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yadda yadda yadda you know how it goes by now:

> just get an adrenaline rush seeing people hate on fatties somehow. i'm not even anorexic or have an eating disorder but cosplay and lolita fatspo threads and cgl roasting them fuels me especially that fat canadian bitch in her tent sized replicas.
>'fatphobia' isn't real? it's just bullying and you're just fat
>the hugbox that lolita has become is appaling and we need to stop saying gatekeeping is a bad thing
>lolita becoming so overly easy access is more of a curse than a blessing imho but at least i have fun laughing at tik tok and dou yin itas in cheap plastic dresses thinking they're hot shit and have a say in the fashion

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It's because the majority of American adults are overweight nowadays. So the majority of American lolitas are also overweight. The landwhales have become the very vocal majority so things are going to be more hugboxy to them, even here.

Really sad that this epidemic of obesity has become the norm.

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My confession is that I shit on taobaolitas while occasionally buying from taobao myself because it's just so convenient sometimes.
I keep telling myself that I know what I want and what I'm looking for, that I have great taste and that I'm totally able to filter out the high-quality items, yet sometimes I get my items in the mail and cringe at myself because they turn out to be crappy after all. Then I shamefully resell those items and the cycle repeats itself, I'll never learn.

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Fatphobia isn't real because no one is born fat. Being fat is your own fault, and judging someone based on their actions is not unfair discrimination. Fatties just want to have their cake and eat it too, pun intended.

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I work as a camwhore. I often wear taobao shit, because sumps love their kawaii anime girl

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I don't understand the blanket hate toward taobao. It's not some monolithic brand or something. The shops vary widely in both design and quality.

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>The shops vary widely in both design and quality.
They really do, you just have to know which are the good ones, some find out by trial and error

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I really kinda hate interacting/selling to newbies and nu lolitas so much now
Seen too many bad reviews by newbs for run of the mill norms like bleeding prints that are in no way the sellers fault.

Also tired of going to meets and dealing with taobao litas who turn up their noses at the cost of brand in favor of shitty bodyline or ugly clolita.
Then they whine and try to get me to sell them my brand for cheap or trade their ugly offbrand shit for big brand like wtf no.
If you ask me where I got my skirt from and don't even know what putumayo is don't interact with me.
I don't expect anyone to know the names of prints but if you don't even know basic shit other than top 3 brands and popular taobao I don't have the time or energy for you.

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I don't like people 17 and younger being in the fashion. Maybe even 20 and younger. I judge people who post things like "will my parents approve?" and "selling my dresses to pay for classes."

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>good ones
Spoiler alert: there's nothing good on taobao

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My chest being big is the only thing I can't control without surgery, and it's the number one thing that makes wearing lolita harder. I want to cosplay more characters I actually like but my chest is always in the way of preventing that. Binders can only do much. I really don't want to spend money on it when I could be using that money for other things like trips, cons, bills, cosplay and jfashion.

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Kids and teenagers are the reason I refuse to join any lolita-related facebook groups because they're full of them, I'm not their teacher or babysitter

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I don't know, Yupbro has been pretty good in my eyes.

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Ntayrt but this is ugly as sin nonnie
You're exactly what's killing lolita

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Oh well.

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This is absolute garbage

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It's always newfags that don't recognize quality that suggest these kind of things.

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Honestly I look down on clolitas/taobao lolitas.
They don't even register as lolitas to me at this point. They're a non entity and an entirely different breed of fashion at this point.

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Why don't we just recognize clolita for what it is? A cheap imitation of a ****Japanese**** fashion.

It seems this is starting to get lost in translation to newbies. It is ABSOLUTELY not a Chinese fashion.

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Isn't lolita already a cheap imitation of European fashion?

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Inspired by, but in no way trying to imitate or be 1:1

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Like hanfu lolita?

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Definitely agree with fatties getting shit on lol everytime i look at lm the dresses are L sized with extra stretch

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This reminds me of my country's traditional clothing. Cringe

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Fat people literally have so many options left and right yet they can't stop crying about how the fashion's ~not inclusive enough~, like what else do you want

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Fatties won’t stop until everyone is fat so they don’t have to feel bad they are fat

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I care less about plus-sized people's issues with brand sizing than I do tall people. Can't help being tall but you can help being fat if you really want it that bad

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I actually don’t mind having big boobs as a lolita. I’m a weeb, so it just makes me feel more like an anime character. And it’s not like I can change it, so might as well like what I have.

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>I’m a weeb, so it just makes me feel more like an anime character.

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It’s okay, you’ll learn to accept your body too.

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I can accept my body without being an autist comparing myself to an anime character

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What did anime do to you?

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You realize most lolitas don't like anime, right?

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And? Some of them do. It’s almost like we’re all individuals with different interests.

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It didn’t have to “do” anything for me to realize that getting self esteem by comparing yourself to a cartoon is retarded kek

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Are you ok?

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Yeah but whoever is comparing themselves to an anime character is severely mentally ill kek

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i'm kind of pissed at my friend. she said she would want to go to a con with me, but won't be paying for the cosplays she does there. maybe i'm overreacting, i get that cosplay on herself isn't a huge interest of hers, but what? i didn't say she would need to be in cosplay if she came, and she's overweight as shit, i wouldn't even fit into any cosplay i bought for her or be able to reuse it. i don't want to drop 100$ on a XXL cosplay for someone who is going to wear it once and have it be mediocre anyways. (or even more if she plans on cosplaying all 3 days like i am) i'm hopefully going to the same con with a friend who's actually serious about cosplay, and might do a matching group of 3 with both of them, but jesus christ, the first one complains about even wearing wigs and if i drop money on her cosplay i don't want her to drag down the group. again, i feel like an asshole for being mad at her, she's my best friend, but fuck, man

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The fats are driving me crazy. Oh how I yearn for a comm filled with normal girls who are thin, healthy weight, even a little pudgy is fine... with cute, brand dresses. I won't even join online comms anymore. The idea is you join a group where the only thing you'll really have in common is an appreciation of this aesthetic. but the deathfat look completely kills the silhouette so no, I don't like their aesthetic. I find myself having to lie through my teeth and it feels so awful. Plus, their quest for accommodating sizes usually brings them to clolita, and you know how that ends.

Pic attached is what I wish I had...

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You're absolutely right. I just tossed a stack of taobao blouses into the donation bin because I don't want any more of that shit circulating the market.

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I don't personally have anything against fatties but i do get annoyed at some of the mental gymnastics a large portion of them do, why try to wear a tiny piece that will sooner give out than going over your leg instead of simply buying shit that actually fits you.

As for the confession, i can't stand someone in my friend group, she's in good terms with the rest so i'll hang out if i have to, but most of the time i try to ignore her.

I'm partly jealous of her wardrobe and ability to coord, which i'll admit, but it also comes down to the fact that she constantly interrupts people in conversation and can't take social cues for shit. She made one of our friends feel bad about not going out when at the time our state was red and she lives with immunocompromised people, basically telling her that she was being a bitch for not putting her family in danger for the sake of some low tier afternoon tea. Since then what was basically a mild annoyance became a general dislike, now i can barely contain the eye rolls. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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Right middle is fat

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I always laugh at gulls seething over fatties because I am a fatty and lolita has never been an issue for me, I just buy 2 of any dress I want and get them professionally sewn together. I have over 50 main pieces at the moment (all AP) and some of them I don't even like, I just got them because they were other people's dream dress and I wanted to flex that I could buy 2.

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This blanket hatred of taobao makes no fucking sense to me. Taobao has a crazy diverse range of clothing, some great and some hideous and most in the middle. When AP is putting out cheap polyester garbage routinely, some taobao dresses really don't look that bad in comparison.

Don't get me wrong, taobao brands can absolutely put out hot shit. But picrel is a decent dress that a lot of people liked and I totally understand why.

