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Stagnating at page 7 after hitting bump limit makes me feel it's time to start anew, with a last minute Christmas night post.

Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: crossplay.cgl@yahoo.com


Affiliated Discord server: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ

Previous thread: >>10650530

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How do I convince a crossplayer to wear makeup and a wig? A guy I know is really into crossplay but refuses to wear makeup and a wig so all of his “cosplays” just look like a random man stuffed into a dress. No, he’s not going for the man in a dress gag, he’s going for actual crossplay but refuses to put in any actual effort into looking decent, let alone passing.

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It certainly doesn't hurt to try understand why he picked up crossplaying in the first place, if you don't know already. Not doing it "as a gag" makes this seem pretty weird without added context. From someone who started off with fairly gender-neutral outfits, I knew I'd have to step up the game if I were to keep it up. We're not to the level of prosthetic boobs or voice alteration, but the fact remains. Maybe that'll give you a leg up on convincing him, maybe not. What it definitely SHOULD do is explain why. And even then, getting someone who will wear a dress into a wig sounds easy enough.

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>be me
>tall and skinny (really lanky)
>orders female clothes from taobao
>nothing fits properly
Pic rel

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>know absolutely nothing will fit me
>still enjoy internet window shopping anyway
>every year or so the urge to try again creeps up just to be reminded of why I don't buy things as it doesn't fit

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You gotta measure yourself before you buy ANYTHING online. It's incredibly important that you do.

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He picked up crossplaying because he likes female character designs more but he also wants to look like the characters. Every time I bring up that wearing a wig and makeup will help him look more like the characters, he says that a wig and makeup is too much work. I've even offered to style his wigs and do his makeup for him but he refuses. It's confusing.

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Some pics...

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jfc get a bedframe and put some sheets on

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Lol! I can’t afford a bed frame and don’t have any friends or family to carry it with me. I have a sheet but it tends to come off if I thrash around sleeping.

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y'all are gay.

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For you.

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Only a lil bit, but that's besides the point.

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>Want to buy a cosplay of a vtuber you enjoy
>Actually find a shop on taobao with a ton of cosplays for different characters, including a perfect alternate outfit you did not expect to find there
>Ask shopping service to get in touch with shop in question
>Shop says no problem, can even custom size everything to your size
>Woa, this is perfect
>Give them all the size numbers
>Just need to pay and let them order
>Still feel a bit hesitant and postpone the order for another time

>Two months later, work pays out huge christmas bonus
>Hell yeah, time to order some stuff
>Put listing of same cosplay back into shopping cart, literally just copy what I already had before
>"Sorry anon, shop says they don't do custom sizing and costume is only available in female sizes. Are you sure the gender you put into the field is correct?"
>Ask SS again with reference to the old request from just a few weeks ago
>Still same answer
>Check the listing myself
>They removed all custom size options and the full set option's description was changed, now explicitly mentions it's a "women's full set"

Anons, my feeling are all over the place. A bit angry, confused, but mostly just sad. All I wanted to do was buy some cute shoes and a nice kimono and they gave me the middle finger instead. Has anyone else, who's buying from Chinese sources, had a similar experience in more recent times? Are the shop owners shitting their pants, because of Winnie Pooh's crackdown on feminine men?

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*I enjoy

fuck, it's too late to pour my heart out

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>All I wanted to do was buy some cute shoes and a nice kimono
I don't even think a kimono needs to be cut differently for a woman vs man unless its like a sexy contoured one, weird that they'd ask for your sex. Just tell them you're a flat chested girl

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Checked trips. This is still not really adding up desu. It can't be a matter of "breaking out of the shell", at least not a normal one. Do you crossplay or know anyone who does? Best thing I can cook up here is have him hang around your and/or those people and see what happens in regards to the general reactions. They should be close to, if not, universally positive, and I'm including public cosplay. Or hell, even just scoping for high effort crossplayers. Any GOOD convention worth it salt will have plenty, and most likely post here, on top of that.

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That is indeed weird, but that's how just some shops seem to operate. It wouldn't be a problem to order through the female option if they really need to know. The actual issue is them removing the custom size option since I'm a bit wary of squeezing myself into a Chinese XL which is around 100cm bust and 80cm waist for them.

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That has fuckall to do with you being male. You are reading too much into it. The shop probably has an unrelated reason for stopping custom sizing and the SS just wants you to get the proper size. Chinese stores often just use outside suppliers that change and can be very inconsistent. If they changed their manufacturer thet may have had to stop offering certain services like customization.

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Sorry if this is a frequently asked question, but I've been eyeing a cosplay to buy and am having some sizing issues. My frame fits the S size pretty well except for my shoulders, which matches L size. Can I get away with getting a size smaller than L, or should I just get the larger size and sew to adjust the rest?

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post more and i'll cashapp

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Now that there's a new thread, the old one revives at page 10. Not sure why you bother asking anyone questions there so late. Most curious.

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...and on a more relevant note, my Haruko outfit showed up right now. Time to go find her insanely expensive goggles and boots, make a foam bass and no fucking clue for the Vespa. Best I know is that the Round Rock Kalahari has one inside at their Italian restaurant's entrance. So that'll do nicely for ColossalCon Texas...in 11 months.

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Wig is losing hairs ever since i bought it. It's synthetic
I carefully put it back in the pack, but i'm worried it will lose too much, already lost like 10 strands

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Nice tits

>> No.10714588

Nice tits, where'd you get them?

>> No.10714604

Black leggings and skirt work together? Gonna be wearing pads so i have no choice

>> No.10714699

For which character?
Also, nude tights are an option.

>> No.10714703

Doesn't matter, a generic extra in the background of a film, like the way she looks, or how i remember it.
Don't know what nude tights are.

Also new problem, how do i fully wipe advertising cookies from my phone? Can't have ads for skirts and heels just pop up on me in public

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How the hell do I hide a button nose and full lips? I try so hard to minimize both when crossplaying (ftm) but I feel like I always look stupid and my contouring doesn’t help. I follow the contouring you see in guides but it doesn’t help with my problem areas

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Cosplay black people.

>> No.10714724

I’m gonna have to say negative on that one chief given I am the color of lightly crisped wonderbread

>> No.10714847

Use facepaint baka

>> No.10714870

Which is better, a long sweatshirt that goes to ms knees with a belt in the middle, or a short sweatshirt with a skirt

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Ok why am i beating around the bush
It's marla singer, atleast something i think she would wear

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girls who cosplay male characters

is it worth even attempting in the first place to try to cosplay a male if you have a big chest and generally feminine body?

>> No.10715544

Post chest

>> No.10715794

whats a good place to actually buy custom size cosplays

>> No.10715836

If you work out, diet and bulk up your upper body, specifically your shoulders and arms, while keeping the rest of your body relatively lean, then perhaps you can get away with the illusion of a male build, otherwise you'll end up looking frumpy and round.

>> No.10715898

Any good tutorials on making foam tit pads? Like what shape are they supposed to be? I have 2 high quality 20cm foam balls that i can cut into shape, really might only need 1

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2nd link is broken?

>> No.10716405

Works fine for me. "DIY fake boobs FULL" from Xagarae Xag

>> No.10716412

>That has fuckall to do with you being male.
Don't think they said that because I was male either. It was just them being confused, because I just copy pasted the old information into the new order including my gender, which they explicitly asked for since the manufacturer had options for both, although the new listing only mentions female sizes in particular. So just some sort of miscommunication I suppose.

>The shop probably has an unrelated reason for stopping custom sizing
>If they changed their manufacturer thet may have had to stop offering certain services like customization
Yeah, this seems reasonable given most shops are very small with low turnover. The store in question apparently also has an AliExpress storefront and some of the cosplay listings there still offer custom sizing, but the prices are all twice as high...

