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Where do you get the money for your dresses and accessories? Are you working two jobs? Got a friend/significant other that fuels your hobby? Selling blood on weekends?

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i'm a stupid college student so whenever i get extra money from my school i try to buy a coord or at least a dress to use for later

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Wait you get money FROM your school?
I fucking hate living in the us.

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i live in the US, every term or so i get refunded what wasn't used from my financial aid
and the recent CARES act gave me a lot of money, check into that if you're a student and haven't gotten anything from that

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>implying it's somehow special to be able to afford lolita
Just be a working adult, it's not that expensive

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I sell random stuff secondhand. Not sustainable forever but it's gotten me $2k+ and good for my current situation.

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Ah so you just use your tuition money then
Yeah nah I graduated college years ago and did this once with the 2k I was refunded and kinda regret it desu

Seriously this though. If I really want a set or piece that's really expensive I just save which is pretty rare desu.

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I usually fill out surveys online or check craigslist for computer gigs. Right now I'm working for an image software company to detect if pictures contain nudity or not. Literally getting paid to sit on my butt and look out for titties and dicks lol

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>Literally getting paid to sit on my butt and look out for titties and dicks lol
Bruh wtf this is a job how do I get in
Honestly I would love to get paid to just detect pictures that contain ANYTHING sounds way better than the retail hell I'm currently in

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I get this to after all of my grants process! I always bulk buy secondhand goods then go no buy for a long time. During the summer I work.

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I feel like once you know how to buy and have already amassed a decent amount its not that hard. I've never made that much money (read minimum wage to server wages), and I've almost always been able to afford at least piece every month. Also my meager Depop sales help when things are tight.

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Don't expect to get rich or anything, they contact you when they have stuff to do so it's hit or miss when you get to work. But when you do get work its easy peasy.


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This. I understand that living conditions and minimum wage differs from country to country, but you should be able to budget for needs and wants if you're working.
Also, just don't be an impulsive buyer. It baffles me whenever someone goes for a new release but neglects their bills. Some people joke about it but being irresponsible isn't kawaii

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bf makes good money and is ok with paying the bigger share of living expenses so any money I get with my wagie job goes straight towards burando

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a six figure job and my bf makes more than me so we have pretty fat savings accounts and i can still afford all the burando i want.

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>Where do you get the money for your dresses and accessories?
My 8 to 5 40 hr a week job.
>Are you working two jobs?
No, but if I ever want extra money I'll do commissions.
>Got a friend/significant other that fuels your hobby? Selling blood on weekends?
No and no. I only buy when there is something that catches my eye, I'm not really a collector type that needs to have all colorways and every piece so I end up buying a few pieces every month or two. Most of my money goes to spa treatments and other hobbies if I'm not traveling.

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I work part time and do paid research, mentoring and tutoring projects or short-term jobs at uni whenever I can. I sometimes sell stuff, mainly clothes and shoes from my normie closet, and put that money specifically towards lolita. Then there's also birthday and christmas money which is a neat bonus that comes with being in a huge family.
I should add that my taste is rather simple and my collection is not as extensive as other girls' wardrobes, everything I own is bought secondhand over the span of 5+ years, and although I can easily afford lolita, I probably couldn't afford another pricey hobby.

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i set aside a little bit of each paycheck into a lolita/sometimes cosplay fund and then splurge on specific pieces i want after saving enough

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Got my first full time job out of uni last year. Spent much of lockdown going to work, coming home, and scouring the Japanese second hand market. My wardrobe has more than doubled since! When I was studying I had a weekend retail job and would buy main pieces fairly infrequently, maybe once a quarter? I did buy plenty of socks, tights, and accessories though.

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>Where do you get the money for your dresses and accessories?
My job, like an adult.

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Working a shitty 9 to 5, the 'rona unemployment helped pad out some.

Recently started doing envelope budgeting, but before I'd just do a bulk buy and then go cold turkey.

It'll be awhile before I can do another bulk buy using the envelope method since I prioritize conventions/bills over lolita but, so be it.

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Estreme anal insertions on onlyfans.

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That’s impressive. Not everybody can do that.

I work and sell secondhand clothes from my own wardrobe, nothing special.

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I work STEM. DBA what what.

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i also work in STEM from home for $40/hr. helps that my moid ALSO works in STEM and makes 3x my salary, so he pays all the bills while i cook most days and pick up whatever chores i feel like doing.

what’s funny is, i bought SO much more when i worked retail and university tutoring jobs that paid $10/hr or less. like i watched every brand drop like a hawk, made 1000 preorders, etc. i think my shit job made me miserable so i coped by buying a ton. now i have a good amount of money to do whatever i want with, but i end up throwing most of it in savings and *maybe* spending $500 on something fun. contented with what i already own now since i bought a massive closet while i was a poorfriend… it’s a little backwards

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I buy a lot of used clothes (like really, it's a problem, because I have constant hauls), but desu I'm well off from just my career choices.

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this is a really pathetic story you made up.

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i genuinely don’t understand why my story sounds made up but okay anon

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Get a software job right outta college, find a partner who majored in STEM in college, split finances. Not that hard

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other than your pathetic samefag your post sounds like a larp of someone who works at starbucks. plus any adult who thinks anyone but children use savings accounts is clearly not making much.

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I'm a student and live at home, I work part time caring for the elderly so earn more than your average retail worker (though some of my friends working in high end stores earn the same).

