm), so it could knit something pretty fine, but not that fine. Photo is the punch card I made + a photo of what it's supposed to look like when finished (because on the punch card it's distorted due to the way the machine needs to read it). Finished photo is not mine btw (it's from a hand knit chart I translated for the machine), my crazy work schedule has been keeping me from actually testing it out so it's purely theoretical right now. I'll post updates in the handmade thread once I get around to knitting a swatch if you'd like to see it.

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This is wonderful! Thanks anon. I have a knitting machine and finally have some time to learn how to use it. I didn't really see any instructions for knitting these patterns with a machine, only by hand, so the punch card alone is very helpful.

Picrel is an example of something someone else has knit with it, so it's also not able to knit as fine as the store bought things, but definitely enough to do what you've shared here.

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If you'd like to knit this pattern with your machine in a semi-automated way (vs manually moving stitches around each row), you need to have a machine that has a lace carriage. You can knit lace on a manual machine too, but you will have to use your transfer tool to move stitches around by hand.
I had trouble drawing on the sheets to annotate the lace carriage directions (even permanent markers weren't really sticking) and the k carriage returns, but I could write it out/create a diagram for you if you need it since some of them are a bit weird (mostly the eyelet at the very bottom of the heart and one at the top center that's actually a centered double decrease instead of just a single slanted decrease)

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Oops I realized I dropped my pic showing samples from the same type of machine I have

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Nayrt, which one do you have?

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how tall is too tall for ega style stuff? i'm 170cm and i'm worried about the skirts being an awkward length on me

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Should I wear a necklace when my OP has neck ties? I'm afraid it'll look weird if I do.
The necklace is not short but I still can't figure out if it's gonna look good. Side note I'm new into sweet and I wouldn't like to buy a 10 000¥ AP necklace if I'm not sure

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I think you will be fine, we are similar height and I do not find them awkward on myself.

>> No.10776630

You can wear a necklace along with neck ties. although if you’re new to sweet maybe hold off on $100 necklaces until you have a more cohesive sweet wardrobe. you don't really need a necklace if you already have neck ties. But getting a pearl/faux pearl necklace would be a good idea since those match almost everything

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I don't like the look, myself. Being new, I wouldn't recommend it.
>if I'm not sure
If you're not sure on any purchase, then don't.

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Could anyone tell me what these plaid skirt pants are called?

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Look at the OP photo. It looks stupid.

>> No.10777030

only if you wear a longer one that doesn't interfere with them like a choker or short necklace in OP. neckties kind of exist so you don't need a necklace because they fill out the space. don't make the coord too cluttered or it will begin to look messy.

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try looking up (punk) bondage pants. don't always have the skirt-like part but sometimes they do

>> No.10777062

thanks anon, now to find a pair that will fit my 180cm as

>> No.10777066

Get the vintage VW ones and you'll have something to flex, unlike girl in the OP pic

>> No.10777068

They're a type of bondage pants. Sometimes the "skirt" is a skirt or called a pleated flap or butt flap. I've seen them called trousers on some JP sites.

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I'm tall and have big (though narrow) feet. Will shoes marked as size 26~26.5cm be okay for 25.5/26cm feet?

>> No.10777257

I have 25.5cm feet, which are also skinny and narrow, and in theory 26cm is the smallest size you should buy shoes in - you need to add an extra 0.5cm to get your actual shoe size. Sadly, I end up swimming in most shoes my size width-wise. If you have the same problem, my advice would be to make sure the shoe provides ample support and is made of sturdy materials, and get a nice orthopedic insole to fill it out a bit. The extra 0.5-1cm will really help not to make them too tight to walk in with said insole.

Not sure which brand you're buying from, but just as an FIY, Angelic Imprint platforms are always a horrible fit for narrow feet. Had to sell both pairs I ordered, I knew I'd break my ankles walking in them with how wide they were.

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What do you think of turtleneck sweaters in lolita? Would lettuce-edge help to cute it up a bit for sweet? It's in style for normie fashion so there's a lot to choose from. Funny to see it now since my mom used to dress me in a ton of lettuce-edge as a kid.

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I watched a documentary about BABY on youtube and they were showing their production process and factories. Can anyone help me find it again?/anyone know the title? I think it was in Japanese.

I know they have a GLB X BABY dvd but I'm not sure if it was from there.

>> No.10777310

Is it this one?

>> No.10777319

WW ships preorders separately right? like even if the item is coming out soon they won't hold the rest of your order for when it comes out to ship everything
just wanted to make sure before I made an order

>> No.10777321

No it's not that one but holy shit I finally found it!! I'm definitely going to save it this time. Thank you for helping though!

>> No.10777322

Can you post it? I'd also be interested in seeing it

>> No.10777327

Sure! I found it on dailymotion this time: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x40qvv1

Note: the narrator's voice is agitating but it's probably for international audiences.

>> No.10777328

It's cute, I like how comfy and casual it is

>> No.10777330

The doc must be from 2013 as the two dresses behind the founders are from that year

>> No.10777354

Haenuli appears for a bit in this Korean doc if you're interested in this kind of thing https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x40qbeh

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When will baby have more of the giant usakumya rucksacks?

>> No.10777380

They just had a release, anon! you just missed it.

>> No.10777386

I know ugh. but when will they have another one? Is it a yearly thing?

>> No.10777403

I think the one before that was 2 years ago...might be better off buying one secondhand

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I personally really like them a whole lot when the weather is cold, they're so comfy. I primarily wear classic, I have a couple of these kinds of turtlenecks with lace that I wear under my JSKs.

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How do I get into a vetted discord as a lonelita? I think I'm finally ready to make some friends in the fashion

>> No.10777538

Let me know all about once you find out~
I'm ready to return from my retirement and no longer want to be a lonelita as well

>> No.10777546

no one wants a crazy troon in their discord

>> No.10777551

Fuck off, troon, I wouldn't want to join any discords that let the likes of you through anyway

>> No.10777597

Make a post in the friend finder thread.

>> No.10777600

Stop comparing me to trannies lol
I hate the trans community the most!

>> No.10777617

I'm buying the Moitie pumps. I know brand shoes are not the greatest quality, but I'm obsessed with the chunky yet elegant design. Thanks for the info and the heads up about Angelic Imprint, I was thinking of buying a pair of huge platforms. Glad I waited.

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You're a mtf that was a moderator in a discord that groomed children, sainte

>> No.10777656

Prove it

>> No.10777662

which part? That you're trans? You said so yourself. The grooming? I don't want to have those kinds of images saved on my phone but anyone can see the receipts on the farm

>> No.10777669

Literally all I said in the comments wwas that I was done with my chores and it would sit out the rest of the day doing nothing.

