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What are the worst things you have done at a convention?

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>at fairly large convention
>start jacking off
>edge through my pocket while walking
>nobody notices
>see girl with exposed shoulders
>cum immediately
>walk over to a less visible area while keeping her in sight
>rub some cum on my fingertips
>not enough to feel it but enough for it to be visible
>walk back over
>tap her on the shoulder with my hand, now complete with SemenFingers™
>ask for directions
>thank her and leave knowing damn well what I've done

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Fucked a guest

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Pissed myself. First time cosplaying and underestimated how difficult it would be to get out of a costume when you have to go. Shamefully hurried out of my stall after done, quickly headed back up to my room and showered. Did not cosplay the rest of the convention.

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Threw up in the stairwell and didn't clean it up

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>i fucked my cousin's 10/10 virgin friend because my cousin thought i was too ugly and made fun of me for it at an anime convention
>i fucked my cousin two years later at the same anime convention
anime conventions are filthy places and i love them

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I recorded a girl while she was sleep sitting also her boyfriend was there. Also recorded her as when she stood up to stretch. I lost the video when my phones screen crack is there a way to get the video back. It was on the phones memory and not on a card.

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Mild by the standards of everyone else here, but I got too drunk and passed out in the public bathroom at Colossalcon for about 2 hours

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Rite of passage more like

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I once pooped in a stairwell because I got food poisoning and couldn’t make it in. Sorry kalahari, but if it makes you feel any better I also lost a costume that day.

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I bid on a comic auction for an Iron Man 3 Cinema display that was huge but I didn't have the means to take it home so I left the con.

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Got really drunk at Holiday Matsuri to the point I pissed in my seat during the Hottest Men in Anime contest. It's an after hours event that's 18+ and the staff didn't allow reentry into the room. It's one of the main reasons I attend Holmat and I wasn't going to miss the rest of the show over a bathroom break.

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Got pressured by a fujo into doing gay shit with a stranger while I was dressed as a girl

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please be a girl

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I am. Was wearing a dress while it happened and the seat was cushion. I left so quickly when the show was over at like 2am

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Spent $200 on stuff that i regretted the week after

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To be honest it’s worse if it’s a girl. At least if you’re a dude you can aim somewhere but as a girl you’d just be marinating in pee

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This is literally why japanese celebrities refuse fan contact. There was a thing for a while where people would pay to shake an idol's hand at a convention, jerk off in line and then greet them with a coomhand.

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Male fans truly are the worst.

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MLes truly are the worst*

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nice try flowers by irene, but you are not one of us. we can smell pork 12 parsecs away.

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>almost uncontrollable bladder and public wetting are my fetish
why God? why?

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based if true

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What was it?

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probably body pillows

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Hot. Girl or guy?

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sneak into the con by jumping a wall, and once there steal shit from the stans

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thank fucking god i gave up on anime cons because you people horrify me

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When I was 14 back in 2011 at a decent sized but not huge con, I stole a crocheted nyan cat wallet and never told anyone about it

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for a while? that still happened at handshake meets just before the coof

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I'm a 600 lb man with a 10 inch fat dick dressed as Sasuke. Enjoy your fap.

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I made hentai noises for an ALA ribbon.

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Got depressed and lonely so I drank too much and stumbled around the con like an idiot and stole some shit. Made my way to a bathroom and passed out in the stall for a hour.

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You can't aim when wearing pants and sitting on a chair in a room full of people. And even if you could take your dick out and aim where the hell would you aim? The floor?

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Ah truly despicable

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I bet it was other reasons but you want it to blame on me, It was just once.

Plus it was more of the trill of doing it rather than anything else.

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You're not the only one that does this. Threads are dedicated to creepshots and spying on women in public places. South korea had a whole protest over it due to it being such a constant problem.

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>Y-you can't blame me I was just being a creepy predator one time!! I'm not at all a textbook sexual deviant! It was just for the thrill!!!

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Continued to jump in a bouncy castle once someone had broke their nose in there.
I was wearing white pants and didn't notice right away.

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Committed a handfull of misdemeanors, most of which involving alcohol

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OK but what would you do without us? Its part of the experience. Should be thankful.

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what the fuck are you on about

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>OK but what would you do without us?
Live a life with one less worry and trust men more.

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You don't trust men and worry about stuff like this =//. Stuff like this rarely happens you should worry about stuff like Volcanos.

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Your ESL is showing.

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I brought my girlfriend and she got hounded by nerds.

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Im a trap and I randomly suck guy's dicks

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I run theft rings in the dealers room. I pay kiddos half the retail value, and then resale after on eBay. They get spending money and I pay for my whole ass weekend. Only losers are the dealers and they suck ass anyways.

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Mega based

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Where can I do that.

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I don't bother anymore to check if my sentences make sense anymore, After all this is a pig language and things make sense no matter how bad sentences are made.Batman bathroom who came with this silly way to form words I wouldn't be proud to be a native of this damn language I though it was the worst until I learn that Japanese may be even worst.

