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This pissed me off so much. What the fuck kind of choosing beggar is this

>> No.10684090

Wtf. I thought WTBs weren't even allowed on LM. WTBs for popular stuff are absolutely worthless. There's guaranteed about a hundred other people, lined-up, ready to throw a lot more than $300 at Milky-Chan. It's almost as bad as people DMing sellers to try and subvert the bidding process because "I can't win any bids!11!1"

>> No.10684338

They're not, but when have the LM mods ever been expected to enforce the rules?

>> No.10684396

Tracking says dress has been delivered but there's no dress... fuck

>> No.10684398 [DELETED] 

Nobody cares

>> No.10684414

I want to message her just to troll her

>> No.10684438

Do it

>> No.10684442

I think this person emailed me pretending to be her own bf. Got a weird LM message wall of text about “you need to sell my gf her dreamdress” in stilted ESL just like that

>> No.10684444

Did you report it? Post pics please

>> No.10684489

I would if I had a second Lacemarket account ready to go, but making one just for this purpose seems a little pathetic

>> No.10684583

Has anyone been getting spambots commenting on their listings?

>> No.10684645

How psychotic is this? I really wish lm had a block option, especially after I had a girl threaten self harm if I didn’t sell her a dress by allowing her to overbid the auction.

>> No.10684656

post pics plz

>> No.10684670

If one more seller on LM tries to get me to pay THEIR Paypal fee, I'm going to lose my mind.

>> No.10684674

Damn. I hope you direct them to LM's Terms of use when that happens.

>> No.10684742

Or even Paypal's terms of service. Both of them. They can literally get their account locked down for making you pay it.

>> No.10684747

I always do, but it genuinely bothers me how many people seem to suggest it in the first place. I have no doubt there are girls out there who don't know any better getting scammed.

It's especially shady because they NEVER mention paying the Paypal fee in the listing, which any well-meaning person would do. They clearly know they're not supposed to.

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>look at fril
>every second page is a scalper reselling the already few cheap shit that popped up on mercari
>look at mercari
>every second page is a scalper reselling the already few cheap shit that popped up on fril
>look at y!auctions
>every second item is a scalper reselling the already few cheap shit that popped up on fril and mercari
>look up my favorite brands on fril/mercari/y!auctions
>80% of every page is cluttered with resellers spamming taobao garbage

>> No.10684800

Isn't that just $1-$4?

>> No.10684803

what is the best place to sell secondhand lolita BESIDES lm? and yes i asked in the stupid questions thread already, people just kept saying lm

>> No.10684806

Xianyu, fril, Yahoo Auctions
Wunderwelt and Closetchild if you just want to get rid of items fast

>> No.10684809

I don’t even know who she is so it’s not like I feel threatened or anything. It was just weird and cringe. I recognized the username that messaged me from a sale but I haven’t sold it awhile. Not sure

>> No.10684810

>80% of every page is cluttered with resellers spamming taobao garbage
I wish this shit would get deleted.

>> No.10685111

A wild Puppet Circus has appeared: https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/angelic-pretty-puppet-circus-2006-full-set

>> No.10685139

that comment lol

>> No.10685158

I’m curious what’ll happen with that Twinkle Mermaid.

>> No.10685269

>I wish this shit would get deleted.
Oh my god me too, I shouldn't have to go over 10+ pages of taobao crap when I'm searching through a jp brand's tag.

On another note, I also hate it when people keep re-uploading their taobao to LM for ridiculously high prices. You just KNOW nobody's gonna bite, yet they keep relisting it for months and months without lowering the price. Just give up and put it on depop for $15.

>> No.10685524

Would it kill them to ask politely?

>> No.10685526

Is it just me or has wunderwelt gotten way better items since they renewed the site
>too bad about that price hike though

>> No.10685528

Well shit I was going to wait to see how high it would go for before bidding but they settled it outside of the auction. Well that sucks.

>> No.10685533

1.3k, jesus christ..

>> No.10685538

I mean I feel like it could have gone for more…?

>> No.10685539

That much for Puppet Circus in non-disgusting condition is much more reasonable and in line with previous sales than the recent infamous auctions (Twinkle Mermaid, fucking Dream Fantasy, etc)

>> No.10685540

The dumbest fucking thing about this, is that she’s implying only a scalper would sell that dress for more than a few hundred. Absolutely delusional

>> No.10685542

Maybe a couple hundreds more? Seeing lolita dresses go for so much will always be fascinating. Has anybody seen how the prices have sored for those moitie mesh aprons? Not even a main piece, but I guess it's because it's a good way to wear moitie without worrying about being too fat or something. I love that it's now my most valuable piece.

>> No.10685544

Black is one of the most popular colors and it's a full set in condition that's not falling apart. This is not that crazy.

>> No.10685667

Seriously this WTB listing has been up for DAYS. How are LM mods this useless?

>> No.10685671

The BIN was $2,500 so I seriously wonder what price the seller settled for. Must have at least been close to the BIN to not let the auction run.

>> No.10685672

>I bought it preowned from another user on LM who wore it once and cleaned it (details here). I have not worn it myself.
Will never understand this, no matter how many times I see

>> No.10685673

>I seriously wonder what price the seller settled for

>> No.10685687

What a fucking poorfag. For one of the most rare pieces in this fashion in good condition, it's a deal.

>> No.10685719

I would have paid more too, if she didn't end the auction early she definitely could have gotten more for it. This just enables people to message sellers early to work stuff out behind the auction, doesn't seem fair to me. Just do a BIN only in that case.

>> No.10685722

It's your brain on ""collector""fagging

>> No.10685723

It's not that popular anymore and regularaly goes for 700 bucks to 1k on yahoo auctions.

>> No.10685725

The last ones I saw on Yahoo went for more than that.

>> No.10685726


>> No.10685727

Copious seethius it definitely is still that popular

>> No.10685730

So what price do you think she settled on for the Hospitality Doll set auction? I dont understand all these sellers with back door deals lately, why auction it at all? Just post it on facebook and have a silent auction since that's essentially what it already is anyway.

>> No.10685740

Maybe they don't care about money and just want to let a piece go ASAP but for a reasonable price. 1.3k is a month's rent in many places and a satisfying amount. They're not neccesarily in tune with the current market either.

>> No.10685748

See >>10685726

>> No.10685749

If it isn't the highest bidder, I hope they give negative feedback.

>> No.10685777

I feel like privately fixing auctions should be against the rules at this point. if they're going to forbid WTT listings, go after some actually annoying shit too

>> No.10685787

Isn't it? I thought it was.

>> No.10685852

Lol of course the weird pink color goes for less…

>> No.10685961

Seriously, what is with people posting WTBs and someone searching a listing out for them that was posted recently and them going "nah. that doesn't fit my preference" even though it's the same item, items..

I've seen newbies do this like..so many times. WTB's with very selective range. I mean, seriously, good luck finding the piece. Things do not always pop up and assuming something else will probably will have you sitting there for years..if you even get it at all? lol.

Maybe I'm just spoiled to know I can buy whatever I want and then resell it if I find a better one.

