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“You only going to this AX because you’re desperate to attend ANY big convention at this point because of the pandemic, aren’t you?” edition

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17 days to go(?)

>You Preregistered?
>Vaccinated / unvaccinated / none of your goddamn business?
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
>You got your work PTO approved?
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>What concerts do you wanna see at AX this year because there are obviously not any concerts that we give a shit about?
>What are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the weed before AX?
>Going to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?
>What’s the first thing you’re doing at AX after going through a two year timeskip?

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>Homecoming City Pop sold out

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Cosplay gathering schedule


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Word on the street is that the Marriott properties will have floor by floor sweeps at 10pm on top of placing security at the room elevators. They will have zero tolerance on room parties. If they hear or catch you with more people than the max, they will evict on the spot. Be careful, it seems covid has the hotels freaking out over room parties.

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Not sure how to feel about this

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>Pay exorbitant amount of money to go to a con
>Must pay extra to attend each event
>Aren't allowed to attend the panels

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I think panel tickets are free. It's just who wants to go badly.

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Got to make those Premierfags who didn't waste their free ticket yet happy.

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So it looks like AX took a page out of SDCC when it comes to big programming. Instead of camping outside like a bum for a wristband into Hall H you can reserve a free ticket to the event.

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people say this shit every year dawg

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So the industry panel for One Piece 100% confirms they aren't actually doing a premiere.

Hot take: I don't care about music and would gladly trade Aquors for the actual One Piece movie and Inu-Oh.

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I think it's better than waiting in a stupidly long line only to be turned away at the door.

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No it isn't

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Ah fuck. I want to get into Demon Slayer. Hoping the website doesn't fucking crash.

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Can’t wait to sit through 3 panels to attend the Trash Taste panel

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Same, anon. What are they even gonna talk about in the panel?
>See our movie, here's a preview, now go fuck off.

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>Doesn't know they clear out the rooms after every panel

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>pre-recorded message from staff
>pre-recorded message from dub cast
>some akward company rep trying to get everyone hyped to watch a preview

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Some only
t. Someone who sat through 3 shitty panels for the Promare premiere/Trigger panel

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how do we know which halls clear?

>> No.10774075

We don’t , unless they’re wristband events which there aren’t at this year

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They will be more likely to clear the hall for a big panel that has a giant line but you never know.

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>actually clearing rooms

That's funny

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If anyone wants to read ramblings of how or why behind this:

- Aniplex is bringing some of the bigger and ONLY JP guests of the con.

- Aniplex knows they WILL hit capacity no matter what. Demand outstrips supply, there is no fair way to distribute the tickets no matter what route they choose. This is the easiest and costs least amount of man hours between them AND attendees.

- Addressing the issue of past years where people would line up hours and hours in advance...only to make it to the front and be told the room is full. Sometimes it'd be 90% full already from clearing dodgers and Premier fans and the general fans who wasted 4 hours waiting meters from the door are told to leave (ah the Rascal Bunny movie).

- Less staff this year due to COVID policies. Aniplex is not having any volunteer staff who can help organize a super long line for them this year.

- There will be folks on-site who will be upset when they find out you had to have a ticket to get in because "they were never told about it"

- There will be no-shows. Perhaps the panel will let in some standby people. Let the standby line wars commence.

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>see the comments of that kotaku article
The absolute degeneracy.

Wonder if that little whistleblower will get banned faster than you can say Man-Faye

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If you are new to conventions and follow rules like a beta sure. You could just sit all the way in the back away from view and they won't even bother you. Or just stand behind the black curtains on the side and people will assume you are working there. And if they do dare ask you to leave just say you are staff and working for whatever random department. You could even take the shortcuts that are reserved for staff/and guests by simply walking trough them. Everyone just assumes you work there. Just tell anyone that tries to stop you from going where staff shortcuts are located that you are with access control it's not hard. You guys actually think this con knows what the fuck is going on when it is quite literally a clusterfuck. Anyone who has worked/volunteered before knows how incredibly lax things are. There's no communication at all with the people actually on the ground working with people who are higher up. So they won't know if you are actually supposed to be there or not. They won't even bother to call someone higher up because they won't even get a response since the heads of these areas are always busy and doing more important shit etc. Works at other cons too but ax is the easiest since they actually don't know how to properly run a con of this size.

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Just heard from some friends who work at the con hotels, at midnight every night they are going to start sweeping the hotels and checking every room. Anyone who looks like a man will be subjected to a mandatory penis inspection.

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Just heard from some staff that they’re going to require everyone in line to stand 6 feet apart. They’re going to set up tape lines all the way out to skid row.

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>CWF didn't get the LP2 room this year
Shit. I don't remember how big room 408AB is. Just a bit worried that the line will cap early like in 2018

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>Less staff this year due to COVID policies
Good! I'm glad people are finally waking up to see that working a convention that treats you like shit for free is not fun at all. Hopefully in the long run, a reduction in staff also means a reduction in the con overall and will likelg force AX to go back to Anaheim.

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>You Preregistered?
>Vaccinated / unvaccinated / none of your goddamn business?
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
1200-1300 with most of that going to the hotel, food and gas
>You got your work PTO approved?
Leaving my shithole job, wouldn’t leave a job just for a convention but a family wedding planned months ago the week before AX made it an exception
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
After i stop working, gonna be quarantining myself to be on the safe side before I fly to a family wedding/ see some broadway shows (which may eat some of my swag budget)
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
Dunno yet, may be mostly casual
>What concerts do you wanna see at AX this year because there are obviously not any concerts that we give a shit about?
Hiroyuki Sawano and Liella but god clearly hates us so we got a mid MacBook DJ and a basic MacBook DJ instead
>What are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the week before AX?
Trash taste already got announced so Abroad In Japan, Akidearesr and Sydsnap would be nice
>Going to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?
Gay chubby chaser so that doesn’t apply to me
>What’s the first thing you’re doing at AX after going through a two year timeskip?
Lineup 3 hours in advance for Trash Taste and Studio Trigger (yet again) and cherishing every single moment

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The idea of 30 autists huddled up in the corner hoping no one notices sounds hilarious.

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Because the last thing you want is people pulling out there phones and recording you doing your job when they mark you as a villain and pursue your life being destroyed.
Maybe it took a deadly contagious virus that shut down the world for 2 years to finally enforce it.

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This is about Aniplex at AX, not AX itself. Aniplex is having less staff because of their COVID precautions that include having less contacts, not because of people not wishing to work for them.
There is no shortage of people who want to work for free for them.

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Why is this still going on when E3 cancelled and a volunteer at PAX died from covid that was contracted at the event? Doesn't make sense to hold this kind of event this year.