I only own 8 main pieces with most being brand and focus on hunting down good deals on blouses and accessories.I'm able to still save, only buy a couple pieces here and there each month

I do taobao hauls for leg wear cause fuck paying 20 dollars for used disgusting socks

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there's a clear and consistent anger across the poorfag idiot autists on cgl, also there's some girls on here that really believe 'success' is only attached to men. so yes, you're working in an area that these dumb poorfags can't fathom, because they are too stupid to realize that you can actually use your brain or social skills to make money. which is ironic because 40/hr isn't even a lot for STEM. you'll get there, anyways.

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$40/hr isn't that much anon lol, but it's a good livable wage for one person. i'm not LARPing as rich or anything. i transfer a lot of my $ to a different account so i just don't touch it. regardless, i know i'm doing fine and i hope you feel better.

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just stop arguing with the idiot. they seriously must be paid the dirt off the ground and projecting their starbucks insecurities if they think 40/hr is a lot.

>> No.10693236

thanks anon! i literally just graduated uni and plan on job-hopping every couple years to get to my goal wage. that's what really confused me, because what i'm making is on the lower end for a STEMfag lol. but it's fine for a new graduate.

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Why are you so angry, you sound jealous.
>plus any adult who thinks anyone but children use savings accounts is clearly not making much.
Okay this has to be a troll.

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Actually most savings accounts are scams for banks, especially in the US.

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job hopping will do the world for you, just make sure you are accumulating valuable experience when you're hopping around and make sure to evaluate the overall infrastructure or organizational model that you get placed in so you don't get stuck. currently am stuck at a big fortune 500, so I'm just trying to get the little extra to get the fuck out the door. fortune 500's *can be* dead ends, just as a fyi.

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I'm >>10693229 and you seem unusually salty. Do you think there's only one married software engineer out in the world?

>anyone but children use savings accounts
Ah yes, let me just moves it all in brokerage accounts despite volatility and taxes so I can waste my day tracking the stock market because random anon thinks HYSAs and CDs are dumb

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I'm sorry you have a bad bank.

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Women like you just don't know how to invest properly. There's a reason you make less money.

>> No.10693246

Investing takes time and energy to research, they are probably more focused on their career if they are in STEM.

Realistically, you must not know what the career path is like because the majority of people I know in the field are fucking terrible with money. You know why? They have so much that they just blow it on frivolous things. Idk, I'd take the career path over learning to invest any day.

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also scrote, you're in here talking to a bunch of hobbyists that just buy 300$ dresses compulsively, along with have shit saving habits just due to the fact they are in an expensive hobby that requires you to impulsively buy things when they pop.

Probably the WORST place to talk about investing and savings. I'm not poor by any means, but I don't think any of us are trying to play the stock market with frilly dresses.

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anon isn't even making that much. i get that people are trolling but please this is pathetic. don't give them more ammo.

>> No.10693249

Quit responding to trolls you fucking autist. God I hate you fuckers.

>> No.10693250

I'm not even talking about anon. Where was I referencing 40/hr? My friends that are in the field make 135 an hour or more. You really have no clue at all. Anon is better off focusing on their career than "learning to pinch pennies." What shit advice.

>> No.10693251

jesus you're retarded. stop replying.

>> No.10693253

Thanks for outing yourself as a scrote. Opinion disregarded.

>> No.10693254

stop posting you idiot. your post is literally worse than dog shit and adds no value.

>> No.10693255

gb2/b/ fucking dumb scrote. being jelly over 40 an hour is fucking pathetic.

>> No.10693256

You're not even replying to the same anon anymore. She's minimodding but you need to calm down.

>> No.10693257

that's pathetic newfag behavior and impersonating a janitor / moderator

>> No.10693258

I miss Tyler's old makeup

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Derailers like you will always reply. You can't help yourselves! The entire board is larpers anyway so the thread was doomed from the start.

>> No.10693264

what the fuck happened to this thread? I hate it here

>> No.10693265

Some dude got butthurt that a gull was making $40 an hour and decided to derail. Others took the bait. Tale as old as time.

>> No.10693270

This thread was doomed from the start because the answer to "how do you afford your lolita" is literally just "a job".

>> No.10693277

I remember there used to be sugar baby threads here before they were banned. I used to lurk them and distinctly remember a thread or two on how to sell your used underwear in Japan online so that gulls could afford burando.

>> No.10693288


Gulls used to love accusing anyone and everyone with a large wardrobe of sex work, poorfags especially cannot comprehend someone having their life together and seethe. And then of course you have scrotes unhappy that a woman might be making more money than them so they start baiting.

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I don't make much because my country has shit wages. I work a full time job, sell commissions on the side and keep a very small wardrobe. Whenever it gets too full, I sell the things I don't wear as much and replace them with nicer things.

That said, I do get it's not as straight forward for poorlitas when people say "just work", I have a pretty decent job and I make as much as my wagie american friend working fast food kek. So be ingenious instead, get a skill you can market online, and if you're good with saving and hunting around in secondhand markets it's doable for anybody. I have gotten good deals in auctions before because the seller had incredibly shitty pictures or didn't tag the item properly so no one was biting.

>> No.10693318

Are you me, anon? Or do you live in the same country? I have a full time job but my currency is devalued, so I also sell commissions on the internet. Looking into doing freelance translation too. Furries pay really well, especially those who are used to paying 200$+... been heavily considering opening a furaffinity but I never commit because I don't know if it'll ruin my nonexistent "reputation" or not. God bless me having free time to draw and endlessly prowl secondhand markets, and I have to admit at least for me looking for side hustles is therapeutic.

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This. kek. Lolita is genuinely not that expensive. If you have even an average income you can afford. The only people who genuinely think it's expensive are either kids or meh disability welfare poorfags.

>> No.10693327

Or people who overspend on every new AP release being scalped on LM and fril.