>> No.10686000

All you did was prove my point. You linked one that was just a hair under 130,000. There were some others for more than that in the last year.

The second one is the least popular color and it still fetched over 100,000 yen.

>> No.10686076

I said hospitality doll not the ap dress, dummy

>> No.10686077

even still same deal, price notwithstanding

>> No.10686116

>selling on LM
>mail out package, comes back a week later citing "insufficient or invalid address"
>ask buyer, they gave me the wrong address, they say its fine and that its their fault
>send it back out
>buyer leaves neutral feedback because "item took a long time to arrive"

LM is the worst

>> No.10686247

I always feel so bad whenever I sell something small and cheap like a pair of socks or lace gloves to someone overseas, first they choose to pay an enormous amount for shipping and possibly customs fees too, when it arrives. I'm glad I sold something but was it really worth it, buyer-chan?

>> No.10686257

>You linked one that was just a hair under 130,000
Are you blind or drunk? One is 100k, another one is 98k, another one is 67k and the last one is 31-35k. All of them are within this year.

>> No.10686258

>You linked one that was just a hair under 130,000
Are you blind or drunk? One is 100k, another one is 98k, another one is 67k and the last one is 31-35k. All of them are within the past year.

>> No.10686259

Pink always sold for less.

>> No.10686289

Tell me you're a dumb newfag without telling me you're a dumb newfag.

>> No.10686296

>item i want goes unsold
>i message the seller asking them to relist for me
>been 2 days and no response or opening my dm
>they still have things listed so its not a totally inactive account
>they’re probably busy with work and i’m just worried over nothing

>> No.10686389

I've been on 4chan since 2007 and have been wearing lolita since 2010 and also remember what Puppet circus pieces used to go for. Sorry that you're upset about it, but I have just shown you what it sold for on yahoo auctions.

>> No.10686396

nta but also been on here since 2006. anon is clearly retarded. puppet circus doesn't go for as much because newfags to the fashion don't understand the clout and clammer. Velour/Velvet is available for so many things compared to how it used to be. Lots of clolita brands replicated screenprint on velvet designs in the very beginning, so I think a lot of us lost our steam for it.

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File: 552 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20211013-135752_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10686418

Report it and the mods might take it down in a couple weeks.

>> No.10686421

Reminder that LM mods are useless and this listing is still up.

>> No.10686538 [DELETED] 

>I've been on 4chan since 2007
Sure Jan

Sure Jan

>> No.10686539

>I've been on 4chan since 2007
Sure Jan

Sure Jan>>10686396

>> No.10686560

Looks like a cool art project. Not fucking lolita.

>> No.10686564

It reminds me of the starburst wrapper bracelets me and my friends would make in 5th grade, lol.

>> No.10686565

Yeah, and how people would make bags out of capri sun wrappers.

>> No.10686571
File: 12 KB, 753x87, mmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this normal or

>> No.10686575

I reported it, but considering how the mods have never taken down any of that "Becoming Rosana" chick's shit, I think this is doomed to stay up for eternity.

>> No.10686616

Yes, shut up poor fag.

>> No.10686621

Dude, those are made by prison inmates, I got one at the goodwill. Cool, but not really Lolita

>> No.10686624

I was nice and did this for a buyer who said she absolutely had to have the dress (there were no bids then) but she ended up ghosting me. It's not good etiquette to do so when there are already bids from other people though. I wonder how she did it, did she ask the person to BIN? Either way it sucks for everyone else bidding.

>> No.10686627

Idk... $300 on a single headdress... can't say I get it but go off I guess

>> No.10686630
File: 57 KB, 800x450, A186DD41-B974-4006-89E7-02C88FB33A7C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does one become a mod for LM? I check the site every day (sometimes multiple times) and I'm tired of shit like the trash bag and WTB staying up for so long.

Pic unrelated

>> No.10686631

ntayrt but that headdress is well made, you can't get a similar design nowadays, and will give the extra 10% to your coord. there is nothing cheap that you could substitute for the same effect.
it's what happens when you leave behind the cheap taobao shit and go for good pieces.

>> No.10686636

>good pieces.
This headdress is ugly as sin

>> No.10686639

and you are a retarded newfag, what else is new

>> No.10686640

Some people like things you don't, a ground breaking concept you should consider

>> No.10686641

Ayrt, I never buy taobao (god forbid a headdress) and I have no doubt it's well made. Still wouldn't drop $300 for a single headdress though. I feel like it'd be such a waste when I could buy more than a few of the second-hand brand pieces on my list. At least the seller is happy?

>> No.10686646

I don't think it's worth the price either but Moitie doesn't make them like that anymore so. Moitiefags are also known for dropping crazy money on dream items newfag chan.
When you've been in the fashion long enough, your dream item list gets really short. I've cleared most of my dream items, if anything rare comes up I'd pay more than market rate for it.

>> No.10686650

Don't buy it and shut the fuck up. Problem solved.

>> No.10686673

Why do 90% of threads always devolve into poorfags vs. paypigs? Neither side has any sense of proportion

>> No.10686680

Someone baits, another one replies to it.
I'd argue that most people in this community have an average income to spend so there is as few actual paypigs as there is poorfags who aren't either teenagers or new to the fashion. And don't forget about all the larpers who don't even wear the clothes in the 1st place.

>> No.10686721

I suppose that makes sense if you don't need the money to spend on anything else in your wardrobe

>> No.10686726

I'm seething so hard, I tried to sell this in black about 4 or 5 years ago and it took quite some time to even sell this for 100 bucks. Fuck trendfags, honestly.

>> No.10686727 [DELETED] 

Take the L and you meds.

>> No.10686731

Take the L and your meds. Being wrong is not the end of the world.

>> No.10686754

I think this is code for “it didn’t fit”

>> No.10686765

They changed their mind? Or it didn't fit? What is there not to get

>> No.10687181

Or they decided not to sell? If the listing expired they don’t owe it to you to sell it.

>> No.10687201

Isn't it just that because of the higher prices, good stuff tend to stay in stock longer and that's what you're seeing?

>> No.10687269

Nta but it doesnt hurt or take any effort to write a 4 word replied that its not for sale anymore.

>> No.10687274

Yeah i didn’t say i expected them to sell it to me wtf.
I just felt sad that i got ignored, any response would have been ok. yes or no. it’s cool if they don’t wanna sell it. but now it’s 4 days now and they didn’t open my message. So i guess that’s my answer lol. I’ll have to keep hunting for the item

>> No.10687295

Maybe there's a chance they took down the listing because they wouldn't be online for a while?

>> No.10687298

It does seem possible, thanks anon! Since the item had been relisted a lot for a really long time and expired recently so it does seem strange if they suddenly didn’t want to sell (but still possible ofc). Maybe the seller is on vacation. Anyway i won’t worry about it too much was just being silly emotional

>> No.10687446
File: 512 KB, 1224x540, bloodbathincoming.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh this is gonna be good

>> No.10687448

i can't wait for the newfags whining about yan being a predator and how it's so insensitive to the girls who entered and won the model contest to make fun of him for being a desperate loser trying to find a white wife.