Where's the evidence that I was a moderator that groomed children?
I rarely even chat in discord servers so go figure

>> No.10777675

You were a moderator in that server, that got closed down by discord for CSA.
>I-I don't even use discord!!
Convenient lie, strange you were made a mod then.
You're fucking crazy and a legit danger to other people.

>> No.10777687


>You were a moderator in that server, that got closed down by discord for CSA.

Not my fucking problem, honestly bringing up these memes with snippets of out context postings from that server doesn't even prove anything dumbass

I got demoted as a mod after a week of mod abuse with banning and kicking people simply because I didn't like them.
The final straw was me defending another mod abusing their powers too.
We literally did not give a single fuck about the server laymao

Like I said, I rarely even engage in servers like that afterwards because it's mostly a waste of time and of no value.

And for the record, I never said I was fucking crazy and a legit danger to other people. So kindly stfu

>> No.10777688

kek you're nuts. keep dancing, crazy tranny monkey!

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File: 260 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20220622-233030_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here you go, I literally got demoted as a mod in that lame server after going against the server owner's back with defending the other mod he was referring to.

Only reason I became a mod was that I asked the serber owner to make me a mode. They obliged. Laymao

Nothing even happened in that server other than my friend Cass posting pics of her selfharm which ended up with a server wipe by discord going against the TOS.

>> No.10777705

So when is jannies going to ban this emotional troon

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File: 104 KB, 1080x457, Screenshot_20220622-235119_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After all that commotion we used to joke about how I stepped down "gracefully" from modhood.

But the truth was that I got demoted for defending our boi Flan. Laymao.

Anyways, I will reiterate that none of you know jack shit of what actually happened in the server with my involvements in them.

>> No.10777713

we don't actually care either. specifics don't change the fact that you should kys!

>> No.10777715

I'm already saint laymao

>> No.10777719

become a martyr instead and die for the sins of your ugly sissy brothers.

>> No.10777734

Does La Luice periodically stop taking orders?

>> No.10777784

Just buy stuff to do SNS nails or get them done at a salon. I got tips with sns, grew them out over a month and then did sns on my natural nails bc they were finally long enough for it to look OK. It's been another month and they're as long as my usual tips. I soak off and redo the sns and they last 4 weeks at a time, but now I like to do them every 2 weeks to avoid bad looking regrowth.

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File: 136 KB, 771x853, 20220622_220621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1- i havent coorded a skirt before (only ops & jsks) does anyone have general advice? i dont want the top half to look too plain, or is it supposed to be?
2- tangentially related, what are things you look for when buying cutsews? still trying to develop an eye for stuff that isnt just overpriced tshirts

>> No.10777799

A cardigan or bolero does a lot for adding balance. You can go short sleeve if you're hot.

>> No.10777814

You like underage kids judging by the discords you’ve joined

>> No.10777820

Not true, not even in the slightest.

>> No.10777825

knew you'd chimp out once actual solid proof of screenshots showed up, also weird how you completely ignore the dozens of posts of grooming kids, cp exchange, and so casually mention the self harm as if that isn't also super fucked up that your server allowed/encouraged it. You're so crazy you can't even see how crazy you are.
PS: nice new LM account(s)

>> No.10777827

for cutsews, look for cute details. ruffles on the bottom and sleeve, peter pan collar, lace details, bib neck, pintucks, neck ties, puffy sleeves etc. Safest bet is to buy from established lolita brands (AP, Baby, etc have lots of cute cutsews). Look on mercari for second hand stuff from Japan.

Once you're feeling more comfortable, for dirt cheap cutsews that are very casual, check out Axes femme and other casual brands on Closet Child. you can find cute tops for $3-$10. Pic related is something I'd wear in a pretty casual coord (I wear mostly classic)

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File: 41 KB, 426x640, 22-02-09-y-4195[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dropped pic hurr durr

>> No.10777860

I'm a pretty decent person lol
None of those anonymous claims are even true. I'm not even trans btw, I'm a saint.

Maybe get to know someone before passing unfair judgments???

>> No.10777862

yeah it's not like you have multiple posts in the archives stating that you're male, then mtf, then now this weird autist saint larp. and it's also not like you have over a dozen posts of whining about being forever alone and also trying to hook up with /cgl/ girls. gross creep.

>> No.10777864 [DELETED] 
File: 231 KB, 2008x440, Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 11.33.55 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how's that hepatitis B working out for you olivine?

>> No.10777869

I never said I was a creep

>> No.10777872

>Grown ass man
>A discord mod

>> No.10777876

most creeps don't call themselves creeps, dumbass

>> No.10777883

how long should I wait before I worry about someone shipping my purchase lol

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File: 13 KB, 195x169, Screenshot_20220623-065853_Discord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek whatevs

you're all so creepy for digging through archive to find posts to attack me. It is crazy unhealthy how obsessed some of you fat itas are about wanting to make drama about me.

you literally cannot make this shit up.


>> No.10777914

if it's been over a month file a paypal claim, otherwise just message them if it's been more than two weeks.

>> No.10777918

this saint shit has to be the cringiest bit about this whole thing.

>> No.10777930

Can this annoying ass tranny get banned already

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File: 135 KB, 850x581, sample_29f1870b61acd7902aca732415194b6b8e9c8ce3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm not even as bad/annoying as you guys have exaggerated about me.

I do not behave like I do on here IRL, not one bit

>> No.10777958

I don't even believe you go to lolita meets in the first place, so why would anyone give a shit what you say about your IRL persona when it's this bad, online?

you seem like an incel troon forever alone type

>> No.10777995

Anyone have tips/resources/links on how to determine the age of old pieces? By tags or whatever else. Specifically struggling with some ETC stuff and miscellaneous I can't find any record of online.

>> No.10778002

Items labeled "Emily Temple" with a white on white tag and 1xx sizes are from the 90s or earlier. As for ETC stuff, the best you can do is familiarize yourself with the look of their identified older pieces or compare product numbers with other items. You'll probably need to create a spreadsheet for that, and monitor the second hand market for images

>> No.10778063

Thank you nonna, this helps! I think I'm in for more work than I thought with this lol

>> No.10778095

he's right about not being as cringe irl, but that's just because he's a shy fugly tranny.

>> No.10778104

Anyone know how long it takes to get your account verified on Lacemarket?
I've never used this site before to be honest, I emailed the mods about my account a couple of days ago but still no verification so I'm assuming it's probably a small team. No worries, but I don't want the thing I want to get bought before my account even gets verified haha.

