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Last one >>10677283

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does anyone know which headdress this is? it's by baby but I can't find it on lolibrary but maybe I'm looking right over it every time

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Why don't japanese sellers on secondhand sites add measurement to their item listings? Or rather, why is it so uncommon? I mean, it's not like everyone in japan wears the same size, is it.

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I have a feeling it's kind of like that though. Especially if it has shirring or corset lacing, the majority are close enough to each other in measurements that it isn't really a concern for them and it's just 'free size'.

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Is it possible to wash a velveteen piece without damaging it? I've read a few times that people successfully laundered their cotton velveteen dresses on a cool cycle in a washing machine, but would like some extra reassurance or tips on how to make it go well. Should I turn it inside out, use a laundry bag, hang to dry? Taking my dress to a dry cleaners isn't an option for me, sadly, as every single business over here seems set on ruining people's clothes.

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They have controlled weight from government policies/restrictions on businesses by audit. Of course everyone is "around the same size" with the way they design clothing and the policies combined.

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??? what?

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Yeah Japanese clothes from various brands do often have S M and L sizes, but brands like lolita that have so much flexibility in sizing generally fit everyone that isn't Japanese plus sized. And if the item is a sized piece like an M or L from IW or some BABY pieces they do list that.

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Policies to incentivize companies to keep their employees in a healthy weight range does not mean everyone is the same size. There is still a good bit of variety in the size of different Japanese women. But lolita goes from so huge to so small when it's a shirred piece or whatever that most healthy sized girls in Japan could fit it no problem. Look at Misako. She's not fat or skinny in particular even at her age, just healthy and height and weight proportionate, so she can fit most things and probably doesn't need to worry about measurements. Likewise despite RinRin probably being a larger size than her and much taller, she can still fit most lolita too. Then there's Risa who's a bit smaller and still wears AP no problem if a bit baggy for some cuts.

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Ntayrt but most (every?) company has mandatory yearly check ups. Companies will get fined for having too many employees that are considered obese or overweight. I'll see if I can find an article about it.

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It's not an incentive. They literally fine the business. There's a reason why it becomes heavily stigmatized to become overweight and you're going to get bullied from corporate companies.

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Risa is the example of average Japanese. Misako may be slightly different.

RinRin is literally from the Western Lolita community. There's a reason why she's so large. She went over there to model sometime in the last 6 or so years, but she is Chinese American. I wouldn't base lolita standard sizing on what Japanese culture sizing is, considering they are an international fashion and recognize themselves as such.

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I guess it's a "negative incentive" but whatever you call it, everyone not being obese doesn't make everyone the same clothing size.

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Risa is smaller than the average Japanese woman. Or used to be.

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am i just fucked for skirts, I have a 58cm waist and i just got a huge order and none of the skirts w/o waist ties fit at all. What should I do?

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Is your waist really 58 cm? Most skirts are fine for 60 cm waists.

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Maybe the skirts are too big on anon

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+1 to this I would also like to know

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Alter them, they're your clothes that you want to be able to fit into and wear comfortably

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You can get them taken in, pretty much any seamstress can do that easily for pretty cheap. It's way easier than getting something altered bigger

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Does anyone know of a guide to washing Holy Lantern? I don’t want to fuck up the flocking

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I wash my velveteen on low temperature in a laundry bag and it's fine. 90% of lolita is fine in the washing machine as long as you put it on low temperature and throw in colour catchers, I don't know why most lolitas seem so afraid of washing their clothes. The only things I wouldn't put in the washing machine are items with synthetic leather, flocking or just very old and fragile pieces.

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Has anyone made a subbed version of the BTSSBxGLB DVD?

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Ahh that makes far more sense.

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im looking into buying my first coord. how do i not fuck it up. i don't want to end up in the ita thread.

second, should i even bother trying to buy any kind of japanese brand (even bodyline?) i'm 5'7 and 155 lbs, but im trying to drop down to around 120. should i just wait until then?

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I'm 5'7 and 130, if you're losing weight you should be fine. I can fit most stuff except for some really tiny old school

Pick out a dress you like that's simple and versatile (one that fits you as well of course), then make a coord collage using other pieces that are simple and versatile. Ask here for concrit if you need help

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bragging about having the waist size of a child isn't cute nonnie

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They might not be bragging but genuinely asking for advice. If the skirts are actually too big and these are skirts with no waist ties or any way to tighten them since there's not corset lacing like a jsk or dress generally, it's a fit issue that's reasonable to ask about.

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Does anyone know of any taobao brands doing old school style pieces?

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Why does Poppy have a QPot collab? How big is she in Japan?

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Asking this is probably going to derail the thread somehow but what would you expect the measurements of a 175lbs person to be?

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no expectation it completely depends on height and muscular type/build

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How long should I expect a package sent with EMS from China to reach the US? My tracking hasn't updated in over a month. It just says "has been delivered to the carrier transport"

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It really depends this year, given covid. I've had packages from China come unexpectedly quickly, and had another one I waited like three months for. Just keep checking it

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Looks similar to the princess drop headdress

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unless you're an athlete or very tall man, fat. 100cm+ bust and 80ish cm waist at least on a woman

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What brand are the skirts from? If the difference isn't too big and you don't want to alter them, you could maybe shift the waist button in a bit or pin the waistband in depending on the design of the skirt. It's hard to advise you without any photos of the gap or skirts though.

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Those measurements are way too generous for 175 lbs no matter the height kek

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Don't rush and buy cheap crap just so you can have a coord in your hands. Take it slow. It took me half a year of collecting pieces to wear my first coord.
There's no way of knowing what will fit if we don't have your measurements, but check lolibrary to see individual dress measurements.155 sounds like you fall in the standard size range so you should be fine with shirred pieces. Even if dresses don't fit though Japanese brand is still worth buying for accessories.

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I'm close to 175 after gaining weight because of medication, and my measurements are 10cm smaller for both bust and waist - 90 and 68cm respectively. I'm not tall or especially fit either, just average.

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youre just… wrong

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There's a small secondhand shop on IG that I can't remember the username of. They had a lot of old school iirc and also frequently posted about brand history and GLB scans and such. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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So if youre able to put them in the washing machine, then handwashing velveteen should be ok too, yeah?

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This may be too normie for here but idk where else to ask so.

My friend (emo weeb) lost a lot of his clothing in a fire so I want to get him a few new t-shirts (secondhand is also okay) and I know he really liked pic related. It's easy to find t-shirts that have random Japanese paintings on it but he really liked this because it's the combination of that Japanese wave painting and something from pop culture. Pic related is from Uniqlo but does anyone know other brands I should also check out? Since this Uniqlo collab is from a few years ago it's hard to find now.