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>There is no shortage of people who want to work for free for them.
It's all fun and games until you test positive for COVID from getting it at a convention that you slaved your life away at. Your options are to isolate in your hotel room, miss the entire con (if you're staying by yourself, which I doubt the majority do at AX), and screw over the volunteer dept. Or you're forced to leave DTLA and go home to isolate, miss the con, and your hotel roommates now have to test since they are a close contact. In the end, no one is going to have fun at this AX whether you're a volunteer, staff, or attendee.

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Covid symptons don't show up until 2-14 days. Then to top it off most people don't show symptoms. Nobody is gonna miss out on anything you doomer. By the time people actually start showing symptoms or get tested the con will be over by then.

>> No.10774122

Chill out, you just made up a nearly impossible scenario. Yes, it's completely possible to catch COVID at AX while working for free at your favorite anime company that underpays and overworks its staff regularly, but no one is going to catch it at AX and test positive before the con is done. If they do test positive, it's because they caught it before setting foot into LACC. At most, people will go home, find out they're positive, but no one is under obligation to report to the booth other than out of good faith. In the end, people are going to have fun at AX whether they're volunteer, staff, or attendee, even if they get sick afterwards.

And no, there will still be no shortage of people who are willing to work for Aniplex for free even if someone catches and dies from COVID from attending one of their panels this year. I can guarantee it.

>> No.10774139

>Word on the street
you mean random faggots on twitter/social media that are scared and just dont want people to clump up together?
of all the cons/events ive been to so far this year, no hotel has done such a thing for big parties.

>> No.10774140

>Doesn't know they clear out the rooms after every panel
yeah, i hear this shit every fucking year and it never happens.
same shit even at comic con.

>> No.10774141

The following rooms generally WILL NOT be cleared between normal Panel Events:

Live Programming 1: LACC Petree Hall
Live Programming 2: JW Marriott Platinum Ballroom
EXCEPTIONS: Room clearing WILL occur prior to a Ticketed Event (i.e. concert, AMV Competition, Masquerade, etc.), fashion show, and 18+ content tracks.

In the event either room reaches capacity two separate lines will form outside: 1 General Attendee Line and 1 Premier Fan Line.
As Attendees leave the room a corresponding number of Premier Fans will be allowed entry first. Attendees in the General Attendee Line will be allowed in when the Premier Fan Line is empty.
The following rooms WILL be cleared between Panel Events:

Live Programming 3: LACC 408AB
Live Programming 4: LACC 411 (Theater)
Live Programming 5: LACC 404AB
Workshops 1: 403B
Workshops 2: 406AB


>> No.10774145

>Your options are to isolate in your hotel room
you dont instantly get covid and feel the effects right away.
vast majority of people who get it dont start to see symptoms days later which will most likely be by the time they leave AX.
and even if they somehow start to feel sick in the middle of AX, i fucking bet you they will just deal with it until the con is over.

>> No.10774146

I know this no one is going to read this but if you just ignore the guy taking about covid he'll just look like a fucking retard talking to himself

>> No.10774163

my friend works there so i dont think ill have a issue

>> No.10774169

>not just waiting to listen to the podcast later

>> No.10774173

TT Panel

>TT shows up
>TT simps in awe of their gods being in front of them
>Panel starts
>TT bashes the USA because that is what they usually do
>Simps love hearing this
>TT talks about how they love anime but nothing about anime
>Simps love this even more
>TT makes an anime reference
>Everyone goes crazy for this
>TT leaves
>Simps now realize that the rest of their lives are worthless

>> No.10774175

These responses are why covid will be with us until the day humanity becomes extinct. Instead of taking the necessary precautions, just fucking yolo everything and get people sick.

I still don't understand the necessity of having these massive in-person conventions when the anime industry, just like the gaming industry, can run their stuff smoothly online. Don't be bitching if some AX volunteer or red vest catches covid and dies. Then we'll be back to "why the fuck did they have a con when it's still not safe?"

>> No.10774176


>> No.10774187

>I still don't understand the necessity of having these massive in-person conventions
Because they are industry conventions, not something for the fans. Some exclusive trailer that is being shown at a con can be posted on YT but if you do it at a con you can get hundreds if not thousands of people to pay to see it.

The only reason to go to con's is to meet one of the guests, have an actual panel or the AA, other then that everything else can be done online. The dealers room isn't worth it as you can usually find the same stuff online for a lot less.

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>forgetting TT making a hot take on food (my bet’s on Connor saying “brick ramen > authentic Japanese ramen” because he’s a literal heretic) that unintentionally takes up the rest of the panel at the end
Do better. Be better.

>> No.10774194

Because something that "can" be done online doesn't mean doing it online is nearly as fun or enjoyable of an experience.

>> No.10774199


going to cons for their corporate presence is fucking sad.

>Don't be bitching if some AX volunteer or red vest catches covid and dies.

No one gave a shit when they died from overeating or suicide (way more common than covid for young people).

>> No.10774207

>because he’s a literal heretic
Isn't he from Wales or some other remote ass spot? I doubt he has anything close to taste buds.

>> No.10774215

He also skips cutscenes in games

>> No.10774220

>These responses are why covid will be with us until the day humanity becomes extinct.
Yes, it will. Everyone agrees that it's become endemic and we're just going to have to deal with it like the flu.
If you don't realize this, you're clearly some kind of NEET or living in Beijing because most of the world no longer gives a shit.

>Work in an office and go to college
>Half of the office is on fucking rotating absences because they keep passing COVID around
>Still have to go to work
>Still have to do a two hour final in a room with 400 seats that are almost directly against each other

>> No.10774226

Good luck on AX actually having the staff or giving a damn about following their own policies. I don't have my hopes up that they'll enforce the clearing consistently.

>> No.10774230

I don't think even SDCC follows this, unless it's Hall H or something.

>> No.10774231

If it's anything like the room they were at in this year's Fanime, there should be some room left. It seemed like there were slightly less people than usual, if just due to COVID.

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Join #ax2022:arcesia.net on Matrix to meet up!

>> No.10774239

>These responses are why covid will be with us until the day humanity becomes extinct.
yes. people are still going to get sick no matter what. covid is here to stay faggot. we are just going to have better ways in dealing with it.

people still get the common cold or the flu. how come youre not bitching about that?
did you already forget about the "con flu" people generally get?
fucking faggot. but hey, if you want to stay in your bubble for the rest of your life, go right ahead.

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File: 197 KB, 1200x950, lain in the snow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go to chat.arcesia.net to make an account. When it asks you for the token, enter "losangeles".

If you have an account on another Matrix server, you're welcome as well! Just type "/join #ax2022:arcesia.net" in any text channel.

Even if you're not going to the convention, you're welcome if you love pic related (well, maybe not the snow) and live in Southern California!

>> No.10774246

Token doesn't work...

>> No.10774250

>they actually clicked the link

>> No.10774255

At least he isn’t as bad as Gig UK the ho hates pizza crusts, condiments and thinks all bread tastes the same.

>> No.10774262

How early do I need to line up at Day 1 to get into the exhibit hall at a decent time? Be there by 7am?