>> No.10778126

Try messaging them on facebook

>> No.10778208

Anyone have recs for a Korean SS? Looking to buy some normie Korean designer clothes but I dont think the brand ships internationally

>> No.10778231
File: 39 KB, 163x93, ruffle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you get the wrinkles out of a ruffle trim? specifically in vm and mm dresses, picrel. i've tried stand steaming, and it doesn't work because the material is a little too heavy/tough to release. Hand ironing is hard because i'd have to do individual plats, but that would make it look too crisp instead of flowy.

someone mentioned using a slow release spray water bottle to slightly dampen the ends, and then using a blow drier on medium high while holding it taught, but i feel like it could damage it?

>> No.10778266

NAYRT but thanks for the tips. In your opinion, what to look out for in a bad cutsew? What mistakes do you see that make you cringe?

>> No.10778296
File: 389 KB, 723x1436, Screenshot_20220624-114050_Etsy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone have tips on where to look for a midi length low profile petticoat? Looking to use it in otome and general outfits for a bit of a sillouette but still being fairly normie-passing

>> No.10778312

dampen with water then use the steamer.

>> No.10778323

Two for the thread:

1. In Closet Child's "Payment" section at the bottom of the site, they say they have 'installment payment' available. Is it available to overseas customers, and how do I request paying that way?

2. Would it be a bad idea to try and build a coord based around miko/shrine maidens? I do like the design elements and the red/white color scheme, but I know wa lolita is a tough one to get right. I also feel like SJW types will hop on the cultural appropriation part, but that's a bridge I'll cross/burn when I get there.

>> No.10778324

The shrine maiden thing would be pretty cringe. One of the only whiteys I've seen actually be able to pull off wa is mysterious_condiments

>> No.10778328

>'installment payment' available.
I believe this is just a standard credit card option in Japan. Their credit cards give you the option of installments. Foreign credit cards can't do the same thing.

>> No.10778333

The installment payments aren't under the "Overseas" section so I'm assuming it's a Japanese credit card thing. You can use PayPal's 'Pay in 4' if you wanted to use a payment plan, but you work directly with PayPal, not CC.

>> No.10778422

I guess mine would be shitty material (too thin, see through, mostly poly instead of cotton, shitty scratchy lace). second thing would be anime-ish, overdesigned styles, but I think that doesn't really happen as much as with main pieces.

Also, when coording, mind the pain piece you use. Some pieces are more versatile and can be dressed up or down easily, but if you have some sort of clusterfuck or ruffle, overlay, and ribbon, it probably won't look great with a cutsew. I think this is kind of the main thing. Another thing is using t-shirts - it's harder to pull imo unless you go for a specific style. I personally think they look best with skirts. It was common with old school and I've seen some cute coords like that, but again, a bit harder to pull off.

>> No.10778449

Worry more about your ugly "themes" moreso than the imaginary SJW, ita

>> No.10778464

I've heard Antaina can make anything, but to what extent is this true? If I send them a photo of an old shoe design that hasn't been made in years, are the chances high they will take the order?

>> No.10778467

Ahh, gotcha. Thanks for the heads-up before I made a mistake.

Damn, nonny, just call it cringe like >>10778324 did and call it a week, kek.
I haven't bought anything at all, just throwing around some thoughts.

>> No.10778472

>Would it be a bad idea to try and build a coord based around miko/shrine maidens
It would be very hard to do without making it look cosplayish/costumey. Esp bc the hakama is usually bright red and while I do think that red looks great as parts of prints, or a base colour for sweet prints, that bright shade on a solid skirt combined with the white starkness of the blouse/top is gonna look off to me, idk.

I would encourage you to just try regular wa instead. Do a pleated skirt on bottom (to mimic hakama) and then either use a real kimono as a top (you'll have to study how to wear and fold kimono though) or use a blouse and a haori. you could also try a colour scheme that's a nod to the shrine maiden colour scheme, like a white or off white blouse and a wine skirt.
Wa is notoriously hard to pull off though bc you need to well versed in not only lolita, but also have to have some knowledge of kitsuke if you're going to incorporate kimono into your outfits (unless you wear one of those wa styles dresses like Meta puts out). in fact for the longest people called wa ita near unanimously, since the most common wa stuff we would were those awful sets from Bodyline lol.

>> No.10778553

I asked them once a few years ago and they said they could but then I asked them again last year and I didn't get a reply

>> No.10778557

>Would it be a bad idea to try and build a coord based around miko/shrine maidens
my question is why?

>> No.10778581

Thank you for the thoughtful reply! This all makes sense. I'll keep it in mind.

>> No.10778584
File: 55 KB, 387x561, 0684a78d80b745319390bfe3bae44b6f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hand iron and then leave it to hang for a bit before you wear it, the ruffles will relax slightly and look more flowy. You'll steam the vertical lines into the fabric if you just steam it.

I think a shrine Maiden specifically will be hard to pull off without looking like a costume. You could maybe put a lightly patterned haori over a white lolita blouse and a pleated red skirt and pair it with a few other wa accessories? But I think anything that's based off a specific character/job/role is going to usually look a little more costumey. Wa is hard as it is so you'd probably be better off starting with something that's not so specific.

>> No.10778586

Does anyone know where I could find scans of cutie magazine? I checked lolita history but there weren’t many

>> No.10778589

here nonna, hope it's what you're looking for


>> No.10778593

If you really want to do it meta has some red and white hakama cut dresses and haori sleeve blouse or Cardi's

>> No.10778603

Wow, thank you!

>> No.10778604

I wanna try some sort of Lolita fashion but like, I’m really clueless and don’t wanna put a lot of money and effort into coming up with and buying a coord that may not even look good on me. Is there anyone who’s known to be like really knowledgeable or whatever who I could like pay to put together a coord specifically for me? I also have a weird body type due to being 6’2 and 125lbs so that’s part of my concern too about things fitting me. Like I’m usually a US0-4 dress size so I’m small, just really lanky and tall.
Thanks for listening to my ramble yeah <3

>> No.10778605

Part of the fashion if you're plus sized (tall is considered plus sized also) is just kind of having to deal with trial and error. Lolita is good because there's a pretty good chance you'll at least get most of your money back when you sell. It's just something you'll have to learn to deal with. Learn your measurements in detail also. Some taobao brands do custom sizing.

>> No.10778606

>don’t wanna put a lot of money and effort into coming up with and buying a coord
don't bother then. lolita requires both, if you don't even wanna try, what's the point?

