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Last thread is saging.

Did you emerge successful from the Happy Garland release?
What series will come out this weekend?
Are you looking forward to AP Paris’ anniversary event and their exclusive look at the fall/winter releases?

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Previous thread >>10763867

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nah. but i am hoping to snag one if AP usa is blessed by it this or next week. i never bought from them but i missed out on it 4 times now. so wish me luck, guls.

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My SS successfully got everything I requested! I'm especially happy about the brooch!

I'm hoping there'll be something nice for Halloween, but I'm not really expecting much for Fall/Winter.

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I'm going to try to go for the brooch at APUSA for a friend who wants it, but otherwise I did get what I wanted for myself!

I'm hoping there's more rereleases for Fall/Winter as their new releases haven't been catching my eye lately!

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Happy Garland was dead to me the second it wasn't released on cotton.

I guess I don't have much hope for the fall/winter releases. I'm curious to see how scalped Soap Bubbles will be though. For old time's sake, I feel like I'll try to buy it at release, but bots are going to be out in full force.

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Soap Bubbles this week

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Only managed to get the JSK and the KC but no brooch for me, I'll give it a try at the US release

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I already have the whole happy garland set from first release but really want the colorful star blouses in white and sax, and maybe the parka in pink/sax from ap usa or the matching otks in white or sax and small clips

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I was worried that AP would bring back the horrid solids like the mint one. I must say that I like how all the new colourways look.

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Sad to see they changed the design to lined OP. The original two-piece set with a slip and a sheer overdress was more versatile.

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I wonder how the majority of people feel, because I don't really like the new colorways. I wasn't a huge fan of the old ones, but having the rainbow ruffles on every colorway feels weird.

At least people won't lose the slip this time.

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See, I hated how it was originally two pieces. The sleeves and back of the dress looked dumb because the slip didn’t cover them. It made the dress look cheap. I’m in the minority with this opinion.

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Well the sleeves are still unlined.

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So when's this coming out? I saw someone mention they put in their name for a preorder but I can't find any info about it on any SS and I'm going crazy. I'm an otome girlie but I'm in love with this print.

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If you have a picture, and don't feel like waiting for other colors to be revealed cuz you 100% want the pink or white, link it to an SS now with a list of what you want.

Full details of a release only gets announced less than 24 hours before things go on sale.

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What's the deal with AP Paris timers? Tried adding Soap Bubbles to my cart multiple times but the Add to Basket would just gray out and nothing would be added to my cart so I missed out, ugh

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AP Paris' website keeps crashing

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Quit crashing the site you skanks

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Why tf didn't AP do a soap bubbles mto instead?

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because they're retarded. and we can't even get the items we want because their busted ass website keeps crashing

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And they continue to keep pumping out shit we don't want. They could survive off of old re releases

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Will AP USA be getting a release?

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I had the white jsk in my cart but because the site went full retard it went over the 10 minute limit and now it’s sold out. gg Paris

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I was on the JSK listing page before the email and before all the items were completely uploaded. Never succeeded in getting any JSK in my cart because of what >>10775002 said.
I was mainly in it for the entertainment, but this just reminds me why I stopped buying from Paris. The site is a prick. I think it actually blocked me for a minute because I refreshed twice in a row ("Connection refused" error).

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Releases are every 2 weeks. Their last release was on 6/10.

>> No.10775014

Seriously, this is the one rerelease that obviously needed an MTO.

Please leave if you are this new.

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I managed to get a pink soap bubble jsk and the lavender headdress from the Paris site. It was incredibly frustrating and took 30 minutes but I'm glad I was successful! I'm wishing the rest of you luck in your soap bubble pursuits.

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This happened to me too

>> No.10775019

Let's hope the chinese lolitas will cry enough to make AP consider making it an MTO sometime later this year.

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So they'll be getting it next week then? I don't care for modern AP, so I don't know the ins and outs of buying new. Is it hopeless to try for the Japanese release if you can't input an American billing address?

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Absolute dogshit website

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Japanese release is going to be even worse than Paris, guaranteed. And it's probably too late to get an SS.

I'd say chances are high. They were already whining about it when they saw the lookbook. I want Soap Bubbles to become the next Topping Heart, honestly. Give me one in sax. Release it so many times we all hate it.

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They should unless there's an unexpected delay. Check their social media each week.

And stuff sells out in seconds online if it's popular. Check their website for shopping instructions.

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thanks for the help. my card is inexplicably being denied by the AP website and won't even register an attempt to use it at all (despite calling the company and being told there's no issue on their end). i'm using a tenso address and everything so i'm not even sure what the issue could be

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Chinese lolitas have THE power.

