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Last thread is saging.

Did you emerge successful from the Happy Garland release?
What series will come out this weekend?
Are you looking forward to AP Paris’ anniversary event and their exclusive look at the fall/winter releases?

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Previous thread >>10763867

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nah. but i am hoping to snag one if AP usa is blessed by it this or next week. i never bought from them but i missed out on it 4 times now. so wish me luck, guls.

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My SS successfully got everything I requested! I'm especially happy about the brooch!

I'm hoping there'll be something nice for Halloween, but I'm not really expecting much for Fall/Winter.

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I'm going to try to go for the brooch at APUSA for a friend who wants it, but otherwise I did get what I wanted for myself!

I'm hoping there's more rereleases for Fall/Winter as their new releases haven't been catching my eye lately!

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Happy Garland was dead to me the second it wasn't released on cotton.

I guess I don't have much hope for the fall/winter releases. I'm curious to see how scalped Soap Bubbles will be though. For old time's sake, I feel like I'll try to buy it at release, but bots are going to be out in full force.

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Soap Bubbles this week

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Only managed to get the JSK and the KC but no brooch for me, I'll give it a try at the US release

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I already have the whole happy garland set from first release but really want the colorful star blouses in white and sax, and maybe the parka in pink/sax from ap usa or the matching otks in white or sax and small clips

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I was worried that AP would bring back the horrid solids like the mint one. I must say that I like how all the new colourways look.

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Sad to see they changed the design to lined OP. The original two-piece set with a slip and a sheer overdress was more versatile.

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I wonder how the majority of people feel, because I don't really like the new colorways. I wasn't a huge fan of the old ones, but having the rainbow ruffles on every colorway feels weird.

At least people won't lose the slip this time.

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See, I hated how it was originally two pieces. The sleeves and back of the dress looked dumb because the slip didn’t cover them. It made the dress look cheap. I’m in the minority with this opinion.

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Well the sleeves are still unlined.

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So when's this coming out? I saw someone mention they put in their name for a preorder but I can't find any info about it on any SS and I'm going crazy. I'm an otome girlie but I'm in love with this print.

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If you have a picture, and don't feel like waiting for other colors to be revealed cuz you 100% want the pink or white, link it to an SS now with a list of what you want.

Full details of a release only gets announced less than 24 hours before things go on sale.

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What's the deal with AP Paris timers? Tried adding Soap Bubbles to my cart multiple times but the Add to Basket would just gray out and nothing would be added to my cart so I missed out, ugh

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AP Paris' website keeps crashing

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Quit crashing the site you skanks

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Why tf didn't AP do a soap bubbles mto instead?

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because they're retarded. and we can't even get the items we want because their busted ass website keeps crashing

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And they continue to keep pumping out shit we don't want. They could survive off of old re releases

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Will AP USA be getting a release?

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I had the white jsk in my cart but because the site went full retard it went over the 10 minute limit and now it’s sold out. gg Paris

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I was on the JSK listing page before the email and before all the items were completely uploaded. Never succeeded in getting any JSK in my cart because of what >>10775002 said.
I was mainly in it for the entertainment, but this just reminds me why I stopped buying from Paris. The site is a prick. I think it actually blocked me for a minute because I refreshed twice in a row ("Connection refused" error).

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Releases are every 2 weeks. Their last release was on 6/10.

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Seriously, this is the one rerelease that obviously needed an MTO.

Please leave if you are this new.

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I managed to get a pink soap bubble jsk and the lavender headdress from the Paris site. It was incredibly frustrating and took 30 minutes but I'm glad I was successful! I'm wishing the rest of you luck in your soap bubble pursuits.

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This happened to me too

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Let's hope the chinese lolitas will cry enough to make AP consider making it an MTO sometime later this year.

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So they'll be getting it next week then? I don't care for modern AP, so I don't know the ins and outs of buying new. Is it hopeless to try for the Japanese release if you can't input an American billing address?

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Absolute dogshit website

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Japanese release is going to be even worse than Paris, guaranteed. And it's probably too late to get an SS.

I'd say chances are high. They were already whining about it when they saw the lookbook. I want Soap Bubbles to become the next Topping Heart, honestly. Give me one in sax. Release it so many times we all hate it.

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They should unless there's an unexpected delay. Check their social media each week.

And stuff sells out in seconds online if it's popular. Check their website for shopping instructions.

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thanks for the help. my card is inexplicably being denied by the AP website and won't even register an attempt to use it at all (despite calling the company and being told there's no issue on their end). i'm using a tenso address and everything so i'm not even sure what the issue could be

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Chinese lolitas have THE power.

The Japanese release will be bots fighting with each other

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Based of AP to release such cute jewellery alongside a totally unrelated hype rerelease. Aside from taking 20 years to check out I got the ones I wanted no problem! Now I just need the actual Cream Soda Mermaid jsk, alas

>And they continue to keep pumping out shit we don't want.
Because they’re having such a hard time shifting stock right now? 2010 sweetfags pls go.

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Nayrt but new releases not selling out has been very noticeable. The only real bloodbaths lately are rereleases and redesigns.

>> No.10775050

Not everything has to be a bloodbath to sell out in a reasonable time. With the exception of Ichigo Bread Bakery and Lemonade Float, most recent releases have been consistently selling out in most colours.

>> No.10775051

But that’s been the norm for years, except for maybe mid/late 2020 when things got manic. There was a period circa I wanna say 2015~2018 where there weren’t a lot of “bloodbaths” and a lot of prints especially went to the sales.

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Oh boy, I can't wait for the JP site to get ass-blasted.

>> No.10775191

I'm not even going to try

>> No.10775197

Oh I'm not either. I'm just going to join in the frenzy of refreshing to slow the bots down by a hundreth of a millisecond. It's my only semblance of control.

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Didn't even see the white and pink JSK in stock. I refreshed a few seconds before release, and when the page loaded, they were already gone. Cool stuff.

>> No.10775200

White Soap Bubbles OP sold out in 2 seconds. If AP doesn't make this an MTO they are missing out big time

>> No.10775203

I did see them both in stock. They were gone in a second.

>> No.10775206

Waiting for more of those chinese tears to come rolling in

>> No.10775209

they won't.

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I guess we can never have nice things.

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What’s the scoop? Are the Chinese girls upset?

I miss Chinese Gossip. Please come back some day.

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Has anyone heard back from tenshi about soap bubble series?

>> No.10775262

Tenshi just emailed me- apparently the soap bubble release was a massive bust all over Japan. AP were totally unprepared for the demand and a lot of people have gone away empty handed and unhappy. Let’s hope for an MTO.

I’ve used tenshi for dogs years and she never came back to me unsuccessful, even in bloodbaths. Must’ve been a mess.

>> No.10775265

I got the same response from Tenshi. I wonder if she was able to get anything at all or if nobody’s orders are getting fulfilled?

>> No.10775280

Has anyone heard from Mint Kismet about soap bubble yet?

>> No.10775286

Apparently the Cream Soda jewelry also had issues. Something about not enough quantity made it to stores because of manufacturing issues.

AP really dropped the ball on all of this. It makes me sad when it's apparent that even our SS had a bad time.

>> No.10775289

I wonder if tenshi uses bots because she's nearly always successful with things. If she does, I don't mind as much as it's actually going to non scalpers

>> No.10775300


I was first in line for my cut&colorway, not even the most popular one. Still unsuccessful. I’ve emailed AP about a MTO, maybe there’s enough of us to make a difference.

>> No.10775321

She goes to the store closest to her, doofus.

>> No.10775336

Nah man she tends to shop online first then order from stores if shes unsuccessful

>> No.10775353

how? did ppl outrun you / grab multiple dresses at a time?

I miss when AP had stricter rules at release.

>> No.10775364

Today's release was 1 piece (either JSK or OP) per person.

>> No.10775366

How do ss do it when it's one per person and they only go to one store?

>> No.10775370

Not all releases are like that. A few recent ones were one piece per colour per cut.
There's also ordering by phone from other stores after the initial release. Less central stores tend to have leftovers.

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Probably nobody's order was fulfilled since she made her first ever story about it.

>> No.10775410

blood bubble bath

>> No.10775411

Most of the people fighting for this dress were probably Chinese scalpers and Chinese lolitas as Soap Bubbles is super popular over there. The only reason why we probably didn't see an MTO is because AP/the factories are already so behind with MTOs already.

>> No.10775413

Do you mean first in line for your SS or are you in Japan? I'm confused like the other anon. How can you be first in line but not get what you want? Was it because of the number/time slot raffle?

I want to send an email to AP too, but my Japanese isn't good enough to write a polite/formal request for an MTO. If someone wrote one and posted it here, I feel like a lot of people could email AP.

The failure of this release honestly felt different than anything in the recent memory. I've never seen such widespread frustration from buyers and SS. I don't understand what possessed AP to do a normal release for something with 10+ years of demand pent up behind it. AP has to have some business knowledge, right? I'm finding it hard to believe they aren't just completely brain dead.

>> No.10775422

I sent an email as well. What I usually do is write my message in english with [ ] around print names and jargon words, put it through google translate, then put it underneath the english comment and send it. I usually get a response.

(Use your own words for at least sentence #2 so it doesn't seem like it's all one person emailing)

I was wondering if you would consider making the [Soap Bubbles series] a [Made-to-Order]? So many people went to the store and were very sad to have not been able to get anything. We would be very grateful if you would consider it.

Thank you for your time,
[Insert name]



[Insert name]
If someone who knows Japanese can edit it to be more proper, that'd be great. I try my best with what I have.

>> No.10775442

you know the prints have different japanese and english names..

>> No.10775445

I asked once but got no reply.

They already did that

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I'm guessing you can't read japanese or at least remember their original print names

>> No.10775463

Sorry should’ve specified- I was first in line for the cut and colorway with tenshi. That’s usually a sure guarantee to get the item.

>> No.10775602

>starting off an email to a business with konnichiwa
Jesus Christ lmao

>> No.10775617

Well, this is why I asked for someone to post an example. I wanted AP to respect our requests, rather than write us off as filthy gaijin.

Would you start it with [いつもお世話になります。] ?

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nayrt but give it a rest. plenty of people use google translate when communicating for international orders and they're aware that they have an international customer base. anon is just asking for help. no need to go flexing your weeb cred for learning glorious nipponese

>> No.10775630

AP doesn’t give a fuck what dirty foreigners want. The second they see a Google Translate style email it’s getting deleted. If it’s written naturally in their own language they would take it seriously.

>> No.10775638

they literally cater to dirty foreigners. why do you think all their stuff is cheap polyester garbage? because the massive amount of chinese lolitas will still eat it up

>> No.10775651

God damn, this is legendary

>> No.10775662

So what you're saying is to use a Chinese email address and don't put English on the side.

>> No.10775697

That’s a solid strategy lmao

>> No.10775848

Honestly, yes.

>> No.10775868

I did that with VM but they still took my suggestions.

>> No.10776062

Any more news about that AP USA shipment that was lost? Did you guys get your money back or did USPS find it?
Sorry for being dumb. I'm oddly emotionally invested in it, even though I didn't order from that release.