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>things make sense no matter how bad sentences are made.
>Batman bathroom who came with this silly way to form words

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It was Three anime figurines and a sketchbook i never drawn on

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If you don't care to speak the language at least in a understandable way, don't expect anyone to take anything you say seriously. You sound retarded.

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Kek same sorta
I bought a sweatshirt and some small prints from an artist who is a piece of shit. Was able to sell it all at least

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I like taobao dresses more than AP, BtSSB and AatP. VM and Meta tops them all however.

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was so nervous at my first con cosplaying alone, in the con toilet i stood up not realizing i wasn't done peeing because i wanted to gtfo as soon as possible and not hold up the line, got a few large drops of piss on the inside of my pants
didn't know what to do as i had taken the train there and had no where else to go to clean up or change so just sprayed it with deodorant and hoped no one noticed because of the dark fabric

also got followed back to the train station that evening by an amateur photographer who tried to get my number earlier at the con which i refused and cried a little on the train home after the adrenaline from the day wore off

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Thanks for the story, I'll enjoy fapping to it later ;)

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Depending on the figurines that could have been a several hundred dollar haul

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Fucked some overweight cosplayer girl, roleplayed like she was the character and got rewarded with an std

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they said $200 upthread, retard. pay attention to the conversation.

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was this at Anime Boston?

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Fuck you

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cry moar, child.

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That's what happens when you're a slut that doesn't wrap up. Enjoy your std

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asking for it

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Stealing is so boring though. Unless it's something stupid or ridiculous it's meh.

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I usually sell drugs at conventions. Lots of ecstasy and weed.

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I regularly go to cons with fake press tickets.
Since the staff is almost always full of volunteers, they really don't check properly and get intimidated when they see the ticket

>> No.10684786

That's a good idea but you might want to be careful with that these days.

>> No.10684789

Of course they scan the tickets, an error shows up and I ask "Oh, is everything alright? I have a press ticket, maybe there's a problem with that?"
And they just let me through

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Please describe in more sumptuous detail.
I'm researching the effects of fapping to the thought of women pissing themselves.

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I fucked a cosplayer
Then payed out the security and told them the con is over
Then invited like 25 of my friends for beer and shit
Drank everyone untill hammered
Turned the whole place into a night club
Turned cosplayer girls into sluts
Boy cosplayers into pimps
Police arrived
I saw myself out

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If you're gonna make shit up at least make it sound believable.

>> No.10685050

Alright fine
I made up the part where I fucked a cosplayer , I'm a virgin loser ... A virgin loser who took revenge on some random idiots ...
I can't find a news article
Look for Jordan 2018 8ala cosplay con

>> No.10685061

So your a dime a dozen loser

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And everybody clapped.

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Holmat anon here. I was pretty much "marinating in pee" as one anon commented. The con was promoting alcohol and even had a bartender in the room where the show was happening. I couldn't hold it in any longer after being told re-entry wasn't allowed. A lot of attendees who went to that show actually complained about not being able to use the bathroom in the Facebook group.

>> No.10685280

Based, thank you.
Full retard con organizers though.

>> No.10685450

>It's an after hours event that's 18+ and the staff didn't allow reentry into the room
why not?

>> No.10685452


>> No.10685455

yeah I believe it

>> No.10685457

I'm guessing to make it easier to clear out the room because it was late night show, but it still didn't make sense to not allow anyone to leave to use the bathroom when there's a full bar.

>> No.10686310

If it was 18+ probably some preventative thing.

>> No.10686363

You're why I go to cons.

>> No.10686656

Don't get a mouth STD

>> No.10687523

fucked around in the elevator riding it up and down until staff asked us to get out

>> No.10687545

That's wrong on so many levels

>> No.10687901

i got it anon

>> No.10687904

Thank you, thank you. Please like and subscribe.

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Okay I almost never come to this board but today and do and I see this shit. WHAT the HELL is wrong with you people?

>> No.10687938

>he doesn't know about the /k/ meetup cum brownies
This thread is literally nothing

>> No.10688046

I let a dude and his gf cuddle me because I was depressed and had no where else to sleep. realized quickly I wasnt gay.

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I had sex with a Jill Valentine cosplayer’s bf. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend until the next morning. She just walked in and started screaming at him because apparently he’d done this before. He called her an annoying bitch and punched her in the stomach when she blocked him from leaving the room.

I got dressed, left, and called the cops.

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I'm 6'5 260sih, and pretty muscular. I'm not totally jacked, but definitely have a bulky body, and broad shoulders. I like to creep on short male cosplayers, especially if they have a girlfriend with them. I'll just approach them, and give them compliments. I try to slip in a "pretty little boy" or "adorable" just to see how they'll react. I try not to overdo it cause sometimes it's obvious the guy is under 18, but their reaction goes from happy to being complimented, to confusion and trying to laugh it off. I've never taken it too far, although I did put my arms around a guy that was 5'4ish once.