>> No.10693334

>meh disability welfare
Why does lolita attract so many nuts who can't seem to wrap their minds around the fact that you need to work if you want to buy luxuries (as in not necessities) and participate in hobbies that do in fact cost money? It's not even that expensive, but these "disabled" gender specials are out here acting like lolita fashion is a life or death need, and everyone else is obligated to sell things they can afford.

>> No.10693336

They aren't allowed to make more money or they lose their welfare (if they can even work)

>> No.10693338

Work in tech, make bank.

>> No.10693340

NTA but if you want to buy nice things, you have to work. The number of people on disability who genuinely cannot work is frustratingly low. I have an autoimmune condition that causes me to have episodic seizures and fainting spells. I use a wheelchair pretty much full time at this point and I still work to afford the things I need/want.

There are literally law offices whose practice is built around getting people on disability who don't need it. Did you know you can get on disability for ADHD if you've got a lawyer? Depression? Anxiety? People abuse the shit out of the system then go full shocked pikachu when they can't have all the things they want and no one feels like giving it to them. I'm not saying everybody on disability is a scammer but goddamn I've seen a lot of it in this community. If you want to afford lolita, get a job. At the very least don't act like it's everybody else's problem that you can't afford it.

>> No.10693343

I was just referencing that if they are on disability they lose their income if they start working sometimes. Not whether they should or not or actually aren't "disabled enough" or whatever else. I have a disability that allows me to work and my job is very flexible when it does give me trouble. But some people can't work a traditional job as easily so they're on welfare and if they get any side income it could jeopardize their main income. Not saying what is right or wrong just giving a reason as to why many of them don't just "work hard", because they see employment as harming their income overall more than helping in the long run.

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I make 17-18/hr full time and have a pretty high healthcare premium, so honestly I just do my best. Hoping for a better gig or a raise soon.

My S/O makes over 3x what i make but we split bills equally and he doesn't buy me anything. Please root for me, anons

>> No.10693345

>My S/O makes over 3x what i make but we split bills equally and he doesn't buy me anything.
You have low standards

>> No.10693347

You're right anon, I don't really have any materialistic standards when it comes to my partners at all. It doesn't seem that important to me.

>> No.10693348

this is why you're extremely based anon

>> No.10693350

>Why does lolita attract so many nuts
This is just people in general, especially in America.

It's honestly a pretty fucked system built in a way to keep people poor and encourage it. Some people can actually work while being disabled but like anon said, if you make "too much" you lose it. What happens for the people that genuinely need it, the welfare ends up paying more than the job they can take does, so of course they're going to stick with not working. About 11 years ago when I moved to a new city the job I had lined up fell through so I did a sales job while looking for a new one. The job was commission only pay so if I didn't make a sale, I didn't get paid. Tried applying for food stamps to use in the meantime and was denied because I had the potential to make enough, even though it wasn't guaranteed. I'm more than fine now, but that was kinda fucked. Sold my electronic and guitar for food and rent on weeks I didn't make sales.

>> No.10693351

>he doesn't buy me anything.
You should probably clarify that you don't want him to buy you anything than saying he won't buy you anything. It makes him sound like he's refusing to do anything for you which makes him sound like an asshole. My bf and I have a similar relationship dynamic, I told him flat out I didn't want him buying me jewelry or flowers etc. because that money would be best spent on bills, vacation for both of us and entertainment. He buys his $700+ VR set up with his money and I buy lolita and other hobbies with my money. We have separate personal accounts and one joint account that the bills and food pulls from.

>> No.10693354

>It makes him sound like he's refusing to do anything for you which makes him sound like an asshole.

kek wtf? is anyone who doesn't get gifts just because they can afford it an asshole now?

>> No.10693357

I think you're misunderstanding or I wasn't clear? He'd be an asshole if he's refusing to do anything for her. I'd say the same if it was reversed. If they both agree that they're cool with not buying gifts for one another, with one another, that's fine, my bf and I do the same.

>> No.10693368

If your man isnt spoiling you then hes an asshole lmfao believe me he will spoil the woman he actually loves.

>> No.10693371

I wouldn't say spoiling, but yea, generally couples who love each other want to do things for each other to make each other happy in anyway they can.

>> No.10693379

Couples can do things for each other beyond explicitly just buying gifts.

My bf brings me flowers every time the last ones he got me start to wilt, and he takes out my trash for me, drives me everywhere, brings me water and tea in bed in the evenings, and helps me with heavy or high up things, assembling any furniture or carrying groceries and other things I could totally do myself but we both think it's sweet when he does it for me. I appreciate those gestures and acts of service more than if he spammed me with lolita gifts. I cook for him when I feel up to it or make him cute desserts instead of material gifts as well. Neither of us are people who care much about gifts. Love does not equal gifts or money spent to everyone. Not being 'spoiled' financially doesn't mean you aren't being cared for or loved. If gifts are your love language tho go for it just don't project that onto everyone else.

>> No.10693391


Honestly then it should be even more reason that they shouldn't want to go on it. I used to work with people on disability and after some of them got it tried to get it reversed so they could work and get more money. People thinking disability is a jackpot really need to be educated on this because it does not even begin to cover living expenses, much less lolita.

>> No.10693396

i get cripplebux :^) not a massive amount but i live with my family and only have to pay some rent and bills and shit. i am unemployable and live in pain but at least i get money for burando

>> No.10693400

The thing is disability enables shitbags and fucks over people who actually have disabilities and are trying to get their life together. The number one area where I see abuse of the system is with localized services that get parents to collect disability on behalf of their kids with ADHD/Depression/Anxiety. Literally my neighbors had 6 kids, 4 of whom were collecting disability for ADHD that their parents were obvs pocketing. That combined with additional benefits and section 8 housing makes for a pretty decent lifestyle if you're lazy af.