>> No.10774264

>At least he isn’t as bad as Gig UK the ho hates pizza crusts, condiments and thinks all bread tastes the same.

This line right here
>and thinks all bread tastes the same.

Never have I been so enraged at something. The only reason you would think this is because someone ripped out your entire mouth and could never eat anything ever again and to be fed by a feed tube. Bread is amazing and comes in so many types, not just taste but textures as well. Bread is one of the greatest things, all you need to make it is flour and water, yes yeast is used but if you didn't have any you could still make it with just flour and water.

Bread is found throughout the world, each country or culture has their own take on it. When you travel, going to a bakery is one of the things you have to do, you get to try a simple little piece of a country's culture.

Being part of a podcast called Trash Taste makes sense because he has no idea what even bad taste is let alone good taste.

>> No.10774265

as early as you can be there.
protip though. dont line up at the main entrance. thats where the vast majority of the people will go.

>> No.10774268

Do you mean line up at the side entrances? That's what I usually do for Day 1.

>> No.10774300

Is the north entrance any good?

>> No.10774320
File: 355 KB, 1284x1191, DC7BBCC6-2E3B-4C7D-BA69-C5C06B7BF4F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Guests of honor that isn’t Araki #1

>> No.10774323
File: 130 KB, 1080x1080, 286958110_10158674758806461_5670959867795184004_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guest of honor that isn’t Araki #2

>> No.10774333

Does it work now?

>> No.10774345

probably this. Ill never understand the appeal of streamers with mild "hot takes". I understand even less why they are showing up at anime cons. same with vtubers, which are just streamers with digital make up.

>> No.10774349

>Smokin on the moon: 2017 / Producer
>Ekimade no michiwo oshiete (“Show me the way to the station”): 2019 / Producer
>Kamiarizuki no kodomo (Child of Kamiari Month) (Anime): 2021 / General Producer
>Phoenix goes on: 2022 / General Producer

>Communication Director and Storyteller, Toshinari SHINOHE is the Author of the animated film Child of Kamiari Month
>he worked for a long time in communication and led many projects around the promotion of animated movies, manga and even theme parks in Japan.

I'm guessing they are just doing this to get a free trip to the US because AX needed some people from Japan and they were the only ones who said yes.

>> No.10774351

>Ill never understand the appeal of streamers with mild "hot takes"
Because when you have to do a weekly podcast that is just the same three people you start to run out of things to talk about. They do have guests but that is more of something they do once in a while and not every week.

Take Joe Rogan, he has a guest every week to discuss something. So you might like one guest but the next guest is one that you want to listen to. Even if you are not a fan of the guest you have it where they are not talking about the same thing over and over.

>> No.10774357

Should linecon still as big an issue on Day 2?

I've got a weekend pass but someone I'm going with is just Saturday at-door and I recommended that over Friday because I know Day 1 would be 100% linecon to the point of it probably not being worth it.

I'm also hoping I can get her j to the Aoki concert but as an at-door that will require level 10 persuasion/luck

>> No.10774358

This is old news lmao why did they just post this? The floorplan has been up for months with their name in it.

>> No.10774359

Where should I line up to get into the "main events" area early? I'm confused

>> No.10774360

2 of then are from Britain and the last one's an Aussie, their taste buds are fucked permanently

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Friendly reminder to not shop at SenpaiSquad for all of their stolen artwork and for employing Dazed "Alleged Rapist David" Senpai.

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File: 353 KB, 576x792, 2022-06-14_HijAX_4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


A lot of parties are gonna pop up now huh. Guess it's better than the other shit at the con this year

>> No.10774367

I'm sure they're talented but they don't feel like AX guests of honor compared to someone like Otomo in 2019.

My ideal GoHs would be Anno, Nightow and Yuasa. Miyazaki would be hilarious because he would hate being there with all those weebs despite everyone worshipping him like a god.

>> No.10774370

Kys normie

>> No.10774373
File: 59 KB, 236x236, EB6D78E2-FE2A-4729-A83B-7015964E82E9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are there any mf gundam events happening

>> No.10774374

why no arcade????

>> No.10774377

Nobody is going to wipe down the machines between each grimy attendee

>> No.10774379

Honestly I'm beginning to suspect the parties are some sort of misunderstood answer to the constant complaints they probably get from room parties, most specifically the Westin. I think the logic is that if you open up seven billion party venues and press the weebs into the actual con center, they will opt to actually go to the con parties because all parties are of course equals and no variance can be found between an intimate hotel room party with buddies where drinks are provided and a loud concert framed as a party with $14 cups of watered down beer surrounded by socially awkward randoms.

>> No.10774380

>all of their stolen artwork
dont care. all these companies steal art in some ways.
>Dazed "Alleged Rapist David" Senpai.
literally who so dont care

>> No.10774381

Fuck SenpaiSquad. They can suck my dick.

>> No.10774383

at least they'll be playing actual anime music

>> No.10774385

The majority of society in the 2020s would rather have everything on YouTube in the comfort of their own homes than burn gas, time, and money to watch it with a bunch of strangers that are likely carrying covid. Only you oldfag boomers are now attending a dying Anime Expo.

Once covid and monkeypox cases go up in LA, we will look back on why the fuck did we allow to have a super spreader event like Anime Expo when everything could have been better off just having everything done virtually?

>> No.10774388

Why do you keep doomposting even though we're all past that and just discussing the mediocrity of the lineup? Change your tactics my man.

>> No.10774390

>we're all past that
We will be like this until humanity goes extinct.

>> No.10774392

hope humanity goes extinct soon i sure could use a vacation

>> No.10774393

Cockroachchads can't stop winning.

>> No.10774394

>we allow to have a super spreader event like Anime Expo when everything could have been better off just having everything done virtually?

you do realize that cochella happened a few months ago and that event is a whole lot bigger than AX, right?
did anything serious come out of that? lol no.
im sure youre just shitposting here so heres your (you)

>> No.10774395

Just found out my friend is modeling for Baby the Stars Shine Bright at anime expo in LA. Just think its neat and wanted to vent that I'm happy for her to someone who might care (other than just her).

>> No.10774396

Very cute, fa/tg/uy, I hope she has a good shoot.

>> No.10774400

Attending Anime Expo 2022 is a financial mistake and a health hazard.

>> No.10774402

Good thing I'm suicidal and have some cash to burn

>> No.10774403

So like any other con or gathering at this point in time?

>> No.10774408
File: 3.92 MB, 480x420, 05B5EA44-A957-48B4-8A04-8351353DD341.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no TVs for weebs to plug their switches and get their smash on

>> No.10774409

why do weebs think that AX is the only convention that is/has been going on?
ive been seeing it everywhere on social media.
are they not aware that other big conventions have already happened?
or even music concerts in general?
weebs are seriously the biggest closet faggots ever. its embarrassing that I have to share this hobby with you guys.