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I seethe over fatties because they're aesthetically ugly and ruin the silhouette, but if you at least buy 2 dresses to lessen the blow of your hideous appearance then that's great.

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I have no intention of actually getting involved with the fashion at any point I'm just here to look at pretty dresses and occasionally get in fights over nothing

>> No.10675363

Having to alter every single dress you buy and pay 2x the price is kind of an issue nonnie

>> No.10675368

Well, I just don't get the point of pouring so much money and energy on clothes that won't look good anyways. Instead of buying one dress for the price of two, you could always save money on dresses simply by not eating so much, effectively doubling your wardrobe size and looking so much better in them the process.

>I have over 50 main pieces at the moment (all AP) and some of them I don't even like, I just got them because they were other people's dream dress and I wanted to flex that I could buy 2.

Maybe you're not, but to me this sounds like you're trying to cope with self esteem issues by over-compensating and showing out.

Being a healthy weight will only be good for you, mentally and physically...

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>she has to CONSOOM more in order to fit into her dresses
What a terrible existence

>> No.10675380

Imagine going to all this trouble because you can’t even put the fork down lmao

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It’s honestly sad that anon thinks it’s some kind of own to brag about.

But I’m pretty sure she’s outright lying because even if you did just slap two dresses together to make them wider, the proportions would still be all wrong and look stupid. Not to mention that you’d probably have to add additional seams on the skirt which would fuck up nice prints

>> No.10675386

Psh… do you wish you had all the drama that came with them? I’d pass.

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At best taobao is passable. That's not saying much. Especially when people like to predominantly buy the ugly shit. Whenever taobao is alright it doesn't make much of an impression. That's why everyone hates it so much.

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wtf lol

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Almost all comms say they except everyone, but realistically we all want cute girls in their 20s to show up. If you’re above 29 or below 20, there’s no way you’re going to fit into most comms and most of us find it awkward when you come to meets, unless it’s one of those comms with the friend group of older lolitas. But even then, they’re only in their 30s.

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Lmao pathetic

>> No.10675412

Kek you’ve never actually been to a major city comm, have you? The women are mostly nerdy white collar professionals, so being over 30 would not be out of place at all.

>> No.10675417

I've been a slob for going on almost two years.

>> No.10675420

Larp harder

>> No.10675452

miss point, krad lanrete, darkbox, akane & alois, tiny garden. is kidsyoyo still around? they were pretty good too

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I absolutely love antagonizing gulls who get obsessive over fat people. They get so mad and vitriolic that it's funny. The bad attempt at superiority is infinitely more hilarious to me than any person being fat ever has been. It reeks of so much insecurity lmao, and anyone who thinks it doesn't is just lying to themselves.

>inb4 "anon must be a fatty"
Uh huh sure, whatever you say, whatever, I don't care. Someone calling me fat on an anonymous board ain't gonna do shit to ruin my day. You do what you gotta do to keep those insecurities buried I guess.

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File: 51 KB, 615x396, 0_The-Mirrors-Amy-Clare-Martin-has-her-Fish-and-Chips-attacked-by-Seagulls-in-Clacton-Essex-today.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I absolutely love antagonizing gulls who get obsessive over fat people. They get so mad and vitriolic that it's funny. The bad attempt at superiority is infinitely more hilarious to me than any person being fat ever has been. It reeks of so much insecurity lmao, and anyone who thinks it doesn't is just lying to themselves.

>inb4 "anon must be a fatty"
Uh huh sure, whatever you say, whatever, I don't care. Someone calling me fat on an anonymous board ain't gonna do shit to ruin my day. You do what you gotta do to keep those insecurities buried I guess.

>> No.10675470

I’m literally a mod for a comm in a capital city but seethe harder

>> No.10675471

Imagine actually being correct about Krad Lanrete but then ruining your whole point by putting it next to the queen of the shitheap Tiny Garden

>> No.10675472

being in your 30s isn’t weird as long as there are other women there in their 30s

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Nice larp, Oojia purchaser. Of course you could "buy 2" since you bought the replica fabric. You can convince yourself that you 'spent money on brand' to flex it on other people, but everyone knows you're full of shit you delusional cunt. There's no way you can be THAT big and not be delusional, so you must be also convincing yourself that you bought brand.

Whatever helps you sleep at night when you're not accepted into our community I guess.

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This dress that you just posted, literally looks inferior to any "low quality" AP dress. I'm not sure you're making the point you want to be making with taobao brands.

Really, you shouldn't be wearing clolita like a band of honor. It should only be to pad out your wardrobe; not strictly be a Clolita, lolita wannabe.

It just makes you look like a cheap imitation of the fashion.

>> No.10675503

Even on an anonymous board I can't believe you would share this... fucking embarrassing

>> No.10675587

This is the only lolita space where fat people and size inclusivity isn't the center of the conversation. It only makes sense that people will vent about it here. I don't even have anything against fat people, I just want to talk about the clothes I like without being fucking lectured or guilt tripped over how AP is bad because people can't fit it and how X taobao brand makes 200cm bust polyester trash bags, they're soo much better!

>> No.10675590

>This is the only lolita space where fat people and size inclusivity isn't the center of the conversation.

It's not everyone else's fault that you only join FB groups, hang out only with fatties,, or don't have lolita friends. For me this isn't much of a problem other than in online spaces.

>> No.10675596

this 100%.
taobao lolita doesn't feel like the same fashion.

>> No.10675597

Sure Jan.

How autistic are you that you think someone in their 30s is going to be awkward around a bunch of people in their late 20s? I have plenty of 30+ year old friends.

>> No.10675599

Not all of us are blessed with decent comms or irl lolita friends, I don't see why a single online space where fat isn't the norm is such a bad thing

>> No.10675600

It's not. It's clolita. China has made something in itself. I see people running off about subgenres that never existed under traditional lolita, because of China.

Seriously, we need to seperate these. Because I'm not a fan of most taobao. The one offs that I enjoy, I know no one else will. Having that expectation that it all fits in with normal lolita is very off, especially when we can actually acquire JAPANESE lolita now. There's NO excuse for people.

>> No.10675601

Some people never make friends outside of their age group, especially younger ones, so they think it's weird cause it's not what they personally do.

>> No.10675603

I don't think it's a bad thing. If I did I wouldn't come to cgl. I just think that it's not like cgl is some safe haven or you HAVE to be in those fb groups and expose yourself to the size sperging. You can also just be a lonelita. I did that before too and it's fine.

>> No.10675610

Well that’s subjective. I’d much rather wear the dress in the picture, even if it isn’t the highest quality, instead of plenty of APs trashy polyester designs.

>> No.10675614

I think polyester looks better than that cheap lace on the chest. That shit looks like garbage and then you're wearing it front and center.

>> No.10675619

Well if you think there’s lace on the chest, then you’re blind anyway

>> No.10675621

Bro that’s gathered fabric, not lace kek

>> No.10675670

Still looks cheap as hell. That material is disgusting and on the bottom of every clolita dress.

>> No.10675677

Nameless poem looks nice enough and it’s a fairly known dress

>> No.10675684

I love that gulls seethe like crazy over fatties. Makes it v easy to bury a thread when it contains info I don’t want to spread tbqh.

>> No.10675685

That's a replica. You're not seriously going to count replicas, are you?

>> No.10675687

majority of my comm and the neighboring larger comm who look good and actually show up to meets are 30+ / 40+

>> No.10675689

Kek I do that too. Race bait and fat shaming works well but have you tried color theory? And apparently sneakers? I swear there’s some sperge out here wrecking all the threads. Not even worth the retarded captcha

>> No.10675691

I'm in credit card debt because of the fashion and other hobbies, I warn people against it because I don't want them to get into debt too.

Almost finished paying off one of my cards and am happy. The second, larger card will take time but I plan on doubling the payment amount once the smaller card is done.

About 12k in debt because of stupid choices...