>> No.10778607

even if you pay someone you'd have to do research of your own to know what do you like in the fashion, brands, substyles, specific itens and pieces

learning about the fashion and deep diving into it is one of the important parts of lolita

>> No.10778608

you wouldn't learn a thing if you paid someone to coord for you. not to mention, coording is like.....the entire fashion? picking things and putting them together in a cohesive way all on your own is such a satisfying feeling that you would be missing out. look into brands that do plus size such as Metamorphose and go from there.

>> No.10778609

Well I have both, I’m just scared to put a lot of effort in and then look stupid and not have the heart to keep trying. I’d rather have like one complete nice outfit that someone else curated, and then I can go from there on my own? Idk if that makes sense but it does to me
Ah that makes sense. I’m less worried about what will fit and more what will look good since this is so far outside of my normal fashion
Yeah! Like I still want to learn things, I just want a curated first outfit so I don’t make a fool of myself I think lol. And reasons I said above

>> No.10778610

Hmmm yeah I guess that does make sense. I think though that having a sense of style is a skill on its own and this is so unfamiliar with me that I’m basically at ground zero as far as knowing what’s considered a “good” outfit and what makes things work and such. Idk i get the feeling that’s harder to learn than just the brands and items and stuff.

>> No.10778611

If you don’t know how to put together a good outfit, your lolita coords will be abysmal. Just don’t bother.

>> No.10778612

that's okay, it sounds daunting but thankfully we are living in an age where tons and tons of resources are available to all of us. even if you look into the big brands, you can catch glimpses of what outfits are supposed to look like, and you can use things like LiveJournal for specifics regarding the intricate rules and tons of other things. i promise you, as long as you got the rules down, the rest of it (depending on what sort of Lolita you wear) comes down to color balancing/general matching. it's overwhelming with all the info we have, but not complicated. take everything bit by bit and i pretty promise you will find your way! also, it's alright to have a few bad coords at the start, part of learning is making those mistakes.

>> No.10778615

Well that’s my point. I can put together outfits within my style but I spent like years being interested in it and experimenting with clothes and wasting money and stuff. I’d rather just throw money at someone to put together a nice outfit for me as a good start & then I can experiment with swapping stuff around and such.
Guh I’m okay with learning but I don’t wanna waste money on stuff I won’t wear or will embarrass myself wearing, or will kill my motivation due to not being able to put together a good outfit.

>> No.10778616

Why not have a "curated" outfit by copying a good coord that people clearly like? If you're relying on one person's taste, there's no guarantee they have any style.

>> No.10778620

I thought about that but it doesn’t take into account my weird body proportions. Idk I’m gonna start like an inspo folder and see where it takes me

>> No.10778630

Nart bu try to find lolitas with similar height and style to you and go from there

>> No.10778631

sorry i had a stroke apparently

>> No.10778639

I think iiraline has your proportions, not sure if she's still around but she'll have a lot of old inspo. She's a huge inspiration to me

>> No.10778656

Sorry, who? I tried googling that name and don’t get any results

>> No.10778684

I suggest you get to know your measurements really well in both inches and centimeters, both circumference and across. Across helps when someone measures a garment flat. Measure shoulders, bust, waist, hips - - - but also importantly, from your shoulders down to your crotch and your shoulders down to your hips; your waist down to your crotch and wait down to your knees. That way you can see if a dress or skirt, respectively, are going to leave your ass hanging out. When you're lucky enough to have that measurement in the listing, ofc.

>> No.10778685

Sorry, for this >>10778684 it should have been shoulders down to crotch and shoulders down to knees, it should have been. Not hips.

>> No.10778703

So what's the best methods to remove yellow sweat stains?

What are preventative measures to keep in mind, especially for ivory & white blouses etc?

>> No.10778757
File: 119 KB, 676x539, Screenshot 2022-06-25 222032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recently bought a blouse that had pit stains... They were pretty light, but I let the blouse soak in oxiclean overnight and they basically disappeared.

Me personally I wear an undershirt like picrel under lolita to avoid sweating directly onto it. You can get them from uniqlo, they're very light and moisture wicking so good for summer.

>> No.10778774

I've removed stains out of a lot of things. Either bought stained for cheap to remove or because I am a walking disaster.

- Oxyclean can do wonders. Otherwise an acidic cleaning agent can work too like white vinegar or Grandma's stain remover. Just watch with the acidic stuff on anything that isn't white. I've only experienced bleaching with some bodyline blouses. But try to make sure it's dissolved in water. An all-over soak overnight will work pretty well for most things.

- If there is odor, you'll want to pre-soak or do a second soak with baking soda.

- Wash your items ASAP. Don't leave them to sit. Even so, you can generally get stuff out even if it does. It's just less of a pain when caught early. If it's an OP, particularly a print that bleeds, you'll want to spot treat ASAP and then dry clean. If you're wearing a print that bleeds it's just a good idea to wear protective undergarments or those arm-pit pads.

- Never use bleach, even on whites. It will just turn it yellow and set it in.

>> No.10778886
File: 74 KB, 480x640, 6d9379b5-21b1-5547-a9a9-b34d21bd23fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a name for this kind of lace trim with ribbon woven into it? I absolutely adore it but I never know what terms to use when looking for pieces with it.

>> No.10778890

I think japanese brands tend to call it ladder lace but I see it called ribbon eyelet lace if you're looking for sewing supplies in the west.

>> No.10778945
File: 224 KB, 700x1200, WhyGreen?!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mostly the interest in wa, but with something of a guide to try for. I'm not aiming for 100% translation (such as carrying torimono or other ceremonial pieces) as much as it is using their colors and shapes (or similar) and working those into a coord of its own.

I figured it'd be more looking at Meta's stuff and trying to piece things from wa, to be honest. But I do thank you and for chiming in for some possibilities.

Thank you, as well, for the suggestions! I'd love to eventually work in kimono at some point, just gonna be a long while before I can get one. I'll probably just put the entire thought on the back burner for now and work on some more simple coords for a bit first. Also,
>since the most common wa stuff we would were those awful sets from Bodyline lol.
...I just found some of them on Lolibrary. Those models weren't paid enough, especially this poor girl, lol

>> No.10778948

>not knowing who VenusAngelic is

Man I feel old and I'm not even old

>> No.10778967

>Those models weren't paid enough, especially this poor girl, lol
AYRT, lmao, that's Venus Angelic and she won the opportunity to do the modelling in a "contest"
If you weren't around then I recommend looking it up, it was a bunch of drama. and her mother is a piece of work

Also, if you're looking for a vintage kimono but don't want to spend a fortune, I recommend second hand. Places I've purchased from: Ohio Kimono (US based, more expensive, but more curated); mercari or yahoo auctions (more annoying, more expensive shipping, dirt cheap kimono that often starts at 100 JPY); and ebay. A lot of items are in rather poor condition, but you can wash or repair them. I have a friend who wears wa often and she looks for cheap pieces that are ruined on the bottom, and then she cuts and hems them so she can wear them with skirts with much less bulk around her waist.