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Handwashing is not always more gentle than a laundry machine. It's easy to fuck it up.

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Is there a list of scalpers/sellers to watch out for on LM?

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She’s a major scalper though

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They are not about weeb clothing, I've tried there

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Yes! That's the one.

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At this point everything on LM is overpriced. Just don't buy anyone's Honey Cake MTOs or really any recent releases priced above retail.

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I think she does a lot of repairs on damaged pieces and resells them for higher prices afterwards. Not as bad as people who buy it to flip since she is putting time into fixing pieces but if you shop JP secondhand sites you're better off just grabbing what you want with SS before she can get it and doing the repairs on your own.

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Honestly tho. You're a retard. I'm seriously tired of people claiming LM sellers are scalpers because they are selling it for the amount they paid.

You do realize, typically this is the amount they paid overseas as well? Or even on AP Paris or where ever else, right? Literally don't listen to this fucking anon, because half of this dumbshits don't pay attention to what the release price is.

Supply and demand fucking whiner poorfag dumbshits.

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I actually mostly agree with you. Items being overpriced or just expensive and scalping are different obviously. And if someone is too dumb to know what is and isn't correct retail or that someone is selling for the price they paid that's their problem. If anon wants to get good prices on things though LM is a dumb place to look cause while most prices are far from scalping they're definitely not priced as "deals" either.

If they really care that much there is a browser extension that blocks what were previously considered scalpers but it's old and our concept of what prices are good or not is constantly changing based on trends and desirability anyway so it's a useless tool.

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I'm 5'10" and new to the fashion, trying to take it slow -- any general tips or recommendations for blouses? I'm trying to avoid looking awkward simply because of how long my arms are.

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5'8" with long arms here, I feel your pain. Luckily most lolita brands will list the sleeve length, so figure out what length you need. For example I know 60cm is the minimum length that works for me, so I don't buy shorter than that.
In general, bishop sleeves will be forgiving because of the extra "billowing" fabric. Also 3/4 sleeves are a tall girl staple.

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I've seen plenty of "deals" you just have to actually be there for it.

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For general jfash, are these shoes relatively comfy to walk in? Are they made of shitty material?
are there other brands i should also look at for this type of jewel jfash disco thing?

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Thank you, I'll do some measuring and have a look around.

>> No.10685358

Right you kind of have to refresh the site or be checking a lot to catch the cheaper BINs and stuff listed that goes immediately. I used to have time to check all the time and saw those more but now that I have less time I only see stuff when I get the saved search notifications in my email and by then I've missed them.

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Swankiss is pretty garbage quality. Don't pay full price for them if you really like them.

>> No.10685383

Oh thanks for letting me know! Is there a higher end version of swankiss? I don’t mind paying more for things that are made better but i like the aesthetic

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I just recieved a velveteen headbow. No wires or metal in it, and it's stained and stinky as hell. Can I dunk it in oxyclean or is that bad for the material?

>> No.10685413

I’ve washed my super old velveteen by soaking it in a cool water bath with all natural shampoo for 5 hours and it gets the grime out. I use shampoo because i’m worried oxyclean might be too harsh, anyway it’s worked great for me

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does /cgl/ have a general list for online jfashion stores that ships to U.S.? Stores themselves doesn't have to be japanese, just stores that have products that have the vibe to it. Similar to Claries but not cheap and for 10 year olds or shoes like pic related but for adults.

>> No.10685422

Nope, most of cgl uses shopping services to buy direct. it’s usually a markup to have stores ship directly to the usa because foreigner tax. and having stores handle customs/US addresses becomes a mess in my experience.
Also you will have to be more specific in what you mean by claires because i haven’t set foot in one for a decade.

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Just looking for pastel items in general. I want to try Euro or U.S. stores mostly because they're able to fit curvy/masculine shapes. I've bought items from aliexpress and while the waist measurements fit, the hips, thighs, bust and shoulders rarely do. Sometimes I'll find something with the correct bust but small shoulders, or pants that would fit my waist but won't pull up past my thighs. Money isn't an issue.

>> No.10685432

Kuroshiro kawaii might carry some plus sized pastel items, but i think those are from us based brands. Japanese brands don’t tend to make plus sized anything.
Your other option is to buy 2 of the item and alter it to fit you. Or lose weight.
for pastel accesories you can look at conpeitou and mikerako via ig(i think conpeitou ships directly to the us, not sure about mikerako)

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>Kuroshiro kawaii, conpeitou and mikerako
Thanks, I'll check these out!
>Or lose weight.
More like lose muscle. I bike and my thighs show it. Shoulders, hips and bust would need surgery and I'm not going that far.

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i have thick hair and every time a wear a wig with my coords, there's like a bump in the back from my actual hair because it's so thick. i've tried different wig caps but nothing squishes it down enough. any advice??

>> No.10685445

hot topic, boxlunch, and spencers for fandom clothes

>> No.10685447

Did you try hair gel/spray to flatten it as well as braiding it really tightly around your head in multiple sections before you put a wig cap on

>> No.10685448

aliexpress but read all reviews and charts

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YRU makes shoes for adults like that. Quality can be hit or miss, so look up some reviews beforehand for the exact pair you like (and also wait for them to have a 50% off sale for them, they do 50% off all items like once a month).

Assuming you're looking for more pastel/fairy kei kind of items, these are shops that have a larger size availability:

>Miss Alphabet (clothing and accessories)
>Starlight Deco Dream (clothing and accessories)
>Holley Tea Time (clothing)
>Creamy Pop (t-shirts)
>Ocean in Space (clothing)
>Lumina Love (clothing, makes "inspired" pieces that are basically copies of old designs of Milklim or Listen Flavor)
>Diccha Shop (mostly accessories, does clothing releases sometimes)
>PopxParade (accessories, will do custom items)

Hope you find some stuff you like, anon! If these aren't the vibes you're going for (just assumed based on the sneakers you posted), let me know and I can recommend some other stuff.

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Looking for an image of a particular offbrand (i think) shoe style that I recall from early 2010s? It was sort of like these but with ribbons instead of the button straps.

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Has anyone bought shoes from the taobao store, Sentaro, before? I'm interested in these ones but not sure about its quality.

>> No.10685514

Not sure if these are what you're looking for, but there are these boots with ribbon racing from American Dutchess?

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File: 83 KB, 1000x1000, tango-boots-edwardian-1920s-black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot to drop pic oops

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i used to be 172(now at 148) and 5'9, my measurements used to be 105 cm bust + 82 cm waist. id expect around that range plus maybe more if shorter?

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These from VM?