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File: 794 KB, 447x673, artist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drawing shonen characters getting plowed by other shonen characters. Working out pretty well since I don't pay any bills anyway.

>> No.10693407

Based fujo

>> No.10693408

This. Shitty people always find a way to game the system, but god fucking help you if you have a genuine disability and you want to stash 2 fucking dollars away for a rainy day fund.

>> No.10693448

I financially dominate my own boyfriend of 4 years who is a nuclear scientist for the government.

>> No.10693469

What a submissive job. lmfao. This would be impressive if they were a CEO or a Lawyer or something more of a dominant charismatic job.

>> No.10693472

This is bollocks. I'm a scientist - we get paid shit.

>> No.10693478

I eat oats and eggs primarily. It's not great, but at least I can buy some nice things for myself once in a while.

>> No.10693482

I'm with him because I love him, not because he's fun to dominate. I don't particularly enjoy sex, but I get money for burando out of it so who cares. Not all of us want to be professional whores.

you mean YOU get paid shit because you're a shit scientist. He has a PhD from an Ivy League university and has been published in the leading international journals. Within ten years he will be the leading scientist in the world in his discipline. The government pays him dumb amounts of money because his research is very useful for things he can't talk about.

>> No.10693483

>I don't particularly enjoy sex, but I get money for burando out of it so who cares. Not all of us want to be professional whores.

You realize, that's the same thing right? Escorts, hostesses, getting something for giving something. You're typing about him in a very sugar daddy kinda way, so it's unlikely you're really with him for anything other than money.

>> No.10693493

I moonlight as a jewel thief.

In all seriousness though, lolita really isn't expensive. I live a pretty average life and have no problem buying whatever I want, lolita or not.

>> No.10693508

Same except mine's a fucking truck driver. I don't know how he makes as much money as he does since it's not normally regarded as a well-paying job, but I don't question it.

>> No.10693509

Truck drivers are actually paid really well, especially these days. Plummers, electricians, construction and truck divers/public transit operators all often make far more than the average 4-year uni graduate.

>> No.10693522


I honestly have no fucking clue how they certify people. I used to be part of the process but no matter how much I documented whatever judiciary fuck used to literally just certify people on a flip of a coin it seemed like. So glad I don't have to do it anymore, it was so shit.

>> No.10693523


Don't truck drivers get mad contracts? I think it depends on the cargo but I knew one who was transporting bees and got paid a lot. But he was allergic and had to go to hospital after getting stung, RIP.

>> No.10693528

I'm not a crazy collector. I buy a piece every once in a while

>> No.10693601

>Plummers, electricians, construction and truck divers/public transit operators all often make far more than the average 4-year uni graduate.
This. This. This. College is such a joke in the US.

>> No.10693606

The jobs all sound miserable for me personally though. College was worth the small price to me to be able to have a cushy wfh job where I can wear lolita almost all the time and not feel stressed, and be working in a field that I enjoy.

>> No.10693634

What a scrote mentality. She was clearly joking and you being the robot you are were too autistic to be in on the joke.

>> No.10693653

>He has a PhD from an Ivy League university and has been published in the leading international journals
I work at Cambridge, my most recent paper was in Nature. If he really worked to "the government" he wouldn't be allowed to publish his results in any journal. Stop larping, it's rather cringy.

>> No.10693654

Not only that but getting published in mainstream science journals is a meme.

>> No.10693670

NTA but The federal government in the US has pre determined salary tiers based on minimum qualification. A Phd starts at gs 11 and if you’re a specialist in a very useful field you’ll start at gs-15, which has a base pay of about 110k. This is assuming a nuclear engineer would be general schedule, but in all likelihood would be a more specialized schedule (more$$$) and this doesn’t even include bonus pay or localization bonuses.

I worked for the department of defense after I first graduated. I was tiered at gs-9 for about 50k a year, but also got a 12% localization bonus for South Korea and had my housing paid for. I saved a shit ton of money because things cost basically nothing there, plus gov jobs are super cushy and you don’t even answer emails if it’s past 5 pm. 10/10 would recommend going the gov route if it’s available to you.

Sorry you live in a shit country where the gov doesn’t pay, but here in the states these kinds of jobs have excellent pay/benefits especially if you’re working in defense.

>> No.10693725


>> No.10693774

I'm an overpaid SF software engineer married to another software engineer.

I have no idea how other people can afford to buy so much brand new stuff, but I also never sell anything, whereas it seems a lot of people cycle things out of their wardrobes quickly.

>> No.10693801

Ayyyyye I did a civilian stint at Camp Humphreys in South Korea. Saved up a small fortune because the costs were so low, but the general schedule pay grades are set regardless of local cost of living. Spent about 18 months there, came back and was able to buy a house.

>> No.10693809

I make in the 70-80k range and I can easily afford basically anything I want in lolita, but I have other more expensive hobbies/investments that I care about more. So I teach English online to pay for my burando. You can make crazy good money if you don't mind some awkward meeting hours and the 2 months it takes to get TESOL certified. I've made about 12k this year doing it on the side. I know some people who do it full time make 40k-80k depending on their clients and schedule.

>> No.10694139

>I worked for the department of defense
Ah yes, the oil and gas industry.

>> No.10694181

Retarded anon is retarded. DoD includes the entire military and sub-contractors, and actually includes very little in the way of gas/oil by comparison to other departments. My civ role at camp humphreys was literally in HR and housing. My contract was still with the DoD.

>> No.10694183

Americans are so stupid.

