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my ear piercings that i've had since i was a child have been very tender this year and now they straight up got infected... i have other ear piercings too and nothing has happened to them but i've only worn simple earrings that i bought from jewelry shops on those. on the ones that got infected i've been wearing stuff i ordered from china. this sucks, i can't be sure that the cheap earrings are at fault but it's very likely.

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Rip this board honestly

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>i can't be sure that the cheap earrings are at fault
Yes you can, don't be an idiot and wear real jewelry

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yeah it's really shit desu, wish there was somewhere similar. Lolita migration to the farms when

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I found this bread I really like but it makes me fart a lot and I’ll be sharing a hotel room with people so I can’t eat the bread ;_; i was planning to make sandwiches to eat at the con

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If there was a better consolidated site for lolita content I'd have left this shithole years ago. I don't use SM much and this is the only place I consistently get brand updates and "discussion" (I use that term loosely).

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This board has been dead for ages
People who cosplay but don't do lolita get drowned by the lolitas here
And the lolitas are pretty much the same group of 34 people that use this board regularly.

I'm not sure if this board was ever like /o) and /k/ which have a great amount of people coming in and using it

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It's similar to /o/ in that it used to have a significant tripfag userbase back in the day

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Although cars are much more popular than cosplay
i think /cgl/ is a zombie desu

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The lack of cons and move to discord killed cgl

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wait when the cosplayers of cgl moved to discord?

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i will from now on. sucks because the designs were cute.

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you sound like you don't really like lolitas
>People who cosplay but don't do lolita get drowned by the lolitas here
as of late i've seen a good fair amount of cosplay threads vs lolita threads, there's been tons of new ones lately with all the cons popping up too. the problem is that the con ones don't gain traction until close to/during the con and the cosplay threads that do get the most replies are the coomer ones which literally don't make discussion lol.

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Met a cute boy but he's a normie and younger than me by a few years. I'm an older lolita and it's breaking my heart not being able to find a partner

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i just love lolita so much i wanna kiss other lolitas and hold their hands and buy them brand and do cute twin coords and make out in them please god bring me a lolita gf

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Do you have a penis?

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Just go after him!

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>younger than me by a few years
How young are we talking? So long as they're in athier 20s it's not a huge deal

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GOD i need this SO BAD

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>order gobelin jsk secondhand, theoretically should fit
>get delivery notification at work
>literally filled with excitement all day waiting to get home and try it on
>it doesn't zip up all the way

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>you sound like you don't really like lolitas

I don't like, as in, I do not enjoy it, but I respect lolitas, as in, the persons.

>the cosplay threads that do get the most replies are the coomer ones which literally don't make discussion lol

True. Coomers everywhere. I want to discuss convention related stuff without fearing being cancelled, which something that in our business is quite common lmao

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I'm gonna say it here to not create a thread
This is extremely /pol/ but what will be the impact of the war on Ukraine in cosplay?

I fear that Russophobia, Sinophobia and anything and anyone who has a positive light on Russia will be cancelled like if they raped someone at a comic con.

The USA will lose its great economic status and thus will not be the goal for us cosplayers outside of the country to one day to go to a huge convention in the USA, which is a role model when it comes down to having and maintaining an environment where comic cons can be held safely and peacefully.

Thank God that in my area and my cosplay fandom is made of people with little to no prejudice and thus phobias of any find do not get to grow (even because Russians in my area are rare, and these people who openly support Russia who write the letter Z in anything and similar types simply are rare besides specific political groups and there's simply no space for political discussion about it in my area).

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>these people who openly support Russia who write the letter Z in anything and similar types simply are rare besides specific political groups
This is completely unrelated, but I so wish that was the case in Russia. The amount of people gobbling up state propaganda and openly supporting the war is insane. Clown world.

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You could try messaging the seller and returning the dress to get your money back

>> No.10769042

It's not the seller's fault something didn't fit them, they can just resell it themselves

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Every board claims to have a discord cabal that's making it worse, you learn to just ignore it after a while

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Every board claims to have a discord cabal that's making it worse, you learn to just ignore it after a while

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Have you ever returned something to a store that didn't fit? It's nobody's fault, it's just a thing that happens and maybe the seller would be understanding who knows.

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Wild idea here but sell it and recoup your costs?

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Well. I spoke to a cosplayer friend in Russia. He doesn't like the Z totting but he said he understands the reason for the war on the Russian side.

I fear that this conflict will invalidate the wide globalization of people and traditions... I mean, cosplay is everywhere - people in the US often get foreigner cosplayer visitors from throughout the world... And that is at stake.

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independent sellers are not the same as a clothing store

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was from closetchild, i don't know their return policy but it'd probably be stupid to go through the shipping costs for that anyway. if i sell it i'll just list it on lm.
thanks anons, i probably will sell it, or wear it with a binder or something. was just posting in the feels thread to share the dissapointment of being super excited for a piece and then not having it fit.

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*try to wear it with a binder or minimizer bra or something. i'm still not sure if it'd actually work haha

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What dress was it? I'm a tallita who loves gobelin

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i got it on with a binder, it's still super uncomfortable and unflattering(not to mention i don't wanna damage it by forcing it) due to the fact that im 5'11, the waist is at my ribs, and i can't really change my ribcage :( i have been losing weight to fit into more old pieces recently so maybe someday, but probably not. i think the issue is just with my bone structure, i don't know if i could fit comfortably in it even if i was super underweight, since im average right now.
apologies for the blogpost.

this etc dress in ivory!

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Aww, it's really cute. I'm sorry it didn't fit, that always sucks.

>> No.10769230

thank you anon :( it's a bummer but i hope it'll make whoever ends up getting it happy!

>> No.10769231

ETC sucks for tallitas. Sorry anon.

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>mfw my whole sexuality is star wars and can't think of every character and analyse them in a zero to ten scale of sexiness


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i hate seeing cosplay couples
i'll turn 24 in a couple of weeks and i hate to see that i'm going to be a single for a long time because i'm autist and people just know i'm fucking disabled and thus they don't want me

dammit dammit dammit.

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Wrong board mate. This isn’t r9k.

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I've been dating and plan on marrying an autistic man, the diagnosis itself has little to do with your lack of gf

>> No.10769347

But I am genuinely cool. I do cosplay events, take pictures that are cool and nice.... No girl has ever approached me wanting me to some degree.

Yes it's true I'd like a cosplay gf but, it's like people look at me and see a being that is cool, known in his area, has great transit among groups but doesn't have sex appeal at all.

Yes I'm a soft man....

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Also more than one person said I should wait because looking for girls wouldn't help me much.
So it's not me the problem.

>> No.10769349

this sort of attitude is really pathetic and annoying
have you tried talking to women instead of waiting for them to come to you?

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He's 27 and I'm 32. And even though he's a normie he's still cute. I'm just self conscious about getting older, it's hard enough trying to look cute and elegant and prevent skin damage. I wonder if it could work out or if I need some wrinkly old dude like me, the lack of skincare makes men hit the wall so hard at 30

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Please be a girl in my area

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So annoyed with japonica rn. I clicked "If an item(s) is sold out, contact me before purchasing" on a mercari order, but they emailed me the next day to say "it's difficult to contact people before buying it on mercari because items can be sold out during the contacting process, can we buy the items without contacting you?" Ummm aren't you contacting me right now about something dumb I didn't ask about? Just buy the damn items as they're both still available. Doesn't it mean that have to contact me if one of the items is sold?:/

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>the lack of skincare makes men hit the wall so hard at 30
Trying to flip the narrative sunshine?

