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Post cute brolias that don't look ugly as ugly as sin

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Off to a bad start I see.

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Yeah, it was the only thing I had saved on my phone at the time. Looking at desuarchive for some good ones rn though

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honestly i don't understand why men want to be lolitas so badly. they have ouji, visual kei, and ega which are all masculine with feminine aspects that they want so badly.
why do they ignore ouji specifically?

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Secretly gay/bi, to be seen as or feel feminine, or they're straight up AGPs.

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end dump

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Ouji is pretty goofy looking.

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Am scrote, I prefer ouji but I feel like it gets ignored because it's harder to find nice pieces compared to lolita IMO

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You need to be canceled for promoting pretty privileged. Not all of us can look a 10/10 newfag. Maybe you should appreciate us males much better because, if this was opposite you feminist would wreak havoc on us for calling you bio womens uglys.

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The one in the background is pretty cute imo

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Where the women

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I like the dress and the experimentation here!

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We’re cute!

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This thread cannot be inclusive if you’re only showing the attractive ones. SHAME ON YOU!

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Sexy baby? He looks different now

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Who's mom is this, nonnies?

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I know him. He's stuck in perma ita land for years now

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I don't do brolita but I do occasionally do crossplay. My reasoning is simple: male clothing is limited and sometimes I want to try something that isn't pants and a jacket.

Of course there's the AGP ones too, but you can usually tell them apart by their mannerisms.

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isn’t there a brolita that namefaged on here and had good coords?

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>good coords
Pick one.

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Good stuff.
The rest look like bad, sorry not sorry.

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Jiro K is the best male sweet lolita.

ouji options suck. lolita has a storied history and an iconic silhouette/look. it's similar to sneakerheads who don't do anything athletic. collecting and wearing collectibles is enjoyable.

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more Jiro

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unless they are asian, the likelihood is they look like shit in lolita and have the wrong body type for it

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he also wears ouji well

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Mana-sama then

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Mana-sama now

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how most brolitas actually look kek

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Gonna be real with you, I understand everyone loves mana but he's incredibly much more wrinkly than that photoshopped oversaturated photo now. He doesn't look the same. You can see it in his videos a bit.

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That's how aging works. He still looks good in EGL

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I hate to break it to you, but even mana-sama can't transcend time

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real life doesn't matter

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nice bait... again... p00py. hoping this thread will turn into shitting on troons so you can drum up support for yourself. your desperation is showing.

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not op

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katie gained weight and now looks like a troon kek

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someone is obsessed. is that all you post about?

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honestly I think aging is fine in gothic and classic, it's just old people in sweet that look bad

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what does this guy see when he looks in the mirror? a beautiful young woman? i can only wish i had that level of delusion and confidence

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of course, he's like 50 now. misako is starting to age quite a bit too. it happens. japan doesn't seem to embrace botox and all that as much as the western world does

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Is that her? She looks way better and healthier here than usual.

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botox doesn't make you look young, just plastic.

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Another example of a beautiful brolita!

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Like what last anon said, "lolita" itself is iconic. But I also just like the full cute feminine experience it provides, ouji doesn't really cut it for me. And there's a larger information net/community for lolita than there are for ouji. Spending time with lolitas online has given me priceless advice on both the fashion and on just... looking cuter in general. And I wanna be cute. I don't think there's a problem with that.

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oh look, is mister "I whine like a bitch because real women make me look ugly in candid photos"

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thank fuck my boyfriend wears EGA.

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Because ouji doesn't hit the spot if you're a tranny or a sissy.

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Ouji only looks good on women. I am not joking. Men should stick to EGA

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being a gaudy old lady wearing sweet is pretty much my goal. idk why you dumb zoomers act like it's some crime to age, or like you never will. if you really stop wearing lolita because you get old, then you're probably just some bandwagoning coward

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i think my boyfriend looks good in it, but he's smaller than most anons...

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EGA is flamboyant and feminine. it is androgynous by nature.

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>Men should stick to EGA
most of what the west calls "EGA" is just "ouji" in Japan

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and? do you seriously think it's similar to wearing a dress?

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ouji doesn't even exist as a style in japan lmao.

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i know these are pants but uh..

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those are ugly as sin, but please tell me how this is similar to a man in a knee-length dress?

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anon have you hit your head

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Nta, but she's right. Ouji isn't considered different from EGA, they are both called EGA.

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Probably bait or whatever, but have you ever opened a GLB or kera magazine? Japanese people have been wearing ouji for the past 20 years and do it to this day, brands are still releasing ouji(-adjacent) pieces.