>> No.10675692

Every nu-gothic lolita and her mom seems to own Nameless Poem yet I've never seen a single even halfway decent coord with it that wasn't ruined by "batty" accessories, demonia boots, harnesses or other e-girl shit. I wanted to get it too at some point but it just got ruined for me (plus I don't wanna get grouped in with those people for simply owning a meme dress).

>> No.10675694

Oh dang anon you need therapy and some budgeting classes. That’s brutal.

>> No.10675697

Be the friend who sinks the whole ass ita thread when your BFF gets posted.

>> No.10675698

Good job anon. I had lolita related cc debt before and while the amount wasn't nearly as much it was a struggle. You'll feel so good when it's over. You can do it; keep up the good work and keep sharing if you feel the urge to warn others.

>> No.10675700

Be the friend who tells your friend ahead of time that she looks like shit so she doesn't get posted in the first place

>> No.10675702

Eh desu there’s a lot of vendetta Chan’s in those threads

>> No.10675715

I keep seeing people call this dress a replica but have never seen what it's supposed to be a replica of. There are tons of replicas of it out there but the "original" dress it's copying eludes me.

>> No.10675723

Holy shit anon, I wish you the best of luck with getting that down, and good on you for warning others. Assuming you're managing some of it by shuffling it into 0% APR accounts, but if you're not I'd recommend looking into something like that to keep the interest at bay - only if you know for a fact that you can knock out the amount within the time that the offer stands, that is.

>> No.10675725

I'm pretty bad as well anon. I honestly did way to much emotional shopping during the pandemic. I do have a well paying job so I can definitely get out of it all within less than a year without too much trouble, though.

>> No.10675726

Same. Kinda wracked up my CC on lolita from emotional spending, but bought a house as well and I'm technically in debt for life because of that. Still well worth it. I could pay off the CC, but really paying things off over time is how you get to wealth status.

>> No.10675728

Good luck and congrats on taking steps to get better. It’s unfortunately not an uncommon thing in this hobby so you’re not alone. Now I just wish people would stop joking about it like this shit doesn’t ruin lives

>> No.10675729

I just hit 1k in CC debt (70% from college and emergency car repairs but some of it was for lolita) and totally understand now how easy it would be to just blow thousands on clothes....thank you for the warning

>> No.10675735

Since what? Of what design?

>> No.10675737

>bought a house as well
I'm >>10675725 and I did as well. Not all of the debt is from lolita. Some is furniture and shit. My laptop died and I had to get a new one of those as well.

>> No.10675740

I spent so much money that I made $400 in cash back this month on my credit statement.

I'm rich so I'm not in debt or anything and my credit is fine but.....goddamn.

>> No.10675809

How bad is working as a camwhore?

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File: 2.11 MB, 1215x1723, Girly Sticker Angelic Pretty Print Release.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>literally looks inferior to any "low quality" AP dress
Are you sure about that? Because pic related is ugly as fuck and I'd rather wear the taobao dress posted above.

>> No.10675819

Kek they even have the same lace at the bottom

>> No.10675824

This is especially ironic because they often get their lace from the same sources

>> No.10675826

What material? Polyester? AP is making whole dresses out of it

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File: 294 KB, 750x906, 1585090718280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10675841

This would not at all be out of place on taobao. APfags are deluded

>> No.10675844

Agreed. Pretending that modern AP is better than taobao is a total joke.

>> No.10675846

nayrt but who are all the people having issues with Tiny Garden and with what pieces? I have 3 TG pieces and they're all great quality for Taobao and for the price, but just in the past couple weeks I see them get dragged on here like all of a sudden

>> No.10675852

Lol no. Someone who is 27 is going to have way more in common with a 33 year old than a 21 year old. At that point in your life, you generally have a career, starting to settle down, maybe getting married or even having kids. None of that is true for most 21 year olds.

>> No.10675854

There are definitely some cases where that’s the case. For example, AP still does single stitching even on their shittiest materials. AP is def better quality than probably 80%+ of taobao but that has more to do with most taobao being actual garbage costume quality than it does with AP being particularly well made. AP pales in comparison to even other Japanese brands and there are several TB brands at put at or above modern ap quality.

>> No.10675855

20 yr olds can barely afford dresses. Some can but they're few and far between without parents/partner/online donations help.

>> No.10675859


Trannies should not be allowed in comms. I didn't put all my stuff on and drive all the way here to see your fucking male pattern baldness and have you insert yourself in every conversation as if you have any fucking idea what it's like to be a girl or woman. We have girls as young as 9, they shouldn't have to deal with your creepy FREAK fucking attitude and your fake ass lispy whispery impression of a woman FUCK you people are an abomination!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU SMELL LIKE A BUM. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.10675861

Based terf. Sounds like you have a story to tell.

>> No.10675864

Well most people aren't that stupid. Why would there be a need to warn people? When you buy something you will have to pay it eventually, it's obvious

>> No.10675867

Why would you only be able to be friends with someone who has the same life as you? Sounds boring

>> No.10675868

>Most people aren't that stupid
Not that anon but have you seen how much credit card debt people are in? So much so that there is business in programs to help people with credit card debt.

>> No.10675870

This is so fucking ugly holy shit

>> No.10675880

As an apfag I don’t get why people choose this hill to die on. Maybe they’re newbs and don’t know anything beyond ap=status? Anyone who’s ever owned any pre 2012 piece knows that there’s been a sharp decline in quality. My friend got the girly sticker cutsew at a huge discount and it’s honestly just god awful.

>> No.10675882

This was the moment it really became clear that clolitas will buy out anything. Didn’t this garbage sell out in about 2 minutes?

>> No.10675893

They aren't that expensive. Most could get one if they save up

>> No.10675896

I like drama. It's entertaining

>> No.10675897

They aren't but the 20 yr olds are college kids trying to survive.

>> No.10675906

I know alot of college kids and none of them is struggling to survive. But depends on where you live ig

>> No.10675913

If you were following the conversation, you would understand that I wasn’t saying that at all. Retard. I’m explaining why 30-year-olds get along just fine in comms and aren’t some weird old hag outcasts like the LARPers keep trying to pretend they are.

>> No.10675923

Nearly everyone I went to college with landed up with massive amounts of debt, so it's more of a general financial struggle than a literal struggle for survival. Not exactly conducive to purchasing frilly dresses.

>> No.10675925
File: 58 KB, 542x645, E71F1D8D-F860-4EA4-B64A-8DEBD9EF3D09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, because picrel is TOTALLY cheaper looking than >>10675831 and >>10675814

You are out of your fucking mind

>> No.10675929

Seems like an american problem

>> No.10675946

It's the best part.

>> No.10675954

Another nameless poem mention and the anon accusing it of being a replica has yet to present proof of their claims

>> No.10675958

I'm 20 right now. I'm going to uni on a full ride and I commute from home so I don't have many expenses. I can afford lolita pretty easily even on a crappy minimum wage part time.

>> No.10675959

>We have girls as young as 9
Literally where??? The youngest I've ever seen is like 15/16

>> No.10675973

Right? Like tell me you’re a sperge larper why don’t ya.

>> No.10675976

I’m a burger. My school paid me to be there. I got online pdfs of my textbooks and used my book stipends to buy a modest collection of burando. I also worked part time and didn’t have any support at all from my parents (they’re crackheads and can barely keep their own shit together). If you’re a smart college kid/have some kind of scholarship situation it’s quite possible to buy brand in college. My local comm turned out to be utterly hideous though so I didn’t have anywhere to wear it kek.

>> No.10675978

It’s calm down time

>> No.10676015

I like taobao designs over most JP brand designs.

>> No.10676074

I told my comm I don’t do pictures because my ex husband is stalking me. I don’t have an ex husband. I just don’t want to be tagged or seen in their uggo ita ensemble. I still go to meets from time to time for the handful of people I like but goddamn. It’s one thing to post horrid looks online and in your insta/tiktok. But to go out into public spaces and spoil comm photos looking like a truly hot mess with a shitty decrepit wig and a dress that doesn’t fit is entirely too much.

