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What's the biggest crowd you've ever drawn at a con for one of your cosplays?

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No crowd but the most was two people back to back asking for a picture when the first was done.

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Same, but also one particular time where I was doing a group cosplay with some friends and some guy wanted our autographs but in character? Weird experience.

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Dozens of people stopping to take a photo and the stream never ended. I had to just move on. There were times when a normally 10-min walk from one end of the convention center to the other took 30 minutes and I had to run and reject photo requests for the last 1/3 of the way.

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What did you go as?

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I did a Dr Stone group and we basically couldn’t even walk without being stopped for pictures. When we stopped other people would come and start taking pics too and we’d have like a whole little crowd taking pics all at once. What I noticed is usually if you do matching group cosplays you get way more pictures taken, it looks cool i guess to see characters all together.

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Wardrobe malfunction or not?

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Back when tumblr tv heads were the hit thing when I was like 15 me and 3 friends did a group of them and at some point during the con got a crowd of about 30 people taking pictures

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Did a meme cosplay and people just kept running up to me for photos. Unfortunately way more than any actual cosplay I've done, but I guess memes are more universally recognised than fans from series.

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We did a Star Trek : TNG group a few years ago. We were stuck there a good 20 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it was cool. But so many other cosplayers went by I couldn’t get a picture of because I was stuck there.

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since me and a friend have some martial arts training with swords, we did a lightsaber battle that drew in a pretty decent sized crowd.
we werent really dressed in anything special though. he had a mandalorian armor on and i just had jedi robes.

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It was just Sword Art Online and it wasn't even revealing or Asuna.

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As who tho? Most SAO cosplayers I see go pretty unnoticed.

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As a skinny guy I learned astolfo cosplay gets you uncomfortable amounts of attention
Would not recommend unless you like being harassed more than the girls who are half naked lol

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This girl probably feels both like a deer being stared down by a bear but also the sexiest woman alive.

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>unless you like being harassed more than the girls who are half naked lol
haha joke's on you, I'm into that shit

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Then do an astolfo cosplay. I warn you, if your face isn't perfectly epilated and androgynous looking you won't get any attention, I see other astolfo cosplayers and most get ignored because they're too manly looking.

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I was a bulky astolfo back thenand even that got me attention, plus some guy befriended me and let me mooch off a hotel in london for the summer con.

Later learned he was gay cause he subtletly implied it to hang out, he was nice enough not to make any moves tho.

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