>> No.10774410

>no variance can be found between an intimate hotel room party with buddies...and a loud concert framed as a party...surrounded by socially awkward randoms.

I don't see the difference here. Your friends and the randoms will be at both parties, no?

>> No.10774411

Miyazaki hates everything that isn't nature and planes.

>> No.10774414

Cons like SDCC and AX are bucket list cons at best.
If you haven’t been to AX yet, don’t rush but at least do it before you die

>> No.10774416

ive been going to AX since 2012 and SDCC since 2009

>> No.10774418

I forgot Gordon Ramsey is the only Brit that has any actual taste buds.

>> No.10774420

Would It make me look lazy if I did an 'Inspired By' sort of outfit for an afterparty, I dont feel like wearing a giant ass cosplay around until 3am

>> No.10774421

Unless the members of TT are gay and had sex with men in England before coming to AX and then have sex with men at AX the odds of monkeypox is almost 0. England reported that they had 303 cases of monkeypox, they were all spread by gay/bisexual men.

>> No.10774422

Rock on my man, I hope it goes well.

>> No.10774425

nobody knows who you are so nobody is going to care

>> No.10774426

I’m just saying in general if someone hasn’t been to AX, do it at least once

>> No.10774427
File: 148 KB, 811x1161, 1651350368643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Congrats from a fellow fa/tg/uy

>> No.10774428

I have no clue what it'll be like this year, but in 2019:
>Day 1 was chaos as always
>Day 2 was busy, but not that bad
>Day 3 was Saturday and 4th of July. Objectively the worst day. It was also the hottest day of the summer which made linecon all the more terrible.
>too tired to continue the weekend

I've only ever attended on Friday's in the past, so idk if that was a typical Saturday or just really bad timing.

>> No.10774429

Yeah, there's some VIP event that you can win tickets for. Idk how to get in otherwise, but I guess they're unveiling some big ole secrets. It was posted in the last thread and I believe it's still on their insta.

>> No.10774436

Wedding orgies are a thing and you don't have to be gay or bisexual to catch the pox, I wouldn't put it past them

>> No.10774437

Why do you care so much about the sex lives of other people?

>> No.10774446

Is Twisted Wonderland huge or something? Ive literally never heard of this shit until suddenly you need tickets to get in

>> No.10774448

Is FGO huge or something? Ive literally never heard of this shit until suddenly you need tickets to get in

>> No.10774452

being an artfag, ive seen characters for that series pop up every now and then but honestly never really seen any discussion about the game itself. so yeah, i guess it does actually have a big following?

i know youre just shitting on that anon. never even played/watch/read anything Fate related but I still see people mention it every now and then. im sure even the casual weeb would know what FGO is but would have no clue what twisted wonderland is.

>> No.10774456

Dont take a bag and learn how to cut. Then lines will be no issue.

>> No.10774457

You're not weeb enough

>> No.10774458

It’s big in Japan, not sure how popular it is in the US. It’s the sons of Disney villains or something like that, I believe it’s a mobile game

>> No.10774459

If you actually enjoy listening to hack fraud losers at American cons you're not a weeb. I SWEAR I WILL CAUSE ANOTHER NAGASAKI IF THOSE JAO FUCKERS DONT LET ME IN FOR COMIKET 2022 IN AUGUST

>> No.10774462

It's mostly genderbent Disney villains in not-Hogwarts dorms that represent their origin series, and they're all hot fantasy-fulfillment pretty boys designed by Toboso Yana, the manga artist for Kuroshitsuji.

>> No.10774464

You can thank all the anti vaxx fuckers who make Japan think we’re just a big hotbed of Covid.

>> No.10774469

My gf is 100% doing a casual One Piece cosplay for the panel and Aoki concert on Saturday (if she can get in as an at-door, or if there's still even a chance for that if she pre-regs for a 1-day now).

No one will judge you for doing casual cosplay unless you're in the contest. Have fun, who cares.

>> No.10774470


anyone got floor space for a texas anon? i bought a flight and pass with no where to sleep.

>> No.10774480
File: 930 KB, 3941x4096, 20220527_231536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You Preregistered?
Yes but I'm only going for Day 2
>Vaccinated / unvaccinated / none of your goddamn business?
Vaccinated but too indifferent to get boosted
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
Currently small but I've already paid for all of the necessary costs ahead of time now all I need is food and AA money
>You got your work PTO approved?
Going to start a new job the week before but I told them I won't be able to come in July 2nd
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
I focused on paying for my badge cosplay and backup outfit and now I have to make sure to have a decent amount for food and other potential expenses
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
Day 2 Miyako Hoshino
>What concerts do you wanna see at AX this year because there are obviously not any concerts that we give a shit about?
Majiko she's underrated and I wish she'd do tours that aren't in Japan and China
>What are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the weekend before AX?
Don't really care for panels
>Going to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?
As long as there are snacks afterwards
>What’s the first thing you’re doing at AX after going through a two year timeskip?
Either head straight into the Artist Alley or look for good cosplayers to photograph

>> No.10774482

plenty of space in skidrow and its fairly close to the convention center.

>> No.10774483

>You Preregistered?
yeah, only going Saturday as I hate Friday traffic, going to San Diego Fair Sunday, and leave for school Monday
>Vaccinated / unvaccinated / none of your goddamn business?
Vax + boosted, I'm a middle school teacher
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
No budget, not sure what I'll find but I have a savings account I can dip into if I find good stuff.
>You got your work PTO approved?
Don't need any, schools out for summer and I'm not teaching summer school
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
friends flaked on me so its looking like I'm going alone for the first time.
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>What concerts do you wanna see at AX this year because there are obviously not any concerts that we give a shit about?
none, haven't seen any shows in maybe 5 years
>What are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the weekend before AX?
none really
>Going to that AX orgy that obviously doesn’t exist?
no, because I won't get invited and I'm not gay
>What’s the first thing you’re doing at AX after going through a two year timeskip?
Artist alley and Exhibition Hall, I haven't bought anything in years and want stuff for my new classroom

>> No.10774487

There is a shit ton of gay butt sex that happens during AX. This is common knowledge.

>> No.10774499

>and little girls

>> No.10774500

If you're in the Texas discord, post about it there. I know a guy who might have a floor spot but don't want to give his name out unprompted.

>> No.10774501

Any know a way to extract the map from the app? It's not on their website yet and you can't zoom in for shit on their app.

>> No.10774502

Are there a lot of cute twinks? Serious question, this is my first AX and it would be fun for my partner and I to hook up with a lot of other slim Asian qts

>> No.10774503

I didnt just mean trash taste, I meant in general. guess internet saved the radio star.