The Japanese release will be bots fighting with each other

>> No.10775033

Based of AP to release such cute jewellery alongside a totally unrelated hype rerelease. Aside from taking 20 years to check out I got the ones I wanted no problem! Now I just need the actual Cream Soda Mermaid jsk, alas

>And they continue to keep pumping out shit we don't want.
Because they’re having such a hard time shifting stock right now? 2010 sweetfags pls go.

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Nayrt but new releases not selling out has been very noticeable. The only real bloodbaths lately are rereleases and redesigns.

>> No.10775050

Not everything has to be a bloodbath to sell out in a reasonable time. With the exception of Ichigo Bread Bakery and Lemonade Float, most recent releases have been consistently selling out in most colours.

>> No.10775051

But that’s been the norm for years, except for maybe mid/late 2020 when things got manic. There was a period circa I wanna say 2015~2018 where there weren’t a lot of “bloodbaths” and a lot of prints especially went to the sales.

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Oh boy, I can't wait for the JP site to get ass-blasted.

>> No.10775191

I'm not even going to try

>> No.10775197

Oh I'm not either. I'm just going to join in the frenzy of refreshing to slow the bots down by a hundreth of a millisecond. It's my only semblance of control.

>> No.10775199

Didn't even see the white and pink JSK in stock. I refreshed a few seconds before release, and when the page loaded, they were already gone. Cool stuff.

>> No.10775200

White Soap Bubbles OP sold out in 2 seconds. If AP doesn't make this an MTO they are missing out big time

>> No.10775203

I did see them both in stock. They were gone in a second.

>> No.10775206

Waiting for more of those chinese tears to come rolling in

>> No.10775209

they won't.

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I guess we can never have nice things.

>> No.10775239

What’s the scoop? Are the Chinese girls upset?

I miss Chinese Gossip. Please come back some day.

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Has anyone heard back from tenshi about soap bubble series?

>> No.10775262

Tenshi just emailed me- apparently the soap bubble release was a massive bust all over Japan. AP were totally unprepared for the demand and a lot of people have gone away empty handed and unhappy. Let’s hope for an MTO.

I’ve used tenshi for dogs years and she never came back to me unsuccessful, even in bloodbaths. Must’ve been a mess.

>> No.10775265

I got the same response from Tenshi. I wonder if she was able to get anything at all or if nobody’s orders are getting fulfilled?

>> No.10775280

Has anyone heard from Mint Kismet about soap bubble yet?

>> No.10775286

Apparently the Cream Soda jewelry also had issues. Something about not enough quantity made it to stores because of manufacturing issues.

AP really dropped the ball on all of this. It makes me sad when it's apparent that even our SS had a bad time.

>> No.10775289

I wonder if tenshi uses bots because she's nearly always successful with things. If she does, I don't mind as much as it's actually going to non scalpers

>> No.10775300


I was first in line for my cut&colorway, not even the most popular one. Still unsuccessful. I’ve emailed AP about a MTO, maybe there’s enough of us to make a difference.

>> No.10775321

She goes to the store closest to her, doofus.

>> No.10775336

Nah man she tends to shop online first then order from stores if shes unsuccessful

>> No.10775353

how? did ppl outrun you / grab multiple dresses at a time?

I miss when AP had stricter rules at release.

>> No.10775364

Today's release was 1 piece (either JSK or OP) per person.

>> No.10775366

How do ss do it when it's one per person and they only go to one store?

>> No.10775370

Not all releases are like that. A few recent ones were one piece per colour per cut.
There's also ordering by phone from other stores after the initial release. Less central stores tend to have leftovers.

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Probably nobody's order was fulfilled since she made her first ever story about it.

>> No.10775410

blood bubble bath

>> No.10775411

Most of the people fighting for this dress were probably Chinese scalpers and Chinese lolitas as Soap Bubbles is super popular over there. The only reason why we probably didn't see an MTO is because AP/the factories are already so behind with MTOs already.

>> No.10775413

Do you mean first in line for your SS or are you in Japan? I'm confused like the other anon. How can you be first in line but not get what you want? Was it because of the number/time slot raffle?

I want to send an email to AP too, but my Japanese isn't good enough to write a polite/formal request for an MTO. If someone wrote one and posted it here, I feel like a lot of people could email AP.

The failure of this release honestly felt different than anything in the recent memory. I've never seen such widespread frustration from buyers and SS. I don't understand what possessed AP to do a normal release for something with 10+ years of demand pent up behind it. AP has to have some business knowledge, right? I'm finding it hard to believe they aren't just completely brain dead.

>> No.10775422

I sent an email as well. What I usually do is write my message in english with [ ] around print names and jargon words, put it through google translate, then put it underneath the english comment and send it. I usually get a response.