>> No.10687703

Do buyers on LM generally not leave feedback these days? Sold a bunch of stuff and nobody left feedback.

>> No.10687729

I usually do get feedback, but many new users don't do it and have to be constantly reminded

>> No.10687914

are people gonna get mad if I list d walkure on LM lmfao

>> No.10687919

No its been listed before. Just put a disclaimer if you’re worried like someone gave it to you a long time ago lol

>> No.10687921

maybe not mad, but you will def be gossiped about, because why would you buy a nazi dress in the first place

>> No.10687930

The woke twitter mob will be.

>> No.10687931

they'll want her to destroy it or something kek

>> No.10687935

I’ve done this with items I thought I wanted, got, it sat in my closet for a year, and it was time to go. I never took the time to invest in buying accessories for it or my style changed.

>> No.10687936

For the last time, tons of military uniforms during that era used those themes.

>> No.10687940

but muh sustainability

>> No.10687950

sure but this one has a german name for a reason. it was intentional, don't be dense

>> No.10687955

can this please not turn into another dIe WaLkUrE bAyUdD thread??

>> No.10687959

Die Walkure is an extremely famous war opera you retard. If DW is suddenly a nazi coord based on design alone then so is most military lolita.

>> No.10687964

If you're serious about selling it, I'm a lonelita who's interested. What parts of the set do you have, what colorway?

>> No.10687965

Drop your email and I’ll send an offer too.

>> No.10687979

Yeah but you could post it on the buy/sell thread here. As long as you drop and email and proof pics and don’t do PayPal friends and family, it’s pretty safe for both users. I’ve done it before. The best buyers I’ve bought from on cgl actually linked me to positive feedback on the LM account with proof pics including their LM handle, which meant I got to see they were legit, but they didn’t have to bear the stress of people gossiping about their public LM listing

>> No.10687996

I'd love to buy and sell on here but don't people worry about being outed? Idk if I trust gulls to be confidential about my info

>> No.10687997

If you think about it, it's just yet another popular Meta release, everyone who isn't a covidlita has at least heard of its existence, its reputation and that not everyone owning it is a nazi by default. Also nobody knows why you're owning or selling it in the first place, which is nobody's business anyways. I don't think anyone would judge you for wanting to get rid of it though someone might judge whoever will buy it in the end.

Tldr: if I were you, I'd list it like anything else because you don't have to keep something you don't wear in your closet, even if someone's gonna cry NAZI over it.

>> No.10688004

Really only interested in the mantle or the tie in black, but that other anon is right, you might be better served moving to the BST thread since you might get multiple offers (and if you're more specific about what pieces you have you might find someone interested in the whole set or other parts).

>> No.10688222

Opposite for me. Had a buyer message me begging for a dress that I couldn't be bothered to relist for a while, I told them within the day yes I can relist it for them, and they ghosted and never even read my reply. Wtf.

It's funny how like the start of the site its current state is. They desperately need the help but clearly, they don't want it.

I suppose to give benefit of the doubt, they might not be able to add additional mod privileges since the admin went AWOL.

I've had both buyers and sellers not leaving feedback, both newer and older users as well. But it definitely feels more common.

To be honest no one cares. As long as you don't give a reason for someone to out you like scamming or sending damaged goods, it's just a business transaction like any on LM. I've bought and sold on here many times.

>> No.10688223

I mean it’s really a “you out me I out you situation”, that’s basically your security. If nothing else trust they don’t want to out themselves as much as you don’t want to be outed.

>> No.10689241
File: 435 KB, 1124x1814, 5709A615-F52D-4452-BD62-5DFD93A0C772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so sick of handmade items. They need to be banned, because they're never any good. They're usually trash at best, if not completely random instead of being anywhere close to lolita fashion. They either end up not selling and being relisted a thousand times or have to be deleted; essentially all they do is clog the site up.

Anyone agree? I'm going to be contacting the mods fo suggest this. If enough people do at, they may implement it. Feel free to join me I guess lol

>> No.10689245

Yes! I straight up had to ask people to leave feedback. I'm still in the single digits of feedback when I've already bought 10+ things and paid within 24 hours of getting the invoice.

>> No.10689247

Yeah keep your regretsy on etsy.

>> No.10689249

I've seen 2 handmade items i really liked, one was that handmade kumya from the GLB and another was a classic skirt that i bought.
But yeah i'm sick of the becoming rosana bullshit and these ugly lace things clogging up the site.

>> No.10689272

Would it be hard to open a new LM acct even if you already have one? My current one is compromised because of the scammer fiasco back in 2019 ish (the scammer made multiple accts and would nonstop harass me and a few others by constantly buying our listings only to leave fake bad reviews)

I emailed the mods but who knows when I'll hear back

>> No.10689273

100% agree. Lm is not your personal storefront. It should be relegated to secondhand sales like it's mean to.

>> No.10689279

I have 3 accounts kek. I'm not sure how reasonable it is to do now with the whole verification thing, but they do say they don't save your info so in theory you could space them out and make a bunch if they don't remember you. Or make a fake ID in photoshop/use your parents/ SO/ siblings/ roommates ID

>> No.10689494
File: 511 KB, 372x498, 2021-10-20 18_07_26-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this one of the good handmade items?

>> No.10689496

is it a rug? it's pretty cute

>> No.10689498

That’s adorable

>> No.10689499

Was considering making something like this but of Porter Bear as a gift for a friend's birthday coming up. Looks nice.

>> No.10689505

yeah a rug. at least one person is willing to pay $200 for it. desu this is the one gem of random handmade shit on lm

>> No.10689509

I wonder if she takes commissions...

I want cute print rugs!

>> No.10689514

Yeah, some handmade shit like becoming rosana where it's vaguely jfashion at best, is annoying and feels like spam. I think one off handmade items being there is fine though, like if you have a handmade dress you no longer want or shit like >>10689494 that's actually good.

>> No.10689519

They're actually pretty straightforward to make once you've figured out your pattern, and it's a very pleasant craft to relax with.

>> No.10689553

I wanna make one of these. How cute!

>> No.10690322

The twinkle mermaid girl's mom is sweet for buying her AP. Especially the not so cheap AP. I wish my family would gift me brand.

Although something seems a bit off with her whenever I watch videos shes in and shes had questionable stories and replies to people

>> No.10690333

maybe if your parents were also rich like hers are, they would have also gifted you brand

>> No.10690337

even parents with money aren't always supportive of their kids' interests and might just give them cash or what they think is popular or they would want. also you don't have to be rich to spend a one time large amount for your child you spend thousands of dollars taking care of every year anyway.

>> No.10690479 [DELETED] 

I love bidding on certain popular listings solely to drive up prices. The goal is to get the prices as high as I can regardless if I win or not.

Is there something wrong with me?

>> No.10690480

look at her closet, it's not a "one time large amount" they do it on the regular. they're loaded. she gets a new dress like every week from mommy and daddy's credit card. $300 dresses are like pennies to people like that.

