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>at work, doing my thing when two qts walk past me and whisper something and start giggling
>they come up to me and start talking to me the whole how are you thing, start t semi flirt back.
Then they suddenly ask to see chad, of course that’s what they wanted.
Couple days later and the two girls come in and start talking to him again, on my way home for the day and have to walk past them. As I do chad calls out, hey Anon this is Emily. Look them straight in the eyes and say “ok” before walking out the door.

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This would be a 10/10 coord if it wasn't for the edgy print on the shirt and the super size logo on the skirt, despite this I wouldn't say it is a bad coord, just triggers my autism, so close to perfection.

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I'll dump more layer. Yall better enjoy this thread its the only one I ever care about

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You get a 7.5/10 just for the first one. Thank you very much.

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This looks like a quasi-replica of babydoll

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Why the crocs?…. Nooooo

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This was cute

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god why won't you leave im so sick of hearing your print autism

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It's terrible. I can smell this image. Are you selfposting?

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Holy shit this is cute

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This is so cute! Not really a coord shot, though

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I know this isn't that kind of thread, but let me. Many times I feel like pets are extremely subhuman, specially cause they smell, and you pet them and you get that fucking smell on your fingers. I've been raised in a family where animals that weren't strictly for work were considered like fucking disgusting creatures. Today I've been petting my friend's doggy quiet a while though. She is so good to humans, but hates other dogs 5-10 mintues since she leaves home. Then she's chill. She is very old.

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...what the fuck?

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What about the aliexpress headdress?Perfection? The e-girl chain?Crappy lace topped socks?
Seconding the anon who thinks you're selfposting

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why are mexican lolitas

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>critizise and praise your own coord at the same time
damn you know some really weird kind of people if they really do that

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I agree with you for the most part 2bh, doesn't look as good on the second look. But I really liked it except for the trigger my autism parts I just mentioned. Give me a break I'm not a lolita, you feel me? I just really enjoy the coords.

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lol this is why you can never trust /cgl/ lolita opinions

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Oh lolita-chan forgive me for my sin of not being an actual lolita but enjoying checking the fashion.

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This shit right here is why almost everything gulls have to say is bullshit. At this point most gulls aren't even fucking lolitas

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Why does she look like she is a whore that was asked by a client to try wearing lolita for his session?

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>make a massive generalization out of a single comment
aight then

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If you aren't a lolita than don't comment. Even conlitas are allowed to have a voice as long as they fucking wear it.

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>than don't comment
I want to have fun anon, you want all the fun for yourself alone? Fuck you. I will comment.

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Fuck, whoever does CoF dumps must hate me. I never seem to make the cut.

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if you want to comment, buy or make lolita/ouji. Your right to have an opinion on someone else's participation in the fashion is conditional on you being an active participant in the fashion.

You don't get to tell people your opinion on taobao/aliexpress/brand if you aren't a customer of either category. No one likes people like you. You're so annoying and I bet others irl secretly hate you, tolerating you out of politeness or pity.

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>all the fun for yourself.
Sir this is a lolita thread, You aren't a lolita. It's not a hard concept that lolitas get to discuss lolita. Go comment on your own hobbies on threads that actually apply to you.

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I'm really sorry, that you'll have to deal with my comments. really really sorry.

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This explains everything. Nobody cares about your shit take, now get out.

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I'm so sorry that you got this triggered, get well soon.

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you seem more triggered that no one wants your opinion.

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Why do you want to be posted here though? Just dump yourself with a unch of other people here next time if you're so desperate.

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>no one wants your opinion.
that's a real shame, they'll have it anyways

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It is one of those creeps that think his sissy and other bullshit stories they make to go with lolita pictures are cool.

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Ah yes. The guy that thinks when does for him to pay attention.

Realistically hope you understand more than just one Lolita in here doesn't like this.

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thank you for your work

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alright, I'll try to keep it to a minimum

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stop blocking people

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I hate that this cute skirt has been ruined by this hideous fucking coord

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e girl necklace, e girl belt, e girl shoes.

Dumpster fire. Seriously, unless it's a punk coordinate those two do not work.

This is e girl ita kei

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what's the source of skirt? it looks like AATP but I have no clue what the title is

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not bad but i feel like she needs a bigger headpiece to balance the hair poof
otherwise rly nice

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AATP Vampire Prelude

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I love seeing pets in coord pics, especially when they're dressed up to match

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It's the OP, but I agree.