>> No.10776120

Yeah they're not going to shame you or tell you to fuck off for trying to write in their language

>> No.10776149

I see that the hype for milky chan has also died down on Lacemarket considering the applique skirt and jsk sold for only $400

>> No.10776153

It's fucking old and crusty and this point tho... That's why rereleases are so good. Who wants to pay over $400 for a decade old dress with like 5 owners even if it is a dream dress..

>> No.10776155

I think they finally found my stuff and just shipped but I don't have it yet

>> No.10776196

Tbh nearly everyone does especially since most things don't get re released or at least very well, but I get your point. I think it's just that the covidlitas have calmed down and whatever that lump of money was that US lolitas got has already gone.

>> No.10776532

Sure Jan. In all likelihood they sent you a generic email saying they appreciate your business.

>> No.10776537

Probably has to do with no more stimulus payments and prices for everything else have gone up so there’s less money for frivolous purchases. Can’t wait for all the people who paid ridiculous prices to be crying because they can’t get their money back when they try to sell it.

>> No.10776539

yes they will, you crazy?

>> No.10776544

NTA Japanese people almost never do that. Like yes Japanese people are known to be nice to your face and talk shit behind your back, but regarding language, they're more likely to be annoyed with you trying to engage with them in English only than they would for you to attempt to communicate in Japanese.

Japanese people tend to have a genuine sense of appreciation when people make an effort to learn and speak in Japanese and see it as a sign of respect for their culture more often than not.

It's such a shitty burgerpilled American mindset to shame someone for wanting and trying to communicate in your language. t. billingual American

>> No.10776553

Yes this.

EXACTLY. Unless the company offers both English (or whatever language you communicate with) and Japanese then it's okay. But Japanese people tend to love it when you try. I mean I would appreciate it if someone tried to speak their broken English to me.

>> No.10776555

Yeah, I only wanted it because it could function as an overdress without the slip

>> No.10776564

A friend asked for a refund and got it but I’m holding out for the socks I bought

>> No.10776595

Do you have any coord pics of the 2009 one as an overdress? What did you want to wear it over?

>> No.10776652

I can't imagine that actually working that well. What would you ever think you could wear it over? All prints would look so cloudy and retarded.

>> No.10776653

Nayrt, but any misty sky jsk or anything that doesn’t have too much decor on the bodice. It’s a great way to tone down busy prints, too.

>> No.10776659

>misty sky
>All prints would look so cloudy


>> No.10777992

I miss Angelic Prophet

>> No.10777997

Bullshit. Stop drinking the uwu glorious nippon koolaid. Japanese treat you like you’re ignorant and stupid no matter how well you can speak their language and your boss will think you’re never proficient enough to belong in their workplaces. t. worked for several Japanese businesses and lived there.

>> No.10778023

this. anon is probably about western japanese people or something.

>> No.10778036

No, I lived in Japan as well and worked there for quite some time. I know they can be patronizing and yes Japan is xenophobic, and many Japanese assume non Asians want to speak English or refuse to use Japanese, etc. in a lot of situations even when Japanese is fine for a lot of people. But in general every Japanese person I engaged with when living and working there was usually grateful and fine with using Japanese if it was spoken decently, but many could seem annoyed if you approached in English. Depends on where you live but in some regions it was clear people got way more annoyed in non touristy areas if you tried to address staff in English.

It is literally a meme that Japanese people tend to vocalize that they are "impressed" by foreigners with medicore to poor Japanese or the most minor knowledge about wearing a kimono or Japanese food, and yeah it's a bigotry of low expectations sort of thing but they do actually like it when you take interest in their language and culture. Soft power and all that.

But regardless anon isn't trying to work in Japan and Angelic Pretty is not her boss. She's just trying to send a basic bitch email in Google Translate Japanese to a Japanese company that knows it has international customers. Not even the same scenario regardless and a shop staff member is never going to be overtly shitty unless they're unhinged like the foreigner hating BTSSB shopgirl was.

If you think Japanese people dislike it when you attempt to learn to use their language and communicate better you must have an actually broken brain and be one of the idiots who think wearing kimono is cultural appropriation even though 0% of Japanese people in Japan care.

>> No.10778038

Does AP US usually accept to refund customers for their orders or is it an exception? It's written that no returns are allowed on their website so I'm curious

>> No.10778050

What kind of shitty anecdotes are these lmao are you sure we set foot in the same country?

>> No.10778052

Ayrt i believe this is an exception due to the circumstances

>> No.10778077

How the fuck are they not going to refund customers if they can’t fulfill their orders? They won’t refund you if you pull a Kelly Eden and change your mind but if the shipment gets lost in the mail they have to refund.

>> No.10778087

I'm actually japanese but from US. they make fun of you. sorry.

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Sugar Decoration this week.

>> No.10778150

You're literally lying but okay. They won't make fun of you to your face, especially shop staff. They might sneer behind your back at most but there is really no reason for them to in this case.

In the context of what anon was asking, sending a message in shitty Japanese to AP Japan to ask for information, the worst they'd do is ignore her, not reply making fun of her you imbeciles. The fact you think otherwise just shows what hardcore larping Japan worshippers who think the privilege of speaking with a Japanese shop worker is somehow an elite honor. It's weird that you are so opposed to the thought of someone sending a simple email to your precious AP Japan shopgirls.

>> No.10778151

you do realize when you get nihongo jouzu'd it's not a compliment right

>> No.10778152

stop shitting up the thread

>> No.10778154

no one is implying they do it to your face, lmao. stop coping.

>> No.10778163

I really love this week's release, I wonder how popular it will be..

>> No.10778178

So like, I always hear Japanese people will talk shit behind your back which is whatever, but is everything on the table? Like in the US for example a certain level of gossip among friends and even coworkers can be expected but if you use no discretion, for example, not protecting clients, or talking shit about things people can't help, or maybe their accent, is considered cheap and trashy, low rent. Would someone's language be fair game in Japan even among coworkers?

>> No.10778193

I love the airiness of it but I really don't like the tiny bows.

>> No.10778198

looks like a petticoat

>> No.10778205

My first post was mentioning they're catty and gossipy behind your back and not to your face though and you tried to say that wasn't true. You're just backpedaling because you know you're wrong.

>> No.10778209

ntayr but This is how you know an oldfag from lj days is arguing with you

>> No.10778213

It's kinda weird how some of you are putting all Japanese people into one group. There's going to be those who don't care about your efforts to speak their language and talk about you behind your back because they're a bitch and then there are those who generally appreciate your efforts and don't talk shit, just like in any country. Let's get back to discussing AP now.

>> No.10778215

hey friends have you noticed that the people you're arguing with don't care about what you're saying and aren't gonna change their stances? just stop replying so we can go back to bitching about ap instead

>> No.10778218

AP threads have been dead for months don't kid yourself anon

>> No.10778327

the majority of black lolitas can't dress themselves to save their life

>> No.10778329


what even is this post

>> No.10778341

bait, ignore it

>> No.10778370

As if any of them give a fuck about a smelly ham planet foreigner learning their useless language. Admit you’re wrong and take your L. Japanese aren’t the caring and kind people the world stereotypes them as.

>> No.10778378

That anon wasn't even me. I never said all Japanese people are caring and kind. Just that most of them will be very appreciative to your face when you take the time to speak Japanese. Idk if the anon wanting to email is fat but if she is the shop staff don't know that.

>> No.10778447

Another 10 second sell out on the JP site. I didn't even see the pink, sax, and yellow in stock.

RIP myself and others who wanted this release. Paris was bad too.

>> No.10778448

I was only spectating this release but same, never saw them in stock. holy bloodbath.

>> No.10778451

Yeah I was a spectator too, for both the Paris release and JP, because I requested with an SS.
I can't even tell what colorway was most popular. I looked at Twitter and all the AP store fronts had different colorways selling out first. I saw yellow selling out first a lot though, along side pink and sax. What are anons' opinions? I think my favorite is actually white, but pink or sax is a close second, and yellow was my least favorite.
Kind of hoping people forget about this by the time it releases for US. The Pop Candy release today was really dead, except for the canotiers which sold instantly.

>> No.10778475

You could breathe and Japanese will nihingo jyouzu you. That doesn’t mean they appreciate you trying to speak their language at all you brain dead cunt.

>> No.10778500
File: 76 KB, 600x720, 89047DC6-1155-4200-B8B6-EAFCAB7D3B0A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lads, this is the ugliest effing blouse I’ve ever seen

I hate peplums across the board and this one inexplicably has a drawstring

>> No.10778508

I hate it too. And it's being scalped on Japanese secondhand for 30k yen. I was surprised it sold out. It's boxy and horrible like all the other nu AP blouses.

>> No.10778585

Did scalpers not even get their hands on this release? There were barely any listings for the JSK secondhand (two I think). At least with Soap Bubbles there was a small flood of listings.

>> No.10778619

it looks like a pajama top lol

>> No.10778638

"oh my god! another thing to coord sugary carnival with! wow! i need this!!!!!!"

>> No.10778716
File: 768 KB, 1080x1784, APDYSTOPIA .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've never used Mint as an SS, but I find it pretty interesting/alarming that all SS seem to be pretty vocal right now about how bad these releases have been.
I also thought AP had made it a requirement to be wearing lolita for purchases?
Limiting 1 item per customer sounds so dumb. Why not just make more stock? Why is AP dead set on allowing scalpers to instantly resell at 3x the retail price? I wish they were more money hungry.
I know all this is an old topic, but SS are getting angry.

>> No.10778750

Replica makers need to make a comeback for prints and solids, AP doesn’t really seem to care about scalpers and Chinese buyers hogging all the pieces because they love pandering.

I’ve commissioned a professional garment pattern maker to replicate the Soap Bubble series design, exact measurements. Looks good on paper, let’s see if my seamstress can pull it off.

>> No.10778752

I get that it’s annoying, but what are they supposed to do? They can require people to wear lolita, but it’s been seen that Chinese dudes will just wear a dress over their t shirts and basketball shorts. What if a guy wanted to get a dress for their girlfriend/wife because she was sick or working or can’t go for whatever reason?
It would make more sense for them to just amp up production. It won’t hurt them because they can probably double the number of dresses and still sell out and have people pissed off.
I’m not sure why this dress was so popular, it seems kind of boring.

Also, I’m guessing she exaggerating because how would there be so many Chinese shopping services in Japan when they’re still closed to foreigners without business or school visas? You can’t get a visa for running a shopping service. Are that many people doing it as a side hustle?

>> No.10778755

Don’t think she’s exaggerating about the number of Chinese people in plainclothes. I’m sure there’s a fair amount of Chinese forwarding companies in Japan, which would explain their business visa. They are providing a service after all.

I’ve also seen the volumes and traffic of SS orders on xianyu, taobao and Chinese chat platforms.