>> No.10690481

NTA but this isn't true across the board. There are lots of rich parents who would refuse to buy something like lolita for their child if they didn't approve of it.
I've known plenty of rich kids who had stingy parents who hated spending a lot on clothes or their children because they viewed those kinds of expenses as unnecessary or stupid.
Some rich people spoil their children, others make their kids earn their own money, and of course there are those in between.

>> No.10690483

anon is clearly one of those people who think anything with expendable income, even if it’s like 60k a year salary is rich, ignore her

>> No.10690485

not really sure why neither of you are understanding that having rich parents would increase the likelihood of someone being gifted more expensive things more regularly. all i was trying to say.
>Some rich people spoil their children, others make their kids earn their own money, and of course there are those in between.
so do middle class and poor families? this isn't exclusive to rich people - but when $300 in the equivalent of a weekly allowance you give to your child, buying your kid a dress isn't a big deal

>> No.10690487

This. It sucks that living paycheck to paycheck is so common nowadays and often out of necessity, but "makes more money than me" or "can afford hobbies" is not always rich. And if you're going to have kids the responsible way to do it would be to have expendable income for them on top of savings cause even normie kids have needs and also wants like sports, tutors, entertainment, money to hang with friends, etc.

>> No.10690488

>having rich parents would increase the likelihood of someone being gifted more expensive things more
I never said this wasn't true. I just said it wasn't true for everyone since you decided to respond contrarily to the other anon that said
>even parents with money aren't always supportive of their kids' interests

>> No.10690493

Yeah no one ever said rich people can't afford things. Just that even if they can they may not give their kid everything they like. And that you don't even have to be rich to afford things.

>> No.10690505 [DELETED] 

Her house doesn't scream rich to me, so it is possible that the family just like to spend money or even spoil her because of her illness (which she always goes on about)

>> No.10690774 [DELETED] 

What's their user name?

>> No.10690776 [DELETED] 


>> No.10690789
File: 115 KB, 1117x820, 105520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I honestly don't get why people feel the need to edit their proof pictures besides the usual brightness, contrast and colour adjustments.
Is this their art project or are they trying to sell their clothes? It's not working well for either tbf.

>> No.10690805

looks like a living hanger frolicking in a field, gave me a hearty kek

>> No.10690806

this tbdesu. I work full time $2 above min wage and can still afford my own place in a big city and to spend some money on hobbies every month. It's about budgeting.

>> No.10690808 [DELETED] 

she has a serious blood disorder ffs and someone here is whining about how she's blowing mommy and daddy's money on lolita when the girl has to rock a wheelchair some of the time. it's a good thing her parents have money considering she might need a bone marrow transplant sometime in her life if she hasn't had one already.

gulls are fucking weird. people should look at the whole picture before getting envious of people for some perceived easier better life.

>> No.10690810

sorry you got posted

>> No.10690812

>pretending to care about somebody on an anonymous forum when you know that it’ll only draw more negative attention to them
ok weirdo

>> No.10690813

Yeah anon, if you do actually care about them then it's best to not defend them at all when shit like this happens, or at least subtly take a more 'neutral' stance on it in favour of them. You can't defend people on this board outright without drawing more negative attention to them and coming across as whiteknighting.

>> No.10690999
File: 340 KB, 1000x563, 1612131778870.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean... sure, it looks accurate but who in their bleedy mind would want this as a room piece?

>> No.10691032

I would. A lot of people on this board would. All the people who bid would.
You sound like you have a really boring house.

>> No.10691037

Just adding on, I'm pretty sure they spoil her due to her chronic illness. How did you guys miss the number of times she's been hospitalized? Id spoil my kid too if i knew they had a higher chance of dying soon.

>> No.10691041

Careful anon jannies will ban you for drama if you accidentally look like you're wking her kek.

>> No.10691340

>buyer backs out of sale because she says her boyfriend found out she was buying lolita on his paypal and yelled at her, says she'll save up for it and get back to me at the end of the month
>tell her okay since it's not an emergency sale and was only 80 USD
>full month goes by, she doesn't respond to or even open my messages
>assume she doesn't want it anymore, sell it to someone else
>2 weeks after that: "hey anon, i'm ready to buy the skirt!!"

>> No.10691342

i would have backed out immediately

>> No.10691374

no lol

>> No.10691397

Same lmao

>> No.10691471

Holy shit, I get so anxious when I sell expensive dresses on LM. I check over them obsessively for damages but I'm still so paranoid I missed something.

>> No.10691486


>> No.10692339
File: 339 KB, 750x1100, 7548835D-7867-4E7C-8901-E309BFF1575A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck

>> No.10692341
File: 345 KB, 750x1095, E752B4C2-8268-4047-983A-4F17246494F6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like…. Just. Why???

>> No.10692346

why the fuck does she want us to see her boobs? put on a damn shirt.

>> No.10692348

ewwww and they look so droopy

>> No.10692987
File: 293 KB, 720x943, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

heavy sigh

>> No.10693022

ngl my ancient bodyline petti works pretty great for low poof oldschool but not for that price lol

>> No.10693050

No one cares bro.

>> No.10693154

It's ugly and overpriced, but it's really not that bad.

>> No.10694557
File: 567 KB, 1125x888, 0F27BCFC-F8D7-48D0-A8C4-8D48B044013B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10694580

This is getting into furry/kink territory. Just because you CAN wear something with lolita fashion doesn't make it lolita fashion.

I feel like inviting a bunch of rando normies to sell a crapton of handmade garbage on LM.

Or like, going thrifting and buying a bunch of crappy cheap jewelry to sell. I mean, technically you can wear it with lolita fashion right? No matter what it looks like?

Because I mean, it's just a matter of personal taste as to what's loliable right? So why not let us sell literally anything we want? We're almost to that point anyway!

>> No.10694644
File: 125 KB, 645x484, 4CF790C3-5FFD-44A3-81F3-60DFD839D788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it just me or does these kinda postings make it seem like someone pissed themselves and just tried to blame it on the previous owner?

If there was that much yellow..you would have noticed it immediately and ..maybe got a refund because that is a lot of damage?

>> No.10694645

>If there was that much yellow..you would have noticed it immediately and ..maybe got a refund because that is a lot of damage?

They might have bought it on the Japanese market or just gotten a partial refund. Maybe they felt the piece was rare or what they wanted badly enough that they were willing to try to fix it. Maybe it was spilled tea or coffee or soup. Everything that stains yellowish isn't piss.

>> No.10694646
File: 885 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20211102-103836_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is anyone else getting adult diaper ads on LM? I'm not a degenerate and don't look at anything remotely related to this kind of shit and it's only appearing on LM. WTF.

>> No.10694648

Jesus christ lmao. Do you live with someone?

If so... I got news for you...

>> No.10694659

I don't. It's just me. I'm so confused by this.

>> No.10694661

use adblock.

>> No.10694672

>Everything that stains yellowish isn't piss.
Also piss generally doesn’t stain. Coming from somebody with urinal incontinence, I’ve washed pee out of so many things without issue.

>> No.10694820

People like you are why I hate selling on Lace Market. It could be anything from food to yellowing that happens to blouses too and the seller might not have been able to get it out. I have a dress that has small brown stains from the colour of the lace bleeding onto the dress when it got wet and edgelords like you are going to say dumb shit like "omgz is it poop?????///"

Between the stains and bitching over prices that you poorfags disagree with, I'm over selling on LM.