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I think you’re lost, buddy

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ugly coord made worse by an ugly face

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This isn't so bad

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I almost thought this was deniem

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gonna do my best to dump while I have some downtime at work!

>I'm really happy with this coord!
pink honey cake was one of my dream dresses for the longest time and I just wanted to share how happy I am to finally wear it

Concrit always welcomed

Skirt, cutsew, Otks, bag, rings, bangle: Angelic Pretty
Headband: Metamorphose
Necklace: Q pot
Yellow ring: Cat tea party
Shoes: offbrand

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One of my last times wearing lolita for a few weeks since I'm moving soon. Decided to play around with Un Birthday and Milky Bear!

Headbow: AP
Blouse: BtSSB
Jewelry: AP, Colleen Toland
Plush: AP
Socks: AP
Shoes: AP

Insta is @lemonandribbons

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I quit and always come back. I used to be plus size and now this accidentally bought dress finally fits! I need more
Headbow: Baby
JSK: Baby
Blouse: Bunny house
Bolero: new yorker
Wristcuffs: Baby
Socks: Alice and Pirates
Shoes: Bodyline
And my new ray+bans! I also had heart shaped bag from Baby
Concrit wellcome. Just remember that I build this together from last random pieces I had

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Concrit welcome! I wanted other shoes but this particular blue was very hard to match! Any ideas? I also plan on lengthening the straps so the boob loaf will be less prominent, I simply just didn’t have time before this meet-up!

JSK + hair bows: Metamorphose temps de fille (Twinkle Journey re-release in plus size)
Blouse: Forever New Curve
Tights: Snagtights
Shoes: Anna Field
Accessories: Angelic Pretty + Closet Child


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Lately I feel so uncomfortable when I wear wigs so I decided to cut fringe and try to feel less insecure about my hair while in lolita. Is there anyone else who only feel confident while wearing a wig? I just always feel like my natural hair wont pull the coord together but here I go trying anyway

Jsk, socks, hairbow: AP
Apron: Sakya / Taobao
Shoes: don't remember (but I promise they are dark brown not black)
Cutsew: Infanta
Accessories: AP, Btssb, PandasanShop

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I ummm did not read the instructions for the Virtual Versailles fashion walk so enjoy this not video I’ll try making a video with a different coord tomorrow

Jsk, KC, accessories- BTSSB
AP socks

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This coord was from my last meet up!

Coord Run down:
JSK: Sweetie Gummy JSK ~ Sleepyland
Blouse: Taobao
Apron: Taobao
Headband: Taobao
OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Nike sneakers

Most Concrit welcome! I would like to coord this in different colors, add on more accessories, and do different hair dos.

Do not suggest jewelry and wigs.

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Going to the doctor wearing frills
Dress : Metamorphose
Blouse : Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Necklace : Angelic Pretty
Headdress : Bodyline
Shoes : Angelic Imprint
Bag, bloomers, socks : offbrand
IG : sobisoba

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Wore this to go to uni and watch anime at a friend's dorm! :^D I haven't worn my hair in space buns in years. My favorite part of growing my hair out is being able to revisit old styles <3

Skirt: BTSSB Sweet Check Print
Cutsew + Headdress: BTSSB
Shoes: Angelic Imprint
Socks: Target probably lol

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Hello! ~
My comm had a special meet at a coctail lounge this past Thursday. (Special because some of our comm members who moved out of state were in town and able to make it. "Reunited and it feels so good!")

Did a more cosmic coord with Holy Wolf.
Angelic Pretty - JSK, Socks
BtSSB - Underskirt
Glittertale - Blouse
Offbrand - Star and moon head chain/Star barrette/Jewelry/Shoes

Closeup in the comments.

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Got away with wearing the top part of the OP for WFH today, just couldn't wear the jabot. I'm sure they just thought I was just wearing a dress shirt.

It's raining outside, so webcam photo.

Headbow: BTSSB
OP: Sheglit
Socks: AATP
Everything random off-brand accessories.

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Today I went out in lolita and decided to pull out all the pink AP with Promenade de Paris! It was a great day, I enjoyed lunch with a friend, picked up my Sugary Carnival MTO and shopped at the Gothic and Lolita Market. Now that I’m fully vaccinated I’m looking forward to more lolita outings now that Halloween season is upon us.

