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How do you find the confidence to expose your nerdier side when you have social anxiety? Being more open about the stuff I like and losing all my friends and not bein able to make new ones is my biggest fear. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack just thinking about it.

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Try /adv/. This board is for cosplay and jfashion discussion. Not about mental health and social issues.

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Okay but that Ichigo cosplay is fire tho damn, I got another one for you

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Forgot the pic, I derped

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FORGOT IT AGAIN. This new captcha will be the death of me.

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I drop nerdy dogwhistles to see if anyone reacts. For example, I say that I minored in Japanese and that I studied abroad in Japan (which is true), the only people that minor in Japanese and study abroad there are weebs, so just about anyone that's a weeb will go "oh, so you're a weeb?" just from that info. After that, I mention I'm into sewing (which sounds feminine but really doesn't have to be; if it's a dudebro, dress it up as you like to make custom streetwear). Sewing + being a weeb is a flag for being a cosplayer/interested in it.

Another common method is to bring up more normie examples and then drop progressively more and more "deeper" examples. If I like to game, I'm not going to come out and say that I like to play something niche, I'll start out with Call of Duty and then talk about niche-r and niche-r examples.

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Honestly normie don't cares, and on the opposite are sometime curious about those kind of creative hobbies. Just don't be creepy or obsessed about it.
If anyone would make a fuss on a hobby, then it's not probably a good friend to start with. Most people don't really care

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Go into some online group full of nerds. It's that simple. Forums, chats, facebook groups, whatever. That's the easiest way to meet other geeks.

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