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Anon, you're confused. Ouji is just part of EGA in Japan. It doesn't exist as a separate style on it's own like we think of it.

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based, I can't wait to be a lolita granny

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incorrect. what you are saying is the opposite of the truth. only Moitie heads use EGA.

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i think >>10736106 is having a laugh.

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Everyone says EGA for Male Aristocrat. Does anyone say Madame or is Female Arisotcrat just EGA too?

>> No.10736183

in Japan or elsewhere?

"Male Aristocrat" is a Western concept.

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Gawd suck Asian dick harder why don't you.

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Innit, kawaii till I dye mf.

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Based and Blessed

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I thought /cgl/ hated troons; make up your fucking minds

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Culture aside, no board is a monolith. Not even /pol/

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The best looking men are actually crossdressing women therefore only women make good ouji

>> No.10736900

A crossdresser that knows he's a dude is not a troon, he's just a dude wearing a dress.

>> No.10736901

>like the full cute feminine experience it provides
This is such obviously agp. Keep your fetish to yourself, thanks

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I wish i could make my boyfriend wear lolita but he decided to start lifting a while ago and now it would just look like picrel and absolutely ridiculous, i mourn what could've been anons.

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where do you draw the line

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they're the best tbqh

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Cis girl wearing lolita = ok
Cis boy wearing lolita = ok
a single femtometer outside either of those = KILL IT WITH FIRE

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Sure seems to be board culture at the moment. I didn't care at first but it's honestly getting tiresome. It derails conversations so bad.

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Oh I'm so sick of constantly seeing talk about trannies, every single thread. I wish people could at least keep it to a tranny containment thread and not spread it everywhere and constantly derail conversations.

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the best thing to do when bitter anons derail is to post quality content

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a vlog with male lolitas


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someone plz tell me what a AGP is

>> No.10737030

the honest goddamn truth

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pics or he looks like dog shit anon

>> No.10737032

pics or he looks like dogshit anon

>> No.10737041

It's a pretty clear line, if he knows he's a dude and will never be a woman (and isn't creepy about crossdressing), then i'm really unbothered by it. all the more power to him if he wants to wear pretty dresses and feels confident enough as a man to do so. i start to have a problem when he thinks liking dresses makes him somehow not a man

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>> No.10737129

Actually I think it's autogynophile.

Autogynophilia is a sexual fetish where someone is aroused and sexually gratified by the thought of being a woman. Different than sissification fetishes because there is not an inherent humiliation aspect to being feminine like for sissies. It's what many TERFs claim people who identify as trans women that don't pass and aren't apparent sissies are.

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Surprised he wasn't already posted

>> No.10737195

Thats because they are a bio woman.

>> No.10737245

Nice find! So hard to find good brolita content on YouTube
Based take

>> No.10737247

Did this person just stop posting to cof or disappear altogether? I used to enjoy seeing their coords.

>> No.10737345

He got ass chapped when a couple anons posted mild concrit instead of licking his butthole and farmers posted a candid of him with other comm members. He isn't dainty and frail like he makes himself appear on cof.

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You said ass

>> No.10737355

holy hell that's pathetic

>> No.10737366

lmao that's a woman

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I thought they were cis. I haven't found any indication they aren't cis anywhere on their SM

>> No.10737449

Its obvious but their face/body but you also clearly dont follow them that well if you havent figured it out. Having short hair doesnt make your manly.

>> No.10737455

I've seen cis men with faces like this lol is it just 'their face doesn't look manly enough'

>> No.10737461

White male Troons looks funny in lolita. Rather see Asian men and that’s it

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It's a they/him genderspecial woman. There's an interview featuring this person on PinkFakeFlowers' channel and it's clearly a female, not that anyone except for you couldn't tell otherwise.

>> No.10737905

Asian men like >>10737886?

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my forever husbando taigen

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I thought it was just the one video but I just realized that the channel is with the same guy, I love it even more

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because ouji is fucking ugly

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>> No.10738284

So are men. It balances out.

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i just wanna power-wash his shoes and give him some foundation. But i get how hard it is to keep white clean
also black bear phone charm with pearl necklace? Astounding taste. Absolutely love it.

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>honestly i don't understand why
>why do they ignore ouji specifically?
Same reason why some people prefer dogs over cats. Personal preference. I prefer lolita over ouji, because I find dresses just much more pleasing from an aesthetical perspective than ouji.

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>> No.10739001

You have problems with reality.

>> No.10739004

Woman^TM so bent on protecting her femininity^TM and womanhood^TM to the point of refusing that she too can be offensive.