Not sure what it is, I don't think I'm gay and I'd never date a guy. But violently raping a femboy is one of my darker fantasies.

>> No.10688367

a fujo wrote this

>> No.10688368

Why does it have to be rape? Why not consensual rough sex?

>> No.10688387


It's gotta be that sweet spot, where they're powerless, but secretly want it.

>> No.10688417

bro that's pretty gay, just embrace it
wanting to stick the D in a man's A is 100% homo

>> No.10688419

decided to transition

>> No.10688430

Your shoes. Then yell
That’d only work when sitting near a sprinkler tho.

>> No.10688519

Consensual non consent is a kink jsyk

>> No.10688565

Depending on your cosplay and your relative body size it can be helpful to wear protection just in case. Especially when you're in a dress that requires the help of someone else to take it off. They make really slim diapers that you can hide well under bloomers or the like and it's better than wetting your expensive outfit.

I had a similar experience when I was wearing a super tight dress with a zipper on the back and my best friend wasn't there to go to the toilet together.

>> No.10688568

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get better.

>> No.10688570

I used to sneak candids and occasionally creepshots. I stopped doing it because you get much better results just asking women for photos like a normal person.

>> No.10688576

Thank you for stopping. Creepshots are the reason why I wear shorts under my skirts and check all over the bathroom stalls for fear of cameras. My bf is annoyed that he will never get nudes or sexy nsfw pictures of me because I know guys like to share them online. I've warn other women about this as well and have gone as far as to show them threads on /b/ or /gif/ where guys do this.

>> No.10688585

DESU I found it a lot easier to camp out a few floors up and try and take downblouse pictures.
The one time I tried taking upskirt photos they came out really bad (the pros use infrared lighting), and it was a lot more risk than I was comfortable with.

>> No.10688586

Good to know, I'll keep a look out for this.

>> No.10688653

lmao kys

>> No.10688756


I wanna believe anon, I wanna believe

>> No.10688757

>All of these piss stories

Why are you people pissing yourselves

>> No.10688765

It's the worst thing I've ever done at a con. Sorry I'm not a rapist, thief or sex hungry

>> No.10688793

it's hot

>> No.10689235

One time one of my friends was following me around a con and being annoying so I pushed him and felt bad

>> No.10689409

Girlfriend at the time was annoying me and she was being a bitch the entire time at con, even getting upset I was seeing people who I wanted to see for months, really petty shit, barking at me all weekend for anything minor.

Anyway, con after party had ended and people were still hanging in the bar, I straight up left her, people were buying me drinks and all was well, did a Tiktok to Bad Guy (I know cringe... but I was drunk so whatever) and I'm pretty sure I nearly ended up fucking this guy's girlfriend in front of him, me being dumb as fuck and denying to go with them to their room got me out of that but nearly got captured by a couple of other people, I eventually ran back into my girlfriend who was still being a cunt, pretty sure she cheated on me that night.

Good times.

>> No.10689426

Your gf sounds like a bitch but seems you're a bit of a cunt yourself since you considered fucking another girl who was already taken.

>> No.10689470

Oh yeah, I know that. Not denying that. Was an entirely toxic relationship that should have ended way before it did.

>> No.10689501

>Males truly are the worst*

There, fixed it.

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No idea what cons you go to, but I truly hope to cross paths with you someday. Fuck ALL the dealers. Simple as.

>> No.10689574

I played footsies with a guy in the stall next to me, thinking he was my friend because he had the exact same shoes. After a second, he punches the wall of the stall and shouts "WOULD YOU STOP FUCKING AROUND?!", and from the other end of the stalls I hear my friend shout "ANON WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!"
I was very drunk that weekend. And the week after.
Was her name Shawna by any chance?

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>> No.10691887

Incomprehensibly based, all dealers are fucking FAGGOTS with few exceptions

>> No.10691897

You'll end up in prison and a RSO one day.

>> No.10691898

Get a therapist, piss fetish usually occurs after sexual abuse.
>plebbitor wears diapers
The absolute state of r*ddit.

>> No.10691900

>Pig language
>keeps on speaking in Pig

>> No.10691903

Reading comprehension is really hard, huh?

>> No.10691995

same thing I do at every convention, gawk at scantily clad girls of questionable age.

>> No.10692283

A solid 60-70% of the time their selling counterfeit merch anyways. Fuckem.

>> No.10692299

Living the dream

>> No.10692304

Groped cosplayers
It didnt seem a big deal at the time

>> No.10692353

Good for you friend.

>> No.10692355

This is damn near what cons are for

>> No.10692379

Sex is not enjoyable with a condom, gotta risk it if you really want it.

>> No.10692400

It feels the exact same to me and there isn't a dick on this earth that is worth getting an STD for. I could give a fuck if it's worse for him or not. Buy a fleshlight and keep your filthy appendage out of other people.