>> No.10685521

same boat, anon. i layer a few net wig caps, 3-4, or pick more voluminous wigs so it's not as noticeable. braiding can also help, like >>10685447 mentioned

>> No.10685525

use the wig cap with the hole but leave the rest of your hair out then braid it and pin it over the cap. you don't need more than one this way.

>> No.10685534

Thank you!! These are both around what I was looking for

>> No.10685537

How can I achieve paler goth skin makeup with light brown/olive skin? I don’t want to look like I’m just trying to lighten my skin, I want to look like an ethereal ghost. I don’t normally wear much skin make up in the first place so I feel a bit lost

>> No.10685541

The only possible way would be to put a little bit of white mixer in a foundation that is your skin colour. You are playing a bit of a dangerous game since the end result could end up with you looking ashy. Make you get your neck and don't show your arms.

>> No.10685543

You have a lot of options. You could embrace the fact that you don't need to be pale to be goth. You're so goth even your skin is black. I'm not very dark skinned for a black person but I used to joke that with people when I was into mall goth shit in high school. You could also go shironuri levels and just paint your face super white on purpose to the extreme. That way it won't seem like you're insecure about your skin tone or trying to be lighter because of that but that you just want legit ghost shit.

Alternatively use a sunscreen that isn't made for darker skin and you'll look pale and ashy as a ghost immediately with no makeup plus bonus sun protection

>> No.10685553

I’m kinda fine with looking a liiiittle ashy. I feel like people who go for that goth look wind up looking like ashy, undead vampires half the time anyway.

I usually already wear sunscreen, though I use the neutrogena one that doesn’t leave an ashy appearance. I’m not black, and I’m fine with using my normal skin tone, I just wanted to experiment and see what my options were. Shironuri just isn’t my cup of tea.

>> No.10685555

I normally cut open the waistband from the inside in two spots, and insert an elastic. I handsew so it's not pretty but you can't really tell if you're careful

>> No.10685557

Pin curl or french braid your hair! It's not about the wig cap, it's how you prep your hair for the wig

>> No.10685559

They’re too small, anon. Not too fat

>> No.10685567

I just adapted this tutorial for skirts

>> No.10685586

I have a pair of these in white on the way, will report back about the state of them once they arrive.

>> No.10685590

Nta but yes, adding elastic will tighten the waistband if the item is too big

>> No.10685592

OK, i am man but want to dress like pritty lady. so what kind of dresses do I need to steal? should I continue to walk around town dressed in woman's skin? My footware is the best(the skin and fur of cats).

>> No.10685620

Can you still view sold items on Wunderwelt, like you used to be able to before the renewal?

>> No.10685621


>> No.10685626

How do I do it? I can't find the way to view sold items obviously

>> No.10685627

It will have it in search and say out of stock or you have to have added it to your likes

>> No.10685636

Oh, so you can't just filter them out like before? That's a shame

>> No.10685637

Sold items appear in the search results. Scroll past everything in stock and the sold items are at the end. Note that used items sold before the renewal are no longer on the site.

>> No.10685668

What’s the deal with rose marie seoir? Is it super good quality? Even secondhand it lists for burando prices but most of it isn’t even that cute and it doesn’t look like it has amazing tailoring either

>> No.10685669

Its like Liza Lisa. Shit fast fashion quality.

>> No.10685684

Is Anna House still alive?

>> No.10685994

What is the point of capsule wardrobes, exactly? Just travel packing?

>> No.10685996

Some people aren't lifestylers and don't want to replace their entire normie wardrobes with it. Some people wear multiple fashions, so it isn't practical to have full wardrobes of each one. Some people simply don't have a large space for a big wardrobe.

>> No.10686003

I do it to keep myself from overspending and buying shit that doesn't match my wardrobe. Plus I get max versatility because every item could conceivably be coorded with every other item

>> No.10686025

how do you search for how much an OP went for in the past, on yahoo jp auctions? it only shows the last 180 days i think?

>> No.10686035

Personally I think it's a good way to start small and build cohesively. I didn't do this when I started out and really struggled until I started shopping this way; In the end I still bought too much overall, but thinking in these terms kept everything interchangable. Now I can get rid of stuff without worrying about creating "holes" I'll need to re-fill.

>> No.10686067

What happened to Carina e Arlequin?

>> No.10686068

1. It died as many smaller gothic lolita brands do
2. got absorbed into atelier pierrot

either or

>> No.10686071

I'm new to selling on LM. Is it okay for someone to buy your listing and then later say "I'm paying at (a later date)" so like a hold without my consent essentially? also what can be done to protect myself if the person stops replying?

>> No.10686072

no wtf that's not ok. They need to message you before buying if they have to do a hold. Message them you will consider it canceled and leave a negative review if they don't pay in a week/3 days/something reasonable. Then leave them a negative review if they don't do anything. They can also leave you a negative review, but at that point get the LM mods involved and they will sort it out and can change the negative review on you.
Also, put it in your TOS that people need to pay within X time, unless they message you first.

>> No.10686101

Absolutely fucking not. I would leave a negative feedback so other people are aware they pull this bs.

>> No.10686111

First time I sold on LM someone did this to me and left negative feedback because I had to cancel it 2 weeks later when they still didn't pay.. lol.

People are dicks when you have no feedback. It's probably better to get some feedback buying first.

>> No.10686215

Why do brands even make elastic straps on JSKs

>> No.10686218

For the last month all my mercari orders through buyee aren't shipped from the seller and are eventually cancelled by mercari. This hasn't happened before in my years of using buyee for mercari. Is something up or is it bad luck?

>> No.10686221

I would assume for the ruching effect. Elastic has greater recoverability than sewing ruching and I suppose it makes it less likely to break the seams when pulling a jsk on/off.
On the other hand, maybe it's just less time consuming and cheaper to use elastic.

>> No.10686223

anyone else notice that sage hasn't been working lately

>> No.10686225

I haven't noticed

>> No.10686226

How do I wear lolita open toed shoes? Just with socks or tights?

>> No.10686235

Generally. Socks play a huge role in lolita so it usually looks strange to have naked legs and tends to be frowned upon.

>> No.10686236
File: 190 KB, 468x750, tumblr_inline_mvzdzyeRQY1qad55j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To add to your question, I think this would be the most revealing you could get away with unless you were going for something super casual.

>> No.10686240

I'm looking for clothes that are painted in that Japanese style

>> No.10686242

I actually liked one of their Halloween sweaters for myself but
>BoxLunch does not ship to International or domestic freight forwarders

AliExpress it is then :/

>> No.10686243

You don't unless it's oldschool

>> No.10686254

Oh no it's the loli police

>> No.10686261

Nta but that's a fairly well established belief. You can do whatever you want but don't cry when you get posted to the ita thread for it.

