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OP link the new thread to the old, fuck

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Another disappointing release. Those velvet cutsews are truly hideous. I hope they release their outerwear collection soon as I'm in need of a new coat.

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Yep. They look cheap as hell

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AP's really walking themselves into an early grave with these releases.

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They release boring shit all the time and they're still in business, you nonce.

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AP is still raking in SC money, and the just took deposits/full payments for CF and in December, they’ll likely do NB. They’re fine.

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You can really tell who the covidlitas are when they post dumb shit like this

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Didn't mean they would seriously go out of business. I just think AP's design choices are laughable right now. I know they have loads of money because of how fast they are pumping out releases, but they could be doing 10x better by just re-releasing more old prints or indulging in 2010-2014 sweet. It's been evident that this thread is moving slower than ever and the hype for anything other than the next MTO is nonexistent.

But honestly, if these releases are AP's peak performance right now, I kind of wish they would just close. Some of these dresses really feel like a waste of space.

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This has been discussed so many times, newfag. It’s so tiring to see you try and bring it up.

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In your opinion, what makes some of the dresses feel like a waste of space? What are some of AP's worst qualities right now?

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AP pumped out releases right and left back in its golden years too, you just don't remember the popular ones because they're never up for sale or never worn.

Looking at Lolibrary, searching for AP Jumperskirts in 2010, there are 96 entries in that year for that category alone.

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Ok guys, that’s it. This was AP Halloween 2021.

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You say this like it’s news retard. We already knew. If anything else they’ll rerelease Holy Rosary or something

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>Some of these dresses really feel like a waste of space.

Then don’t buy it….?

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AP USA sent out my SC order today and I hope other anons got theirs shipped out too!

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still nothing, here :(

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when was the last AP USA update? I feel like it's been about a month?

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2 weeks, I think? It could be a month and I wouldn't know. The fall releases all suck.

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I got SC today and everything is great except for the socks. What the fuck. I weigh 110 and had to tighten the corsetting on the dress to get a good fit but putting the socks on was a fucking mission and they barely fit. What the hell AP.

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The socks lately have been a total clusterfuck. I think they switched to a thinner lower grade nylon blend. If you order a few thousand pairs the higher end varieties are well under $2 a pair, but stiffer and lower grade varieties can easily be under a dollar. They charge $25+ for them. At least give us decent quality.

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I sold the socks immediately after trying them on. They were such ass compared to my other AP socks, I was really disappointed.

>> No.10687061

I'm glad I ended up not buying these. After trying on the Topping Heart and FPS ones and barely getting them on because of how little stretch they have, I'm done with AP OTKs for now.

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Any gulls who’ve owned the original SC and the new one? I’m wondering how the new fabric compares, I remember the original being thinner than usual and the colors on the new one look more vibrant. I was just wondering.

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I don't own the new one but i've seen it in person. i have the og sc in mint condition and it's a little less vibrant than the new one. not sure about the fabric, I didn't get to touch it but maybe another gull knows

>> No.10687122

Opposite here, I own the new one and not the old but I've seen the old one in person several tiems before. The newer one is more vibrant and the fabric is thicker

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File: 241 KB, 600x720, 2_pk_1633935141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Such a waste of a good cut

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File: 307 KB, 600x720, 10_1633940979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Becky leopard...what in the Charlotte Russe Forever 21 hell is this

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Some of the jewelry is kind of cute at least.

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No that can’t be real. I was thinking the skirt was cute because it reminds me of punkuma but after this i think i’ll pass

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This looks like gum you could buy from one of those quarter machines.

>> No.10687144

It would be decent if it wasn’t the ugly dusty rose color that doesn’t match 99% of their prints

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I like this cut, but of course it's fucking store exclusive. I know the online shop is getting it too but let's be real if you're outside of Japan you're too far from the servers to beat all the Japanese lolitas

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It’s like secret honey, ETC, and algonquins had a predictably hideous baby

>> No.10687153

Use a VPN

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Fucking hell that’s accurate lmao. That godawful cheetah print

>> No.10687168

There’s a lot going on here

>> No.10687170

uhh anon i don't think you're going to have much competition in buying this

>> No.10687173

They released so much random ugly stuff this week. I'm still waiting for Dolls Collection accessories and socks.

>> No.10687178

What accessories? The only jewelry I remember in the photos was the Noble Collection jewelry.

>> No.10687189

If it was a skirt, I would have gotten it

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There is a skirt that looks like the bottom part of the OP, though the belt colors are slightly different

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If I'm not mistaken, in the long sleeve op pic the model is wearing a necklace which seems to have a frame with a bunny in matching one of the frames in the print. Also there seems to be a rosette/brooch in the JSK model photo, which seems to be different to the one that comes with the headdress.

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Anyone else get a VIP release email from Paris, but not have permission to access the page?
I wasn't VIP before, so either they messed up or newly added me, but I was under the impression that they don't add new people throughout the year.

>> No.10687339

I get that sometimes. Usually if they mistakenly send it and you aren't VIP it won't let you access anyway.

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Was anybody watching the Paris release? It seems like the velvet roses were only available to VIPs.

>> No.10687444

Did anyone get anything from today's US drop? Missed the LB necklace but got the ring

>> No.10687453

Got onto the Happy Garland train late but did get the necklace and ring! Crossing fingers they rerelease the dress and garland!

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surprised the leopard print sold out on the onlineshop, was thinking this would rot away into luckypack season

>> No.10687611

Japanese lolita fucking love leopard print

>> No.10687658

jesus christ why

>> No.10687677

What else will the Osaka lolitas wear?