>> No.10692403

At a major con in Europe a friend and I asked for a photo and laughed at a Sailor Moon cosplayer just because she wasn't the prettiest around. In reality she was mostly either sad or tired.
Seems petty compared to some shit I'm reading on this thread, but I still feel bad to this day

>> No.10692425

I'll admit people need to be more careful who they have sex with. But as long as both parties consent, then Im down to do it raw....and I will.

>> No.10692429

Enjoy paying child support

>> No.10692446

Stairs no Jutsu

>> No.10692467


>> No.10692479

Agreed. With or without condom feels the same, STDs are no joke especially with creeps out there that have a fetish for spreading or guys simply not bothering to get tested.

Anyone out there reading this, don't let someone pressure you to go raw, it's not worth it.

>> No.10692696

brought my girlfriend and she got surrounded by nerds

>> No.10692700

brought my nerd and he got surrounded by girlfriends.

>> No.10692714

brought my nerd girl and she got surrounded by friends.

>> No.10692728

Being a femboy and trying to recreate 162059 at a con cause I’m horny

- I haven’t actually succeeded yet, but I should probably quit trying. I wouldn’t trust con goers to be clean further than I could throw them.

>> No.10692786

Not to mention the risk of getting knocked up by some gamestop employee in a half-assed cosplay

>> No.10692789

Yea, fuck that.

>> No.10692799

…what the fuck are you saying

>> No.10692888

Nah that is absolutely gay.
t. Guy who is into the same shit.

>> No.10692890

Lurk more newfag

>> No.10692895

But why shag with some gamestop employe in a half assed cosplay in the first place?

>> No.10692947

>Agreed. With or without condom feels the same

That's bullshit and the fact that so many people don't want to wear them is proof of that.

>> No.10692950

It feels mostly the same for me as a woman. But with my long term bf I prefer without because i get chafing easily from them despite being excessively moist down there. Plus it feels warmer and kind of closer that way. Randos better wrap it up and show me proof of their last sti test though. At least before I got into a committed relationship.

>> No.10692951

Had a female friend that had me firmly friend zoned. So occasionally I'd coom in her lotion bottle.

>> No.10692977
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going to my first con cosplaying this weekend, hyped but also kinda really wanna fuck a cosplay bitch lol any tips?

>> No.10693000 [DELETED] 
File: 240 KB, 1200x630, staring into the void.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AX2008. Girl and I are having a secret affair behind her fiance's back. I was dumb, thought she would eventually leave him cuz she was "trapped". (Captain Save a Ho mentality) Anyways, she had traveled long distance to be here, and we have the hotel room to ourselves. Lights go down, and she's riding on top of me. Suddenly she gets a phone call from her fiance wondering where she is. She has a full on covo with this dude while I'm still inside her, and ends it with a very convincing "I love you" at the end.

Pic related is my face when. It was still dark, so it's a good thing she didn't see the horrified look on my face. The abject dread of knowing this would be my fate as well eventually.

It is 13 years later and nothing has made me cum as hard ever again.

>> No.10693635

Saw a harley queen cosplayer with "no touching" written on her ass
You can imagine what happened next
Don't worry, I'm now banned from this convention

>> No.10693636

Closest what I ever got was talking with an espeon cosplayer at the afterparty

>> No.10693638

Kinda have to agree with that
But I only ever had sex with condoms so far
(And with prostitutes)

>> No.10693639
File: 1.54 MB, 3024x3024, 16355937397882517226244853449432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Brudis, schaut mal

>> No.10693640

Damn, wrong board...

>> No.10694726

My friends and I got into a convention for free because we guilted leaving strangers into giving us their passes.

>> No.10694733

Have a fat wallet. If you're not hot you're going to have to pay and even then good luck finding anyone openingly willing.

>> No.10694867

You’re a subhuman freak you’d do everyone a favor if you stop breathing

>> No.10694905

>and called the cops.
Why? Isn't that their buisness?

>> No.10694921 [DELETED] 

>All these stories about getting laid
How do you even manage that, surely no one does anything past small talk on the floor right? AnimeNYC's in 2 weeks and I want to crush my v card already

>> No.10694922

You're still with her?

>> No.10694947

Not usually, it's just more likely to, like every other kink there is, for obvious reasons. I wasn't abused, so there's no reason I'd get therapy. Why do you even try when you understand so little?

>> No.10694974
File: 8 KB, 171x128, ennis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is how a man who isn't queer really acts

>> No.10695005

Another anon who pissed herself. Was at call for cosplay contest and it didn't hit me until we were going onstage. Did my little dance in line then as soon as my legs separated as I walked onstage it let loose. Was wearing a big dress and petticoat so no one noticed but I booked it to the bathroom the moment I was offstage. Worst walk back to my hotel ever.

>> No.10695130

Theres no way nobody noticed the piss all over the stage, liar.