>> No.10676077

lmaooo fucking based

>> No.10676082
File: 844 KB, 1080x1382, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate seeing roasties in cosplay with tattoos. Ruins it for me.

>> No.10676111

That's hilarious but aren't you worried someone might look into it?

>> No.10676113

Why would anyone question it? Most women have or know someone with a shitty ex who would do something like that.

>> No.10676133

I want to tell my comm not to include me in photos because I'm fat/not very cute and don't want to ruin pics or get torn apart online but I haven't been able to figure out how to do so without it sounding like I'm begging for compliments because of my insecurity when I really just don't want to ruin pictures for them and am not a picture person anyway. Maybe I'll try saying something like this.

>> No.10676139

just always offer to be the person that takes the pictures

>> No.10676144

I want to sell my old cheap taobao dress (not something worthy to sell on lacemarket), but I don’t want to see any of the weebs in my town wearing lolita or something resembling lolita.

>> No.10676150

Literally just say "I'm not comfortable being in photos" and leave it at that. Most people understand because sometimes people have to hide lolita from their family/coworkers/whoever.

>> No.10676154

I'll try that. I just feel worried that they will be super nice and try to be like "aww you look great it's fine we want you to be apart of the group" and I'll feel rude saying no or seem like I want attention or whatever else. I guess they're understanding enough that if I just say it directly without the further explanation they may leave it at that.

>> No.10676164

If you don't make it about your self-esteem, they won't say that. Just tell them you'd like your privacy and don't want to be posted.

>> No.10676169

>I warn people against it because I don't want them to get into debt too.
I don't think this is fair. Shopping addicts will channel their addiction into whatever hobby they're in. It's definitely not lolita-specific. I've seen a shopping-addicted golfer waste money on a ton of golf clubs and clothing. Some Funko Pop collectors have to budget thousands each month for their collection. Plus, other types of fashion can be way more expensive than lolita.

>> No.10676174

Yeah I guess I assume I owe people an explanation but I'm sure they won't mind if I just say I prefer not to be in group photos anymore.

>> No.10676222

The explanation is that you'd like your privacy. Stop being stupid and read what you're replying to.

>> No.10676227

Most larger comms have people who don’t wanna be in the group photos, or people who prefer to wear masks in group photos. It’s really common for this exact reason - the online community can be harsh, as well as the fact that photos can circulate into the wrong hands. It’s pretty common and understood in this community to not be comfortable with it, so I wouldn’t expect anyone to find it weird.

>> No.10676243

I'm agreeing with what they're saying, not sure how that's stupid. I agree that if I just say what was suggested my friends will probably be fine with that, and I get that my previous anxiety was just being in my head and my own worry that I owe them the explanation of the reason behind my discomfort in photos. But really it's enough just to say I'm not comfortable with photos like people are telling me and anons saying that has helped reaffirm that in my mind and reassure me. Every response to a post isn't a disagreement.

>> No.10676251

not even a terf and fine with trans people attending as long as they're regular people trying to live a regular life without being creepy coomers (anime lovers are a red flag) but trans 'people' like that should be kept to their basement ew

>> No.10676263

Because you keep whining and saying
> I assume I owe people an explanation
when anon repeatedly said that the explanation you can give them is
>tell them you'd like your privacy and don't want to be posted

>> No.10676266

Skin care chan, is that you baby

>> No.10676270

Sneakers-chan, is that you?

>> No.10676272

I was saying that yes, what anon told me would likely be an adequate explanation since my comm members are pretty understanding people. I guess we're misunderstanding each other here or you misinterpreted what I was saying.

>> No.10676277

Is sneakers-chan known to be an overly argumentative ESL person?

>> No.10676281

Must be, since they're accusing people of being whoever the fuck skincare-chan is now.

>> No.10676283

'skin care chan' and sneakers chan sound like the same person desu like imagine inserting yourself into a conversation just to call someone stupid for accepting polite advice on cgl

>> No.10676284

Yeah, schizo-posting accusing anons of being people you personally argue with is never a good look.

>> No.10676331

No, I'm "skincare-chan". I'm too lazy to read whatever is being talked about up there.
I was talking to people in another thread and when bringing up skincare, some anon started calling me that. Sneaker-chan I think is someone bitching about lolita sneakers? I don't know, I only skimmed the conversation in that thread.

>> No.10676339

idk but sneakers-chan is a literal AP ita that posts on cgl and literally dies on her AP sneakers molehill spergefest.

This person is skincare-chan, but I have no idea what that is referencing.

>> No.10676343

>This person is skincare-chan, but I have no idea what that is referencing.
Arguing and discussing things about what makes a guy appealing, I mentioned skincare and an anon said they wanted to hear my skincare autism so I went into a mini tangent about it. Talked about other things as well, anon got annoyed with me saying I wouldn't date 4chan men. But I guess one of the anons from that thread is trying to find me in others? Good luck dude, I'm active in like 6+ other boards.

>> No.10676351

i hate troons too because of multiple in-person experiences too but this is such a weird larp? why the fuck are there 9 year olds in your comm? like what do you have in common with a middle schooler, what is there to talk about? especially if you're 25+

>> No.10676354

Lol. Thanks for the clarity. At least your nickname is relatively dignified, because I can 100% understand not finding a guy's skin attractive.

Likely there's a lot of scrotes/larpers/troons on this board due to the incel population on 4chan, so not surprised someone got butthurt about it. Incel personality traits are completely unattractive.. haha. Troons really fall into that category, too.

>> No.10676357

Have you seen the cosplay age range, nowadays? It didn't used to be *that young.* It's leaked over into lolita as well. In bigger communities, you're going to run into the tiktoker 9 year olds and the tranny men.

>> No.10676360

I’m sorry but any mod that allows a 9 year old in is fucking retarded.

>> No.10676368

...i would like to say no to both
you'd think mods would bar middle schoolers from niche expensive jfashion, guess not. are sjws going to call this "elitism"?

>> No.10676369

Secondhand brand should stay expensive to keep the casual/con lolitas away

>> No.10676370

There's no way it's real. How tf would a 9 year old even fit into 99% of lolita clothing unless they were insanely tall for their age?

>> No.10676376

Fyi They don't. 18+ restrictions aren't a thing either. This board really shows it's true colors of being a bunch of lonelitas.

>> No.10676379

They could probably fit stuff like short sales and older skirts easily. Especially AP skirts or Meta 'miniskirts' that fit more like normal skirts on shorter people. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the body size of a slightly taller than average or early growth spurted child works with a few pieces.

>> No.10676380

*short salos, not sales sorry

>> No.10676387

Considering I'm about the same height that I was when I was 9-10, it's plausible. Though they could have just been exaggerating.

>> No.10676408

So tiny.

>> No.10676423

I had a weird growth spurt and towered over all the kids, then just stayed the same height. Haha. It sucks.

>> No.10676434

Oh so it was the opposite of that I was thinking. For the longest time I thought I was tall at 5'6" because half the other girls around me were 4'10" to 5'5". Ha.

>> No.10676453
File: 33 KB, 400x400, 1554673141171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My coord for today was a warm toned pink jsk but my shoes and ring were cool AP pink, please forgive me

>> No.10676455

50 Hail Manas and you are forgiven.

>> No.10676485

don't worry anon, you can make it. I hit 20k before at my worst a few years back. if you have to check out loans like payoff or upstart. they gave me an APR that was less than half that of one of my cards. if you can get a low APR and are able to chunk away at it, the interest won't eat you alive.

mfw now I have a mortgage and I'm tied to that for 30 years. going to try to pay it off in 20 or 25 though.