>> No.10686262

tell me you're a larper without telling me you're a larper

>> No.10686277

>not knowing loli was used on LJ for years because japs say “gosu-rori”
Tell me you’re a newfag without telling me you’re a newfag

>> No.10686284


>> No.10686286

This. Imagine. Newfags come in here whining about larpers whenever they don't understand something in the 2 years they've been around.

>> No.10686394

Does anybody have a tips on how to wear RHS with leather straps on legwear? When I'm bare leg I juste use "it's stay" glue and it work great but I have no idea how to keep them on without damaging my pantyhose/socks.

>> No.10686397

If you tie them a certain way, then the velcro should overlap on the face of your knee and it should hold them up until you sit. At least that's my experience. I imagine taller people lose out on that benefit.

>> No.10686398

there are websites like aucfree that I believe show all past auctions, but you need to have an account to see how much it sold for

>> No.10686456

>I imagine taller people lose out on that benefit.
The trick also works for tall people if the straps are long enough (kinda sucks if the straps aren't removable/replacable though)

>> No.10686542

Thanks anon! I really appreciate it :)

>> No.10686664
File: 182 KB, 843x1123, 8DD181AF-2D9D-4645-9E94-6F40D62EA6B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve been inspired by picrel and want to nab some OTK boots. Anyone have any recs? Was considering the Shaker 374 or Camel 300 Demonias but I don’t know if the lacing on the boots gives off the same feel. Cant find any platforms without lacing though.

>> No.10686717
File: 221 KB, 712x852, 9349796E-8352-4327-BD02-964C834C5EAE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this nice, or too costumey?

I kinda feel like costumey-ness is getting too normalized in my brain D:

>> No.10686723

That material looks like shit. Could be nice in concept but don't waste your money anon

>> No.10686724

it's too busy so it looks costumey. the neck area looks awful, especially by itself.

>> No.10686737


Thanks, anons!
Yeah I agree I guess I wanted to like it but I didn't know how to feel about the bodice.

>> No.10686772

I like it. Gives a Sleepy Hollow feeling.

>> No.10686801

Design wise it's gorgeous, but i can already tells the quality will be shit irl.

>> No.10686853

I signed up for the swap meet at RVR. Do cons normally provide bars to hang your clothes on, or do you just kind of have to sprawl the clothing on the table?

>> No.10686900
File: 24 KB, 450x600, FA9CCD12-32D6-455B-B61E-0FF748532D31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where do you guys get versatile tights/socks that are good quality? Something sorta like picrel that would work with a lot of diff coords.
By the time i get my paycheck in, usually these are sold out. Is there another brand or store that makes them really well? I know meta has them but i’m looking for less ruffles. I have some taobao knockoffs but they are so shit that my feet bleed

>> No.10686906

Not sure on price but I see these in a couple colors nwt on fril every time I go through the BABY tag

>> No.10686908

Those aren't versatile, and frankly look like shit a lot of the time when people try to shoehorn them into coords where they don't match. They're the new gold shoes.

>> No.10686912

I will try fril, thanks. I forgot about it and have just been using mercari lol

If these are not versatile then would you be able to point me to what is?
I’ve been making do with random lace crew socks but need something longer

>> No.10686920
File: 4 KB, 194x259, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something plain like these would probably be the most versatile.

>> No.10686932

How do I get j-fashion gf?

>> No.10686934

Gold shoes are the new gold shoes desu idk why newbs are so angry over them

>> No.10686947
File: 123 KB, 500x500, image_2021-10-14_164413.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are the sizing like on these? The website is very vague and I don't want to find out when i buy them.

>> No.10687081

be a cute ouji boy

>> No.10687117
File: 353 KB, 480x640, PWWV0lvzUMiasWJa0n8dHId4UNR8Rx31jrJI37QP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are these BTSSB heart aprons meant to be worn as JSKs? How long are they?

>> No.10687135

Check lolibrary? I think they're around 80cm and backless, but uh... literally just check lolibrary.

>> No.10687139

Nta but if you just took a second to look yourself you'd know the measurements aren't up

>> No.10687152

Nayrt, they are for different year releases and they're approximately 80cm

>> No.10687154

No, it's an apron. Truly a stupid question.

>> No.10687179

They’re backless you imbecile.

>> No.10687180

They're quite short and can be worn over a dress without covering up the details/print of the dress too much

>> No.10687199
File: 720 KB, 684x405, IMG 20160430 0012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks everyone :) I was just wondering because I wanted to know what Momoko is wearing under the apron. What OP/skirt is she wearing?

>> No.10687200

I have olive skin and what worked for me was layering my make up starting with a pink tinted primer then a green colour corrector, next a pale concealer and finally foundation. If you're not used to make up at all it'll take some getting used to. Finding the right foundation is also a must, you might have to go on a bit of a quest for the perfect one for you. Don't be afraid to try for something close-Ish to your natural tone, if the other make up works right it'll make it look like you actually are pale and didn't just fuck up and buy the wrong shade. I never thought I'd be able to achieve my pale dreams but after perfecting my method I've been receiving compliments on how my skin is like alabaster. Good luck

>> No.10687254 [DELETED] 

Unless it says that it's an jsk, don't wear it as a jsk, even many salopettes don't qualify as such

>> No.10687434 [DELETED] 

Can I order both a reservation and in stock item with AP Paris at the same time or will it get my order canceled?

>> No.10687439

iirc she's wearing a sax gingham printed skirt and a blouse under it. i could never really see much detail besides that.

>> No.10687717

Are Angelic Imprint shoes good quality?

>> No.10687736

Anybody know of lolitas who make music currently? I'm working on a mix and wanted some more suggestions

>> No.10687739

They’ve outlasted my IW and BTSSB shoes. I keep buying Burando anyway like a retard just for the drip

>> No.10687740

Assless jsk over a hoopskirt for that ero edge. It’ll make the thong diaper inspection at the monthly comm meet go so much faster too

>> No.10687780

I only have one pair but the little rubber tips on the heels came off after a single wear. The removable bat wings on the back also refused to stay on so there were just these ugly snap on buttons on the back.

>> No.10687789

I hated the ones I ordered. They were way too soft for a heavy, chunky platform shoe, the insole was puckered and unglued in a few places, the fit and sizing were an absolute nightmare too. It feels like someone who doesn't know anything about shoes and how they should fit decided to go about designing one. Could just be the specific design I ordered, but I sure as hell won't be ordering more.

>> No.10687791

The only projects I know of are binary marionette and itacore

>> No.10687793

Personally mine are fine. I got a chunky large platform shoe, but maybe the different designs make the difference. idk.

