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>Interview with WW Libre https://libre.wunderwelt.jp/en/17217/

Last thread autosaged.
>Tyler was disinvited. Organizers do not mention her by name when doing so. https://prettyprincessclub.substack.com/p/its-time-for-community-accountability
>Anons worried about cigarette smoke at the MGM Grand
>Same weekend as Sin City Anime
>Code of conduct bans "a coordinate or piece from any brand or nationality that uses nazi, fascist, or alt-right aesthetics or symbols, defined broadly.".
>No-questions-asked refunds are being given

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Of note, these bits stood out to me in the WW interview.

>I was always broke due to overspending, and we had some other issues that were affecting our mental health. We managed to scrape together enough money, which wasn’t actually that much, for a trip that felt really decadent and left us both feeling renewed. We loved it so much, we kept coming back. I always joke and say that since I’m allergic to pollen, I just come to Las Vegas to be able to breathe through my nose again – my allergies disappear out there.

>I’m also a shameless opportunist... I remember being at Paradiso in 2019, and after the Midwest Ouji-Sama pageant was over, I went around to every table and handed out fliers.

>The biggest thing we did was cut ties with a guest that directly harmed the Black community.

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Anon you forgot the whole we won’t call the police if there’s an issue thing

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Oh, right.

>We will never directly escalate to law enforcement, as this compromises the safety of our guests.

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>>The biggest thing we did was cut ties with a guest that directly harmed the Black community.
Imagine being so fucking privileged that you think the Tyler situation qualified as being direct harm.

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>The biggest thing we did was cut ties with a guest that directly harmed the Black community.
Oh really? Good for them! Who did they cut? Was it someone that beat the shit out of another person? Property damage? Stalking and actively harassing another person for their race? Steal? Run a campaign against black people, rallying other racists to join in?

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> We also reached out to some really cool people that truly do represent the community’s politics

This is what I find most irritating. They selected the most sjw types they could find then said that it’s representative of the community. They literally actively brought politics into this event. And I say this as a pretty staunch liberal and one of their precious uwu minorities. It’s just fucking annoying to bring politics into literally everything, especially what’s meant to be a weekend vacation god damn.

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so no metamorphose at all? that's pretty fucking stupid

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>Code of conduct bans "a coordinate or piece from any brand or nationality that uses nazi, fascist, or alt-right aesthetics or symbols, defined broadly.".

so no metamorphose at all? ok lmao

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Ironically, I actually think Tyler is probably most representative of the average lolitas politics. Left but logical, open minded and willing to learn, but not willing to self flagellate into oblivion like Lor.

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No Jfash at all because the nation of Japan was fascist

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Tyler is not open or logical. Plenty of people have complained that her event coverage in the last couple of years has been off 4 Chan and she never reaches out to the actual people involved.

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Fucking this. I was considering going to this event but this political noise brought up after reading into the site makes me want nothing to do with it. I actually want to thank /cgl/ for bringing attention to this mess because I would have gone thinking this was just a normal convention.

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>>I’m also a shameless opportunist... I remember being at Paradiso in 2019, and after the Midwest Ouji-Sama pageant was over, I went around to every table and handed out fliers.
Paradiso was not amused she did this. I can't wait for her fucking dumpster fire of a con to play out in real time.

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No VF because Spain was facist for a while.

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The nation of Japan remains pretty facist. And sexist. And notoriously anti-black. Cancel all J fashion and the glorification of the Japanese imperial state, which to this day practices genocide and colonializm on the indigenous ainu and ryukyu communities. J fashion is offensive and helps white wash the atrocities of Japan through the international "cool japan" initiative that seeks to build Japans reputation through cultural exports, all the while they still refuse to acknowledge comfort women, korean and chinese genocide, and the acts of genocide committed against inidgenous communities in their claimed territory.

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so is anyone going or did this thread just exist as a containment scheme for all the anti-woke sperging kek

>> No.10683662

>J fashion is offensive and helps white wash the atrocities of Japan through the international "cool japan" initiative
I mean, no one say tell the TikTok sjws but you're not wrong anon. Cultural exports have always been their post war strategy to get people to forget their atrocities. Rape of nanking? I mean but look at these adorable pokemon tho amirite?!?

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It's insanely unprofessional. Who advertises a convention at another convention? And then proudly admits it in an interview like she did nothing wrong??

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I'm still going for the other lolitas, vacation in Vegas, and the swap meet. If it sucks, oh well. I'm rich and in Vegas so I won't be miserable.

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People do this, but they get permission in advance to do so. You'll see other conventions buying booths at cons to advertise their event pretty often. but, they paid and made arrangements with the con owners.

I know your're probably trolling but I could actually see someone non-ironically pushing this.

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Some have mentioned they were still going, hopefully to take pictures. I have a feeling the con itself will run smoothly as most of this drama is behind the scenes shit. The aftermath of the con will be milky.

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I already bought and paid for my tickets/flights etc. so I'm not backing out. If the vibe is too cringe I might just hang out and do other shit in vegas. I guess that's a plus of the location, if the con goes full hunger games there's a ton of other shit to do.

I am really concerned about the smoking venue. I was an idiot and didn't check, because I just assumed no one in their right mind would hold a lolita event at a smoking venue. I'll follow back up with how that went.

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Glad people will be attending, please let us know how the event goes! Everyone is acting like the woke shit will make it a shit show; but I think most people are just curious if it'll turn out to be fun and worth going to aside from what is otherwise mildly annoying internet culture war hoohah. Swap meet sounds fun considering online secondhand prices outside of local comms and small groups and private sales are shit now.

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>I just assumed no one in their right mind would hold a lolita event at a smoking venue
This is the main issue I had and why I chose not to attend. I'm sensitive to smoke smell and absolutely hate it personally so I couldn't handle it and wasn't about to risk my brand.

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it prolly will be a normal convention unless you like bringing up political discussion, cgl, or online or irl comm drama at tea parties and swap meets or whatever and people will probably look at you weird for bringing that stuff up whether its one side of the spectrum or the other cause the latter two are newfag behavior and the former is just strange for a lolita event

i came to stuff myself with tea and cookies and my luggage with burando deals, not discuss trans or race or whatever other stuff

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I guess I have my doubts because normally conventions don't bring up politics on literally every single one of their blog posts and advertising materials. In fact most conventions avoid bringing up anything political like the plague and only occassionally have vageuly political panels (black cosplay etc.). Have you looked at the panel list? Those convos don't stop in the panel room, they bleed out into the con, especially since this is likely quite small.

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nayrt but paradiso only had like...1 panel (triple fortune interview q&a iirc), i didn't attend it, con was still great. i'm there to see my lolita buddies who live far away from me, and to also meet with ones i've only talked to online! so excited. the sjw stuff on their website is pure virtue signaling, nobody really actually cares. in person, people are going to take pictures with each other in front of fountains and talk about lolita, not bring up politics.

no one is going to get robbed at the swap meet, women don't really do that shit and aren't 14 year olds at giant anime cons with no money. just like paradiso, the attendees will be out of towners flying in, and/or working women. paying for a pass + hotel + having at least 3 full different coordinates for each day kind of automatically keeps the riffraff out.

prediction: the unfortunate lolitas with no friends will go to the shit panels and see other lolitas on socials getting milkshakes at sugar factory without them and probably get angry and call the convention a failure desu. which in a way they are right. i wouldn't recommend this for lonelitas, this is just an excuse for a vacation with girl friends.

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I wouldn't call cancelling a guest a "mildly annoying internet culture war". Tyler was the only one I would have looked forward to seeing. As of now, there are no special guest panels that I'm going to attend.

Fluffy Jo was literally begging on the RVR page for people to donate clothing/accessories for her panel. Absolute mess.

Kind of ironic that the organizer said is touting Las Vegas as a place where she feels she can breathe kek

At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if it bleeds out into every single panel.

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>the unfortunate lolitas with no friends will go to the shit panels and see other lolitas on socials getting milkshakes at sugar factory without them and probably get angry and call the convention a failure desu. which in a way they are right. i wouldn't recommend this for lonelitas, this is just an excuse for a vacation with girl friends.
tfw lonelita who's going to make friends

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I'm sure it will be normal, but I'm not supporting groups that are like this. I'm pretty liberal myself but I'm tired of SJWs trying to do things for "my sake". This over protection of minorities in places where it doesn't matter is annoying. If you want to make an actual change, do it in an actual political setting. Go after people that actually does harm and help those in need. Lolita isn't the place for that bullshit unless someone is actually being racist or a general asshole to anyone, white or black. I swear, the kids today would have a break down if they witnessed or were a part of actual direct racism. Better yet, I bet they'd just ignore it.

>> No.10683710

ayrt. if you are well-dressed and socially capable i'm sure you will make friends! in my case i have dinner and lunch plans all planned out for the whole weekend, some of the stuff is reservation only and i wouldn't be able to just bring along extra people i met. just food for thought, i wouldn't want you to feel like you got ditched on purpose.

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No, I'm fully aware that sort of thing will happen. Just hoping there will be enough spontaneity in everyone's schedule for me to be able to hang out with SOMEone.

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They do just ignore it. My friend's bf was being chewed out by a racist old man in the mall for "stealing his seat"(he took a
chair from an empty table the guy was near) and everyone but me and her sat quietly doing nothing. These were the woke con friends she begged me to hangout with too. The kind of con cosplay/lolita social butterflies who post constant SJW stuff all over their SM.