>> No.10687742

did AP usa get the crowns yet? I want one of those fucking crowns man

>> No.10687879

It was also sold out in person too. All the accessories were gone in the Shinjuku shop too.

>> No.10687902

At least the japanese still have taste

>> No.10687917

i can't believe people bash chinese lolitas but not this shit. japanese lolitas are bonkers these days

>> No.10687975

Nah they're just thin enough to look decent in anything and have different taste to westerners. AP is catering to them first after all.

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Going back to a previous SC discussion: has anyone who received their MTO OP measured it yet? With so many people claiming it's too small for them, I'm curious if it's truly way off from the official max sizing, or if it's just people with a 100cm+ bust complaining.

>> No.10688176 [DELETED] 

It’s just fatties crying

>> No.10688184

I can fit into it fine (my bust is 90cm) but I think the shirred panel is much smaller than the original release.

>> No.10688203

Speaking of the SC MTO, how do we feel about the quality? Do we like it?

>> No.10688217

I have the black JSK & can see the black hem stitching through the pastel print. Is that normal, or their tension was off or something?

>> No.10688220

Where at? Personally, I have the original black skirt and I don't notice any stitching issues.

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File: 3.64 MB, 4032x3024, 20211017_200547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The little black dots along the bottom hem. It's not glaringly obvious, but it did throw me off for a moment. I would have expected them to have some way of hiding it entirely.

>> No.10688278

Are you an idiot? Serious question. That stitch is for the lace. It's visible on almost every dress from Angelic Pretty.

>> No.10688285

nayrt but why would they go with black thread for that part, if it's going to be visible from the outside on a solid pastel border? wouldn't a pink or white make more sense

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Maybe you should not inline argue, newfag, if you're not going to contribute. If you literally don't have the dress, why are you posting?

I'm the same anon from above, mine doesn't have it on the original SC. I also don't have that problem on any of my AP dresses either (mostly older dresses). Not sure what that anon is up there is on about at all.

>> No.10688287

In that photo, I can see the same thing but with white thread.

>> No.10688288

Ah. You're right. I don't notice it at all. It's not visible without flash. My guess is the string type is reflecting light.

>> No.10688293

Absolute fucking retard. Take your own advice about contributing instead of making idiotic guesses that are wrong.

>> No.10688299

I’m going to guess this is a factory error because the original doesn’t have it and anyone with a brain would realize that white thread on the blind hem machine would be a better choice. But since it was likely made in a factory by sweatshop workers, it’s not too surprising.

>> No.10688301

As if AP makes any sense. Some recent prints also have coloured thread used by the lace.

>> No.10688352

I actually did, you know, with having the dress. Shut the fuck up. I literally don't have black string on my dress, fucktard.

>> No.10688357

Shit yeah I checked mine and it had those too. Not glaringly obvious but it kinda sucks. But I guess it's a trade off for having a crisper print than the original.
Does anyone else have this issue with the other rereleased colorways? I regret not getting it in sax now.

>> No.10688365

>string type
Just stop. Your newfaggotry is glaring.

>> No.10688392

Were these made in a third world country (Myanmar, Philippines or whatever) or in Japan, like the original? It should say where it was made on the tag. I would guess that would be a big reason for difference in quality

>> No.10688469

>inline arguing
you contribute nothing, you dumb fuck. I'm not sure why you're even using a word you don't understand, since you're so fresh into this board.

At least I actually tried to help anon, you're just a dumb fuck trying to argue about useless shit.

>> No.10688501

jesus christ, this is egregious. I'd hope it'd be easy to fix, but for a brand new dress to do this... I'm sorry this happened anon

>> No.10688584

see, that's what I figured. on the original, they took care to use pastel thread over a pastel background, but on the remake they didn't give a shit.

I got the sax as well, but of course pastel thread over pastel looks perfectly fine, unlike black thread over pastel.


>> No.10688784

I got black, I mean it's not going to show in photos and you won't notice unless you look too closely. But now I wish I got the sax instead during the rerelease.

>> No.10688847

You're obsessed with the same handful of words in a slightly different order. Learn some new words esl chan.

>calling thread 'string'
>into this board
And learn how to properly green text and use grammar correctly while you're at it.

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>78 replies
>6th page
>last reply 2 days ago

wow, AP hype sure is dead in the west

>> No.10689990

Kek did you see that last release?

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File: 17 KB, 360x516, newprint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the fall catalogue was really bland and print light. the winter one should be out soon, right? and then in december we get spring/summer print previews

with the release of the leopard print, i think that is almost it for the fall catalog, so we are going into this week blind.

from the catalogue

>dolls collection (was in larme)
>moonlight castle
>nostalgia doll
>waffle heart
>flower basket
>petit gingham heart
>rebecca leopard
>marguerite dream
>bunny college academy
>star dancer

>this lacy dress that looks similar to one released in 2010ish

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File: 280 KB, 600x720, 4CB2AEB8-6C00-41C0-BC12-75CB550F3B82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy Halloween!
Here is Spooky Nighy Doll

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File: 220 KB, 600x720, 01129375-2783-4D31-B9E5-8982D3975948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dreamy stage set

>> No.10690064
File: 220 KB, 600x720, 282ACD6C-1FBB-4B5D-9E02-30A6D6BD64DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bunny border socks

>> No.10690065

Holy shit these are cute as hell

>> No.10690066

These are so ugly damn

>> No.10690067

I... don't get it.
Coffins? Or diamonds?
What a fucking disaster.