>> No.10778759

>Chinese pushing out westerners from the market

>> No.10778762
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>commissioned a professional garment pattern maker to replicate the Soap Bubble
I actually really want to see this when it's done. I feel like an MTO within the next year for Soap Bubbles is a sure thing, but then again, AP is mind-numbingly stupid. Why even produce an old series if you're not making the most of it for insane profits? The only excuse I can think of is covid related production issues, in which case, I wish they would just release once or twice a month to build up inventory, rather than pump out random trash every week.

>still closed to foreigners
I assumed they're Chinese people currently living in Japan, rather than visitors. I don't know what city Mint lives in, but honestly I find it believable that the line would mostly be scalpers. Buying something for 30k yen, turning right around the same hour, and selling it for double (or more) is a super easy side hustle for weekends. If they just got one JSK/OP every week for a month, that's already a 120k profit (30,000 times 4 weeks), which is pretty damn nice for a few cumulative hours of "work."
I think Sugar Decoration was popular because it has 2009-2010 solid vibes. Personally it reminded me vaguely of Sugar Time and Lacy Bright (which are better, but for "new" AP, Sugar Decoration is as close to old AP as we're going to get).

Apologies for typing a novel. This thread is dead and AP sucks.

>> No.10778764

>Chinese pushing out Japanese lolitas from the market
Fixed it.

>> No.10778792

They just call all their friends, family, and acquaintances to make a giant group. Thus getting around the 1 item per person rule by having superior numbers. Is it shitty? Yes. But her odds would be the same if it was 40 Japanese people. Also,
>still using awful lying Kismet as a SS
Think Tenshi hires people as well.

>> No.10778796

what has mint lied about? her health conditions?

>> No.10778802

this comes off as vaguely racist tbf. she could have just complained about ss competition in general, but no, she had to mention over and over that they're chinese? how does she even know they're all chinese, as if chinese look super different from japanese?

>> No.10778809


Christ, read the context. it could literally just be because she heard them talk? People be seeing racism everywhere.

>> No.10778810

Honestly, if you think about the environment in Japan: you should give her a little bit of leeway because she likely experiences racism on the daily. She can't be racist, she's a minority. Isn't that the logic in the US?

>> No.10778813

I've never used Mint. I'm both >>10778716 and >>10778762
I just found her story post interesting.
I don't think Tenshi hires anyone. She would be making no money at all, if so. Her fees are too low to cover any other wages.

It doesn't come off racist to me. She probably heard them speaking Chinese, and honestly, who wouldn't be mad at a large group of seemingly similar, and clearly normie-looking people, monopolizing the release?

>> No.10778815

>as if chinese look super different from japanese
Forgot to add that it's funny you're calling someone racist, when this statement is extremely racist itself. Asian people don't "all look the same."

>> No.10778816


I like where this is going. And since the Chinese are vastly more wealthy and therefore have privilege, wouldn’t the socioeconomic context indicate that Mint is a poor oppressed minority trying to get by?

>> No.10778821

Exactly. So there's some understanding of the bitterness, isn't there? She's in a country as a poor minority. Black people get all the leeway to talk shit on all other races in the US, so I think she is in the clear to talk all the shit she wants.

>> No.10778850

so she sat around listening to 40 people all having separate convos long enough to hear all 40 convos were in chinese? who even has time for that, and why.

seriously anon? east asians have black hair and brown/black eyes. period. there's not exactly a lot of diversity. they don't all "look the same" but they do have default features similar enough that white people like mint def can't tell them apart just by looking.

>> No.10778851

american moment

>> No.10778870

Imagine calling someone else racist by saying all East Asians are unable to be told apart from one another.

The people trying to be all "by your logic" and making strawman arguments that any minority in a group can't ever be racist are dumb, but so are you.

>> No.10778871

You ever been in a queue? Shit gets boring. Of course she would notice large groups talking to one another, especially if it’s a repeated occurrence at every release and in close proximity.

I guess you’re really trying to see racism here. Will the new money mainlanders ever recover from such injustice?!

>> No.10778873

The Japanese complain about this shit too when they line up. The tweets when they need to line up for some instore event go along the lines of "it isn't fair that these people can bring their entire family to line up. And they all speak Chinese too. How the hell did they get here?" It's just ironic that Mint is xenophobic like the Japanese without realizing she's also a minority

>> No.10778903


Are you retarded? 40 people in a group would not have 40 different conversations.

And even if she was racist, so what? I don’t blame her.

>> No.10778916

chinese people look extremely different from japanese people. have you ever seen an east asian?

>> No.10778918

being able to differentiate chinese and japanese features isn't racist though. anon implying that "all rook same" shit is.

>> No.10778927

It’s shitty but what can they do? If a lolita brings a friend/boyfriend/husband to help is that wrong too? Unless they create a way to limit it only to legitimate Lolita’s, which is impossible and would pretty much make it impossible to join the fashion, there’s no good way to do it. If you must be wearing an AP dress that limits it kind of because not everyone will do that even if we’ve seen some people just wear them over normal clothes. That’s probably the best way to do things and also to give the shopgirls the discretion not to give numbers to people just wearing a dress with no other lolita elements. I’m sure the scalpers/SS will just end up hiring people or something j but it would make it harder.
The only other thing I can think of is if they treat this shit like Birkins and you have to develop a relationship with the store and buy enough stuff that you essentially get chosen when a new release comes out to buy it if you want it. But again, this will likely skew towards shopping services who are buying for multiple people, although I guess the shopgirls can probably make note of who they see wearing the clothes and who is a random Chinese dude who is buying a lot.
But ya, a lot of this could be solved by just making more.

>> No.10778929

That anon has never seen an Asian that wasn't buried in a meitu or purikura filter if they think different ethnic groups of East Asians look that similar. Even if you only went based on celebs or some shit their celebrity shoop and plastic surgery styles are different to each region for fuck's sake. And as far as average everyday people there are even distinct ethnic sub groups and differences in appearance within Japanese people alone, and among Chinese people too.

But the most obvious thing is that she probably just heard them talk. You can easily identify the difference between Chinese and Japanese even if you don't know the language. And mintkismet even admitted they were probably just Chinese SS buying for lolitas, not neccesarily scalpers.

>> No.10778933

>If a lolita brings a friend/boyfriend/husband to help is that wrong too?

>> No.10778936

You need to get out of America for like 4 seconds and see how dumb you sound.

>> No.10778938

>which is impossible and would pretty much make it impossible to join the fashion
full coordinate required or some sort of thing/code word you can say or do to prove you're "in" with the fash

>> No.10778956

They really don't though. DESU the dead giveaway isn't how they look it's how they act. Not even gonna say that it's good or bad, but social norms between China and Japan are completely opposite. Remember that hoard of Chinese girls that blocked the fire exit at the AP store in Shinjuku? Taking up lots of space, spreading their belongings and bags out everywhere, making lots of noise. These are all things that someone raised in China probably wouldn't think twice about (or even the US for that matter), but in Japan is like unthinkably rude to other people. It's pretty easy to tell Chinese people apart from Japanese people or even Koreans.

>> No.10778958

This is the stupidest suggestion. >>10778927 is right. There's not really a whole lot AP can do about it. We know that there are people using fairly sophisticated bots for the website. I've been at in store releases at the Yokohama, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Laforet stores, and every time there are pretty massive crowds and very clearly organized groups that operate together. I've even seen people on QQ in real time selling their scalped finds, then getting to the back of the line to try and get more. They'll trade numbers (most releases have lottery numbers), combine purchases, give other people their cards etc. AP has no reason to start a giant game of whack a mole here. They're making tons of money on their releases, and when they sell out it only drums up hype for a re-release or their next drop. Why would they spend time and money trying to solve a never-ending "problem" that makes them money?

>> No.10778989

ap used to do >>10778938 actually. but they realize that chinese lolitas spend tons more money.

>> No.10778992

>They're making tons of money on their releases, and when they sell out it only drums up hype for a re-release or their next drop
Nayrt, but AP could have made a ton of money on a Soap Bubbles MTO, and instead they produced a pathetically small handful of items for every store and called it a day. There's no reason to even "drum up" releases if they are going to severely underproduce it and hand giant profits to SS and/or scalpers instead.
It's also clear that just because AP limits stock and creates artifical shortages, it doesn't lead to people being so starved for AP that other trash-tier releases sell out. AP isn't even raising prices for low stock releases to gain more profit.
I guess I just don't get the arguement that AP is "making lots of money so why would they change" when they could be making so, so much more, while still remaining exclusive, and making people less pissed off. I know it can't be solved completely, but AP being complacent as more and more lolitas complain on social media feels wrong.

>> No.10779007


Complacency is right. AP made it big with the Chinese and is comfortable.

They’re barely able to keep on track with MTOs, so I believe that money does come into it, but also bad logistics. Maybe by creating shortages they become so exclusive and in demand that unhappy customers won’t hurt their wallets.

Honestly, I never supported replicas before but now I wish there were replicas makers to fill that void and kick AP in the ass. It damages the brand and would humble them a little.

>> No.10779017

uh yeah but japanese are not exactly fans of chinese in the first place and they were never shy about it, you know ww2 and all? i would expect a white person to show a little more decorum, especially with how easily people get canceled on social media these days

i live in the bay area which is filled to the brim with every kind of asian. chinese/japanese/korean absolutely do not look different enough to tell just by looking lmao, this woke bullshit is cringe. they can't even tell each other apart, much less fucking white people. fyi europeans don't look much different from each other either when they have the same hair/eye color either, it's really just those two things that make ethnicities look distinct

>> No.10779019
File: 12 KB, 520x412, morpheus-red-pill-blue-pill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if i told you... replicas never damaged the brand at all, and they always sold out of everything immediately anyway? It was always a damn bloodbath even at the height of replicas. I agree I'd like to see them back though, but because AP designs suck nowadays and I want the iconic 2010s prints without selling my kidneys.

>> No.10779020

Thanks for the black pill anon, fuck

>> No.10779022

it's not woke bullshit, you can definitely tell. chinese and japanese have entirely different bone structure. it's slightly more difficult to tell between korean and japanese but you sound like an absolute moron. also the chinese hate the japanese because of ww2 you moron. they raped and pillaged villages and occupied hong kong. are you stupid?

>> No.10779023

>she doesn't realize the actual woke zoomer bullshit is not being able to tell asians apart

>> No.10779032

Shut up mint. The Chinese girls probably think the same when you harass every lolita you know to help you get your orders. You beg a group of your “””friends””” to show up and use them to make a profit.

>> No.10779035


Europeans definitely have phenotypes which are incredibly distinctive and go beyond hair and eye colour… this even varies from region to region within one country.

Why should a white person even show “more decorum”? Self censorship shouldn’t be race specific.

Americunts really need to travel more.

>> No.10779037

>hair and eye color
>it's really just those two things that make ethnicities look distinct
Oh no, it's retarded

>> No.10779039

go back and read the sentence again slowly, retard. your sjw rage is affecting your reading comprehension

there is no way you seriously think most white people, or hell really any white people, can actually do so. you are delusional anon

>> No.10779046


Non-whites have special ethnic profiling powers. Or maybe whites are genetically predisposed to be this way. We should test that. Like group all of them together and get them to go through experiments? Maybe measuring skulls so that we can prove, once and for all, that all eye and hair colour are the only distinguishing characteristics? Like to finally prove that they are inferior after all?