>> No.10683731

racists can be scary desu, especially men, and they often have guns. no one wants to get shot even if they find the persons behavior disgusting. thats normal

>> No.10683732

>and probably get angry and call the convention a failure.
no, if past behavior of these turds is any indicator they will instead call those people racist, fat-phobic, problematic etc.

>> No.10683733

I think the point is that if you make a tiny mistake on SM they will eat you alive and act like their big tough defenders of justice, but if there's ever actually a problem you can bet your ass they will pretend they didn't see anything at all.

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Not that anon but this anon here >>10683701
They absolutely can, but these performative SJW types try to call themselves activists, play keyboard warrior over the smallest things and take selfies at protests. If you are truly calling yourself an activist and label yourself as a no tolerance ally that will punch a nazi or whatever, you accept the risks involved of being political and standing up for those things. This shit is not easy. When you go to a protest or get into the nitty gritty, you better accept you might get punched, yelled at or arrested for it and be prepared for it. So they ought to be sensible about what they say and do or actually let their actions speak louder than their words.

>> No.10683739

He was 80 or so with a walker...

>> No.10683740

>an old man is going to shoot up her friend in a mall food court
don't you have to be in bed for daycare tomorrow?

>> No.10683743

idk senpai i live in the south where regardless of the reason you usually avoid boisterous people bc u don't want shit to start. no joke people start gunfights in bars or dumbass settings all the time old or not. if they're aggressive enough to chew someone out for existing while nonwhite best move is to get away from them asap cause who knows what theyll do

i get what people mean as far as not being all bark and no bite especially since they tear people apart online. thats not cool and i dont agree with it but fr as someone whos dealt with it your best option when confronted or accosted by racist strangers is to get away or worst case only defend yourself physically if need be like if they're violent or whatever. de-escalation is key especially with permitless open carry in places like tx and shit but just in general in life to avoid serious injury from crazies.

legitimately racist karens are often toothless when called out can just get told off but idk men are scarier and more dangerous imo not gonna lie so i take no chances with those psycho ones.

>> No.10683749

you still believe women won't do something crazy? you know a cosplay girl shot and killed her friend in the head right? crazy women just had less chances to be crazy before.

>> No.10683751

And how many times does that happen?

>> No.10683785

Please can we stay on topic.

>> No.10683786

This is actually how I see this going, especially with this cringe af guests that have a chip on their shoulder.

Sane lolitas x,y, and z will go on a private outing that excludes some crazy girl, let's say wondercunt for example. WC then makes the entire thing about race, and tries to pull the whole convention into shitting on these people for excluding them. Based on previous actions of the SJW convention runners, lolitas x,y and z then get banned, and starts dramageddon part three.

>> No.10683792

No way, how often does that ever happen? Anyone who gets whiny about private outings is always just laughed out of the room.

>> No.10683802

NTA but have you been under a rock? Private meets have always been pretty controversial among the undesirables.

>> No.10683806

People hate being left out, not just in the lolita community. I've seen this happen with co-workers and discord groups. They start to create conspiracies about the private group and eventually either work to get them banned or spread misinformation to get others not involved to hate them too. People are petty.

>> No.10683814

Yeah, sure, people bitch about it. But they almost never get a whole comm to agree with them because most people have common sense and are aware that friendships exist.

>> No.10683820


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>because most people have common sense and are aware that friendships exist.
I wish. I've worked in office jobs for the past 10 years and my last job I was in a manager position where I basically babysat 300+ employees. High school never ends and you see it from people that are 18 all the way to 60.

>> No.10683824

>implying common sense has a role in a convention staff that bans calling the police at their event and feels the need to remind everyone not to wear "conical straw hats" and indian headdresses in their lolita coords.


>> No.10683833

>Based on previous actions of the SJW convention runners, lolitas x,y and z then get banned

Provide proof that the "SJW convention runners" have banned lolitas because of a private outing. This smells like vendetta against the organizers and explains why this thread is flooded with the same derailing posts ("their website makes me angry!!!")

No one is getting banned for getting milkshakes with their friends, you sound ridiculous.

>> No.10683838

This. I think the SJW stuff on the site is all silly and virtue signals. Let's be real: Tyler got banned for generally being an annoying shitstirrer and her poor, selfish, clout-driven handling of lovelylor likegate was really just the cherry on top and an easy excuse to point to because of how she fumbled a lot of stuff in her video in a way that was bothersome to many people.

>> No.10683843

Tyler being dropped is the least of the complaints going on here. Regardless of what Tyler has done, it's very unprofessional and shady to not let your paying customers know that they let someone go. It's the same shit has Dashcon not telling attendees that people invited were not coming until the day of.

>> No.10683847

That part is unprofessional and a slip up on the part of the event yeah but anons pretending that hanging out with your friends you hvlave reservations with already is going to get anyone banned or ostracized is delusion.

>> No.10683848

>the sjw stuff on their website is pure virtue signaling, nobody really actually cares
I care. Having predominantly sjw guests and panelists could cause future j fashion events to shift this way. Giving the event your money is telling them the okay to host politically charged shit like this. It's as if wonderfuck herself put this con together and y'all are fine with it because uwu you can see your friends? Yikes.

>> No.10683851

>This smells like vendetta
It’s not a vendetta. Have you read their ridiculous code of conduct? Did you read that interview? Have you seen the mega itas they’ve invited to do events? A vendetta isn’t necessary, they’ve done a whole lot on their own.

They literally said one of the most impactful things they’ve done is eliminate a guest that “directly harmed” the black community. Tyler is no more annoying than their other guests desu. Have you looked at any of these people that they chose to keep?

>> No.10683852

>poor, selfish, clout-driven
You mean like every single one of these guests and organizers are selfish and clout driven?

>> No.10683853

Nta but NY and LA comms are notorious for holding private meets. Meanwhile the uninvited plebs get pissed off and try to cancel or start shit with the ones who attended said meets.

>> No.10683863

>her poor, selfish, clout-driven handling of lovelylor likegate
>fumbled a lot of stuff in her video in a way that was bothersome to many people
What? Everything she says in that video makes perfect sense, unless you're one of the mad SJWs that actually thinks Lor needs to repent for a mis-tap. The only person mishandling things was Lor.

>That part is unprofessional and a slip up on the part of the event yeah
Are you event staff or something? Why the fuck are you excusing them? They did it on purpose, and specifically chose not to mention her name. That's not "a slip up".

>smells like vendetta
No, that's not what a vendetta is. You'd have to be blind not to see how poorly they're handling the event. The person in charge is literally bragging about passing out flyers at another con without permission, and oversharing about her poor spending habits and mental health issues. Combined with the unhinged code of conduct rules, criticism is far from a vendetta.

>> No.10683866

>Event staff fucked up here
>Why the fuck are you excusing them?


>> No.10683870

Calling it a "slip up" and writing it off like no big deal is excusing them

>> No.10683889

What did she do again??
I mean she made the video about lor.. is that why they’re saying she’s racist?

>> No.10683892 [DELETED] 

still looking for a roommate. should I be advertising myself as an obscure but iceberg chart-worthy ita?

>> No.10683900

Yes, that is literally it.

>> No.10683906

I’m going to end it now. If they don’t allow brand with “racist pasts” I hope they don’t allow all the taobao brands that allow actual slave labor and Muslim internment camps to make their garbage. But we won’t hold those fat fucks who buy it accountable for destroying the environment.

>> No.10683916

>all the taobao brands that allow actual slave labor and Muslim internment camps

kek where do you think that cotton for the sugary carnival MTO came from? At least taobao brands basically have no choice but to drink the ccp kool aid, AP has no excuse but greed.

>> No.10683917

better not let AP into the event either. SC is a blood print.

Also AP has done both police and combat inspired dresses before. Super offensive.

>> No.10683918

Nothing is safe from the liberals!

>> No.10683928

They don’t allow it from the entire country, apparently:
> a coordinate or piece from any brand **or nationality**

I know that whoever wrote that code of conduct was just immensely retarded and presumably fucked up whatever it is they were trying to say. But the thought of them banning not only Meta, but all jfashion, from a jfash convention is fucking hilarious.

>> No.10683946

I honestly thought it was fake when people posted quotes from it on here. Legit thought they were trolling till I went and saw it myself. No matter your politics it's just bizarre for an event to publish content like that.


>> No.10684013

Has anyone confronted them directly about how stupid their policies are yet?

>> No.10684044

Who could do it without becoming a martyr

>> No.10684057

anyone who isn't going and is not afraid to die.

>> No.10684058

A black person

>> No.10684059

>she thinks they don't eat their own

>> No.10684065

This. I refuse to financially support a convention whole values are this skewed. I am a leftist absolutely, but this is unreasonable. I didn't know either, so I'm also happy /cgl/ pointed this out. I was ready to drop thousands of dollars. Not now.
She's "racist" for saying Lor doesn't have to apologize for insane people piling on her for liking a photo on Instagram on accident or something. I'm not a huge fan of Tyler, but everyone dropping her and her losing her best friend due to community pressure must feel like shit. It also reflects poorly on Lor to anyone with critical thinking capacity. Betraying your best friend because some people online got mad at you for an accident is not a good look.