Everything pictured is AP.

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A rather unusual print in my wardrobe since I don’t usually do Alice themed dresses (ง・▽・) ว

Angelic Pretty - Wonder Toy JSK, headbow, blouse
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- tights
Bodyline - shoes
Closetchild - (altered) wrist cuffs
Wego/ WC Esther Kim - bunny backpack
Handmade - bunny ear headband, hair pins, accessories

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My Fancy Whip coord

Any concrit welcome, just be polite

Everything is from Angelic Pretty. The bear broche is of Little Twin Stars and from taobao like the apron.

It's a bit hard to see, but one sock is pink and one yellow

More pictures on Instagram @princessmirellamay

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Took this photo way earlier and I hated it. Looking back I was too critical.. aside from the lighting. Con/crit welcome

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i was happy to add to my honeycake collection with the re release this year ٩(˘◡˘)۶ did you get anything?

the socks don’t pick up too well as I went out in the evening to take myself to the cinema! They’re the pink x white socks from the collection

skirt, headbow, socks, jewellery are ap
blouse is Alice girl on taobao
wrist cuffs are Peacockalorum on Etsy
shoes are an AliExpress find

concrit okay! i want to add a bow to the centre collar of the blouse or perhaps another necklace and make it shorter to not leave the area so empty?

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Hey everyone,

I started wearing lolita at the start of this year and wanted to make my first post in CoF. I'm still a beginner and learning so concrit greatly appreciated.

Coord breakdown from head to toe:

Headpiece - thrifted beret, bow brooch is a modified BTSSB hair tie. Added rose clip was gifted

Jewellery - All thrifted

Bolero - Innocent World

Blouse - Secondhand Taobao (Brand unknown to me)

JSK - Victorian Maiden

Bag - Ecosusi Vintage

UTKs - Innocent world

Shoes - Thrifted

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I just love this dress so much

The built-in tulle petti makes it sit so nicely, I wish AP still made dresses like this

JSK, KC, OTKs: Honey Cake, AP
Blouse, bear ears, wristcuffs, heart clip, necklace, all 8 (!) rings: AP
BABY Biscuit: BABY
Shoes: AATP

Instagram: @annabellemariev

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Day Two of Saboten
Concrit allowed.

Dress: BtSSB
Blouse: Chess Story
Socks: BtSSB
Shoes: Antaina
Mask: CandeliciousShop on Etsy
Necklace Charm: CrystalLeeArts on Etsy
Wristcuffs: JunieFantasyParlor on Etsy
Necklace: Handmade
Beret: Handmade

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Okay I accidentally pressed back instead of scroll so end of dump for now!

Do you guys like with text of post included or just the pictures for future reference?

>> No.10674083

>Now that I’m fully vaccinated I’m looking forward to more lolita outings now that Halloween season is upon us.

I feel so sorry for her current comm if she goes to their upcoming meets kek.

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Thanks for the dump anon! I prefer captions, it’s nice to see coord rundowns, but I know they can also make dumping a more tedious process. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

>> No.10674098

>Most Concrit welcome! I would like to coord this in different colors, add on more accessories, and do different hair dos.
>Do not suggest jewelry and wigs.

What's even the point, then. Bitch you're wearing Nikes.

>> No.10674106

I prefer with text, please, because it gives context for what the occasion was and gives the source of the pieces.

>> No.10674107

Jesus christ, she is stretching that bodice to hell

>> No.10674117

It's really not that bad. She just seems a little tall/with boobs that curve more than the cut was intended for.

>> No.10674120

Nice to see someone with broad shoulders pulling it off a little

>> No.10674182

She's clearly in Japan. The foreign lolita community there is basically non existent. It's also so hard to get in with Japanese lolitas as a gaijin. I have a few friends that have done it but they're 10+ years of experience. She's probably a lonelita there.

>> No.10674185

Are they bitches or is it just the language barrier? I’ve seen plenty of glorious Nipponese who suck at dressing so it can’t just be fashion

>> No.10674190

Are you kidding? It looks horrible

>> No.10674191

You do realize that kind of stretching is what destroys the dress, right? It stretches out the seams.