>> No.10690068

The Milk Cat shit is so cute! First time in a while I'm going to wake up early for the Paris release.

>> No.10690096

Sophie Marine is also not released yet.

>> No.10690100

Sophie Marine released in June iirc

>> No.10690107

This one is a jsk

>> No.10690128

middle school play of romeo and juliet costume tier

>> No.10690301

ap paris restocked their socks

>> No.10690410

Was the black cat x orange bow available to purchase online? It didn’t show an option to add that one to cart for either ring or necklace.

>> No.10690412

It was a shibuya store exclusive

>> No.10690438

Thank you

>> No.10690446

Personally I think SF might get it since they got black x orange Little Cat accessories last year, but we’ll just have to wait and see

>> No.10690729

These have got to be some of APs ugliest releases. The weird leopard print at least had an audience, uggo as it may be. These are just bargain bin turds all around.

>> No.10690730

at least >>10690062 looks like someone could kinda wear it. I don't know where you'd wear >>10690063 unless you're a circus performer

>> No.10690764

I like how >>10690063 doesn't even have a model kek

>> No.10690783

I wish AP would do more popular sweet MTO's for it's 20th "naming" anniversary or whatever. These current releases make me feel depressed.

>> No.10690932

yes please. they're willingly avoiding the mountains of money they could be making

>> No.10690933

i'm starting to wonder if there's some other reason for them not doing more mtos.

>> No.10690958

nayrt but there are huge supply chain issues rn in like everything cars clothes etc

>> No.10690966

It actually kind of pisses me off that they are releasing a lookbook in celebration with models wearing (so-called) popular prints/series. It's as if they are directly saying "look at all this great stuff you can't buy anymore!"

AP hasn't run into any disasters so far though. There haven't been any major delays with the MTOs they've offered. If supply chain issues were actually bad enough, we wouldn't even be seeing a new release every week.

>> No.10690968

>There haven't been any major delays with the MTOs they've offered.

This is because the SC is already done and the others aren't prints. ie: the other fabrics are far less likely to be affected by the CCP mandated power cuts and the garments themselves are also now sewn in the Philippines, which is far less affected by the CCP's shit policies that have totally wrecked production speed. Covid hasn't helped, but the number one culprit here is the idiotic policies of the Chinese government in the last 4 months.

These things also tend to be retro-active. AP would have started securing materials for production shortly after announcing the MTO, since they took new stock photos, meaning they already had samples made and had selected suppliers for their materials. Moving forward, they will probably end up moving their fabric production out of china into one of the new developing fabric printing markets in Indonesia, the Phillipines or South Korea.

>> No.10691008

anons here usually say it's for "exclusivity" purposes, to make the brand more desirable or something. it doesn't make any sense to me for a business to turn down tons of money tho

>> No.10691044

I haven't bought AP for a while, but aren't most of their solids domestically made in Japan?

>> No.10691172

I mean you can’t expect to still be able to buy from their last 20 years of collections. What’s in fashion comes and goes.

>> No.10691173

but alt fashions follow different rules and some of them have barely changed in decades. AP just changed drastically because they trend hop for more exposure.

>> No.10691185

No, you're thinking of meta and Baby. AP is pretty exclusive to the phillipines these days. The fabric comes from China.

>> No.10691188

NTA but there are tons of reasons. I don’t think exclusivity really impacts them for prints that are 10+ years old. People aren’t going to not buy something like icp or the new berry bunny print because AP *might* re-release it in ten years kek.

1. MTOs on this scale are a giant logistical pain in the ass. Addresses change, supply chain problems happen, and you have to produce exactly what was advertised, as opposed to making last minute changes. They couldn’t do more than 3 or 4 MTOs a year anyways.
2. Re-releasing old items takes away a lot of resources from their ability to produce new items. You can’t keep or maintain your design team if all your stuff has already been designed, and it actually stunts the company and vision in the long term. I don’t like where AP is going either but they are doing quite well for themselves, so why would they go back to pricier designs with lower margins?
3. Japan has extremely strict laws around art ip. It’s almost certain that AP doesn’t have full, unlimite commercial use rights in perpetuity for all their artists designs. So they likely have to re-negotiate art rights for any print re-release, which I imagine is why they re released 2 solids and only one, fairly basic print, as opposed to something like milky planet.

>> No.10691235

I don't expect to randomly be able to buy all of AP's previous releases, it would just be nice if they had MTOs for some of the dresses that will be featured in the lookbook. If they are going to use their old successes to advertise themselves, they might as well offer some.

>stunts the company and vision in the long term
I've said it a million times, but I actually wish AP would scrap whatever design team they have and start over. AP has already stunted itself by continuing to get worse and less inspired. I know they are still making money, but we've established that a lot of it is coming from girls who religiously buy everything at every release. AP is making money off just their name now.

>> No.10691252

>I actually wish AP would scrap whatever design team t
This thread has said it 1000 times. AP doesn't give a fuck about your opinion. Don't like it ? Support other brands and move along.

>> No.10691281

Calm down, anon. I'm sure if AP gave us any good releases we'd all prefer to talk about that instead, but here we are. Introduce new discussion if you're so triggered.

>> No.10691684
File: 398 KB, 1080x1695, Scmtoleftovers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Paris should have just asked other stores for leftover stock before shivving that girl and canceling her order.

>> No.10691733

Didn't they find a solution in the end? I looked for that girl post but couldn't find it again, so I assumed she deleted it because they found a solution

>> No.10691735

I found it again, I stand corrected, so I don't know if AP Paris helped her find a solution or not

>> No.10691819

they did, found extra stock from Japan iirc

>> No.10691958

My most recent blouse and cutsew purchases from AP have all said made in Japan on them.