>> No.10694825

You sound like you buy a lot of stained things or stain a lot of things but have no idea how to get stains out. Idk if a garment is massively and noticeably discolored, I wouldn't try to sell it to anyone but an IRL friend who had context.

I get giving up on a stain "project" sucks but you should be prepared to take the l when the stain happens or you buy something stained thinking you can fix it.

If you try to sell clothing at consignment or even a lot of thrift shops, they are just as fussy over stains even if it isn't that noticeable and the garment is in good condition. Save your shit for swap meets or go scam on ebay if it bothers you that much.

>> No.10694989

Sounds like you pissed yourself in lolita

>> No.10694997

Jfc is it very common to get lowball messages asking you to sell things below the starting bid price? This is the third time I've gotten a message asking if I'll sell an active listing at or below the starting bid, and this one is literally ten dollars below my asking price. If you're on such a tight budget that you can't bid an extra $10 then you don't need to be buying lolita.

>> No.10695015

Japanese lolitas usually take better care of their shit.

>> No.10695018

Not true. I've had so many damaged products from Japan since '08. The cig smells are worse than any fucking LM listing as well. Jesus christ. I still need to wash these socks I got off closet child. They REEK of cigs. Like, it's BAD when it's BAD from Japan.

I see less stains tho so idk

>> No.10695019

true, smoking is more acceptable there so it makes sense. But they don't eat like pigs there.

>> No.10695021

You don't have to eat like a pig to trip or have an accident with food or out in public brushing against somethin dirty by mistake or whatever If you're actually waring your clothes, even if you're careful, sometimes accidents happen sadly. Usually it's fixable if you try right away but not always.

>> No.10695197
File: 379 KB, 1280x1280, 90D3443E-C14D-40C9-B8AE-F3BD928904BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These absolutely horrifying Mercari listings beg to differ

>> No.10695204

The fuck are you rattling on about? I have exactly one dress with stains from lace that isn't color safe and how retarded nonnies would post it here and make 12 year old comments about it being a piss or poop stains like >>10694644

>> No.10695219

based piglita

>> No.10695228

some piggy lolitas could be gaijin too.

>> No.10695242

Ugh what the heck ring around the neck is annoying but not impossible to get out. It always freaks me out when people say they didn't even try to get out the stains, like, why the hell not? I can at least respect one attempt although 2 is better if you just don't have the right info yet.

>> No.10695248

i've done that before, in my case though it's usually i bought something secondhand with damage and then changed my mind on. if it's my own damage i'll usually try to fix it, but if it's something i haven't even worn then i'm admittedly lazy and don't care and will sell it to someone who cares more

>> No.10695491

Mercari listings seem to be people dumping items for dirt cheap (A Kumya's Glittery Milky Way jsk went listed $150), scalpers, or people listing old items at ridiculous prices seemingly just to flex.

>> No.10695515

I can't believe you're trying to pass the blame off the glorious Japanese lolitas that can do no wrong apparently, kek.

>> No.10695516
File: 190 KB, 750x1086, A6883F6F-1FDA-43F2-8D73-BB0BA73CBEEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is so fucking cringe, and on top of that, they just copied the description from another item without bothering to change it, so the description is from a completely different item. Kek. Can’t wait to see which fatty chan buys this

>> No.10695517
File: 42 KB, 750x135, 50FE82E9-AA18-4808-9D08-9B6D6C6AAFAE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> (like any good Mahou Shoujo!)

>> No.10695546

animu roleplaying doesn't make anyone sound cute

>> No.10695851

I'll occasionally put taobao or bodyline on Mercari and people still try to haggle on $25 with shipping included. Meanwhile there's bodyline and taobao for more than double that. Makes my blood boil.

>> No.10695866

Hagglers can suck my dick. If I was willing to accept Less, I’d say so, otherwise fuck right off

>> No.10695983

I recently got a haggler asking me to price match two listings from years ago despite the dress selling for double the price on all other listings + asking to meet up to avoid shipping. Said no, a day later someone buys it for my BIN price. If $20 more for a whole brand dress is a deal breaker you shouldn’t be buying lolita

>> No.10696011

>piss generally doesn’t stain.
Exactly. People literally used to wash clothing in piss because it's an excellent degreaser. Nonnie is just weirdly paranoid.

>> No.10696036

Scrote with a piss fetish detected.

>> No.10696537
File: 1.99 MB, 1188x1331, Screenshot (13).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why does this bitch keep trying to sell her outlandishly hideous shoes in lolita buy/sell groups??????

>> No.10696565
File: 869 KB, 1922x806, t1rj1mkl15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please........make it stop. I'm begging you LM mods. Maybe if enough people report it?

>> No.10696568


>> No.10696633
File: 1.33 MB, 1155x783, dfgdghgdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lacemarket being unregulated needs to stop. WTF is this

>> No.10696642
File: 555 KB, 799x599, messy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This has got to be an oojia replica. I don't remember the print being THAT messy.

Ships from china as well, so I'm calling it.

>> No.10696643 [DELETED] 
File: 516 KB, 1280x1280, not replica.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep. Figured the very bottom font looking barely legible gave it away. Imagine trying to sell such a shitty replica for that much money.

>> No.10696644

seller is duck-facing in all her photos and doesn't even know how to wear lolita. normies need to gtfo.

>> No.10696647

People deciding Irregular choice went with lolita was a mistake.

>> No.10696708

Yeah that "brand" AFAIK is basically someone's Etsy store not actually on Etsy. It's all pretty low-quality bedsheet garbage that, in my experience, is really popular with the kink/ddlg communities. Can't say I'm surprised bc it's bathed in shitty Sanrio prints but, take that info for what you will when it comes to the person selling it...

>> No.10696710
File: 29 KB, 400x533, 2eb63453-9aaf-5436-b0e9-f8e3ce88e28d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it's the real thing because the print does actually look this "messy", the silver adds onto it. The seller also got the print name wrong (it's Ruins Cathedral, not SM)

>> No.10696715

irregular choice in general was a mistake.

>> No.10696716

Looking on lolibray, every colourway that isn't whitexblack looks messy. Also, nowadays, brand being shipped from china isn't much of a red flag considering how many brandwhores who live there. That reminds me, i barely see any Chinese lolita wear gothic, it's only ever sweet or classic.

>> No.10696727

aren't sweet and classic the most popular in the US too? It might just be because of the popular internet models, who are usually young and look better in sweet. In JP, classic is most popular, followed by gothic, then sweet because the models and fanbase are getting older

>> No.10696731

in every irl comm sweet and gothic have been our biggest. mostly sweet

>> No.10696767

Not surprised since classic is not the most fatty chan friendly sub-style.

>> No.10696796

how do you come to the conclusion that classic and gothic are more popular in japan than sweet when AP still has bloodbaths and (before the rona) lines of hundreds of people on release days. second to that would be sweet releases by baby. classic brands don’t even get more than 20 people lining up for their summer sale, and I say that as someone who loves classic and is one of the few people lining up

>> No.10696885 [DELETED] 

Not really, unless you're talking about taobao classic, because jp classic brands e.g. IW, Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden are anything but fat-friendly. Classic is just not very popular these days.