>> No.10676500

just hopping in but i saw a kid (maybe 9 or 10) at the store the other day wearing ‘lolita’ (i won’t be hard on her bc she was obviously a baby, i think it was a kids size taobao jsk but the rest was off brand—like normal kid’s socks and Easter shoes). but Chinese brands definitely offer kids sizes sometimes. even “mommy and me” type sets where they make a kid version of a regular release

i think kids are becoming more aware of alt fashion and stuff, though the idea of a 9 year old in a comm does sound kind of out there. i wouldn’t let my kid go, i would just take her to do cute shit with me myself until she got older.

>> No.10676545

Seething poorfags

If you focused more on your career instead of your weight, anachans, maybe you would see lolita dresses cheap, as they are compared to high fashion.

>> No.10676578

Low quality bait. That’s not even how sewing works kek. You don’t just slap two dresses together when they are cut for specific proportions

>> No.10676618

The cosplay social media circlejerk gets me slightly noided. There's this one guy that's ~30-40 years old that I see at a lot of east coast cons and looks awful in most of his cosplays, and crossdresses unconvincingly on top of that. Nobody ever says anything but compliments and it gets me more confused than anything else. If you're visibly 40 you shouldn't be doing swimsuit versions of 14 year old girls, and it looks garish/awful as fuck. On top of that, all of his cosplays I've seen so far have all been store bought, so it isn't even like he's a craftsman. The guy's nice from when I interacted with him, and it's not a knock against his character, I just don't understand the mental thought process.

>> No.10676721

This is the only conclusion I can come to in regards to the fat positive movement... This is why I actively keep in good shape:

1. To remain in optimal health
2. So fattychans can feel worse about themselves and seethe.

>> No.10676738

>I wanted to flex
fatty wants to flex, but unfortunate what atrophied muscle she has left is surrounded by 400lbs of whale blubber :'( go on a diet and exercise so you actually look good in your brand. make people seethe for the right reasons anon. otherwise your flex is a sad cope. you have 50 main pieces and all are duplicates. if you were in shape you would have 100 unique pieces and probably look cute too. thats a real flex.

>> No.10676743

We all fucking hate Terry Hall here and he's been posted here tons before, you can say it's him

>> No.10676767

I normally dgaf about scalping but Chinese scalpers on LM are on a whole different level, can't they just go back to scalping on Chinese sites and leave us alone. Their English is fucking shit anyway.

>> No.10676771

Most black lolitas on social media only have followers because of white guilt. There are some who are genuinely cute and deserve their following. But most are just annoying SJWs who get sympathy likes from people who feel bad for them and don't to be called racist for not engaging enough with black creators kek.

>> No.10676772

Most black lolitas on social media only have followers because of white guilt. There are some who are genuinely cute and deserve their following. But most are just annoying SJWs who get sympathy likes from people who feel bad for them and don't want to be called racist for not engaging enough with black creators kek.

>> No.10676773

bold of you to assume the ugly poorly dressed people of every race on ig have followers for anything but one reason: people with shit taste

>> No.10676775

Confession: I've been tempted to take advantage of this but not in lolita specifically, but commissions. At any other point in time I would be ignored not because I'm black, just that my work doesn't stand out among the rest. With this white guilt going on, I could possibly get my foot in the door for a bit and makes some money until it dies down.

>> No.10676776

May as well anon. These people are fricken dumb and easy to take advantage of. Be a black AND queer artist kek. You could literally shit on a canvas and people will buy it.

>> No.10676778

It's not a matter of finance, anon.
One simply doesn't buy two of the same dress, sews them together just so it fits on their body, and then brags about it. Being that fat isn't a good thing or something that should make you feel proud about yourself because you're literally putting your own life at risk.
You're most likely a troll anyways but someone else might need to hear it.

>> No.10676790

LMAOO I'm surprised you got it, and quickly too. Yeah, the guy seemed nice but I just found it bizarre how much support he gets for it. Even going to extend it to the great cosplay community, find it weird how hard people support that sort of stuff.

>> No.10676822
File: 79 KB, 1000x1000, cope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anyone who isn't deathfat like me is an anachan

>> No.10676848

Seconding that you should just do it. The amount of utter trash I've seen successfully kickstarted because people are so desperate to show how woke they are is fucking insane, take the ride on the gravy train and don't look back.

>> No.10676887

Now is the time to get asspats for crossing gender lines.

>> No.10676890

I honestly wish I could “change my gender” on a day by day basis just to see the dumb SJWs in my comm scramble not to offend me. The only problem is that I’m sure someone would think I was serious and roast me on here about it

>> No.10677084

Of course you would get roasted here. But don't worry we are just stupid anons and what we say doesn't matter kek. I think this idea is hilarious and i want you to do it. Ironic SJW shit that makes them squirm is super funny.

>> No.10677099

Every time I post a coord on ig I'm nervous for at least a week because I'm afraid of being posted in the ita thread

>> No.10677109

Not hashtagging your images (or only using very specific tags) minimizes your chances of getting posted here. Most people will either look through common ones like #lolitafashion or #eglcommunity or vendetta post. Other than that, it doesn't really matter anyways if you DO get posted here, it's not like you'd be the only one.

>> No.10677116

I’m gonna make lolita cottagecore esque tiktoks after i get more accessories for my wardrobe.
and i fully expect to get posted and roasted here since i’m still noob but i know it comes from a place of…care lol.
Anyway i no longer give a fuck if people tell me to kill myself. but i’ll still take all the concrits to improve

>> No.10677118

Way to out yourself before even doing it

>> No.10677121

i will be outed anyway no matter what i do nonny. i mean as a newb to wearing the fashion (been lurking /cgl for a long time) i really do not think that nobody will ever post me here ever.

>> No.10677128

Nobody cares about you newfag. Fuck off.

>> No.10677130

you cared enough to talk to me friendo ^_^

>> No.10677131

This is such a retarded take and you KNOW someone’s seething when they use it. No, telling some anon on 4chan to fuck off does not mean they care about you in any capacity.

>> No.10677133

aw you caught me i'm actually seething
why do you care so much i'm just confessing my shit lol. be my friend

>> No.10677134

Nobody wants to be your friend

>> No.10677135

>No, telling some anon on 4chan to fuck off does not mean they care about you in any capacity.
Accurate. But you are kinda spoonfeeding a newfag. Though I do wish these newfags would fall inline more with our culture. We shit on each other all the time and don't take it personally.

If you want to do lolita, then you have to have thick skin. People IRL will shit on you.

>> No.10677136

That’s not what spoonfeeding means

>> No.10677137

aw you hurted my feelings. i will quit this website and never wear lolita again and sell all my taobao wardrobe on depop with sweat stains

>> No.10677141

Teaching them culture through text is spoonfeeding, bro. I don't care what your newfag idea of what a spoonfeed is, but that is verbatim where it comes from before we have meme wikis.

>> No.10677144

That’s not just board or even site culture you moron. Nobody cares in general when they tell another person to fuck off.

>> No.10677232

I'll be your friend. Some girls here are just always on the defensive or it's men pretending to be angry women.

>> No.10677376

Agreed. It's such a nothing statement. It just goes through one ear and out the other like kys and other one liner insults.

>> No.10677417

I have a pretty flat chest. I want to get a boob job but thinking about how I won't be able to fit into any of my brand makes me sad. Everyone says I can still wear lolita with a big chest but I honestly think the silhouette would be ruined. I guess once I'm in my mid to late 30s I'll retire from lolita and move towards aristo.

>> No.10677419

If you're so flat that molded cup dresses have too much entpy space kinda flat, then getting to an A or B cup would still allow you to fit things. But bigger than that and you'll have more issues especially if you're taller/larger framed to start. Boob jobs don't have to be huge to be effective if you think you really want one. Some of the happiest patients are often people who only go up one cup size or start with very little and get very little done tastefully, just enough to help fill stuff out.