>> No.10694185

I worked in the commissary at yokota as a sales clerk and technically worked for the department of defense anon...

>> No.10694186

Kek go cry about it and pay $12 a liter for gas to live in your euro-shit hell hole then.

>> No.10694187

>thinking europeans even need to buy gas frequently

>> No.10694188

Sorry your country is the CCP's personal fuckhole

>> No.10694202

I think you're confusing the USA with the UK lol

>> No.10694210


>> No.10694211

Read more anon. The US is actually really chapping Winnie the Pooh’s ass lately and in fact they’re importing us coal rn and calling for Taiwan to have a role in the UN. If you’re going to try to fling poo at least bother getting up to date.

>> No.10694215

US also just wrecked the Chinese economy by holding that massive aluminum supplier accountable for money laundering in socal. Tbh the EU need to step it up.

>> No.10694476

Trust fund, stocks, and an engineer boyfriend. Must suck being a poor bitch who thinks $500 is expensive, living in some Europoor shithole or the Midwest. Oh well.

>> No.10694481

social assistance, a fuckton of grants for school, & a part time job

>> No.10694485

You don’t even need any of those things to afford it, that’s what I find puzzling. Buying one top tier release a month costs less than $300. You can earn that on a fucking paper route.

>> No.10694513

working one job & buying more secondhand less popular stuff.i used to be able to buy more when i had a significant other to split the rent with me, but also now i don't need to buy as much because i've built up my wardrobe already.

>> No.10694556

A lot of research jobs in the US are subcontracted by the DoD. You could be at MIT writing code for aircraft safety that will be used commercially as well and still be a Dod contractor. A lot of businesses don't want to be the first invest in RnD of new technologies. It's just how it is.

>> No.10694560

College student who got all her dresses using dad’s money. All my 80 main pieces are only one of my hobbies and I collect a bunch of other stuff that are all useless and expensive

>> No.10694561

I wish I had a dad

>> No.10694565

Depends on where you live and the cost of living.

>> No.10694567

They're not all they're cracked up to be.

>> No.10694582

It’s because most gulls are fat and spend an exorbitant amount of money on fast food

>> No.10694604

Your husband is going to leave you for someone younger/prettier and spoil her. That's what happens when you let dudes fuck you for free.

>> No.10694640

Kek what is this assumption? You can be fat without ever eating out. I would know, I'm one of the numerous anons who lost weight for lolita and I never ate out bc I had few friends and was still chonky before getting thinner. Fast food isn't the only unhealthy and fattening stuff out there.

>> No.10694641

Some people just have other bills and hobbies. It’s easy if lolita is your only expensive interest, if you also are really into gaming or taking vacations or collecting something else, it’s harder

>> No.10694643

nta but luckily my bf is a gamer and will often buy games for the both of us or just me if i really want something single player.

>> No.10694647

Irony is that fast food is cheaper than fresh food in a lot of areas. My local grocery store up the street has started listing cucumbers for 4.99 lmao. I'm not sure where this anon lives, but the poor areas have more fast food for a reason. Protip: it's not because it's expensive for poor people.

>> No.10694650

Even with the price argument there's an insane amount of cheap and unhealthy stuff available at the grocery store too, and if you're not trained to stick to the outer aisles (fresh produce, dairy, proteins, etc. are typically on the outer ring of the store in many American grocery stores) for the main stuff. It can be easy to get distracted or influenced by marketing. Even the awareness of how marketing and mental manipulation works doesn't reduce your susceptibility to it by much so you have to be actively mindful to not fall into traps. If you're someone who has a vested interest in weight reduction or health it's much easier but poor or not many people aren't focused on that until it becomes a big problem for their quality of life.

>> No.10694711

My year income is 4800 bucks, bitch

>> No.10694715


>> No.10694720

You have to be 18 to post here

>> No.10694722

Poor thing, I hope one day you'll move away from the shitty place where you live now

>> No.10694736

Yikes, I'm sorry anon.

>> No.10694747

>trigger anon that works on a paper route

>> No.10694750

Triggered fatass

>> No.10694751

Learn2read anon. They said they're not fat anymore. And yeah you do sound dumb, in burgerland there are far more unhealthy food choices than just fast food specifically.

>> No.10694762
File: 70 KB, 446x400, 1540872143302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The same person?

>> No.10694773

It’s a fat person larping as someone who lost weight and if you weren’t also fat and dumb, you’d know that

>> No.10694774

alice i know youre in this thread

tell me how much for pics of your cute butt :3

>> No.10694777

I know admitting you were wrong is hard but anon please

>> No.10694778

I know you have a lot of fat clogging your arteries and are constantly in a half-stroke diminished IQ state of living, but fatty-chan please

>> No.10694792

>larping as someone who lost weight
tons of people lose weight all the time. especially chubby but not hamplanet sized people who just need to eat a little better/less and go outside more. how is weight loss a larp? anons post about their weight loss and gain and progress on cgl constantly.

>> No.10694793

So what's your point anon? Fat people can never lose weight? You have to be some kind of ana-chan because only those bitches can be this annoying on the subject of weight.

>> No.10694799

Does anyone know what happened to Tyler? She hasn't updated her IG or YouTube in awhile.

>> No.10694803

what do you think happened? she’s probably not dead, so the next logical answer is she’s taking a break from socials after the shitstorm she brought upon herself.

>> No.10694806

I don't follow her super closely. I watch her videos here and there so I don't really know what happened.

>> No.10694809

Months after the fact when everything has calmed down? Sure Jan.
Maybe she got sick?