>> No.10695134

Was wearing leggings and boots under, but believe whatever you want. Worst experience of my life

>> No.10695136

never been to one and never will. I come from a relatively aristocratic family and a good education, so I see cons and the midwit geek culture they worship as bourgeois trash

(I'm not from this board, just a tourist)

>> No.10695170

Pouring one out for you anon

>> No.10695195

I dont think you comprehend how much a full bladder worth of piss is.

>> No.10695237

Snuck up to a restricted floor at night and wandered it with friends.

>> No.10695615

Recently happened at my last con
Tried to flirt/get laid
Some females got annyoee by me and told it the security
They throw me out from the con, and since I'm already banned at another con, I got banned there too
And so I'm banned at 4 conventions

>> No.10695627

>Tried to flirt/get laid
You mean you sexually harassed/assaulted people

>> No.10695628

Maybe, but I only talked to them, or at least tried

>> No.10695731

Tell me what you did so I know what not to do

>> No.10695737

Just don't try to hit on girls at a con right out the gate. Most are there just to have fun and enjoy the events or being with their friends so someone coming up to them dishing lines like they were in a night club is unwanted. Instead just talk to them like you would another men that you want to chat with. Then IF things go well with general conversation and she's displaying interest, you may proceed with your cringe pickup shit.

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File: 32 KB, 567x496, 1635878963878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AX '19, slipped off the condom halfway during sex with this chubster. I was letting her and some of her friends stay at my Airbnb already so I think it was fair.

>> No.10695781

This is why women hate men

>> No.10695785
File: 35 KB, 218x217, 1633995201762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fair enough, but I can tell you she isn't gonna be the last

>> No.10695788

Hope you enjoy AIDs

>> No.10695789

We already know. Thanks for posting about it publicly to help keep women aware of your kind.

>> No.10695799

Real question how the fuck do you slip off a condom during sex on purpose without someone noticing.

I get that sometimes it can happen by accident but I feel like I would notice the dude suddenly stopping to put his hand down there and fiddle with his dick for a moment

>> No.10695802

I tried to talk with them
But I was a little bit to "offensive"
Especially with the pick up shit

Either way, I now aim to get banned at every anime convention in austria

>> No.10695865

I think if you can get them to hang out post con, that's gf potential, but what if I just wanna lay pipe?

>> No.10695877

Then you better be hot with abs and have low expectations. Even then your chances are low and your chances of picking up a teen is high. Enjoy your #metoo

>> No.10695883

No thanks. In any case, I imagine the best shot is at any kind of afterparty and not the con floor itself, I'm not hot, but I'm not ugly either

>> No.10695884

Why can't you people just pick up chicks at a bar like everyone else

>> No.10695885

Cause I figure my best shot is among my "own people"

>> No.10695888

>>"own people"
Hate to break it to you anon but everyone else at the con wants ppl like you excluded from it.

>> No.10695891

You know literally nothing about me though, how can you say that?

>> No.10695893

Bc guys who want nothing but to get their dick wet are annoying

As this anon already stated, most people are not there to get hit on, and the fact you can't comprehend this is all I really need to know

>> No.10695897

>nothing but
Where are you getting this from, from a single conversation with me? Additionally, I've made several posts in this thread which you may have potentially replied to, in such a scenario I'm sure you felt different then

>> No.10695901

>tfw con hookups sound amazing but know nobody wants to be bugged by guys hitting on them so never attempt to chat people up

an abstract feel, but sex isnt why you go to cons, fun is

>> No.10695908

Different anon here but
>where is this coming from
>What if I just want to lay pipe
Unless you're a different anon from the conversation string, this line alone tells most women what they need to know about you. Not saying there aren't girls out there who want the same, but that's not the point of conventions and in your search of finding one will lead to you annoying others that aren't into it. Try an 18+ con that's specifically for sex related activities and media.

>> No.10695945

femcel hands typed this

>> No.10695955

Reads more like a /fit/ anon, they love boy pussy and believe fucking a smaller man is a sign of dominance.

>> No.10695962
File: 175 KB, 467x448, 1633309117921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ate all of my best friends snacks that she saved for the con. They were from her Japanese snacks subscription boxes forgot what they were called. I hid the wrappers in her boyfriend's sweater pockets. They got into an argument over it that contributed to their breakup. I feel nothing and still go to cons with her.

>> No.10695964

if their relationship was so fragile that it fell apart from some snacks then it was only a matter of time. There's no reason for you to feel anything.

>> No.10695965

>women's worst
>peed a little

>men's worst
>sexual assault

>> No.10695982

nah, womans worst should def go to
I'm sure said fujo is reading this and having a good laugh about it

>> No.10696017
File: 32 KB, 187x200, IMG_0389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10696027

Why do women excuse their evil behaviour all the time?

>> No.10696028

This is the second post I've read on this board I am leaving now

>> No.10696045

based, remind them how much are they"worth"

>> No.10696083

Why do men excuse their evil behaviour all the time?