>> No.10716444

Couldn't find the right size for a top., so i settled with what they had
The height for that is 165cm, i am 175ish. It's baggy so i'm hoping that helps.
It was 10$ plus free return, is the size too much of an issue, every other measurment checked out

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I remember when I first started out, I was terrified of wearing makeup because I thought I wouldn't be able to remove it properly and that it would out me.

It might be something like that, like a fear or complex.

What helped was I had a friend who I was comfy with really insist a lot that it would be fine and she seemed very confident in her expertise that everything was reversible, so I ended up going along with it, and now it's fine.

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I knew I was into cross play when I realized I wanted to be one of the girls in this pic, and not the guy in the middle.

>> No.10716679

Fucking GAY ngl.....but yeah, I totally get where you're coming from, since I was in a similar spot last week for Ikkicon and it was pretty incredible.

>> No.10716692

I like it anon, but I feel the hair looks a little unkept for what you're wearing. Maybe blow it out or slick it straight.

>> No.10716713

AGP baka

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First time poster, but I did my first public crossdressing today at a small local con on the weekend, with full makeup and the whole shebang. I have done a bit of closet/private crossdressing but as mentioned this was my first outing in public in full crossdress. I do want to get something for my chest in the future(breastplate/bra/etc) and maybe do a proper female cosplay as well. How do you think I did?

>> No.10716871

I'd fuck

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Hmm. So you'd say wanting to be a girl for a guy's sake is AGP? Interesting. I assumed the opposite, though yeah...this is drifting dangerously close to the edge.
Pretty good from what I can tell. Are you rather tall? Cause it looks that way. While I'd never wear those shoes myself, I somehow feel it adds to some authenticity. Also, did anyone confuse you? Cause they certainly have with me, and with not as much effort as you.

>> No.10716888

i wanna crossplay levi so bad but being a big titty bitch with a feminine body just ain't it

also dealing with the straps sounds like an absolute pain but i don't really care about that part nearly as much

>> No.10716921

How to straighten a synthetic wig?
Combing stresses me the fuck out and it loses hairs when i do it.
Is there another way?

>> No.10716977

A touch under 6', so I guess that's pretty tall for women's standards. Also, yeah I was ogled quite a bit by people, or at least until I said something.

>> No.10717206

which shoe size are you wearing if you don't mind answering

>> No.10717219

Errr, sure. It's UK size 9/US size 11

>> No.10717226

Bigfoot holy shit.
Where did you even find shoes that size

>> No.10717228

Come on guys seriously.
I payed a lot for it, and j can't bare going to the store again

>> No.10717233

Sorry I think I got it wrong. That's women's sizing. For men's it should be UK 8/US 9 which is the average shoe size I would assume.

Have you tried soaking it in warm water with some fabric softener then combing it when it's dry? That shit usually works for detangling so it might work to straighten out your wig as well.

>> No.10717237

>How to straighten a synthetic wig?
I just use a flat iron and straighten the the hair, which I divide in different sections. Worked perfectly fine on a TaoBao wig that was heavily tangled with a bunch of knots in it. Of course if your wig has tangles, try to remove them manually, cut out the worst knots and then carefully straighten it. Tools like a tripod with a wigstand, pins and clamps to section the hair properly are mandatory. And maybe a chair and some movie to watch too since it's quite tedious.

>> No.10717240

Stupid question, but how did you get over the insecurity?

>> No.10717251

For crossdressing in public? It really just boils down to how confident you are in yourself at that moment, which helps in distracting you from the eyes that may or may not stare at you. If you're looking for a more supportive environment, have friends around you that will stick with you and be a buffer for social situations. Personally, constantly trying to improve the look helps in building confidence as you'll see people be more confused or outright fooled by your appearance, which may help in assuaging any worries and a bit of ego stroking. It's a long process you have to learn and condition yourself into, so good luck anon.

>> No.10717269

dude's neck is as thick as a brick and his shoulders are quite wide. anyone 'confusing him' needs more brain cells

would suggest you go with long hair next time to cover the neck/some of the shoulder span

>> No.10717272

>thick as a brick
Ok, gotta ask. Was that an intentional pun? Also you'd really be surprised what people confuse for a girl at times.

>> No.10717616

Short sighted old people sometimes confuse me for a lesbian, i guess because i'm short

>> No.10717843

Why do you guys do this?
Don't mean it in a negative way, just, what's your reason?
For me it's the feeling of not being myself, the whole escapism thing, sometimes it feels better to be someone who just isn't you in any way

>> No.10718521

I love my waifu and most of my favorite characters are female and I just like their designs
I also can't make armor so I can't cosplay most male characters I like

>> No.10718567

Been intrigued by female fashion since I was small, but never had the chance to try wearing any until I moved out and started earning some money on my own. Looking in the mirror and seeing myself in a cute look just feels so satisfactory, almost addicting. But I suppose there's also a bit of escapism or cope included.

>> No.10718572

I don't know my brain just likes the silhouette of a skirt much more than pants. I can't say why but its how it works.

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File: 47 KB, 900x1200, 8472G-99X-050-1_9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got a dress hoddie like pic rel, it's plain black.
I wanted it to atleast have some image on the front, but i couldn't find anything close enough.
I asked my local clothes print shop if they do custom clothes, they said no.
Could i maybe print what i want on a piece of real soft fabric then carefully sow it on the hoodie? Would it work, how noticable would it be?

>> No.10718696

I want to be both roles

>> No.10718699

Kinda gay ngl

>> No.10718850

>Tfw no crossplay buddy to do my makeup

>> No.10718857
File: 2.90 MB, 448x960, installing new skins.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Still not making a full prosthetic body suit for crossplay

>> No.10718870

Absolutely fucking terrifying

>> No.10718871

glorious eliminate wiminz entirely

>> No.10718878

Filters still come into play here

>> No.10718910

wish i could cross dress but i have been on the wrestling team since middle school so my neck, chest and calfs are yoked

>> No.10718920

This is genius even for people who aren't crossplayers and just ugly/flat/scars/no abs when you want to be the opposite. Like a chest plate or muscle suit.

>> No.10718931

When buying a wig is it better to just pick your hair color?
I went to the store a few weeks ago to get one, and without even thinking i picked my exact hair color. I didn't even try anything on, i just thought it looked better. My hair is this very light brown, on the border of being a darker blonde, or maybe jt is a darker blonde, idk. It's one solid color.
Problem with the color is, i had long hair as a teenager, so putting the wig on, even with makeup, makes me feel like i look like a teenager, even if i look real fucking good.

>> No.10718951

Can't wait to see it anon. Haruko is a favorite.

>> No.10719001

I wish they would make the abs one with huge jugs

>> No.10719008

You trying to have lickable tomboy abs anon?

>> No.10719053

Two reasons, I guess- I usually identify more with anime heroines than heroes, and typically the females get better character designs / costumes.

>> No.10719054

This is YT snow- he does a lot of digital editing. Plus the video is such low resolution you can't tell how good any of it would look in reality.

>> No.10719156

So this is what Buffalo Bill is doing nowadays...

>> No.10719170

How am i supposed to hold my shoulders so they don't look as wide? I pull them back a bit so my arms go a bit behind me.
They're already a bitnarrower than average, would a hip pad really be enough?

>> No.10719223

as an ugly woman lurking here, i'd love one of those face masks even for myself. where does one even buy this?

>> No.10719291

You loot it off a corpse

>> No.10719309

I mean they would be nice to have

>> No.10719388

Probably off taobao or a place like that. I don't know any specific makers though

>> No.10719421

Yaya Han managed to bind completely flat for her Lio cosplay, if you're cool with binding I know the brand she use.

But yes I think its worth it. The key is knowing your measurements and sort of reverse emphasizing. Drawing the eye away from the chest and hips and more on the shoulders up.