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I feel a little bad and sad because of the increasing desire to sell a big chunk of my wardrobe. I'm used to dipping in and out of lolita to a small extent - maybe wearing it 2-3x a month versus 2-3x a week, but I'm just less interested than I used to be. I don't really care to check the used sites, and I only find myself actively interested in lolita for a day or two out of every month. My entire friend group in this area was formed on the basis of us being lolitas though; I live rurally and there's not really anyone else I can connect with in person. I kind of want to cancel the meets I've agreed to plan, sell a bunch of my rare pieces, and go on a spending spree of books and vintage clothing.

>> No.10769464

I'm 31 and my bf is 26. I actually look younger than him though his skin is in better condition than mine because I get hormonal acne.. Anyway those few years won't matter if he's a decent person and wants something serious too.

>> No.10769468

lolita gf finder thread, what could go wrong

>> No.10769485

>No girl has ever approached me
Fat. Lol.

>> No.10769522

I have. But they all see me as friends. Of course, I don't force anything on them, the interest should spring from her part and not just me. I'm also an active member of my community, I go around etc. It's just that i'm the youngest in my group and mostly everyone dates someone already.
I honest feel like i'm going to be forever single. Although my biggest suffering is because I don't have someone who shares my passion for the media I like and would like to have sex with costumes on. I don't disclose that, but, the thought is in my head. Who knows if women 'smell' i'm not a good person for a relationship and walk away.
If they don't want me, screw it, i'll die as single as it get, and get written in my tombstone 'Died without dating anyone ever'.
Never for romantic reasons. I feel like i'm a walking teddy bear. They probably think I can't have sex, or i'm gay, or i'm religious, gotta be that.

>> No.10769555

the fucking state of this board that all these coomer cosplay threads get more replies than actual cosplay discussion threads. so pathetic. convinced that most of this board are larpers

t. someone who is both lolita and cosplayer

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Do women really approach non-fat men? I'm fat so I don't know. Any girl I've hooked up with I went after.

>> No.10769559

How old are you?

>> No.10769561

women can smell if you're desperate or otherwise creepy yes

>> No.10769563

Depends on what you consider an approach.


I think I give off those vibes even though in comic cons I do not even think of sex, I just think of having fun.

>> No.10769565

You're young youre fine. I didn't have a girlfriend or anything till I was 25.

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I hope you're right. By now I've abandoned hope. If it happens it happens. If not, well, going to die without knowing what dating, sex and companionship is.

>> No.10769574

Honestly I had the best luck when I abandoned hope and just had fun talking to women. I didn't try for anything until I realized I was what was going on lol.

>> No.10769576

Listen to him >>10769574 and you'll (hopefully) end up in a fulfilling relationship with someone you'll have things in common

>> No.10769617

>I didn't try for anything until I realized I was what was going on lol.

You realized you were what was going on?

It's kinda what i've always done my whole life desu. I shall keep course.

>> No.10769620

I realized she was into me and I was into her and maybe something would happen.
Until then I was just having fun talking to people not even trying to get laid.

>> No.10769665

Oh right.
Well. I think i'll let the good times roll and even forget there is a sexuality.

>> No.10769666

Your gonna do fine my friend

>> No.10769685

>cosplay group I'm part of does a valentine's day thing (we have themed up months where we submit photos about a subject to generate engagement)
>everyone in the group knows I'm single as fuck, and that I probably like every women in Star Wars, the theme of the group
>The person responsible for posting is married with 2 kids, really cool woman
>we get along well, we go to the same comic cons
>I message her asking for a suggestion of character we can be paired with (she's doing like a tinder thing on the montage), since all other characters I could suggest already have cosplayers on the group and I did not want to give margin to make people think I'm hitting on someone
>She suggests me a character she is planning to do.
>a character she knows I'm head over heels for
>Only now I notice how she always uses winking emojis with me and etc

Am I seeing something that does not exist anons?

>> No.10769748

Where's the husband in all this? Is he in the gang?

>> No.10769789

He's not part of the group but he's been to our events.
Bear in mind this group I'm part of is well known, so, there's a bit of a reputation to hold, too.

>> No.10769809

Hmmm that's a dicey situation. She might just be being flirty with you cuz she knows your single and all, I've had female friends do that with me, I think it's a way to kinda give us some encouragement to get out there.
She might be into you, if that's the case it's pretty precarious. If you do make moves even if successful it could fuck up the group alot. Second let's say she is into you and you do wind up hooking up, you want her to leave her husband for you? If she left her husband for you she could very well do that for another person. If you do go down that route I'd say be cautious and slow and steady.
Either way I hope your next event goes well and everyone has fun.

>> No.10769825

>I think it's a way to kinda give us some encouragement to get out there.

Now that you say it, it might be something like that, she is overall very supportive.

I don't think she would leave her husband for me and whatnot, it might be somethinglike, when you watch porn, wish you had that person, and then the feeling goes away? Or when you have a nice car and you look at another nice car and wish you had the two of them?

Either way I consider this as an absolute great thing - shows I am attractive enough that a married woman finds me attractive.

I'm going to have an event with her and other friends tomorrow, but I think it will be fine.

>> No.10769829

what if she's just trying to be nice to you because you're friends and she chose that character just because you like her without meaning it in a flirty way if you get what i mean. i think it would be dangerous to assume she's flirting with you because what if she's genuinely not doing that

>> No.10769833

Awesome. Yeah I think that makes sense. Its good you got some good friends there anon not everyone has that. I'm sure you'll meet a lady at somepoint. It sounds like this friend might be a good wingman too, having women as wingmen is honestly pretty great.

>> No.10769836

I'm not assuming she is flirting with me exactly because she is married with two kids. I would never never do any advance on someone who is engaged with someone.

I prefer to take this situaiton with a positive angle, that someone older than me encourages me in such a way, encouraging me to 'get out there' to some degree.

I'm not sure to which point she would be my wingman, but, I think she would possibly help me out. Besides we have a good synergy and it is why we are friends and enjoy a great talk whenever we meet.

>> No.10770744

>I didn't have a girlfriend or anything till I was 25.
Oh no no no no

>> No.10770746

Eh better than not happening at all.

>> No.10770751

Hate to break it to you but she settled bro

>> No.10770752

So did I.
>She ain't a beauty but yeah she's allright

>> No.10770753

kek what? most well-off adults have several relationships into their mid/late-20s before finding someone. the only people sticking with the same person since their teens are poorfags who never leave their hometown

>> No.10770794

I'm 29 and never had a gf

Do what I did
Go to prostitutes

>> No.10770832

>start talking to people at photoshoot for a series I like
>more people join in
>my autism + midwesternness flares up and I become an absolute wallflower
>barely speak for the next 20 minutes because I have 0 idea how to take my turn when speaking without being rude

>> No.10770842

NTA but I have no idea where to find a prostitute in the states besides going to Nevada.