(Use your own words for at least sentence #2 so it doesn't seem like it's all one person emailing)

I was wondering if you would consider making the [Soap Bubbles series] a [Made-to-Order]? So many people went to the store and were very sad to have not been able to get anything. We would be very grateful if you would consider it.

Thank you for your time,
[Insert name]



[Insert name]
If someone who knows Japanese can edit it to be more proper, that'd be great. I try my best with what I have.

>> No.10775442

you know the prints have different japanese and english names..

>> No.10775445

I asked once but got no reply.

They already did that

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>> No.10775459

I'm guessing you can't read japanese or at least remember their original print names

>> No.10775463

Sorry should’ve specified- I was first in line for the cut and colorway with tenshi. That’s usually a sure guarantee to get the item.

>> No.10775602

>starting off an email to a business with konnichiwa
Jesus Christ lmao

>> No.10775617

Well, this is why I asked for someone to post an example. I wanted AP to respect our requests, rather than write us off as filthy gaijin.

Would you start it with [いつもお世話になります。] ?

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>> No.10775622

nayrt but give it a rest. plenty of people use google translate when communicating for international orders and they're aware that they have an international customer base. anon is just asking for help. no need to go flexing your weeb cred for learning glorious nipponese

>> No.10775630

AP doesn’t give a fuck what dirty foreigners want. The second they see a Google Translate style email it’s getting deleted. If it’s written naturally in their own language they would take it seriously.

>> No.10775638

they literally cater to dirty foreigners. why do you think all their stuff is cheap polyester garbage? because the massive amount of chinese lolitas will still eat it up

>> No.10775651

God damn, this is legendary

>> No.10775662

So what you're saying is to use a Chinese email address and don't put English on the side.

>> No.10775697

That’s a solid strategy lmao

>> No.10775848

Honestly, yes.

>> No.10775868

I did that with VM but they still took my suggestions.

>> No.10776062

Any more news about that AP USA shipment that was lost? Did you guys get your money back or did USPS find it?
Sorry for being dumb. I'm oddly emotionally invested in it, even though I didn't order from that release.

>> No.10776120

Yeah they're not going to shame you or tell you to fuck off for trying to write in their language

>> No.10776149

I see that the hype for milky chan has also died down on Lacemarket considering the applique skirt and jsk sold for only $400

>> No.10776153

It's fucking old and crusty and this point tho... That's why rereleases are so good. Who wants to pay over $400 for a decade old dress with like 5 owners even if it is a dream dress..

>> No.10776155

I think they finally found my stuff and just shipped but I don't have it yet

>> No.10776196

Tbh nearly everyone does especially since most things don't get re released or at least very well, but I get your point. I think it's just that the covidlitas have calmed down and whatever that lump of money was that US lolitas got has already gone.

>> No.10776532

Sure Jan. In all likelihood they sent you a generic email saying they appreciate your business.

>> No.10776537

Probably has to do with no more stimulus payments and prices for everything else have gone up so there’s less money for frivolous purchases. Can’t wait for all the people who paid ridiculous prices to be crying because they can’t get their money back when they try to sell it.

>> No.10776539

yes they will, you crazy?

>> No.10776544

NTA Japanese people almost never do that. Like yes Japanese people are known to be nice to your face and talk shit behind your back, but regarding language, they're more likely to be annoyed with you trying to engage with them in English only than they would for you to attempt to communicate in Japanese.

Japanese people tend to have a genuine sense of appreciation when people make an effort to learn and speak in Japanese and see it as a sign of respect for their culture more often than not.

It's such a shitty burgerpilled American mindset to shame someone for wanting and trying to communicate in your language. t. billingual American

>> No.10776553

Yes this.

EXACTLY. Unless the company offers both English (or whatever language you communicate with) and Japanese then it's okay. But Japanese people tend to love it when you try. I mean I would appreciate it if someone tried to speak their broken English to me.

>> No.10776555

Yeah, I only wanted it because it could function as an overdress without the slip

>> No.10776564

A friend asked for a refund and got it but I’m holding out for the socks I bought

>> No.10776595

Do you have any coord pics of the 2009 one as an overdress? What did you want to wear it over?

>> No.10776652

I can't imagine that actually working that well. What would you ever think you could wear it over? All prints would look so cloudy and retarded.

>> No.10776653

Nayrt, but any misty sky jsk or anything that doesn’t have too much decor on the bodice. It’s a great way to tone down busy prints, too.

>> No.10776659

>misty sky
>All prints would look so cloudy


>> No.10777992

I miss Angelic Prophet

>> No.10777997

Bullshit. Stop drinking the uwu glorious nippon koolaid. Japanese treat you like you’re ignorant and stupid no matter how well you can speak their language and your boss will think you’re never proficient enough to belong in their workplaces. t. worked for several Japanese businesses and lived there.