>> No.10719423

Always leaned masculine as a kid in hobbies and interests. Got older and realized I preferred the less sexual nature of my male husbandos designs and how it flattered me. Also just enjoyed blurring the lines

>> No.10719424

Buff women are in right now anon, just start small like a con

>> No.10719462

Hip pads will help. Remember to keep everything in proportion- chest circumference should be within a couple of inches of hip circumference.

Broader shoulders -> wider hips -> bigger breasts.

>> No.10719464

I'm retarded and asked in the wrong fucking thread
Where do I actually buy women's shoes in dude sizes or atleast find bigger sizes

>> No.10719469

How much bigger do they need to be?

>> No.10720064


It's all about how it looks- pad your hips out until they make your shoulders look reasonable, then make your chest measurement about the same as your hips.

>> No.10720142

What like 1:1?
Wouldn'r that just make the tits too big?

>> No.10720175

Does anyone have a good guide for shapewear/hip padding? I don't have the most passable body for crossplay but I have massive thighs and think that's my best bet to take advantage of.

>> No.10720863

Does anyone have advice on hiding facial hair? Even after shaving the best I can I tend to have really obvious stubble. How much are you supposed to be actually removing all traces of hair and how much is it some sort of makeup hiding it?

>> No.10720867

boobs are only on the front. the perfect female figure is supposed to be chest=hip and waist just needs to be 5+in smaller than that measurement.

>> No.10720904

very few women actually have a ratio like that though, so you will be very clockable as a dude if you do this

>> No.10721033

The fuck is that adjective lmao

>> No.10721037

Anon its been in use for at least 10 years where have you been

>> No.10721061

lol no. women also pad a little for cosplay if they need to. and padded bras exist for normies. fuck off back to your lolita threads.

>> No.10721068

On earth

>> No.10721085
File: 964 KB, 720x960, Kissu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not only is it fun, not only does it get you mad attention-- it builds up confidence at lightning speed. Public cosplay has never resulted in an insult or threat. Barely even dirty looks, which mostly come from little kids anyway. It's all compliments if they say anything. It's quite a feeling when you realize that being a fairly tall guy in a crop top and miniskirt, sometimes in very cold weather, keeps the bad ones at bay and the good ones telling you how awesome you are. ...Oh yeah and free drinks thrown at you are nice too, and anime girls are simply more memeable character across the board.

Well hopefully it will be in better condition by then because the pants split 100% down the middle already. The rest of the outfit is very breathable and easy to put on...and I say that in spite of zipping my neck skin with it the other day. Additionally, there was another Haruko around, which might be only the second one I've ever seen but it was too late. Sad!

>> No.10721396

Ok but in what reality would a guy buy you drinks for that

>> No.10721443

Gay or bi guys would.

You are at the hotel bar, it is when the con is mostly done for the evening and you decide to get a drink while in cosplay before you go back to your room to change. In fact you want to get a few pictures of yourself in cosplay at the bar. Then someone starts talking to you while you are at the bar and they don't want the conversation to end so they buy you a drink so you will stay a little longer.

>> No.10721548

t. virgin

>> No.10721556

No seriously what does that mean

>> No.10721561

Trans term for referring to someone trying to appear as another gender but has tells that they're actually not. To be clocked as male, or to be found out, to have a clockable feature like a large adams apple.

>> No.10721986

Female characters are more fun to me because girls have more fun, cute clothes/outfits.

>> No.10722328
File: 400 KB, 1579x1581, EhvOcVSWoAA67El.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In the reality where I walked into Mooseknuckle Pub in Austin after Colossal Texas wrapped up, and got one from a woman immediately. Then again later at Shakespeare's Pub (where the bouncer had a lewd Astolfo sweater on). Austin, Texas is literally a year-round animu convention and all the assorted weirdos are the cosplay autismos.

>> No.10722518

Mooseknuckle lmao

Is the owner canadian

>> No.10722681

>Remember the "BECOME LAMY" meme threads

>> No.10722704

It's a meme until it isn't

>> No.10722730 [DELETED] 

You can see it in the back here on my first night in Austin. This was either right before or after I broke my foot too. Either way, the quality is so bad because I LITERALLY do not remember taking this picture, I was that gone. Also, we have a fellow gull here in the picture. He's quite well known around these parts, because posting him brings out the hate mob in a second.

>> No.10722732
File: 3.58 MB, 4640x3480, 20210529_002927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can see it in the back here on my first night in Austin. This was either right before or after I broke my foot too. Either way, the quality is so bad because I LITERALLY do not remember taking this picture, I was that gone. Also, we have a fellow gull here in the picture. He's quite well known around these parts, because posting him brings out the hate mob in a second

>> No.10722744
File: 24 KB, 326x259, EXq5jSVXsAU_AwV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they actually changed their entire site to stop trannys because of you
my fucking sides

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File: 41 KB, 650x650, 5903419682087_06_rz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kind of at a loss rn because rhe store i shop in hasn't resticked in a while.
I am going to be wearing all black, with a few chains and a graphic sweater with a black-and-white image.
Which of these heels would work better? They cost the same.
Picrel hasn't had my size in stock for over a month and is the thing i want, but i doubt it will be in stock on time.

>> No.10723508
File: 54 KB, 650x650, 5903419645488_03_rz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meanwhile with these i don't really like the angle of the heel and idk if the metal bit could work

>> No.10723970

nope, 94% percent of crossdresser are straight

>> No.10724053

most that i know are gay

>> No.10724437
File: 1.89 MB, 450x450, azula-annoying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

completely new to cosplay wanting to cosplay azula I have access to a 3d printer but no sewing machine also only posting here since im a tranny so I figure some of the stuff here will be helpfull

>> No.10724489

And how many of them go to anime cons?

>> No.10724941
File: 226 KB, 682x1024, istockphoto-1189889393-1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there anywhere I can find a female fatsuit to achieve the body type in picrel? The only fatsuits I can find are those gag Halloween ones.

>> No.10724979

How do i ask my older brother's gf to do my makeup?
Do i just ask her, or do i go through my brother first?
I know her well enough as a friend and she even asked me like a year ago if she could put makeup on me, but it feels kinda wrong to not go through my brother first.
I want as little people to know about this beforehand because i think the surprise will be funnier.

>> No.10725201

Good use of padding and layers should be enough to achieve this - the woman in your pic isn’t that fat so padding your waist, hips and wearing an extremely padded bra (all easy enough things to find e.g. from shapewear brands should be easy to do. Also wearing thick clothing and layers will help a lot depending on if you can do that for the cosplay

>> No.10725202

M or F? If you’re a girl just ask her

>> No.10725267

Any good tutorials or guides?

>> No.10725278

Hip Pads:

>> No.10725290

I'm already familiar with hip pads, its the rest of the "big girl" body I'm not sure how to achieve

>> No.10725355 [DELETED] 

Nigga do i need to state gender if i need someone to do my makeup.

>> No.10725358


>> No.10725556

Any advice to walking in heels?
Don't care that i'll kill myself.
What's a good height for wearing for say the whole day?
Do you guys also have any tutorials on how to act and walk more feminine?

>> No.10725560

Best training is to just buy some and start walking. Aim for a slightly more heel to toe walk as if you were trying to walk on a line painted on the ground, versus the typical male wide stance walk

>> No.10725571

Heel first?

>> No.10726163


>> No.10727029
File: 260 KB, 998x1055, 2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you talking full leg pads, like LegAffects?


The download links for the pattern files are broken, but I have a version of the PDFs.

>> No.10727074
File: 706 KB, 682x1024, b2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, this is perfect for lower body. But what do I do about upper body? Arms and the circled area

>> No.10727186

First convention since pre virus happening here in a couple months. Pretty exciting.
Regarding cross dressing, probably gonna have to drop a hundred bucks on makeup which is a kick in the dick. Tho I guess I can skip anything mouth related thanks to the masks. Still, dunno if I'll be comfortable looking bad without the mask. Wonder if makeup sealer can keep from staining a mask

>> No.10727205

Why that much bro just aim cheaper

>> No.10727226

Here are all the useful files off the old website. I also have a bunch of images & videos, but I don't think they'd be particularly useful.