I used to buy from sou_japan on ebay pre-pandemic, they had a lot of auctions that start at $1 for vintage items. They often list items as "not in wearable condition" and thus are cheap,but then it turns out they just have a handful of stains you can treat. However, since the pandemic their shipping has gone way, way up, it's like $10 per item and they don't combine shipping anymore that I know of. Hopefully one day they get back closer to how they used to be.

>> No.10779094

Not that anon but I found a kimono recently that I wanted to purchase since it was cheap and had a cute print but it had tiny stains all over. Do you have any suggestions on how to wash them? I've washed plenty of lolita by hand but I've never washed silk and I don't wanna ruin it.

>> No.10779161

Silk can be handwashed. Use cool water and a gentle detergent. You can leave it soaking for 30 mins or so, then swish around, gently rinse, and roll in a towel to get rid of excess water. Then you can hang to dry. You can also do a presoak with vinegar for 15-20 mins.

If you're nervous, you can take it to a dry cleaner, although I know not every dry cleaner knows how to handle silk properly. Kimono is actually supposed to be taken apart at the seams, given a proper cleaning, and then resewn. I do wonder if anyone actually does that sort of treatment anymore. Maybe for very formal or antique items?

>> No.10779188

Thanks so much nona! Since it was damaged and cheap anyway maybe it won't be a great loss if it gets ruined. I'll give it a try

>> No.10779196

I think you have to message them on AliWangWang. I heard that they haven't been answering emails for months.

>> No.10779216
File: 67 KB, 563x747, 91acda8249b87e3d106a3d60d3ae3642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay I have no clue whether I should feel embarrassed for writing this but here goes
I'm 29 years old and grew up in a conservative family in the third world. I only recently moved to Germany
I have been interested in j-fashion since I was a teenager but never got the chance to actually dress that way until recently
I love lolita but find it way too expensive and impractical to get into at my age although I always find myself browsing this board to look at cute coords
I also like styles such as pic related that are more casual but still have that kawaii aesthetic
Is there such a thing as a mix between the two? Where do you even shop without emptying your entire wallet?

>> No.10779221
File: 312 KB, 828x820, AB749C45-7235-434A-BD27-FBC303807E0D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe girly fashion (like ryousangata)

>> No.10779243

did you tried to browse mercari, yahoo auctions etc? theres cheap itens there. i don't know about girly fashion etc, but i think if you tried you would actually want to wear lolita even more, but could be a nice transition

>> No.10779254

Casual fairy kei, otome, and types of gyaru are probably what you're looking for. Just know that these styles aren't really as set in stone as lolita is so if you go in with a lolita substyle mindset you're probably going to get stuck and/or put yourself in a box. Honestly I really just give you the names as search terms for coord inspiration.

>> No.10779266

I'm a little insecure when it comes to the idea of wearing lolita because of my age and because I have no idea if I will enjoy wearing it myself
I'm half tempted to buy a cheap lolita dress with petticoat since i have some blouses of my own i can wear underneath to get a feel for it
Would it be okay to purchase an offbrand lolita dress for that purpose? Or perhaps find something on ebay or yahoo auctions like you said
Tbh I'm starting to lean with the idea of just wearing lolita when I really feel like it and casual outside of it
I never really cared how I look but there are times I want to go all out for no reason just for myself. Kind of like playing dress up
I seem to think thats how lolita works for a majority of people. It would be exhausting to wear it everyday I think

>> No.10779269

most lolitas are in their late 20s/early 30s as it is a fashion that requires financial independence
honestly i think you should find a dress you really like, build a coord with quality itens and it will satisfy you so much more, besides if you don't really enjoy it you can resell for a similar value

>> No.10779274

you a guy?

>> No.10779287

Thanks for the advice anon
I'll try to look up some dresses and go from there
Btw was I right to assume lolita is not an everyday thing but more worn for special occassions?
No, why would you ask that?

>> No.10779303

I think most lolitas only wear the fashion on weekends, to go out with friends, to meets or special events
There are "lifestyle lolitas" that wear it everyday, but even them tend to wear it more casually and only go all out in special occasions

>> No.10779338

"most lolitas" where exactly? in china, it's mostly teens from rich families

>> No.10779340
File: 79 KB, 720x720, m50536810937_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lolita can range from super casual cutsew/cardigan+skirt to full OTT stuff for events. I wear stuff like picrel daily since it's not much more of a hassle than a normie outfit and also own some more dressy pieces for special occasion. Some lolitas do just wear OTT coords daily too though, since whether it's toned down or not all lolita is strange to most people there's not really such thing as being overdressed. There's nothing wrong with only wearing lolita on special occasions either though.

>> No.10779341

anon who is this from it's cute af.
captcha: spygg

>> No.10779343

Are they actually teens or just younger looking than a 20 year old fat white woman with age spots due to her binge drinking habits and the fact that she doesn't wear sunscreen?

>> No.10779356

they are literally teens, it's known as a teen trend in china. there are ones a little older like up to mid 20s but not old biddies like anon is saying

>> No.10779373

it's literally rich teens larping as himesamas with mommy and daddy's money
The western comm skews older because most of us aren't born with a golden spoon in our mouths and have to wait until we have well-paying careers before we can do our princess larps

>> No.10779381

>old biddies
Yes, 20s-30s are old biddies anon. Good luck on your algebra test next week.

>> No.10779386

I don't remember lol sorry

>> No.10779387

is it possible to turn an OP into a JSK? if so, how?

>> No.10779389

yeah I was definitely talking about china in this site with predominantly english speaking users

Anon is living in europe and most lolitas there seem to not be teens too

>> No.10779391

well it depends on the construction of said Op but probably it's just a question of removing the sleeves and finishing the armscye seams

if you post a picture of the op you have in mind it's more easy to answer

>> No.10779395
File: 15 KB, 240x320, 0b655a71-7be9-5220-ad68-a6d7d6080f74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am so sorry for the awful pic, it's all lolibrary has. it's the Flowers and Ribbon Salon Music OP from Baby

>> No.10779397

Yeah, sure, you could turn that into a jsk Just hire a good seamstress
Why are you trying to alter it though? Is it damaged around the sleeves?

>> No.10779408

god gave me wide ass shoulders for the funny so it doesn't fit, i thought binding would help a little but nope, it's the shoulders

>> No.10779414

Oh then i think it's going to work for what you want, if you decide to do it I'd like to see the results

>> No.10779430

I didn't buy my first lolita piece until 24 and still wear it at 32 and don't plan on stopping any time. One of my best friends didn't start till after 30. So it' never too late, but I understand it can be daunting.

