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>Is Bodyline even relevant anymore Edition

Well anons, what do you think? We're coming closer to the year of our Lord 2022 and Bodyline still honors the man who brought joy and misery upon the scene.

Do you still wear or buy Bodyline pieces? If so, which one? Pic related is happening as we speak, even long after Yan's departure.

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Also I just noticed they seem to dish out a lot of their more recent lolita dresses they released a few years ago for only 10$ or even 1$ each. Are they done with lolita?

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This is def the beginning of the end. They just can’t compete with taobao

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they do this often. every few years or so. after the sale itll probably go back up again.

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they only let you buy one at a time so after shipping to the us at least your order is like $30. They don't offer pmail on the bigger items either

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I liked their socks but it's all been wiped out for aliexpress shit that isn't even wearable with lolita. I think they're done with it and gone back to focusing on sex shop costumes since newbies and fattychans are obsessed with taobao

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>Do you still wear or buy Bodyline pieces?
I still have and wear some of their basics (shoes, blouses and headpieces) which I all purchased secondhand over the years, never bought from them directly because they just never restocked what I wanted.

At this point I honestly don't think they'll restock anything at all, they'll sell whatever they still have in stock for a couple of pennies and will probably stop selling lolita.

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This. Why the duck would I buy bodlyine when I can get cc cat for cheaper?

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There's so many Taobao resellers all over Tokyo now for Lolita, I'm surprised they even have survived this long when you can just go to Hareame.

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You're allowed to say Fuck here, anon. Way to out yourself as a newfag.

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it was prolly just phoneposting and autocorrect

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ITT: newfags

never have I ever seen more of a newfag fucking thread.

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>not knowing bodyline threads used to be common on cgl before it got infested with newfags

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either weak bait or just stupid

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Spelling/autocorrect mistakes mean people are newfags now? kek this board is such a shitshow

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I feel nostalgic for bodyline - it had cheap blouses, socks and shoes. I wish I bought those violin boots.

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The only bodyline I own is a plain black headdress. I used to own a blouse but sold it since it felt too costume quality. The only thing I'd ever wear from there in the future would be hair accessories. Everything else is hot garbage.

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Everytime I visit bodyline there's rarely anything I like, and when I do like something it's never in my size so I've never purchased from them.

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>There's so many Taobao resellers all over Tokyo now for Lolita
Like just random stores selling taobao stuff or brand stores like To Alice?

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i can guarantee they're selling them for so cheap because they only have sizes left for the anorexics and nobody is buying them lmao

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Kek the smallest size bodyline even has is medium and the usual sizes left tend to be the massive 2L/4L ones.
Cope harder fatty.

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Just eat a sandwich or something

You're skinny because you don't have the willpower to gain the weight. Literally anyone can do it so you don't have an excuse.

I'm so sick of these anorexic bitches altering brand dresses to fit their tiny frames. Such a waste. Just get a dress from taobao or something.

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I know you're trolling but I'm average bordering on chubby anyway lmao

Still would rather be skinny than fat

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Bodyline has alot of great stuff and some items are better than the expensive brands. I would buy from them more if they would ever restock their sizes and they would have actual customer service

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Cccat looks like ass. Atleast mention a better taobao brand

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I have some ethical issues with the brand, but holy fuck are their blouses better than most taobao shit...

even Yillia gets surpassed when it comes to blouses being fit and looking tailored.

BL is one of the last brands making blouses that look good with SKs not just JSKs

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Lol at least I’m not gonna die from diabetes

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it’s true you’ll die from malnutrition instead :)

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I’d buy it if they brought back old school pieces, it’s such a weird move that they haven’t brought them back since old school is huge right now.

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>better than most of taobao
Seems like you have low standards and don't know the good shops on there.

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I meant their cotton blouses, but you kno

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Like actual stores or holes in the wall?