>> No.10687809

What's a reasonable amount of time to wait for a seller to ship out your purchase? It's been 2 weeks for me and I'm starting to get worried

>> No.10687811

that's too long, unless the seller communicated something to you beforehand? it's always been within a week in my experience. message them asking when they'll ship it out

>> No.10687840

Kanon wakeshima isn't exactly current but Lolitawork Libretto and Shinshoku Dolce slapped

>> No.10687844

Currently in the same boat. Seller said she was sick and that she would ship next day over a week ago. She hasn't been responding to my messages either but I really want the item otl.

>> No.10687881

If an item is listed as "sold out" on Antique beasT's website, does that mean that it's permanently sold out forever? Or is there just a limited amount each opening and she will allow more orders once the shop reopens?

>> No.10687885

It means she isnt currently offering it. usually because of sourcing issues.

>> No.10687899

Has anyone used fromjapan before? I never shopped from Yahoo! auctions and was wondering how it works.

>> No.10687911

i got reminded of a question i wanted to ask..
what does pick up on antique beasts website mean? like why are some items labeled with "pick up"

>> No.10687915

The site literally has a how to use page, anon.

>> No.10687918

presumably those are ones you can pick up in person

>> No.10687925 [DELETED] 

I love FromJapan! Probably best using a snipe bid so you don't get outbid at the last minute just fyi. With snipe bids, you put the max you'd pay for it, and then they put the bid in for you 10 min before it closes, unless your max bid wasn't high enough/someone else's max bid goes above yours. They don't charge you until that bid goes through, if it does.

>> No.10687961

Sorry, terrible wording. I meant how does it compare to other proxy shoppers that support Yahoo! auctions.

Thanks, that's a cool feature!

>> No.10687962

It’s a popular item or a piece they want to bring attention to

>> No.10687984
File: 564 KB, 474x497, 1423234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What means "mya"?

>> No.10687986

My SS misunderstood me and ordered antaina shoes in PU leather when i wanted them in real leather. Should I even bother having the PU leather ones shipped to me? I can't return them. Would it be worth reselling them on LM to make back costs?
I re-ordered them specifying to be in real leather but gaah I'm annoyed

>> No.10687992

Do you have links?

>> No.10688000
File: 99 KB, 1000x925, 6d2fe83437ef38f733d3974110dc8880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10688040

What do you guys say when someone comes up asking where you got your dress from? I just say the brand name but feel like an asshole because some of them go check their phones after, expecting AP to be some kind of Amazon

>> No.10688043

"it's from a Japanese brand" I don't really care to educate random people

>> No.10688045

I say that I got it secondhand online and bought it because it looked pretty, usually that's satisfying enough

>> No.10688047

I literally just answer "Japan" and that's enough for most people to no longer want to continue the conversation because they won't have a clue how to even start shopping overseas.

>> No.10688049

Usually I just tell them the brand name and say it’s from Japan
If they seem genuinely interested in the style I might talk to them more about how they can get into it themselves though

>> No.10688061


>> No.10688110

Thanks, anon! These are great

>> No.10688151

Is there a way to un-yellow resin? I have this ring and it’s turned yellow. https://lolibrary.org/items/ap-fairy-snow-decoration-ring-san-francisco-exclusive

>> No.10688165

Is it possible to look good in lolita if you’re ugly? I have a decent-sized wardrobe & have no issue coording I just have an unfortunate face with some scarring from a surgery I had as a teen. Makeup can only do so much. I feel bad everytime I’m at an event and other lolitas wanna take a photo with me. Do I give up, gulls?

>> No.10688181

I'm ugly too, but wearing lolita makes me feel cute and it's the only time I get compliments. When I look through old street snaps and see tons of girls who look about as attractive as me, I realize I'm not alone. Not everyone looks like the select few e-famous lolitas you see online, those people are out there living their lives and just choosing not to post themselves. Instagram is probably your worst enemy, so I would consider moving away from social media and just enjoying wearing the fashion. That was probably the best thing I could've done for myself.

>> No.10688182

^This. Honestly online communities in general can be catty, and unforgiving to those who are any short of conventionally attractive.
Have hope anon. I hope you wear cute clothes and feel cute without having to worry about others.

>> No.10688212

basically the only way to get rid of yellowing in resin is by sanding, but i'm not sure if that's a good idea. plus it'll just keep yellowing

>> No.10688245

Absolutely! Seeing other woman who as aesthetically challenged as I am wearing lolita and doing it well gave me confidence to get into it personally.

>> No.10688410

I notice a lot of Jfash brands like LizLisa using a silky/soft matte polyester blend fabric, but not sure which type. Does anyone know the name?

>> No.10688427

I have a black screenprinted cutsew with a white collar (there's some slight makeup stains on the collar). What's the best way to wash it without the dye bleeding or the screenprint getting damaged?

>> No.10688441

Turn it inside out and wash in cold water. Spot treatment for makeup stains, they usually come out with soap.

>> No.10688446

Out of curiousity, does every lolita know the name of every single piece in her wardrobe?

Because I certainly don't tbf, I wear oldschool and my wardrobe is mostly solids. I have two patterned dresses which are easy to memorize but I don't know the names of most of my other items, couldn't even find some of them on lolibrary.

>> No.10688451

I do, but I’m in the library science field so data collection is kind of my thing. I don’t expect other people do, but I enjoy cataloging my pieces. I try to Id them all but sometimes its not possible.

>> No.10688455

AYRT, dumb question but do you mean regular hand soap or dish soap?

>> No.10688468

I do, except for the ones that are from the 90s and earlier and are literally unidentifiable. I have both a Pinterest board and an Excel spreadsheet of everything I own and kind of memorized everything while I was putting it together.

>> No.10688483

I do but that's because I mostly own prints and they're easy to remember. I also record my JP brand on Lolibrary. I don't know the names of any of the taobao dresses I own though. I identify them by the shop. Saves hassle later if I need to let go of any of my dresses

>> No.10688486

Yeah, I'd say I'm average at best but I still feel cute and stylish wearing lolita. It helps me feel less self-conscious because at least I know people in public are looking at my clothes and not me if that makes sense. If you groom yourself and put effort into your appearance you'll look fine.

Also, most lolitas aren't very attractive either outside of lolita, many just shoop or know their angles. The only western lolita off the top of my head I think most people agree is genuinely beautiful is FR. Plus look at old street snaps lol

>> No.10688489

Yes. Objectively most of the people in my comm are not attractive and a lot of them are overweight. but they groom themselves well and I don’t notice it. I think they look very nice. The key is to have nice hair and look put together.
Also isn’t lolita also a stand against modern beauty standards? Embrace that aspect! It’s the fashion that relies on coords and not how pretty you are.
I only thought people looked very not alright when they had greasy hair, no makeup and looked unwashed.