If you wanna ease into cute girly fashion, I recommend casual girly brands like Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, etc. some of them get very cheap second hand. Tops for $5 and under, dresses for $20 and under etc. Best places to look are Mercari (you have to use a shopping service, as you're essentially buying second hand from Japanese sellers) or Closet Child, which is a second hand store that sells lolita, gothic, and casual brands among others and just churns out cheap items.
The only thing you should worry about in Europe is customs fees when you buy stuff online. I recommend also checking out Keimarket and Lacemarket and seeing if people within EU are selling things you like.

>> No.10779480
File: 47 KB, 452x596, 576164-7796-2016-02-06334456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought it might be ETC since they have a few prints in this style but it's called Candy House and it's by Meta.

>> No.10779547

You're a real one, thank you!

>> No.10779568

Thank you so much for the encouragement and advice anon
So I found these two on Lacemarket that I really like compared to the others I've seen
I dont mind paying the extra in shipping since these are rare dresses but I'm not sure if the deals are any good?
That and I have no clue what a salopette is even after looking it up since I have no idea what the context is within egl culture
Tbh I rather not make any impulse decisions yet until I 100% know I want to get into lolita irl but I do want the information as to whats acceptable in terms of prices, coords, etc from now

>> No.10779658

A salopette is kind of like the lolita version of overalls. They’re more casual than a JSK and usually have shorter, less voluminous skirts. I find they’re a bid harder for new lolitas to coordinate because of that so maybe steer clear for a while if you aren’t confident that you can coordinate well right off the bat.

>> No.10779953

how often do kumya dresses come out and is it during a certain time of year? where do people find out about new baby releases- we don't seem to have baby threads here very often? i've obviously never bought baby before, really want some kumya dresses though

>> No.10779973

Since you appear to be interested in sweet and are worried about age, don't make a fuss over it.

I started wearing the fashion at 30, and I'm now 40. I wear predominantly sweet. Although my tastes are leaning away from OTT pastels and more toward elegant prints or berries/fruit. As long as you take good care of your skin and health, most people won't be able to tell.

Most people in the fashion tend to skew a little older in the West because it's easier to afford when you're older and stable. You'll find that most lolita comms tend to have members in their mid twenties and up, with very few minors or people in their very early 20's.

>> No.10779975

follow their insta

>> No.10779991

Yeah I very much love pinks and pastels mixed with cute prints
It's funny because as a kid and even now I love wearing black and generally being unnoticed but with lolita I just want to be this bundle of pure girly cuteness
I generally have started to stop caring if people stare as I grew older because honestly fuck normies
My one gripe I have is that my bust size is pretty large but I am also short af. So I have always had the issue of having to wear a size L because of it
Now thats fine for normal clothes even if it is baggy everywhere else but I wonder if this is an issue in lolita fashion? Specifically that the dresses may be too long for me in a large

>> No.10780059

Assuming from above that you're not in the USA, you should have little problem with an L. Even someone wearing an L in US with vanity sizing will have a lot of choices and not feel very limited. Having been both US size L and US size XXL I still wore AP / Baby (but had more options when I was on the smaller side of course). It helps to know your bust measurement in cm as well as underbust and make sure that you fit within the listed measurements. You should be at least 3cm or under the listed max for comfort. Some older pieces don't have max measurements listed though.

Generally I've found the maxes for AP/Baby as:
full shirring maxing between: 110-125 cm
half shirring maxing between 105 - 110 cm.
Partial maxing between 95 -105 cm
And no shirring generally around 96 cm or under.

But that depends on the brand, release, year and other factors.

>> No.10780146

For older pieces, in my experience you'd want a bust 86cm or under to fit into pre 2005 pieces.
For reference, I own a wardrobe with mostly pieces from around 2002 and everything is unshirred.
Older Meta is usually more roomy though, my baby stuff is the smallest.

>> No.10780163

Go for a brand tulle one - my BTSSB petti is exactly what you're describing, low-poof A-line, and it's held up for years so it's great value. Never tried a Malco Modes so I couldn't give you a comparison.

>> No.10780172

if you have a large bust, don't wear salopettes

>> No.10780173

Nayrt but what waist/underbust size would be best for that time period?

>> No.10780256

Does anyone have recs for long sleeve blouses and OPs that have really long sleeves? 5’9”/175ish tallita and I’m tired of getting things in the mail and having to resell because the sleeves are freakishly short on me. I’m mostly into oldschool and gothic

>> No.10780270

Ooh same boat anon, and unfortunately not. I have been making do with meta blouses and altering off brand blouses to suit lolita more.

>> No.10780273
File: 357 KB, 480x640, cTWCQ4wMAZP1usQeVFEfkYi5MdkfoOCICMz8NOkU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am the same height and I have the exact same issues. I find this particular model of baby blouse, that they frequently rerelease in their classical series, to have sleeves that aren't comically short on me.


Some of the more modern gothic blouses like AtePie's have oversized sleeves for a dramatic effect. They won't be as oversized when you are 5'9, but they make do too.

Offbrand blouses are my friend too, as well as wearing short sleeve blouses and supplementing those with cardigans when it gets colder.

>> No.10780302

I can vouch for other anon. BTSSB has great blouses for longer arms. I own 3 or 4 that have >68 cm length sleeves which is great. A lot of gothic brands (Moitie and Atepie in particular) have longer blouses which are intended to have that kind of "sweater paws" half-showing hands look for shorter women but end up very nicely fitted on tall-chans.
The absolute bane of my existence is AP blouses, esp during golden age sweet ~2012. On average they're at least 7 cm shorter than what I need, both in the waist and sleeves. It drives me insane.

>> No.10780311

>Offbrand blouses are my friend too
Where do you like to get them?

>> No.10780720

How long does it take to get something from WW to the USA? Something I need in 13 days is probably unrealistic, right?

>> No.10780730

It's actually viable, they've arrived within a week for me. I live in a major city on the west coast, for reference.

>> No.10780731

Sorry, east* coast

>> No.10780733

Oh damn I got excited since I'm west coast lol. But I'm still shocked. Within a week? Damn. There goes my main excuse for not spending money

>> No.10780812


>> No.10780862
File: 170 KB, 1351x2048, 20220701_140832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anybody recognize what shoes she's wearing?

>> No.10780894

How scratchy is IW lace? I'm looking at a halter jsk but I don't want the back of my neck to suffer

>> No.10780902

It's decent. Not my favorite in terms of softness but the IW pieces I've owned have used tulle lace when I tend to prefer cotton.