>> No.10684066

No, they'll just say she has internalized racism or something.

>> No.10684073

Lor is still going to the convention too. What a snake, honestly. Your friend sticks their neck out for you, gets cancelled from a con, and you just betray her and leave her behind?

>> No.10684081

I wouldn't want to be Lor's friend, that's for sure.

>> No.10684082

you think that lor is actually nice? she's just one of those people who can hide her intentions really well. people who are actually nice don't claw their way up and betray people and ruin communities for a little efame.

>> No.10684086

Look at her original videos before she was popular. That is obvious. She used to be on cgl from just literally the memes. I know, because I was part of cgl when "shit lolitas say" got uploaded.

She's just "above us" now because she's essentially not even part of the lolita community and has followers.

>> No.10684094

The only black they have on staff is just in charge of registration. I imagine you could easily tell Nif and the white chick in charge of special guests what to do if you were black. They cant tell you you’re wrong on race issues if you’re black

>> No.10684131

Can't speak for Black folks, but I will say that as a N8 (like actual tribal citizen) we are constantly victimized and attacked by white apologists like nif, who ironically, are super racist in assuming that they know better than us what we should be offended by. These white people have no fucking clue, and are completely unable to recognize that yes, even among *gasp* brown people, there are political differences. It's not internalized racism, it's the fact that brown people are allowed to have different thoughts and perspectives just like white people. I don't think anyone, of any race, could swway these people on how idiotic their policies are, and how frankly embarassing it is that they are using racial/ethnic issues to shill their event.

>> No.10684133

I agree. Honestly I've never felt more support for Tyler than I do right now. She was basically cannon fodder here.

>> No.10684139

You're right though. A lot of these yt people are the ones accusing others of "internalized racism", and didn't even think about the monetization and shilling aspect for this

>> No.10684141

exactly. she just talks sweet but she's huge into drama, do you think she doesn't love this drama herself?

>> No.10684148

The irony here is that these people are actually abusing the white power dynamic to demean actual people of color when they say they're not offended by wa-lolita, or would actually prefer that the police be called if an incident were to occur. It's just a different kind of whtie supremacy, because whitey knows best I guess.

>> No.10684149

This is why I avoid the comm like hell and travel out of province/to the US, at least before covid. Lor being around is so irritating desu

>> No.10684173

Wait, are we not allowed to wear wa-lolita? They fucking specify conical straw hats and blackface, but not the shit people are going to actually wear??

>> No.10684181

remember that time when wondercunt asked to see a girls japanese passport to prove that she was hafu so that it would be "ok" for her to wear one of the Meta wa sets? FWIW I've never heard an actual Asian person complain about white peopl wearing wa.

>> No.10684186

Different anon but I've never heard of this. What a bitch.

>> No.10684195

Wait what? Proof? That’s absolutely insane, how the fuck is she a mod?

>> No.10684198
File: 498 KB, 500x333, 4cpenni.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do tell anon, do tell.

>> No.10684209

NTA but it was a whole thing at the time. At an event in the SF comm WF actually confronted a girl wearing wa, then didn't believe her when she said she was half Japanese and literally asked to see her ID or some shit. The girl was clearly shocked and just kinda went with it, but later posted both on here and in the secrets if I remember correctly. She also said she didn't care if white people wore wa anyways. Accountability amirite

>> No.10684213

Lor didn't betray Tyler, she asked Tyler not to make a video about her specifically because she dealth with it her own way (even though she shouldn't have for something as stupid as people being upset over an accidental like was to begin with) and Tyler did it anyway. The friendship ending was likely far more to do with disrespecting boundaries cause I am pretty sure after that they're not privately friends anymore either. Lor did nothing wrong but Tyler did choose to ignore her friend's wishes and drag up old drama that she was involved in and wanted to move past. That'd be enough for me to drip a friend. Boundaries are important.

>> No.10684214

There's never going to be any proof anon. It's not like there would be screenshots, and there's no way in hell the girl would actually publicly come out and say who it was and what happened, especially not with how WC's crowd harassed Lor over the tiniest thing. Several of the people in my circle talked about it, though I wasn't at the event.

wondercunt has a *very* long history of being extremely difficult to be around and generally being a giant pain in the ass to everyone at all times, especially around anything SJW related. Based on what I've heard, and what I've experienced interacting with her, this absolutely happened.

>> No.10684217

That's so stupid. Should every non-european person not be able to wear lolita since it's based on Victorian fashion and culture? Does she not know that Japan allows non-Japanese to wear kimonos and even have services to help you get into one?

>> No.10684219

Because she saw what was happening to Lor as literal abuse, per her own words. Which, it’s definitely bullying if not outright abuse. Lor sucks for betraying her just to beg for Wondercunt’s approval

>> No.10684221

I assumed maybe it was an online interaction but wow….the gall to just ask for someone’s papers like that in person. How was she not banned? Do your mods do anything??

>> No.10684222

Cool. Gonna shoplift from RVR, or maybe start a fire, and if I get caught, they'll just give me a light scolding. So desperate to appeal to the woke crowd.

>> No.10684223

Is WF affiliated with this event? Which comm does she mod?

>> No.10684226

I thought we'd moved past lor/Tyler wank. But here goes: if I were Lor, regardless of whether I thought I was in the right or wrong to make that video, YouTube is my paycheck. Tyler came for the paycheck by making that video, unsolicited and knowing that I don't want it made. Don't fuck with someone's bag, even if you're friends. I'd cut her off too.

>> No.10684227

Bonus points if you're a POC and say you have mental health issues.

>> No.10684228

I dont think she's affiliated with RVR, but she'll likely be there since she shares these ridiculous SJW views and is always trying to get attention. I think it's more to point out that the culture of the event could lead to similar things happening.

>> No.10684229

Tbh I don't think they were ever friends to being with. They are both lolita "influencers" and even if Lor has a much bigger following, I think most everyone sees Tyler as being a more legitimate lolita. I think they were only ever involved in order to capitalize off each others followings.

>> No.10684234

Wait, Lor actually makes her living from YouTube? I would have assumed it was just a bit of supplementary income. Also, she could have just given a wimpy half-assed response as usual to make it blow over. She dug her own grave making all this into a huge deal with a whole apology video.

>> No.10684253

If you call 10k a year a living lol. Why do you think she shills devil inspired and other scalpers?

>> No.10684302

She's a mod in the bay area and on LJ's egl. She's also a known scammer: Never forget that she told LJ users not to file a PayPal claim against Maikodolly and girls lost hundreds to that bint. When is she going to face the consequences of her shitty actions? She needs to be held accountable and banned from lolita spheres.

>> No.10684306

That isnt what a scammer is, its being a bad mod.

>> No.10684310

Eh aiding and abetting is close enough. She actively contributed to a ton of people not getting refunds and used her position as a mod to help someone else scam people. She’s a scammer in my book.

>> No.10684330

This too. In addition to just in general how rude it was of Tyler, she's fucking with part of Lor's income and she explicitly asked her not to.

>> No.10684335

Telling people not to file refunds and waiting for the 180 day claim period to expire is scamming. She used her power as a mod for Maikodolly to keep the money. If that's not scamming I don't fucking know what else to tell you.

>> No.10684336

You guys sound like sociopaths, nonnies. People are friends because they like each other, its normal for a person to want to defend their best friend from everyone turning on them and publicly stand up for them.

>> No.10684340

Why is she gatekeeping wa? She isn't even asian. She gets bitchy when other races try to defend blacks so what the fuck is this level of hypocrisy? Stay in your lane wondercunt.

>> No.10684341

I think Tyler fucked up with her video by being too much of a pussy to call out WF personally. Lor is an adult and can stand up for herself. She said to drop it and Tyler picked it up, dusted it off, and plastered it on her own channel for money and views, not cause she cares about her "friend". Tyler fucked with Lor's money cause she wanted to make her own on the stale drama like she always does. And she has so little respect for her friend she treats her like a baby unable to think logically or make choices for herself. That's really demeaning and shitty.

No one cared about the like drama and Lor was dealing with her sick grandpa and stressed to out, everyone had forgotten it and it would have ended there. She could have privately discussed it as well considering Lor's other friends did the same, one of whom Tyler portrayed as a bully when actually she and Lor had talked privately like normal friends.

>> No.10684342

Is anyone going to apply to model? It always sounded fun but all the brands are ugly.

>> No.10684344

OK but if she's a mod of Bay Area Kei and there haven't been any issues with her being an organizer of any of their events, doesn't it prove that this "SJWs like WF gonna ruin our con" blatant strawman....is untrue?

I hate the annoying virtue signaling bull as much as the next gull but the way this thread was going I was under the impression she was affiliated with this con when she's literally running another event and no one is giving that event shit at all. Seems like they've run 8 events without problems now.

>> No.10684346

She's in the bay area, not bay area kei retard.

>> No.10684355

I am, cause why not. I've never been to a lolita con and figured it'll be fun just for the experience.

>> No.10684357


>> No.10684358

>Lor is an adult and can stand up for herself.
kek obviously not.

I hope none of your friends ever wind up getting bullied because you'll probably just sit back silently and watch.