>> No.10694813

how the hell does anyone have a job in STEM these days??
i graduated with an electrical engineering degree and haven't been able to find a job in over a year. i even have those stupid "diversity points" that moids like to go on about. bullshit. companies don't care if you're a woman

i've been doing warehouse work since forever and am getting close to offing myself at this rate. god dammit

>> No.10694814

Stay mad moid, you don't deserve a nice job. Fuck you.

>> No.10694815

i'm not a moid you moron

>> No.10694817

anyone who seriously thinks anything less than 60/hr is good money is a complete loser. literally anyone can make that these days in the US if you're not incompetent and went to college.

>> No.10694874

The point is she is getting discriminated because she is JGJa woman

>> No.10694876

i've been getting offers thrown at me anon and i haven't even graduated yet

>> No.10694889

Obesity is an addiction problem and a mental illness. Those people don’t ever get better besides settling for a size 14 and if you think otherwise you’re an actual retard. They lower the standard instead of reaching a healthy weight and make everyone else feel bad about it. There is no such thing as “ex” fat. Once fat, always fat, your body is still damaged and so is your brain. Besides, nobody wants to see a 25 year old with the loose skin of a 69 year old wearing anything but a turtleneck. You don’t look good and nobody is proud of you, you look like shit, and the only reason people say otherwise is because you make them uncomfortable. When they go home, they talk about how stupid you are for being fat to begin with.

>> No.10694890

Chubby is fat. Stop sugarcoating it. Fat is fat. There is no “chubby” or “chonky”, you’re fat.

>> No.10694891

jesus christ this projection and bait

>> No.10694895

Nobody gives a shit.

>> No.10694902

You ever play "Papers, Please?" That is quite literally my job.

>> No.10694903


>> No.10694984

What did you graduate from a for profit college or something? Do you not have a decent number/quality of projects to show for it?

>> No.10695064

and yeah I've got 5 projects, even have 2 internships.

>> No.10695079

Most of my collection was bought when I worked a salaried retail manager position. I don't have kids, husband and I got a cheaper starter house, and we don't have a lot of debt. I just had a bit of student loans left. So I literally would buy one new brand set or one-two second-hand brand sets a month.

Job paid well, but was chaotic and I burnt out fast. I work from home as a web developer and graphic designer for a company. Now that I'm happier, I'm less interested in retail therapy and I don't really buy as much anymore. I tend to save it. There hasn't been much I've been interested in lately, only a few things.

>> No.10695084

I live off an inheritance. Last year I quit my wage slave job, bought a small house in cash, have stock investments which are going to hit the 6 figure range soon. In theory I can buy all the brand I want, but my wishlist is small and my favourite brands are dead... so spending wise nothing has changed from my poorfag days at all.

>> No.10695089

Nice bait ya got there

>> No.10695097

The vast majority of my lolita stuff was bought on minimum wage while living at home with my parents and having no financial responsibilities. I work a slightly higher paid job now and I barely buy lolita since I feel like my wardrobe is complete.

>> No.10695135

Just lie and say you're a trans woman, companies love hiring trannies, it looks great on their year end report and you're more likely to get hired because they will secretly think you're a man. It's win win. And when you get hired, don't say anything about it EVER to ANYONE. Be yourself and keep to yourself and everyone will either respect you or not want the lawsuit. Win win win!

>> No.10695137

Even if you literally get pregnant, they're still not going to say anything kek. Troons can get away with anything even if it defies all logical sense

>> No.10695139

idk about anyone else’s experiences but i haven’t been asked once about/never had to fill out a form with my gender for work… neither applying nor on boarding. i support this ruse cruise 100% but i’m not sure how you actually enact it. like do you tell a sob story about being trans during the interview? the most i’ve been asked is preferred pronouns.

>> No.10695143

>How do you afford your collection?
They can't. They spend all their income on lolita and then either don't have money to move out of their parent's house or ask friends for money to help pay rent.
They afford it by sacrificing their future.

Or by being reasonable by just buying a few dresses and accessories a year, but those people usually get bullied out of the community for being ita.

>> No.10695169

trust fund

>> No.10695184

Kek you sound personally victimized that gulls make enough extra money to fund their lolita without having to sacrifice anything.

>> No.10695206

Silence, uneducated poor

>> No.10695207

This sounds like some copium, fatty

>> No.10695210

Gaming isn't even that expensive. Don't have to play a new game every month. I've been playing the same games for close to a year

>> No.10695211

Get therapy

>> No.10695215

I work as a teacher, so I don't make much. Just enough to lead a comfortable life and casually spend on something frivolous. However, I truly love my job, so I don't plan on changing careers, as some anons have suggested above. I only study more so that I can get better positions, but I don't expect to ever make more than 4 digits.

I'm at that point in life that I don't need to buy new pieces anymore. I'm happy with my current wardrobe and would be more willing to sell than to buy anything new. Now that Boz has closed down, and most goth brands don't release anything worth spending money on, I'll just be happy with my current collection. Also, I'm a lonelita with no social media, so I have no problems with people's judgment or whatever about what I wear or how many time I've repeated a single dress.

I'm doing well like this, hopefully I can maintain this quiet and comfy lifestyle for a while.

>> No.10695220

Be less fat

>> No.10695322

no, i'm the friend they always go to asking for more money to fund their lolita

>> No.10695323

lol the fuck? my circle of lolita friends are all professional women who work in tech fields for the most part. they're all independent and doing great. you sound like you have some sour grapes, or you're a moid who got burned.

>> No.10695326

Are all your friends 16? I'm in the same boat as >>10695323 , all my friends who wear Lolita are grown women who went to college and are white collar professionals. That's what happens when your subculture is full of computer nerds and Asians.