I never made a pair of these myself, always seemed like they'd be uncomfortable / overkill.

I got nothing for help on the upper body- you'd think there'd be a good fatsuit tutorial up on youtube, but I've found zilch in that department.

>> No.10727244

I gotta use lots cause I got a manly as fuck face. Also Canadian.
I guess if I stay masked all the time I could get away with just some foundation, eye shadow and eye liner.

>> No.10727251

You grossly underestimate the cost of makeup. $100 (especially Canadian) isn't going to get you much unless you're only buying the cheapest of cheap drugstore shit.

My face products alone cost well over $100.

>> No.10727254

I want to stick it in your butt

>> No.10727342

I know makeup, and you don't have to spend that much. You don't have to get every little thing they sell, and there's things that cross over. Ex using bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow, etc. Interchangeably. Sort of.
And there are perfectly adequate mid-low tier brands that won't rape you. Nyx comes to mind immediately. Also buying online if you already know what you're looking for.
I wonder maybe if Canadians pay less than Americans for the same now.

>> No.10727422

Cope westerner

>> No.10727437

Here's a breakdown of the cost for the bare essential face stuff for crossdressing makeup using exclusively Nyx products. I chose the cheapest not-on-sale products available on the Canadian website
$14 primer
$16 color corrector
$18 foundation
$16 concealer
$14 powder
$12 setting spray
$12 sponge applicator

That brings you to $102 before tax. I guess you can get away with not using color corrector if you're wearing a mask though.

Asian products are shit for crossdressing makeup anyways. They don't have anywhere near enough coverage.

>> No.10727517

So the guy was spot on.
Going for minimum, a lot of that stuff is unnecessary, especially if you have tools already. Powder stuff also can last two years or more, it's not like liquid stuff that separates, it's just highly recommended to change due to bacteria.
I think minimum makeup I could get too work
Contouring kit-25
Eye shadow-10
Eye liner-10
As for tools, use your hands. I can get by with the applicators provided, and one good large brush to smooth things out at the end. Most the numbers are estimated, but ten bucks is very average, and if you're not rushed easily accomplished with sales. At most fifteen bucks should cover each of the items.
However if you do not know the exact colour needed, more will be needed likely, as getting colour palettes over single colours is recommended

>> No.10727525

I listed the bare minimum to not look like shit. You need something to colour correct facial hair, and something to set the makeup unless you're only wearing it for 1 hour to take photos that you're going to heavily shoop afterwards.

>> No.10727529

Lipstick beard trick. I know it sounds retarded, but red lipstick before foundation sort of counters the blue tones of stubble. And poorfag trick, hair spray works as makeup sealant

>> No.10727538

Hairspray on the face is asking for skin problems

>> No.10727550

Drag queens have done that for a long time. Might be fine under heavy makeup. And if you're only dressing up for cons, not daily

>> No.10727551

Lmao who said asian

>> No.10727592

So i made breast pads and i think i made them too big, used a 12cm side styrofoam ball.
I think i might be holding them wrong, i line them up so their centef is on on my nipples. Is that too high or are they just too big?
I'm 175cm and wear medium size clothes if that helps

>> No.10727618

Bust size is 90cm, which is exactly medium.
Been looking at pictures of boobs and i think i need to flatten them a bit so they aren't so perfectly round

>> No.10727637

you only need powder OR setting spray, not both. i suggest powder as it fights off oiliness or sweating much more effectively. i think you can skip primer altogether too, it's pretty much a scam that doesn't do anything to prolong makeup wear.

>> No.10727677

You set colour correction with spray because powder adds texture, and primer reduces your natural skin texture.

>> No.10727958
File: 1007 KB, 1450x3034, 20220205_192057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got this for someone but I wanted to try it on myself after lurking this board for a while. I wish it was a full coord. But if anyone has recommendations for matching pieces. It's a clolita jsk. I'm gonna get her a blouse and petti. I like it tho it makes me feel cute

>> No.10728036
File: 1005 KB, 1920x1280, Kigurumi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe not the right thread but can anyone give me tips for buying a costume like pic related in America? I don't want to wear it out in public I just want to LARP around the house. Can you see well enough out of the masks to drive in them? I like to go drifting at night and want to do it while dressed up as an anime girl.

>> No.10728037
File: 22 KB, 655x360, comfy_lain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Before I buy a full kigu costume I want to get something like pic related to lounge around the house in. I wear hoodies to keep warm and the thought of a bear suit really appeals to me. It looks warm and comfy and the perfect thing to wear while I'm programming.

Every time I look for a bear suit like this I can't find any for adults. The few I've found looked like they were really low quality. It doesn't have to be a bear suit a cat or bunny suit would be fine. I just want one that has feet attached and is a proper one-piece.

I'm not fat or anything. I can probably fit into a women's medium. I'm just retarded when it comes to this stuff. Is it possible to take your own measurements without screwing it up? How do you convert male sizes to female/nip sizes?

I'm also interested in Gothic Lolita but I'm terrified of spending that much on something that might not fit.

>> No.10728042
File: 2.59 MB, 1367x2048, kigumask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since a bunch of you fags are lurking I wanted to ask. How do you find other people IRL that are into this stuff? I see videos of people dressed in kigu having fun together all of the time. Do you just meet at cons or what?

I was a poorfag for most of my life so I never got into the con scene. I'd have to travel a long ways to even attend something like that. It looks like I missed the boat on the good times with all the woke-rules that seem to be part of the community now. I know of absolutely no one IRL that would find this acceptable. If I got caught ordering this stuff my social life would be ruined. Even my friends IRL that are huge anime fans find this type of thing weird. They'd all call me a faggot. I have no desire to have buttsex. I just want to be cute in the privacy of my own home.

Are any of you guys like me? It looks like most guys into crossplay are twinks (no offense). I'm a man's man IRL. I have the untamed beard and most of my hobbies are stereotypical man shit. I wear work boots everyday and my clothing is all tattered from hard work everyday. I wear Duluth trading company work pants. I wear steel toed boots. I wear a disgusting ball cap with sweat lines all over it. My voice is deep af and my hands are covered in callouses.

I don't even know why I want to dress up like this. I have no desire to cross dress otherwise. I don't care about feminine shit. I don't want to be a woman. But the thought of being a cute anime girl nags at me. I've tried to repress it and it just keeps coming back stronger and stronger.

Anyone else in the same boat as me? I don't even think I could pull off crossplay without a kigu mask even with professional make-up. I could never do a proper female voice.

>> No.10728139

You might want to go to /jp/ they always have a thread for this

>> No.10728140


This is >>10728139 here I forgot to add I have one of these myself but haven't worn it in 2-3 years because its just not that fun alone so I kinda sorta just gave up because I can't seem to find anyone into it

>> No.10728154

Out of curiosity, did you use hip padding for these photos?

>> No.10728251

There’s /kcs/ on /jp/ and discord to meet people
t.has been interested by kig for years and wishes to do it one day

>> No.10728420

Unless you want to troll someone or be a tranny do you really need the girl voice?

>> No.10728486

Best material to make tit pads out of?
Just the half ball, it'll be under a sports bra.
Styrofoam was my first option, works fine, but is too rigid and doesn't go back to its original shape if its overstressed

>> No.10728614

There's the good old rice in pantyhose method:


But I fill 36" paddle balloons with water and some polyfill.


>> No.10728659 [DELETED] 

great job heemtards

>> No.10728832

36" seems a bit too big i think

>> No.10728846

just buy a cosplay tit pad. they make them cheap now.

>> No.10728915

Less than a dollar for a single styrofoam ball tho plus no shipping tariff or wait time

>> No.10728925

Bought these titties like ten years ago when they were forty bucks Canadian, and silicone/gel titties weren't affordable.
Can't show cleavage cause not skin tone, gotta use an adhesive (which can rip them if you remove wrong) or a tight bra. On the bright side they're almost weightless and damn comfy to wear all day. Long as you're not caring for the jiggle.