>> No.10684359

You sound like a literal child kek. I got in trouble as a kid for actually physically standing up for kids who weren't even my friends that got bullied cause it was wrong. What happened to Lor was harassment sure but not bullying. People on cgl have and still do say worse shit about Lor ALL THE TIME. You don't care about Lor or really care about her being shat on, you just wanted to have an excuse to complain about SJWs. Which is fine cause they can be over the top but don't lie.

>> No.10684360

She's in BAK AND a mod of the local comm?

She has her claws in everything.

>> No.10684361

Tbh agreeing a little with that other anon. If she has her claws in everything as you say but most of the complaints are old news and/or her being attention seeking at worst even if she sucks the claim that the lolita community is or will be going downhill because of the sjw crowd is kind of lacking in any real evidence.

>> No.10684362

I'm in stitches because one of the girls pictured was a known racist. Finchy is ok with that?

>> No.10684363

The fact that she's a mod in these comms when she has scammed, harassed, threatened, doxxed, and discriminated against people is mind-blowing in itself.

>> No.10684364

They bullied her into apologizing from everything from a mis-tap to the Harlem shake, otherwise she'd be cancelled for being anti-black. I don't know how something can be "harassment but not bullying" when people are forcing you into the stocks for an obvious accident but ok.

I don't give a shit about her, but if she was my friend like Tyler then I would. At this point, now that she's thrown Tyler under the bus, I'm content to know she's a snake who gets what she deserves.

>> No.10684365

Who and what did they say?

>> No.10684366

Very sus. She doesn't 'just' virtue signal, she sends her mob after people and threatens them. Lor was just the tip of her drama riddled iceberg.

>> No.10684367

Nah Tyler is the one who threw her under the bus. 2 people annoying the shit out of her for clout is not some mass bullying campaign and she didn't have to make that video. She chose to. She chose to self flagellate when the vast majority of everyone who saw what happened didn't care. Those people sucked but she chose her way of handling it and Tyler decided to undermine that with a video designed to make money by reviving old drama.

>> No.10684368

>2 people annoying the shit out of her for clout is not some mass bullying campaign
2 people is enough to bully someone, anon.

>> No.10684374
File: 33 KB, 480x314, vEdystU5OVHKjdjb8jlQ-1W-uGWdqGbbkThn0-6lHFc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll just leave this here. Lor should have blocked the people who were mad for clout and just taken the opinions of the friends she had spoken with privately. Her choice to make an embarrassing apology vid about racism because she listened to WF of all people was a bad choice sure but it was her choice.

>> No.10684375

That dumbass tweet is always trotted out, as if reputations and emotions can't be damaged online. Her whole hobby is online, of course she can't just "walk away".

She's still a dumbass but if I were her friend, I'd try to stand up for her rather than leaving her in a shitty situation.

>> No.10684378

if you are a big youtuber or any kind of public figure, you will have constant unending streams of annoying criticism
to call that a bullying campaign is a little silly, especially since those two are absolute nobodies. sorry to say
i was a video editor for another youtuber, you have to ignore comments or else you're wasting your life trying to please everyone when you just can't.
now if another big youtuber came for them, that's another story, and i've seen actual cancellations happen where channels have gotten shut down.
but two cloutless randos can't do shit. if they were able to start a mass movement, that would have worked, but they didn't. lor cancelled herself kek. but it was her choice to self flagellate, she loves that shit. honestly i think everyone involved was just happily feeding into each other. white people love assuaging their white guilt, privileged biracials love overcompensating for their oppressed brethren. tyler interrupted their consensual intercourse and made it weird.

>> No.10684388

I was until I saw what I'd be chosen for. The only brand I have any interest in is "remote" so idk if they're even selecting models. The other brands are actually hideous.
>there haven't been any issues with her being an organizer of any of their events
There have been issues and complaints about her since like 2010. people in the know avoid her and her events like the plague.

don't forget her nazi dream dress.

>> No.10684392

>it was her choice to self flagellate
I think that's why people were so upset. WF at her worst couldn't get the momentum of even 1/100th of Lor's following. While she did start a "twitter war" it was more like gnat buzzing around your head until Lor decided to legitimize it by making a whole statement/video. This is a classic case of don;t feed the trolls, and Wf is honestly just an attention seeking troll. Hence why she always blames anti-blackness for why people don't like and follow for her ita-ass coords.

The problem is, Lor legitimized SJW nonsense in the lolita community and emboldened people to behave the way these event organizers have.

>> No.10684402
File: 174 KB, 828x644, C82199D6-843C-4363-910A-9415BFC44A33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great so, no doge dress?

>> No.10684404

Sorry wonderfinch, that means no nazi Meta skirt.

>> No.10684409

Who would actually wear these things? Have I been missing out on some Hitler coords?

>> No.10684410

To be fair they also banned indian headdresses, blackface, and rice paddy hats. Because you know, lolitas are always out here in black face and indian headdresses with their AP.

>> No.10684413

Ah yes, the popular kurogao lolita trend. Does that mean hijabs are out too?

>> No.10684418

>defending your friend is throwing them under the bus

>> No.10684419

Why is this so oddly specific

Who's out here wearing fascist coords

>> No.10684426

Of all those dumb rules, you fucking newfags chose to complain about the one that actually has been a problem.

>> No.10684432

Please post the fascist coords im curious now desu

>> No.10684435

Look it up yourself, faggot. im not going to spoonfeed you one of the most infamous dresses in the fashion

>> No.10684457

>die walkure
If you're saying this is still a problem... anonita... please move on, your breakup with die walkure was years ago and this isn't healthy

>> No.10684459

>actually has been a problem
It’s not really a problem anon. The community cleans up after itself. We def don’t need these retarded rules to keep edgetards on the fringe of the j fashion community.

>> No.10684464

Will I get thrown out if I wear a military inspired coord kek

>> No.10684476

Anon, one of the COF mods literally has the Twitter handle 'die walkure' and no one has come for her. Stop being mad about shit that isn't a problem.

>> No.10684485

People are literally coming for wondercunt for it in this thread lmao

>> No.10684529

I wonder if Tyler's absence is somehow related to this "old" drama. She hasn't posted anywhere in almost two months

>> No.10684534

They're doing it as a fake sjw uno reverse card to criticize someone woke for doing something "problematic". They don't care about the nazi dress.

>> No.10684535

wow you think?

>> No.10684600

No they’re doing it because her shenanigans trying to cancel Lor are directly related to why Tyler was let go from the convention. People don’t like Tyler, but they dislike cancel culture even more.

>> No.10684616
File: 66 KB, 634x727, hitler-japan-photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>look up yourself
I actually did and found absolutely nothing. You must know something we don't or you're lying.

>> No.10684620

That's basically what I was saying

>> No.10684623

It’s literally mentioned in this thread. Fuck you are dumb

>> No.10684647

Tbh can’t blame her. Hope she moved on and got a real job. People will bring her up three years from now in a “why does everyone who makes content leave” thread and pretend that she was beloved at the time and complain that no one makes good content anymore. The cycle continues.

>> No.10684654

Does she not already have a job? I'm personally still a fan of hers because she doesn't take herself too seriously and seems to genuinely love and cherish the fashion. I don't watch her for her coords, just her comedy.

>> No.10684992


She quit her job for a while. I think she was a corporate photographer or something.

>> No.10685001

how does she make money then? she barely posts so there's no way she's doing these videos as her full time job.

>> No.10685005

iirc she is a freelance editor for research papers or something like that?

>> No.10685137

Why do her Instagram posts look like ass if photography is her job?

>> No.10685238

Some people suck at their jobs

>> No.10686004

>people mad the organizers are trying to make people feel comfortable attending despite race/gender
>people thinking wording to exclude someone from showing up in MAGA attire includes all meta and wa
>people mad a guest was uninvited, but would have complained just as much if they were still invited.
>seems to think everyone is going to be talking about their gender identity and will have you kicked if you slip up

Typical cgl over blowing everything. Other than not having any top tier brands, the con is shaping up to be just as good as any other American lolita con, but it's actually in a city with stuff to do which is nice.

>> No.10686011

>people mad the organizers are trying to make people feel comfortable attending despite race/gender
who the hell wasn't comfortable attending beforehand because of their race/gender?
>people thinking wording to exclude someone from showing up in MAGA attire includes all meta and wa
it literally says "from any brand or nationality" are you blind. now i imagine they made a mistake here but the fact that it still hasn't been fixed or clarified shows their hilarious incompetence
>people mad a guest was uninvited, but would have complained just as much if they were still invited.
she was literally the one guest I wouldn't have complained about because I wanted to see her. the organizers are being unprofessional and shady as shit not explicitly announcing that she won't be there anymore.
>seems to think everyone is going to be talking about their gender identity and will have you kicked if you slip up
this is the one gripe that i agree with you on.

>> No.10686015

None of those rules were needed in the first place. No one is running in to a Comm meet up or event and waving their civil rights flags around while wearing a maga shirt and yelling obscenities, if they paid to get in. Use your brain. Listing those things as a vague rule literally makes it look like you guys are just Nazis.

>> No.10686031

Your con sucks and this level of virtue signaling to appease WF is ridiculous. Take your L and piss off.

>> No.10686036

The con appears to be desperate for both volunteers and models. They're holding a modeling form fill-out event online.

So how much of a shitshow are we expecting this going to be?

>> No.10686047

I mean have you seen the brands you’d be modeling for? No wonder they don’t have any models. Kaneko is the only one that’s even passable, and it’s not clear how much of a presence they’re going to have there.