>> No.10695331


My circle of friends are all independent and highly paid professionals, but my comm is full of fiscally irresponsible itas whose side hustle is giving financial advice to any person dumb enough to give them $5. It's so embarrassing.

>> No.10695333

god I wish I had financially responsible friends. They are all in their 20s, two are still living with parents (3 if you want to include my ex-friend who was just into lolita for the fetish aspect), with one actually living on her own but often complains about not having money.
I actually have a house and steady income. I did meet some lolitas in the local comm who, like you said, worked in tech fields and had money, but its only financially illiterate people who want to be friends.

>> No.10695345

Older lolitas probably are a bit more effort to be friends with, because a lot of us with being financially responsible already have our energy already poured into a lot of cups. I think usually younger kids are easier to make friends, since they are still figuring things out, have more energy, and as you said, less responsibilities..

>> No.10695355

I know but it makes it easier that I never have to worry about balancing hobbies. It's pretty much buying books to read, buying lolita when I see something that would look good with my existing wardrobe, and letting my bf buy all my games, consoles, pay to upgrade my PC cause it's a fun project for him, etc.

>> No.10695373

wish i was you anon. how are you this enlightened and still posting here?

>> No.10695407

Holy shit you're a real nutter butter, huh?

>> No.10695521

Do fat people associate everything, even insults, with cookies and food? Stop thinking about calories for 5 seconds desu

>> No.10695523

I think the problem is they aren't thinking about calories. That's why they're fat. Whoever wrote that weird shit they responded to sounds unhinged though.

>> No.10695596

>When you're so paranoid about fatties that you think a common pun based off a food brand makes anyone who uses it fat
Found the real nut

>> No.10695603

>american sandwich cookie brand
ok fatty

>> No.10695604

>another interesting thread devolved into the "THE FATTIEZ"


>> No.10695630

This thread was never interesting. The way people afford lolita is a job, go figure. Any adult could have told you that.

>> No.10695806

Reply to my comment next time.

No, you’re just fat.

>> No.10696443
File: 14 KB, 240x320, F4DBAB0C-ADE1-4A64-A151-30CB1E872E19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Slightly off topic but I'm curious, what's the best deal everyone's gotten on a lolita item?
For me it was a Baby cutsew in picrel that I paid $7 for and a $30 floral Meta OP with an apron.

>> No.10696449

I effectively got a 2005 Moitie JSK for £20 through trading

>> No.10696459

I also got an oldschool Meta op for $30 off ebay a couple of years ago, it's been sitting there for months too

>> No.10696461

I snagged guilty melty sweets town jsk for $60 on mercari. They kept reducing the price because they just titled it “baby jsk” and listed it in the wrong brand category.

Also got milky planet under $200 back in the day and resold for almost $1000 kek.

>> No.10696463

Mr. yans b-day sale has basically financed my entire wardrobe.

>> No.10696521

Seek help

>> No.10696528
File: 45 KB, 700x700, IW- White Heart Scallop Tall Boots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably a pair of IW tallboots (pic rel) that popped up on CC for 540 yen.
Also, I've mentioned this story before last year as it was happening, but I essentially got CTP for $20 (including shipping and fees)

>> No.10696549

Not sure why your having a hard time. Have you considered making the switch into software

>> No.10696550

I just hook tb h

>> No.10696552

>there's a clear and consistent anger across the poorfag idiot autists on cgl
Yeah, this. It's necessary to realize that a lot of these people who live like shit in trailer parks or whatever got there due to being fucking retarded or just having grotesquely bad judgment. They act accordingly when they post and a lot of them have a psychological need to seethe at normal well-adjusted people to cope with their wrecked lives.

>> No.10696556

>Thanks for outing yourself as a scrote.
can we invent the term, "scrouting"

>> No.10696595

Seek a nutritionist

>> No.10696603 [DELETED] 


This. Mention anything that's vaguely financially sound and they will throw the kitchen sink at the wall to make you feel bad. See: the one above trying to gaslight people into thinking savings accounts are bad.

>> No.10696817 [DELETED] 

sugaring and selling weed in Austin. I'm not ashamed, lol.

>> No.10696830

Genuine question do crazies like you think sweetfags are food obsessed fatties too because they wear so much goddamn food related shit or is anyone who mentions anything vaguely food adjacent just automatically fat

>> No.10697155

If he's hauling flatbed loads or hazmat he's making fuck-you money. It's the large fleet van haulers (think Swift/Knight/GT/etc.) that don't make shit.

>> No.10697185

I think you’re fat because you are indeed fat

>> No.10697204

I'm pretty sure it's because they're so triggered by food they can't imagine wearing a donut without eating a full dozen every day. These people are unhinged.

>> No.10697293

>what are solids, florals, animal prints, patterns, etc
fatty only has food on her mind, huh?

>> No.10697324

When a fat person wear a cake print I assume that they have no self awareness. Dressing for your body size also means which prints to avoid when you are fat.

>> No.10697326

Imagine falling for bait this obvious, holy fuck.

It’s so easy to trigger fatties because it’s safe to assume most people on here are statistically whales these days. God i miss the old days when calling a fattie a fattie didn’t elicit so much incessant BAWWing.

>> No.10697327

For me it’s cow prints. It will never not be funny to see a fat cow literally dressing as a cow. It’s so blatantly funny that I’m shocked at how much self-awareness they lack. The jokes write themselves

>> No.10697330

Is it possible they are completely aware of themselves and picked the print exactly because they know how to poke fun at themselves? Christ this thread is full of delusional cunts. First the trailer park discourse, now these smooth brained takes?

>> No.10697336

I bet your entire body ripples when you type angrily

>> No.10697338

hi voldie

>> No.10697348

I snagged a few h.Naoto Frill cutsews off of mercari for super cheap. They were between $10~$20.