>> No.10692006

>she thinks that means anything

>> No.10692181

The ones I've purchased have been, but it seems to vary.

>> No.10692632

More mediocre Halloween releases this week. At least we'll be getting Dolls Collection accessories, but they seem to come in one colour only.

>> No.10692663

I thought they haven't updated their new arrivals yet?

>> No.10692745

You're either looking at last week's releases or a time traveller.

>> No.10692777

I'm pretty sure we had no Dolls Collection jewellery last week unless you mean the Noble Collection rerelease. Anyways, I was talking about that picture frame-shaped necklace from the lookbook.
The halloween-flavoured school set in bright pink is godawful.

>> No.10692807
File: 272 KB, 600x720, pk_1635040695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ap be taking the term Halloween costume too literal this week

>> No.10692808
File: 371 KB, 600x720, d_1635393637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The devil/bat ear beret is kinda creative I guess

>> No.10692809
File: 338 KB, 600x720, wi_1635045026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, it only comes in this colour and also in necklace form

>> No.10692811
File: 326 KB, 600x720, rd_1635041178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aps winter lookbook on the 5th cannot come soon enough

>> No.10692813

This is cute but unless you love holiday coords or spooky outfits year round the only way I can see anyone getting use from it all is if the bat part is removable. If they're going to do non prints I suppose it's nice for them to go with tartan as I prefer it to florals from AP lately.

>> No.10692816

Am I blind or something?
I can't find this on AP's website and even changing the url for the new release page just gives me a 404 error. Where is this leaking from? Does AP hate us all so much that they are sneakily uploading things somewhere unexpected?

Sorry for being dumb.

>> No.10692817

Where are you finding this?

>> No.10692819
File: 181 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20211028-231611_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was looking at a dress on the online shop and when I scrolled to the bottom I saw the 30th Oct news post, I assume it was posted accidentally. Here's the link -

>> No.10692868

Thank you so much anon. It was driving me crazy.

I still kinda wonder if AP is making these "mistakes" to give Japanese lolitas the upper hand or something. I know I'm being paranoid.

>> No.10692941

where did you see info on the winter lookbook? I thought that was the 20th anniversary mook release date

>> No.10692945

wait why the fuck is it $500 for that set?? It's cute but not that cute for such a price lol

>> No.10692946

It is, but they will include new winter releases inside

>> No.10693036

Their academy/school style sets are always $500 larper

>> No.10693039

i'm not a larper just a classicfag lol. i never see anyone with the academy sets irl i wonder who they're popular with

>> No.10693042

Chinese students are the only people I see buying them.

>> No.10693071

They took it down, definitely an accident

>> No.10693089
File: 509 KB, 1200x1049, to-love-ru-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least it's not the one from to love ru. Feels like anything goes nowadays with AP

>> No.10693110

It's all poly, which really makes it feel super costume. A shame, really, this could be cuter in a nice thick cotton.

>> No.10693112

The bat part is removable.

>> No.10693150

Tartan in particular should always be plaid. It's too bad, I would have bought this otherwise.

>> No.10693151

Ugh, I obviously meant cotton, not plaid.

>> No.10693981

so icp is never getting a mto?

>> No.10693982

I mean, never say never, but probably not any time soon.

>> No.10694597

Tfw no pink nakayoshi bunny

>> No.10694598

Thank god it's cotton though.
AP pulled some bullshit with Candy Fairy being 40/60 or whatever.

>> No.10694599

Kinda worried if the red is actually going to be as bright as in the stock photo, I like the look of the old wine red more...

>> No.10694600

I didn't even notice. Thank fuck I didn't order it. What other material did CF use besides cotton?

>> No.10694601

Yeah that really caught me off guard too, I just hope that the fabric will be nice irl. I do own some AP solids that are made of a similar cotton-poly mix so I hope the CF MTO will be just as nice.

>> No.10694603

I'm also very disappointed there's no pink since I thought we were getting a more pastel one this time.

No pink CF, and now no pink NB.

>> No.10694609

I know for sure that AP made a sample of NB in pink. I've seen it with my own eyes. I'm not sure whether they decided to forego it completely or it's going to end up being a store exclusive.

>> No.10694612

I'm hoping it'll be a store exclusive and not completely gone. That'd be odd to just get rid of it if there was a sample made of it.

>> No.10694620

Thanks for your insight prophet, I miss seeing your posts.

>> No.10694649

Iirc babys tartan scallop hem series has always been poly and I have a 2009 heart pocket one from AP thats also poly

>> No.10694657

>babys tartan scallop hem series has always been poly
Yep, this is true. Not everything tartan they release is poly, but a lot of it is.

>> No.10694668

Candy fairy has hard tulle on it. Are you retarded enough to think tulle is cotton?

>> No.10694670

Are you retarded enough not to read that it described the shell fabric as a poly blend?

>> No.10694677

just goes to show, the cotton autist crap on here is just a bunch of newfags.

I don't care about poly, personally, and I've been around for a long time. As long as it looks good, feels nice, and is designed well, then I'm fine.

>> No.10694682

>looks good, feels nice, and is designed well,
I agree people who obsess over the material for no good reason than "cotton=good" are newbs or uninformed but my problem with some AP poly (specifically their prints with the regular viyella, like nu-HC, ICP, and the like) is that much of it doesn't feel nice to me and sometimes just looks shinier than I want. Designed well is more complicated because most of their print dress cuts and designs look fine overall but some of the solid nonprints in poly just highlight the parts of it I don't like without the print to make up for it.