>> No.10696600

you should stop watching porn and masturbating for a solid two months before making a decision like that.
I'm sure by week 2 you would change your mind anyways cuz not resisting lust has brought you to that point.
Sorry for you.

>> No.10697650

You don't get "accidentally" banned from four cons, m8. That doesn't happen if you're are "just talking" to them.

>> No.10697822

That's the full story
Went to a con
See a harley queen cosplayer who has written "no touching" on her ass
Grab her ass
She was annoyed and told me to piss off
So I pissed off
Still feel bad about it, so I tell the constuff about it
And that's how I got my first two bans (misticon and minimosticon)

Than next convention
The story where I annoyed the girls happened
And since I already have a ban somewhere else, they banned me from this convention and another one with the same stuff behind it
(YuniCon and Hanami)

>> No.10697829

you sound autistic, are you?

>> No.10697841

Grabbing someone's ass is not "just talking" to them. Please get off this website and learn some social skills.

>> No.10697905

Where do you think you are

I grapped the ass of a girl at the first convention
I tried to talk to two girls at another one, which annoyed them

>> No.10697914

Fuuuuuuck no, shes a cunt and entirely toxic person I've cut off. She blamed me for all her own problems, like her not being able to quit smoking, like what?

>> No.10697922
File: 19 KB, 300x300, 1631158602344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kept starring at a young girl in a kanna cosplay, like i couldn't take my eyes off her it was so well done. Felt like a total creep afterwards but spent weeks searching up people who went to the con trying to find any pictures with her in it. Really wish i had gotten a photo with her.

>> No.10697969

>Felt like a total creep afterwards
Well, did she looked like a child too?

>> No.10697970
File: 248 KB, 720x900, (cant find source).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Made hentai sounds for a ribbon.
I'm pretty sure you get away with getting people to do quite a few crazy things if it's for a ribbon.
If that's a constant fantasy, then in your current state you're at least bisexual. Whether you actually act on that is up to you.
And while I wouldn't be the one to fulfill your fantasy by any means (pretty much uninterested in irl sexual stuff at all), you would've easily made me really happy in that moment, possibly turned me into a blushing mess if you persisted with said complements, and I would've definitely hugged back had you asked for one/gone for it.
And yes, I'm a guy and exactly 5'4, so I'm guessing I'm in your "range," even if not exactly a "femboy."
Seriously though, don't go committing a crime, okay? For my sake? You'll get far more happy moments out of it. Have a cute image as a consolation prize.

>> No.10697978

She was very young lets put it that way, very cute though, really suited the kanna outfit.

>> No.10697985


So teenager, I guess

>> No.10697988

More like 9 or 10

>> No.10697989

Christ get help and fuck whoever let their kid cosplay the character

>> No.10698080


>> No.10698081

as a 5’2 femboy cosplayer i am praying i run into this guy

>> No.10698107


>> No.10698114
File: 40 KB, 297x297, 1627305033893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shouts "WOULD YOU STOP FUCKING AROUND?!", and from the other end of the stalls I hear my friend shout "ANON WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!"

lost here

>> No.10698147

let a man feel me up while i was in cosplay for $200

>> No.10698200

I don't usually go checking other boards but in this one instance I was curious to know what types of posts this board has. I regret it. Some of you people are actually disgusting

>> No.10698270

>feel me up
What do you mean with that?
He touched/groped you?

>> No.10698329

Anime Los Angeles tradition.

>> No.10698351

Only feel up for 200?

>> No.10698353

I got drunk and made out with some other girl, while my gf was literally sitting next to me. She did nothing to stop me. She cried for a week

>> No.10698371
File: 80 KB, 700x466, Km03LLIjjSg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be awa 2019
>got wasted like an idiot & decided to explore convention area
>came back to hotel room & realize my wallet is gone
>think i dropped it somewhere, got a friend to help me look for it
>can't find it , return to room
>fuck it i'll just sleep and pray it ends up in lost and found, flip bed covers and realize my wallet was there the entire time

I have my regrets

>> No.10698373

Right thread Bruder

>> No.10698750

Forced myself on a teenager after getting him drunk. My boyfriend at the time wasnt happy.

>> No.10698774

when you say teenager how old? 13? 18?

>> No.10698787

Exactly why I don't bother with male "friends"
Bunch of crybaby creeps

>> No.10698789

Pretty much this.

>> No.10698794
File: 60 KB, 660x330, gyakkyou-burai-kaiji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10698953

>Forced myself on a teenager after getting him drunk
And why did you feel the need to do this when you could have just asked him?

>> No.10698962

My ex-gf had to go without underwear in costume once - it was a skirt made of light, thin material and she hadn't tried it with any of the panties she brought to the con, and they all showed right through it - so we had to very carefully make our way to the place we were taking pictures, be super paranoid about anybody coming around the corner or whatever during the shoot, and then go straight back to the room. Now I have a raging fetish for girls going commando in cosplay and fantasize about it all the time when interacting with attractive cosplayers.