>> No.10774505
File: 561 KB, 570x3008, Screenshot_20220615-235850_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10774506

LOL you're fucked Japan is going to take the rest of the year for their guided tour groups. You're going to need to run away from one of their set tours to go to comike

>> No.10774508

yeah. it just means black.
when was the last time you saw something like this specifically for mexicans? or asians?
how come they dont care about shit like that? its only blacks. and i bet you these panels are run by white people

>> No.10774510

do people actually go to these shits?

>> No.10774511

im sure the vast majority go to them just so they can get a good seat for the next panel in the room. lol

>> No.10774512 [DELETED] 

Asians cosplaying isn't diversity because anime is asian, obviously. And no, they really are run by black people

>> No.10774513

>some random grad students bloviating
who honestly even gives a shit, there's enough other shit going on (even in this lukewarm as fuck schedule) to not even notice that a tiny handful of panel space AX needed to fill up went to shit like this.

>> No.10774515


>> No.10774516

I see it at every con now and I constantly wonder how they are approved and if they even fill the seats.

>> No.10774517

>I constantly wonder how they are approved
because if they dont, they can easily just cry out racism and have everything shut down.

>> No.10774519

>a trash taste guy got coof even with 20 vaccines and always masking
isnt this proof everyone should be tested before the con?

>> No.10774533
File: 608 KB, 800x400, AXPlan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You Preregistered?
Yeah for a while
>Vaccinated / unvaccinated / none of your goddamn business?
Vaccinated and hoping for booster soon.
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far and what’s your budget?
>You got your work PTO approved?
Most certainly
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
Cha Hae-In (Solo Leveling), Caren C Hortensia (FGO), Astesia (Arknights), Casual Venti (Genshin Impact)
>What concerts do you wanna see at AX this year because there are obviously not any concerts that we give a shit about?
Not much of a concert person anyway
>What are your dream guests that you are hoping will get announced the weed before AX?
Probably some vtubers? I would think manhwa artists would be a bit too much of a stress.
>What’s the first thing you’re doing at AX after going through a two year timeskip?
Mostly meet up with friends I haven't seen in a while.

>> No.10774534

>Caren C Hortensia (FGO)
Are you going to the gathering on Saturday?

>> No.10774542

What the fuck are you gonna buy with 15k USD?

>> No.10774544

Even I’m not too sure myself if I’m gonna be around at gatherings. Might drop by briefly!

Just overall I have in my bank. Not going to spend it all. At least I hope haha

>> No.10774549
File: 44 KB, 623x474, 1551252527283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bawww we need more niggers in animated entertainment from a country where niggers are not even 1% of the population

>> No.10774552

>Panel time wasted on this crap
Thanks a fucking lot George Floyd.

>> No.10774562

Blame Derek Chauvin for that bullshit

>> No.10774568

Yeah he shoulda just let the dude die of his OD.

>> No.10774571

This post reeks of Chinese

>> No.10774574
File: 2.21 MB, 1500x1939, 9EC5CBCE-F64B-47D9-830E-33EE78BB2D44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This year’s AX bingo was disappointing

>> No.10774583
File: 177 KB, 1146x915, 60825185-D1A9-4E01-87EA-0A078A8AB667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10774584

Why didn't you cross off made in abyss and chainsaw man

>> No.10774588

This is stupid, no one cares why you like anime or why you want to cosplay as a character. If you are black and want to cosplay as Sailor Moon then go for it.

Also, Amazing Black Women of Anime, that panel has to be a joke considering there are no MC or supporting characters who have been black women in or have ever worked in anime. you could say Amazing White Women of Anime and the answer would be the same. Maybe something from Gundam or Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but that would be about it.

>> No.10774589

Nobody cares why but I guarantee you from experience if you cosplay a white looking character as a black person or vice versa you're gonna get nobody wanting pictures alright
>oh look it's black goku my favorite character!

>> No.10774599

This isn't true. It depends on how good your cosplay is. I see tons of pics of black cosplayers, the issue with black goku isn't the black. It's the Goku. There's 6 million of him at every con.

I saw a black Sailor Moon with a transforming dress get swarmed by people. For people who aren't terminally online cosplay they like is just cosplay they like.

>> No.10774609

I am racist but dont care if a negro cosplays a anime character as long as the cosplay looks good and they dont smell. then again anime conventions are the one area i dont mind seeing other races, as its celebrating something non-white anyway.
heil hitler UwU

>> No.10774613

I've taken pics and selfies with black cosplayers but I'm also not a terminally online racist.

>> No.10774614

I'm more surprised that a guy is running those two

>> No.10774623

What do you do at cosplay gatherings? I was looking them up on YouTube and it just looks like one big photoshoot, is that all they are?

>> No.10774627

Pretty much. You might talk to some people about how they made their outfit or do specific group photoshoots but that is about it.

>> No.10774632

it depends on how they are run but yeah for the most part you just gather around with other cosplayers and someone shout outs picture opportunities like "ok we need everyone dressed as this character here while doing this pose". shit like that.
so other than that, it really comes down to how social of a person you are if you want to talk to other cosplayers. otherwise, you'll probably have a bad time.
personally, i like them since it gives me an easy way to talk to cosplayers with similar interests and possibly getting their social media info.

>> No.10774639

I'm sure people do but not because just that they're black, simply because they aren't canon-looking. I only care about canon cosplay and only go up to people if I think they look like the "real" version of the character.
Which sucks in the US because it's all broad featured white women.

>> No.10774643

how are the maid/butler cafe. not expecting much for food so dont really care for that but what about the experience?
ive been going to AX for years now but never bothered going but im going with a friend who has never been to AX before so I kinda want to do more for them.
i would imagine the 18+ version should be a little bit more entertaining,right?

>> No.10774646

>couldn't even get hololive, guests which literally just phone it in
This will be my first AX. I hope it will at least be good to meet people and have fun with anime nerds.

>> No.10774647
File: 333 KB, 376x475, 1620164952172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hololive at least has a booth at AX!

>> No.10774650

>I hope it will at least be good to meet people and have fun with anime nerds.
just dont expect everyone to do the work for you. ive seen people complain about AX multiple times about how its boring because nobody comes up to talk to them.

im meeting a bunch of people from different discord servers im in so im excited for that.

>> No.10774653

> haven't bought anything in years and want stuff for my new classroom
What kinds of things from AA do you buy for your classroom?

>> No.10774655

What is the point of that? They are just someone who uses mocap to pretend they are an anime girl. Are they just going to have a TV on a table and have someone pretend that they are a vtuber?

>> No.10774656

>Are they just going to have a TV
thats how they usually do it. lol but people dont care and eat that shit up

>> No.10774657
File: 564 KB, 934x1179, 1611374672044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's most likely going to be merch sales. They produce music and do online concerts on top of streaming.

If they had the girls on a monitor on their booth at any point in time during AX. I can guarantee you people will overflow the area to the point where security will have to disperse everyone.