>> No.10739010

>Same reason why some people prefer dogs over cats. Personal preference.

Actually people prefer dogs over cats because dogs are objectively better. Just like lolita is objectively better than ouji

t. dog lover cat ladies get fucked

>> No.10739014

Imagine thinking a "femtometer" exists and boxing womanhood into arbitrary interests. This troon shit is sexist garbage. It's way simpler and less sexist than that. If you have a dick: boy who can choose to wear dresses. If vagina: woman who can choose to wear dresses. If rare physical medical anomaly: mutant who can choose to wear dresses. Troontrending to be special doesn't change your gender any more than Rachel Dolezal changes her race.

>> No.10739016

You're wrong, dumb newfag

It's a TIM whose womanhood is their sexual fetish. They get off to the thought of being a woman. But even if they do, they won't admit to it and will try to cope by pretending actual women consider their own gender a fetish.

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dumping more brolitas

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>> No.10739038

>If rare physical medical anomaly: mutant
everyone is a mutant technically

intersex people identify as women, men, or nonbinary, same as anyone else. calling them "mutants" is weird shit.

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thanks gull

pic related is Aisya from >>10737023

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done dumping

>> No.10739057

He kinda looks like he has the facial lipodystrophy that people got from old AIDS meds kek

>> No.10739063

based x2

>> No.10739068

this guy isn't a brolita, he's a tranny.

>> No.10739072

does he realize estrogen would smooth out his face? jesus christ, these troons don't even try

>> No.10739081
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thanks anon

>> No.10739340

Did they all stop posting in CoF? Because thankfully I have seen less beards, old military looking guys, and bloated corpses on there.

>> No.10739342

>estrogen would smooth out his face
Hormones by themselves wouldn't smooth out his face, the weightgain that comes with it could help it though. He has a quite sharp, masculine bone structure.

>> No.10739364

I’ve seen that photo previously on here.

when did he start HRT?

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>post brolita pic on CoF
>nobody there or here notices

>> No.10739536

Stop posting this whiney fridge shaped dude.

>> No.10739544

This man is a fetishist, not a brolita.

>> No.10739562

How do you determine the difference

>> No.10739563

If he posts his sexy maid outfits next to lolita coords, I think it's fair to say this is a fetish

>> No.10739725

He also has an alt account for lewds. It's posted in his profile on his main.

>> No.10739736

>if you wear lolita you must be entirely asexual in every other aspect of your life

>> No.10739739

if you're male, yes

>> No.10739783

yes, whores and manwhores gtfo

>> No.10739792

this might surprise you but people have sex sometimes

>> No.10739794

Men crossdressing for a fetish can fuck off. Cry about "muh kinkshaming" elsewhere, like not to the women who you dress as to humiliate yourself

>> No.10739795

A scrote wearing lolita and maid shit posting lewds aren't red flags for you? Fuck off.

>> No.10739836

They make it obvious, some of them even wedge themselves into the lolita community IRL and then start posting about their gender euphoria while only selectively showing lewd photos to the community.

It's fucking disgusting behavior and it needs to stop

>> No.10739837

also I'm just going to add people like this manlet are not passing when they wear that shit: >>10739039

I'm not sure why they think they are fooling anyone with their fat manlet bodies, flat chest, and just overall gross unshaped body.. ya'll don't look like lolis either, if that's what you're going for, you freaks. it just looks gross. I'm not sure what your audience is.

>> No.10739845

He looks like Beans from Even Stevens kek

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For me, its flandre

>> No.10739876

I'm surprised that we don't see more brolitas wearing drag queen makeup or drag queens wearing lolita. With Ru Paul and Instagram and femboys, drag has totally exploded, but I haven't seen it cross into lolita much.

>> No.10739885

>I haven't seen it cross into lolita much
as it should be

>> No.10739886

Most brolitas are merely extreme narcissists. They prefer to be cute over being sexy (or if they do wanna be "sexy", it's not while in lolita). Drag crap is the exact opposite of cute.

>> No.10739893

>Most lolitas are merely extreme narcissists

>> No.10739898
File: 1.93 MB, 1080x1073, 1665eeb631351fa3e14052c8217891cd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah true that drag tends to go more into sexy/glam territory. Still, they know how to hide their stubble and apply eyeliner. You'd think they'd be able to adjust a bit and use the techniques on a new look.

I've seen cis girls lay on multiple layers of falsies and foundation and circle lenses for lolita. Too many brolitas think that a scant swipe of mascara and a stringy wig will stand up to the visual heft of their dress.