>> No.10688493

Some pieces i own have no kind of documentation anywhere or the name is basic since it is an old school piece. i have one dress in which the print name is an essay. I tend to only remember print names if they are popular even if i don't particularly care for them.

>> No.10688517

Hell no. I'm in the same boat as you. My wardrobe is 90% old school solids. I always try to find my pieces on lolibrary but I just have a lot that I've never been able to find. Out of the 5 prints I own, I only know the names of two of them since the rest are ????

>> No.10688548

Favourite photo apps for adding cute stickers and the like?

>> No.10688554

I like LINE Camera! You have to pay for most cute sticker packs, but you also have the option to make them out of any images you want

>> No.10688560

I was trying to get the Usakumya stickers on there but couldn’t find them at all through the app. Anyone else able to?

>> No.10688580
File: 366 KB, 2400x3600, nm_3699909_100550_m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know if I should ask here or /fa/ but I'm looking for casual dresses that have lolita skirt silhouettes that aren't lolita. When shopping around, normal dresses offered have an A-line that isn't poofy enough or long enough/have enough fabric to allow a petticoat without looking odd. It can be jfashion, but I'm just looking for casual dresses in general with the similar shape. Pic somewhat related.

>> No.10688591 [DELETED] 

Can a print fade from just being in a well-lit room outside of a closet for a long period of time?

I recently noticed that the print on my Silent Moon Onepiece (black x white colourway of the 2019 release) seems to have faded. I can't include photos but it's not as white and crisp as it used to be.
I had put it on the mannequin my bedroom for about two months, it couldn't possibly get exposed to direct sunlight where it stood so I kind of panicked when I noticed the fading and put the dress right back into my closet.
Maybe I got it like that but never paid attention to this issue before, but it really annoys me, especially since I can't fix it.

>> No.10688596 [DELETED] 

Can a print fade from just being in a well-lit room for a long period of time?

I recently noticed that the print on my Silent Moon onepiece (black x white colourway of the 2019 release) seems to have faded. I can't include any pics but it's not as white and crisp as it used to be.
I had put it on the mannequin in my bedroom for about two months. It couldn't possibly get exposed to direct sunlight where it stood so I panicked when I noticed the fading and put the dress back into my closet.
Maybe I got it like that but never paid attention to this issue before, but it really annoys me, especially since I can't fix it.

>> No.10688601

Yes, absolutely. That’s why I never use any of my dresses as mannequin displays

>> No.10688605

Emily temple cute, Jane Marple, milk, & other otome brands might offer the kind of vibe you're going for. Are you looking for non-print or more casual/subtle prints

>> No.10688608

Anyone have any suggestions for good lifestyler blogs? Looking for people who actually walk the walk instead of just talking the talk

>> No.10688609

Try 1950s style swing dresses? They were worn with petticoats back then. Vintage reproduction & rockabilly brands still make them.

>> No.10688619

I know my mains visually (and have a psd file for it) and have everything in a spreadsheet but most things really start to blend together after a while. I probably need a full visual catalog of everything so I'm not buying almost the same kinda shit because I have such a limited scope of things I really like.

>> No.10688623

This works, thank you! Wanted some cute clothes to wear inbetween lolita for places I can't/shouldn't wear it to.

>> No.10688642

You should be able to log in and purchase them here

>> No.10688643

I have them on my account, but not in my LINE camera app

>> No.10688680

anyone know where I can get really cute custom Disneyland ears to go with my lolita coords?

>> No.10688772

Can I paint over antaina PU leather shoes with acrylic paint? will it look like shit? My SS messed up and got them in the wrong color. I was thinking to paint it all pink instead of letting it go to waste

>> No.10688774


I once had a pair of tea parties that I wanted a different color that I tried to paint. They cracked all over and looked fucking terrible.

>> No.10688776

Just use leather paint. Or buy the right color shoes.

>> No.10688777

Please don't, either buy some Angelus paint or resell them and get another pair

>> No.10688778

ok, i'll just resell them and won't try painting it, i already have acrylic paint and don't want to buy more paints.
I re-ordered the hoes stating very carefully the color i wanted and the color i didn't want, so it should be ok this time

>> No.10688779

*shoes, not hoes lol

>> No.10688814

Why does LM have a replica category if they'll just delete your sale for being a replica anyway?

>> No.10688820

Did you not read the rules and sell a print replica or something?

>> No.10688827

No. I'm just curious since there's a replica category on sales. Is that strictly for solid dresses? I've just seen a lot of people sell print replicas on LM too and the mods never seem to do anything.

>> No.10688828

Just read the rules, it’s explained very clearly

>> No.10688831

I have read the rules. I guess I just don't understand why they say those things but sales don't really seem to reflect the rules. Idk maybe the answer is just simply mods are lazy and don't check sales often.

>> No.10688832

They don’t do shit. Reported posts stay up for days.

>> No.10688853

because lm mods are shit all around

>> No.10688864

I'm pretty new. Does metamorphose restock their raschel lace socks? I wanted to buy the knee high ones in all colors but its sold out currently.

>> No.10688868

You can ask them. Sometimes they have them in stock at the physical stores and the website doesn't reflect that.

>> No.10688870

Not sure if this is worth a whole new thread so I’ll ask here:

Favorite makeup looks? Ones you want to wear as an everyday look but are too embarrassed/shy? Really colorful makeup looks?

>> No.10688873

Oh cool thanks I sent an inquiry just now. :)

>> No.10688878

Elastic can be used to tighten a waistband too idiot

>> No.10688880

Ngl I sometimes darn the top loop and the highest cross-cross of the straps to the actual sock (cotton socks only obvs) if I really want it to stay up for a period of time. But if I’m walking a lot I do what a lot of people do and just wrap the straps tightly around my ankles

>> No.10688882

full clown makeup

>> No.10688891

anyone else waiting for summer tales to open their webshop?? they said it'll open today, and it's already 2pm at their timezone?

>> No.10689030

can anybody tell me if fancy hospital in black has lav in the print?
sometimes ap changes print colors for the dif colorways & i can't tell

>> No.10689124

Why was Shimotsuma Monogatari translated to Kamikaze Girls? What does it have to do with kamikaze fighters....?

>> No.10689128

1. Titles aren’t always translated literally.
2. Kamikaze isn’t just about fighters, it’s literally divine wind.

Since literally it would be called Shimotsuma story it’s already a weird thing to translate so I think it’s just to be edgy.

>> No.10689129

Yeah I understand why the literal translation wasn't chosen, but "kamikaze" seemed like a strange choice.