>> No.10774658

>got my Kimetsu ticket
Really painless experience

>> No.10774659
File: 28 KB, 388x403, B210B60C-6024-43E3-87F0-C22B2E0B4051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i’m going extremely fucking last minute do you think there’s still time for me to order a wig and put a cosplay together??? thinking something simple like a love live sunshine uniform and seeing if i can get something from arda

>> No.10774660
File: 713 KB, 1000x1000, Ramlethal-Cosplay-Hat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will likely only go there if they sell the funny little shark hoodie. Otherwise, going to the ArcSys booth for this neat hat.

>> No.10774661

Not worth it in any form

>> No.10774662

how much is the hat

>> No.10774663

ok so whats the deal with the reserved tickets? I managed to get 3 of the Kaguya one because 2 of my friends are currently at work. I just used different email addresses.
the other 2 arent going to get canceled, are they? i mean, its not like they asked for my badge info when i reserved them. it just says you just need one when you show up.

>> No.10774664

The website has it listed as sold out since about January but I'm pretty sure it's $60

>> No.10774665

Nobody really knows. They’ve never done ticketed panels like this before.

>> No.10774666

If they get a notification for it from their email or text, I think it should be fine

>> No.10774668

oh ok. never been so i thought this was a normal thing for big panels.

>> No.10774670

The maids and butlers cannot act to save their lives, their costumes are as low-quality trash as you could imagine, the food (as you said) is not what you're there for but also doesn't justify the cost of entry, and since they're just weebs, none of them have researched how regular maid cafes work beyond the most cursory and surface-level observations. There is no point going to them beyond learning this fact.

>> No.10774671

Did (You) get all the Aniplex reserved tickets you are trying for?

>> No.10774672

anyone know what time will calls begin and end?

>> No.10774673

Yeah. Now let's see if AX finds a way to fuck it up.

>> No.10774675

>Twisted Wonderland still available
>it's nearly been an hour

LOL. I want to go just because, but I also don't want to take a spot away from someone who actually cares about it.

>> No.10774676

Boy I really underestimated how quickly the tickets would get scooped up.

>> No.10774680

i just got one a few minutes ago for Kaguya. ive only seen the first season and it was ok.
i refreshed the page and now its saying its completely sold out.
probably wasted a ticket for someone that wanted to see it, lol.

im betting on over"selling" the tickets. people will be coming in with their tickets in hand only to say the place is full.

>> No.10774683

You could probably sell the ticket if you want. I doubt the staff are gonna be checking if the name matches the badge.

>> No.10774686

probably but most likely not worth the effort.
maybe if it was the demon slayer one, then yeah since that sold out almost instantly.
the kaguya tickets were on there for almost an hour before selling out.

>> No.10774689

There's definitely gonna be slowpokes looking for Kaguya tickets up until the day of the event.

>> No.10774692

There's going to be people tryng to get into every of these ticketed panels at the con and getting mad when told they needed to have gotten tickets.

>> No.10774694

all gachashit cosplays. fuck you

>> No.10774696

what are you going as?

>> No.10774697

I got an FGO one because I unfortunately play gachas

>> No.10774711

I grabbed Demon Slayer and Kaguya because a friend wanted to go and he didn't even get a ticket for Demon Slayer. I feel kinda bad.

>> No.10774720

i havent gone to ax since 2016. do we still need to show up on day 0 for ticket shit

>> No.10774730

If you buy a pre-made, anything is possible. If you're getting it from China make sure to use a fast shipping service. Don't depend on normal post or you'll be disappointed. You need DHL /EMS or the equivalent at this point

>> No.10774733

Did you buy a badge before this Monday the 13th? If so, and you live in America, you should be fine as it'll be mailed to you. If you ordered too late or you're international, you'll have to pick up your badge. I'd go on day 0 just to get it out of the way and not have to deal with it on day 1

>> No.10774736

Unless it's a niche cosplay why buy from Japan? Officially licensed premades from Japan are by far the best for the price. And DHL express is always faster from Japan than China due to customs.

>> No.10774738


What this anon said >>10774733

But I will stress that it is mandatory you get it on Day 0. Getting it on Day 1 with everybody else who thought it would not be a big deal to grab it Day 1 will basically waste 80% of your day.

I did that with my friend so many years ago thinking the line would be no issue, but we ended up waiting 6-7 hours in line, only to enjoy the exhibit hall for one hour. On top of that, the line wrapped around so fucking much, we were led through the streets of LA where the local ghetto people were just watching us wait in a line all day in the blistering hot California sun.

>> No.10774739

The 18+ butler cafe is pretty fun. I’ve been twice and had a good time each year. The butlers were either dressed up or shirtless under the vest and were just having fun with each other and the guests. Dances are great, music is good. You play board games and dumb round-the-table dares and socializing. It’s basically a fun chill session to hang out for an hour.

>> No.10774776
File: 831 KB, 1080x1080, 287071169_10158676161496461_8225599202622537175_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can’t wait for the announced ironmouse nendo to look like ass.

>> No.10774777

I got Kaguya since it's the only panel I want to go to, but I didn't expect that shit to sell out quick.

>> No.10774782

Lucky 7s

>> No.10774783

if you manage to get a panel ticket are you guaranteed a spot in the room?

>> No.10774786

Yes but the Premiers are likely to get the first few rows. I suggest getting there early and line up if you want a good view.

>> No.10774788

ADA's also get this privilege. If you know someone with an ADA pass, they can assign you as a handler and you've essentially got yourself a Premier badge so long as you're accompanying them.

>> No.10774794

Where can you buy them though from Japan, without going through a proxy and having double shipping?

>> No.10774795

>grab friend
>rent wheelchair/buy wheelchair
>friend sits in wheelchair
>you push friend around
>no one can question you
>you both win
>downside: someone has to be in the wheelchair all weekend

>> No.10774802

not sure yet, I have a lot of weeb students and host anime club, something that would catch their attention or would help me with rules and expectations. Hell, I'd settle for some background art on canvas.

>> No.10774805

What do you mean I can't smoke weed inside the Convention Center? Isn't marijuana legal in Cali?

>> No.10774806
File: 230 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1655431515009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello super spreader event

>> No.10774807
File: 12 KB, 170x170, 1621383122009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what I'm sayin'.

>> No.10774810

>almost sold out
Implying they would ever have set a cap.

>> No.10774811

The AX hype disaster train never ends

Between the lack of quality guests and flipflopping on vaccines and Aniplex tickets and literal whos for 21+ events, it has been a wild month following the rustling and uproar

>> No.10774812

Fuck I did not manage to get the demon slayer panel ticket in time. That was the only panel I was looking forward to this entire 4 day event. This sucks. Is it possible to sneak into the event somehow?

>> No.10774813

You can try lining up to be a standby or offering cash for someone else's ticket at the door

Also it depends on who is enforcing the rule at the door

Or you can wait for the event to start and inevitably some folks will leave minutes into it, then you go in and take their spot

>> No.10774814

Sorry to hear. This was similar to the 2018 My Hero premiere where you needed a ticket to even line up. They sent everyone home if you did not get a ticket.