>> No.10739902 [DELETED] 

I mean, usually I go as hard as I can with makeup without looking like a clown. Always hide stubble, always conceal, always do a bit of eye makeup. With the way my face looks I'd probably do better to go even harder than I already do - I don't get why a lot of brolitas can't be bothered to learn normal makeup techniques, unless the only thing they care about is the clothes and not actually wearing them.

>> No.10739903

I mean, usually I go as hard as I can with makeup without looking like a clown. Always hide stubble, always conceal, always do a bit of eye makeup. With the way my face looks I'd probably do better to go even harder than I already do - I don't get why a lot of brolitas can't be bothered to learn normal makeup techniques, unless the only thing they care about is the clothes and not actually looking good in them.

>> No.10739909

Do you do that thing where they rub orange into their stubble under their foundation? It baffles me that that wouldn't make it worse but it seems to work somehow

>> No.10739911

Yeah, although the concealer I use is more pinkish-orange. Reason that it works is because male stubble provides a blueish hue to the face in those areas, so the orange concealer counteracts that, kind of like how blue concealer counteracts really bad red rashes.

>> No.10739927
File: 297 KB, 1280x1920, a50baarqng5z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it different for a ginger? How long have you been doing this? Ever do drag or meet drag queens?

>> No.10739931

NAYRT but for whatever reasons, basically any facial hair except for lighter-than-your-skintone blonde shows up as blue when freshly shaven.

>> No.10739949
File: 2.50 MB, 2799x4608, IMG_20220131_184156710_HDR~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10740020
File: 2.00 MB, 2856x4284, 18681312-high--4653996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10740040

What do women wear lolita and jfashion for then? What makes them different from men?

>> No.10740042

We don't wear it to jack off to, no. Honestly, you scrotes are braindead

>> No.10740043

I don't think I could do brolita. What other styles of jfashion are there for guys?

>> No.10740046

I feel that would be a false dichotomy. Women aren't asexual, and not every guy who crossdresses make it sexual. It just seems like a repetition of the "men are always out for sex" stereotype. You think any interaction of non-gay men with anything feminine means they're out to get you. It also explains why you're seething when men go on the only female dominated board

>> No.10740050

anon you literally asked >>10740040 how being a fetishist makes you different from most women in this fashion. you must be a braindead sex-minded scrote if you can't comprehend something so basic.

>> No.10740055

>Again with the ad hominem
What I'm trying to say with>>10740050 and>>10740046
is that why do you put women in the category of "cute, do no-harm jfashion enjoyer" and men in the category of "perverted coomer scrote". It's like incels ranting about muh roastie and taking some excesses of 3rd wave feminism to say women shouldn't vote and should be housewifes. You guys would really fit together. I'm not saying there are no coomers who jerk off to it, but you really seem paranoid

>> No.10740057

because the man in question is literally posting lewds in a maid outfit. are you having a stroke or can you just not keep up?

>> No.10740058

>trying to change the subject to hide how retarded your question was instead of addressing it

>> No.10740061

I'm not endorsing that guy, I'm just asking why>>10739736 must only apply to men
I didn't change the subject. The question I'm asking at >>10740040 is: what makes men different from women so that you have to change the rules? I feel like your perception of men as "coomer scrotes always looking from the perspective of getting off" is why you react this way, and with my following questions, I was trying to get an answer as to what your opinion on non-gay men is, and why do you see them the way you do

>> No.10740072

I get what the girls are saying. Expressing your sexuality when you're within a community that is expressly NOT for that is frowned upon, and for good reason - the fashion isn't a fetish. Reason a lot of lolitas view most if not all men who do lolita as "fetishists" is because the men they've interacted with have been openly creepy or too forthcoming about their fetish and therefore assume the worst of all men that they MUST be in the same position.

Personally, I do have my kinks and such, like everybody does, but like a normal, civilized member of society, I keep such things in my bedroom and to myself, and I don't bring them to a community that is meant to be about expressing cute fashion and embracing femininity.

>> No.10740073

>What do women wear lolita and jfashion for then? What makes them different from men?

nta but your question is fucking retarded and it seems like you're a scrote.

lolita has always inherently attracted incel type men who are attracted to little girl (loli-con) stereotypes or anime weirdos. the types of men that find this fashion on their own are not normal or ok in the head, usually, and they show up to meets. Person in question is literally mixing fetishization with lolita, which isn't ok and is a good way to misrepresent the fashion when we work REALLY FUCKING HARD to not have a bunch of CREEPS come to our fashion for that sort've shit.