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>finally feel comfortable with my body
>friends and family describe me as toned, muscular and /fit/
>faggot friend calls me a twunk
>get a fashy haircut for the first time in my life, not a boring standard one
>go to a con and dress up as Leon from Resident Evil
>lots of people want to take pictures with me
>including hot girls
>remember how Catboy Kami randomly asked people on cons to join his group and hang out
>do the same
>it fucking works, wtf is that magic
>acquire introverted friendgroup, which I lead as the most extroverted person
>go around the con, later we grab something to eat
>some hot, shy girl dressed as Rei sticks with me the entire time and is really receptive to everything I do
>ask my new friends to hang out at my hotel room later
>we watch a movie
>I cuddle with Rei and grope her under the blanket, while we lose more and more clothing
>fuck her after everyone leaves
>sleep together and get a bj before she leaves in the morning
>we all met up again after this and became friends, Rei my girlfriend

No one told me it could be this easy.

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File: 83 KB, 300x300, harold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I didn't 'belong' to a fandom that is mostly made of people twice my age this would've probably happened
And there's no conventions with hotel rooms nearby as well

But yeah, it is relatively easy

>> No.10770987

>where to find a prostitute in the states
Ok, that sucks
Try to find one online
Otherwise, how expensive would be a trip to Nevada to you?

>> No.10771004

Expensive. Other side of the country. We used to have Backpage here but it went down.

>> No.10771007

That sounds magical anon. I'm happy for you and Rei.

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File: 99 KB, 894x894, doomer meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm not going to lose the last bit of self love and honor I still have.
I personally believe that using prostitute services when you are a person that cannot get a girl on her own to desire you so hard they want to have sex with you is immoral and deviant.

I'll die a virgin if I have to but I will not hire a prostitute, not even if she is a cosplayer.

>> No.10771020

Fair enough. It is an exploitive relationship, but so is all work here, but there's difference in having to flip burgers to feed your family and suck cocks.

>> No.10771025

Yeah. I don't want that in my life. I tried to have sex before, didn't work out because everything I did i'd apologize and I only got it hard enough for a blowjob when we both put the costume on.

I'm different, anon, I know what I am. Prostitutes would be a waste of money.

>> No.10771028

Be honest. Her name was Albert Einstein, wasn't it.

>> No.10771048

Eh that happens try again.

>> No.10771056

That sucks...
Well you know what they say, if there is a demand, there will be a supply

>I'm not going to lose the last bit of self love and honor I still have.
>I personally believe that using prostitute services when you are a person that cannot get a girl on her own to desire you so hard they want to have sex with you is immoral and deviant.
Was thinking the same a long time
But when I was 26, I really wanted to have sex
And I had the money
I must admit, it was awkward, the prostitute was kinda "complicated", and it wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but I would still do it again

A tip from me, do nofap a few days before you go to one

>> No.10771059

I shall try again but only with a 'regular person'. I refuse to pay to go another time and fail miserably.

The problem isn't nofap. I'm literally autist and if things are off my active attention (hyperfocus), they don't interest me at all. And telling people you are autist does not help at all, they get weirded out and find excuses to not go with you, because there are millions of chubby cosplayer nerds out there.

>> No.10771061

>The problem isn't nofap.
Not yet

>I'm literally autist and if things are off my active attention (hyperfocus), they don't interest me at all. And telling people you are autist does not help at all, they get weirded out and find excuses to not go with you, because there are millions of chubby cosplayer nerds out there.
Ok, some prostitutes would have also problems with that...

>> No.10771066

Buy some Viagra online.
But I dunno once your in bed with someone and you tell them you are an autist and they dip they aren't worth fucking. Take it slow.

>> No.10771068

I know, bro.That is an issue. Next week i'll get professional help and see if I can do something about my restricted tastes.

Viagra may be a temporary solution, but I dunno. I'm not a man that gets one night stands, i'm too precious (literally, those in my cosplay community value me a lot as an example of behavior) for sexual only moments... and at the same time I don't feel like i'd connect with someone enough to have sex with them if it isn't quasi dating (aka fucking someone who cosplays or is a nerd too).

This is why i'm going to get therapy back, i'm obviously complicated.

>> No.10771071

I think you have the right idea anon. I talked to my doctor about not being able to get hard for some of my early sexual encounters and he said that's normal and it's because I'm nervous.
I think your going the right route and trying with someone special too, they will work with you.

>> No.10771074

tfw the feels thread got taken over by men talking about their sex life

>> No.10771076

Talk about something else. Thread is open. Sex is a large part of life for better or worse.

>> No.10771077

talk about something else, the thread is free.
also, I am a cosplayer and I can't talk about this elsewhere.

Nervousness. Hmmm. I see. Perhaps even for one night stands I need someoen special enough? As in, understanding enough to know I have a disability and to lower their expectations? Perhaps. I dunno. I know i'm special. My friends told me so, and I know i'm a special fella. Only fair that the girl that decides to have sex with me should be special enough.

>> No.10771116

Yes and?
Usually it's women talking about their sexlife here
Are men not allowed to do the same?

>> No.10771123

That sounds good anon. You sound like a good guy and I'm sure there's a girl out there that will appreciate you for you.

>> No.10771192

Thank you kindly for your positivity anon. I just gotta keep doing what I do. My charity work with the 501st, my playfulness with my costumes, having a good time...and i'm sure a girl will come. I've been "sexless" for so long, a bit more won't hurt.

>> No.10771201
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What fandom are you part of, anon?

It really was. It's interesting what you can achieve, if you just put in a little bit more effort than everyone around you. Since a few months now I finally have a friendsgroup I regularly hang out with and a very good relationship a hot girl. We just click. She's on the same wavelength as me, when it comes to humor, sex and politics. I redpilled her about a lot of things, so she quickly turned from a green-voting left-winger to a third positionist.

>> No.10771204

Star Wars.

>> No.10771350

I miss being young and attractive enough for shit like this.

>> No.10771352

you can always cosplay older characters like, imperial officers for example

>> No.10771358

Those guys don't get pussy tho

>> No.10771360

I know, I cosplay that character

>> No.10771361

I'm sure you are part of an org but if I was hunting for star wars tang and was older I would do like older Han Solo or older McGregor Obi Wan.

>> No.10771363

Yeah, i'm part of the 501st. I'm not there to get girls - everyone is married or dates someone except for me. Again, i'm not there with them to get girls.

I guess these two would get you some chicks tho.
Or the Mandalorian. I mean, Din Djarin.

>> No.10771365

To complement my old post, I cosplay things without any sex appeal:

>a power ranger whom i cannot say what one
>imperial officer

Gee no wonder why no girls want me

>> No.10771387

Jawas are hot AF.

>> No.10771401

how so

>> No.10771403

They wear a bunch of clothes live in a big metal box baking under the twin Suns of tatooine

>> No.10771404

I'm not really a Star Wars guy, and it's less about the cosplay anyway, more about how easy it is to bumble your way into sex and relationships as a young guy who gets the benefit of the doubt while everybody expects you to have your game on point as an older guy and making the wrong move can have pretty bad fallout. Personally I kinda screwed myself by getting into an LTR at 22 and missing all the years where I was supposed to be refining my technique, so once I got out of it at the end of my 20s I was fucked.

>> No.10771405

Girls don’t like stormtroopers? I mean they’re not “sexy” but that’s one of those characters with pretty universal appeal and people always want to take pictures with them.

>> No.10771407

and the costume is hot af. you sweat a lot.

Oh, I see. Your issue is more of a 'personal' thing, but I feel you. I kinda feel like i'll get older and not have all that technique people expect from older people, but at least I can pull the "i'm literally autist" card and people will be chill about it. On your end, i'd just not say you had a LTR, just a normal relationship. People will understand.