>> No.10779050

Black peace now

>> No.10779051

I wish people would post coord pics of Sugar Decoration. I want to see what it look like in real life.

>> No.10779052

mary magdalene

>> No.10779053

this is entirely wrong dipshit, multiple brands went under partially due to replicas and at the height of AP replicas being made it most definitely hurt them too.
People like you think AP is some huge corporation that makes billions of dollars are something, they're a relatively small business as far as retail goes. Replicas hurt them.

>> No.10779060

this. the only people who defend replicas are fatties and poorfags.

>> No.10779073

Even fatties are willing to overpay for real butchered brand or buy multiple pieces and frankenstein them together. It's really just poorfags but they just have a lot of crossover with fatties.

>> No.10779078

true. most fatties are poor because of their diets.

>> No.10779087

I mentioned AP only for a reason. You see that this is an AP thread right, dumbasses? Their sales have never suffered and there's not an ounce of proof it ever hurt their bottom line in any way. Might hurt their feelings, I guess.

>> No.10779088

>Why should a white person even show “more decorum”? Self censorship shouldn’t be race specific.
To be fair, she absolutely would be canceled for saying something like that in most other hobbies. It's just that it's normal in the lolita hobby to bash Chinese, fatties, trannies, and whoever else so no one bothers to call any of that out anyway.

>> No.10779091

you're a crazed sjw.

>> No.10779095

Her cancellation is overdue. Don’t forget that she didn’t mail customers orders for months but has time to model and shovel sweets into her mouth.

>> No.10779096

she doesn't mean mint lmao

>> No.10779100

>Their sales have never suffered
>there's not an ounce of proof it ever hurt their bottom line
also untrue, and you'd know if you weren't so fucking new

>> No.10779105

show this supposed proof then dipshit. i've been here almost a decade and literally the only proof there ever was involved ap asking people not to buy replicas, which fucking duh they will do no matter what because it compromises design integrity. literally nothing showing it hurt profits ever

>> No.10779110

>ap asking people not to buy replicas
This is the proof. If someone buys a replica when they would have otherwise bought an AP dress (good replicas weren't that cheap and often cost more than pre sweet-boom secondhand brand prices, so it's not like replica buyers were totally incapable of buying brand) then AP is losing money. That does hurt their bottom line. It was a big enough problem that AP cared to ask people to stop. It's not just about brand integrity, at the end of the day the money is important because designers can't keep making money if they don't make sales. Especially considering how much less popular lolita was back then, AP was not rolling in cash the way they are assumed to be now.

>> No.10779112

nta, but wasn't that just at tea parties? I don't remember them putting out a blatent statement.

Also just a fyi, the replicas actually made very unpopular prints, popular. I can tell you right now, most people would have used milky-chan as toilet paper before.

>> No.10779115

>the replicas actually made very unpopular prints, popular
Incorrect, replicas were typically made for already popular prints.

>> No.10779121

anons are too new to know about oojia

>> No.10779128

>I don't remember them putting out a blatent statement.
the statement is still on the site
"Dear Angelic Pretty Valued Customers,
Angelic Pretty is aware of that there is a lot of concerns regarding counterfeits / replicas. We officially do not condone these types of illegal behaviors. We will actively pursue those who continue these illegal activities. We appreciate all of the customers who support Angelic Pretty.
Thank you for your understanding, Angelic Pretty"

>> No.10779130

how are you so dumb that you can't understand that money going into replicas instead of going to AP would hurt them - are you expecting pictures or graphs?? AP reaching out to the western comm on LJ to stop was extremely serious and a big big deal

>> No.10779132

it's funny because they aren't even rolling in the cash now. AP's prices have been almost the same for the past 20 years and both inflation and cost of materials have skyrocketed, and then yen also sucks right now. of course they must be making some kind of money but i really don't think they are super rich where Honda-san is swimming through a giant pile of cash like Scrooge McDuck

>> No.10779140

Anon, most people here are too new to know who Honda is and couldn’t pick her out of a lineup.
To the people saying replicas aren’t an issue to AP:
AP was aware enough to realize that most American lolitas didn’t buy shoes, even when they released LL tea party shoes. They had to be told about Secret Shop, and Lynda sent them a box of the knockoffs to look at. That, along with Oojia making print replica dresses, made them directly contact the moderator team of EGL comm sales, which was where most international secondhand sales were done pre lacemarket and ask them to ban the sale of replicas. While design replicas aren’t protected by law, art and logos are, which made them ban the sale of any print replicas.

>> No.10779142

How are YOU so dumb that you don't understand AP immediately selling out of their prints means they did not lose any sales? People bought the replicas BECAUSE the legit sales were bloodbaths every time. It's not like those iconic prints just sat there with no one buying them due to replicas.

Anons wanna act like people were/are just too poor to buy from AP, but it's more because the dresses were simply not available, they sold out in hours tops but often minutes. Look at the crazy ass amounts sold for the HC and SC MTOs- people are VERY willing to drop tons of cash on legit AP if it's made available. AP is just run by cunts who refuse to give us what we want. They're willingly not taking our money (China would no doubt spend a fuckton on those iconic prints too)

>> No.10779156


This- never supported and tolerated replicas, and would gladly drop money on genuine AP. But if they’re not willing to keep up the demand then yes, I will look elsewhere.

Also anons really be acting like AP is incredibly expensive. It’s not, all things considering.

>> No.10779157

Honestly I think they are open to more MTOs but they are trying to not overwork the factories. They had issues with the black Candy Fairy dresses meaning there’s possibly an issue with that factory (possibly due to Covid closures). Nakayoshi Bunny has not been announced as being finished, there are a couple prints still being made I think and there’s Princess in Love. They probably don’t want to get too far behind but it doesn’t seem like they’re unwilling to do them.
There’s also supply chain issues in China due to massive closures so they may be limited there. The fact of the matter is we don’t know. Also, isn’t there an AP store in China? Do we know how much stock they are getting?

>> No.10779159

>AP immediately selling out of their prints
this wasn't always the case - you mention HC but honey cake was extremely unpopular on release and actually went on the 50% sale rack. And misty sky and holy lantern were so highly replicated with near 1:1 replicas on taobao it DID stop people from buying the real thing when they became available to buy from AP.
>dresses were simply not available
when something isn't immediately available that does not mean you are allowed to steal the artwork and design of a piece and buy a replica because you can't fucking wait, you child.
>AP is just run by cunts who refuse to give us what we want
Yeah thats why they did MTOs for some of their most iconic dresses last year and are rereleasing more this year that people have been asking for like Bunny Pocket and Candy Pop and doing a MTO for Princess in Love, china's most requested dress to rerelease. Yeah, such huge cunts. You think they maybe can't take constant MTOs? All of the MTOs AP owes customers right now are on months-long delays and they might not want to take more considering the lockdowns, the supply chain stalls, the extreme markup in price for materials, etc.

You sound immature.

>> No.10779162


> when something isn't immediately available that does not mean you are allowed to steal the artwork and design of a piece and buy a replica because you can't fucking wait, you child.

Why not? Supply and demand. Brand loyalty only works when said brand actually gives a shit about their customers and not just their wallets.

>> No.10779163


> You think they maybe can't take constant MTOs?

Yet they still keep announcing MTOs.

>> No.10779168

>rereleasing more this year that people have been asking for like Bunny Pocket and Candy Pop and doing a MTO for Princess in Love, china's most requested dress to rerelease
Different anon, but I think AP is just incredibly dumb, rather than simply being "cunts." Sure, they rereleased all these things, but they're doing the bare minimum. If they took five more minutes, they would have realized some glaring errors that were complained about internationally.

1. There was more demand for the 2009 version of Princess in Love, yet they did an MTO for the 2014 version (There was still demand, but not nearly as much)
2. Doing a limited rerelease of an old dress, instead of an MTO, will never end well (Soap Bubbles)
3. No one wants things rereleased in polyester, when it was originally cotton (Honey Cake, Fantasic Dolly, Candy Fairy)
4. Not including cuts and colors is a crappy move (Candy Fairy OP only and no pink/pink, no pink Nakayoshi Bunny )

All of these just scream "we're idiots and we have no idea what we're doing" to me. Yes, maybe there's production problems, but I think, in those cases, people would have been much happier waiting for an eventual MTO, than fighting for scraps in a normal store release.

>> No.10779172

because if the brand dies they will stop making more artwork and designs? also that's not what supply and demand means...

>> No.10779173

Do you honestly think higher end brands with loyal customers like Gucci and LV make enough items for everyone and that they give a shit about the actual person buying? Holy shit lmao.

>> No.10779174

this fighting about replicas is making me feel nostalgic

>> No.10779177

Of course they don’t, but their appeal is absolutely the exclusivity, quality and production process of the items (these factors dip at times). None of this applies to AP.

We’re not running a charity here. Either they meet the demand or lose out from it.

>> No.10779265
File: 818 KB, 833x1243, Sugardecorationworn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally found a picture of Sugar Decorarion being worn.

>> No.10779270

>isn't immediately available
You mean the dresses that haven't been available now for over a decade? People are supposed to wait entire lifetimes for these dresses and be happy about it? You sound like a total dumbass.

>You think they maybe can't take constant MTOs?
They could easily do so if they stopped constantly releasing these horrible shitty new dresses that no one wants and just did re-releases for a while. They'd make a hell of a lot more money too. Again, the cunts are willfully refusing all that money.

>> No.10779271

why are lolitas so entitled? is it because they're autistic? even chinese lolitas make fun of poorfags wearing replicas.

>> No.10779288

2 qt

>> No.10779290

A lot of these 'errors' could have really simple explanations.

>Princess in Love
It's easily possible that they don't have the patterns for the 2009 version anymore, and they might not even have an original 2009 dress to deconstruct.

>limited release vs MTOs
there's lots of good reasons for this, especially rn with all the production issues AP's been dealing with. But more importantly, AP can't afford to have big chunks of their customer base ONLY buying MTOs. They need the immediate hype around big releases to drive traffic to their stores. They need frequent enough releases that their average buyer will keep checking in regularly, not MTOs where you can place an order an ignore the brand for a year.

>poly vs cotton
Despite gulls screeching about this, most people actually don't give a fuck and plenty prefer poly.

>cuts and colors
This is the only dumb thing you listed. (I've skipped a ton of re-releases bc they never do the goddamn skirts.) Even here we can assume it's something to do with production costs.

>> No.10779293

supply and demand actually apply perfectly here. there is low low supply but I guarantee that if you were willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money, you'd find someone who'd sell. You pay a lot though because your demand is high in the face of low supply. You ninny.

>> No.10779300

I don't really want to argue, but I have to disagree. I still think a lot of these prove AP is just dumb.

>don't have the patterns
Most businesses will keep an archive of their designs, if not just for intellectual property purposes. It's more likely that AP couldn't get the same materials/lace again, but if they don't have the pattern to construct, or a sample on hand, that's just bad practice for a company that makes clothes.