It's basically going to create such an unsafe space for most of us publicly, that we will have to vet people really hard in communities eventually. This is such a fucking fast downward spiral.

>> No.10740079

Well I do agree. Fetishes shouldn't be made public and it's often a sign of being fucked up if you're too serious and public about them. Nobody likes dealing with creeps. I was just criticizing the double standard.

>> No.10740080

>Nobody likes dealing with creeps.
Anon I feel like you're not getting that this community has had a consistent problem with creeps being attracted to it.

>> No.10740081

Well, if you want to know, I'm a guy but I'm not a weeb and certainly not a pedo. Those who fantasize about loli and who "want to be the little girl" are fucked up. Was the original pic we were arguing over concerning such an individual? In that case I'm on your side. But when are we going to allow men to express any kind of femininity or deviation without being seen as trans, agp or gay? I understand women fought to reclaim their own identity, which is good, but as a man I don't want to have to choose between
>reactionary trad incel
>normie chad
>gay or cucked

>> No.10740082

Isn't that just an internet wide problem? Or are you talking about coomers stalking women online?

>> No.10740083

“As a man” once again no one cares. Also this is a thread on lolita fashion, so why are you here if you’re not even going to pretend to wear it

>> No.10740089

>I'm just asking why>>10739736 must only apply to men
it has never only applied to men, you dumb scrote. see: literally any lolita lolcow thread

>> No.10740091

Maybe at some point. I know no one cares, I just wanted to express my opinion as this site is pretty much the only one where I post. I also asked about differents ideas here >>10740043

>> No.10740092

>thinking posting lewds in a maid outfit is a man just innocently "expressing femininity"

>> No.10740096

You should be asking these stupid questions in >>>10735249

>> No.10740098

no one cares about your stupid, uninformed opinion. learn to lurk moar instead of acting like you know all about shit that you blatantly don't. typical male behavior.

>> No.10740104

Well, speaking as somebody who a) already wears the fashion and b) is male, the best things one can do when going into lolita communities as a male is to be a decent human being first and foremost and don't advertise any non-lolita stuff you do unless the people you're around are comfortable with that.
In short: DON'T BE A CREEP. Just be a nice person and don't try to show yourself off in a fetish-y way, just show that you appreciate the fashion and engage people with that pretext.
And by showing off in a fetish-y way, I mean, being ""sexy"", or being ""cute"" in so much a way that it ends up appearing to be humiliation. I personally take the elegance route and prefer classic lolita over all else to avoid getting misconstrued as a fetishist, but there will always be a few people who will say so anyway, and those people can be safely ignored if you know you're being a good person aside from having a penis.

>> No.10740435

Since those issues don’t affect male jfashion, would it be a better choice?

>> No.10740439

I’m sorry to have derailed the thread like that, I really shouldn’t have bothered especially considering I’m not part of this community. I don’t know why I wasted so much time on this. You can’t really change someone’s opinion on the internet anyways

>> No.10740442

can you be my bf?

>> No.10740449

If you're genuinely interested in lolita and WANT to do it, it's still worth a shot. There's several communities where you can learn to participate in the fashion better.
If you're moreso interested in Jfashion in general, there's a lot of other alternatives aside from just lolita fashion.
Check out the stupid questions thread and ask them for styles that fit your personal preference, and check out the styles on this site:
(I personally prefer styles by decade because it helps put them into the cultural context they came out of)

>> No.10740869

it happens anon

>> No.10741608

those look REALLY cute, damn
amazing that they made it work. I'm impressed
OTOH it shows how good you can look if you do laser, are in shape, use makeup and dress well.

>> No.10741746

Doesn’t he date an actual lolita though? It seemed like he was genuinely into the fashion until he started posting the latex bunny suit things.

>> No.10741754

she still does

>> No.10742191

I get what you’re asking. Not all men are here to get off. But enough of them are that it behooves us to react with suspicion until individual men earn trust. It may not be your individual fault, but that’s the result of gender based bs sometimes.

>> No.10742192

Also you have to understand women’s perspective w creeps here. If we judge you wrongly, the worst is that your feelings get hurt. But if guess wrong and label a creep as normal, we could get raped or stabbed. Or locked in a basement like that one dude did after cruising lolita comms.

The other thing is that desu, we have to share spaces w men everywhere. Even somehow in one of the most feminine fashions ever, dudes want in. A lot of women don’t want to put up w dudes at all here. It’s up to you to do the work, not us, and not everyone is going to like you. You take that on when you choose to push in here. It’s not our job to separate the good dudes from the shit ones.