>> No.10674192

Japan traditionally is pretty introverted towards new people and they tend to stick to people they knew. I really think people forget how fickle their society is.

Think about how easy it is to get bullied permanently in their schools and you'll understand a bit better. They're literally the ones who coined 'ita.' That's not from the western community and I'll give you some insight: all westerners are ita to Japan. The majority of people in average bmi are already ita as shit to them.

>> No.10674206

The Chanel bag ruins the coord. Why did she even thought it would match a dress with such a fairytale vibe ? Or even a lolita coord in general?

>> No.10674208

This isn't really true. Lolita is already seen as the fat girl fashion in Japan amongst some groups, and if your BMI is in the mid range of healthy unless you're just unfortunate genetically you won't seem that large to them unless you're super tall. It has a lot more to do with it being harder to make friends in a foreign country in general and cultural nuances and whatnot than some arbitrary size assumption. Especially because many Japanese have that "new kid in class" effect if they're less used to foreigners (outside of Tokyo) where if you actually live there as a foreigner for more than tourism people are very interested in you because you're new in town but are also shy to really speak up much because of embarrassment or lack of confidence with language. If you are higher level in Japanese and can make decent conversation, most younger Japanese are happy to make friends. But older people can be a lot more quiet and reserved and slow to really feel close to people depending on your area. A lot of it depends on the culture and personality of the individual people in the region you're living in and people are friendlier in the countryside than a lot of big cities as well.

>> No.10674219

You do realize what we call fat, isn't what they call fat? Are you retarded?

Also it's probably called a fat girl fashion now, after AP and other brands got forced to extend sizing. Most Amerikkans couldn't fit before.

>> No.10674223

>Also it's probably called a fat girl fashion now, after AP and other brands got forced to extend sizing.

No. Lolita has always been the fat girl fashion in Japan. And gyaru was for skinny girls.

>> No.10674245

Nitpick but hat could be a softer blue. But that's a stretch nitpick, this is pretty much perfect in my eyes.

>> No.10674282

>Most Amerikkans couldn't fit before

nah, it fit us height and weight proportionate short girls just fine. and ethically asian western girls fit stuff as well as the non asian ones so long as you werent broad shouldered and trying to fit into an op or too tall for certain dresses or skirts to sit comfortably.

>> No.10674283


meant ethnically, sorry

>> No.10674290

Not true at all. Not for average bmi in the US. They started making things larger after 2010 fyi

>> No.10674291

Lol you sound poor

>> No.10674294

you didn't say average bmi you said americans couldnt fit it at all.

deathfats on the extreme end drive averages up but it doesnt mean none of us are healthy weights. average bmi isnt healthy bmi and if youre a healthy bmi and short you can fit most lolita just like jp girls regardless of what country ur from. i know stuff got bigger over time but not every brand and there were some of us who could still fit shit back in the day. american lolitas existed before 2010 fyi

>> No.10674298

naryt. I own lots of Chanel shit but agree that it looks like absolute garbage with lolita. The purse itself look extremely normie.

I think the whole coord looks like shit, frankly.

>> No.10674309

Japan has comms that are made up of expats you dumb ass. I feel sorry for whichever one has to put up with her incessant whining and bitching because its all she does at meets.

>> No.10674315

Thank you Nonny. I appreciate it

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File: 226 KB, 827x825, 0D1002E0-52B7-462A-BA3F-61DE42F60CFA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was nuked so fast

>> No.10674364

Why was it nuked? Military lolita has always been a thing.

>> No.10674370

What.. why? This is heckin cute!

>> No.10674374

The dress is ugly clolita shit

>> No.10674387

Probably because of the gun. You know how people can be.

>> No.10674404

So dumb lol.

>> No.10674415

>So heckin' cute my (loaded? that's a secret uwu! ^~*) firearmed sister!

Please plan a meetup in some yeehaw state and shoot each other, thanks.

>> No.10674418

She looks 15

>> No.10674420

The eagle make the hat look nazi or some shit like that

>> No.10674434

Photo taken only moments before her own untimely death, she's already pulled the trigger and the bullet nailed her on the way back down, RIP

>> No.10674441

The hat was too nazi for everyone. Kek

>> No.10674451

Well the coord looks good

>> No.10674482

No it doesn’t? It looks like a fucking costume and the lack of trigger discipline makes it even cringier

>> No.10674484

why would they delete this? the gun is only a prop

>> No.10674492

You sound nouveau riche.