>drive traffic to their stores
AP doesn't actually need their store fronts anymore. If they moved 100% online, they'd make just as much money. The pandemic pretty much solidified this. Even if AP only had one big release every month, people would still be engaged. They have such a large customer base, that they are struggling to meet demand. They don't need the demand they have created.

>plenty prefer poly
I think the only people who prefer poly are Japanese lolitas. Even Chinese lolitas seem to prefer cotton "originals" over poly rereleases. During the Toy Fantasy MTO, people were calling before ordering to ask shop girls if it would be cotton.

>> No.10779305

I know but people like to act like they are. If COVID alone made 6% DokiDoki shut down when Masuda is more well known than a ton of other jfashion designers, idk why anons think lolita brands are making bank, especially when AP still has tons of releases (even somewhat well recieved prints) that go on sale regularly now. Sellouts are really just on acessories and the super popular re-releases or nostalgia-fuel releases.

>> No.10779306

>It's not like those iconic prints just sat there with no one buying them due to replicas.
Okay so the claim that replicas made unpopular prints popular was just a deflection and a lie then? Replica-chans never keep their excuses straight.

>> No.10779308

>You mean the dresses that haven't been available now for over a decade? People are supposed to wait entire lifetimes for these dresses and be happy about it?
What dress are you waiting around an entire lifetime for? Lolita has a robust secondhand market. If you have the patience and money you can buy what you want.

>They could easily do so if they stopped constantly releasing these horrible shitty new dresses that no one wants
you may hate them but you aren't the target audience. Are you surprised a brand wants to make new designs instead of just making old stuff they've made before?

>> No.10779309

>But if they’re not willing to keep up the demand then yes, I will look elsewhere.
Okay then buy another brand not replicas? Taobao and other JP brands produce items comparable to AP in style all the time, it's just not the EXACT print or dress, which you are not entitled to just because you want it you snot nosed child.

>> No.10779310

>you may hate them but you aren't the target audience
Neither are you hun. What any of us here want honestly doesn't matter at all. If the entire western market stopped buying AP altogether, they wouldn't even give a shit, bc China and Japan alone are more than enough to sustain them.

>> No.10779311

Announcing a planned MTO that they already have scheduled with a factory is a lot different than them having to do one on-the-fly

It's not supply and demand, what you're doing is stealing. You're buying stolen intellectual property.

>I think the only people who prefer poly are Japanese lolitas
guess who are the only customers AP gives a shit about?
>AP doesn't actually need their store fronts anymore
yeah they don't need store fronts anymore, that's why thousands of people go to them on release day? Looks good for the business to have store fronts and have lines of people trying to buy stuff.

>but if they don't have the pattern to construct, or a sample on hand, that's just bad practice for a company that makes clothes.
Could also be a case that AP doesn't have the legal "right" to make the 2009 version, either, but they can for the 2014 version

>> No.10779312

ok and? I'm not the one shitting on them, you are. Well aware they don't give a shit about me personally, I'm just happy to get what I can firsthand and if I can't, I hunt around for it secondhand. Easy as that.

>> No.10779313
File: 161 KB, 777x688, 139769847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, this conversation again... look guys, replicas are extremely unlikely to ever come back because Taobao brands do pretty well on their own. There's no reason for them to risk legal trouble, being charged with all kinds of things and possibly arrested while making replicas, when they can just make their own legit dresses and still make a decent profit. The high point of replicas was long before China realized it could make good money off its own stuff, which is also cheaper to make in the first place.

>> No.10779316

i've never seen lolitas on weibo whining about poly, is that something anyone has actually seen? i only ever see it here

>> No.10779317

This. Entitled babies whining about how replicas need to come back are just incapable of understanding that they can't have exactly what they want immediately upon learning of its existence. They're also probably children who are desperate to find their 27th DD right away because they think they only have a little while to wear it because being 20 makes them too old to wear lolita or some dumb shit.

>> No.10779319

Never heard complaints about poly but did see Chinese lolitas upset that the cotton Freshly Picked Strawberries rerelease did not have the built in petticoat the original did. I don't know if other re-releases were missing that too but if poly is used for space saving I'm guessing the lack of extra petti was for that purpose.

>> No.10779363

>thousands of people go to them on release day
I've seen the lottery numbers on Twitter and even with all the stores in Japan, there's not multiple-thousands of people going to the store. And apparently it's not a good look either (aka, MK being disgusted that a huge group of Chinese SS/scalpers. Just imagine how actual Japanese people feel). People also complain about taking a train and waiting in lines to get nothing. I think a lot of people would be happier with purely online releases (minus the bots), even if it was also a lottery half the time (it would keep them from wasting time and money on travel).

>> No.10779366

unless AP wants to acknowledge the huge elephant in the room that is the prevalence of bots autobuying all of the stock in under 2 seconds, having only online releases is basically handing over the entire stock to resellers and scalpers

I agree, I wish they'd do a lottery like Baby. Baby's releases are so stress-free and nice.

>> No.10779370

I'm glad the days of DOL and OOJia replicas are over. Is there still a problem with the harder to ID fakes? I haven't been keeping up on that since around the time covid was a thing.

But back in 2009-2013ish, it was a lot harder to source items. You'd have to stalk Japanese auction sites, 2nd hand shops, and LJ to try to find things. Re-releases made it possible to get those items without resorting to replicas. So I'm very glad that MTOs are common. (I especially love Meta's model right now, I wish AP would just go that route)

Then there was sizing. If you were larger than a 100cm bust, you'd have to search to find something that would fit and it was often a toss-up because brands would only list the minimum measurements on earlier releases. Your cheap items were Bodyline. And even then, sizing was done by voo-doo and who knows when they'd restock.

So you'd get absolute beginners (like me) showing up in replicas, ill-fitting Bodyline and loliables. Usually with shiny twintail wigs with uncut bangs and 1000 Claires accessories and a butchered thrift-store plush bag. It would really bring the appearance of the group down. Oh, and the Milanoo.

These days a smart newbie can get a full, decent looking coordinate for under $100 from taobao. $200-$250 if they're stupid from Devil Inspired or My Lolita Dress. There is no reason for replicas to persist in 2022. I honestly haven't seen people wearing them in a long time.

>> No.10779409

Yeah plenty fatties are willing to shell out major $$$ on actual burando fatty pieces. And I've known quite a few fattychans that have big collections of brand accessories and/or NWT dresses. Just look at the popularity of Meta's new jumbo 3XL line. It's not like Meta is cheap.

It's always been poorfags driving the replica market, particularly teenagers and newfags who are most entitled and immature and don't appreciate how damaging it's been to the fashion.

Like >>10779319 said the only complaints I've ever seen are things like design changes. I think Japan and China have a lot more lolitas who wear the fashion regularly outside of meet-ups and carefully planned events. Poly is more practical in a lot of ways (can be folded, less closet space, never needs to be ironed/steamed, doesn't get wrinkled if you're sitting in public transport, dries quickly when it's humid/rainy out, etc.) so it's appealing to that market.

>> No.10779411

This. Babyfags never have complaints. But AP is a mess that's only getting worse

>> No.10779435

Baby is currently best brand of the big 3 sweet ones. Meta is really great for having plus sizes that are catered to taller people by increasing length, but their re releases are only a recent phenomenon and they don't always do the same colors (yes I'm still seething over no pink Gardening Teddy, sue me).

Baby has been re releasing popular old pieces and prints regarly, never stopped making pieces for the old school aesthetic with their "classical" line, has cute lesbian teddy bear mascots that don't look stupid in newer iterations of bags and jewelry like APs mascots have become, and they respond quickly to high demand and do second releases of most things right away so they never have to bother too much with releasing an old print design years later. They even tried to open a second US location and tested out multiple sizes for a bit, and their sister brand makes the main source of decent ouji from a big JP brand. Plus they're the easiest to buy from internationally but still have lottery systems in their Western stores and continue to use light materials that are comfy in humid warm climates but still usually cotton or nice quality. They also frequently still do multiple JSK cuts and skirts for a lot of prints, and have some consistent stock of smaller wardrobe items like jewelry and staples. Baby also has nice solids. Newer AP solids are hugely hit or miss with western audiences.

The only thing AP has Baby beat on are some chiffon dresses, the style of some of their cutsews, and a specific niche they have kind of cornered with retro/Americana whatever you call it themes that Baby and Meta both just don't really do much of these days.

I see the appeal of AP if you are diehard for their specific look or shades of pastels and levels of saturation, but Baby is really the brand closest to my heart. Sorry I'm caping so hard for Baby in the AP thread, I just needed to let my love for them flow out of my soul for a sec after repeated AP disappointment.

>> No.10779438

I'm one of the old AP diehards because no other brand really does anything for me. But I wish I could combine AP's style with Baby's business sense.

>> No.10779440

>Is there still a problem with the harder to ID fakes?
Definitely, but it's only a handful of prints. Though a friend of mine who handles a lot of brand (300+ pieces a month) said that she did get a fake HC that was *very* convincing. So be aware that those are out there too. Some of the misty sky and dream marines are almost certainly factory direct rejects/overstock. Those fakes are pretty much 1:1 replicas.

Does anybody have details on the MCD replicas? I've heard those ones are also super hard to catch.

>> No.10779441

Did you mean HC or HL? Haven't seen any HC replicas but HL had good ones that people ate up bc of how unobtanium it became before the first MTO.

>> No.10779443

Baby isn't even really my style, but it's clearly the best brand right now. Hands down. Their quality is sooo much better than both AP and Meta, and their designs lately have been really nailing it. Even Meta is better than AP at this point.

The last thing I bought from AP was a plush bag. It was wonky af, like walmart level quality control, and I havn't bought anything straight from the brand since because I was so pissed about it. If you're going to charge $130 for something that costs you $8 to make, the very least you could do is have some decent quality control or return service.

>> No.10779444

Oh no I mean Honeycake. She said that both fakes were the yellow colorway (which makes sense), so it might only be that color. I do remember seeing fake Honeycakes for pre-order on TB (not an SS, a factory) around the same time they were doing the MTO, so I wonder if they were connected to one of the factories somehow.

>> No.10779453

The MCD replicas were by the same shop who did the near 1:1 HLs/Misty Sky/Dream Sky. You could probably find the name of the taobao shop in the archive.

>> No.10779454

Nta but oh man, what plush was it?
I've said it here before, but I had the same reaction to newer AP plush. I got the Lyrical face pouch and Goodnight Bunny bag, and they suck ass. The manufacturing was shoddy/inconsistent, and the fur quality is terrible.

>> No.10779456

All of the new plush bags look retarded. The designs are lazy, the construction is subpar. Haven't bothered getting any of them the past 5 years.

>> No.10779490

Who's TB?

>> No.10779491


>> No.10779504

It was the goodnight bunny bag. Honestly dollar store tier. I did snag my first kumya. It's secondhand so I can't say that they still make them that well, but kumyas are really well made. They are hefty, and clearly made from premium materials, especially compared to AP plushes. I wish Baby made plushes that were a little more sweet, because based on this one, they're actually worth the price if you can find one that suits your style.