>> No.10677423

Ah I should've said I'm a 34A but I'm looking to get stupid big titties. Probably DDs but I would have to see what would be most proportioned on my small frame. Not really interested in getting anything moderate but nothing too extreme.

>> No.10677427

An A cup on a small frame isn't too bad. If you did want them noticably bigger but not too big for lolita B cup really is your best bet. Most doctors would likely try to encourage you not to go too big to start as well. Highly reccomend looking at push up bras, or makeup and padding tutorials that people use for cosplay if you want to fake stupid big tiddies in the meantime.

>> No.10677428

I'm transgender female to male and I can't wear lolita any more because it's too feminine. I don't understand how the ftm guy who posts on COF can do it and wear makeup at the same time. To be honest, I'm jealous of him. My dysphoria is so crippling I sometimes have to psych myself up for ten minutes before I can strip and go in the shower because the sight of my bare female body disgusts me. I feel bad for hating my body because there are cis women who would like to look like me - I have a small waist and an hourglass figure, but I can't appreciate it because my brain is wired to be miserable unless I look like a man.

Even if I could wear lolita, my bust is so huge compared to the rest of me that I have a boobloaf problem. Lolita just doesn't look flattering once your cup size goes past a certain point. Once I get top surgery I think I might try ouji, but that's years away. I'm not even on testosterone yet.

>> No.10677449

>not fatty-chan
>but have big tid, it runs in the family
>never have to give a fuck about dress sizes aside from the Bust sizes
>can never wear cuts that are close to the bust

fuck this gay earth dude

>> No.10677451

Same. Considering a reduction but scared of surgery.

>> No.10677471

Pro tip for trolling: no trans man in the history of the world has ever said the words “my bare female body”

>> No.10677495

Just wear a breast binder or only wear skirts

>> No.10677517

First off, fuck off larper. Secondly if you hate your body now you will still hate it after you chop your tits off and mutilate it. You probably aren't trans, you just don't like your body. Just the same as every young woman feels about their body. Seek help anon, but not from transgender therapist groomers. You are going to turn yourself into a disgusting sterile freak that no one will love. And you will never love either.

>> No.10677530

skirts are a thing, anonette. Also fattychan size blouses can be sized down via a corset back usually (bought from strawberry witch and thats what it had).You have options.

>> No.10677541

Plus shirring blouses would work too since they only stretch where there’s width.

>> No.10677542

you seem to just hate femininity and its normal in a society that demonized it for so long.

You have dysmorphia and that will follow you into transhood too. Lolita looks good on all cup sizes, just Japanese/Chinese brands focus on smaller cups because Asians have smaller cups.

The style was inspired by European historical dress in the first place... which is no stranger to larger cup sizes.

Just because japanese tweaked it to their most common body types and features, doesn't mean your body is inherently wrong for not fitting that style.

That's as if you were to hate yourself for being black and wanting to be white while living in Europe.

The default beauty standard is skewed for you because you're interacting with cultures where your assets/features are not anticipated.

>> No.10677543

You sound like you’ve got more problems than op. Take your meds.

>> No.10677544

I don’t know if the anon is lying or not but it’s conpletely possible to sew two dresses together and make it look just like the original but just bigger.
If the anon get’s it tailored the maker can use the second dress to add to the first one. most likely one need to open most of the seams to make it look good but if you have the money who cares.

you are full reatard if you think professional seamstresses just slam two dresses together like some cositas try to diy.

>> No.10677557

Just because someone like Lolita doesn’t mean they can’t be a trans man and must have some kind of body dysmorphia. Cis men wear Lolita all the time so why should you assume that the same behavior invalidates a trans guy?

>> No.10677569

I masturbated to glb in high school when I was coming to terms with being a lesbian. I guess because it wasn’t explicitly sexual I didn’t get freaked out by the L word and felt more comfortable. Idk. A weird phase in my life.

>> No.10677616

Weird. I can't even understand how that's shlick material. This feels like a larp from a scrote.

>> No.10677689

Nope not a scrote just carrying a lot of catholic guilt. I think the only reason it worked was because it wasn’t explicitly sexual. I read about this dude who masturbates to yellow rain jackets so who the fuck knows what’s going on in the brain.

>> No.10677690

I've definitely masturbated to just like close-ups of lace in brand release photos before, so it's possible. Am straight/weird.

>> No.10677695

Have you met teenagers? Anything can be schlick material

>> No.10677696

I cosplayed from series that i never consumed/been a part of fAnbase of

>> No.10677744

This is kind of a based kink desu. I wish I could get off to some old school lace.

>> No.10677746

holy shit anon i do similar, like i have very lightly masturbated while window shopping. the clothes aren’t ever on a model, i just get off to how beautiful they are. also the idea of owning it gets me hot and bothered. i promise i’m a born female lol, i’ve confessed about this before here in another thread a year or two ago.

i don’t get off to wearing the clothes or anything, literally just looking at them makes me feel some kind of way… the kicker is i’m not sexually attracted to people

>> No.10677759

Trans people are invalid. They are gender larping mental cases. When did this board get so saturated by troon simping SJWs. Kill yourself degenerate.

>> No.10677763

guys wearing lolita (not ouji or aristo) are typically predators and also riddled with mental illness kek.

side note I don't give men a special distinction of cis. men are men. trans men are the ones who can have the special distinction of not being men. trans men are trans men, or if we are more based in reality, just mentally ill women with severe penis envy.

>> No.10677767

Nice larp faggot. Fuck off now.

>> No.10677812

That sounds based, you're just a tool.

>> No.10677815

because men are men and women are women.
When you're showing signs of mental illness(like cutting yourself, trying to become the other gender, masturbating to lace etc) you most likely need psychiatric help not different style clothing

>> No.10677816

Someone tell me why is this bad?

>> No.10677817

Nah >>10677517 is right. Mutilation is not the answer

>> No.10677818

Being trans is having body dysmorphia. That is it's whole point and why the OP was struggling.

>> No.10677819

if you're going to try to correct people at least use the right terms.
dysphoria =/= dysmorphia

>> No.10677823

because it's ugly and looks like shit

>> No.10677835

Friendly reminder that trans people are valid and accepted in the irl community. Do ignore these bitter sandy gulls. I’m pretty sure they’re all larping trolls anyways.

>> No.10677836

Friendly reminder that 4chan is anonymous and these are everyone's true thoughts.

But go on thinking everyone agrees with you because you're 'right,' delusional liberal. You're living in a fairy tale that doesn't exist.

>> No.10677851

>everyone's true thoughts
Hahahahahhahaha more like every scrotes incel thoughts. The number of people on these boards who are actually lolitas has got to be less than 30%. Most of them are trolls and tourists.

>> No.10677855

I don’t think everyone agrees with me, I’m just saying that most people dgaf about trans people, particularly trans men, in the community. Regular people don’t spend their days obsessing about whether or not some one else’s choices are valid. I literally do not care what some other person chooses to identify as and I can’t be bothered to spend hours trying to pick apart somebody else’s choices. I’m just here to discuss frills and drama.

>> No.10677895

>most people dgaf about trans people
This. There’s always sperges on here but my medium size comm has at least three openly trans people both mtf and ftm and we’ve never had any issues.

>> No.10677908 [DELETED] 

nigger at least 60% of my posts are taking the piss
I genuinely think kikes should be gassed, niggers shot, and trannies exiled to California, but that doesn't mean that you can look at any or even most posts here and go "yeah that person's being genuine"

>> No.10677911

Oh there are a lot of people irl who DO give a fuck. They think tranny fags are not only invalid but also trash, insufferable and insane. We just don't say anything out of politeness. And also because we don't want to deal with the drama witch hunts that SJWs shits will crusade all over the internet. Do you not realize this is why we come to an anonymous board to express our genuine thoughts. Because if we did it in real life or any social media with our names attached you faggots would seethe so uncontrollably that you would call our employers to get us fired, harass our family members, make death threats and generally cause a huge disruption that we just don't want to deal with. Get a reality check. It's not because people actually like your troon genderspecial nonsense. We just don't want your lack of self control to inevitably interfere with our lives.