>> No.10742261
File: 224 KB, 897x645, f0b4460fd95316cf4fb7fae9d0b75c8e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I understand your point. One reason I've browsed /cgl/ for so long and made sure to lurk as hard as possible in the lolita community is because I don't want to try and make anybody uncomfortable because of who I am. It's completely understandable as a woman that you'd try to be as skeptical as possible towards any man as self-defense.

Honestly, getting into lolita for me was kind of a serendipitous occasion, I realized lolita would be a ridiculously fun fashion to participate in if I did it right, since I was already friends with a few people who were into it and educated me about it. But that was, y'know, me PERSONALLY, and participating in the larger lolita community takes a lot more effort on my part to come off safely and to try and show that I'm a decent human being. But I'm okay with that. If nothing else, I'm pretty confident nowadays that I'm very, very sensitive to being respectful of others in spaces where I'm an outcast otherwise.

If nothing else, it bothers me that a lot of "brolitas" seem to have zero self-awareness of the position they're in, and are just openly creeps without considering the fact that they're in a woman's space and should be more considerate of how they present themselves.

>> No.10742286

>It’s not our job to separate the good dudes from the shit ones.
yes it is, it's not a super secret club, it's just a fashion.

>> No.10742518

auto gynephilia.

the sexual fantasy when a man finds the idea of him having a vagina instead of a penis exciting.

common in many male to female trans

>> No.10742531

You do realize you can wear the fashion without butting your head into women's comms and online spaces right?

>> No.10742533

yeah, seriously. go troon out somewhere else

>> No.10742553
File: 158 KB, 700x529, REMEMBER WHAT THEY TOOK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10742567

i meant the online one.

>> No.10742573

Disgusting. Self posted obviously

>> No.10742574

No. Stop self posting

>> No.10742575

Absolutely the fuck no they both are garbage

>> No.10742576

gutter shit

>> No.10742577

End of dump and the rest are absolute abominations and basically plague trolls.

>> No.10742845


I prefer him in ouji style. He looks like a handsome prince. Sorry but he looks ugly as brolita.

>> No.10743374

He may have a fetish, but nothing about this picture strikes me as a fetish thing. Also, looking at their room. There's sometimes a cross-over, you know? I mean, I get nasty fetish people exist. However, this looks like someone who in this particular photo has no sexy thing going on about wearing it. That's a happy face & not a horny face.
He likely just likes both fashion and fetishes and doesn't understand why on a personal page he should have to separate his coords from his fetish stuff. It's not like he's smacking nasty commentary to lolita photos.

>> No.10743464

His coords are his fetish stuff because he gets off to wearing women's clothes. It's not that complicated

>> No.10743472

how do you know? did you see his boner?

>> No.10743476

He doesn't; people don't get that you can like to wear lolita and also like to wear slutty costumes independently of each other

>> No.10743479

anon, it needs to be separated because it's involving a community to post about lolita online. if it's a 'personal page' then it needs to be private. if people look up people who wear lolita, they expect to not see a bunch of fetish shit mixed in. it's a good way to make people misinterpret the fashion

>> No.10743492

He literally posted sissy photos publicly.

No, this is literally his fetish. Women who also happen to wear slutty clothes don't specifically have a fetish for it. And if they do have a fetish for lolita then we ridicule them as well

>> No.10743493

I see /cgl/ is about run another male who’s into lolita fashion out of the public sphere. You did it to Anna, you’re doing it to Isabella now. What is your problem with the male sex wishing to dress up in fem clothing just like you?

>> No.10743494


>> No.10743495

sorry to break it to you but women wear slutty clothes for sexual purposes, that does not mean every item of clothing someone wears is for sexual purposes. not sure why that's so difficult of a concept for you

>> No.10743499

femcels are crazy

>> No.10743505

wait until they find out who owns Baby. And Moitie. And who wrote Kamikaze Girls.

>> No.10743508

The counter argument by them is, “Oh, they’re Japanese. They get a pass because they created the fashion.”

>> No.10743509

IIRC MM and Meta are owned by men too

>> No.10743513

stop bringing your kink shit into our fashion, weirdo

>> No.10743514

the fact both of you, if not just you(samefag) don't really get the problem here makes me think you're a fucking lolita at heart/larper or onlooker that doesn't wear this fashion or meet up.

>> No.10743520

I know a female cosplayer on IG who owns some brand. She also posted one of those sexy bunny outfits once in suggestive poses. Did anyone questioned her and raised concerns of kinks? No. Talk about a double standard.