>> No.10729013

Is it normal for womens clothing to be way bigger than it should? If ordering based on my bust/waist size and I always need to order 1-2 sizes down on literally everything, because the properly labeled ones are extremely baggy.

>> No.10729016

36" is the maximum inflated size. They're about 5" / 13cm diameter minimally inflated.

>> No.10729050

yeah it's called vanity sizing

>> No.10729070

I got you, Personally I'm splurging so I can wear it with some of the new open FGO designs too.

>> No.10729231

Bruh bitches ain't shit
Heels aren't even that hard to walk in tkok me just one tutorial

>> No.10729247

Wow I hate this

>> No.10729266

Women are insecure as shit so fat bitches want to feel like they are smaller

>> No.10729271

no. clothing companies are shit. pants sizing for women is one number. what does that mean?

>> No.10729288

>Unless you want to troll someone or be a tranny do you really need the girl voice?
Here is why I want to combine girl voice with Kigu.

My thinking is that the kigu masks will eventually develop into animated. There will be a see through LCD screen. There will be a camera inside the mask to track your facial expressions. It will map to the LCD screen in real time ala vtuber software. This would allow for more realism in the animu girl LARP community.

Right now kigs do not speak while in costume because their masks are static. With a dynamic mask you naturally want to add sound. This will require a real time voice changer that sounds exactly like the character you're playing. In time if it gets good enough you could do shit like LARP as Miku while singing. Maybe you don't need real time voice for that application. But for organic conversation pre-recorded material simply won't do.

My desire is to actually play the character 100%. That includes the high pitched overly cute voice and basically acting like an excited school girl. I think the technology for this is already good enough. No one has put it all together yet.

My long term goal is to sell this shit for $1k-$3k+ per mask. People would buy them. You would only need one. The face is dynamic all you have to do is swap the wig between characters at that point. When I say I want to BECOME an anime girl I mean it. I just don't want to LARP as one. I want to actually be one.

I also want a costume in case I need to attend some event while remaining 100% anonymous. For that application I need real time voice changing. It needs to be good enough to give a lecture while in costume. If this was possible I would have attended multiple events instead of staying at home to remain anon. I am a leader of some anon projects that people host cons for. I've been invited to speak multiple times. I keep having to refuse because there is no good way to remain anonymous while doing it.

>> No.10729291

>LCD kigu mask
Here is what I'm talking about. The technology is already being used by Disney for their theme park rides. Frozen ride makes good use of it:


That is a 100% animated face on those puppets. We just need to take that and combine it with existing vtuber software. Instant animu girl face for your costume. Even if I was a cute girl I'd be interested in this. I think this will become fashion in the future. People will want to be whatever they're using for an avatar IRL.

>> No.10729300
File: 363 KB, 1400x990, 75f4e4a9fd8737103b224b03b6e32f90e48b49660386c7e117db9afcd480179a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've been invited to speak multiple times. I keep having to refuse because there is no good way to remain anonymous while doing it.
I should explain instead of just saying this. Imagine Steve Jobs giving a presentation but it's an anime girl instead of a faggot in jeans. That's basically the application I want this for.

I know it sounds retarded but I have good reasons for this. The software I build/manage could get me thrown in prison over copyright/licensing agreements we ignore. We can not abide by the retarded laws. Our software simply would not work. As such we all remain anon for the most part. At least everyone like me dealing with the infrastructure and guiding development. They've been trying to locate me and sue my ass for years.

I would really love to give a lecture related to some of my work. But since I can't without revealing my real name this is currently not possible. The moment I poke my head up they'll v& me. However, if I was to show up unannounced to give a surprise lecture, with my entire body/face covered, and even my height altered, I would stand a good chance of getting away with it before they sent in the goon squad to arrest me.

I have a project I'm working on right now like this. If it becomes popular it will solve a lot of problems. But developing it is going to require that I manage a large team anonymously. I would like to have a pseudonym or character I could play whenever it was required to communicate with voice/video. I would most likely pick the mascot of the project or something.

This is what initially drew me towards Kigu. It's close enough to an actual human that it isn't off putting like furfag shit. Yet it's abstract enough that it would be simple to design and build.

I know it sounds retarded. But that's where I'm at. I really want to do this before I die. Give a serious lecture to a large audience of normalfags while dressed up as an animu girl.

>> No.10729315

How easily can a heel break, how far can i push it?
Got a pair for like 30 euros, 12cm high at the heel, it's pretty wide and "bulky"
Maybe i'm panicking but it doesn't feel sturdy enough

>> No.10729354

Paranoid schizophrenic
You won't go anywhere being so fucking retarded, literally nobody will listen to you

>> No.10729373

I've only ever have it happen once, but it was only because I have a bad habit of walking only with the balls of my feet if I'm wearing a block heel. If you're worried, practice walking with all your weight on your toes.

It's a really cheap fix with a cobbler.

>> No.10729437

A couple thoughts.

I have no doubt someone is working on exactly what you're talking about. It's all possible with today's technology. Kig / Animegao masks have come a long way in the last few years and there's no reason to expect they won't keep getting more capable and impressive. That said, don't expect it any time soon. Those are a lot of disparate technologies that need to come together.

You don't need this technology to speak anonymously at a conference. If you really wanted to go, you could You could dress as Batman, or a stormtrooper, or Marshmello- anything that covers your face and allows you to disguise your body shape.. I understand your dream of combining your passions, but don't keep the fact that one is temporarily unattainable from figuring out how to achieve the other.

>> No.10729779

>people working on this right now
There's a lot less progress in the field of animatronics since now most of the focus seems to be on CGI and VR technology

>> No.10729780

Also the kig voice changers I've heard are pretty bad

>> No.10729854

It’d be better if the eyes could physically blink, and that there’d be more depth

>> No.10729992

I tried making foam hip pads and i have 2 issues
It's hard as fuck to cut it
And no matter how much i smooth it it still looks very fake and on top of me, not part of my leg

>> No.10730140
File: 140 KB, 1200x789, Hip Pads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Foam is tedious to cut. It can help to rough the shape out with an electric knife (the kind you use to cut turkey) but whenever I need new pads I just sit down in front of the TV and go at it with scissors for the 3-4 hours it will take.

As far as looking like part of your leg, there might be one of several things going on.

The right foam to use is medium density white foam- not high density green foam.

Make sure the edge of the foam tapers off slowly as you get to the edge of the pad. A 1" thick pad should have a 3-4" taper, minimum, and a 5-6" taper for the bottom part that points down you leg. See this ancient pic of my old pads.

You also need to have enough compression to crush the edge of the foam. I usually start with a pair of panty hose that are one size too big and arrange the pads under them until I'm happy. Then I put on a well fitting to slightly too small (but not way too small) pair of pantyhose that will compress the pads and crush the edge of the foam down to nothing. Then I wear tights over the top. (protip- cut the crotch out of the pantyhose, then you only need to remove the tights to pee.)

Hope this helps!

>> No.10730445
File: 327 KB, 512x512, lamybooze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try ez cosplay. They're basically a middleman for chinese shops, but they do custom sizing. It's just gonna take a couple months to arrive

>> No.10730630

How much should a 2 inch pad taper?
It doesn't just scale the same?

>> No.10730640

Thank you for the tip, I'll look into it!

>> No.10730729

I'm sorry to say anon but you're going to have yo try real hard to hide that 5oclock shadow. But you seem like a cute guy. Are you part Mediterranean?

>> No.10730758

2" pads? Those are pretty thick! I've never made any that thick. But tapering them at the same rate- 6-8" for most edges, 10-12" as they point to the bottom should work...