They do, but I find it a hassle to wear the armor set. It's quite movement restrictive and I need to redo a lot of velcro straps and other elements used to get things in place.

Plus my Jawa gets more or less the same amount of people wanting to take pictures while being way more comfortable.

>> No.10771411

Another complement in my post: I go to sleep now with, for now, peace of mind. I may not have a hot enough cosplay gf like some of my legion friends, or a cosplayer wife like some others. Hell, I don't even know if I have to have one at some day. I'm someone too used to the freedom of being single, aka masturbating a lot, doing roleplays with girls and guys on the internet go satisfy my urges, watch straight, tranny and gay porn on each period of the day and jerk off to each of them... And I pretty much select a lot of my porn. I can't cum if both are naked or the video thumb and name didn't interess me. Typical - to only do what you want.

I'm not sure how would it be when I just couldn't be like that. I may not be designed to have a partner. And that's ok. I say it with the peace of mind, of someone peacefully dying.

See you later, folks. God bless.

>> No.10771416

You know you might be gay. That's fine. Honestly probably alot easier to hook up with guys.

>> No.10771429

>Oh, I see. Your issue is more of a 'personal' thing, but I feel you. I kinda feel like i'll get older and not have all that technique people expect from older people, but at least I can pull the "i'm literally autist" card and people will be chill about it. On your end, i'd just not say you had a LTR, just a normal relationship. People will understand.
I think it's relatively normal for mid-30s single guys, especially ones like me who ended up this way through a failed relationship or marriage.
That aside, I don't think talking about past relationships really makes a difference one way or another, trying to hook up or date is a minefield with a million ways to fuck up and only one way to get it right and I don't think women care if I've got a reason for fucking it up, just that I fucked up and some other guy didn't.

>> No.10771433

>starwars fag is the one posting all the coomer cosplay threads
>he’s an autistic virgin loser in his 30s
Shocking !!

>> No.10771434

I think you're mixing me (>>10771429) and him (>>10771407) up, sounds like he's only in his 20s and I'm just a loser, not autistic or a virgin.

>> No.10771509

i'm actually bisexual. But most of the time I am very 'meh' about hunting people for sex, so I don't do anything

I'm not making the threads, i'm posting in some of them. And I can't be the only stat wars fan in this entire board

>> No.10771532

You could get laid within the hour if you make a Grindr account

>> No.10771544

I know. I've used those apps. Not interested in the people around me, it's always the same folks xd

>> No.10771577

30 year old autistic virgins? In MY /cgl/? It's more likely than you think!

>> No.10771641

Where you at? If you're in driving distance is love to leave a seagull with a rosebud.

>> No.10771744

I'm a dude, bro.

>> No.10771910

And? What do you think a rosebud is in this context

>> No.10771915

My rules are clear. You gotta do it in costume.
What costumes you got bro

>> No.10772008

If the only thing in the way of you getting your anus prolapsed is what the other person is cosplaying as, you’re in the right place

>> No.10772039
File: 214 KB, 358x267, dicaprio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know, anon. That's why i'm here.
I'm just waiting the other anon to tell me what he got.

>> No.10772042

I hope these anons do meetup and fuck.

>> No.10772066
File: 30 KB, 594x451, 1651538552477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

star wars anon here
asked a good lady friend about my problems with dating (she's married and etc, but she helped me a lot when my ex gf threatened me and etc)... basically she told me i'm not portraying myself well because I come off as still childish/teenage-ish sometimes like lowering pitch voice and body posture such as lowered shoulders and etc

well now. i dun goof'd. I see it now, i'm probably self sabotaging myself. good thing my health plan is back and i can get at least one weekly therapy session

>> No.10772238

i'm a girl cosplaying a guy and he's relatively simple so i just went with buying a cosplay and i regret it now, on the pants my feminine thighs are too outlined and on the top it's baggy when it's not that baggy on the character

>> No.10772274

what cosplay is it?
Well you can get the top tailored... and about the thighs, well, perhaps you will have to live with it

>> No.10772400

I have a group of con friends who are, realistically, my only friends at this point. Unfortunately, I've been getting less interested in drinking while they keep going more & more into it (& most of them aren't partying or doing anything, just drinking & hanging out) & I've been having less & less fun hanging with them, but I don't want to lose my only friends/don't have any clue how to make new friends (let alone con friends) at this age

>> No.10772412

I feel you, I started losing interest in cons when the only reason my friends were going was to have an excuse to rent a hotel room and party

>> No.10772415

if you cosplay, try find people who cosplay the same series as you.

>> No.10772444

Just do what I did:

>> No.10772498

I have a similar situation, except it's drugs (mostly weed but harder stuff too) instead of drinking. I still enjoy drinks and parties but not when everybody just gets stoned and lies around spacing out.

>> No.10772499

Why do people generally make jokes about fat people cosplaying?

Fictional example. Guy cosplays Shaggy. People go and say "Shaggy ate too much scooby snacks" "shaggy ate scooby itself" Shaggy fat" "shaggy cholesterol"


>> No.10772500

Oh, that's just because fat people disgust me on an instinctual level and as a society we shouldn't tolerate such an unhealthy lifestyle, because I want my people to look beautiful.

>> No.10772503

Not to mention all that wasted fabric. It's partly China's fault for catering to them bc ain't no fatty gonna make their own costume

>> No.10772509

>be me, 24
>Wears Lolita
>Mentioned to my mother on a phone call that Im going to a con tomorrow and she asks if Ive got a "costume".
>She doesn't know about the Lolita thing, I haven't told her because she always made fun of my hobbies growing up
>"Oh it's not a costume but I am dressing up, it's a Japanese fashion I'm into"
>She asks for photos
>Vietnam war flashbacks from my youth

Oh no let's see how this goes kek

>> No.10772512

that reminds me of my ex gf. her parents hated cosplaying and found that activity to be done only by people who had nothing better to do and people without jobs (their family was composed of IRS directors who make a lot of money).

part of the reason we broke up was exactl that, they would always nmake fun of it and even forbid her from going to events.

>> No.10772519

sounds like my mom.

>> No.10772546
File: 79 KB, 1080x844, 1650852465839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

star wars anon here

thankfully things been improving, been taking to girls on instagram in a chill and as a friend, it's been a good ride, thankfully i'm back to my normal self who is cool and whatnot

>> No.10772678
File: 1.19 MB, 1080x648, Screenshot_20220303-122754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>interact with stranger
>say or do something only to later realize how stupid it was or how dumb i looked
>feel bad
>new interaction
>remember bad feeling
>Nerves make me fuck up even harder
Cycle repeats
I just want to not drop spaghetti like a moron. I don't think i'm autistic. Therapist never even suggested it, so it's probably just the garden variety brain worms but still.. I'd literally pay for a boot camp style social charm school or something. Please.

>> No.10772681

My ex and I kind of had the opposite problem with my parents. We really preferred to keep our cosplay completely separate from our "real" lives and my parents didn't understand that at all, and were insistent on telling everybody they knew about it.

>> No.10772682

Wow. I complain alot about my life but I feel pretty fortunate with my folks.
Even before I got into cosplay and anime my dad ran into a convention when he was on vacation once. He loved it he took pictures with cosplayers and stuff. When I told him I was into he thought it was cool.

>> No.10772693

Well, that's on you - I do tell people who deserve to know of my cosplay hobby, to be honest.

Your parents do this probably because they're proud of you.