>> No.10697240
File: 793 KB, 1272x509, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10697241

What's supposed to be the problem here
This is the most inoffensive irregular choice listing I've seen

>> No.10697323

They're used shoes and the price reflects that. Whatever newfag keeps posting listings they don't like needs to stop.

>> No.10697325

What exactly are you appalled by? Scuffed soles on a used shoe???

>> No.10697335

These do look like they were meant to be pissed and shit in ngl.

>> No.10697376

Can someone post the Kiss Me Cat Marie's pictures with that disgusting menstruation stain?

>> No.10697379

ever hear of shoe paint? harmless listing you crybaby

>> No.10697527


>> No.10697546

I bought some shoes from a chick in my city, and she didn't read my messages for 4 days after I bought and paid from them. I messaged a week after I paid for the shipping info, and she said she was busy or it was her anniversary or something. That's fine, whatever. I messaged her a week and a half after THAT, and she didn't read it until a week LATER. Now she's saying she's down the flu (ohh wah ah ah ah) and won't be able to go to the post office until the end of NEXT week. I offfered to pick them up and she made some weird excuse like she'd be out of town for 3 weeks or whatever. I really want these shoes. She has good reviews but 2 other buyers say she got sick before she shipped them out. Should I just ask for a refund at this point? It was more of an impulse buy anyway. I do want them but ehhh Idk.

Also, in a very friendly tone, I sent her info on how to schedule a pickup with USPS so she wouldn't have to go to the post office and could ship them from her house. She read it and never replied after that. H e l p

>> No.10697571

Ask for a refund and leave a negative review. She's clearly giving you the run around and it's beyond ridiculous at this point.

>> No.10697608

yeah i would get a refund since she's being that difficult and shady

>> No.10697681

I just messaged her for a refund but she hasn't even read my message from 5 days ago now. Should I escalate the situation to Paypal? I don't trust that she'd read either message within the next week, since she's already in her head that she "might" be able go "at the end of next week" which to me reads as "I'll check my messages then too." Ughhhhh I hate this.

>> No.10697682

Yes escalate it to paypal. She should be getting the messages in her email anyway and it’s been way too long already with her being flaky. And leave a negative review please, this is not acceptable

>> No.10697700

This. No one wants to go through this, so it's 100% a negative review. You might need to escalate to paypal, yes.

>> No.10697711

Do you think I should at least give her 24 hours to respond first? Idk. I'm conflicted because I know she's on her phone and seeing "New Message on Lacemarket" in her email. I just feel like a jerk because she said she's sick (which I do find hard to believe, but still) and I've never had to leave a negative review. Will she leave a negative review back as retaliation? I've nothing but courteous the whole time.

>> No.10697713

But then again if she is sick she really has no excuse not to be doing anything but sitting at home, checking emails and stuff... ahhh fuck it I'm going to paypal.

>> No.10697714

yeah give some time to respond since you're now intending to escalate so she can't complain. but after no mercy

>> No.10697716

*but after that give her no mercy

>> No.10697718

Ask for a refund

>> No.10697738

i escalated it, fuck it. i wasn't rude, just stated facts and was diplomatic. i wonder if she won't respond for a week to this one. kek

>> No.10697744

No worries anon you did the right thing. Imm glad you stood up for yourself and didn’t take shit from flaky sellers. You communicated with her many times and she won’t respond or even read it, after all.
Hope it goes well for you(but it should) and hope whatever’s going on with the seller goes well too. Although i’m curious what she says when she sees the paypal chargeback kek

>> No.10697746

Good luck, there’s no excuse to her being so unreasonable. Lacemarket policy states that the seller must ship the item within 2 weeks if the seller was prompt about delayed shipment with buyer. She was not prompt with you and often made last minute excuses.

>> No.10697750

that's good, it honestly sounded like she was trying to scam you or something

>> No.10697755

Thanks gulls!! I don't feel guilty anymore. I really hate leaving bad reviews though, but I hate being scammed even more. I didn't know that about the lacemarket policy!

>> No.10697758

>all those $$$ jetj listings popping up on lm
>seller is 10 day old account with zero feedback
Is this a scam gulls

>> No.10697761

She just replied (of course) and her husband is supposedly "loosing" his job so it's been "really hard" and I have to wait til next week to get a refund because she hasn't gotten her paycheck. Holy shit. What are the odds that you get the flu, have an anniversary, and your husband "looses" his job all in the span of 2 weeks? Shit happens but yikes. No need to make up excuses over a goddamn pair of taobao shoes. She offered to meet up tomorrow at a mall 45 min from me. I thought she had the flu and couldn't go anywhere??? I'm not trying to be jerk but. Holy shitttt

>> No.10697762

Wow, she sounds like an absolute nightmare to deal with. Sorry you have to go through this, anon - I just had to wait for a seller to ship out my $$$ item for an entire month myself. Hard not to lose your patience at that point.

>> No.10697764

Damn wtf. Some people just keep digging holes for themselves and saying more lies. I feel like she’d flake you too if you said ok to meeting at the mall thats an hr and a half fucking round trip. If she can meet you at a mall she can’t ship it out????

>> No.10697765

Probably another chinese lolita trying to get into Lm.

>> No.10697767

Ooof sorry you had to deal with that too :(
Ikr? I thought that too. And like... you trying to give me the flu bitch? Not like she actually has the flu, let's be real lol

>> No.10697864

A barrage all at once of insanely shitty shit can and does happen to people all the time. I STG if I wrote a book on the awful coincidences in my life, nobody would believe it.

That said, it literally doesn't matter what her excuses/explanations are or whether they're true.

All that matters is she entered into a transaction with the responsibility to ensure it was resolved in SOME way; whether that's finding alternate ways to get the shoes to you or offering a refund. Whatever.

The behavior you're describing? That leads me to believe she's either just someone who doesn't care about or respect the time and money of others, or she's trying to scam you. Waiting a long time to communicate is a red flag on that one for me; after a certain period of time you can't dispute PayPal.

You're not being a jerk. You're giving her the consequences of her (in)actions.

>> No.10697879

funny how she starts paying attention only after you involved paypal. she could've at least responded your earlier messages so it's her own fault. don't feel bad.

>> No.10697880

Very well put. I've had multiple terrible things happen to me before within the span of a week or months time- I've also been running an ebay storefront for the last 3 years so i get how it is. The behavior described here really is deplorable and inexcusable as a seller. Even with shit going on you have to read messages, you have to reply within a certain timeframe. Sounds like she has no respect for anyone's time and is making up bullshit. I kinda want op to name and shame so i can avoid the dumb bitch too. Is that allowed in this case?

>> No.10697972

No literally. She replied like 7 times with a different message each time. Unhinged.