>> No.10697359

>Is it possible they are completely aware of themselves and picked the print exactly because they know how to poke fun at themselves?

PLEASE try commenting a joke insinuating this the next time you see one and see how well it lands. They’re doing it because they think cows are cute and it’s trendy right now. Not because they’re trying to publicly humiliate themselves by being a walking fat cow pun everywhere they go.

>> No.10697395

This lmao, I can honestly say that the only fat people I've ever known to have a sense of humor about it have been moids

>> No.10697396


Who's voldie?

>> No.10697434

T b h I’ve met women who joke about their weight too. They’re kinda rare but they’re out there.

>> No.10697439

old tripfag. famous for being average and annoying as hell.

>> No.10697502

I bought Radioactive cupcakes for 10$ back when it was unpopular

>> No.10697510

I'm literally chubby and wear food prints. AP made the Honey Cake MTO gigantic. Melty Cream Doughnut and Baked Sweets Parade have full back shirring. Like even brands know this. "Cows are cute and trending right now"? I've only ever seen overweight people wearing cow lolita.

>> No.10697530

Nta but they aren't necessarily talking about cows being trendy in lolita. It's been trendy since dojacat made that moo I'm a cow bitch video. Now every thot has a cow bikini or some shit. It's pretty trendy with mainstream normies rn.

>> No.10697532

imagine not knowing sweet lolita heavily features sweets

>> No.10697538

Dirt cheap bpn pieces such as a $50 op, got that huge crown necklace for $5 and a cardigan for $10.

It's just some ana-chan being irritating. Being starved limits their thought process, ignore them. Everyone who breathes air is fat to them.

>> No.10697622

Quit sugarcoating it, you’re not chubby, you are obese

>> No.10698039

Air is very fattening.

>> No.10702450

I can't. I'm stuck at a low-paying office job. Good job security, but very low pay. Except I am so dumb I can't get a better paying job. What do I do I barely finished an associates degree I am too dumb to live

>> No.10702465

I go to houses of different comm members and steal their clothes

>> No.10702492

OK charms /j

>> No.10702496

I'm also in a low paying office job. It sucks but I save to buy pieces occasionally :)

>> No.10702559

Learn to code :^)

>> No.10702588

not that anon, but you really need a particular kind of brain to be able to code. I thought i could do it because i was decent at maths and people kept comparing coding to it, but holy shit I'd rather be doing hard as fuck algebra then code any day of the week. I know because i tried and god what a waste of time it was. I'm happy that I am doing an associates degree to hopefully to lab work in the future and maybe get a full degree so i can have more money.

>> No.10702617

>hard as fuck algebra
Kek anon honey, you're not as decent at math as you think.

>> No.10702631

it depends on the software you’re writing or whatever, but coding often has more to do with logic than it does with maths (beyond basic things like calculating Big O complexity). in uni i had to take precal, cal 1, cal 2, probability, linear algebra, theoretical mathematics, and digital logic as part of my computing degree. you take those classes because it forces you into thinking in algorithms and patterns, basically. or at least it should if you try to apply what you learn.

programming is not hard. becoming GOOD at programming, meaning mastering algorithms, writing efficient code, utilizing best practices (shifting security left, learning Git and the pipeline, etc etc), that’s the hard part. anyway, i don’t know what point i’m trying to make aside from your… algebra skills being irrelevant to your ability to program, behind you being able to understand basic mathematical operations like modulo.

>> No.10702633

I went to MIT for CS. One of my profs, who among other things, is a Nobel laureate, couldn’t do basic algebra/math in his head. Imo math and coding aren’t as linked people like to think, and you don’t need any particular kind of brain to master it. Maybe to enjoy it idk. But it’s a skill you’d hone like any other job. If you can get a basic finance certification, or licensure to practice medicine, law, psyche etc, you could just as well be a coder. It’s just a bit confusing to total newbs.

>> No.10702664

Spouse and I both work, like normal.
Only not buying things right now because we have to move cross country and that shit is expensive.

>> No.10702711

I got a leather pair of VM shoes for 5 bucks plus shipping a while back because they had some paint on the heels.

>> No.10702725

This. I had a prof who had won a major math award in cs modeling who literally needed a calculator to add up how many students were in both sections of the class.

You don’t need super strong math to be a coder but I think people who are good at math tend to be less likely to burnout from trying to build coding skills. Imo coding is more about language than math, depending on what your specialty is. Unless you’re trying to build neural networks or something you just kind of learn the math you need to know as you need to know it. It’s good enough for FAANG hiring in my case anyways.

>> No.10702731

CS math for programming is more like solving a logic puzzle than straight-arrow calculus. Most of your day-to-day math as a beginner is going to be about as complex as solving for x in 2x+1 and iteration. What's important is knowing when to do it ad why you're doing it.

>> No.10702754

I agree. CS doesn’t require you to be a math genius or even super smart but it is very tedious to get good enough to hire. I’m a CS major but I work in marketing because I found the day to day work to be so unfulfilling and headache inducing. Now I do content marketing and ads for condiments and it’s honestly a really fun job and I still make more than enough to do my hobbies.

>> No.10702818

If in the US, apply for a government job. The great resignation combined with the great retirement is leaving thousands of government office jobs wide open for the taken. Look up "Program Analyst " on usajobs.gov.

>> No.10702868

I will never touch programming again, I don't care what anybody says. At the end of the day i know i will be destined to work jobs i dislike, i'd rather do one where i can do the same thing every day and not have to give shit i don't really care about that level of thought. It's all about money at the end of the day.

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