>> No.10743525

no anon, you don't get it. only fugly men can be pervs.

>> No.10743526

tokimeki definitely also got dragged through the coals for daring to have sex/being sexual even though she isn't even part of the lolita community anymore, but yes no one accused her of wearing lolita for kink

>> No.10743544

Because she's trying to be attractive as a bunnygirl or whatever. she's not getting off to dressing like a woman. It's not that complicated

>> No.10743555

neither is the guy you're on about, "it's not that complicated"

>> No.10743577

>That's a happy face & not a horny face
he literally has the soulless agp grimace

>> No.10743586

No, he literally gets off to it. It's his fetish because he's a sissy.

>> No.10743588

Proof? I need evidence or you’re lying

>> No.10743597

don't bother, there isn't any

>> No.10743673

evidence is that ugly ass agp smirk and that's all I need and I'd definitely carry a keychain alarm just to scare him

>> No.10743674

He literally posted sissy trans fetish photos to his account. Look at the farmer outer the preview ita threads. Stop WKing you dumb retard.

>> No.10743709

Don't think I have ever seen someone sum it up this good. I don't enjoy a lot of feminine hobbies but lolita is that one thing that made me feel pretty and powerful while not having to deal with that ""male gaze"" type thing. While I don't hate males as a whole, I really resent them invading this one space that really felt like somewhere I could express my femininity comfortably and happily. Thanks for posting this anon

>> No.10743710

how long have you been in lolita 2 minutes? men have always been in this comm.

>> No.10743711

since 2008

>> No.10743718

then you must live in a small town. i've been in the comm since 07 and live in a big city and they've literally always been here.

>> No.10743739

lolita isn't a ~*safe space*~ it's a glorified fashion club. if you want a man-free community so bad go join a women's gym or something.

>> No.10743803

looks pulled from a John Waters film

>> No.10743805

>I really resent them invading this one space
men literally helped make and create the fashion so go ahead and tell me how they're "invading"

>> No.10743807

Because Mana has received status of honorably a woman for not being a creepy piece of shit like Bodylines oener

>> No.10743809

Mana is a cis male and also isn't the only one I'm talking about, see above how most of the big brands are owned by men

>> No.10743820

eww no. speak for yourself.

>> No.10743911

Bite my butt, I'm a 5'5" twink and I'd look great in Ouji. Only thing stopping me is that I'd never get hired in my field if anyone caught me dead in it.

>> No.10743914

change fields, become ouji, ???, profit

>> No.10743915
File: 820 KB, 731x1009, 2C59E145-B992-45E5-ACA2-4033284085C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10743916
File: 336 KB, 828x729, 001D1D09-819C-45BC-A42A-C10C4AD57169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10744284

large city actually, been lone lolita for about 6 years though
I didn't say feel unsafe around men, just want them to fuck off in this one area of my interests that makes me feel pretty/where I can talk with other women who share similar interests as me without men floating around us. sorry if you misunderstood. I'd be way less likely to be able to find female friends with similar interests to me at a women's gym.
have no issue with men designing female clothes, females design male clothes. even though some men have created and designed these clothes, they did not create the communities that surround them. also like other anon mentioned mr yan is pretty creepy, dont own any bodyline tho

>> No.10744291

There would be no community if there was no clothing. The men who make it also wear it and participate in and contribute to the community. Again, men have been a part of lolita community since the beginning

>> No.10744298

What anons are getting at is that they would rather have men hands off in the social aspect of lolita like meets. I know you understand this and you are just being a cunt. The fact that a man wants to be included in a group of mainly women and young girls, especially a straight one, should always be treated with suspicion. Men typically see women as fuck holes and less than human and they remind us this time and time again, but too many women want to cry not all and extend their olive branches way to far for them allowing blatant creeps in their proximity.

>> No.10744315

Have you considered the idea that some straight guys just genuinely want to befriend women without ulterior motives?
That's how it is for me, anyway. I like learning makeup and fashion tips from women since I feel as if guys don't have nearly as much inherent knowledge on being "cute" as girls do.
But I don't blame you for wanting to them to just go away, especially when they're seemingly invading a women's space. I know I'm in the minority, that's why I don't really interact with IRL comms in general unless they're already welcoming towards guys.

>> No.10744316

femcels like you are a plague.

>> No.10744323

>go join a women's gym
implying places like this aren't constantly being invaded by men in wigs going by she/her

>> No.10744324

From a lolita who has often had to feel unsafe around men putting zero effort in trying to pass/look decent or conceal their obviously less than pure intentions, thank you. I hope you enjoy wearing the fashion.

