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just post tips or things that you wished that you knew when you started

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1. learn your fucking MEASUREMENTS, i didn't know at first and my first cosplay was 9 when i was dumb and bought a Kagamine Len cosplay from amazon and it was 3 sizes too small
i then made the same mistake as Miku when i was 13, and then bought a different cosplay way too big
2. learn quality, inspect everything
3. stop caring

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Oh wow, I know who that is. Always strange to recognize someone posted on 4chan.

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Togs are all perverts

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Learn to differentiate your fabrics. Cotton and polyester are the most common ones you'll come across. Most cheap cosplays out there are made with polyester "uniform fabric" which looks like ass, is stiff on your skin, and is horrible for breathability.

If you want your cosplays to look good, you'd want to aim for cotton or > %50 cotton blend. Higher quality cosplays would mix linen, suede, and other fancier fabrics for details which helps bring a sense of realism and variety rather than using the same fabric for everything.

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Go inside the con already in your cosplay.

Ain’t Fun changing into 10 articles of clothing inside a cramped, pissy toilet stall with 6 people waiting outside in a line

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That most male cosplayers are fat and ugly so all I had to do was put in a minimal amount of effort and I'd look better than 80% of the male cosplayers at any con lol
I put in way too much effort at first, kind of cringe unless you're getting paid for it desu ne

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Specialty stuff takes forever to get through the mail. When deciding if you have time, don't just calculate time for labor.
All of my dreams of "I'll just thrift a similar item and make it work!" absolutely never came to fruition, even after months of searching. I should have just bought a similar item online or made it from scratch.

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I wish I would've known that there was nothing to be afraid of and how fun it felt to be in a costume. When I first wanted to get into cosplay back in 2009, it was still considered weird or extremely nerdy to like anime, let alone dress up in costume. I don't think I would've been bullied for it, but I could see my peers distancing themselves from me if I let it show anymore than I already did about my hobbies. I wish I would've known how much the narrative would change as I grew into a confident adult. I feel a little sad that I missed out on the opportunity to fully sperg out as a kid and have my craft honed by now instead of starting from the bottom at my current age.

I hope I'm making you proud, little me!

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To avoid ventposting without merit, I'll also throw some lessons I've learned:

1. Add 2-3x additional time to your project deadline if you're going to be attempting new skills, techniques, patterns, etc. because you will have to stop, identify the problem, research, practice, and perfect. And that cycle takes so much more time than you think it will.
2. Learn to pose and pick fabrics that not only look good to the eye but photograph well. If it ain't matte sheen, it'll probably look Party City quality.
3. Even if it looks easy to make, it probably isn't. Yes, a strapless bodice is made of simple shapes but that doesn't mean you can sew three straight lines to make it, you stupid idiot.
4. Long wigs require more than just bobby pins to stay on your head, especially when your hair is silky straight and refuses to let anything hang on it.
5. Don't forget to think of how you're going to attach things. You will want to ball your eyes out when the hairpiece you lost sleep over making irrevocably breaks after taking 5 steps into the dealer's hall.
6. It's worth it. The fuss, the money, the effort. It's so worth it for that one feeling.

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Learn poses. Look in the mirror and see what works and what is horrible. When I started I was caught off guard for what to do when people asked for pictures.

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You have an inferiority complex, don't do it if you are going to be weird about it. You're vain and shallow

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1. It's just a hobby
2. It has to be fun

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tell her to stop going barefoot at cons

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this wtf
most grimy cosplay ive seen in a while

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Barefoot cosplaying is cool, it shows dedication

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That being fat is disgusting and I should have started starving myself sooner

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the character she's cosplaying isn't ever barefoot, she wears shoes, so doesn't really make sense

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>you should probably wear a wig even if the character's hair color is the same as yours
>don't overthink footwear, comfort is more important than accuracy when you're on your feet 6+ hrs
>use foam or lightweight materials rather than "more accurate" metals or plastics that are hard and heavy
>figure out a pose for when people ask for pictures
>don't forget to get a picture of yourself

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i've cosplayed this char, she's not even barefoot like ever
her name is Stocking
why would she be barefoot

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Oh, but I mean in general, if it fits the character then I think it's cool.
But if you just want to take of your shoes for a little bit to relax your feet that's also okay.

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its gross
If you wanna be barefoot do it at home

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1. moar about makeup and contacts (stuff guys don't really know much about)
2. dieting and cutting is more crucial than exercise
3. wearing a wig doesn't make the costume less "authentic"

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1) you can pin wig caps in place, and hairspray your baby hairs back. please for the love of god don't rely on gravity to help you
3) prop weapons don't have to be intimidating- insulation foam is your friend
4) don't worry about your character of choice's outfit being too hot. you're going to be boiling the entire con anyways because they're in the dead of summer so might as well. just stay inside and drink water
5) seriously, drink water

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6) apparently I can't count so learn to do that too

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>you should probably wear a wig even if the character's hair color is the same as yours
Fucking this. The amount of people who refuses to wear a wig but drop almost $100 on an outfit is ass backwards. Just spend the extra $20 for the wig you lazy fuck. Even if you don't style it correctly and it turns out like shit, at least that's more respectful and dedicated than half-assing your cosplay.
>"But I have the character's hairstyle if I gel or wax it!"
Then use temporary dye that washes away after a shower.

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I wish I had known to have the most fun while I could in the late 90s early 00s.
Cause in about 5 yrs people were about to get REAL fucky about competition and comparison. I thought cosplay would always be the same chill delightful hobby where you meet really talented fun people who could also sew and craft for fun.

Some dude or chick would soon start the FIRST! type of cosplay where the game/anime wasn't even out yet but they had to be first to do it.
Soon after that people would start being way more into pretty people even if their costume wasn't even anything of note.
Soon after that people would start lying about store bought and commissioned stuff they didn't make.

Soon after that we got people who were a mix of all three: pretty but vapid who had to be first to cosplay something but didn't even make any of it and conveniently never mentions they didn't craft any of it.

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These are all good things
Ugly people should be shunned from cosplaying

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