>> No.10686053

no one is fat enough to fit it but not too insecure to model

>> No.10686054

>people mad the organizers are trying to make people feel comfortable attending despite race/gender
As a POC I don't feel comfortable. I feel babied and don't like being treated differently because of my skin. It's an awkward feeling when people go out of their way to do things for you just because you're a different race and it makes actual racists even more pissed off. Not at you, but at us BECAUSE you treat us "special". If you want to make EVERYONE comfortable, don't try to make it about certain types of races specifically.
>people thinking wording to exclude someone from showing up in MAGA attire includes all meta and wa
Who the fuck would show up to a lolita convention in a MAGA hat? That would not only be ita as fuck but make no sense. Besides, you can't stop people at the hotel for doing such things, what are you going to do, kick em out of the building even though they paid to be there? Or may you'll call the police when an actual racist does something...oh wait, you won't.
>people mad a guest was uninvited, but would have complained just as much if they were still invited.
People here are upset that the staff didn't announce that they were uninvited. It's the same shit Dashcon pulled.
>seems to think everyone is going to be talking about their gender identity and will have you kicked if you slip up
The type of crowd you're catering to is the type that would do these things. You're just making the LGB community even more of an embarrassment to be a part of.

You could have just said "everyone is welcomed but we don't tolerate harassment or violence of any kind. Please only wear x attire." That's it. Covers everything without being annoying.

>> No.10686055

>As a POC
i think this event and the organizers are being excessive too but only larping white people do that 'you're the real racist for noticing race' thing

>> No.10686056

I never said only white people do this, I only called myself a POC.
I swear people are misusing this term more and more to the point it loses it's meaning. I feel sorry for actual LARPers.

>> No.10686061
File: 55 KB, 762x295, nocolored_762_295_90.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People of Color is the weirdest choice they decided to go with since calling someone "colored" was a term for discrimination.

>> No.10686095

lmao at you people thinking it's my con because I plan to go and have fun and don't read into everything like a macaroni-eating autistic child.

A rule about not wearing offensive clothes is like a loitering rule; no one gives a fuck about you standing there, but if there becomes a problem then there's a rule in place to enforce it. You crazy people really think there will be sjw police scrutinizing your outfits and forcing pronoun pins on you.

>> No.10686097

People like you are exactly why I'm not going. I'm cringing at how hard you're defending this mud puddle of an event. Have fun at your SJW retreat, hope you never get the cigarette smell out of your dresses.

>> No.10686099
File: 109 KB, 720x960, cb5485f8f407ebc9dabb38db735a2111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A loitering rule exists because people loiter. How often do you see racist lolita coords that have
>conical straw hats
>imitations of Indigenous headdresses
And then
>any other imitation of a non-white culture created for the amusement of a white audience
Though that last one is especially strange. What does it mean by "amusement for a white audience"? So is it saying that you can wear things that are an imitation of white culture for a non-white audience? Can I wear a redneck lolita coord? Or does it mean you can't wear any non-white related coord? You see how stupid this all sounds?

Now this
>the following items may NOT be worn or sold at any PPC event:

>impact toys such as crops, floggers, or whips
>any sex toys
>any accessory with an obvious sexual purpose beyond fashion
Actually makes sense because this is a constant long standing issue with lolita. A constant fight against age players, sissies, Littles, and other fetish groups that try to call themselves lolita with a sexual aspect. This rule makes sense. Blackface in lolita, doesn't because you never see it.

>> No.10686100

nta but good don't go no one wants you there and no one will miss you either kek

>> No.10686102

No one cares if you're a POC, you're all still being piss babies about some rules that won't even need to be enforced because edgelords are too chickenshit to troll IRL. Getting offended by the rules being soooo oppressive is just as obnoxious as the rules themselves.

>> No.10686103

No fucking clue, but why do you care so much if it won't even need to be enforced?

>> No.10686104

>No one cares if you're a POC
Apparently this event cares since that's who they're trying to cater to the most. I just pass it off as yet another issue at play here. I see it everywhere else, sucks I have to see it in lolita too. You sound pretty upset yourself over this thread.

>> No.10686106

>Why do you care so much
It's hilarious and just adds to the pile of increased performitive BS that's been at play these past couple of years. I'm just explaining to you why we're all laughing/annoyed at it since you don't seem to understand where we are coming from. Why are you upset? You seem to be taking this pretty personally for someone that's not an organizer.

>> No.10686118

I'm just laughing at how stupid you people sound. I can't see where you're coming from because it's absolutely stupid and blown out of proportion. You all look at the rules or guidelines with a fine tooth comb but don't see any real world manifestation of them. Yeah some of the crap seems excessive, but this has been in the works for the past couple years and the past year and a half (in the whole damn world) has been about being ultra PC. Everyone is slapping a hijab-wearing wheelchair bound female on everything, why would this be any different?

You people have some "sky is falling" mentality. This thread is nothing more than some female neckbeard fest complaining like when they gave wings to that Twilight Sparkle pony. Who spends so much time shitting on something they're not even going to? Get a life.

>> No.10686120

You don’t have to look at them with a fine tooth comb to see how insane they are. Nor with the Tyler situation. Nor with the godawful guests. And yes I am going to this event so I do have a right to voice my opinion. Those who aren’t going also get to voice why, probably because they would have liked to had it been better.

>> No.10686126

>You don’t have to look at them with a fine tooth comb to see how insane they are
This. They have gone out of their way to publicly and constantly push their sjw crap at every chance they get. She literally said in her ww interview that one of the biggest things they’ve done for inclusion was getting rid of a person who “directly harmed the black community”. She called one of the biggest people in the Lolita creator space a racist in an international interview. There’s def no need to nitpick.

>> No.10686130

>Insane they are
naryt, but anon, i'm here to pay a person to rent out a room, a runway, and cater. that's fucking it. i literally don't care about anything else. if they fuck up on those things, then yeah give them shit. otherwise i don't care. i'm here to party and chill with other lolitas at the hello kitty cafe.

>> No.10686131
File: 102 KB, 800x600, fuckyeahcafe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10686133

>getting rid of a person who “directly harmed the black community”
I actually feel bad for Tyler here. I was never a fan but that’s fucked up. They literally just used her to virtue signal and give themselves ass pats for protecting the poor brown people from a non-existent problem.

>> No.10686154

So you are upset at us laughing at this con.
Oh, you're that type of guy. Enjoy your con, and I will enjoy laughing at it.

>> No.10686155

How was she harmful to the "black community"? If it's the ordeal I think they're talking about, she was being bitchy about the London or whatever European community that lolita comm was in. Her whole segment was shitting on a country, not black people, what the fuck?

>> No.10686157
File: 49 KB, 843x843, trekwasright.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lolita con
>non stop bitching about every last detail

>> No.10686165

Yes, now either join in on the milk or keep posting nothing.

>> No.10686170

There's really no milk here though. It's just circle jerking and arguing the same point over and over.

It's amazing how long lolitas can argue over the smallest insignificant details though.
Anyway, I'll be at the con living my best life while the rest of you whine and tear each other apart here I guess.

>> No.10686172

No, it’s not the uk thing, it’s the fact that she said Lor shouldn’t apologize for misclicking the like button on a uggo clown pic with a maga banner in the background. Lor was called out by a famously psycho black Lolita and Tyler said nah that’s bs and so I guess that makes her super racist.

>non stop bitching about every last detail
Smoking venue
Retarded rules
Dropping the only guest worth seeing without actually announcing it

Not shitting on every last detail, just the shady ones.

>> No.10686175


I could go to any major city and do the same though? Why do you need a poorly run con to do that?

>> No.10686176

>insignificant details though
I guess breathing is pretty insignificant. Have fun with the cancer smog.

>> No.10686187

Why are you talking about lolitas as if you aren't one yourself? You're a strange guy.

>> No.10686192

>no actual arguments against what's being said in the thread
>Odd My Little Pony reference
>Randomly slung insults
>Says they're going to the event but doesn't think of themselves as a lolita
Smells like scrote, disregarded.

>> No.10686193

because my friends don't live in the same state as me you fucking nonce?

>> No.10686196

So that's what it was? That's dumb. Then how would this even work?
>If we do not see long-term changes in behavior, we will remove the guest from our lineup at our own expense.
What is Tyler supposed to do exactly? She could apologize to Lor for talking about this shit even though she said not to, but that's between her and Lor? What the hell does she owe these people?

>> No.10686204

>What the hell does she owe these people?
aCcoUnTaBiLitY of course. Even though this whole fiasco had nothing to do with race and all the organizers are White af. They did offer her “support” in “becoming accountable” kek.

>> No.10686206

I want to hear in their own words what Tyler did. I know what she did, but I want to read specifically what they are saying she's done that's so harmful.

>> No.10686210

NTA but they’ll never do this because she didn’t actually say or do anything related to the black community and then they’ll get called out for trying to leech off of BLM and inclusivity to shill tickets, which is exactly what they’re trying to do. I wish Tyler would try to sue or something just to be a pain in their ass.

>> No.10686213

That would be pretty amusing but it wouldn't be worth it. If she called them out directly and publicly asked them to tell her what she did, that would be even better. They would have to explain themselves poorly on how she affected the "black community" or not respond at all proving that they're not willing to talk about it like they said they were.