>> No.10779508

It's funny because you could tell people noticed the quality dip. After that Lyrical pochette MTO with tons of colors, plush in new releases started to sell out slower and slower, until it didn't sell out at all.
Also AP "rereleasing" the Pippi and Poppo bags was such a fail.

>> No.10779512

Can confirm 1:1 honeycakes are out there. Wouldn't be surprised if they're being sold as legit on LM. I know for a fact that both MCD and Dream Marine replicas have been sold as legit on LM.

>> No.10779518

Yep. I have never felt more scammed by AP. Buying that bag was the one time I honestly wished I could do a return.

I wish I liked Kumyas... there's so many of them, but I just don't like the style? 100% agree that even modern day ones still look high in quality though.

>> No.10779527


Implying lolita dresses are expensive. What’s a few hundred bucks for a designer brand? Even wedding dress releases are incredibly cheap for what they are.

Sorry to break it to you, but this is a niche fashion- we are entitled here in one form or another.

>> No.10779532

I'm actually surprised that they don't have more replica problems than they do, especially since most of their new releases are polyester, which is pretty cheap and easy to replicate 1:1 once you find a good artist.

I'm into high fashion too, and it's super difficult to replicate high fashion 1:1 because the craftsmanship and detail is extremely high. All these threads on reddit talking about how there's fakes so good no one could possibly tell are mega copes. If you've got a fake LV bag, anyone who knows their stuff can spot it, even if it's god tier replica and probably from a mile away.

But AP? There's nothing particularly high quality or difficult to replicate. You can literally find their exact non-custom buttons on TaoBao. They don't use high quality fittings or anything special, and you wouldn't even need to find the very best seamstresses like you would if you were trying to replicate a Louis Vuitton dress.

>I have never felt more scammed by AP
This. I got the milky bear from the 2020 release, and I already owned the original release from like 2011 or something. The original is so much better quallity. It's slightly larger, the fur is thicker and clearly more premium. The joints aren't floppy af and actually hold their position. Such a disappointment. Then again, AP once sent me something with an open seam, then refused to do anything about it.

>> No.10779536


We don’t know how AP plans MTOs and if there’s a reserve of dresses ready. Either way, seems like a massive mismanagement of manpower.


No, I want the same design and print. If you were an actual lolita you’d know that the devil is in the detail. Would happily pay inflation adjusted prices from AP.

Poorfag arguments are weak- poorfags go to taobao. Or cheap second hand.

Impatient child arguments are also weak- tired of years of AP being retarded about their sales tactics.

They’re both strawmen.


Who cares- they certainly don’t when it comes to scalpers on their releases.

>> No.10779543

are you actually reading what you're replying to?

>> No.10779546

If you really wanted it and weren't a poorfag then you'd shell out secondhand for whatever you're looking for instead of crying about it here

>> No.10779563

Yes. I just don’t have the time to waste to write whole raging paragraphs.

No. I don’t pander to scalpers.

>> No.10779564

Same anon as above.
Also I do shell out big time on rare/old pieces. Wouldn’t do this on modern ap.

>> No.10779585

>If you really wanted it and weren't a poorfag then you'd shell out secondhand
This is always such a stupid argument. By this definition, anyone who ever puts an upper bound on their purchase price is a ~poorfag~. Buying something for idiot-level prices is what got everyone into this retard mess.

>> No.10779620

Keep thinking that then you'll never attain your dream pieces.

>> No.10779650

>it's a troon shitposter episode

>> No.10779662

Nyayrtartya but you’re a retard who either doesn’t know the value of money, or have no other financial responsibilities.

This is why the Jews have the upper hand.

>> No.10779663

>No, I want the same design and print. If you were an actual lolita you’d know that the devil is in the detail. Would happily pay inflation adjusted prices from AP.
>Poorfag arguments are weak- poorfags go to taobao. Or cheap second hand.

All of that just to basically be saying:
>Wahhh wahhh I want my exact thing without ever having to wait because I saved up enough good girl points and I deserve it!!!!1

Kek imagine being a replica-chan and acting like people telling you that you are not entitled to stolen designs and artwork (that are literally illegal) makes them poor. Replicas are just taobao masquerading as brand, dumbass. If you really want AP to listen then going off and damaging their bottom line by buying replicas is not going to make them listen. You can pretend you have money all you want but the entitlement is peak poorfag behavior.

Also, don't give anyone that bullshit about not supporting scalpers when you literally want to support illegal replica makers. Bullshit fake moralfagging when you clearly don't care about ethics.

I am an actual lolita which is why I buy from the brand. Between SS, 3 or 4 different storefronts, and trying for releases myself, I have never had an issue not buying what I wanted from an AP release. I guess you're just poor, entitled, AND slow anon. Someone desperate for the print and design and with money would have just hired someone to make a throwaway shopping account and code a bot or at least try and pay a SS as backup.

>> No.10779666

Only someone who can't afford the higher price would be worried that paying ¥10000 extra for a dress would make it difficult for them to meet other financial obligations. Either git gud on release day or pay up, chump. If that amount is breaking the bank for you then: 1. Lolita may not be the fashion for you and 2. Suck it up and wait for a MTO or secondhand. Even popular nu-AP tends to sell for retail or less secondhand, including stuff that people previously tried to scalp.

>> No.10779667

>Replicas are just taobao masquerading as brand, dumbass.
this. anon is just justifying her poorfaggotry.

>> No.10779668


Nice essay. Nice strawmen too. Completely missed the point.

I’m not taking any moral high ground, we just have different hills we would rather die on. You just come across as immature.

AP doesn’t listen. Hurting the bottom line is the surest way for any company to listen.

You can call me poorfag all you want lmao. Never once I mentioned retail price.

Honestly, you explaining the lengths you go to shop from brands seems like you’re roleplaying. We get it you’re a real lolita.

And no hun, the specific release I was complaining about was severely under stocked. Please read before rage posting.

>> No.10779670

¥10k extra is nothing. Again, it’s a matter of personal principle, which with lolitas is hard to find.

>> No.10779671

why do you want to wear overpriced taobao so bad?

>> No.10779672

I learned the easy way, donations to my church.



>> No.10779673


Unsure if you’re talking about replicas or AP lmao.

>> No.10779674

>Honestly, you explaining the lengths you go to shop from brands seems like you’re roleplaying.
No a lot of us just aren't broke and can afford to pay a SS to go in person for a Japan release in addition to trying ourselves online, and there are 3 stores to try at online that only require showing up to the website release on time.

>the specific release I was complaining about was severely under stocked
Sorry sweaty but a release is not under stocked just because a lot of people want it. It just sold out quickly. Under stocked doesn't mean AP didn't make enough for you personally to get one kek

>> No.10779677

>a matter of personal principle, which with lolitas is hard to find.
Yeah especially when they pretend to have principles but are actually just entitled bitch babies like you willing to buy stolen artwork if it means they get their pretty princess dress.

>> No.10779679


Are you retarded. I am speaking about the recent ig stories from mint and tenshi about specific releases and AP’s trend of artificially creating a shortage in the market.

You’re obviously roleplaying because popular releases on the AP stores always mean 404s and bots are insanely fast.

Here we go with the poorfag comments again-

>> No.10779681

Nta but wouldn't hurting their bottom line to make a point be a boycott, not buying a replica?

>> No.10779682


You’re an entitled little bitch baby for being loyal to a brand who wouldn’t wipe their own ass with your money.

>> No.10779684


Good point, and that’s why I don’t really think anyone’s objectively wrong on this thread. We can disagree but anyone is allowed to spend their money wherever they want to. Or not.

Personally I think that replicas not only hurt the bottom line but also hurts the brand image somewhat.

>> No.10779685

This isn't a trend of creating an artificial shortage. What kind of conspiracy theory is that? There are real production related issues right now due to covid that have lasted over 2 years. And in general AP isn't creating a shortage, they're producing the same amount of pieces they always have, if not more than before. They are just more popular now. It's not like dresses are necessities and they're doing this to scam you with high prices. Even if there were zero bots things would sell out in seconds because there are so many people waiting to buy with different internet speeds. AP USA hasn't even released the item yet and you're already begging for replicas instead of waiting a couple weeks before giving up.

>> No.10779687

Kek AP isn't even the brand I buy from the most. If you think simply not buying a cheap knock off for every popular release is undying loyalty then you're actually mentally ill.

Also even if I was a diehard loyal AP fan, loyalty doesn't make someone an entitled bitch baby in that scenario either. If you're going to try to "no u" my insults, at least do it in cases where the definitions actually apply.

>> No.10779688

Not sure why no one is pointing out that replicas are a vastly inferior product that almost never looks anywhere near as nice or as well made as the original. There's a handful of polyester clones, but art theft aside, replicas are pretty low quality and look like shit. Buy them if you want imo, but you look like a retard wearing them, especially if you think it's "just like the original".

>> No.10779689


You’d think a company would adjust their stock to respond to popularity.

You’d think a company would know what releases people are dying for.

Artificial shortage for the sake of hype is not something unheard of for AP. You can either believe this or that they really are incompetent.

I’m not begging for replicas. Stop putting words in my mouth. I just think they would spice things up and encourage AP to get their shit together.

Lol ALL of AP’s websites shit themselves due to traffic- and with me being on the other side of the Atlantic, I don’t think I’ll stand much of a chance.

>> No.10779690


Yet here you are calling me a bit bitch baby.

I think at the very least you’re unable to argue without making strawmen- when did I say this would be for every popular release?

>> No.10779691

I'm gonna have to agree to disagree on one aspect: some people itt ARE objectively wrong. It would be one thing to state that AP not meeting demand is going to frustrate customers to the point they shop elsewhere, that much is obviously true to some extent. But to wish that near 1:1 replicas come back and fuck over anyone buying lolita secondhand just because that person can't wait a little longer to own a piece is really short-sighted and objectively bad for the community.

>> No.10779692

You'd think you'd be smart enough to put two and two together. AP doesn't give a fuck. They're making all the money they care to make. It's like you guys have never learned even the most basic concepts of Japanese culture or something. It's pretty common for Japanese companies not to give a fuck about maximizing their production/profit. Many Japanese companies and restaurants in particular, will simply make as much product as they care to make, and then let the cards fall where they will. They often choose not to expand in order to maintain a specific identity. More isn't more in every culture or context.

>> No.10779693

This. Replicas are cheap trash. Even the "good" ones have noticeable quality differences or issues with print scale. And if you're such an AP fan that you desperately need their exact design rather than buying from another brand then you might be someone who attends events and you'll be looking real dumb when you show up to a tea party in a shitty replica and learn that your "really good" replica is actually easy to spot in a lineup.

>> No.10779695

>replicas would spice things up and encourage AP to get their shit together

you're retarded anon. Replicas do not motivate a brand to make a better product, because no one who would buy authentic AP would ever intentionally seek out a replica because as >>10779688 points out, replicas are inferior products, and are highly scrutinized in the community. The only thing that would cause AP to get their shit together is competition from other brands and not selling out their releases. From the brands perspective, their shit is together., They're selling out pretty much anything vaguely interesting, so why fix what ain't broke?