>> No.10699632


>> No.10699659

You morons could have just gone to Walgreens and bought pantyhose.

>> No.10699694

We were on a tight schedule, needed to be in the right place at the right time of day for the lighting etc. It wasn't actually that big of a deal anyway, the place we were using was part of the same hotel and relatively secluded so the only real thing we had to do differently was use elevators instead of stairs/escalators and stay away from balcony edges etc., and it was a knee-length skirt so not that hard to hide, but she was very prudish and was extremely flustered the whole time.

>> No.10699998

That's not exactly what they're for?

>> No.10700001

It's also why men hate men. That is rape served as an appetizer.

>> No.10700222


>> No.10700263
File: 80 KB, 148x268, KNEEL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i fucking wish

>> No.10700271
File: 136 KB, 370x370, tiredlad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they always sound nice and I've never been to an afterparty. I don't think it'd be good for me. It does feel like right now cons are the only way to meet more people but with the stories here I can see why people wouldn't want to try anything

>> No.10700272
File: 1.03 MB, 1000x1000, 0026742_black-pug-id-dog-tag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10700322

Sup Nikki.

>> No.10700470

kill yourself

>> No.10700488

You are definitely a faggot, so go dilate somewhere else

>> No.10700492

Hug seven time an underage girl

>> No.10700495

>so go dilate somewhere else
what does that even mean
what does that even mean

>> No.10700518

The first time I ever tried cocaine was at a con.
Also smoked a primo blunt in the parking garage and had to walk all the way back to the hotel smelling like skunky shit weed.

>> No.10700521

Imagine being such a disgusting landwhale that you have to force yourself on a male to have sex

>> No.10700663

I helped advertise the fake orgy at Colossalcon Texas

>> No.10700673

And I helped! (without even knowing what was happening at the time)

>> No.10700693

Smoked a joint in the parking garage before going to the lolita tea party at the con

>> No.10700710

Overpaid lol. I pay $150 for CIM BJs from young girls.

>> No.10700721

imagine having to force yourself on 19 year old boys kek. they will literally fuck any soft hole.

>> No.10700752

I never paid for a con badge in my life. I would just steal other people’s badges. It is easy to lift badges from losers.

Just pretend to flirt with the guy, and work your magic. Sell the badge later, make profit.

>> No.10700780

what's CIM

>> No.10700853

Fucking kek

>> No.10700854

Greentext or larp. Who were you cosplaying as?

>> No.10700855

Pics or larp!

>> No.10700856

>The first time I ever tried cocaine was at a con.
Same, and the last time as well. Kinda glad I did because the stuff is so sketchy nowadays and at least I got to find out what it was like without having to risk a Fentanyl overdose or whatever.

>> No.10700859

Screencap of the brownies? Ive heard about it but never seen a screencap.

>> No.10700860

No way, I'm 5'8.5 130lb

>> No.10701034

Dilating means that you use a vibrator that your (fake)vagina won't close
mtf trannies have to do that

>> No.10701082

>all these girls pissing themselves

i think you are why there are stereotypes about con goers being physically disgusting, but based anyways

>> No.10701211

Really nothing compared to some of this thread, just snuck loads of people in to Emerald City using vendor badges from a store I own part of, then wrote the whole thing off as a loss anyway to help with taxes.

>> No.10701229

A couple of con buddies took one of those large hotel roller carts and threw it through a 4th-floor window. It nearly landed on a wedding set up outside of it. I kept my mouth shut when the con chair asked me who did it.

>> No.10701445

>fucking own cousin
Bible Belt™ reporting in?

>> No.10701449

Pretty sure it stands for cum in mouth

>> No.10701648

i forgot i even posted this a couple months ago.

thank you

i cosplayed as eren jeager that year AoT was at it's top hype.
yep, 100%
i hated the stereotype until i realized that my cousin was one of the most wonderful girls i've ever met and i was the living stereotype. but it was just a few times thing. she said it weirded her out that sometimes i look like my dad. and in a couple of angles she looked like my aunt.
but family get togethers are never awkward and we still hangout often.

>> No.10701667

Fucking based, how was her cunt?

>> No.10701681

tight and tasty. i'd still happily get back in there. she's built like tatsumaki.
i'll be seeing her in a few hours. driving to grandmas place now.

>> No.10701683

Good on you, hnng!

>> No.10703751

so this is how the world ends, not with a bang but with an anime convetion

>> No.10704822


>Driver for the weekend to the con.
>Got drunk as a skunk the niught before.
> Easily a full bottle of cask-strength scotch whisky.
> Drove 3 hours the next day in a complete fugue.
> Passed out in the B&B
> Went at it again that night

Don't remember that con.

>> No.10704855


>> No.10704898


Sucks if you steal from people volunteering at the con. I was supposed to be paid to help this dude and his wife run one of those one day pop up cons in like 2011. It ended up being overseen by a cosplay couple and me. Dude’s wife was supposed to be watching the booth.