>> No.10774816

Where in the registration do you even sign up for the Aoki concert, and is it sold out immediately like the bigger panels?

>> No.10774817

Worth going to the Aoki concert? Will there be any One Piece previews?

>> No.10774820

They're just saying that to sell more badges, there's no way that many people are going to this shitshow.

>> No.10774823

people were in that line since the morning. i remember coming at like 6am and the my hero line was already long as fuck.

only GA floor is available

maybe but probably not. maybe they show the trailer again. hard to say at this point.

>> No.10774830
File: 146 KB, 1200x630, FVbARrFagAA_ZYt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





it fucking conflicts with CWF, which I am performing in. Fuck this.


>> No.10774832

I don't know if you do prize bins, but kids fucking love stickers for their waterbottles. Peeker stickers would be cute for door windows too lol. I'm totally stealing your ideas now.

>> No.10774834

Have premiere screenings ever been at regal or is this a new thing?

>> No.10774837
File: 220 KB, 540x622, 1595193829733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yo why tf haven't they announced who's in the fucking AMV contest
or did they and i just didn't get an email
i don't even care if i'm in, i just wanna know if i should show up for the cringefest or not

>> No.10774838

Same here. Never got an email. Just tell me if I got rejected.

>> No.10774839

>inb4 nightow gets the coof and cancels 2 days before the con

>> No.10774844

Thank for the trash taste panel isn’t ticketed

>> No.10774856

Who are you going as, I'll cheer you on

>> No.10774858

I don't remember them ever showing any movies at all at the regal. All the movies they have ever done have been at the convention center. Maybe something was shown like once or twice at one of the JW marriott rooms but i don't remember,

>> No.10774862
File: 95 KB, 1080x1080, 286709683_10158674982176461_1364785348002714152_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Special screening of a movie that isn’t One Piece Film RED

>> No.10774863

This artsyle is hideous. You can see they have talent but it's just so fucking ugly.

>> No.10774864
File: 44 KB, 352x500, s-l500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This will be my first AX con. Will I find any merchandise from Yuru Yuri? It's kind of not as mainstream but I'm hoping to find anything related to it.

>> No.10774866

Why do artists charge so much for prints? $20 for a print is fucking insane. Why aren't wallscrolls/tapestries a thing in the west? It'd make much more sense to pay $30 for a tapestry as they're bigger, last longer, and wont rip easily. Are prints just super expensive to make or something?

>> No.10774868

>I want to eat your pancreas
What kind of title is that?

>> No.10774869

I wouldn't go to AX expecting to find merchandise aside from the big flavors of the season. Even then, a lot of the merch is bootlegged, overpriced, meh, nothing you couldn't just get online.

On the flipside, because most booths only cater to what's popular, if you DO find something less mainstream like this, it's like finding a diamond in the rough.

When in doubt, find an artist you like in the artist alley, commission them for some fanart. Plenty of them do commissions over the weekend and have them ready by the last day.

>> No.10774872

I have a small round trash can filled with bulk anime stickers (though I screen them for inappropriate content first after a surprise) and let them grab one when they do well on assessments, improve their grade, etc. I have a second one filled with candy and snacks (Mexican candy, Pocky, etc.) but I relent on that one more so because my coworkers ride me for the sugar rushes they deal with.

I'm thinking of switching my passes, right now I use my alma mater mascot plushes as bathroom, office, counselor passes. Wouldn't mind finding some anime-related plushes that fit the theme of those specific places to replace my current passes. I'm also trying to create a lounge area in my classroom and would like to find some nice art to put in the background and hopefully get them interested in drawing stuff other than their OC characters.

>> No.10774874

When will people stop asking about merch in cons. When they can just order it online. Every fucking thread since the existence of time we have retards asking the same exact same shit. Asking about merch they can simply get online for cheaper anyway. Is it mental illness?

>> No.10774875

For the panels that are labeled "Ticket," like the 18+ butler cafe, do we have to buy tickets in advance somewhere? I'm a little confused

>> No.10774876

Sold out. Better luck next year!

>> No.10774879

I think it's pretty simple. They spent all this money for their badge, they've been waiting for several weeks, they're probably really excited to go. Part of that excitement is hopefully finding some sort of cool merchandise for the series or franchises they like.

As this anon said, this is their first AX. They don't know that most of the booths bootleg their shit, or upsell after-market figures, or aren't even related to anime in the slightest.

And to be honest, although it's a better idea to get merch online, it's possible that maybe anon missed the pre-order timing for a figure they wanted? Going to Anime Expo could be a good opportunity to scout out said figure at an after-market price. Better than not having the figure at all.

>> No.10774880

You will, it's still pretty popular. I'd say you can find a lot for most popular series even if they aren't normieshit flavor of the month anime. There just won't be a lot.

>> No.10774882

if you're local, the merch is no different than what you see at Frank and Sons, hell even the same vendors.

>> No.10774883

>Trigun conflicts with Aoki

>> No.10774893

Is the Westin pool deck finally open again this year?

>> No.10774894

It won't last a night thanks to retards anyway.

>> No.10774895

I'm staying at the Westin and I'm planning on bringing swim trunks. Did anyone get hotel confirmation yet? I got fucked last time by JW Marriott saying they gave my room away on the day of check-in.

>> No.10774898

>Why do artists charge so much for prints?
ah, youre one of those faggots.

>> No.10774900

Feel free to explain why a piece of paper is worth $20. It's not even overcharging for art since most have fair prices for other merch. What am I missing that's worth so much about prints? Or do you just believe that's a fair price because you have no interaction with japanese artists/japanese cons

>> No.10774902

Eccentric 1%ers spend millions and millions on monkey jpegs, of someone likes a physical print of a piece of art let them have it.

>> No.10774903

no I missed the kayuga panel but im casual on it so whatever. this AX doesnt have much i was rooting for

>> No.10774904

Are the maid cafés worth going to? I don't plan to ever go to one, but I'm just curious what you guys think.

>> No.10774905

AX doesnt allow bootleg merch. you get kicked out and told not to come back.

>> No.10774912

>1. It is believed that consuming part of someone will allow their spirit to live with you forever, so by saying this it is implying they want to be with them forever.
>2. It is also believed that when you have a diseased organ, that by eating that same organ you can heal that, so it is also that she wanted to live.

>> No.10774913

The app

>> No.10774915

Damn you nighttow you fucker, give me more kekkai sensen

>> No.10774917

Because they want to charge you $10 for each print but they also need to at least break even or be a little in the red so the compromise is usually 3 for $30.

>> No.10774923

Please. If anyone is going to the Trigun, Ranking of Kings, or Mob Psycho 100 panel I will legit pay you to FaceTime me or récord during some of the panels. The one year I’m not able to go they’re having all these cool panels…

>> No.10774927

what day/time is ranking of kings?