This. Fashion is about style, not flexing.

>> No.10674494

Do you remember the shit that went down over that girl last year that posted with her rifle?

>> No.10674512

>Do you remember the shit that went down over that girl last year that posted with her rifle?

wasn't that 2 years ago in lolita humor?

a lot of 2A lolitas out there. lolitas who oppose guns are triggered

>> No.10674515

I think it's more the hat than the gun. Looks like it's inspired by nazi uniforms

>> No.10674519

You do realize, lolita is international and not everyone is expected to respect American sentiments right?

Japan is wearing nazi shit all the time. Get over it. Stop forcing ideals on the rest of the world, when you yourself didn't have to deal with the holocaust.

>> No.10674522

I don’t even think the pic should have been nuked but this reasoning is fucking retarded.

>> No.10674523

You're just used to conforming to American ideals with no individuality and capability to critically think on your own or let others have the free will to think on their own. Not everyone needs to conform to your standards, internationally.

You're quite literally trying to force ideals onto other countries. You might as well go on a christian pilgrimage and tell everyone they need to conform or they will burn in hell.

>> No.10674525

Go back to /pol/ instead of blogposting here you dumb faggot. Also it’s well-known the Japanese aren’t taught shit about WWII so the reason they think it’s okay is because they’re retardedly uneducated.

>> No.10674528

Americans are taught American tailored history. You're not learning real history in school, either.

And on the bonus, if you're PoC you especially don't learn American history outside of black history. Welcome to America, idiot.

>> No.10674540

Kek, so the Holocaust didn’t happen? Seriously go back to /pol/

>> No.10674545

Can the nazi/antinazi spergs all stop? The coord was sloppy desu and she just asked for hat recs and concrit and all the comments I saw were just telling her to practice trigger discipline and maybe get a hat that looks less like an eagle to avoid confusion with nazi stuff to warn/help her. Unless some people showed up upset later or caused arguments it's your run of the mill mediocre to costumey coord.

>> No.10674584

They'll never stop because it's an easy trigger to bait people.

>> No.10674627

I'm not sure what makes your opinion matter more than anyone else's in a world event that everyone was involved in, dumb American.

>> No.10674651

You're dumb if you think I was saying I had a problem with the hat.

>> No.10674661

It looks NOTHING like a Nazi uniform. Literally not even a shitty knock off of a Nazi uniform. The collar, completely wrong. Tie? Wrong. Star insignia? lol wrong. Belt? Newp, the strap should go across the chest diagonally to at least try to look more nazi-esque. Also Nazi uniforms never came in a dress version lol. The only similarity is it's black... So I guess we can't wear black military style anymore because wokefags are afwaid of Nazis... Guess what? Nazi uniforms come in gray, white, tan, olive, camo etc. Guess no more military style in those colors either.

The hat is sooooo completely wrong. Not even close to the iconic peaked style cap. It looks like some shitty leather daddy gay fetish crap. The 'wings' are not nazi at all. It's not even an eagle, it's generic wings that represent no military or country. Although literally every military in the world has a winged insignia, including the US. Not to mention every country also uses eagles as well. So an eagle doesn't even make it Nazi either.... The ones who are saying this is Nazi are f-ing delusional.

>> No.10674662
File: 28 KB, 394x555, 111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actual Nazi uniform for reference.... Her outfit is not even a slight resemblance... unless you are blind or suffer from mental retardation.

>> No.10674664
File: 261 KB, 580x754, 22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US winged insignia for reference.

>> No.10674665
File: 11 KB, 500x375, 33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a US eagle. People need to stop being so retarded. Eagle =/= Nazi

>> No.10674666

Fuck off already, you aren't even a lolita. Maybe partake in the fashion a little before posting here.

>> No.10674667

>like some shitty leather daddy gay fetish crap
I was thinking the same thing. Such crap quality

>> No.10674668

kek you do realize Japan was allied with Germany in WW2? They were on the Nazis side. They were basically the nazis XD

>> No.10674671

Whether they are lolita or not, NGL you idiots asked for these with your sperging over nazis nonstop. I'm a lolita and I think you're stupid for constantly raging over military lolita and calling every single one of them a 'nazi.'