>> No.10779696

>when did I say this would be for every popular release?
Sorry, every popular release that YOU PERSONALLY want to buy. Because that's what this is about, YOU. It's not about their business practices or their stock. It's about you not getting the dress you want and demanding that you do by any means neccesary except just buying the dress the same ways everyone else does.

Oh, and then demanding to be asslicked and not judged for wanting to buy shitty knock-offs. Definitely entitled bitch baby behavior.

>> No.10779697


AP hasn’t always been top quality either. They’ve cut corners before.

I never wished anyone to buy counterfeits without knowing. That’s shitty. Couldn’t care less about short sightedness, they’re dresses, not gold stocks.

replicating a design is easy especially if you have the garment with you, or someone experiences in replicating. Most fabrics and trims that AP uses can be found online.

>> No.10779698

This. I remember I went to this really cool tiny museum that was tucked away in chiyoda and it was really hard to find. I mentioned casually to the person at the desk that they should advertise more or put signs up so people could find it. I shit you not the lady at the desk was like "no, then more people would come".

>> No.10779699

Fuck events.

Thank you for the ancient wisdom of the nipponese lands, arigatou ^^

People are really acting like brands have access to this super duper special techniques and quality that cannot be surpassed ever.

>> No.10779700

>Lol ALL of AP’s websites shit themselves due to traffic- and with me being on the other side of the Atlantic, I don’t think I’ll stand much of a chance.

Nayrt but the 3 (4 if you count Shanghai) AP stores are all in different locations, if distance made a difference in your connection speed by that logic you'd have a better chance at the Paris or SF stores at least?

Are you saying you don't think you have any chance of ever legitimately purchasing an AP release that you want? Cause that's just untrue and does come off as making excuses or not trying.

>> No.10779702

If anything, 1:1 replicas coming out would actually increase demand to buy direct from the brand. If there were tons of high quality fakes it would be pretty much impossible to buy second hand as we know it, and more people wouldn't want to take any risks and would buy direct from the brand, giving more money to AP.

>> No.10779703


I’m closest to Paris. Not making excuses although I know it may sound it.

Also “ever” is a strong word- I have purchased successfully before- but on popular releases my chances aren’t so great.

>> No.10779704

>I never wished anyone to buy counterfeits without knowing. That’s shitty.
This is an inevitability of replicas being made again though. Especially considering most reliable sales platforms ban replicas, meaning you have to pass your replica off as brand to even list it. We know how much people resell even actual brand they liked but doesn't fit or suit them, etc. Reselling is part of the life cycle of most lolita dresses. That is the short-sighted part. That's why wanting replicas is as unprincipled as you personally find buying from a scalper to be. Either way it hurts the community and supports people who want to use your desperation for a quick buck, consequences to you or the lolita community at large be damned.

>> No.10779706

This. Replicas are bad for the community always, and basically have no impact on the brand itself, aside from encouraging people to buy direct from the brand to avoid any risks.

>> No.10779707

>People are really acting like brands have access to this super duper special techniques and quality that cannot be surpassed ever.

The super duper technique is called they actually designed the dress and didn't just buy one to cheaply reverse engineer it for less money and shittier cheaper materials anon.

>> No.10779708


There’s plenty of designer verification services out there. I don’t think it’s that crazy for lolitas to have that.

>> No.10779709

Why is it that people complaining about scalping choose that hill to die on instead of any other "principle". Like say, not contributing to massive art theft and the underground factory system that produces these items. I'm guessing it's because they ARE actually poorfags.

>> No.10779710

You're obviously not a lolita. And you're clearly a retard. fuck off.

>> No.10779711

It does have the effect of hurting the brand financially which increases the risk of them closing. Imagine a replica coming out before AP decides to rerelease a dress and a lot of people buy it, now the extra demand they were trying to meet was satisfied faster because replica factories shat out their dresses faster than AP could make the legit ones.

If replica-chan is honest and the price is not an issue, then we can't use the old arguments that "replica buyers would have never bought or afforded AP to begin with so they don't affect their business". So replicas hurt the brand and the community really. And on an individual level your dress has no resale value and you will be shamed for buying it knowingly.

>> No.10779712


Implying AP doesn’t use materials that can’t be accessed by everyone else.

The fact that they designed the dress means they are the original owners of the design but means nothing in relation to quality of the same design being executed.

>> No.10779714

It really doesn't. God you're sounding both very dumb and like someone who doesn't know the first thing about the lolita community.

>> No.10779715


Can’t be shamed if I don’t wear it around people that wouldn’t know better. Wouldn't wear it at meets, which I don’t go to anyway.

I love you

It’s almost like people have different morals and opinions. Incredible.

>> No.10779716

You can't make several posts about how what you want to buy is ~impossible to find~ and how you'll have to wait ~a lifetime~ for them when in reality they are available to buy, you're just too poor to buy it. You can dress it up in "morals" or whatever but that's what it is.

Western community going back to replicas won't encourage AP to "get better" they'd just straight up ban us from everything.
>the specific release I was complaining about was severely under stocked
near every release shows up on Japanese secondhand within hours to buy. Again, if you weren't poor, you would have been able to get Soap Bubbles or whatever it is you're whining about

>> No.10779718

Well good for your anon. If you think it's such a simple endeavor, then you've really just found your next business endeavor. Don't post till you've got your milky chan replica for pre-order.

>> No.10779720

You're obviously retarded because when it's original prints YES, AP has exclusive access to the materials like fabric and any copy will inherently be lower image quality or the wrong scale and not exact. And for nonprints again, replica makers want a quick buck, they are not trying to recreate the dress perfectly, just make a mediocre approximation that looks the same at a glance and will be good enough to take desperate people's money. Not to mention the lace quality which even for illegal replicas that copy the logo the lace is often more sparsely embroidered among other things.

Why do you think a replica maker would use the same quality materials as AP when their goal is just to make money off of impatient suckers? Even if the specific dress you want a replica of isn't a print or whatever, admitting that is just giving the game away and acknowledging you're entitled and just really want your one specific dress and expect a factory to break the law making an illegal copycat so you can have it.

>> No.10779721

>AP will ban us
Oldfag spotted. But yeah, ya'll forgot they could do that didn't you? And they have before.

>> No.10779723


>> No.10779724

>It’s almost like people have different morals and opinions. Incredible.
But it's not different. Replicas are just a different kind of scalping where you get an inferior product for a lower price.

>> No.10779726


Are the words between the ~ ones you heard in your head? Take your meds please. The way you’re exaggerating my posts is embarrassing.

And again it’s not about not being able to afford it, but I guess people who do not know the value of money are willing to ~mortgage their homes~ to fund a scalper.

The poorfag argument comes up again and again. When this community comprised mostly of teenagers and young women, you could definitely see how that would be a solid argument. But as a community that ageing and now has disposable income, the poorfag argument just becomes irrelevant.

>> No.10779727

Pretty much. Except the "good" replicas were always close to brand prices kek so after SS or forwarding fees you're being conned by paying more for a shittier dress, fucking yourself and the entire community over. And not even hurting the brand's pockets with your little protest purchase because those of us who want to not look like trash will just buy it the normal way.

>> No.10779730

>Anon thinks it takes a second mortgage on a home to pay 50 extra bucks for a dress.
You wanna know how I know you're poor?

>> No.10779731

anon people who know the value of money would just accept that they can't afford something or buy from a different brand instead of buying an uggo replica with no resale value, that will still cost substantially more than a typical normie dress. Lolita isn't an investment per se, but you can never resell a replica for anywhere near what you paid for it, whereas a genuine product can usually be sold within the range of or even above what you paid for it. Replicas make no financial sense whatsoever.

>> No.10779733


Try to scan your print in an office scanner. Honestly, do it. The scan comes out very well. Wouldn’t be surprised to see advanced scanners do a much better job. A few retouches here and there…

AP lace has gotten worse over the years. Their quality is not unreachable.

I don’t expect anything wtf? Just wishing into the void :)

>> No.10779734

Kek. this. Scalpers, especially on japanese sites, are charging a pittance, and with the yen being so weak rn I'm paying that mercari scalper slightly less than I would have had to pay a decent SS once the dust settles.

>> No.10779735

But anon, replicas don't have to make financial sense because that anon is *so totally not poor*, they just don't buy from scalpers because of their ~principles~

>> No.10779736

This. You can resell taobao brands for higher prices than replicas. much higher in many cases.

>> No.10779737


I don’t buy to resell. But if I did, yes, I would think along your lines.

As for replicas, you buy what you pay for. If it’s great quality then sure.

>> No.10779738

>Try to scan your print in an office scanner. Honestly, do it. The scan comes out very well.

Okay you're just fucking with us, no one is this stupid.

>> No.10779740

>I don’t buy to resell.
So you unquestionably love every piece of clothing you have ever purchased and throw it away every time it isn't to your liking?

>> No.10779741

kek market prices aren't scalping. I wouldn't call someone a "scalper" for pricing their items appropriately.

>> No.10779742


Take your meds.

>> No.10779743

>As for replicas, you buy what you pay for.
But you don't though. You're paying for all the work it takes to rip off a print, and all the extra costs associated with producing it at small scale, not for the quality of the garment.

>> No.10779744



>> No.10779746

Depends on the garment and circumstances.

What if I pay…. For both…..!

>> No.10779748

I mean AP has no reason to sell to the West. Chinese girls will buy without question and the Japanese are still going to support them too, and that's who AP really cares about catering to. AP SF is only a franchise store and in a shitty expensive location where they already barely provide any stock compared to their official stores. Even if replicas didn't come back I wouldn't be shocked if AP shut down their US store, giving one less option to non-Asia buyers. If it was mostly westerners supporting replicas, including Europeans? They wouldn't shut down the Paris store but might stop hosting all the events they do with them. Then they don't have to see fatties or men in their dresses.

>> No.10779749

> Then they don't have to see fatties or men in their dresses.

I’ve been arguing on this thread for so long and yet, I couldn’t come up with an argument in favour of replicas as strong as this one.

>> No.10779750

ITT: Babylitas/Newfags whining about how they can't have something *now* and not understanding the pure gravity of how lolita works, so they want to be little fuckwads and replicate designs

>> No.10779751


Stfu about gravity of the intricacies of lolita, it makes you sound self important

>> No.10779753

NTA but AP SF actually does pretty well and definitely outperforms some of the lesser visited Japanese stores. They're always going to have an uphill battle because they're the only non-corporate store, but they still sell out of the major hype releases, and still stay in business despite the insanely high costs of doing business in both San Francisco and California as a whole. Don't let their shitty website fool you, they're doing a lot better than that would imply.

>> No.10779754

itt: replica-chan insisting they are not entitled, just wants entire factories and brands to cater to their whims and desires and to be praised for this, and surprised pikachu facing and karening out when normal people tell them they're dumb.

actually at this point the entitlement and stupidity suggest it's a male, especially if they're going to insist they aren't trolling with their idiotic takes.