Troons, genderspecials etc one likes you. These apologists even don't like you either. If they did they wouldn't enable your mental illness and feed into your delusions. Tey would at least give you the decency in not lying right to your face.

>> No.10677912

>insane. We just don't say anything out of politeness
Ah yes. You seem the picture or politeness.

>> No.10677913

**no one like you

>> No.10677917

that's why we are on an anonymous board so we don't have to be polite, especially if our genuine opinions aren't considered very polite. i'd be more inclined to speak my mind if there wouldn't be reprocussions of the sjw backlash above mentioned

>> No.10677920

This. People coming in here trying to say the opposite are just continually living in the same delusional world as the troons saying they are the same as a bio. No, not everyone likes troons. Delusional people be delusional.

>> No.10677930

i don't know where people are supposedly finding these good troons in comms, because every time i've touched grass and happened to talk to a genderspecial they seem to have a delightful hint of being unhinged
i'm just accelerating at this point and not mentioning being "trans" anywhere else except to conveniently shit on arguments and it always works

>> No.10677943

>delightful hint of being unhinged
this. it's like a cult where they circulate beliefs, when I've talked to people I know that are 'trans.'

>> No.10677950

my experiences with run-of-the-mill mtf and ftm trans people have been completely fine. it's the genderspecial inbetweeners that tend to be rife with crazies

>> No.10677951

I can't wear the majority of my lolita items lately bc of covid weight gain, but I have been enjoying doing coords on my dress form every week or two as inspiration and a positive reminder to keep a it with exercise and calorie counting, drinking more water, etc.

I guess this is not as controversial or baiting as the other confessions.

>> No.10677959

yeah that seems to be the case, i'm just a person who tends to hold grudges. is the safest option to avoid anyone heavily involved with twitter or online activism?

>> No.10677970

There's only a few items of mine I can't wear for the same reason, but this is the exact reason I want to get a dress form!

>> No.10677972

Yes. You probably don't want to get mixed up with those people. They turn on their friends pretty easy

>> No.10677978

I hate demisexuals and I hate that they aren’t the minority they think they are. It would be cool if they really were as special as they think they are, because that would mean they’re rare, but unfortunately the vast majority of the population matches the definition of demisexual. That’s why fucking people you’re not dating is unfortunately considered bad. The last thing I want is to date someone who refuses to fuck other people. And the last person I want to fuck is someone I love. People loving one person while fucking others needs to be normalized. I hate demisexuals.

>> No.10677989

Wtf even is this anon? I hate sexuality specials even more than gender specials desu. At least they follow through on being out there.

>> No.10678014

This isn't cgl related

I am dreading when my comm opens back up again. They were so draining and hard to be around. Id stay a lonelita but I have meet up obligations to do. This will probably be my last active year.

>> No.10678020

What do you mean by meet up obligations?

Just say you have Covid and need to quarantine.

>> No.10678021

>They turn on their friends pretty easy
and they don't keep it private either. they try to turn other people against you too, sometimes at scale

>> No.10678043

Just say you're poly trash and go

>> No.10678048

I just don’t connect sex and love. Sorry if that triggers you, since you probably think sex is the most loving and romantic bond in the world

>> No.10678051

Nah I just don't want to fuck anyone who sleeps around a lot picking up STIs lmao.
Cry harder about the vast majority of society looking down on you as the nasty trash you are tho.

>> No.10678062

I don’t even sleep around. I would much rather date someone who does than someone who would insist on fucking me and only me without caring whether I want it or not, though. People should respect when their partner doesn’t want sex, but they shouldn’t go without sex if they need it either. Therefore, isn’t it logical to just fuck other people in that situation? I get that not wanting sex with someone you love is nasty though. Sex and love are the same thing, after all.

What would you do if you were dating someone who didn’t want sex, but was ok with you sleeping with others? Would you be selfish and just rape them or leave when they don’t enjoy being raped? Or would you be a decent person and just have sex with someone who wants it while staying with the person you love? Or is sex the only form of love you know?

>> No.10678068

what the actual fuck are you talking about
no one cares about your weird ass sexuality
normal people just end a relationship or don't get into one with someone who doesn't match them sexually they don't RAPE them ffs

>> No.10678070

So you’d end a relationship over someone not wanting to fuck, even if they’re still ok with you fucking others. Sounds like sex is the only form of love you know. I feel sorry for you.

>> No.10678075

Oh great it's the monogamous relationships are rape anon again.
Please kill yourself and spare the rest of us your nonsense.

>> No.10678078

Sorry you’re so triggered over someone thinking sex isn’t the most romantic thing in the world and that love and sex can be separate. Except I’m not sorry. Because rapists like you deserve to be triggered. And to hang yourselves. So go do that, please.

>> No.10678087

I wish I could turn myself “demisexual”/normal.

>> No.10678100

Yeah I remember this one. just a troll. ignore them and move on.

>> No.10678134

Or just don't have sex until they are wanting it? There is more to a relationship than sex. The fuck is wrong with you...

>> No.10678208

Weird made up sexualities are actually just straight middle children who got ignored by mummy and daddy one too many times. You like guys, girls, or both. You don’t get to redefine lgbt to include yourself.

>> No.10678233

I add an extra cm or two when I measure things I sell second hand. I hope it inspires fatty chans to just lose a little extra weight.

>> No.10678280

I’m pretty sure you’re just inspiring fatty chans to stuff their rolls into the dress like a sausage and ruin it for everyone else. 1/2 cm is definitely in the range of “suck it in”

>> No.10678298

I use colored pencils and bleach to hide stains when I sell my items. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.10678306

Isn’t using bleach to hide a stain just….cleaning it

>> No.10678333

I love wearing Mary Magdalene literally just because I like knowing fatties could never.

>> No.10678368

And what if they’ll never want it? Then what would you do?

>> No.10678369

Congrats! You learned what a friend is!

>> No.10678371

>There is more to a relationship than sex
Then what did you mean by this? Sounds like sex is the only part of a relationship you know.

>> No.10678373

I'm so sick of going to meets and having to grit my teeth whenever someone tries to say shit like square dancing dresses are "loliable" or that we all love bodyline in between complaining about how they're too poor for this fashion style.

Just because you're incapable or unwilling to save/budget for actual brand doesn't mean you can call anything with room for a petti lolita.
REALLY fucking wish I didn't have to worry about being ostracized for trying to uphold the basic components of this fashion.

I don't even think that we have to be rude or in your face about it but I wish it was more common/accepted for people to refute these kinds of claims openly.

>> No.10678374

just become a lonelita

>> No.10678376

Why is this always what people try to suggest whenever any problem with meets comes up?
Going to meets is about trying to socialize with other actual lolitas and being a lonelita is obviously not what I want if I'm trying to be active in my comm.
I just want comms to not be filled with itas and LARPers dammit.

>> No.10678378

For me, it's the fatties talking about weight loss. Like, I get it's hard and you want to vent to other fatties. But it's brought up at EVERY SINGLE MEET. Like holy shit, just eat less already and stop bitching. I don't even know what to say without sounding patronizing, because I'm not a whale and can't relate.

>> No.10678380

Literally how is that at odds with what I just said? Are you an ESLfag?

>> No.10678382

You say there is more to a relationship than sex. Then you say that a relationship without sex can only be a friend. So what else is there to a relationship then? Just admit that all you know about love is getting a penis shoved into your holes

>> No.10678384

>You say there is more to a relationship than sex. Then you say that a relationship without sex can only be a friend.

Again, literally how are those two things at odds with one another? Seriously, are you ESL? I'll let you figure this one out, because even a child would understand.