>> No.10731007

If i'm shorter do the pads need to he thicker or thinner?
Only cut one of the pads, the other i can still cut in half and make2 smaller ones.

>> No.10731008

Ok yeah 2 might just be too thick for the look i'm aiming at

>> No.10732592
File: 68 KB, 789x431, 1643763697235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next convention is in two months and I'm doing this

>> No.10732808
File: 46 KB, 379x417, 1643553635637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would unironically do this with a shy anon as long they're well-groomed and not a smelly neckbeard.

>> No.10732867

Ok guys i'm gonna need some fr help now.
I had plans for carneval this year but they all fell through either because friends can't go or won't go.
I bougb everything, even learned to walk in heels to make this work. Too much investment to drop it all.
Maybe i should pressure them more, but it's gonna suck ass if nobody wants to be there
I have this discord server, very active one of the biggest in my language.
I was thinking of hosting an event of some kind, maybe a trolling stream or something.
All my friends are in that server so it'll still be something with them

>> No.10732907

What are you gonna do?

>> No.10733035

Idk bro that's why i'm asking

>> No.10733088

Nayrt but do you mind sharing the brand name of the binder she used please? I appreciate it in advance anon!

I tried the ace bandage trick once for a con a decade ago and it sucked. Never again.

>> No.10733435

>You also need to have enough compression to crush the edge of the foam. I usually start with a pair of panty hose that are one size too big and arrange the pads under them until I'm happy. Then I put on a well fitting to slightly too small (but not way too small) pair of pantyhose that will compress the pads and crush the edge of the foam down to nothing.

I forgot to add that the too big pair should be shear to waist regular panty hose, and the slightly too small pair should be support hose. More room to move the foam around in the regular pair, much more compression from the support pair.

>> No.10734952

City just cancelled literally every event in every club.
Well less cancled but didn't follow through.
I hate how elitist my city is holy shit, no villager type fun.
Only convinced two friends, one of them is my brother. God i atleast hope other people will atleast be celebrating on the day

>> No.10735267

No matter how i cut the hip pad it still looks painfully fake unless i wear baggy clothes
The bottom of my leg juat doesn't match wtih the rest

>> No.10735573

Need help figuring out how a crop top works
Do i put the belt on the pants, or on the top to hold it?

>> No.10735786 [DELETED] 
File: 155 KB, 599x1280, IMG_20220225_235700_195~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Camera damn near broken but how i look

>> No.10735788 [DELETED] 
File: 145 KB, 564x1161, IMG_20220225_235700_195~3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Camera damn near broken but how i look

>> No.10735790 [DELETED] 
File: 142 KB, 494x1280, IMG_20220225_235751_536~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10736506
File: 1.45 MB, 1200x1051, pad smoothing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure what's going wrong for you- All I can do is show you how it's supposed to work. I dragged out the old camera and whipped this together just now. Helpful?

>> No.10736590

Managed it, i overdid it but the size adds to the charicature.
Just does jersey stretch permanentlz when it's under more stress than usual?

>> No.10736606

So how old are you guys?
Just when I got a job to buy clothes I feel I'm too old...

>> No.10736779
File: 389 KB, 524x551, 1618223467028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10736805

Unless you win the lottery of life, that's just how it's gonna be for almost everyone. Too poor in your prime, too old when you made it. Just try to be as young as you feel and be grateful in a way that it's NOT you who won the lottery, too, because it'll make you stronger in the long run. That, and nothing pisses me off quite like a trust fund kid lecturing me on how to spend money while I'm paying for a house I got stuck with and can barely afford while they're on social security, unemployed and have a bottomless credit card from their parents. /blog

30 next month, by the way.

>> No.10736828

Send pic of yourself bro

>> No.10736844

24. As long as you don't try to do child-like characters you should be fine. Crossplay or not it will always look better if you pick characters closer to your age.

>> No.10737135

Anon... you're still around, yeah?
Is the binder brand Underworks?

>> No.10737207

God fuck i was gonna meet up with friends now but none of them can come. Fuck them but the porblem is.
I had my makeup done and everything, and i don't look good enough on camera to atleast get some trolling chuckles

>> No.10737209

I also feel bad for the girl who did my makeup because she did a stellar job and it's wasted.

>> No.10739835
File: 670 KB, 820x472, Choose your fighter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shameless nabbed from the Crossplay server. Which one are (You)? While there aren't any 100% matches, I am definitely closest to C

>> No.10739880

I’m like 50/50 on b and c

>> No.10739884

B with a hint of C

>> No.10739957

Between B and D

>> No.10739964

A and D because I look terrible in everything

>> No.10740186

Want to be B but I'm closer to A. I cringe to death if someone is with me. Don't think I'd ever have the courage to wear it to a con.

>> No.10740228
File: 1.97 MB, 2200x2880, When_begged_to_crossdress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh hey, there's more. Still a firm, hard C

>> No.10740278

its the same characters just before and after

>> No.10740411

Don't just measure yourself, measure clothes that have a similar cut, length or whatever to what you want to buy as well.

I've usually been able to get away with a woman's or unspecified gender size large when ordering from Taobao.

The.. welts? On your legs aren't doing you many favours, neither is your choice of shoes or socks. Try nude pantyhose to help offset the blemishes. Your shoulders are also too thick but they seem to have a nice curve to them so I think it's fine. Maybe try longer hair like the other anon said or use a dress that covers them without fitting tightly. Rest looks good.

>>10718567 this as well as liking designer women's fashion that I can't wear in real life (CDG etc). On top of that I do not like being male but I'm not mentally unstable or young enough to pump myself full of drugs to change that. I'm also extremely self conscious about certain aspects of my body that other people don't seem to have e.g my hands are usually quite rosy compared to other people's.

That's called applique and it's done all the time. It's fine to do, just make sure the quality of both the hoodie and whatever you're printing onto are both good, otherwise you'll end up with one fading at a different rate than the other.

Laser hair removal, hair removal powder or epilator

26, have been doing this since I was 21 and only ever at home by myself.

>> No.10740421
File: 1.02 MB, 2592x1458, 20220311_112616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey /cgl/, tourist here :D
I need makeup recommendations for my menhera-chan cosplay. As you can see, my nose is rather wide so I was hoping to offset that with make up lol.
I also styled the bangs on this wig myself, is it presentable enough or should i just buy a prestyled wig?

>> No.10740422
File: 799 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220311-115415_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my dumbass phone can't even rotate photo correctly baka
here's another one

>> No.10740459

Looks okay/average for a first go. I agree with longer hair to conceal shoulders/upper back. Also, think about a more intricate choker necklace (try chandelier necklaces with a drop on the front) as a single choker creates a horizontal line and can make your neck look wider rather than concealing an Adam's apple. The socks look terrible - like generic sports socks - and you would be much better served with dance tights or nude pantyhose , or longer socks.

>> No.10740565

Nice thighs

>> No.10740792
File: 443 KB, 745x1134, sha_a11_defo1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning, friends.
MtF here, planning to start HRT on next week. I want to 'crossplay' in a con around August, and I have a question:
how feasible it is to hide the brow ridge with make up? I want to cosplay a character where the forehead is pretty visibl, and my brow ridge bones are _massive_. I probably won't be getting FFS for 1.5+ years.

>> No.10740805

you will never be a a woman

>> No.10740942

Reporting in:
Got bob-hairhut wig, however, it makes my face look more elongated.
Goddamnit, I looked more feminine with my natural hair.

>> No.10740944

oh, and on that note, can anyone give me any pointers towards makeup guides? I look pretty much the same with and without makeup, which of course sucks.

>> No.10741678

Is it bad that reading this made me hard imagining being the trap
no homo though

>> No.10742004

you look amazing, wish I knew you!

>> No.10742947

>>>/lgbt/ but i'll bite
i don't think you can "subtract" bone. it's always easier to "add" then to "subtract"

>> No.10743072

Tatsuki (the anime director) just pays a seiyuu to record his speech in voiceover, then goes on stage with a bird mask on.