As a professional, you get it. Lol

>> No.10697993

Just had a horrible buying experience and would appreciate some input, I keep doubting myself and second guessing everything. Do I ask for a partial refund if a very expensive item described as being in perfect condition arrived with major damages (half-assed undisclosed modifications that make no sense, loose threads, pilling, stitching coming undone etc.)? How much is reasonable to ask for, percentage-wise? Would you leave a negative or a neutral review if the transaction itself was awful through and through, but the refund was issued in the end? If the seller disagrees, is it reasonable to escalate it to a PayPal dispute?

>> No.10697995

no one cares about you enough to get mad at you for listing it.

>> No.10698001

you can ask for a full refund and return the item because the condition was totally lied about. or a partial refund also. is the item usable by you still? that will depend on the percentage. i guess 30% or 20% seems fair if you still want to keep it
if the refund was issued then leave 4 stars i suppose. if the seller disagrees, yes escalate to paypal saying you were scammed

>> No.10698002
File: 2.02 MB, 4032x3667, IMG_20211113_224416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy it now was 90€ before, not 120€.

>> No.10698004

I would just ask to return for a refund if it is that fucked up. Do it through Paypal, item not as described, take photos/video.

>> No.10698008

This......wash your hands of it completely, NOT WORTH. Negative feedback so other girls don't get tricked.

>> No.10698015

The item is usable, just totally not as described. I was one of the anons above who had to wait for it to be shipped out for an entire month too, so that made the experience even worse.
I feel like I'd be okay with putting in effort to fix it up after a partial refund, since it's a dream dress. Not worth it? Ngl I feel like an idiot.

>> No.10698048

This is not acceptable AT ALL. Leave a negative review so other buyers know what kind of bullshit they pull.

>> No.10698050

Who gives a shit? Sellers are allowed to change their pricing. Why are you stalking this item so hard? It's not even a huge difference in price.

>> No.10698051

NTA but whenever someone has an issue I only ever do a full refund for a return. Ive sold a lot on LM/depop and I’ve had people try to haggle over every little thing they can find, and sometimes claim damage that def wasn’t there when I sent it out. Basically a lot of Karen’s try to use partial refunds to haggle you on price after the fact, and hold the PayPal case over your head to get the item at a discount so I stopped doing any kind of back and forth and just offer people a full refund if they will return the item. Just be prepared that they might not negotiate with you.

>> No.10698053

Echoing >>10698051

I had someone ask for a discount over some loose buttons. I gave them 10% off. They still filed a claim with PayPal and fucked me over. Got hit with a chargeback fee too. I’ll never play that game again.

>> No.10698069

Sucks that people like this exist and ruin things for others, the damages on this item are legitimate and very much major - someone just cut the lining with scissors and left frayed bits of it hanging by the seams. I suppose a full refund is better than keeping the dress that will never be worth as much as I paid for it with these damages, including however much I'd have to pay to repair it. Really not looking forward to spending another 5 to 10 years trying to find it again though.

>> No.10698075

I know it's annoying as a buyer but as >>10698050 says, they're allowed to change their pricing and it isn't that drastic

>> No.10698077

Who fucking cares? The price reduction was probably temporary.

These threads are shit because of newbie dumbasses like you.

>> No.10698393

i think ive been dealing with the same girl anon (': i spent $1000 on a few of her listings so she offered me free shipping, but she's since realised that shipping to my country is $100+ at the moment. she's given me all the same excuses she gave you and done the same ignoring messages thing too, its like pulling teeth just to get an update on when she might ship. when she does reply its always "i dont have the money for the shipping right now but as soon as i get my next paycheck i will!". im so over it, i just want my fucking dream dresses already.

>> No.10698439
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 6B41CE17-9355-414F-A9B7-6AC7B873BBCE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me, buy filler piece from seller months ago
>have bought from her before, she’s nice, never had problems
>message her a couple times about shipping
>she reads but never replies
>never receive piece but forget about it bc cheap
>fast forward two or three months
>PayPal shipping update notif
>cue confusion, all of my recent purchases have added shipping already
>it’s the piece from two months ago

>> No.10698447
File: 218 KB, 1141x638, hm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean she's not wrong but she's saying this as if most of LM isn't scalped already.

>> No.10698492

Oh fucccc I'm so sorry to hear that. She pissed me off over $40 shoes and I still don't have my refund, I TRULY hope you get your dream dresses however!!!! Oooof praying for you gull

>> No.10698494

She sounds hideously irresponsible. Why would you spend the money when you haven't even shipped it out to them yet? I want to avoid her like the plague.

>> No.10698495

Please name and shame. This is far too outrageous for someone else to end up fucked by this girl.

>> No.10698498

Also on that note, we outted lesser amounts with group orders in my day. Over 1k+ goods is far beyond even some group orders that got stolen, back in the day. I think if anyone deserves to be named and shamed, it's someone stealing over 1k$.

>> No.10698530

Dude. I bought a bag in spring 2020 that didn't arrive until December. I had completely given up and then a surprise package showed up. Shipping's been nuts! lol

>> No.10698633

That isn't a normal amount of time for a covid shipping hiccup unless it's like Greenland to Australia nonny. And even then. Are you in some remote country?

>> No.10698673

If it's being shipped overseas it's not that uncommon. Calm down.

>> No.10698736


>> No.10698738

hey pedo tranny groomer, what’s up

>> No.10698740
File: 24 KB, 128x128, Annastare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not cool lauren

>> No.10698747

No one is upset and yeah it is uncommon for something your ordered in the spring to arrive in November unless you're a time traveler from 1921.

>> No.10698755

>has never heard of seamail

>> No.10698816

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read.

>> No.10698889

No it isn't lmao it took a dress eight months to arrive from Japan because the only option available was the slowest one.

>> No.10698916

Wunderwelt hasn't updated it like 4 days?? I'm kinda sad about it and it's really weird.

>> No.10698921

They're having technical issues. See this tweet:
and just follow the link from there. They mentioned that all the new stuff from 11/13-11/16 is from page 10 onwards lol

>> No.10698949

are secondhand sales dead rn? feels like even cute things don’t sell out immediately, more like a few hours to a day

>> No.10699001

Great new website, Wunderwelt. Very cool!

>> No.10699004

Wish Wunderwelt would update their very cool shipping policy and ship my package which has been in storage for months. Closet child can ship here, but they can't? I'll pay for dhl and their ridiculous "import fees", I dont care at this point.
t. leaf

>> No.10699007

it seems like it, seen a lot of cute brand items at reasonable/cheap prices not selling which is surprising

>> No.10699022

Wunderwelt has been so bad recently. It's probably because people are selling on Mercari/Fril more now as their items are worth more than what they pay

>> No.10699057

>buyer messages me asking me to hold an op for them
>doesn't specify which op
>i say yes, can you let me know which op you are talking about as i have several for sale
>2 days not opened my message
>i still don't know which op they were talking about


>> No.10699069

I’m op of >>10698439 , my package is coming from the country I live in… Which is the US sadly enough.

My problem was not the slow shipping, my big problem was that she just never sent out my piece. It felt a little careless, but she’s been a good seller before.

>> No.10699390
File: 77 KB, 1299x805, wunderwhat the fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just came here to ask, has anyone else tried to log in to WW today and gotten this message?