>> No.10744330

terrifying, honestly. there's already too much nudity in locker rooms. I hear stories about the men's locker room... just old dudes being creepy and hangin' out all day. I really don't need this in a women's locker room..

>> No.10744369

What's your field?

>> No.10744410

Meta is owned by a woman. Shut the fuck up next time you think about posting something you're clueless about.

>> No.10744412

nayrt, who owns meta nowadays?

>> No.10744426

Some dude. He and one of the designers were guests at Anime North in 2017.

>> No.10745246
File: 279 KB, 898x790, high iq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't "men" who are into lolita just wear ouji?

If they wear all this frilly shit then 99.999% of the time they are just fetishizing shit or have some weird complex.
It's perfectly normal for a man to wear clothes that are flashy and charming, however wearing frilly dresses and bows on their heads, definitely something is wrong here.

>> No.10745253
File: 317 KB, 1644x2016, 1648097842193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure if this counts as lolita but I enjoyed wearing it uwu

>> No.10745275

not lolita, stop selfposting

>> No.10745301

Aw okay

>> No.10745308
File: 271 KB, 1536x2048, 22D470E1-42B8-47F6-874E-3B3835AD79B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hizaki makes the cutest brolita. Better than Mana imo.

>> No.10745312

Sexist much?

>> No.10745315


>> No.10746323
File: 677 KB, 1536x2048, 2941509950_ef82d844f8_k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10746336

How do I get my boyfriend into brolita? He has a perfectly round feminine face and would actually look amazing

>> No.10746430

Stop requesting this sissy dress-up fetish fantasy shit. If you're being serious, literally just talk to and ask him like a goddamn adult.

>> No.10746871
File: 134 KB, 749x562, 8FE558AA-69F5-4489-AAE2-CA5D20483CF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dai-chan was the only cute brolita

>> No.10746885
File: 152 KB, 848x1200, FN89DWlaQAIJ690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sena what are you doing, you looked fine before man

>> No.10746886
File: 1.05 MB, 1536x2048, FLoSCkfVkAASQ8a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all Sena's pics outside that non lolita moitie shoot look 10x better than whatever they fuck they did to his face there.

pic related

>> No.10746912

Those two might have unfortunate faces but they sure know how to dress

>> No.10747619

Damn OP those men look awful you have bad taste

>> No.10748938
File: 515 KB, 3518x1524, 1612227377485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>destroys your heterosexuality

>> No.10748940

nyart but women get the "i just wanna hang, just wanna chill, it's fine" so often from dudes who turn around and try to fuck them or axe murder them that women are naturally wary of men in their space. Some people take this to extremes, but in this day and age of everyone murdering everyone for no apparent reason, you can't entirely blame women

>> No.10748947

lolita isn't a "space". women's spaces are like locker rooms and bathrooms. a fashion comm for huge cunts isn't a space, just like the cosplay community isn't a space.

>> No.10748948

it's a community for women. the guys do not want to wear ouji obviously, so the creeps in dresses are creeps and we want them out

>> No.10748953

How is it a community for women? Anyone can put on a dress. If you only want to be around other women, you need to specify that - hobbies and activities aren't exclusive to one gender.

>> No.10748954

no, it's not. it's a community for people who want to wear weird dresses. and again that's not a "space".

>> No.10748956

>we want them out
So how's your relationship with your dad, nonny?

There's merit in excluding men from places like shelters, support groups, change rooms, etc, but you're just being butthurt. If you're so afraid of men murdering you, maybe just lock yourself up in your house for the rest of your life.

>> No.10748957

arguing with femcels never goes anywhere. they are deranged, that's why they adopted that behavior in the first place.

>> No.10749011

>look, ugly guys in dresses are creeps because....they just are ok?

Look, if you want to weed out ugly guys in dresses just because they are ugly guys in dreses, just do it. Just deny them and ask them to do better. Better than ruining reputations by massively mass accusing people of being sexual predators just becaause in your head they look like sexual predators.

>> No.10749040
File: 354 KB, 2048x1364, IMG_20220404_154836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

@1293Maron on twitter is adorable

>> No.10749146

the stereotype for women who have bad relationships with their dads is that they're cockhungry and desperate for male attention, not that they don't want males around. anon's probably just a lesbo

>> No.10749314

God damn these fuckers are ugly.

>> No.10749476

we should weed out all ugly ppl desu

>> No.10750477
File: 459 KB, 484x720, peg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to look cute and pretty and get pounded in the ass. What's the big fuckin' deal?