>> No.10743121
File: 518 KB, 707x823, yunjin_gacha_splash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna dress up as Yun Jin of Genshin Impact for the next Con.
Which tools are good for make up my face?

>> No.10743252

are you cosplaying the boymoder, anon?

>> No.10743362


>> No.10743447


>> No.10743451

Goth gf

>> No.10743700

While I don't have any advice as I have no experience in cosplay, I want to marry you anon

>> No.10744449

Bad reaction: red bumps a day or more after waxing

How can I tell if I will have a bad reaction to waxing? (I did with nair strips but that's not the real thing). I have a con in over a month, and am hoping to get my hairy ass legs professionally done before then. (Only once cuz I'm not made of money).

How can I tell if I'll have a bad reaction to the waxing?

Better question: considering that it's likely, how can I suppress it?

Even better question: how can I get perfect legs in time for the con?

>> No.10744492

You should have done a practice run several months in advance to see how your body reacts, and how long it would take to recover. "Recovery" times depend a lot on the person. For me, it takes usually takes 1-2 days for the redness to fully go away, but I'm not very hairy and I've been waxing for years now.

Soaking in cold water and taking anti-inflammatories can help to reduce swelling a bit but it's mostly a waiting game.

>> No.10744598
File: 295 KB, 1644x1203, 1647889035566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yo wtf, that's me HAHA it's my first time on /cgl/ in a very long time and I just had a con locally recently for the first time since covid, whack

>> No.10744599
File: 230 KB, 1644x1194, 1647889018905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meme pic with a mask, my wig was abit high in the prev pic :")

>> No.10744602

>>10744599 (checked)
OK this is epic. That was the first result I found for "Touhou crossplay" and unfortunately it was from r*Ddit, but it is what it is.

>> No.10744605
File: 428 KB, 1644x2134, 1647978451310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's pretty ironic because the person that thought me crossplay was... Someone I found from Google by searching Touhou Crossplay that happened to live nearby (and was also a senior from my school)
Wild shit, I'd like to think my make-up game has improved since
Guess I've gotta go post more Touhou Crossplay on R*ddit so my old content is lost to time, some of my older crossplays are :x

>> No.10744607


>> No.10744609

Thanks, I hate my komachi too
I don't have any other touhou coses tho, I'm only happy with reimu so far desu

>> No.10744613

i just hate komachi dude lmao

>> No.10744614
File: 237 KB, 642x938, 1636693230868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haven't even attempted makeup myself desu. It kinda plays well into the contrast I've seen basically every time with crossplayers. Some will take it VERY seriously, most do zero effort on purpose as a meme (quite a few as Touhou). I am not really either, despite exclusively crossplaying. Trying to lean more to the serious, but not quite committed yet, and certainly not talented enough. Right now, it's mainly cause it 1) makes me feel cute 2) more fun than regular cosplay 3) a great way to fish for compliments from girls and guys alike.

Since you said you're back into cons for the first time in a while, are there any others lined up for this year? I'm trying to see about booking for my first Sakuracon very soon here.

>> No.10744618
File: 544 KB, 1644x1926, 1647979983873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh HAHA, but I really didn't like my costest of her... It felt off to me but I think I can do better the next time I give her a shot.
I take it pretty seriously I guess, improving at a skill is nice and for me because I can't really sew my own costumes from scratch, I focus on my make-up where I can but I still got ways to go. And yeah I agree with your 3 points LMAOOO hit me with that dopamine, I'm cheap.
Not yet atm. The con was just a small mall thing, but a l o t of people showed up for it. Basically the government announced they were gonna lift measures on Friday, and bam suddenly a mini-con was announced for Friday - Sunday. There are some other small events, but a lot of them have sussy organizers. This was organized by one of the bigger companies so, it was gucci af.
Enjoy sakuracon! Btw, who are you going as?

>> No.10744623
File: 41 KB, 546x602, 9503af78021d47f4d401a87cebabcc95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well it's not "cheap" in the sense of being a great way to score free stuff from people, even outside convention areas. :^) Never done a mall event before, yet I've found that small venue + giant turnout is a winning formula every time. And a for Sakura, you already see who my main is right above this last message (uniform version). Also Ryuko and Haruko if I can find pants that don't make me feel I'm dying of a heat stroke.

>> No.10744627
File: 422 KB, 1644x2029, 1647980997693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ooh I've done ryuko once... A very long time ago. I guess 2hu fags are all down bad the same way huh?

>> No.10744637

That was the first one I did too, but it's been retired since no one seems to recognize it. Default Senketsu seems to work best, though I also have tracksuit and pajamas. Also done Cirno *once* but it almost ended very badly so I'd rather not try again.

>> No.10744641

I'd do her one day, I love how stupid she is, I am too, I can relate, mood, fr a vibe,

>> No.10746621


its fun to larp as a cute grill for an afternoon without actually having to commit to that shit

>> No.10746784
File: 92 KB, 300x300, Swr-portrait-sakuya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm considering cosplaying sakuya though I have zero experience with cosplay/crossplay. Would this be doable?

>> No.10747221


>> No.10747356

I have crossplayed exactly once, and it was Cirno, and the reception I got was phenomenal - though I did spend a lot of time crabwalking down con hallways b/c otherwise the wings would hit people.

>> No.10747977

>the reception I got was phenomenal
Yeah, same...until I met the guy who invited me over to his room party that I never made it to. Good thing, cause he was looking to smash. In my absence, he tried his luck with a girl and when she refused, he put her in a headlock. Considering how similar the outfit is this hit even harder when I wore my now-trademark Rei costume for the first time and then locked eyes with a dude who had a very clear rape stare. ...Didn't mean to bring the mood down but the fact remains

>> No.10748286
File: 2.04 MB, 4608x2592, IMG_20211120_115310051_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already drink plenty of water and cut back on salt, but what are some look ways to get rid of under-eye bags for a broke college student like me?

cold compression (should short term) is good, but a few hours into a con, I won't have access to a frozen spoon.

>> No.10748288
File: 347 KB, 2730x1536, con self resize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

heres a resized version

>> No.10748424

Milk. Allegedly.
Or just get some concealer and go ham

>> No.10748726

college student? damn dude you look 50. i would see a doctor about that, it's not normal for it to look so bad on someone so young. you may have some kind of lymph/drainage problem

>> No.10748833

lymph/drainage problem? wtf is that?

>> No.10748837


Thas a god damn man!

>> No.10748842
File: 54 KB, 1080x1080, y2ge5b10mhp71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you think the point of this thread is desu fampai?

>> No.10749155
File: 553 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20190731_212645s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haven't done any crossplay in a while. I am looking forward to wearing ame/kangel in the near future. please drop your favorite eyebrow/eye makeup tutorials! picrel I am not wearing any of it, but my eyebrows are quite thick and I feel those give me away the most.

due to living in a masked world I'm not particularly concerned about contouring my chin at this time.

>> No.10749156

lymphatic system issues where your internal drainage system is blocked. it causes swelling like that

>> No.10749888

No advice to give but here's a (you) and a bump because you're extremely cute! Good luck with the makeup!

>> No.10751276

How do you get away with wearing something like a bunny suit without anything flopping out?

>> No.10751283

god i love asian femboys. sucks that y'all are basically always gay

>> No.10751290

What a fitness routine I can follow that'll keep me physically fit and androgynous to be able to swing either gender?

I was thinking just a PPL, but that'd only give me legwork twice a week and my ass is non existent.

>> No.10751379

Nigga got the leather chair

>> No.10751776

How to make skin smoother?
Mostly on the face and hands

>> No.10751823
File: 4 KB, 320x288, 1647724984217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is this taken in Japanese cons? Will I be seen as a creepy foreigner for doing this, or will it be fine? (I know Japanese people crossdress obviously, but I'm fairly blind as to the cultural stuff, specifically in regards to foreigners). I don't want to be seen as gay or trans or so on if that makes sense.