>> No.10689135

because it's one of 5 japanese words people would know/recognize

"kamikaze girls" is a more interesting name to grab people's attention than "shimotsuma story"

>> No.10689153

Because they need to market films to a foreign audience when they get released outside of Japan

>> No.10689221

Anyone know a good place I can get cute pastel fake glasses? Just the plastic frames are fine.

>> No.10689296
File: 43 KB, 700x700, 1_000000012867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which Western brands are similar to Milkboy?

>> No.10689400

Is it possible to turn an ivory blouse cleanly white? Like if I just use a color remover or some thing to strip it out?

>> No.10689425

for the opposite of this, how do i turn a clean white fabric into an old looking yellow/ivory/cream color ? i hate the way pure white looks. thank you in advance !

>> No.10689430

Tea staining or fabric dye.

>> No.10689447

The OP pic is so cute. Thanks, OP for the pic

>> No.10689449

>tfw op just color changed the one you originally made

>> No.10689472

Nta but it's cute!

>> No.10689476

thank you original anon

>> No.10689698

Any other US 8s have experience buying Antaina shoes? I'm trying to guess my size since I know Chinese sizing can run small and my size 39 shoes from Angelic Imprint are way too small

>> No.10689708

They have a size chart, just measure your feet and add 0.5-1cm. I'm a US 9, but wear a size 10 and order Chinese size 42 shoes. They fit me perfectly

>> No.10689709

They fit me just fine but I think you should take into account the shape of your feet as well as how wide they are. I have very pointy shoe shaped feet so their round toes styles crush my big toes.

>> No.10689741

are there any trendy jfash brands that aren't garbage fast fashion quality? i have a few pieces from liz lisa, ank rouge, and swankiss so i'm looking for brands aesthetically along those lines but actually well-made

>> No.10689743

Literally go to H&M, they're not that special

>> No.10689752

this, if you want it special you can ask a local cricut owner to add a design overtop

>> No.10689761

Does anyone know what kind of shoes antaina can make in real leather? They keep saying they can’t make the style i want in real leather and i’ve been trying different styles. It’s so confusing because on the item page it says it can be changed to real leather

>> No.10689877

Why do Japanese websites always keep sold out items listed, even if they have no plans to restock them? I've noticed it's less common on Western sites. It just teases me,

>> No.10689890

I don't think they use real leather anymore. I've also tried with different styles. What SS are you using?

>> No.10689891

They're doing that specifically so westeners can seethe over the items they missed

>> No.10689901
File: 2.06 MB, 960x2079, A837921E-38B8-48AB-BDEF-EC73A8625424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The thing is i was able to get this shoe style done in real leather last week and paid about 100 extra yuan for it. So they can do it for only this one it seems. which is weird
I’m using superbuy! guess i’ll just stick with this shoe style then

>> No.10689914
File: 40 KB, 479x640, 1593642197427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it works

>> No.10689916

There are plenty of artists you can find on instagram who make nice original designs and occasionally put them on sweat shirts.

>> No.10689921

Not Aintaina but as a data point for Sosic Shop which also uses UK/Chinese sizing: I'm a US 7.5, run a little wide at the toe box (for heels I usually try 7.5W first). A size 39 fits me well. Convert to UK and then go up a number is a good rule of thumb

>> No.10689944

I'm about to soak some secondhand in oxiclean. One is visibly stained, the other is just smelly. Any recs for how long I should soak it? It says 1-6 hours which is a pretty broad range. Both items are very colored. Don't know if I should soak them separately since they are contrasting colors.

>> No.10689946

Is LM still a good place to sell if you have 0 feedback? Better off finding someone on reddit or depop?

>> No.10689951

Just be really thorough with your proof pictures, take at least a few and write down your username to include in the pictures.

>> No.10689952

do people buy secondhand Taobao at S/M sizes? The max waist on my dresses is on average 80cm but the stuff I see sell is a lot roomier

>> No.10689971

how do you all deal with the fear of wearing jfash in public, and the looks/questions/etc? i love wearing the things i like outside but people seeing me in it kills me.

>> No.10689975

frankly, the first 2 times i wore jfashion outside, i had to take a shot to build up the confidence. starting off wearing it with a friend (wearing jfashion or not) instead of completely alone makes for a much easier transition. smiling a lot makes you look less like a nervous weirdo and more like someone confident in their own skin. once you begin getting compliments and questions by people who appreciate the style, it gets easier. you'll realize that most attention and comments are positive.

>> No.10690018

does reddit have a lolita sales sub?

unlikely. the reason a lot of people go with taobao in the first place is that they need sizes bigger than brand

>> No.10690037

Can't help you with times but you should definitely soak the items seperately to be on the safe side

>> No.10690039

I told myself that people weren't looking at *me* per se but were looking at *my clothes* instead which helped. Plus, even my first time wearing it out I got compliments. Maybe try wearing super casual stuff for a while and work upwards to fuller coords?

>> No.10690060

r/lolita has a monthly "Buy/Sell/Trade" thread that's really just a bad RSS feed for Lacemarket and WTB dump

>> No.10690077

Wear it out to weeby places like cons or Round 1 first, just to gain confidence. It gets easier as you wear it more often becase your brain gets tricked into thinking it's your normie clothing. Also a lot of people will compliment you, so actively remember those compliments.

Also helps to have friends who dress bizarrely or in alt fashiom that stands out. A friend of mine wears hentai shirts and does nothing to hide the print. You get used to the stares by being next to them, you learn to deflect negativity because you wanna support them, and you remember the compliments more because you're not the one under scrutiny. All of which are needed in lolita

>> No.10690087

To add to this - if you can get away from your home base and be somewhere very public, like busy public transport, city centres, museums - these are great places to be in lolita, because you can essentially say to yourself you’re never ever going to see any of these people again, so who cares what they think? Also one of the blessings of rona is that you can wear a face mask wherever you want and not look weird - this might help you feel less nervous too (I love wearing my mask whenever I’m wearing lolita alone)

>> No.10690102
File: 144 KB, 960x960, 3F2CCD8D-2D6F-49E6-B0CA-46D0BCE9F600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there taobao brands with decent quality that make solid/plain casual lolita dresses like this?
I missed the pre order for it. Looking for cute pieces that i can not worry about it getting messed up.(and i dont think bodyline is that cute)

>> No.10690118

Does anyone have experience with removing pit stains/yellowing? I recently got a white cutsew with faint armpit yellowing that wasn't disclosed by the seller. It was fairly cheap so I'm willing to mess around with it, I just want to get those stains out if that's even possible.
The material is a poly/cotton mix.