I'd still buy some poly AP things if I like them like their chiffon or a print that's super cute and I know it's better than most taobao regardless of the meme, but since my wardrobe is pretty big already and I've mostly just been attracted to accessories and basics from AP lately rather than main pieces, it is rarely an issue for me anyway.

>> No.10694683

Cotton isn’t king, but it’s so obvs that AP used poly to cut costs, and it’s a real shame. Pretty much every poly print release from 2012-2015 is actually garbage quality. Aquarium carnival and Elisabeth Unicorn were the reasons I stopped buying poly prints from AP. Elisabeth unicorn is such a great print but the fabric is so fucking cheap, aquarium carnival is somehow worse.

There are prints where it makes sense, but I’m struggling to justify paying brand prices when the quality just isn’t there. It’s the same reason why I don’t buy ap plush bags anymore, Kumya’s are so much better made.

>> No.10694853

Who else here is getting the JSK but not the bonnet?

>> No.10694855

Ayrt, and not all their tartan releases have been poly. I'm also not complaining about poly in general, I have a large wardrobe and probably more than half of it is poly, I simply don't like poly tartan. I have wool tartan heirlooms and it's spoiled me for cheap imitation.

>> No.10694858

I wish they didn't design it backwards

>> No.10694872

I personally hate bonnets and they look terrible on me. So yeah, I'm skipping it. The ears looks super heavy anyways.

>> No.10694898

Me. I’d rather make my own HB or buy a matching one someone else makes. I bet there will be some on taobao too.

>> No.10694930

Do you guys know when NB will be open to reserve the MTO on the US store?

>> No.10694973

No we’ll know when they announce duh

>> No.10695002

The 8th.

>> No.10695004

Of the tartan scallop hem JSK series? Which ones weren't poly? I just did a quick skim n lolibrary to make sure and they all say poly/rayon blend. Even dating back to the 2002 release.
And I specified this one as its one of the most iconic tartan dresses in lolita.

>> No.10695201

I was hoping for the OP, I like unshirred dresses better, but oh well. At least there's multiple colors.

>> No.10695203

I didn't specify Tartan Scallop though. I know not all their tartan releases have been poly because I have an old Tartan Check and it's cotton. Cotton tartan is still inferior to real wool tartan, but still miles above poly tartan imo.

>> No.10695280

But I did though. And again, it's THE most iconic tartan piece, which was why it was used as an example in my initial post to you when you said "Tartan should always be cotton".

>> No.10695359

Okay, but it’s not the only tartan piece? I’m done arguing, this is pointless.

>> No.10695532
File: 3.54 MB, 1080x1555, 005I9RAigy1gw44ddj259j30u0177woa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10695533
File: 3.32 MB, 1080x1540, 005I9RAigy1gw44de6yyxj30u016s47x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10695534

Dear God please let the Christmas print come in pink

>> No.10695535


>> No.10695536


>> No.10695537

Dropped the pic ope

>> No.10695538
File: 2.44 MB, 1080x1521, 005I9RAigy1gw44df8tq0j30u0169grf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For some reason my images don't upload? Test

>> No.10695539

If this won't post for the 3rd time I will scream

>> No.10695540

Fuck it https://wx2.sinaimg.cn/large/005I9RAigy1gw44depz0xj30u0167102.jpg

>> No.10695541

Taobao looking bullshit.

Another ugly as sin season from AP ig.

>> No.10695559

why is her hair so clumpy and tangled. also i hate the print it's so...lazy. and sad.

>> No.10695561
File: 317 KB, 600x720, a_1635951116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're in luck anon

>> No.10695562
File: 266 KB, 876x400, 1106slide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No need to wait either

>> No.10695563

I normally don’t do the “omg ap looks like taobao!!!” thing but this really, really looks like taobao in it’s weird simplicity and boring print design

>> No.10695564

This photo does far more justice than how it is styled here >>10695561. Why won’t they let Risa wear a different wig for once…

>> No.10695565

Memorial tea museum. Is this really all the new catalog had to offer? No new rerelease announcements?

>> No.10695566

Nice, a ginger bear clip!

>> No.10695567
File: 356 KB, 1080x1519, 9DEE402C-DA65-4C20-B283-590E648CFB27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped my photo like an idiot

The comments from Chinese lolitas don’t seem too positive

>> No.10695568

Ew. I love tea prints but this ain't it.

>> No.10695569

Welp looks like our wallets will keep getting fatter. None of this is even close to tempting.

>> No.10695571
File: 1.74 MB, 1242x1537, 972E1DE1-DEE2-450E-947A-1AC36A344213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe someone could translate?

>> No.10695573
File: 2.01 MB, 1242x1529, 23A73706-97D2-4E54-8FEB-19B3F56AEE12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10695574
File: 10 KB, 187x126, BA9CC65E-885F-4121-8671-60F163DF08AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like this print also comes in white and pink

>> No.10695575
File: 446 KB, 960x2079, 11C6271D-A7E9-48F1-B3BD-BAC059088BB0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Google image translation pt 1

>> No.10695576
File: 423 KB, 960x2079, A6B65E20-E48E-4AA5-B796-EAA34A24F5D3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last Pt 2
Dont think its anything interesting

>> No.10695577

Photo for ants

>> No.10695578
File: 1.81 MB, 1242x1519, FDE26953-BFD6-4081-B567-8AE5EE5470D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10695579

I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been a DDC MTO this year considering its popularity on the secondhand market, especially with clolitas.