I think the problem in my ex's family was being so rich and powerful (IRS after all) that they had the luxury to find things a waste of time and no one can say otherwise.

My dad in my first years of cosplaying helped me a lot. Went to me to various events and even won a honor to merit certificate from our local 501st legion unit.

>> No.10772712
File: 34 KB, 375x460, nibba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw once more I use my nearly 1,000 follower cosplay instagram to post stories that suggest I am painfully single

>> No.10772739

>Cleaning childhood home and getting it ready to sell
>found my old English GLB from when I was a kid
>Falling apart and what not
>Look through it and see where little kid me and my friends did the quizzes and marked which clothes we wanted
>Hit me right in the heart

I couldn't have been older than 14 at the time, it was interesting to see how my taste had changed. 14 year old me was really into Putomayo lmao

>> No.10772792

My dad and I have a generation gap. He always mocked what I was into as being stupid, even as a little child. I mean some of it was but come on, I was 7-8. I hope to make an objectively impressive getup for street performances so I can impress folks including him.

Kid me would had been terrified by how I turned out.

>> No.10772796

I cosplay & am decent looking so I'll probably give that a shot if they are alone (though the series are like admittedly aren't as popular as they used to be). I just feel uncomfortable initiating conversations with randos at cons unless they are cosplaying some series I'm into/I'm ultra impressed with the costume because I feel like I'm intruding on them (the Midwestern Catholic tendencies I grew up with are a bitch to break). Online communities for cons/cosplay in my local area are all pretty dead so I can't do much to re-create how I met all my current friends unfortunately.
I feel the same way. Like if they wanted to go party, meet new people, go to a concert/rave or do an activity I'd be all for it. As it stands, it's just drinking until someone has a emotional breakdown which just isn't fun & I don't understand why I pay so much to go to a con to see them do.

>> No.10772798

>I just feel uncomfortable initiating conversations with randos at cons unless they are cosplaying some series I'm into/I'm ultra impressed with the costume because I feel like I'm intruding on them (the Midwestern Catholic tendencies I grew up with are a bitch to break)
I am a functioning sociopath, so I don't mind making people uncomfortable.

>> No.10772808

>Kid me would had been terrified by how I turned out.

For real, little kid me was really into old school gothic stuff and now I'm 2010's sweet lmao

>> No.10773346
File: 84 KB, 811x1217, 19861719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn this thread was on its rampant way to bottom down

So, i'll say it once more: I hate valentine's day and how I seem to be the only one single person in my whole cosplay community

>> No.10773349

>tfw I have no problems in walking to random people in conventions and making friends with them but anything related to dating is a nightmare

>> No.10773358

If anyone got tips in how to deal with being the only single person in your circle of friends?

>> No.10773365
File: 53 KB, 331x307, goslingbang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Euro here. I would like an honest answer why gulls keep recommending being tall and white to males looking to talk to anybody at cons.

Why is it detrimental to be anything else?

>> No.10773368

Damn are you me?
I try to retrain my brain, if I see them snuggling or something i will think ‘good for them they look happy’ instead of internalizing and asking myself why i don’t have it. I try to look at it more positively like i’ve gained a bigger friend family rather than “I’m the only one left single”. So i find myself feeling less jealous over time.
And i also made some friends with new people who are single which helps a lot. And you can ask if they know anyone else single they could set you up with

>> No.10773369

/pol/ hangs around here to coom and harrass girls

>> No.10773439

Anyone else who'd hesitate to post feels in this thread because of what this thread has been about so far?

>> No.10773446

The ultra conservative "tory" parents like Lolita Kek they thought it was really nice.

We've finally found something jfc.

>> No.10773578

Yup, hence the recent trend of coomer threads and transphobia

>> No.10773593

/cgl/ is a TERF board

>> No.10773664

sis tried blaming me for giving everyone covid but I’m big brain and was like nah bitch I haven’t been out. my shit only flared up first because my immune system is weaker since I only gotten 2 shots whereas everyone gotten like 4. it’s a war zone out here gotta where my mask going outside my room ain’t nobody trustworthy. I couldn’t eat hard food for a week cause of the sore throat. we scoping out each other trying to find patient zero. my bet is on me mum she’s been acting sus since I cleared my name.

>> No.10773774

>recommending being tall and white to males
You don't get to choose though. I know what he means, but it's still weird to word it that way.
But anyway. Yeah, that's how the world works. Or rather the West. If there are different races, one of them has to be considered by most to be the best. And in the current political climate it's actually the non-whites worshipping us more than the whites. lol

>> No.10773783

The creepy fatty-chan mod that that never showed up to anything magically started going to things again after the last thread and i keep laughing about it. Seems she lurks. Hi creepy chan! showing up doesn't make you any less uncomfortable to be around, and you cant dress for shit. just give mod to someone actually active that people like pls because you're heavily embarrassing yourself kek

>> No.10773807

You can't get covid after you've gotten the shots, the science is settled.

>> No.10773818

>Haven't dated since 2 years ago
>Just been casual flings on and off since
>Started to hang with female friend more
>Caught feelings
>Don't wanna ruin anything

My last relationship lasted 4-5 years but I still feel inexperienced in seeing signs of affection. I've been told physical touch is sign they're into you. And we bounce jokes back really well.

>> No.10773824


>> No.10773836

I’m upset because I bought some accessories that are white and some that are ivory. I mean they look nice and i like them.
Problem is I became way too much caring about mixing ivory and white so now I have to separate my closet like a dumbass and I’m upset that I can’t mix and match them, because I wanted more of a capsule wardrobe

>> No.10773867
File: 71 KB, 247x248, pekorapardoneyes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you Americans feel about foreigners at your cons?

Do you find it weird when someone with an unusual accent talks to you?

I'm mainly asking for myself since I'm visiting AX soon and I wonder how people react to that kind of stuff.

>> No.10773873

literally no one gives a shit anon don't worry

>> No.10773874

Not an answer to your question but I remember when I once went to a con in a different part of the country and I was so ashamed of not speaking their dialect so I barely spoke at all.

>> No.10773878

What's with people on 4chan always asking so insecure questions?

>> No.10773900

Christ I feel this so hard! I went full autist mode on finding a cardigan in a specific shade of beige to hid the fact that the only white in my Coord was my blouse.

>> No.10773903

Some girls find that hot so unleash the accent anon. Other than that, nobody cares as long as your English is understandable. Anime con fans are already used to Engrish

>> No.10773904

Some american women have called my German accent masculine and hot. They also told me that they thought we sounded more angry. Stupid bitches.

>> No.10773934

I do what any sensible attendee would do and have them removed by security

>> No.10773967

They're planning to have a j-fashion meetup in a city only 8+ hours away, but I don't have any j-fashion so I can't go. But even if I did, I won't have a passport until some time in August at the very earliest. But even if I had a passport, it'd probably be awkward and I'd probably be unwanted because I'm a male, and judging by their pictures, everyone in the group are female.
And just let me rant about the passport thing a little bit, they SAY you don't need a passport to travel in Europe, but then they require you to be able to prove who you are, and the only valid proof is a passport. It's all a lie.

>> No.10774099

>tfw I've been obsessed by this photorealistic rule 34 of Sabine Wren getting "blasted" by stormtroopers

I hate having autism sometimes, KY mind fixates in something random and my mind keeps it for days on end.

>> No.10774100

My mind**. Fixed.