>> No.10752091

PPL plus some glute specific exercises?

>> No.10752582

If you're talking about male parts, you can "tuck" or "tape". Just google "crossdress tucking" or "crossplay taping" or somesuch. There are a lot of tutorials out there.

Keep in mind that different techniques work better for different people, so if the first one you try doesn't work great, try a few others.

>> No.10752585

The seven minute workout. Plus the seven minute glute blitz.

>> No.10752650

Links? Didn't see them in the reference.

>> No.10753026

clothing companies lie about waist size BECAUSE women are insecure as shit
if a woman tries on two items in a store and finds that both fit equally well but one is a size 4 and the other is size 6, she will be more likely to buy the size 4.
clothing companies started lying with vanity sizes specifically BECAUSE it leads to more sales
it's a lot shittier online when you can't try things on though. works best for in-person stores that actually have changing rooms

>> No.10753032
File: 339 KB, 313x470, 1625308548352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she wears clothes and makeup in peking opera style which, as stage makeup, is very different from 'normal' makeup.
here is a random makeup tutorial video, idk how good it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BflD85jYbsI
the search term you want for this is "京剧妆容" or "peking opera makeup"

>> No.10753047

Good makeup tips for someone who has never done it before?
How do i do eyeliner and maskara?
How do i make my hand not shake so much and eyes twitch?

>> No.10753076

I wanna know as well. How do you do foundation so that it's not too visible?

>> No.10753083

i suggest watching michelle phan's beginner makeup vids

only put on one layer and the color should match your skin exactly. if the latter is true, it should blend seamlessly into your skin without any demarcation

>> No.10753280

lean your elbow against a table/desk to stabilize it. lean your torso against the side of the table as well for even more stability

>> No.10753309

show ur eyebrows, not thighs then ya pansy

>> No.10753325

Is it also just the amount of practice?

>> No.10753351

I fail to see how that's anything but an improvement. Also
>Fakku! mask
Dang, they were just here at SakuraCon yesterday

>> No.10753444

My fellow Girugamesher, what'd you go as?

>> No.10753565

Can makeup do anything about eyebrows or do you have to trim/style them?

>> No.10753575

Probably. I'm not makeup expert or anything. I'm learning just like you are. But practice and getting a feel for things definitely should help

It's best to have them professionally waxed. But you CAN make them less prominent with makeup. Watching eyebrow coloring tutorials even has them gone completely with enough makeup. https://youtu.be/vCcncWRGKmM

>> No.10753618

You can cover them with makeup (look for cosplay tutorials for changing the colour of your brows) but it's best to pluck or wax any excess monobrow or stray hairs.

>> No.10753705

>>10753444 (trips)
Friday, Sunday and most of Saturday as Rei with my Chikita and portable speaker. Some of Saturday as Ryuko. How bout you?

>> No.10753707

I was the rabbit snake that hung out with you!

>> No.10753713
File: 1.98 MB, 400x319, tumblr_inline_oth0s3PsFc1uyr6c8_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How complicated is something like picrel an what's it called?

>> No.10753718

Any advice for a short stocky build?

>> No.10753959

crossplay as a shortstack with loose/baggy clothes. Kana from dragon maid is a good option

>> No.10754441

Does there exist a good vendor for male sized heels?

>> No.10754494

Second this. I feel like there's either not many good options or it's simply not obvious enough with all the characters out there that are thin as rails and/or curvy as hell.

>try on cosplay
>look like a sack of potatoes

>> No.10754612

How about you try and be creative and make up your own style
I'm fairly average physically and jesus it always surprises me how little it takes for me to look feminine hot.

>> No.10754703

Can't find custom cropped hoodies that ship to my country for a reasonable price, so i have decided to just cave in and get a regular custom hoodie.
I have 2 options to make it cropped, cut half of it off the hoodie or just tuck it in. Tucking makes me look chubby but i have never really cut any fabric so idk how to go with this

>> No.10755025
File: 443 KB, 669x798, Desmond.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have now spent over 100$ on a single costume, god damn.
But atleast half of it is hoodies and shit that i now wear normally.

Jesus i am not used to spending so much ona costume, normally i make it all by hand, spending 50/60$ max.

>> No.10755304

>How about you try and be creative and make up your own style
Feeling too insecure about myself. I even have two cosplays in my closet that could work if I did my reps and made the props for it

>> No.10755693

Super feminine femboy planning to crossplay at Momocon, the idea of being fucked in cosplay at a con turns me on. Just don’t wanna catch STDs

>> No.10755694

Not booked yet, but I'm almost definitely going. Do you have any particular costumes planned?

>> No.10755725
File: 260 KB, 683x1024, 29414765455_eac663fc7a_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whats the best place in england for costumes like this or similar

>> No.10755747

I've heard corsets are useful for pulling in the waistline, and when used with hip padding can largely alleviate the male form. How necessary are they? And does anyone have any recommendations on where to purchase one for an Australian buyer?

>> No.10755896

drop info and we'll at least hang out.

>> No.10755922

Is that a guy?
Ass looks fake but face is too feminine for me to be sure

>> No.10756417

Yes, look at his browbone. It's visible, though quite feminine

>> No.10756892

Some people swear by them, but I find them uncomfortable and unnecessary. I'd say if you can get by with just padding your hips, just pad your hips.

>> No.10757111
File: 138 KB, 1025x1435, b23637776325f67d92d27f77c7dfeeb3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok same guy who posted this.
I have it and i can go with two styles, either just use it like a dress and have a belt on my waist to accent it, or do something like pic rel
Idk if i'm tucking it right, tho, cause it still looks kinda wrong and too big. Though that might be cause i'm not wearing hip pads and my ass looks very small compared to it, would like some good ideas on how to tuck it. Rn i just tuck the very bottom bit into my belt.

I would also like to know if it's better to wear high heels with this style or Moon Boots. Yes i own moon boots and wear them every winter. I don't give a shit.
Both make me look more feminine in costume, heels make me more "sexy" feminine while moon boots make me more "cute" feminine. Idk which to go with.

Also i would like to know how big should my tits be? Asked my mom and she said it should be as big as your hand fully stretched. That's about 20cm. I already got styrofoam pads that i made from a 12 cm ball and they're fine, but they feel kinda small but maybe i'm just thinking about it wrong. Styrofoam balls only cost 50 cents so i won't be throwing money away or anything

>> No.10757116
File: 110 KB, 1070x1606, agg39947_black_xl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also women in my family tend to have a bigger chest than average and idk if i should just go as "the second sister"
Crossdressing is normal in my (very conservative lmao) country (ofc only on days like carneval or whatever) and it's almost like a way to prove you are a man. Sure there are always detractors but fuck them they complain about carneval no matter what.

I was also thinking something like pic rel but with silver moon boots

>> No.10757129

what country

>> No.10757137

Southeast europe.
Idk maybe i overstated it but it feels like the west is just so aversive to fucking around.
This year i was kinda too afraid to actually wear my costume cause i made a new friend group and it's mostly football hooligans and man was i both surprised and kinda bummed when i saw that two of them crossdressed for carneval

>> No.10757200

A good rule of thumb is to make your bust measurement roughly the same as your hip measurement- within about 5cm either way. That said you should go with what looks good- if you have broader shoulders you'll want larger breasts (and you should give yourself correspondingly wider hips as well.)

>> No.10757202

My hip pads are pretty wide, both are a little over 2cm.
Also my shoulders aren't too broad, but as far as i'm aware tits make them look smaller and they look a bit small from the front. I think i should make them bigger, but squeeze them so they are as "long" as the smaller ones

>> No.10757542

Ok reading back this doesn't make sense, but i did make the chest bigger and it does look better

>> No.10757599

It sounds trite, but proportion is all about what looks good.