>> No.10686216

Can you not visit your friends outside the setting of a poorly run con?

>> No.10686217

Even if she did that, they’d just spew a vague word soup about how humiliating wondercunt is somehow racist, because bla bla bla “how dare a white woman lecture a black woman on race!”

>> No.10686245

Are you stupid enough to think the only way to meet out of state friends is at a con? Why can't you visit their comm or host your own meet you can all go to?

>> No.10686288

Milk is for the farm.

>> No.10686309

Where do you think the farm got started? But it would be better to have a thread over there instead.

>> No.10686347

I know. But yeah like you said it would be better there.

Although the farmhands do way more moderation that jannies and shit on cgl so maybe people keep the convos here cause they can repeat themselves over and over without getting punished or called out for adding nothing new to the conversation.

>> No.10686361

What’s even weirder is that Tyler didn’t lecture anyone on race and the pic Lor accidentally liked had nothing to do with black people. The only thing is that wf happens to be black and Tyler never directly said anything about race. Wf is certainly NOT representative of the black Lolita community and even then I wouldn’t say she was “directly harmed” by anything Tyler had to say.

She wouldn’t win anything, but it would be hella inconvenient for them, and that’d be worth it if you had money to burn.

>> No.10686376

desu the worst part of tyler's vid was what lor herself noted in the comments: she undermined lor's agency and decisions, projected to her audience that kindness is weak, and was biased (even if reasonably so) in her discussion of the way parasocial interactions and the lolita community at large are fueled by a lot of entitlement and negativity. and if she'd discussed the latter thing in more depth rather than put so much into it being about lor when it's clear that there's way more than that, it would have felt more genuine and been more helpful.

she also kind of portrayed things in a way that felt a bit like blaming black lolitas for blowing things out of proportion when most of us agreed that lors apology was unnecessary and either said nothing or expressed concern with why people were so upset in the first place. since that incident i have truly seen an increase in legit 'anti-black lolita' behavior, sentiment, and conversation on cgl, which i know is mostly because the few bad ones like wf make everything about race and it pushes people a certain way but i feel like if tyler had let it die things wouldn't have gotten even bigger or upset people since no one nonwhite and relevant but wf and avina were truly mad.

banning tyler is dumb. i don't find her worth watching or any more valuable than other guests but she was the most popular one on the list and it is at best tryhard of the event organizers to waste so much time on race issues, and at worst just going to foster more sentiment of negativity in the community related to race. like some people might think 'blacks got tyler banned/whites pandering to blacks got tyler banned' and be unreceptive to lolitas who are black or just left leaning in general the same way this whole thread is a lot of rehashing of the fear of the big bad leftist boogeyman because of people making up unnecessary rules to cater to a group of offended poc lolitas that just doesn't exist.

>> No.10686390

Common. People get thrown under the bus just to virtue signal. That's a big reason why the majority of us don't like SJWs - someone is always getting fucked in extremist views. There's no way around it.

>> No.10686392

nta but it's relatively easy to sue for defamation and it makes people stop talking about you

or get a no contact order, that's easy too. if someone keeps talking about you, that's really all it takes to get them to stop because it does constitute as a form of harassment.

Course they would have to care enough to do this.

>> No.10686393

Anddddd this is exactly what SJW woke people don't know with all their visible "accountability" harassment. Their names are visible, it's relatively easy to take that to a legal place.

>> No.10686400

This 100%.

>> No.10686412

>'blacks got tyler banned

This was my biggest problem with the tone of the whole event. I’m so sick and tired of white girls doing this kind of shit to try and cope with their white guilt at the expense of minority lolitas who are always catching the impact of this kind of thing but not actually getting any of the benefits. We’re the ones always accused of making everything about race and dealing with awkward social push back over it, yet not a single black Lolita was involved in the leadership of this event. It’s especially annoying because even though we’re constantly seen as sensitive snowflake, we really just wish people would stfu and sit down for tea and cookies.

It’s also super inappropriate for this rando white girl to decide and publicize that Tyler harmed the black community. You don’t get to decide for minority communities what does or doesn’t harm them. Ironically, speaking over and infantilizing poc communities wasn’t in their code of conduct but we’ll all have to be real careful not to accidentally wear an Indian headdress.

>> No.10686414

>not to accidentally wear an Indian headdress.
Who the fuck are they trying to protect, seriously. It's like people are acting like natives are *~*uwu sensitive*~* who have already gone through genocide and we've all been way past that. It's the apologists that are sensitive.

I'm part native, you know what? If I want to wear a head-dress that belongs to my tribe then I will. Why do they get to decide that? Not that anyone is wearing anything like that with lolita.

>> No.10686416

>I'm part native
kek anon.... you're def not. You're either a tribal citizen or you're not. That's all there is to it.

I actually don't think race had anything to do with why they dropped Tyler. I think she has beef with Lor, and Lor didn't want to be at the con with her, so they found this dumbass excuse to get rid of her so they could keep who they believed to be the more influential guest.

>> No.10686419

You literally shouldn't talk on things you don't understand. I'm part of a tribe, as I said >>belongs to my tribe then I will.

L2read. I didn't know you could tell me I wasn't Indian because of being mixed. I'm pretty sure you don't know how shit works, moron. Just because it doesn't adhere to your racial stereotyping, doesn't mean shit in my nation.

>> No.10686420

You’re not “part” Indian anon. You’re either a tribal member or you’re not. If you’re a tribal citizen of a legitimate tribe then you’re n8.

>> No.10686422

I’d believe this if it wasn’t so obvious that the organizers have drank the kool aid. Maybe Lor said she didn’t feel comfortable with someone who has been soooo racist at the convention or something.

>> No.10686424

I told you my race, I didn't tell you my tribe.

>> No.10686425

You retard, she’s clearly saying she’s a member of a tribe and mixed race. Natives aren’t only allowed to breed with each other holy shit

>> No.10686426

this too. lor and tyler used to be a sort of duo but lor is better at filming cons and stuff (she has more experience and skill with filming and puts a lot of energy into it, especially when she is paid for the filming specifically), so they would rather keep lor if forced to choose so they can have someone to share the event later and help make them look good/spread the word for the next time around. i think lor can stand on her own better while tyler without a script only really exists as a foil to lor's "lovely" persona and that doesn't work out well when they're no longer friends and one feels disrespected by the other.

>> No.10686427


Even if you're mixed the partial aspect doesn't matter so much to most natives. It's usually kind of a papers situation but also if you really participate in tribal stuff.

>> No.10686428

See, these people who talk for other races, apologists really like to fucking do some backwards racism shit. So tired of SJWs talking for natives.

>> No.10686430


I’d still rather see Tyler. At least she can dress herself more or less.

>> No.10686431

Exactly. “Part native” isn’t a thing and is pretty much exclusive to people who swear their gggg grandma was a Cherokee princess. If you’re an active member of a legitimate tribe (ie: not some wolf clan Cherokee fire nation garbage) you’re native. That’s it.

>> No.10686433

I would also rather see tyler. No one who is an actual lolita values whatever fashion it lifestyle “advice” Lor has to give. Her followers are mostly normie lolitas at heart. I’d much rather be entertained by Tyler with a LWLN Live or something

>> No.10686436

*or lifestyle

>> No.10686439

Can we just all agree not to go to Lor’s dumbass panel so she gets ghosted like the clown she is. I’m tired of her being considered a special guest at events like this just because a bunch of normies follow her to feel included. There are so many other lolitas with great small channels, and so many Japanese people in the industry who we’d actually be dying to see. I’d rather see Jane Mai or someone who’s done actual research on lolita than this clown that churns out garbage for mops.

>> No.10686451

I think Lor has done research and knows a lot about lolita/has been around for a while. She clearly just dresses like shit in lolita because she feels pressure to call anything she wears lolita as a lolita influencer to try to legitimize herself and not feel like a poser and also is too broke to afford brand most of the time now so only owns limited pieces.

If Lor just treated lolita as one part of her identity instead of revolving everything around it she'd probably feel better and be able to coord better without the urge to shoehorn her other interests in.

>> No.10686462

She has not done research, no. I’m talking about people who actually have written papers. Not just any old random fag who’s been in the fashion a while

>> No.10686493

Every lolita writing papers about lolita I have ever seen are cringe and ita.

>> No.10686494
File: 151 KB, 892x527, E980CDD9-0D9B-4416-B040-DE15689E6264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh please, they look fine

>> No.10686497

unless you want me to go around visiting 10 different states, including other countries, no.
they have their own friends coming from different places, who are in turn coming to see other friends from other places, so no. at that point i wouldn't be hosting my own meet, i'd be hosting my own damn con. gonna let these people do it for me, flights to vegas are cheap.
should've invited these people instead of white youtubers.

>> No.10686503

>white youtubers.
Obviously someone is racially tense inside. Mad SJW is OF COURSE going to the con.

>> No.10686504

Can you provide more info on these people? I have never seen them before and would be curious about what they wrote.