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I ordered some of these, they were too cheap not to. Fuckers sent me an email asking for 5000jpy more because I ordered too many items, which the max was 10 during the sale and I had less. They've also taken those listings down, so I'm thinking they fucked up and don't want to honor the prices. I honestly think Mr Yan is the only employee lollll

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from what i have seen some other users i don't think bodyline wants to sell lolita anymore. It's a shame because i liked their old school gothic stuff and i would have bought that dress immidiently is they sold it again.

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mr yan sold the company ages ago

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Actual stores, they are all over Tokyo, like Hareame and Anonenone.

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Actual stores, some are even bigger than actual brand ones.

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So do Japanese lolitas actually buy and wear Taobao? Surely the stores wouldn't carry it if it didn't sell well

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I still want the sailor jsk and I was gonna order it this past year but the shipping was over $30. I'm not paying over $50-60 for a BL jsk after shipping. Are they still charging out the ass for shipping? I haven't checked recently.

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Just judging by the customer snaps it seems to be mainly teens, young adults, parents for their children, and jp cos thots (really, https://twitter.com/koyubiss/status/1448247684746264576).

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Just judging by the customer snaps it seems to be mainly teens, young adults, parents for their children, and jp cos thots.

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yeah free pmail never came back

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Recently sold off some basic pieces and accessories I got from Bodyline since I replaced them with better quality ones and ngl, I'm highly surprised how sought after some of them are.

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Yeah it's cheap and there are lolitas out there who will only buy cheap stuff since they're constantly complaining about how expensive the fashion is. Some lolitas just want pieces to fill in their wardrobe with and don't care about quality or want items they can wear a ton without having to care if they get ruined.

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most of my pieces are moitie, so i get basic bodyline in gothic/kuro styles to wear out casually without worrying

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I don't think it's just that, I've noticed it sells a lot faster than Taobao. When a store shuts down there is usually an increase in interest and clearly Bodyline isn't going to restock their lolita things anymore so it is a dying "brand".

Cheaplitas relied on either Bodyline or Taobao but Bodyline has a more traditional lolita style, it doesn't look so clolita. So I think there is nostalgia for the old days of Bodyline. Like it makes me think of the really old Princess Peachie videos when her entire wardrobe was just Bodyline and it didn't look too bad. I think it's a lot harder for newbie cheaplitas who instead of having a Bodyline phase are now directed to Devilinspired which in comparison has terrible hiked up prices, all costumey conlita OTT looking things and a huge lack of basics.

I have had both a Bodyline and a Taobao phase and despite Taobao sellers having way more appealing pictures I have had way more busts with Taobao, specially when it comes to recieving things that look absolutely nothing like the image, on top of having had to wait months for them to reach.
It's why I think why Bodyline sellers on LM usually show a real picture of the clothes but Taobao ones tend to use the super photoshopped stock photo as the main one.

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>items they can wear a ton without having to care if they get ruined
I can see that, but

>buy cheap stuff
is something that doesn't quite align with the experience I made.

While bodyline certainly isn't close to the average brand piece in terms of market value, some people who have bought my stuff weren't exactly holding back when it comes to splurging on it. Everybody's laughing or screaming at scalpers who are selling bodyline in truckloads for, in cgl's opinion, prices that are way too high, oftentimes above purchasing prices/retail prices. When I put up my stuff for sale though, I was shocked that like 80% of it was sold in literal minutes, mind you while pricing them taking scalper accounts into consideration too. On top of that some of the people who bought from me weren't hesitant to pay the same, if not more, for shipping around the globe than the items are worth either. Means if there are people who will gladly spend 20 bucks and more to get some socks or accessories like simple wristcuffs or bows shipped, prices can't be as much of a deciding factor as it seems. So I wonder if nostalgia or style choice like >>10688145 said are playing into this a lot too.

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Does bodyline ever release anything new? Looks like the same old stuff and I don't like the look of any of it. But I want some cheap outfits for outdoor activities.

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only when they scam people into making new designs for them to steal and alter.

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>Does bodyline ever release anything new?
The last new releases were all either very taobao-like or straight up from taobao, like their legwear or accessories.

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So where is the best place to buy cosplay now? Both for custom cosplay comissions and just generic cosplays?

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