>> No.10780915

looks like iris corolla's

>> No.10781330

Is it worth it to get a brand petticoat if the opportunity arises? Or is it better to get off brand?

>> No.10781377

Brand pettis aren't worth it. Dunno what style you're into but everyone seems to like A&A or melikestea

>> No.10781759

Total noob here, my girlfriend's been talking a lot about wanting to get into lolita fashion lately, so I've been thinking about getting her a dress since her birthday's coming up soon. The only issue is that she's really short, thin, and busty, and from what I've seen so far lolita dresses seem to to either have a very "flat" chest area, or try to force a Y shape figure which I'm worried won't work well with how big her chest is. Does anyone have any suggestions/inspo for a something that would accentuate a bigger chest? Maybe something with a corset? Thanks

>> No.10781796

Here's a thread for lolitas who struggle with big boobs
I don't know if it's any useful but maybe it can give you some insight into how to work around it.
You may also find some other threads in the archive if you try searching

>> No.10781825

Ok, I'll look around, thanks!

>> No.10781931
File: 88 KB, 794x926, s151117896724920755_p6_i6_w794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anybody know where I can find pleather stars to make star clips? All of the star clips I can find on etsy are holographic/glittery and I just want a plain color. I just figured I would assemble the damn thing myself but google has failed me. Looking for stars like in the pic.

>> No.10781978

I don't know if it's a good idea for you to buy her very first dress.
Lolita is more than one dress. Why doesn't she have any lolita already? Is it money? Because if you just give her a dress, especially if it's a jsk instead of an op, before she can have a full coord she'll need to buy a petticoat, a blouse, shoes, legwear, and headwear. There's also outerwear, jewelry, bags, but they're not as necessary as the former list. She might have some normie things that could work, especially if she's into classic or country or she's already a goth, but it's hard for us to tell through you secondhand. There's no way she has a petticoat at least.

There's lots of different substyles of lolita and there are lots of bad lolita dresses out there. Even if my boyfriend had my inspiration album specifically for lolita I'd wear, I don't think he'll be able to tell which parts I'm thinking "I like this aspect of this coord but I'd change this other aspect." If he gifted me the aspect I wanted to change, that'd be embarrassing.
There are also dresses that I drool over and might even describe as my "dream dress", but they are ones that I never would actually wear out or own, I just like imagining them.

>> No.10782151

After watching and reading countless interviews from Japan talking about lolita being feminine and for girls/women, including in brand concepts, I wonder how the West got so accepting with male lolitas. I've even come across some mercari accounts saying "no men" etc.

Are we just more accepting than them or do a lot of us pretend to be woke because we're afraid of what others may think of us? e.g. you're (xx)ist and (xx)phobic. Do you think the presence of lolitas on social media has had an effect on this matter?

>> No.10782152

Nta and actually agree. I would look up resources, become educated on it and offer to "pay" for something she picks out rather than just buying it. Personally, even with my boyfriend knowing my tastes his are different and he offers to buy them for me for gifts, usually, which is better

>> No.10782153

Try AliExpress

>> No.10782164

japan also has them (excluding mana) because japan has weird views about gender. also don't forget that many of the ideals about femininity in lolita come from european pedoshit like alice in wonderland.

>> No.10782169
File: 20 KB, 449x393, 71d79ccbdf2375e0a9d834298bbf0541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm in a boring routine because of pandemic; what are some places any of you enjoy coording up to visit? Or errands or events, etc

>> No.10782356

I like my IW petti for super low poof and it held up really well over the years, but if that's not what you're going for, I wouldn't recommend them

>> No.10782364

>do a lot of us pretend to be woke because we're afraid of what others may think of us? e.g. you're (xx)ist and (xx)phobic. Do you think the presence of lolitas on social media has had an effect on this matter?
Yes. There has always been a very small minority of male lolitas with a genuine interest in the fashion who wear it correctly and can pull it off like VK guys, but the current influx of sissies, troons, and generic fetish crossdressers getting little to no pushback from the comms they invade is a relatively recent phenomenon. Nobody wants to be the one who points out that the emperor is naked because they will get crucified on social media for being a “bigot” even if everyone privately agrees with them.

>> No.10782377

craft store

>> No.10782513

Literally anywhere clothes are required.

>> No.10782620

Whats this LOC I've been seeing on so many people's bios these days? Am I missing something? What does it have to do with lolita

>> No.10782633
File: 178 KB, 800x547, rabbitsandcups.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Botanical garden, nice places for tea or lunch, museum or outdoor exhibit, farmer's market, a walk to see some historical buildings or sites, flea market, craft fair, forest walk, vintage shopping, library or book stores.
I am a daily lolita so I even wear full coords to the grocery store or laundromat, but this is a list of nice activities I like to do every once in a while to give myself a break from my routine.

>> No.10782660

100%. It's kinda sad how we pretend we encourage free speech when we really don't.

>> No.10782679

But that i care one way or another about this issue, but free speech being encouraged and being legal are two separate issues. We also aren't cool with people going around calling everyone a cocksucker.

>> No.10782695

Thanks for the tips!

Interesting coincidence, it was an IW petti I was looking at. I'm rather low key so I prefer low poof anyway. How soft is it? I want to replace my decade old scratchy tulle/organza petti with something that's comfier to lounge in.

>> No.10782772

what ss do people use for xianyu?

and what is peoples opinion on buying items with no proof pic from there, or just buying from there in general maybe

>> No.10782777

I've searched through the thread and only find mention of low-poof pettis, are there any extremely poofy petti brands?

>> No.10782781

Aurora and Ariel. I own their 12m petticoat which is their smallest poof poofy petticoat and it gives me good poof for semi daily wear. They have two petticoat sizes above that if you want some ultra poof.

>> No.10782782 [DELETED] 
File: 2.67 MB, 4032x3024, 20220620_182746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My melikestea petti is hella poofy, and also beautiful and beautifully constructed. I was trying to figure out if I wanted a 4 or 5 layer option and their customer service was super sweet and really responsive. Downside for some anons might be the price and that they're frequently MTO instead of RtS, but I highly recommend em

>> No.10782784

speak for yourself, cocksucker

only bought japanese market with no proof pic but it came as described. my ss always hates to do it and won't insure the purchases but I've done it a few times with no bad experiences.

>> No.10782789

how do I read a moitie tag number to tell year of release? I have an item that isn't on the library and I suspect is very early moitie, but I don't know what is supposed to be the clue in the EGL number

>> No.10782795

whats the safest way to go about trading online? i have rare items that I'd like to try to trade colorway/cuts in but I'm scared of just attracting scammers.