Lolita conventions are for entertainment/hobby stuff not lolita fashion as some historical or sociological thing. It's enjoyment, not so much education like a work conference or something so it makes sense to choose people on the entertainment side of lolita who will draw an audience over people who are mostly unknown and outside of choosing to incorporate it into their thesis or whatever are no different than anyone else wearing the fashion. Anyone with a degree could give a lecture or write a paper on lolita through the lens of their chosen career but that feels more like content for newbs and outsiders than 'fixing coords' or 'roast and toast' or whatever games Lor and Tyler used to play during their panels at cons. Also anyone doing research is also just using the internet and libraries like anyone else is, how does that make them more of an expert or worthy of hosting a panel than Tyler who has decently researched vids on lolita and feminism, other than their paper was written for an academic setting for people who don't really know about lolita?

>> No.10686513


this is a hobby not rocket science. idc about your self published paper. the ones writing them are new or also any old random fag who's been in the fashion a while too.

fyi yumi king wrote and presented projects that were about lolita fashion in college too, doesn't mean i want to listen to her talk on a panel about how to find a splenda daddy to buy you joanns quilting cotton to make shitty ap knockoffs kek

>> No.10686529

They made the book So Pretty/Very Rotten.

>> No.10686532

This makes a lot more sense than someone who wrote a paper on the subject. People who published a successful book/anthology/comic well-received by lolitas are definitely a whole league different than a sociology student who wrote one paper on lolita and feminism. Agreed they'd make good guests.

>> No.10686533

>entertainment/hobby stuff not lolita fashion as some historical or sociological thing
No one is saying it has to be one or the other, anon. It can be both, but Lor sucks at either. A lot of us are interested in knowing more about the history or the fashion and the people influential to it. I’d much rather attend a panel about those things, than just sit around and listen to Lor talk about being a gay clown or whatever. She isn’t even funny like Tyler, and she’s certainly not well dressed. The only people she’s educational or interesting to are normies. And panels about history don’t have to be boring and dull, especially if you involve the designers who helped to make that history.

>> No.10686536

I agree there are better guests than Lor, and the example of the So Pretty/Very Rotten authors is an example of a good option, but Tyler is also poorly dressed and not particularly funny. I wish people were picked based on what they have to offer besides popularity with normies on YT too, but the whole "I'm interested in people who wrote papers" comes off as pretentious considering there are other icons and people contributing to the fashion like designers which you mentioned or also models who haven't written papers despite being a big part of the fashion and being great choices for guests. The criteria being people who have brought value to the community makes more sense than "wrote a paper", but I see what you mean.

>> No.10686537

I’d love for Novala Takemoto to do a EGL history panel. It’s a bummer that no Japanese people will be attending

>> No.10686541 [DELETED] 


You know a group trip is actually pretty easy to organize right? And doesn't have those "white YouTubers" lol. Sorry you have to compromise so hard.

>> No.10686556

only one tense is you, unclench your asshole. if i was an SJW i'd be caping for lor. i'm here to cape for my fellow asians who have actually made contributions to the community, die mad about it.

>> No.10686662

Will Lief designers be at the con, or just stock? I'm happy at least one brand I give a shit about is going to be there.

>> No.10686693

>We keep a running, internal banlist of bad actors, racists, bigots, etc. that we’re happy to share with any other event.
Why is nobody concerned about this? They created a ban list of lolitas they don't like and can share it around? It's as bad as the psycho newbies that want to make a list of scalpers on LM. What the ever loving fuck.

>> No.10686697

I wonder who's currently on the list and if it says why for each one. Not only that, they'd need to have proof as well for each one. Imagine being banned from all events and not know it because of a misplaced or out of context comment.

>> No.10686698


>> No.10686716

Fuck this. You think it's more difficult to get a book published?

>> No.10686834

There's an exactly 0% chance that any event run by these fucktards would actually require proof of wrongdoing to ban you. And "wrongdoing" by SJW standards can include just having an opinion they don't like on a pretty non controversial issue. I guess Tyler's on this list since she's apparently a bigot.

>> No.10686835

eh depends on if the paper was peer reviewed and published in a respectable journal

>> No.10686836

They sound like they just are trying to virtue signal. I bet in a little while a bunch of lolitas will come out and say that they were coerced into acts by the organizers or their friends under the threat of social isolation or no more opportunities to earn income as a guest. I've seen it before and we all know what these "internal lists" are actually used for.

>> No.10686838

on that note, what organizations/companies are supporting this sort of behavior? I

refuse to financially support indie brands that want to earn off this shit.

>> No.10686839

>we’re happy to share with any other event.
Please share the events that are asking for this info from you so I can blacklist them. Jesus christ.

>> No.10686840

This is common within communities right now because of SJW cancel culture. FGC is overrun by shit like this. People are trying to have authority over other people for no damn reason. It's batshit crazy, but not something we should have in our community unless someone has really done something dirty and as far as I know there's nothing that's "ban worthy" from an event, unless they lit the damn thing on fire. The issue is SJW culture makes ban lists based on subjective "my feelings are hurt" and not crazy shit like arson.

If I hurt your feelings and you ban me for no good reason and ruin my reputation over nothing. Just some narrative you create for clout, then you better expect arson.

>> No.10686841

What this? But yeah, I think shit like this is exactly why I hate cancel/SJW culture in spite of being pretty damn liberal. For a lot of these people it's clearly a bizarre power trip. And the people on these lists have no recourse.

>> No.10686842

Yes, it gets used like that as well. Cancel culture literally kills themselves, because people who interact with each other in cancel culture get cancelled for no good reason. That's the concept of ban lists and sharing it with other events. I've seen people make ludicrous claims in FGC, no proof, nothing. They get banned perm over it. No police reports, nothing. If someone really "raped" another person and they chose to take it to a community to get banned rather than the police then obviously they are just trying to eliminate competition. It's super toxic in communities with all male competitive jerk offs.

>> No.10686843

Doesn’t seem like it

>> No.10686844

Fighting game community. It's a niche community, but the SJW/cancel culture is so rampant that it's started destroying players that are any good. Because there are vultures that sit on the side to pick off the good players, that don't play or just suck at the game entirely. They do it for clout, because they can't get fame any other way. (You know, like being good at the game)

The lolita equivalent is ugly, fat girl, is going to SJW it up for clout. No one is going to pay attention to her obviously, until she whines and cancels other people.

>> No.10686847

I think a pre-ban list is fine as long as it's the people who are on public ban lists for each comm. I.e. not the people who had a personal fight and left over saying something stupid, but the people who are known to straight up stalk/harass/scam members of the comm, and who people are actively told to avoid or report if seen. They're usually scrotes or teenage poorfags so it's not a big deal.

>> No.10686852

>people who are on public ban lists for each comm.
That isn't what happens btw. Considering the FGC has been going that route, it becomes a bunch of butt buddies who virtue signal that are the only ones that are included.

>Inclusive Ban Lists

>> No.10686854

Soooo WF?

>> No.10686856

I forgot to mention the way it also has been going, if you "associate" with someone that they "deem bad" then they ban you as well.

It gets really fucky. Please don't support the lolita community going this route.. Man. Local communities already handle creeps.

>> No.10686857

What ban list is she on?

>> No.10686861

I really wonder, looking at her milk. Doesn't she basically align with the whole SJW agenda? SJWs harass people as well. How much do you want to bet that the lolitas that harassed Tyler and Lor are getting off scot-free with harassing other people.

I'd rather have a ban list for the people who keep harassing others like WF

>> No.10686882

>the lolitas that harassed Tyler and Lor

only like a handful of actual lolitas did that and wf is a perma ita while av*na is not really wearing lolita anymore as much as she wants to convince people her bad lady outfits are lolita coords. other actual lolitas didn't really care/get involved or contribute to that nonsense.

>> No.10686884

*bag lady not bad lady kek sorry

>> No.10686887

Do we even know if the majority of lolitas harassing other people for SJW conduct are even lolita or not ita? I mean it's the same vein. I doubt they even are "lolita." I think it's just a slippery slope to start making lists for randos virtue signaling. I'd rather ban the harassers.

>> No.10686905

based on the people who said stuff on twitter and the self admitted non lolita followers of lor VS the people who publicly wear or post themselves in lolita on socials it seems like it was a twitter hype cancel train more than actual lolitas. other jfashion wearers also jumped in too but many of them are not lolitas and often more into woke stuff imo. not many involved were actual lolitas, much less ones going to meets or paying to go to a lolita con

>> No.10686907

That really figures. Well, they have no bearing on our community and somehow that gets Tyler banned from events. So that's ironic. I really want to get away from these outsiders being able to police our community and I think ban lists for *actual* lolitas are probably going the wrong direction because twitter hype train will ban literally anyone and everyone without bearing or reason. I'd rather prevent them from being involved in the lolita community's judgement after harassing other people who wear the fashion. I mean it's no different than someone seeing one of us on the street and yelling obscenities around prejudice. Those are literally the people we *don't* want in our community.

>> No.10686910

I mean what's lost when they go "I don't want to support you in supporting people *I want canceled*" Seriously. They don't wear the fashion, they won't buy the fashion and if they do that's for themselves, they won't be involved or spending money around it. I just think it's strange to go off twitter cancel hype. Who even are they?

>> No.10686922

Ehhh most cons keep a ban list. They just don’t advertise it and only specific con runners have it. But to get on that list is pretty specific and it’s usually only one or two people who’ve violated the law at the event prior, verified harassment claims or some other serious event involving police.

>> No.10686943

True, but most cons don't publicly advertise that they don't call the police and go full Sjw retard in their code of conduct.