>> No.10774129
File: 16 KB, 256x256, questionmarkquestionmark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Inbetween losing weight and defining my style it's so nice to be able to fit more and more pieces from my beloved wardrobe again, as well as being able to make accurate decisions whether a piece is for me or not. I grew up with hoarder behaviour, so it feels really refreshing to be able to let pieces that don't serve me go and to get other pieces that actually suit me well. I like this new phase of the fashion for me!

>> No.10774201

I need friends

>> No.10774205

Honestly most people will think it's cool.
LA is also kinda an international hub so I wouldn't worry too much about. Where you coming from?

>> No.10774212

I'm proud of you, anon

>> No.10774218

I'm Polish, but people will ask me if I'm Russian anyway.

No matter where I go in the world I get "You speak really good English for a Russian."

Kills me a bit on the inside.

>> No.10774224

Oh man yeah that sucks. Especially Russo-phobia is at an all time high now.
In LA you should be fine. Your at an anime convention every person is there for the same thing.
I'm sorry if anyone says your from Russia when it comes to languages Americans are dumb. I wouldn't sweat it though.

>> No.10774229

My apologies for the general ignorance of others, anon. If it means anything, I am sure most were just trying to give you a compliment, although not a good one.

You should be just fine at an anime convention though, its a pretty welcoming environment.

>> No.10774237

why would you want to go to a jfashion meetup if you dont have any jfashion, this is why males at meets have a bad name

>> No.10774243

White and ivory can look so good if done right though, you should give it a try and see if you like it

>> No.10774247

Read "How to win friends and influence people. How to stop worrying and start living" by Dale Carnegie. It's old, but it still holds up, so long as you can employ some critical reading and filter out the information you don't need.

>> No.10774248

I've been a bit interested in jfashion for a while and I'd like to actually wear it. And don't worry I've never been to a meet.

>> No.10774341

buy the clothes and wear them then, not hard to understand

>> No.10774343

I'd need to understand the different styles so it doesn't become a mishmash of different styles or inauthentic, and I'd need to find something that I both like, and that I could wear. I also have some mental hangups about jfashion and fashion in general that I'd need to get over, and I should probably learn how to dress well too.

It's not that easy.

>> No.10774363

Hmmm wouldn't it be great if there was an image board where you could get advice like this?

>> No.10774384

I'm not brave enough anyway. I'm scared of looking like I care about fashion.
And where even begin?
Most styles I'm interested in look like I can't wear them anyway.

>> No.10774514

Nothing wrong with admiring the styles whilst accepting that it's not practical for you to fill your closet with them. This board is a good place to find new styles, but it overcomplicates jfashion a LOT. Literally just buy a piece that matches stuff you already own and can imagine yourself wearing.

Also don't nerf yourself by caring about whether the internet would like your outfit. It literally doesn't matter.

>> No.10774531

I recently signed up for neocities. I'm new to html but I'm so excited to build a site for myself to gush about lolita and other stuff I'm into. I was surprised by how many lolita/j-fashion sites were on there already.

>> No.10774536

I've been quite happy lately, but that gives me an unrealistically optimistic outlook on the future. It's good that I don't have to make any major life decisions now. Those should be made when you're sad and pessimistic.

>> No.10774547

What do you do on neocities? I only use that site to play interactive cyoas.

>> No.10774551

OP said they're going to build a website. It's popular among lolitas and other niche communities that want a highly personalized space, "old internet" style.

>> No.10774554

Going to a convention this weekend. I don't care about touhou any more, but I like the memories of having liked it so I'm going to put on the dress.
This will probably be my last one before i ditch the dresses, though. I'm getting older and the con attendees are getting younger and younger. Just feels like being in a place you don't belong any more, which is bitter.

>> No.10774555

>mishmash of different styles or inauthentic
That's just called developing a personal style, and it's a good thing, as long as you have an eye for detail and can comprehend basic color theory

>> No.10774600

What? Women can always wear dresses, anon.

>> No.10774601

I fucking hate my life

>Looking for AP dress release I missed
>Popular enough to sell out in 30 mins, but not popular enough for people to post pics?
>2nd hand listing have been +$100
>Finally found a listing for a good price
>Literally someone else bought it within the time it took for me to login in
>All other over price listing get sold too

God damnit, fucking hate it here. NOBODY is talking about this dress and yet it's this popular?

>> No.10774608

They're silly looking homemade touhou dresses. While I am proud of having made it and of the end products, there's a very specific niche where it's passable and I'm caring less about it nowadays. While I'm sure I could wear them to more cons, I won't care enough to much longer. Is this the part of my life where I gradually lose everything I once was passionate about and turn into my mother?

>> No.10774651

Most likely a dumb idea to post this, but I want to get it off my chest and see if anyone else has this issue.
I hate that lolita makes me look so chunky. I am anorexic and in “normal” clothing I look like it, yet when I put on a coord often I feel like I look very ..busty? and wide? I don’t think this is common either as I’ve seen anorexic girls in lolita who still look just as sickly. Are my clothes just ill fitting? They are often roomy in the chest area so maybe this causes it? Or has the dysmorphia really just gotten that bad? Who knows, but it makes wearing lolita really difficult.

>> No.10774669

are you tall? If JSK bodices are hitting your ribcage/underbust instead of your waist it can make you look a lot wider

>> No.10774679

I am! Though interestingly it seems the dresses that actually hit my waist make me look the bulkiest? I don’t think it’s a problem with my waist because I physically don’t think I can get it smaller... Yet manages to look crazy wide in lolita. It is genuinely confusing me?

>> No.10774718

Another skellychan here. Lolita has lots of layers and thick fabrics going on that you won't see in a millimeter of t-shirt jersey.
Roomy chests absolutely make me look awful. If the waist has a lot of gathering or shirring it's gonna bulk up that area for sure. I also thought I could get away with giant blouses since they'd be hidden by the jsk anyway, but ofc it's gonna bunch up under there. Some brands are closer fitting than other, like Mary Magdalene and ETC. I heard Meta is good too, I was thinking of getting something like that for my next dress.

What have you been wearing?

>> No.10774737

But if it's not a specific style it may not even be jfashion? Jfashion is cool, and if it's not proper jfashion I'd also not be accepted in jfashion contexts. I guess wearing nice clothes could be satisfying in itself, but especially if I try to do some of the more radical things, like doing decora like stuff but end up wearing something that's not decora at all, then I'd just look like a huge failure.
I do find your words reassuring though, despite my criticisms, thank you.

It's sad when there are things I like that I can't wear, even if realistically speaking I'd never wear it anyway.
Working from what I already own might be good advice, a good place to start. There was one style that I wanted to wear that I thought about that approach just to get started.
Thank you!

>> No.10774758
File: 49 KB, 461x746, e25b0231ce389a752875d48803aea57b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>did some maintenance on my stormtrooper armor set
>my titktok is growing
>gonna have a charity event on saturday

Good vibes, good vibes.

>> No.10774769
File: 37 KB, 500x474, angerymiku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend hasn't spoken to me since I told him I follow his hot sister's Onlyfans. Should I have not?

>> No.10774799

Anorexic girls only look like it in lolita if they're about to die and very, very gaunt limbs/face, because those are the only exposed parts (and even then, frilly OTKs hide bony knees and boots hide bony ankles. Lolita imo is one of the fashions that's best at hiding unhealthily underweight bodies, because it's bulky, not clingy, and you can't see the usual things that people subconsciously notice like protruding shoulderblades/ribcage/hip bones etc.

