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What are some good cosplay ideas for a medium build bald men with a beard? I'm kind of getting tired of going everywhere as Aang.

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Unironically a good idea. But would people outside of this site even know who it is?

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What you should do is make a big cardboard cutout of an exceptionally clickbaity thumbnail with all the usual crap in it- red circles and arrows, bright shiny things, all caps text, switch stuff, etc. When people ask who you are, you're just "a youtuber." Make sure to Amp up the obnoxiousness, shave your beard poorly so its patchy, and wear "gamer" clothes

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Agent 47
Machoman Randy Savage
Machinegun Karl Anderson

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I started to work out again but it will take a while untill I can pull these off

>Agent 47
I want to keep the beard

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Cosplay recommendation thread is your best bet

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>Keeping the beard.

Ok bro have you actually thought about cosplaying BINGING WITH BABBISH or embracing the wig master race and doing shit that involves the beard.

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Hugo Strange

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Walter White

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Anything with a hat, anything bald, anything that isnt a specific character who has hair, anything that requires a wig anyway.

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The basedboy meme

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Brian Laundrie!

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Is this Jackson galaxy

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rusty venture

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I can understand not wanting to shave your beard but nothing is preventing you from using a wig. Most cosplayers don't use their real hair for cosplay.


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>but nothing is preventing you from using a wig
Not him, but when a girl wears a wig it's just a wig. When a bald man wears a wig, if it's not a really shitty wig, it's like he has hair again. It's kind of nice. But then there's the temptation of making getting a hair piece to wear in general, which is shameful, despite being tempting.

It's not a fun mental process to go through.
Not that that's why OP doesn't want to, it's just a possibility of what could happen.

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Joshua Tomar

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Usa pelucas, cabrĂ³n.

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>But then there's the temptation of making getting a hair piece to wear in general, which is shameful, despite being tempting.
If he's going to be a bitch, then he should stick with cosplaying Aang.

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Look Tomar it's you

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that freak MIchael from Vsauce

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Walter White

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Lex Luffa

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>I'm kind of getting tired of going everywhere as Aang.
Tenzin then

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bald and beard is cringe. go full shave

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shave, carry around a cowbell and scream at unsuspecting drummers it'll be great

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