>> No.10686976

Don't you know that's offensive to retards? That could have made one cry if they understood you. You're going on the list.

>> No.10686977

Kuroshiro Kawaii will be in the show I've heard. Maybe some RPA and Meta will be walking? Best of luck to those applying. Tell us how it goes.

>> No.10686983

If there's any non lolita jfashion then Kuroshiro Kawaii has a lot of ACDC Rag and Sexpot Revenge as well. But for lolita I think it's just indie, RPA, and Meta.

Meta has been doing really well with releasing cute desirable prints and if anyone volunteering to model is larger they'll likely have the bigger sizing available to model and people can finally see what the plus sizes look like on someone well styled and actually fat or tall rather than just putting the big size on the normal size model. Obviously not everyone cares about that but I am curious since I've not yet seen anyone wearing the newer Meta plus or plus-plus sizes.

>> No.10686985

How tf is meta going to be there when you're not allowed to even wear it there kek

>> No.10686989

>"Please note that ALL ATTENDEES MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED TO ATTEND ROYAL VEGAS RETREAT 2021. "Fully vaccinated" means that it has been at least 2 weeks since their final dose of vaccine. Attendees must show proof of vaccination to pick up their badge. Attendees arriving from inside the US must show their vaccine card. Please stay tuned for concrete guidance on proof of vaccination for attendees outside of the US."

whelp, that made it easy to decide to try and go or not

>> No.10686990

Weird they didn't do vaccine proof or PCR test like big mainstream events have. Glad the rules helped you make your decision tho.

>> No.10687005

From the rules it seems as though meta won’t be allowed, but that’s kind of the only thing Kuroshiro sells that any one might want. Also why is RPA allowed after the whole sexual assault/harassment thing? Bodyline should be banned too no?

>> No.10687016

Bodyline isn't owned/at least not operated by yan anymore. I was under the impression they just meant don't wear the nazi set, not that you can't wear Meta at all. In a roundabout way this rule might keep any well-dressed fatties wearing brand that actually fits and not taobao clolita trash away from the event.

>> No.10687023

Sexual assault/harassment?? Royal Princess Alice has drama???

>> No.10687025

>a coordinate or piece from any brand or nationality that uses nazi, fascist, or alt-right aesthetics or symbols, defined broadly

The rules aren’t really clear. Is it that specific piece from any brand? Or do they mean any brand that profits off of nazi imagery etc.

Also wtf do they mean by nationality. A piece from any nationality that uses nazi imagery? Wtf does that even mean? Even putting on my sjw thinking cap I can’t figure it out. Do they mean people wearing period costumes from nazi Germany or the confederacy or something?

>> No.10687026

Also, considering how explicit the dress code is/what you cannot wear is so painfully and unnecessarily spelled out, I'm sure it'd say "no Metamorphose" if that is what they meant. Nif has a ton of pictures on social media of her wearing Meta, too. It'd be mega hypocritical.

>> No.10687027

idk maybe they were trying to get around people being like 'im jewish so i can wear dw'?

>> No.10687030

I'll want some proof of that RPA claim. That's a new one.

>> No.10687309


>> No.10687418

I do remember hearing about a model claiming some kind of sexual harassment by one of the company reps. I can't find any links but I also can't google in Japanese so idk. I wouldn't buy their stuff anyways. Quality is TaoBao tier and price is crazy high.

>> No.10687457

Isn’t BABY going to be at AWA at the end of this month? Why does everyone keep implying its impossible for a fucking lolita con to get a Japanese brand right now, when some anime con can?

>> No.10687574

I wonder how much they cost to come over.

>> No.10687582

They probably aren't coming over from Japan, Baby still has a US presence, so I imagine that's what they're referring to given the circumstances.

Theoretically, AP USA could have come to rvr, especially since they sell a bunch of other brands, but they might be on the ban list and I don't think they'd want anything to do with this plate of hot garbage anyways.

>> No.10687619

Jesus, if they couldn’t get a single japanese brand then im not going. It’s the bare minimum for a J-FASH convention

>> No.10687638

Especially if they want to be political. AP USA would be wise to stay far away from that and remain neutral.

>> No.10687665

Lol no one is going to think AP USA is suddenly SJW because they chose to promote themselves at the only lolita convention in North America that’s confirmed happening since covid began.

>> No.10687674

If anything ap is already banned because the owner is cOnSeRvATiVe

>> No.10687735

I thought the conservative owner got pushed out

>> No.10687743

How do you really think an owner gets pushed out of owning a business? What fantasy world are you in?

>> No.10687777

They just fired the tranny. The owner of AP USA and the jfashion shop they share space with is conservative. Not like full blown q anon but by rvr standards may as well be hitler because you know, disagreeing is AcTuAL ViOLenCe

>> No.10687818

>a coordinate or piece
>from any brand or nationality
The rules are clear, though. A coordinate or a piece [from anything]. So it's specific coordinates and pieces that would be banned. Nothing in there suggests any brand's entire catalogue is banned.

>> No.10687824

If that were the case, then the "from any brand or nationality" would be unnecessary. It would just say "a coordinate or piece that uses nazi, fascist, or blablabla".

For example, the nation of Japan "uses fascist symbols, defined broadly". So now "a coordinate from [Japan]" is banned? Someone retarded wrote this.

>inb4 ur just dumb hurr durr

We know they didn't mean the rule to come off that way and must have just fucked up the wording. But it obviously isn't written clearly at all since numerous people in this thread are interpreting it that way.

>> No.10687848

I think what people are confused on is:

a coordinate or piece FROM ANY BRAND or nationality that uses nazi blah blah

If they were referring to specific pieces why not either mention them specifically (there's only a few) or say:

Any coordinate or piece that features offensive blah blah. Adding the "from any brand or nationality" is weird and adds a layer of confusion when it could have been much simpler and clearer, unless what they meant is that they don't want to support brands who have profitted from problematic imagery at the event.

>> No.10687860

>unless what they meant is that they don't want to support brands who have profitted from problematic imagery at the event.
Exactly this. It's not even an outlandish suggestion or something, because they're the type of con that would do this.

>> No.10688211

Did she already delete her LJ account or was it because of this thread? I was looking through egl and noticed there's a strike through her user name.

>> No.10688218

>But it obviously isn't written clearly at all since numerous people in this thread are interpreting it that way.
This is important when it comes to public messaging. You have to be thorough and definite, otherwise you'll get ripped into (NORMALLY) and not just by the lolita community. When you're writing for the public, you need to be very careful with wording. The way they wrote it, from my interpretation is for them to be able to ban people, cancel them, and kick people out based on "loose wording." But, that's because I'm used to people doing this shit for power-related reasons. It being a woke cancel culture SJW event makes me suspect it even more.

>> No.10688385

A lot of people who have written notable papers actually have a pretty hefty background in the fashion and do a lot of interviews. The so pretty/very rotten author also initially just started the book out as a paper.


This chick actually interned at MM and worked at Baby in Japan. Definitely makes for an interesting read and id love to see a a panel by her.

>> No.10688386

Speaking of, did they have any “request a guest” suggestion box on their site? The people they chose are so disappointing. I’d have loved to suggest a lolita history archiver, or a notable model, or one of the so pretty/very rotten authors, or literally anyone who does more than just post garbage on youtube for normies.

>> No.10688553

It's really sad how desperate they're getting for models oof. I don't think I've seen other cons have to beg for models like this.

>> No.10688559

That’s because other cons have brands that people actually want to apply to model for

>> No.10688667

It's to be expected for a first year con to have major staffing issues for even paid/perks gigs, let alone unpaid volunteer positions.

Checked through the brands though and it's def not helping:
-Fluffy Tori: Hideous
-ghostgirlgoods: Not hideous, but not lolita and *barely* J fashion. The only original brand stuff they have are pretty generic T shirts. Not sure how this will work unless they're also modeling the 6%dokidoki that they sell.
-KittyKaya: regretsy tier. Doesn't actually sell any clothing.
-Kuroshiro Kawaii: Doesn't actually have anything in their shop brand, so I assume they'll have people model Meta? That makes them the only "brand" worth considering, and they haven't actually designed anything. Fun Fact: you can get their $65 pettis on eBay for literally $10.
-Puvithel: Has a bad rep, and some of the ugliest items on this list.
-Black Ribbon: has some questionable fabric choices and construction, but is probably the only actual lolita fashion designer on this list.

All in all; they've got 6 "brands" on the list and a third of them don't even produce clothing. Of those that do, 2 are notoriously hideous, and one only makes t shirts.

>> No.10688810

Enchanted Dream Couture will be in the show, which is the one that might put something decent together. But yeah, I was also seriously confused on how half those brands were going to be participating in the fashion show. Especially when they don’t even make clothes…

>> No.10688836

They’re not mentioned on the website list. Maybe a last minute addition? But yeah I was also confused. The one girl literally just makes pins and buttons?!? This must have just been everyone who applied.

>> No.10688842

>you can get their $65 pettis on eBay for literally $10
Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this.
Seriously? Maybe they’re just vending and not in the fashion show, like kaneko. Their dresses look acceptable but a bit shiny. Head and shoulders over the rest though.

>> No.10689156

No, they are in it. I actually didn't see them on the special guests page, but they are on the fashion show page.

>> No.10689219

New thread >>10689175

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