>> No.10779755

I wasn't saying AP SF performs poorly per se, but it is clearly the red-headed stepchild of AP stores these days as dar as how the brand and designers treat it. If Amerifats exclusively started buying replicas in large volume you'd best believe they'd not care if it shut down and just divvy out the stock to the other stores.

>> No.10779756


>> No.10779757

Bro I don’t want entire factories or anything or to be praised. Ofc I am well aware I’m in the tiny tiny minority with this opinion.

I don’t see how karening out has to do with this- but if I could speak to the director of AP I would.

Also I am a bleeder, tyvm.

>> No.10779759

>Also I am a bleeder, tyvm.
Refferring to being born female like this just makes you sound like a trans woman though, and not all cis women bleed even.

We gottem gulls.

>> No.10779760


>> No.10779762


I’ve been defeated :(

Please take my dilation kit and douche as spoils of war.

>> No.10779763

Ahh, AP threads devolving into replica arguments, name-calling, and accusations of being a moid. Takes me back to the good old days but with a hint of modern cgl sprinkled in.

>> No.10779764


Honestly half the reason I stuck by this thread was because it is very nostalgic.

Haven’t been on cgl for a hot minute and saw that cosplay tits and ass threads were faster than the lolita ones.

>> No.10779775

Anon, you sound like the newest newfag. Like some gen z fuckwad. Integrate or gtfo, board culture/lolita culture alike.

>> No.10779777

Yeah, this is fast fashion newfags coming in and expecting it to be the same.

>> No.10779780


No. I don’t want to be part of the hivemind. I don’t care about being in the cool people club or adhering to your autistic oldfag standards. You’re all like a school of fish, flapping your little fins to the beat of whatever the next fish moves to. And why? Because you lack safety as a lone fish in the big blue sea. And for what? There is no such thing as a lolita community nowadays. Just a bunch of childless women who screech over dresses.

>> No.10779781

>childless women screeching over dresses
Okay so we're all in agreement that this person is 100000% male right?

>> No.10779782



>> No.10779783

How do they even afford their location? I mean honestly, how many dresses do they sell, say, per day? Especially competing with online or other AP store sales.

>> No.10779786

Taobao? Why you too lazy to say taobao?

>> No.10779787


Newfag detected.

>> No.10779788

Nayrt, but it is hard to find certain old dresses. Money isn’t an issue for me but if the dress doesn’t come up for sale or gets bought too quickly when it does, I still don’t get that dress. Of course, the stuff I’m looking for is old and seems to be listed pretty cheaply so people will grab it because it’s cheap, but I’d be willing to pay more if I could.
Of course, I’m not looking for replicas either because I feel weird about it. I’ll just keep looking for the dresses I want and buy them when I can. This fashion is more of a waiting game than anything

>> No.10779798

>a release is not under stocked just because a lot of people want it
You're an idiot and haven't been in the fashion long enough to know anything about AP releases and recent stock numbers at stores. Obvious troll is obvious.

>> No.10779801

A futile attempt at defending replica-chan in a saged thread by accusing others of being a newfag? That denial must taste really good because you're guzzling it down.

>> No.10779808

The location is just a requirement. Back in the day, when Angelic Pretty did wholesale to other shops in the US (it wasn't always just AP USA) having a physical storefront was a requirement to vend. I know for a fact that that's still true for Meta, and many other Japanese brands. So the physical location is only there so that they can have the online shop, which is actually extremely profitable. They still routinely sell out of the biggest hype goods, and for example, they had at least 1200 of the anniversary milky bears, so they're clearly doing just fine. I don't get why people shop there either, but someone is buying their stuff out.

>> No.10779813


I’ll make you guzzle down something else

>> No.10779815

>This fashion is more of a waiting game than anything
Yes - if you have the money and the patience you can find and buy whatever you want. Both of which >>10779726 doesn't have.
You can have disposable income, and still be poor and have a poorfag mentality. Because if you didn't, you would just buy the dress you want regardless of its cost.

>> No.10779816

Oh look, the moid is back

>> No.10779819

As a side note, I'll never understand this weird dream dress or bust mentality. If you can't enjoy the fashion without a specific print or even cut/colorway are you even a lolita? Of course there are dresses I want but don't have, but that's really not that big of a deal? I certainly wouldn't buy a replica over it. I just buy the dresses I like that I can find instead of autstically obsessing over the one that got away. If you're that desperately obsessed with one dress or hype prints in general, you should probably re-evaluate why you're even in lolita to begin with.

>> No.10779820


KEK imagine thinking that this “buy no matter what” mentality is what makes you a poorfag. And then taking the moral ground of having patience.

I can tell you’re all lower to middle class because of your spending habits. The richer people I’ve come across and know would not have this mentality out of principle.

>> No.10779827

You're maybe misconstruing my post? Or I am yours. What I mean is that: richer people would just buy the thing that they want and not play these mental mindgames. Which is why so many Chinese teens have amazing wardrobes of so-called "impossible" dresses. Nothing is impossible or out-of-reach when you have hundreds of thousands, even millions, to throw down, and some of those girls do have that much.

There's a single dress I've been trying to get for several years now but in the meantime I have amassed a ton of other dresses I like and some I even like more than the dress I'm searching for. Never did I think to find or buy a replica of it.

>> No.10779828

Actually rich people don't care about prices for things and fall somewhere on a spectrum ranging from consuming expensive or overpriced things very conspicuously and purposefully (but without openly bragging if they're not new money types) to show their status, all the way to just buying what they want whether it's cheap or not because they have the money and don't need to deprive themselves of anything they want for any financial reason.

It's poor people mentality to think rich people care about saving money. Even if they do, $100 extra is not a concern. Budgeting doesn't make you wealthy, inheritance and having a lot of capital do.

Sauce: I attended a private school on scholarship with rich kids and then a university that school was a feeder to. Rich people do not look at price tags or penny pinch. That shit is for us working class people. And by working class I mean we go to a job lower than a C-level executive to earn a living and don't just subsist by profiting off of our or our family's investment returns.

All that is a deflection though, wanting replicas to make a comeback because you can't handle living without your single precious dress for another second is still peak entitlement and behavior only a literal poor child would engage in and you have to be 18 to post here.

>> No.10779845

I'm not defending replicas, but I think people lean way too heavily on calling each other a "poorfag."
Statistically, very, very few people here have "millions" to spend on any which release. 4chan just loves to larp as rich people.
Like you said,
>$100 extra is not a concern
Plenty of us aren't phased at spending double or triple the retail price. But being truly rich isn't just an extra $100. And what I keep hearing/reading is that anons should just pay any egregious price, or else they're a poorfag.
It's just such a tiring arguement.Speaking of, of, please let's all make a pact to only sell our rare releases to Chinese lolitas for actual insane prices. Like, let's see if we can make 100k off of one sale just for the hell of it. If they're really that unbothered and rich, it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe they'll leave the fashion if we all collectively target them and upcharge based on status/race.

>> No.10779846

I hope when AP drops their next release, we stop talking about replicas like we're still in the good ol' days of livejournal

>> No.10779848

I agree with the "poorfag[ging]" part but this site is mainly for salty, spiteful bitches so just ignore it if you know it doesn't apply to you

>> No.10779851

I don't think people are poorfags for not wanting to overpay. I think they are poorfags because of their attitude about the fact that they can't afford or justify the expense. If MRC is your dream dress, but you're not willing to pay more than retail for it, and you complain about that constantly and accuse everyone else of scalping? You're a poorfag.

>> No.10779859

The thing is, almost every lolita that is dedicated to this fashion and likes the brand is unlikely to purchase a replica willingly and knowingly. This is entirely different than the mindset ten+ years ago when replicas ran wild.

The stigma of wearing replicas is still very high. It doesn't matter if it's a convincing replica.

When you've been in the fashion for long enough, and collected for long enough, it's rare to run into a release that you absolutely must have. A lot of us would rather pass on the latest release rather than settle for a replica.

So no, twelve-fifteen Americans buying replicas on Taobao to "stick it to AP" is going to do nothing to their bottom line.

>> No.10779872

This. Especially since nowadays replicas are pretty much all risk no reward. You'll be shunned for wearing it, you still won't have a suitable substitute for the dress you actually wanted, and it's still more expensive than the bajillion socially acceptable taobao options.

>> No.10779896


I think you’re larping hard. Rich people are more conscientious about money. It’s not about saving money and the fact you don’t understand that shows that you’ve not actually met any rich people. It’s about the principle and pride of giving that money away.

You’ve basically explained in an essay the basic concept of “if you have lots of money you can buy lots of things”

>> No.10779897


A lot of new money kids are like that. The older generation not so much. They’re much more careful and picky.

>> No.10779899


If peer pressure stops you from wearing a dress then idk man.

Either way, I’m getting a replica done- materials ordered, pattern finalised. Just waiting for confirmation from the seamstress.

>> No.10779913

You really idealize rich people's thought processes to the point of fantasy kek

>If you have lots of money you can buy lots of things
Yes, that is literally it.

>> No.10779914

Okay but what old people are wearing lolita? Most people in the fashions are millennials or younger.

>> No.10779928

Which is exactly what I specified and are the majority of Chinese that are entering the market. Read the entire post.

>> No.10780057

You're gonna be disappointed. Imagine going to a *seamstress* kek.

Also peer pressure stops us from all sorts of things. What do you just fart super loud in public? Do you pick your nose in public? No? Well there you go. PeEr pResSuRe.

>> No.10780062


Who do you think makes the dresses for AP? Fairies?

You sound bitter.

>> No.10780064


It’s a dress. Chill. Why do you type like that? Salty ass mf

>> No.10780066


Pot calling kettle back much?

>> No.10780143

I swear you just learned that phrase and are tossing it around in every thread. You clearly don't understand it.

>> No.10780148

I wish we had more lolita models. Most of AP's don't wear lolita at all

>> No.10780149

Um AP is made by seamstresses tf are you okay?

>> No.10780339

Well shit, apparently AP Paris restocked the white Soap Bubbles JSK almost 8 hours ago and I had no idea. Time to die.

>> No.10780345


>> No.10780413

Yeah it was just the one. I actually had it in my cart but my mobile network was down so I couldn’t do the two-factor auth to make payment with my card or paypal. Good times

>> No.10780524

I wonder how Paris even managed to get an extra JSK when hoards of people in Japan were complaining about stock levels.

>> No.10780534

kek so it's this autistic troon who was caping for scalpers this hard. Makes sense

>> No.10780602

By seamstress, she probably means her auntie who likes to sew. She shows her soap bubbles. What she ends up with most certianly won't be soap bubbles. Even if auntie is a great seamstress, she probably doesn't understand lolita aethetics. Therefore she'll end up with a well-constructed dumpster fire that looks nothing like Soap Bubbles. She will sure show them.

>> No.10780647

Someone probably cancelled their order. AP Paris is obliged to accept returns under the EU legislation.

>> No.10780682

Do you know if it's ok to return MTO when it's written that they don't accept refund or cancelation?

>> No.10780828

new thread >>10780824

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