>> No.10782809

The two brands mentioned here >>10781377 were in response to just any ol petti and they both have high poof options so I don't think you searched very hard. But that's kind of the purpose of this thread I guess.

Comparison of poof level for A&A pettis

>> No.10782829

What jfash brands have gothic/punk shirts that have strange english on them or say edgy emo shit? I want to look 15% extra stupid and confusing

>> No.10782836

You can tell the release year by first number in the code. 2001 starts with 1, 2002 with 2, 2003 with 3 and so on. You can do this from 2001 until 2010, then the numbers get weird again.1999 or 2000 also have a different system, it's all over the place. I think the codes for that years start with 01, 04 or 07 09, but there can be more, so idk.

>> No.10782839
File: 274 KB, 525x700, EZErwXOWkAIxihc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sexpot revenge may be what you're looking for.

>> No.10782840

Thank you two very much!

>> No.10782845

Thats perfect thank you anon

>> No.10782863

I think most big taobao ss will do xianyu, I've used 42agent for xianyu

>> No.10782892

Imagine having to call the police or getting stopped by them and you're wearing this kek

>> No.10783059

I want to finally get back into lolita after years of not being in the community but it seems like my local community is dead? Where do I even start to make friends in my area??

>> No.10783145

Are you absolutely sure it’s dead or have they abandoned the old group and made a new secret one because of weirdos(happened to my comm)? Best to ask around on fb in the lolita groups

>> No.10783207

NAYRT Yeah looks like Seattle kicked me out after not logging into fb for a decade lol

>> No.10783364

Mine is from 2002, weirdly enough, so I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but it's made of pretty soft organza and the elastic is pretty forgiving. It's not lined though, so for no-bloomer days I prefer my A&A petti.

>> No.10783365
File: 223 KB, 891x891, 6b4bf503-221b-4c58-aaa2-c08ad94cccec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Older MAM

>> No.10783367

Seconding the advice to ask around. Try wider regional groups or reach out to other lolitas in your area on social media if you know of any.
My comm's fb group was held hostage for years by one lone admin who had left the fashion, left fb and left our city all together. Those already in the group seem to have split off into existing friend groups or had left the fashion. Anyone new would have requests pending for years. Turns out there were tons of us just as confused as each other so we just made a new group in the end. Might be a similar situation for you?

>> No.10783372

Newfag here. Is Coconuts (the shoe shop) still running? I keep hearing about them but the shop looks like it's been inactive for years.

>> No.10783375
File: 95 KB, 700x900, 51242c18-b849-5c8d-8bd0-3fc4e94aaffc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey gulls, would anyone who has these shoes in a SIZE 8 / 24.5cm be able to give me the exact weight of their shoes? I'm trying to give someone a shipping estimate and I don't have a scale to weight them atm

>> No.10783545

another xianyu question but is how do I tell when a post isn't for an items sale?
sometimes it's obvious with this character 收 being used for wtb
but sometimes it's less so and it seems like people post trading and price check stuff too? Is there anything else I can look for to tell what type of post it is?
google translate is very janky and sometimes I can't even tell what the post is trying to say

>> No.10783549

Listen Flavor

>> No.10783758

What is a good waist size to fit AND feel comfortable in older btssb and mmm skirts? I see a lot of older brand skirts with measurements of 66cm but I'm pretty sure that's the upper range. My stomach bloats a lot so I need to be a couple inches under the max, I think. Can anyone give advice?

>> No.10783800

60-63cm is ok in my opinion. But that's a true/no pressure on the measuring tape measurement, not pulling it tightly.

>> No.10784171

How is the baby/aatp disney collab stuff? Some of the older Alice stuff looks kinda cute, but is it poly trash like the AP disney collabs are?

>> No.10784255

I don’t know if this a stupid question but what’s a good place to get a tea length petticoat!

>> No.10784260

Old fag returning. Where did the UK lolita community FB group go?

>> No.10784261

I'll guide you a little bit on how to use resources at hand:
>ctrl+F "petticoat" in this thread (or previous thread)
>follow the reply chains to find the brands suggested
>google the store pages and browse their selection for tea length
>if unsure about the petti you've found, google for reviews of that model
>if still unsure, save a pic of the petti and return to this thread and ask for opinions
>if the pettis from those brands don't cut it for what you're looking for, mention that you looked at XYZ and it doesn't work because they are ABC and you want LMNOP

You'll get better responses if you do the first step of your research. Good luck!

>> No.10784264

Depends on the release, I had a bambi print that was cotton baniran, very comfortable for summer. But others are shitty polyester. Just look up the dress on lolibrary before buying

>> No.10784267

aurora+ariel had them last time i checked

>> No.10784278

Tea Party Club is now EGL UK, if you look on there you should find links to regional comms or you can just ask about your region. Nothing really happens on the EGL UK page anymore

>> No.10784501

How often does Bodyline restock their RHS and are they any good?

>> No.10784510

They haven't restocked them in years, but you can get them on Taobao
I've owned on pair directly from BL and three pairs from this TB store and I find them to be very good. My BL ones were a bit small on me (although I can't remember what size they were) however I usually wear a 23.5 or M and the TB ones in size 40 fit me

>> No.10784758
File: 21 KB, 486x542, 3A1120A2-14C9-473F-A5BE-9DE3AB30DDC1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm obsessed with these JM 4 strap shoes, but they're not made in my size. Is there a brand that makes similar shoes in leather? I feel like there must be, they're so simple.

>> No.10784760

In my experience, quite a lot of Moitie and very old unshirred Baby skirts are 60cm (+-2cm) waist, so you'd probably need to be 58cm or less to comfortably wear them. I have a 63cm waist when relaxed/not pulling the tape measure taught and only ever had to sell skirts from these brands because of poor fit. I can zip them up, but actually wearing them is uncomfortable.

>> No.10784779
File: 110 KB, 898x1198, i-img898x1198-1639561556gacq6p13204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Milk and Milkboy, maker of the classic "O.D. of bourgeoisie" shirts that cheap weebshit shops love to copy and sell as "retro anime" merch because they are vultures without culture

also h.Naoto

>> No.10784780
File: 118 KB, 580x580, m_5ba21411bb761593b9e624a2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

h.naoto sublabel Anarchy is especially good for this

>> No.10784800

>tfw no more head

>> No.10784811

I have no clue where else to ask this, but does anyone have a saved picture of that one OTT queen elizabeth inspired coord?

i so desperately want to see it again and keep it in my inspo folder

>> No.10784812
File: 108 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_656668650986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This one?

>> No.10784815

How old is this piece?

>> No.10784823

which one?

with or without neck frill ?

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