And then they emailed me a password reset... I haven't changed my password since the site renewal so wtf happened all of a sudden for them to issue this, did they get hacked?

What is going on with them, they should have just left the old site as-is. It was better than this mess.

>> No.10699394

Yes, several websites not just wunderwelt or lolita related have asked to change passwords for security reasons, i suspect it’s whatever app they use to handle login doing it. I dont think anyone got hacked they just want to prevent hacking.
Also yeah new wunderwelt sucks ass

>> No.10699395

People that arrange sales outside of auction don't always post up with the same price that is actually being paid.

>> No.10699397

Dispute it retard.

>> No.10699399

Just like with lolibrary you have to be in the inner circle.

>> No.10699400

From infosec perspective, you don't typically force users to reset passwords unless there's been a breach.
Why damage user confidence unless there is a legitimate reason?

>> No.10699402

Because even my internal company website that you can only access within the locked building asked us to do it. so unless there was a huge worldwide breach i think it’s fine. I don’t see it as damaging user confidence in fact we should be changing pw often. I’m in IT and i haven’t heard anything about a breach but i guess its still possible. I know what breach protocol looks like having been through it before and it wasn’t this

>> No.10699405

This is not true across the board. Many companies are preemptive with security measures and force you to change your password regularly just to be safe or if they have recently changed the rules for what characters, length, or other elements your password needs to meet their security threshold, among other things.

>> No.10699409

>internal company website
Yeah, not the same thing.
>preemptive security!!!
Two things; one, there is no precedent for WW championing preemptive security. Two, forcing users to regularly change passwords is sec theater and actually does more harm than good becuase typically if you let a user set a password once, they will use the longest and most complicated one they're comfortable with, regular changes means you pick a simpler password that is most likely sequential, entirely eliminating the point.

Did they change hosting site or something? It might have been a req of their new service provider.

>> No.10699434

Yeah...i used the internal company site as an example. Google also asked me the same thing. Unless suddenly a bunch of websites all got hacked in the past day then nothing happened.

>regular changes means you pick a simpler password that is most likely sequential

No...unless it's a shitty website, they're not going to let you use anything sequential or related to your old password. It blocks you.

Please I would advise you to read up about tech security before spouting this nonsense.

>> No.10699439

Your suggestion that only 'shitty websites' would let you do a sequential change is fucking moronic.
If you change your shit pw from 'Cat123!' to '[email protected]' the script that checks for same pw is going to accept it, becuase it's a different pw.
But let's say your reality is the only one that exists, having to widely change a pw so no parts of the previous one is in the new one will frustrate and severely limit users to the point they will revolt and your IT dept will be dismantled to the last stone. Also everyone's pws will be extremely easy to guess becuase who can fucking remember all those different passwords?

If you work in IT you must be a sw engineer or in marketing or something bdecause dear god are you fucking clueless.

>> No.10699443

Ahaha you’re really funny i haven’t heard anything this stupid in ages. Did you take like 1 cybersecurity class haha.
You simply can’t use ‘cat123’ again at all even if you added @ or random characters to the end. as the system checks for sequential characters. You could use ‘[email protected]@3’ however.
Our clients and employees deal with it because they know they need to. No one revolts. If you’re not retarded you can remember new passwords or develop a system.

>dismantling IT to the last stone
Hahaha please nonny give me more gems like this

>> No.10699447

Oh I get it you work for a shitty bay area tech startup and you think their assbackwards standards are common practice. No honey, your boss is just psychotic.

>> No.10699448

Did i hit a nerve there nonny? Sorry you had a bad experience with the bay area. Nope i work in the midwest for a 50+ year old company. I guess that sounds like ‘bay area startup’ if you’re retarded though

>> No.10699453
File: 35 KB, 408x635, FEXP14eXwAYTtmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not asshole inspection day my dude you don't need to embarrass yourself like this. Also, flyover state.

>> No.10699454

Uh, my company requires regular password changes and they don't pull this shit because it's endlessly frustrating to have to come up with a new password every other month and not ever reuse sequences.

>> No.10699456

sorry you're retarded about tech stuff nonny it's ok.yes it's a great flyover state, less dumb tourists

>> No.10699457

Nta for either but damn dudes. Wunderwelt is a shit website, no need to go on an IT-epeen measuring contest over it.

I work for a fortune 500 in IT >>10699439 has some bearing just because unless you're in big tech or a tech company then yes, sometimes the nontech savvy people get more of a say in dumb shit that they shouldn't.

However, info sec rules literally every piece of my company -- so you literally lose your privileges over anything and everything if you don't adhere. I think the level of security is more dependent on the size of the company and data that needs to be secure.

>> No.10699460

but i need to feel angry today tho and let out my stress
jk i'm good now. i never worked in a smaller company or a company that had to worry a lot about protecting data. so it's possible they do pretty weird shit when it comes to reusing pw.
they do lock you out of your account at my company too if you don't adhere to changing pw kek. i fucked around and found out the hard way

>> No.10699462

Fortune 5 here. Infosec is only as good as your lowest common denominator.

>> No.10699464

Correct. Being in Fortune 500, we have a shit ton of data. Shit infosec (although they are anally reaming you for power) and >>10699439

>> No.10699472

What gets me though is nonny anon's projecting, as if the specific policies of their co is somehow the bog standard of the internet.
We're talking about WW's site, not for internal networks for aerospace development or something.
Weird hill to get chafed about regardless.

On that note though pretty sure it's just a switch in hosting or to comply with new security standards, rise of scam industry has seen a dramatic increase in botnets. I'd imagine even niche markets and businesses are getting hit hard.

>> No.10699484

Shut the fuck up and take your IT sperging to a board that actually cares

>> No.10699495

It was hours ago dude calm down, not like this thread is going to morn the loss of this handful of post count anyway.

>> No.10699500

Nta but considering the last replies were only 20 minutes ahead of that anons post it really wasn't hours ago
This board is slow with responses in general anyway though
In any case it's annoying as hell that every thread tends to get derailed here by pointless arguments

>> No.10699508

Lol it's an old joke, just basically saying that the argument had already run it's course. Going on a brief tangent is hardly a derail anyway.
I guess they changed their mind, fukkin time wasters.

>> No.10701119

Finally got a crappy buyer after all these years. Filed a PayPal claim on me. What are the odds they’ll end up with a free dress and me out of money?

>> No.10701228

Is LM being slow as fuck today or is it just me? Some listings are not loading and there's been about two or three new listings after 16 hours

>> No.10701251

Basically 100% unless you’ve got a signature tracking that says delivered even then they might file a chargeback

>> No.10701350

Well I’ll be damned. That’s not fair at all, does it help they admitted they got the item?

>> No.10701693

I noticed that too; seems to be back to normal for me now tho!

>> No.10702223

if she ghosts you can just tell paypal she didnt send it back and you will probably win. had this happent to me before

if she says it’s in bad condition you’re fucked unless you refund or accept a return, even if she destroyed the dress

>> No.10702769

ITT: "maybe if i say poorfag and newfag enough my LARPing will look more legit"

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