>> No.10695582

>Cream Cokkie

>> No.10695583
File: 150 KB, 1080x319, Cokkiecokkiecokkie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cursed image

>> No.10695589

Is it still popular though? It’s one of my favourite prints and I’ve managed to grab a few pieces for 20~25k over the past year, which is a far cry from what it used to go for.

I’m not being contrarian btw, it’s actually kind of interesting to hear that it’s still in demand elsewhere since the western cohort seem to have abandoned mature sweet altogether

>> No.10695593
File: 354 KB, 632x833, IMG_2526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10695594

Holy shit!?!?!?!?!????!?

>> No.10695598

Please jesus I hope AP rereleases this print. Of course they could have just dug up a dress somewhere for the lookbook. Ugh.

>> No.10695599

That's what I'm worried about too. Without the context of the whole lookbook, it's impossible to know if they're planning a rerelease/MTO or just mocking us.

>> No.10695600

I'm leaning towards it just mocking us.
This is why I hated the concept of the 20th anniversary lookbook.

>> No.10695602
File: 447 KB, 1935x1290, A4F17E1B-E94B-4E17-8FF8-0C421E34EA50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it’s the same dress, I can’t imagine modern AP including details like the lace on the waist bow

>> No.10695608

>No new rerelease announcements?
I don't recall AP ever making rerelease announcements via mooks or lookbooks.

>> No.10695609

They did announce a rerelease for melody toys in a lookbook though

>> No.10695610

This print is so cute!!

>> No.10695626

Are you really saying that about this when >>10695567 exists?

>> No.10695642

Yeah - but she wasn't a model for the dress back then when this was released. So what, they got the dress for her to just model?

Looks more like a re-release announcement.

>> No.10695643

It could go either way. They're specifically showcasing old prints here as an anniversary thing. It would be nice if they released

>> No.10695644

They didn't necessarily make a whole new dress, AP has at least a one of almost all of their dresses stored somewhere. Brands do that a lot.

>> No.10695668

archives exist anon

>> No.10695669

It does seem like that is one of the only old dresses they had her model, the rest of the 20th anniversary mbok seems to be just photos of that one display they had set up

>> No.10695675

Considering the popularity it has now, 10 years later, I'm really doubting this is just for archive purposes. We didn't like this print 10 years ago, so barely anyone bought it. They are likely going to re-distribute it because the price is abnormally high just due to scarcity for re-emerging popularity.

>> No.10695683

Redistribute? Like do you seriously think they just have a warehouse of 10+ year old dresses that no one bought? Have you not seen their sales and in-store sample sales? They don’t keep old stock for future sale.

>> No.10695684

I agree it looks like the old dress. I've said for awhile that AP will probably eventually rerelease Milky-Chan and Milky Planet, but I don't think this is it, yet. AP is never that smart, but I hope they surprise us.
The bag/socks are clearly old too. AP wouldn't be able to construct a bag like that anymore to save their lives. I just can't get over that they dug up this dress and had her pose in front of that ugly door to try and glorify themselves.
>look at all this cool stuff we used to make!
>awesome. Can we buy it?
>nah fuck you guys

>> No.10695685

Ok, my word choice may have not been great but you seriously got my point. I was meaning re-release obviously.

I think there must be some newfags sperging in this thread about having their 1k LM purchase going to waste.

>> No.10695687

I want an MTO just so all the coviditas can cry about spending money on faded, stained dresses. Sugary Carnival 2.0 please.

>> No.10695688

Agreed. I'm still calling it, though. The headbow is a recent release, it's not as if they had that headbow back then for >>10695602

I was wondering why they released such a brightly colored headbow that didn't match anything, recently.

Anon, they do plan out their items. That's why they trickle out releases of items that have similar colors and are similar themes.

Imagine being this dense, thinking a clothing company doesn't plan out their catalogue and releases.

>> No.10695693

That's the thing though - I really, really want to believe that this will be an MTO, but I have such little faith in modern AP. I don't want to believe AP is stupid enough to ignore secondhand sales and gaslight us all by taking a picture and calling it a day.
I've been disappointed by AP so many times that I guess I don't want to get my hopes up. Although, there's also a large chance now that if they do an MTO, it'll only be this OP. They've already made poor choices like that with Candy Fairy, etc.

>> No.10695701

Candy fairy is limited on popularity comparatively to Sugary Carnival. I'd have more faith in the fact that their print releases are going to have more options.

I personally hated candy fairy and when they remade it, I actually liked the way it looked but still didn't order it because it's not my style. Really what differences did sugary carnival have from the original, anyways? The bows?

>> No.10695706

Pretty much this is why I'm leaning towards a re-release.
I hope its an MTO for my friendos. But i would love ti witness the bloodbath and covidlita tears after.

>> No.10695711

With production timeliness fucked and the way they've been MTOs for a lot of re-releases of old prints,especially the cotton ones (HC and FD the exceptions) it makes the most sense for AP to do a MTO and maximize the money they can make.

>> No.10695712

Ok this is absolute trash compared to Rose Tea Garden.....also WHYYY does the print cut off at the bottom eew ew ew ewwww literally taobao trash and I really want to love this. Also the SAD LITTLE WAIST BOW... AP... I'm so disappointed but glad I can keep some money in my wallet at least.

>> No.10695715

>The editing is spoon.


>> No.10695736

Many brands and companies lolita or not keep an archive of all designs and samples made. They likely did pull it out from the archives along with other dresses for other pages as this is an anniversary book. It's meant to celebrate iconic designs. Like other anons said this is an old dress with the old bag. I would like a rerelease as much as you do, but I wouldn't bet on this mook for that.