>> No.10674672

You absolute retard, she wasn't even responding to the naziposter

>> No.10674673

Which is why they aren't taught shit about them in school and remain wholly ignorant, you dumb faggot. XD

>> No.10674676

why would I care. I'm not following the spergfest, you autist.

you do realize American history is just as tailored. I'm not sure why you are sperging.

>> No.10674683

....Because you're sperging out about her responding to the nazis. Are you illiterate? This happened way before the naziposting

>> No.10674686

>you do realize American history is just as tailored
No one said otherwise. We're just explaining why so many Japanese people literally do not know about the nazis at all.

>> No.10674716

I want Vampire Prelude in black so fucking badly. This ugly ita doesn't deserve it.

>> No.10674718

I haven't once commented about any of the political shit earlier on in the thread. Wrong anon retard.

>> No.10674720
File: 283 KB, 1440x1440, 242523400_4189435064487888_3334317714119563554_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today is my birthday #32 so went with my boyfriend to a tea salon called "freckles and strawberries", so I always wanted to have an strawberry theme dress. All accessories including bag, bows, blouse, wristcuffs, chest pin, and socks are made by me inspired in some designs I saw. Dress is from taobao. Shoes are modified by me.

>> No.10674721
File: 86 KB, 680x960, 242421564_6781727078519351_2951599758915912082_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally got my hands on a dream dress of mine! I originally wanted a different colorway but I found this one and got it while I could! I don’t really ever wear brown, but I think I may like it on me!
OP: Putumayo
Socks, headdress, doll arm necklace: handmade (The Menagerie of Misplaced Memories)
Shoes, pearls: offbrand
Insta @ bug_witch

>> No.10674723
File: 884 KB, 1920x1920, 242535524_10228139445131588_6423903333826272166_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same fit, same pose, 2 diff spots. I met up with some pals for an impromptu backyard tea followed by some craft beers and pork buns

Insta: @carleyscoolpics

Jsk, OTKs, purse, necklace: angelic pretty
Blouse: shein
Hair bows: btssb
Shoes: taobao
Wrist cuffs: handmade

>> No.10674724

it’s not my favorite but it’s pretty fucking impressive

>> No.10674725
File: 1.23 MB, 1536x2048, 242384574_4536212289733742_594718777804466565_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Went out wine tasting last week and I decided to knock this off my bucket list: wearing this to Chappellet! I thought it would be fun, and the weather was divine for it. The picture makes the blouse look way more yellow than it actually is, and the socks less beige than they actually are, but oh well. Had fun anyhow!

JSK+OTKs: AATP's Château du Nounours
Headdress: BTSSB
Blouse: Violet Fane
Shoes: Fint

>> No.10674726
File: 83 KB, 740x960, 242301997_10219287368884601_4904386150646982_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coordinate for my friend’s wedding! This Katrina OP has sat in my closet for years, but I never quite knew how to coord it because it’s such a unique color. I’m really happy with how this coord turned out, but even happier to celebrate my friend’s special day.

OP: Angelic Pretty
Tights: IW
Shoes: Bobon21
Purse: vintage
Headpiece: handmade by me

>> No.10674728
File: 189 KB, 1182x1280, 242199655_1549002818781717_3835173932793907270_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Taking myself out for some solo sushi

Dress: Eat Me Ink Me
Shoes: Demonia
Wrist Cuffs: Peacockalorum on Etsy
Headband: Sakura Fairy on Etsy
Everything else: Offbrand

>> No.10674729
File: 99 KB, 960x960, 242461953_10227475916502837_2675065725077465234_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The print reminds me of good memories, because a theatre director whom I learned so much from & who believed in me a lot was a fan of puppetry.

Jsk: IW
Blouse: Infanta
Socks: IW
Shoes: ChocOpera
ig: maronne_cruz

>> No.10674730
File: 69 KB, 960x960, 242353978_10215847256053121_2581898622089047915_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

An online store I adore has been doing a wardrobe challenge for this whole month & it inspired me to come up with this co-ord, trying to mix gothic vibes with cottagecore.

JSK & Pin: Violet Fane
Shoes: Demonia
Parasol: Punk Rave
Gloves: Restyle
Everything else off brand or handmade.