>> No.10778023

this. anon is probably about western japanese people or something.

>> No.10778036

No, I lived in Japan as well and worked there for quite some time. I know they can be patronizing and yes Japan is xenophobic, and many Japanese assume non Asians want to speak English or refuse to use Japanese, etc. in a lot of situations even when Japanese is fine for a lot of people. But in general every Japanese person I engaged with when living and working there was usually grateful and fine with using Japanese if it was spoken decently, but many could seem annoyed if you approached in English. Depends on where you live but in some regions it was clear people got way more annoyed in non touristy areas if you tried to address staff in English.

It is literally a meme that Japanese people tend to vocalize that they are "impressed" by foreigners with medicore to poor Japanese or the most minor knowledge about wearing a kimono or Japanese food, and yeah it's a bigotry of low expectations sort of thing but they do actually like it when you take interest in their language and culture. Soft power and all that.

But regardless anon isn't trying to work in Japan and Angelic Pretty is not her boss. She's just trying to send a basic bitch email in Google Translate Japanese to a Japanese company that knows it has international customers. Not even the same scenario regardless and a shop staff member is never going to be overtly shitty unless they're unhinged like the foreigner hating BTSSB shopgirl was.

If you think Japanese people dislike it when you attempt to learn to use their language and communicate better you must have an actually broken brain and be one of the idiots who think wearing kimono is cultural appropriation even though 0% of Japanese people in Japan care.

>> No.10778038

Does AP US usually accept to refund customers for their orders or is it an exception? It's written that no returns are allowed on their website so I'm curious

>> No.10778050

What kind of shitty anecdotes are these lmao are you sure we set foot in the same country?

>> No.10778052

Ayrt i believe this is an exception due to the circumstances

>> No.10778077

How the fuck are they not going to refund customers if they can’t fulfill their orders? They won’t refund you if you pull a Kelly Eden and change your mind but if the shipment gets lost in the mail they have to refund.

>> No.10778087

I'm actually japanese but from US. they make fun of you. sorry.

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Sugar Decoration this week.

>> No.10778150

You're literally lying but okay. They won't make fun of you to your face, especially shop staff. They might sneer behind your back at most but there is really no reason for them to in this case.

In the context of what anon was asking, sending a message in shitty Japanese to AP Japan to ask for information, the worst they'd do is ignore her, not reply making fun of her you imbeciles. The fact you think otherwise just shows what hardcore larping Japan worshippers who think the privilege of speaking with a Japanese shop worker is somehow an elite honor. It's weird that you are so opposed to the thought of someone sending a simple email to your precious AP Japan shopgirls.

>> No.10778151

you do realize when you get nihongo jouzu'd it's not a compliment right

>> No.10778152

stop shitting up the thread

>> No.10778154

no one is implying they do it to your face, lmao. stop coping.

>> No.10778163

I really love this week's release, I wonder how popular it will be..

>> No.10778178

So like, I always hear Japanese people will talk shit behind your back which is whatever, but is everything on the table? Like in the US for example a certain level of gossip among friends and even coworkers can be expected but if you use no discretion, for example, not protecting clients, or talking shit about things people can't help, or maybe their accent, is considered cheap and trashy, low rent. Would someone's language be fair game in Japan even among coworkers?

>> No.10778193

I love the airiness of it but I really don't like the tiny bows.

>> No.10778198

looks like a petticoat

>> No.10778205

My first post was mentioning they're catty and gossipy behind your back and not to your face though and you tried to say that wasn't true. You're just backpedaling because you know you're wrong.

>> No.10778209

ntayr but This is how you know an oldfag from lj days is arguing with you

>> No.10778213

It's kinda weird how some of you are putting all Japanese people into one group. There's going to be those who don't care about your efforts to speak their language and talk about you behind your back because they're a bitch and then there are those who generally appreciate your efforts and don't talk shit, just like in any country. Let's get back to discussing AP now.

>> No.10778215

hey friends have you noticed that the people you're arguing with don't care about what you're saying and aren't gonna change their stances? just stop replying so we can go back to bitching about ap instead

>> No.10778218

AP threads have been dead for months don't kid yourself anon

>> No.10778327

the majority of black lolitas can't dress themselves to save their life

>> No.10778329


what even is this post

>> No.10778341

bait, ignore it

>> No.10778370

As if any of them give a fuck about a smelly ham planet foreigner learning their useless language. Admit you’re wrong and take your L. Japanese aren’t the caring and kind people the world stereotypes them as.

>> No.10778378

That anon wasn't even me. I never said all Japanese people are caring and kind. Just that most of them will be very appreciative to your face when you take the time to speak Japanese. Idk if the anon wanting to email is fat but if she is the shop staff don't know that.

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