>> No.10678385

If you’re saying that a relationship is just friendship combined with nonstop sex, then what is the difference between romance and having a friend with benefits? Is the difference that you don’t fuck your fwb quite as often?

>> No.10678386

>then what is the difference between romance and having a friend with benefits?
Guess. Seriously, take a guess. What do you think it is? I believe in you, I know you can use that brain to figure out this puzzle!

>> No.10678387

I don’t know, both are just friendships combined with sex to you. You tell me what the minuscule difference is in your coombrained mind.

>> No.10678388

Hint: it's a four letter word! Cmon anon, you know this!

>> No.10678389

FWB don't have commitment you retard

>> No.10678391

If you mean “love”, then what’s the difference between sex and love? If you’re having sex with your friend, doesn’t that mean you love them? And if you’re not having sex with them, doesn’t that automatically mean you don’t love them? I’m guessing it’s possible to have sex without loving someone, but impossible to love someone without having sex with them. So I guess it’s wrong to say that love and sex are the same. Sex is stronger than love.

>> No.10678393

So it’s because you don’t commit to fucking a fwb several times a day for the rest of your lives?

>> No.10678398

Do you not know what marriage and family/life planning is? Where did you get this warped perception that people in relationships fuck several times a day?

>> No.10678400

Right, there’s probably a small percentage of couples who fuck only once a day

>> No.10678401

>I’m guessing it’s possible to have sex without loving someone, but impossible to love someone without having sex with them.

Nope, because I love my friends!

>> No.10678402

LOL seriously who told you this? You have to be trolling. How old are you??

>> No.10678403

I meant romantic love.

How often do couples have sex according to you? Most healthy people do it at least every day

>> No.10678406

>That said, a 2017 study that appeared in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that the average adult currently enjoys sex 54 times a year, which equates to about once a week.

Are you getting your information from other dumb teens?

>> No.10678408

profoundly mentally ill

>> No.10678410 [DELETED] 

Better tell your therapist

>> No.10678417

If this the same anon from the feels thread? You trolling this one now?

>> No.10678462

>Once a day

Depends on how long you’ve been in the relationship. It seems like you’ve got issues so you probably wouldn’t know this but as a relationship goes on sex decreases. It’s normal and universal across gay lesbian and straight couples. My bf and I used to have sex 1/3 times a day every time we were together for like the first 6/8 months of our relationship. Now it’s more like once a week or so.

>> No.10678588

You're clearly retarded. When first starting a relationship people usually figure out if they are a good match. Common interests, shared values, similar relationship goals, life goals that are in alignment. Including similar views regarding sex. Is sex an expression of love, is there a level of perversion and depravity that one is not willing to indulge in, is sex drive compatible. You learn these things at the start of the relationship so it doesn't result in sleeping around. Or end the relationship when things are no longer what each person expects from the relationship.

Have you never been in a normal adult relationship? There is a lot more to a relationship than sex. It is a friendship, yes. A friendship with a deeper connection and commitment. Goals and plans for the future; moving in together, building a life together, marriage, children, raising a family, growing old together etc

You are degenerate poly trash and you will never experience a proper relationship with the kinds of retarded ideas that you possess. Go larp somewhere else where there are more poly degenerates to partake in empty loveless sex with.

>> No.10678595

I am co-hosting a large event and as much as I despise the comm right now I'm not a flake.just got to make it till next spring

>> No.10678596

Holy fuck... do you not realize there are different kinds of love. You love your parents and you don't F them. You love your dog and you don't F it (I hope you don't). Platonic love, unconditional love vs romantic love. Romantic love being the kind of love where you would have sex. You are literally the dumbest being I've ever come across.

No wonder there is a plague of lonely, single and miserable people. They probably think the same dumb shit that your incoherent coombrain thinks.

>> No.10678602

I meant romantic love. Romantic love and sex are the same thing and cannot exist without each other. I just don’t want sex at all, but especially not with someone I love. But sure, I’m the coombrain. Not the ones who think romantic love is nothing but fucking “emotionally” nonstop

>> No.10678604

Also read...

Fucking dense....

>> No.10678605

Sex is still important in a romantic relationship though. You need to have sex at least once a week to be satisfied if you’re in love. I just want love without sex, with someone who’s fine with fucking other people instead of either raping or dumping me. But that makes me a degenerate apparently.

>> No.10678607

Also makes you mentally ill kek

>> No.10678608

And why? Oh right, because romantic love can’t exist without sex. Sure, it’s not the only part of romantic love, but it’s apparently so important that not wanting it makes someone mentally ill.

>> No.10678609

> I just want love without sex, with someone who’s fine with fucking other people
What you need is a friend. This is what friend's do.

>> No.10678610

So what makes romantic love and friendship different to you then, other than sex? I thought there was so much more that was part of romance. So why can’t those things exist without sex? Is sex the most important part?

>> No.10678615

You already asked these questions...
Refer back to above posts for your answers. You're obviously mentally retarded... May I suggest suicide as an option anon. I believe this is the only way to truly solve this monumental conundrum you appear to be in.

>> No.10678616

Suicide probably is the best option for me desu. Since I’m never going to be normal anyway, and I’ll never understand what it’s like to be a functioning human.

>> No.10678618

I checked the posts again. So, what if I want commitment, marriage, plans for the future together, etc with someone, but just don’t want sex? Should I marry my friend?

>> No.10678619

rest in peace polyfagchan may these board no longer be burdened with your depravity

>> No.10678622

How is it depraved to not want sex?

>> No.10678624

Anon I thought we agreed that you were going to kill yourself -__-

>> No.10678627

I should, but I’m too selfish. Just like how selfish I am for not wanting sex

>> No.10678629

you want loveless sex from randoms at the same time you also want a loving relationship without sex. these things are not conducive to one another. this is why you are degenerate polyfag trash. no person in their right mind will love you while you cheat on them. proceed with the suicide anon.

>> No.10678633

I don’t want sex with random people either. I don’t want sex with anyone. I want to date someone who has sex with other people, or else I’d feel overcome with guilt for forcing my partner to go without it. I only say I’d rather have sex with a stranger because the thought isn’t as upsetting. Sex with a stranger sounds empty, but romantic sex feels like betrayal of trust that my partner wouldn’t do anything that hurts me. At least with a stranger there’s no trust to betray in the first place.

>> No.10678638

so you're a cuck... just find another asexual (i hate to validate that stupid term) and just have a sexless relationship. if neither of you wants it then it shouldn't be a problem. with the rise of genderspecials and sexalityspecials you will find some acefag to not have sex with. this was the most mind numbing shit i've ever encountered.

>> No.10678641

I can’t stand most asexuals, and most of them still fuck and are faking for attention anyway. I’m better off not dating at all.

>> No.10678661

Honestly get some therapy. This is above most people's grade.

>> No.10678795

i fucking hate the new wonderwelt site. the sidebar options are nice but sites completely removing pagination for endless scroll are degenerate

>> No.10679706

i promised some friends i would babysit their 3 children this weekend and i have no idea what to wear since 95% of my wardrobe is lolita and i feel it is neither appropriate nor safe for my clothing to wear any of it
i have lots of t shirts lying around but i don't even own a pair of jeans anymore....

>> No.10681312

Facts! As a black lonelita, I could care less for the amount of cringy black lolitas on platforms like instagram. They just need endless amounts of validation and white guilt types are the ones to give it to them. More well adjusted lolitas would be able to se that they are huge itas.

>> No.10681312,1 [INTERNAL] 

Speak for yourself, retard.

>> No.10683784

LDR couples exist and they dont have sex anon. Ive been dating my bf for a year and we havent met irl cuz of covid and we are in love with each others and obviously dont have sex. Dont give up anon.

>> No.10683846

They do have sex eventually. What would you do if you’ll never have sex with him, ever? Of course you’re waiting for the day you two can fuck.

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