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What is your dream dress? Not one that exists, but one you would immediately buy if it did. This dress and it's accessories were designed specifically for you with the print and colorway you chose. Is it a OP? JSK? Salopette? What is it's style and colors? What brand makes it? Describe it to the best of your abilities.

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a good lolita coat for classic made from alpaca wool. It'd be incredibly expensive, but damn would it be comfy. It'd have some embroidery on it, and maybe fur too... One day i'll get something like that commissioned.

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I don't think I've ever felt an alpaca before. What kind of embroidery would you get? Floral or animals? Or something else?

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Most likely roses! In either black, red, or pink- im uncertain as of now. Maybe a pretty teacup as well. Any metal on it would be gold, and it would have inner layer pockets. I would also like for it to have a little crochet overlay on the shoulders if possible. Maybe i will do some sketches and post! Ideally I would have loved for it to be made by MM, but anything to do with luxury fabrics is already a crapshoot, and MM never came back from the war...

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same anon but since the thread isn't really going yet, thought I would add another one! I would love a cable knit sweater-dress that suits lolita! Heres a sketch I did a long time ago of it with an abilletage coord. I would probably wear this all autumn long because of how casual and easy to coord it would be- I don't think a brand would ever make this but I would be so happy if they did.

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Honestly I feel like you can just commission a knitter to make it for you

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Milky planet first release jsk cut in mint

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oh this is really cute. do you mind if i yoink this and try to knit a prototype one day anon-chan? i'd never sell it (unless it were to you), but it looks like an interesting project and i've basically already figured out how to knit the cable patterns just by eyeballing it.

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Only if you promise to share pics someday! I would love to see this idea realized.

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I would like to but I'm always scared when commissioning people who don't have experience in lolita fashion. I'm worried about the space for the petti and how it would drape. Ideally I'd like to learn the skills and make it myself.

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you've got it! though it'll probably not happen for a couple years at least. i can't imagine how much yardage of yarn it'll take... still it'll be fun

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>John 14:6
>Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

You can be sure you go to heaven in less than 10 minutes:

and / or

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Something like this but in Gobelin maybe?

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>John 3:17
>For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

If you were to die today, are you 100% sure you go to heaven?:

and / or

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Looks like it already exists, anon

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An actual last unicorn collab. (I own twinkle Journey because its the closet I have)
If I could sew/draw I would definitely make one off my friends embroidery machine.
I've attempted a design where its simple outline embroidery of the unicorn walking and there's a trail behind her of plot points in the story. (a butterfly in a forest, coming onto a fair cart with a harpy above,with a spider trail leading to people around a fire next to a willow (aka the boob tree), then a village over looking a castle on a mountain, a girl and man being chased the bull, which leads back to the unicorn at the start.

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More mid to high-necked short sleeve and 3/4th sleeve OPs with casual sweet prints like meta's Patissier in the Forest. I have no creativity; I essentially want a horrible bastard child of Princess Cat's OP cut with Meta's sweeter prints because it's hard to find mid to high necklines with shorter sleeves and sweet prints.

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A penguin-themed print in the vein of Milky Planet or Diner Doll ... ideally not winter themed but if it’s cut enough I will absolutely spring for it

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I'm here for penguin-kei

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I've been saying this for years but I really want a labrinyth themed dress. Give me a David Bowie coord

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Omg alpaca wool is the best! There’s a little alpaca farm near me. The lady who owns it makes her own yarn, hand dyes it and makes the most beautiful knitted sweaters, cloves, hats, and stuff. I want a sweater so bad, one if these days I’ll just bite drop the 500 bucks for one…

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komfy kei

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I'd like to see this.

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What is on her face and hands? Is that sweat or a heat rash or something?

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I think it's supposed to be gloves with a design on them but since the image is low quality it's hard to tell

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would do anything for an underbust or bustier cut of wonder party in the pink x sax colorway. make the trim on top of the waist/bust gold, and I'd want a corset back tied with thick gold cord that has tassels on the ends.

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Pretty sure she's supposed to be Minori, the shironuri artist. The stuff on her face is part of her shironuri makeup

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I more meant in the fabric that Victorian maiden used, but this is still really pretty!

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>Last Unicorn collab
anon can we kiss

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Oh, that would be gorgeous! I believe Axes Femme released a set made out of a similar floral gobelin in the past, except it has less sweet design elements

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I would do unspeakable things for BABY or AP to release a sunflower print dress.

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Differen anon here but I remember when Axes Femme was still somewhat good quality and released things like these. The cutsews and dresses I bought 7 years ago still hold up today whereas everything I buy new gets pilling after half a year.

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I'm not one for grandma couch print but I kind of like this

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fuckkkkkkk same

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IIII neeeeeeeeeeddddddd itttttt

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a sailor moon x btssb collab jsk that’s a border print of crystal Tokyo done in the sort of style they used for fairy topialium or traumerei of bright shining stars, where the print sort of melds into the dress, like the body of the dress is the sky and the border print is the ground. I really just want it in navy, but it would be cute in other colors. here’s a shitty mock-up I made in three minutes to express the concept, note the colors are murkier in this than in the anime in order to match the blue of the fairy jsk

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Oh gosh crystal Tokyo would be gorgeous as a print

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I want a white, pink and gold jsk with actual jewels sewn into the dress on the crown and scepter print

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Last night I dreamed about finding an AP jsk at some physical store for only 20 something dollars and being shocked about it. It was white with sax pinstripes and it had red heart accents
I'm not actually from the lolita side of the board, but I am extremely curious if there is a dress like this because it'd be a literal dream dress. Maybe I saw it, forgot it, then dreamed about it

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It might exist in the future.

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Crystal bodice jsk with crystal lace on the hem

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Would wear

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This would make a lovely couch.

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I have a hard time believing this is Axes Femme because this is way too nice

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Fleur Antoinette but in two shades of burgundy.

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I'd want to see a proper zelda collab.
Not from AP. Fuck AP's collabs.
Either meta or baby. I'd love to see agitha's stuff.

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