>> No.10774928

Sunday at 1pm in Petree Hall

>> No.10774940

I'm surprised cons haven't downsized AA since many artist just sell their shit online in the form of NFTs.

>> No.10774948


>> No.10774959
File: 3.11 MB, 320x480, FE52045B-AE27-4D80-A5F2-B4980BA4808E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he paid money for a MacBook DJ

And this is coming from a guy who spent $200+ on Porter Robinson’s Nurture tour

>> No.10774962

Sometimes the bigger industry booths have exclusives and/or bonuses and freebies. I’ve gotten some nice posters either for free or with small purchases from company booths.
Also if you go on day 4 a lot of vendors will discount stuff, you can get some good deals on things like manga.
I don’t recommend buying figures though unless it’s direct from the company’s booth (GSC, Koto, etc) but you’ll still get a better price and more selection online.

>> No.10774963

That might have been last year when no one really understood nfts but now the market has gone to shit (and crypto as a whole)

>> No.10774976

anime expo sounds like a shitshow

t. someone who never attended

>> No.10774978
File: 537 KB, 1080x1080, 288151017_10158675828026461_2219483608119264180_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another panel no one cares about

>> No.10774981

uhhh bros i thought weebs loved pixiv

>> No.10774999

Well, I'll probably check out their booth. See if I can grab one of those clear files.

>> No.10775000

No premiere of Made In Abyss S2 or chainsaw man, unless I’m missing something

>> No.10775001
File: 110 KB, 1080x1080, 286676149_10158674622056461_2747955682718913850_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Special screening of a movie that isn’t One Piece Film RED #2

>> No.10775006

why? just wait like 5 minutes after the panel and all the info will be online.
weebs are fucking stupid sometimes. lol

>> No.10775008

well both of those have panels, does that not count?

>> No.10775035

ur a fuckin liar and fatmouth theres no such thing

>> No.10775037

Check the app. Mib is premiere

>> No.10775041
File: 2.20 MB, 1500x1939, B3FD8984-218F-4568-8303-504FAC988C06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I’ll be. Still not looking hopeful though

>> No.10775044

If i can find Yo-Kai Watch merch at AX, I’m sure you can find Yuri Yuri merch

>> No.10775048

Still don't get why the chainsaw mappa panel doesn't count for chainsaw or mappa.

>> No.10775066
File: 104 KB, 780x332, 462039A4-A923-451B-8346-7CA0B2ABF1AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it’s real desu

>> No.10775067

then why is it not on the schedule you absolute fucktard

>> No.10775069

Because AX is incompetent.

>> No.10775074

a quick google search is something amazing, anon

>> No.10775081

where's the schedule?

>> No.10775087

its been on the app for the past couple of days. not sure if they released it on their website yet.

>> No.10775090


well it sounds more retarded than boiji. i wont be going

>> No.10775091

Anon if you can't find YuruYuri merch at AX, I'll do a custom shikishi for you. I was going to run a custom shikishi AA booth this year but my collaborator dropped out.

>> No.10775097

Q&A focused panels are always the worst because people always ask the dumbest fucking things to waste time.
>hi! big fan of the show. I was wondering if Bojji grows up, will he be gay?

>> No.10775107

Trigun isn't on the schedule yet either

>> No.10775111
File: 6 KB, 229x220, Annoyed Pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Feel free to explain why a piece of paper is worth $20
why dont you draw one yourself

>> No.10775113

Going to this and also going to catch Mika Pikazo live drawing.

>> No.10775114

Connor has frequent sex with Chris Broad. It is known

>> No.10775115

>What am I missing that's worth so much about prints?
oh i dont know...maybe the time and effort that goes into the actual artwork?

>> No.10775117

>What inspires you?
>I want to be an animator/director/voice actor/asshole too, how can I accomplish that?
>In episode 8, you played sad music when Mika's sister died. Why did you do that?

I fucking hate Q and A panels

>> No.10775120

I was going to suggest cutting down on that by having pre-selected questions, but that would probably result in even more of that kind of shit because of how much favoritism dumb fujo shit like that gets cause of how much cash fujos blow on merch.

>> No.10775122

i don’t think fujos are even really into ranking of kings, the character designs aren’t really their types

>> No.10775123

Ranking of kings is for shotacons, not fujos

>> No.10775125
File: 1.26 MB, 310x200, gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember at this one comic con where this one attendee asks a very big and at the same time vague ass question that had the panelist be like "That sounds like a Question for Joe Biden or miss universe"

>> No.10775132

What kind of questions would be good for Q&A panels? I think a lot of us are autistic and socially inept so that’s why a lot of awkward questions get asked.

>> No.10775133

I remember questions like,
>"This anime LITERALLY changed my life, now I see my life as before X and after X....[rambling continues for minutes before the actual, general open-ended vague question to a Japanese guest whose interpreter now has to compact that noise]"

It does speed things up so much but at the same time, it's all safe questions and boring

>> No.10775134

Ask questions about the guests themselves, not "what did you have for breakfast" or "do you think ___ couple is canon???" but what they want to do in their field or if they have greater control over their project or role.

>> No.10775135

Life stories about how show helped them cope with mental illness disguised as questions are way worse than shipping ones that are at least about the characters. That being said, asking character questions to dub vas and then taking responses as word of god will always be fucking stupid. Not that it's the case in the ranking of kings panel. Just something that pisses me off.

>> No.10775139

>What kind of questions would be good for Q&A panels?

What are your favorite / craziest moments when making this work?

What is the most difficult part of making x?

How do you want to see x in the future?

>> No.10775141

Were there any scenes you wanted to include that were cut for time

Will there be a sequel

>> No.10775142
File: 9 KB, 219x230, Cigar Pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Attendee asks this Successful showriter panelist "How do you deal with writer's block and what helps you get over it"

>Panelist answers "Well, to get over writer's block i remember that i have a mortgage and 3 kids"

>> No.10775153

I hate the fan worship posed as a "question". it's disturbing.

>> No.10775161

Ask the voice actors what's going to happen to their character in an ongoing arc

Ask manga-only questions to the anime producer

Try shipping VAs

Reference an inside joke from tumblr/twitter fandom and the fujos in the audience squeal

Ask whether a character is genderfluid or w/e

Plug your content creation channel of choice (or your own, preferably)

>> No.10775170

Anime Expo was better back when it was held at Anaheim and was actually 24/7. People spent the entire night playing Dungeons and Dragons and Dance Dance Revolution inside the Anaheim Convention Center and passed out, sleeping on the floor.

>> No.10775172


>> No.10775178

I love that!!

>> No.10775181
File: 782 KB, 1920x1080, 1648182594240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the same fujoshi question over and over again about the mouth-to-mouth from PROMARE

>> No.10778830
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>From BakuDeku to Y/N and Gojo: Why We Ship It - 18+

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