>> No.10690129

have you washed it yet

>> No.10690132

I've definitely been able to lighten pit stains with baking soda and such. Just google for a recipe, it should work.

>> No.10690326

Seconding the baking soda only I add white vinegar to it, let it sit, then scrub gently with a toothbrush.
Works well on my colors and removes those pesky dark stains but I've never tried it on whites.
For yellowing on whites I use one of those oxiclean gel stain remover sticks.

>> No.10690342

I received a blouse with heavy yellowing and managed to get it all out by soaking it in oxyclean for a couple of hours. Make sure to agitate it and stir it around every so often.

>> No.10690345

Emi arisaka makes great music!

>> No.10690436

Has anybody received Kaneko's Book of Mushrooms in the mail yet? How is it?

>> No.10690498

Thanks everyone! I'll definitely try the baking soda.

Yeah, the yellowing is still there though

>> No.10690508

Why do so many lolitas seem to have chronic illnesses? Is it some kind of trend for teens to fake illnesses these days? Does the fashion just attracted people who are hyperaware of living every day like it's their last?

I actually also have a chronic illness (and not a very flattering one, so I tend not to share it) but I've never been in a community like this where it's so prevalent. Nearly all of my normie friends my age are in perfect health.

>> No.10690509

I agree. I also have a chronic illness that I don’t talk about publicly. I don’t like to talk about it because It’s just part of my life, it’s not something that I need to make part of my personality.
And that’s what it is, lolitas with no personality using their chronic illness as their “thing”.
I’m not saying they are faking it, I just don’t know why they insist on talking about it so much. This is a fashion community, I don’t need to know your laundry list of ailments or why it supposedly gives you a free pass to dress poorly.

>> No.10690512

Because love lolita and aristocrat can hide medical devices and/or make you feel pretty.

>> No.10690518

Tbh I just think the kind of people that won't shut the fuck up about their chronic illnesses in tandem with the fashion just want attention/asspats and are drawn to lolita because it's attention grabbing.
I also have a chronic illness and massive very visible scars because of surgeries and never mention it unless asked since it's exhausting enough talking to my doctors, senpai, friends who constantly ask questions. I'm not ashamed of being chronically ill but it's not fucking fun and I'm not so devoid of personality that I need to make my diseases into some sort of bullshit quirk.

>> No.10690519

Ah, didn't realize senpai was the word filter for the short version of family but ok

>> No.10690529

What japanese brands make cute clubwear clothing?
I am small sized and western brands don’t fit right. Plus even if its zara, it’s a little too sexy and not cute enough. And also the quality is horrible

>> No.10690531

nice blog, cringy newfag.

>> No.10690536

What year was AATP founded as a sub-brand? I didn't see anything about it on the Wikipedia page for BTSSB

>> No.10690538

thank you anons so much! this is all good advice- i think since i won't be at another con for a good while, i'll just bite the bullet and wear it with a slightly alternative friend to a mall sometime this week and psych myself up to get over the nervousness. gotta start at some point, so why not now?

>> No.10690539


>> No.10690553

Ma*rs if you have the body for it. lol . I think Liz Liza would be cute but light colored stuff may not work depending on what kind of club you mean

>> No.10690561

Good question
I'm not exactly chronically ill myself but I do have mental health issues which also lots of lolitas seem to have.
I prefer not to talk about it publicly though, mostly because I feel like people might view me differently. I don't want anyone to judge me, nor do I want anyone to pity me or give me asspats for being so "brave" by not giving into the urge to off myself.

>> No.10690562
File: 1.29 MB, 1000x2276, rabbit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this fugly clolita shit? i can't tell anymore.
i just want some more casual sweet lolita shit with bunnies on it

>> No.10690570

Lmao why are you so triggered
You sound like you have mental health issues

>> No.10690573

wut lol i'm not triggered i think it's cute.

i'm asking if it's actually fugly and not cute. i've been browsing taobao for the past few hours and i think i melted my eyes and common sense

>> No.10690574

Has going on CGL always been sort of a taboo in the lolita community? Why exactly (any reasons aside from using 4chan and an assumption you post in ita threads?)
how likely are you to be shunned if you tell people you browse here?

>> No.10690577

nta but you replied to the wrong post lol

>> No.10690578

shit you're right my bad i'm gonna get off the internet i can't even see straight

>> No.10690580

Socks remind me of trucknutz . Taobao is for sinners

>> No.10690590

The bunny on the bib is ugly and the socks are disastrous.

Depends on the person. Anyone who actually browses here knows that it's fine, but anyone who thinks 4ch is ~the dark part of the internet~ will probably think you're a racist. When I don't know people, I usually just say something vague like "I saw a post online" or whatever.

>> No.10690625

sorry nonnie but it is indeed fugly clolita.

do you own any of the bunny ear cutsews from baby? they're perfect for casual

>> No.10690632

thanks nonny i see it now. the bunnies in the tit area were weird.
I don't, i'll try getting a cutsew! i did also want some decent non brand that i could fuck around town with and not worry about. will keep looking around

>> No.10690644

Forest Bunny or whatever that taobao cutsew brand would work much better as a casual filler piece. I'll link it later but dude that looks like bad clolita shit

>> No.10690717

Can you wash lolita in the same load as other clothes as long as it's in one of those mesh bags?

>> No.10690722

That's how I wash mine and in 10 years I've never had any issues

>> No.10690777

I mean lolita isn't magically different from every other piece of clothing just because a petticoat goes under it. Just pay attention to the fabric type.

>> No.10690780

nta but lolita is pretty notorious for having prints that bleed and you have to be careful with some lace and cotton so it doesn't melt/shrink
it's just good practice to be gentle with more expensive items of clothing in general since they tend to be more delicate than cheaper clothing.

>> No.10690922

Does anyone know where to get cotton/woven garment bags? I want to store some of my more delicate pieces in garment bags, my closet is getting pretty stuffed and I don't want the old/lighter colour pieces damaged by rubbing against other dresses. I used plastic/non woven garment bags already and I found it made my clothes smell musty (I wash everything, so it's a long term storage problem).

>> No.10690951

desu you should just learn to sew. it's not a complex shape. if you absolutely refuse to learn, maybe try etsy

>> No.10691009

Where can you get generic patterned socks? I'm looking for vertical stripes and diamonds. I know AatP does them but they're never in the colours I want.

>> No.10691010

anywhere??? just google the pattern you want?

>> No.10691026

Well maybe I'm having really bad luck because all I can find are either horizontal stripes /argyle (not what I'm looking for) and costume-y stockings.

>> No.10691028

Try a lingerie store

>> No.10691237

Hello, would to know if a huge knit cardigan necessarily ruin the silhouette of a coord?

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