>> No.10695784

It says right there. Dels means models.

>> No.10695787

Just saw this on my feed and was so confused seeing Risa in taobao until I saw the logo in the corner.

Girly Apple looks kind of cute but I associate apples with Meta so heavily. What are they doing? How are they going to tease Milky-chan like that while pumping out this taobao tier shit? Good lord. >>10695567

>> No.10695790

I agree. The concept is adorable, but the actual print is so low effort. There’s so little detail in the design, and the ginger bread cookies look almost unfinished or like clip art, especially the weird eyes. I’ll get the accessories though.

>> No.10695792

This looks so much like that print from to Alice’s higher end line it’s crazy

>> No.10695793

Did AP's previous designer leave, like Meta's? This year has had a lot of same-looking monstrosities

>> No.10695794

See >>10695644 only tiny/indie brands would be stupid enough to sell their samples/not store examples for future manufacturers. AP recycles cuts a lot too, so it can save a ton of money to have these on hand.

>> No.10695795

Yeah this is a garbage dress. Who tf cuts off the pattern in the middle at the hem? How careless is that?

>> No.10695809

theres no way in hell maki is doing the artwork for the prints anymore

>> No.10695844

That's not the point of my post at all. Anons need to stop sperging out about correcting something that has no relevance to me saying it's being re-released. Like, great, you want to mention there are archives. Who cares. Anon, could you not see all the other fucking posts saying it or did you really need to feel like you were smart as well?

It's going to get re-released, regardless. It's been 10 years and there's popularity.

>> No.10695871

It was released in 2009.

>> No.10695879

Ooh, you can count, good for you. There’s nothing wrong with rounding off a couple years

>> No.10695880

The absolute state of AP where gulls are clamoring for even a sliver of hope for a rerelease of a late 2000’s series

>> No.10695899

It's those covidlitas, nonnie.

>> No.10695911

Kek you’re so butthurt anon

>> No.10695951

We're not the same anon, moron. You're just an autist. Whatever makes you feel smart, but you sure don't look like it anyways.

>> No.10695989

Why would they rerelease a series that went on sale when it was released? There are plenty of other dresses that were popular when they were released and are popular now. There are hundreds of prints from 2009 and earlier that haven’t been rereleased.

>> No.10695991

They did it for Honey Cake. That was on the sale rack for a long time.

>> No.10695992

don't bother with autist-chan lol

>> No.10696015

honey cake was a remake, they updated it, it wasn't a direct re-release.

>> No.10696032

Look no further than Happy Garland.

>> No.10696033

Nta but by your logic, why would AP even include Milky-Chan in their anniversary lookbook then? The fact that they specifically featured it means they know it's seen as iconic now. They could have pulled any dress to include in lookbook.

I have no idea if they are hinting at a release or not, but AP just gave Milky-Fawn some recognition and it's hard to ignore that.

>> No.10696037

It's a print known to run so despite it having a diff fabric type and sizing, it's not exactly a remake. The basic design and shape was kept in the new ones.

>> No.10696047

They also featured Holy Night Story in the look book, and I'd be surprised if that got a re-release.

>> No.10696051
File: 348 KB, 1080x1440, 007lWPAegy1gw5cie21g4j30u0140n5r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pics of the winter lookbook have been posted on weibo, it's seems that all the new prints were included in 20th mook

>> No.10696052
File: 2.95 MB, 3024x4032, 006DtMrZgy1gw5d7prgzdj32c0340u0y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apples are my favourite motif, but I'm still unsure on this one

>> No.10696053
File: 2.81 MB, 3024x4032, 006DtMrZgy1gw5d7iligjj32c0340qv6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The pink colourway

>> No.10696054
File: 3.26 MB, 3024x4032, 006DtMrZgy1gw5d7w5uz0j32c03407wj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Milky chan doesn't seem to be in the winter lookbook, but nor is memorial tea museum

>> No.10696055
File: 2.89 MB, 3024x4032, 006DtMrZgy1gw5d6vo6esj32c0340u0y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There also isn't any coats, but that might just be that people haven't posted the full lookbook yet

>> No.10696058

Why AP doesn't make custom lace anymore? shame

>> No.10696059
File: 347 KB, 1080x2338, 16361665273873814536699772266327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696060
File: 404 KB, 1080x2338, 16361665681582213479359840543682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696061
File: 346 KB, 1080x2338, 16361665567216061288817594348352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696062
File: 334 KB, 1080x2338, 16361665892467111995784379342636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696063
File: 360 KB, 1080x2338, 16361665795793019641172809493678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696065
File: 1.75 MB, 2160x2880, 6902e3adgy1gw44b1j4axj21o0280npd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found the other mook pictures

>> No.10696066
File: 1.86 MB, 2160x2880, 6902e3adgy1gw44ajuy85j21o0280u0x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not looking too good for a milky chan re-release

>> No.10696067
File: 1.61 MB, 2160x2880, 6902e3adgy1gw44b3cvbdj21o0280kjl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696068
File: 1.86 MB, 2160x2880, 6902e3adgy1gw44as2am7j21o0280u0x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696091

begging on my hands and knees for risa to get a new fucking wig. why pair this elaborate dress with the same dusty pink bob with roots that she wears for every other release?!

>> No.10696092

i hate how its coorded here, but i do think this is a cute dress.

overall though what a fucking shit show. this is a huge let down after last spring and summer were so strong for AP. How AP can release prints like this >>10696063 knowing their back catalogue is full of actually iconic dresses like >>10696068.

hell, compare their new christmas cookie print >>10695532
to this >>10696067.