>> No.10774921

It is odd to me though because I have seen girls on instagram who look like me, like their body type, yet in lolita they still look it!

>> No.10774922

Oh yeah, my blouses tend to be big so that could contribute. It’s like they feel floaty on me usually.
I like to wear BTSSB (dresses anyway) but I swear it makes me feel the bulkiest.. I wonder if it really is the blouse bunching?

>> No.10774930
File: 112 KB, 450x600, 43BF0D82-12E0-479E-88D4-D3F18DBB1579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could be that sweet has a more voluminous and heavy silhouette in general, compared to something like classic or gothic. A lot more ruffles, gathers, layers of lace, more exaggerated puff/michelin man sleeves, more voluminous skirts, often less tailored bodices etc. I definitely notice that I look bigger in old school sweet than I do when I put together more toned down, elegant coords. Either way, I can only speculate, and it's entirely possible that it's all in your head. I know I thought I looked obese in lolita when I was underweight and struggling with an ED, and it put me off wearing the fashion for a while, so please seek help if you think you need it and if it's available to you.

>> No.10774932

Thank you, I really appreciate this - it’s mainly old school sweet for me too so it’s really relieving that I’m not alone in that. I may just have to get used to it and accept it rather than drive myself nuts over it desu…

>> No.10775076


posting here because it's been a journey.

>lolita from my comm (circa 2009) dies suddenly from a seizure after some kind of softball incident
>changes the group completely forever.
>meet-ups become infrequent, no longer posting about LJ sales, chatroom becomes dead, etc.
>everyone slowly begins to realize that she was pretty much the most knowledgeable and tuned into the fashion, and was pretty much keeping it alive
>coords were definitely the best in the group, was super nice and even had a "borrow coord" set aside for newbies in the comm who were interested in trying it out. they could wear it to the first meet before deciding to buy their own stuff.
>shitty family didn't get how important lolita was to her and thought we just wanted her clothes when we offered we would price point everything and sell it for them.
>we go to the memorial service in mostly MMM and some of her relatives give us the stink eye.
>mega religious, and the service mentioned how they hoped she'd "repented" beforehand because she had at one point lived with a boyfriend.
>fast forward almost 12 years later, I see a dress on LM
>it's the dream dress she owned
>I say fuck it and buy it.
>get it in the mail and notice it has tags too.
>see a little scribble in the corner
>it's her initials

She used to initial her tags because she lent out her stuff pretty often. I messaged the seller and found out that it's her little cousin who knew some things about j-fashion because of her, and found the storage containing her dresses. She's slowly selling them to better homes instead them sitting in her aunt/uncle's basement. Sobbed.

i feel like i've ignored her mentally over the years, but im getting a bunch of us together for a memorial meet of our own and we'll hopefully have bought everything by then and be wearing her dresses. i genuinely know it's what she would've wanted.

>> No.10775077

At the height of my ED I would specifically wear my lolita around my mom. She would do that thing where, during a hug, she'd feel for my ribs and complain about how thin I was. When I wore lolita, she couldn't tell.

Limbs and all? It's very likely your dysmorphia lol

Old school is covered in ruffles and lace that would absolutely hide anyone's frame

>> No.10775079

That's crazy, nonny. I'm so glad that you were able to get your hands on this memory of her. What a blessing. She clearly made an impact on many lives. She sounds wonderful.

>> No.10775082

>we go to the memorial service in mostly MMM and some of her relatives give us the stink eye.
Yeah when someone in my pack died we went in our fursuits and their family was seething

>> No.10775092

being not photogenic sucks so bad, I look in the mirror and look cute, I've been complimented for my looks both in lolita and normie clothes, but I look like a goblin in every photo I take. I got tired of the time consuming task of taking a decent coord pic so I just have zero social media presence even though I'd love to be more active online

>> No.10775103
File: 13 KB, 197x251, manly tears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a story. I'm glad you shared it, my heart is filled with joy. You're doing the right thing. You've done the right thing. You're blessed, anon.

>> No.10775106

Perhaps it's a mater of self esteem? try asking someone you're not exactly acquainted with about a pic you think you look like a goblin

>> No.10775228


thnx anons, i was expecting some rude replies about us being in lolita at the funeral kek, pleasantly surprised.
It's weird to think how we just keep going but people who have passed on are just still like that in our memories. whenever i see an old school coord on COF i can't help but think "god she'd hate this revival" but then I'm like, "wait, would she have liked it? she fits the trajectory a little?" just a random thought.

idk, have fun in your comms, don't take shit too seriously

>> No.10775251

I don't even know her but I'd go just to hear stories about her and help her memory live on. She sounds like an amazing role model in the community

>> No.10775329

pretty sure >>10775082 is being sarcastic, unfortunately

>> No.10775341

How much do you usually charge for sexual favors at cons?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.10775342

I know I'm creepy now, but I need a female right now for watching anime or playing videogames with...
In my bed...
I know it's summer and hot, but that's my current feel right now
Anyone interested here?

>> No.10775343

I am currently at a con but I'm not having much fun. At least I'm not crying I guess.
There are many people here I've met multiple times before but they either don't care for me or we're hostile. So I have barely spoken. With the people here I know we might nod or do a white people smile but nothing else. And the panels don't interest me, I hope at least the cosplay competition will be fun.
There are many people here with cool cosplays but I haven't said anything to them either.

>> No.10775344

>white people smile

>> No.10775348

Yes, it's a thing that whities do smile the further west from the Germany you go.

>> No.10775352

Why Germany of all places?

>> No.10775359

Is France a non smiling zone too? Germany certainly is.

>> No.10775367

Now I might actually be crying or at least I'm teary eyed.
Someone who often says hi to me and exchange a few words came up to me and talked to me for a little bit, but it was so short, I wasn't even able to ask him what he was cosplaying before his friend came and they left.

>> No.10775521

I was also at one today, unlikely but wonder if it was the same lol.
Either way I felt the same, the one I was at relocated kind of and threw me off. The cosplays were really cool but I just felt off. Felt more cramped than other years…

I hope you managed to have a good time, wherever you were!

>> No.10775523

I feel the same way, I think it’s common. Don’t worry to hard about it, if you like how you look in the mirror focus on that.

>> No.10775525

Nope, we didn't go to the same convention, the one I went to hasn't changed location and it felt kinda spacious, crowded in some parts but overall plenty of room.

It didn't get much better, someone talked briefly to me (>>10775367) but that was probably the highlight of my day. I left early, before it closed, because I didn't feel like being there anymore. I did watch the cosplay competition though, the catwalk at the beginning was pretty good but many of the contest entrants weren't that fun, a bit too much talking for my taste, but there was at least one standout too.

>> No.10775603

So a good friend of mine, cosplayer, has told me the secret to get girls in the cosplay field is to be chill, quiet, to not compliment them too much and treat them regularly, because this will provoke her to be intrigued why 'this guy' isn't trying to have sex with her or trying to buy feet pictures

Then I said "I've done that all my life, still didn't get girls" and then he told me I must be aware of the signs they give, and there are girls who are very discreet when they want someone.

Dammit, I wish I wasn't so fucking dumb and knew how to read the signs.

>> No.10775626

I think you're just retarded and european

>> No.10775679

It's useless to give advice over the internet imo, because you don't know who you are talking to. You could look like a creepy, fat mexican neckbeard with an accent that makes you sound like you have a learning disability. Or you could be a kinda handsome looking white guy, who has confidence problems.
We don't know.