Concrit welcome

>> No.10674731

This dress always makes me smile, never seen a bad coord with it

>> No.10674732
File: 418 KB, 1834x2048, 242517989_4996216173726834_4926227493533737004_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My new favorite lolita accessory are veils, and looking like a bride, minus the witch hat, is definitely a plus

OP: Praising Stars and Praying Angels - AP

Feather headbow, choker, wristcuffs, socks, shoes, cat ear purse, parasol, ring: AP

Witch hat w/veil: Étoile Sonata Eternal Shine Bright in Moonlit Night - Baby

>> No.10674734
File: 90 KB, 720x960, 242414387_1725285561007860_7251925954380233999_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always love putting together coords, but I especially love being extra creative!! The waist bow came from the blouse I’m wearing and I borrowed the veil from Ghost Night Bride

JSK, OTKs: Magical Horoscope, AP
Veil, choker, blouse, wristcuffs, most rings, bag, shoes: AP
KC, gold bow ring: BABY
Necklace: Automatic Honey

Instagram: @annabellemariev

>> No.10674735
File: 184 KB, 861x576, 242028871_10160962276495730_5400477325290814418_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My comm had high tea in a historical Victorian house over the weekend, I used it as an opportunity to go OTT classic and coord this OP with pops of red and gold.
OP and underskirt are handmade
Bag is Evil Live
Everything else is taobao
(Will put pic of headpiece and make up in comments as we had to wear masks when wandering about)

>> No.10674740
File: 416 KB, 1431x2015, 242596715_4934499373261500_1300607291138916346_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spring has sprung in Australia so I had to wear this dress to celebrate~

Instagram: _shimmerwitch

>> No.10674741
File: 270 KB, 1512x2015, 242483571_10225304716634770_2428986484855416703_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coord to do nothing but hang out around the house and feel cute doing just that.
Blouse: Bunny House
Necklace: BBandB
Shoes: Nebula Carol
OTKs: forgotten taobao find
Beaded bracelets: handmade
The fit bit doesn't come off for coords anymore because I've been trying to get an accurate step count, so I'm thankful that it's pink lol.

>> No.10674742
File: 584 KB, 1557x2015, 242367272_1361724177556092_1860477885293309296_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was my coord today for visiting a flea market and an art exhibition with my mum and my sister

Jsk, socks: Btssb
Bluse, shoes: Bodyline
Wristcuffs: Summer Tales Boutique
Headdress: Handmade

My Instagram is dielausi btw

>> No.10674743
File: 98 KB, 720x960, 242357830_5145405978804202_3939447022672690213_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can’t believe this, but I think I need a bigger petticoat. (don't worry, I know where I'm going ) Started with braids but this damn wig is so thin I opted for tails by the end

Jsk: Meta
Blouse and cuffs: Ladysloth
Jewelry: Various lolita collective and LM sales
Shoes: Anita (I think)

>> No.10674744
File: 97 KB, 960x912, 242174226_570677787389059_2478311091162962898_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s my 18th birthday!! Yay!
Coord breakdown:
Coat, dress and bag- AP
Socks- Etsy
Everything else taobao

>> No.10674746
File: 217 KB, 885x885, 242283151_1707953132743015_7878178803899241068_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I filmed my coordinate for the virtual Versailles fashion walk yesterday. I want the play with early 2000s space aesthetics, retro sff camp, & punk coordination of sweet pieces

Jsk, socks, necklace, earrings, ring: ap
Bracelets, wristcuff, bonnet: handmade by me
Shoes: Demonias
Rest: offbrand

IG: @buglolita

>> No.10674747
File: 139 KB, 646x960, 242050188_4682187951800826_8785677334263637758_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A rather unusual print in my wardrobe since I don’t usually do Alice themed dresses (ง・▽・) ว

Angelic Pretty - Wonder Toy JSK, headbow, blouse
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- tights
Bodyline - (altered) shoes
Closetchild - (altered) wrist cuffs
Wego/ WC Esther Kim - bunny backpack
Handmade - bunny ear headband, hair pins, accessories

>> No.10674749


>> No.10674752

this is honestly so cute for a wedding

>> No.10674755

This makes me so excited for winter coords

>> No.10674758

they're taught about nazis. they just think nazis are based.... they aren't wrong :3

>> No.10674760

MOAR NAZI COORDS PLEASE. This shit is cool.