>> No.10696096


>> No.10696099

Dear god I hope so. Been wanting to buy the enamel ones for a while.

>> No.10696126

I really don't know who is designing their dresses, but it looks like they picked up someone from China. Maybe AP was sold? idk

>> No.10696129

This looks like someone just put a bunch of Kira Imai LINE stickers on a dress and called it a day.

>> No.10696130

I want to like it but it's very taobao looking

>> No.10696136
File: 55 KB, 500x600, f3023e99-c2d3-43c1-8042-c3bca73e48ef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To me it's virtually Doll's Tea Party, but with more tea boxes.

>> No.10696141

Well we're screwed. AP really is just going to taunt us from afar.

>> No.10696142

Literally the to Alice Apple print is cuter kek

>> No.10696146

Kek imagine thinking AP sold to some Chinese company just because they're pumping out ugly shit. They've always had some stuff that's just ugly since they've been dick riding the dead larme trends.

>> No.10696157

Actually really cute in this colour, but it almost feels like a sample piece where they’ve hastily pinned the hem into place and tacked some lace on. Needs a border like >>10696136

Oh I love melty chocolate so much

>> No.10696159

My bet is that mook pictures are here for a display, but not an actual re-release announcement. Look at the complimentary stuff from the pictures. Chess chocolate lacy blouse >>10696067 that one unpopular enamel butterfly ring >>10695593 here, stuff like that. It kinda feels as if they wanted to do a re-release hint they would keep it limited to what's going to be released / what's available at the moment. I don't see them re-releasing things like chess chocolate blouses along with the rest of stuff, so in my opinion it's just a showcase.

>> No.10696176


>> No.10696198

I only thought MF was getting a rerelease because I thought it was the only old release that was actually put on a model, but knowing they also showed off other dresses, I don’t think that anymore.

If we get anymore rerelease news it’ll either happen at the big Christmas tea party or it’ll be limited to lucky packs like the apron skirt of honey cake was

>> No.10696299

You mean the Shanghai tp? It's probably not that big event to have a fashion show. AP cancelled this year's Tokyo tp.

>> No.10696314

Please god, not another fucking online only TP.

Paris last year was a shitshow, prints were secret for about an hour, technical team fucked up everything, paris team was trying their best but, wow, what a joke.

>> No.10696315

No not even online tp is gonna happen. Says here >>10695571

>> No.10696494

The 20th anniversary book is the equivalent of a tea party this year. I don't know why they didn't do the same the year before when the pandemic was in full swing.

>> No.10696566

well what the fuck so no spring/summer preview? we are just going in raw?

they've previewed some prints at shanghai events before, just like they have at paris events

>> No.10696616

They released a fashion show video for last spring/summer collection they might do it again this year

>> No.10696617

It doesn’t say anything like that.

>> No.10696685
File: 151 KB, 847x1200, EcmyWPPX0AAUZE_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nakayoshi time is now

>> No.10696692

i kinda don't even want it anymore tho

>> No.10696697

I would have got it if there was a pastel pink colorway, or the red was still velvet for winter/christmas coords. Sax just doesn't do it for me.

>> No.10696704

I thought the same when I saw it.

I agree with >>10696157 I like the red but I know it'll be made from that awful viyella fabric and fit like a sack. The white parts look shiny too. I gave DTP a pass on the viyella because the cut was cuter.

>> No.10696723

It just says there won't be a tea party without clarifying if there will be an online one. Gotta love Japanese being vague as always.

>> No.10696730

I got the sax, but was really hoping the pastel pink would've at least been a store exclusive. Very disappointing.

>> No.10696733

meh, the embroidered bunnies aren't furry like the original. I don't want it.

>> No.10696737

I knew they wouldn’t, but I wish AP had given us the socks. It isn’t as if they have pompoms or ribbons to make them overly complicated to manufacture.

>> No.10696739

Yes they are.

>> No.10696750
File: 46 KB, 500x600, nakayoshi_bunny_jumperskirt_sx_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but they are you ding dong

>> No.10696754
File: 124 KB, 479x645, 7AFC2D9A-FECF-4562-86FA-C805C7433679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you blind

>> No.10696756

An online tea party wouldn’t be called お茶会 in Japanese. They’d use 配信イベント or something like that.

>> No.10696782

You're right, お茶会 is for in person events. Wouldn't 配信イベント be used for online streams and broadcasts? AP did use that term for last December's online event though, I didn't attend so I don't know if the people watching did activities or anything else outside of watching the fashion show.

>> No.10696788

are you? that poor bun needs a haircut

>> No.10696792

eh i don't get why y'all like this one so much

>> No.10696798

It's been unobtainable for the most part.

>> No.10696805

damn the one time the new thing is better

>> No.10696816

So your complaint isn't that it's not "furry" - it's that it's not furry enough?

I feel like this is a non-issue.

>> No.10696843

Yay I got mine! Even went ahead and got the bonnet, figured it would be cute to wear to a tea party. I can't wait to see it irl.

>> No.10696931

Can you redeem AP USA points on the mto reservations?

>> No.10696936

Honestly I want NB and I do love the redesigned MTO (I can't stand velvet personally and find it too warm to wear) but I just want to save my coins if Milky Chan the Fawn actually is announced for release at some point. I know, I know, I'm a baka

>> No.10697340

Yes I just did it for mine.

If I want a 4th Milky Chan I’ll just buy it as well.

>> No.10702441

I like this, but something is throwing me off with the border print

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