>art prints: stolen
>original art: removed from protective covers, smeared with cupcake icing, returned
>lunch: stolen
>cosplayer’s rare 500$ dollfie: stolen
>checks: bounced

I didn’t steal it, but I wonder if the person who did knew what it was worth

>> No.10704958

kek same here

>> No.10705051

Not a terrible thing, but I had an experience recently where I inadvertently walked into a 'gender neutral' bathroom (the stupid little printed out signs taped over the actual signs) that was obviously the womens once I got in there and saw a line of women waiting for stalls. The looks I got helped me realize why TERF's might be right about the invasion of woman-only spaces. Either way, I wasn't waiting for a fuckin line when all I had to do was piss so I just turned around and went to the other 'gender neutral' bathroom.

>> No.10706842

Not everything is about jerking off you weirdo lmao

>> No.10706858

men are extremely adept at dexterous movement around the dick
simply hold around the groin in pound town, slip it off during a long pull out ezpz

>> No.10706859

how do I get in on this?
cons would actually be fun if I didn't have to worry about guaranteed sexual frustration

>> No.10706897
File: 270 KB, 1066x1332, Blanchard2008_(cropped).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is in this case.

>> No.10707176

literally same here second fucking post

>> No.10707186

tell us in more sumptuous detail about wearing a diaper under your tight dress and not making it to the toilet

>> No.10710436

Here's a good one for you.
>Friends and I shitfaced at the con at 10am as per usual.
>See a hotel worker drop their keycard for the staff stairwell.
>Snag it.
>Use it for the weekend to avoid crowded stairs.
>Any time we hear someone else it, beeline for next floor exit to not get caught.
>Somehow at a later point in the night end up above the highest floor in some storage area.
>Rummaging around, a friend holds up a giant wad of fabric, stuffs it under his sweatshirt, and we walk back to our room.
>Unfold said fabric and realize it's the American Flag that flies from the roof.
>Spans both beds and then some
>Fold back up.
>Sober up in the morning, realize how bad of an idea it would be to keep a gigantic flag, and unsteal it.

>> No.10710478 [DELETED] 

be hot and fun to be around, don't even bother cosplaying.

>> No.10711041
File: 7 KB, 800x600, batsc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bathrooms had no doors and a design like pic related. Was (black dot) using the urinal and a bunch of girls were yelling outside and kept on peeking and yelling out the name of some friend (idk if they were drunk), I yell out something akin to "fuck off cunts" a bit too loud to the point were I think the people in the other toilet also heard it.

>> No.10712732

So Rape

>> No.10712904


>> No.10713138

you should try not being mutilated

>> No.10716874
File: 1019 KB, 500x373, computer.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got too drunk and cried when two of my friends hooked up at I think MAG2018
Thankfully I immediately apologized for it the next day and I'm still good friends with them both, but damn I feel way too embarrassed thinking back on that because it was in front of a bunch of our other friends

>> No.10717860

>Gender-neutral bathrooms
When they did that a few years ago at ALA there was a rumor(?) that a woman was in there peeping on men
based, good on you for returning it but also proving you could pull it off

>> No.10717892

i'd peep on you guys.

>> No.10717894

I farted at a con once. I thought it would be silent. It wasn’t. It smelled really bad too.

>> No.10717916

At AX I brought a bunch of liqour with me even though I had never met my roommates. I wined & dined one of them and took his premium badge to get into an in demand panel because the line was too long to get in with a normal badge, but the premium one got me a front row seat.
Granted, it was his idea and he offered to trade badges with me, but I still feel guilty.

>> No.10717921

Being very ugly

>> No.10717975

Usual alcohol-fueled misdemeanors. All at Anime Central over the years
>Got bro-tier friend who was working con security to skip part of their route checking the Hyatt stairwell so I could fuck a girl who liked my costume. (Ended up dating for about a year.)
>Public drunken debauchery.
>Accidentally gave 900$ of Funimation merch to random congoers while working their booth. Don't think they ever found out.

>> No.10717982

I have not, however, pulled the fire alarm at the Hyatt.

>> No.10717983

I need to know about the "Cum Over" room at MAGFest. I know one of you fuckers participated in it, so spit it out.

>> No.10718537

Nearly getting arrested by the security for trying to take a photo of someone without asking there permission as it was a person dressed as Undyne from Undertale I was trying a photo of who was also attending her stall and she was too busy to do something else

>> No.10720045

I let under 18s into 18+ events/panels while volunteering at the biggest con in my area. Most would show me their ID hoping I wouldn't notice while others would start begging or telling some story to try to make me feel sorry for them. I really didn't care and would give them the 18+ band anyway and tell them to have fun.

>> No.10721265

I nutted inside of my star trek gf and said PHASERS SET TO COOM, and then i coomed inside her and everyone clapped and then we got chocolate ice cream.