>> No.10775708

I think the advice I needed, I have heard it from my friend. I just gotta 'lay low', do my thing, treat girls without sexual intentions in mind and let it flow.

>Or you could be a kinda handsome looking white guy, who has confidence problems

Well posting a picture of me would out me, but, I have Italian heritage and i've been told by more than one person I would do a good Cal Kestis (look up the character on google)

>> No.10776210


>> No.10776352

ugh what

>> No.10776356

Really just everything you posted

>> No.10776359

Well, would you like to be friends with me, girl?

>> No.10777222
File: 30 KB, 852x480, cd0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>be 6 feet 5
>bara physique with a very wide and pronounced chest
>be a very guarded person all the time
>aware of my intimidating posture
>ask cute cosplayers for photos during cons
>a lot of them seem happy when they get that kind of attention
>still can't shake the feeling that I'm just accidentally intimidating them enough with my looks so they agree to those photos

I am sorry if I ever asked you for a photo and you just got scared.

Pic almost related. Don't want tree trunks for arms.

>> No.10777248

I just learnt that I'm 3cm taller than what I've always believed, which firmly places me into tall territory. I've been thinking that, while on the taller side, I'm not that tall, and it probably won't cause major problems, but with these additional cms all that goes away. I'm tall.

>> No.10777304

Are you a girl or a boy? Might want to double check your new BMI too. You might have been bumped into a different category

>> No.10777326

I'm a boy, but I'm looking in relation to lolita numbers, I'm still short for a boy but I'd absolutely be tall for lolita, at 174.
I looked at my BMI, still overweight, but I don't think it matters because I was obviously fat and would be, even if my BMI'd told me differently. But if I ever go through with losing a lot of weight, it'll be a problem, because if I reach my final goal weight at this height I'd have an underweight BMI, whereas before I'd be considered healthy. If I do this, I think I'll just pretend I have my old height so I can reach that number. Not like I'll ever have the willpower to do it anyway.

>> No.10777349

How'd you even miss 3 cm?

>> No.10777400

>literally everyone I get to be colleagues with that cosplays, even on the internet, dates someone or is married

Why does that happen?

>> No.10777401

tomorrow my binder comes.. crossing my fingers that this old BTSSB OP that WW lied to me about the bust measurements fits...

>> No.10777402

lose weight

>> No.10777405

nah don't really need to, not my fault that WW had incorrect measurements for an old school OP of all things, that are already small enough

>> No.10777407

>the lack of skincare makes men hit the wall so hard at 30
lmao, wat

>> No.10777436

She is correct, men get wrinkles and shit really early because they don't care

>> No.10777440

Why would we care? Girls hate guys

>> No.10777447

This, the only reason girls put up with guys is is when they actually offer something of value

>> No.10777448
File: 228 KB, 360x360, Patrick-bateman-portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a 12 step skincare program and wear makeup with SPF 50 rating daily.

>> No.10777455

With that sort of mentality we ain't offering you jack shit. Enjoy your cats.

>> No.10777486

I've always measured myself on my own, without specialized equipment, which could make it inaccurate. It's always ended up at 171 though so I felt secure in it. I may also not have stood with a straight enough back.
But the thing that could count the other direction is that I measured myself with shoes on today, so there's a chance I'm a bit shorter than 174 anyway. I tried measuring myself by myself again, without shoes, and got 172.

>> No.10777506

You say that like it's a bad thing, cats are based and better than men in every way imaginable

>> No.10777616

are they better than women too?

>> No.10777620

Mfw no replies to this

>> No.10777624

Obviously. Cats > women > men

>> No.10777674

>in every way imaginable
So you fuck cats.

>> No.10777678

I’m sure you have anything more to offer than unsatisfying sex and bland taste in food

>> No.10777722

You sound like your listed hobbies are eating and traveling.

>> No.10777804

Most normal people are in a relationship, be it dating or marriage. How old are you?

>> No.10777805

NTA but yeah I'm getting older and being aggressively single is starting to get to me. Shit sucks honestly I'm not Chad so I can't even get cheap sex, shit I haven't gotten laid in 2 years.

>> No.10777819

Red flag city

>> No.10777848

I fuck other women, the world doesn't revolve around the rancid chunk of flesh between your legs

>> No.10777875

You think I don't know that?

>> No.10777879

Larping scrote

>> No.10777899

Are you illiterate? The poster said they weren't the one being replied to and indicated they were a guy.

>> No.10777940

Yeah this guy is right. I'm not the dude you are arguing with I'm just a lonely dude that likes anime, cosplay, and cons

>> No.10777982

taking the bait because enough ppl say this shit.

12 steps is unnecessary and will compromise your acid mantle. your skin will become weak and thin, and lose its elasticity with over manipulation.

>> No.10778006

>finally get all my sewing prep done
>excited to sew all my cosplay shit for a con coming up, along with some headpieces i've been waiting on the lace for
>accidentally cut myself badly at job
>adrenaline-puke in front of boss
>doctor tells me i can't do shit with my hands for the next 10 days

>> No.10778009

nonna it'll be fine don't stress

>> No.10778031

that's not correct, and you don't even know the products anon is using or anything.

>> No.10778039

6 of the steps are water

>> No.10778040

Actually 6 of the steps are washing product off with baby shampoo

>> No.10778068

And drinking wine.

lmao, I got great taste in food

>> No.10778084

I'm the original poster of that. i'm going to turn 24 next month.

>> No.10778088

Oh your young

>> No.10778092

Squak squak
Don't you have some trash to eat, gull

>> No.10778110

Wait are you serious?

>> No.10778157

Not a gull, you got plenty of gas in the tank though man your good.

>> No.10778169

niche of niches

>> No.10778174

Are there any decent cosplay communities that aren't just chicks fishing for attention or coomers giving it to them? The only cosplay threads on this board are coomer shit, and other forums are just chicks in a wig "cosplaying"

>> No.10778247

Someone was just trying to be nice and your response was to be retarded and defensive? Wonder why you are are alone my dude.

>> No.10778248

24 is elderly stop mocking me

>> No.10778250

Fix your shitty attitude or have fun offing yourself at 30

>> No.10778257

Dying at 30 would be better than ever having wrinkles

>> No.10778277

Made the mistake last night of drinking like I did in college, no works getting done today I'm fucking dying here. At least now I know the guy I woke up next to.

>> No.10778361

You sound very happy and emotionally balanced.

>> No.10778391


>> No.10778405

It's really not.
I was 24 when I had my first girlfriend.

>> No.10778406

We're all 30

>> No.10778413

I see the walls closing in.
Today I felt some purpose though showed some solidarity with alot of people at an event, idk it's good to feel useful.

>> No.10778425
File: 36 KB, 539x281, not me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not that person, bro.

Yes i'm serious

>> No.10778453

you're not getting wrinkles at 30 because ur 30, you're getting wrinkles bc you dont do basic skincare, which is literally just wearing sunscreen daily thats it

>> No.10779460
File: 53 KB, 500x384, 3A98C0BD-348C-48E5-9C73-5C43E77BE545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>26 next month
>never a Star Wars fan
>occasionally watch Star Wars lore on YouTube
>take light saber quiz cause curious
>stumble across realistic light saber asmr
>want lightsaber to play with in my room when I watch anime or something
>what do?

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