>> No.10674767

Just saw that this already got posted, my bad

>> No.10674779

This is adorable, this dress is so charming

>> No.10674824

This is really not classic at all.

>> No.10674831

It’s hideous

>> No.10674846

The purse is really cute, it's not perfect but it's better than anything I could do. Props to her.

>> No.10674875

The gold bag and shoes look so cheap. And are the tights fishnets kek

>> No.10675000

Oh damn did Voldie cut her hair?? Looks different, but cute

>> No.10675002

This is an 18+ board you can't post here if you're 12

>> No.10675008

Whoa this girl is like a softer Shelley Duval

>> No.10675024

>dumb american
yet you speak english. dedicate yourself wholly to your country or fuck off.

>> No.10675030

>dumb american
>yet you speak english.

>> No.10675032

>America is the only country that matters!
Isn't it funny how they just prove how ignorant they are to anything but their own small minded perspective.

>> No.10675033

>In America, you speak American

lmfao. go back to your country

>> No.10675035

don't do shelley duval dirty like that

>> No.10675041

Nice to see this colorway coorded、I’m always hesitant to wear lolita to a wedding but this is tasteful

>> No.10675103

Her coords are always so cute but she always looks like she’s about to snap and kill someone

>> No.10675106

I hate the animal ears thingie 2bh, and I only see them more and more.

>> No.10675146

Everything about this is bad

>> No.10675153

The colors don’t match up very well but it’s somehow still pretty cute

Ugh that’s one of my favorite dresses. Just wrecked.

I love this actually

>> No.10675275

I love shiro coords

>> No.10675366

Shit now I can't unsee it

>> No.10675433

This one looks like shit though. Off-white and silver do not mix.

>> No.10675446

What the fuck is going on with her eyes kek.

>> No.10675910

I like this one.

>> No.10675963

This print is so fucking ugly ngl
It would look soooo much better if it was just white

>> No.10676017

Agreed. Any solid color is better.

>> No.10676402

I hate piercings in lolita

>> No.10676446

Why are her eyes so wide like that.

>> No.10676474


>> No.10676476


>> No.10676477


>> No.10676478


>> No.10676479


>> No.10676481

>that absolutely busted shirring
>boobs still don't fit in the bodice
tragic. Also jesus christ what's the point of dressing up in lolita if your hair looks like a literal rats nest

>> No.10676483

Same. You can MAYBE get away with them in gothic or punk, but with sweet they’ll always look shit.

>> No.10676491

I’m soooo happy I didn’t buy these shoes now that I see them coorded with sweet. Absolutely hideous

>> No.10676492

im going to say it. i dont care how much cgl hates her coords i like them. feel free to disagree im not reading replies

>> No.10676511

The colours of the shoes don't even match the rest of her coordinate.........Enjoy your shite taste.

>> No.10676512

I like it. The coord honestly works well together. Could use a bit more black but it’s cute and different. It’s not personally my style, but watching people wear AP sets all the time gets old for an alternative fashion style.

>> No.10676514

At least she's not wearing those fucking house slippers

>> No.10676516

Honestly really digging the shoes. Has some authentic street fashion vibe that sweet has been missing for a long time.

>> No.10676519

This. It’s the type of thing i could easily imagine seeing in a street snap. The LARPers will shit on it because it isn’t cookie cutter but you can’t push the envelope in lolita at all without pissing them off. I just wish the disconnect between the footwear and the dress wasn’t so stark, color-wise. She needs some black accessories

>> No.10676520

Everything about this is hideous. None of the components match. I'm sick of seeing that apron shoehorned into food/picnic themed coords when 99% of the time it doesn't fit them

>> No.10676522

Wish she'd invest in some tattoo coverup.

>> No.10676527

I'm going to sound like a scrote, but while this girl is no beauty, she does look a lot better when she smiles.

>> No.10676529

That apron looks like an early period. Really bad mix of design and placement

>> No.10676534

This was almost good until you did the
>You can't wear black shoes if there's no black in the coord
Shit take I see far to often. Black shoes when nothing else is black and completely fine and often looks good.

>> No.10676535

Sorry didn't realise how many others had the same cookie cutter meh match nitpick

>> No.10676564

>the theme of the apron doesnt match the rest so it's bad

>the theme of the shoes doesn't match the rest but its good


>> No.10676565

Oh so we need to coordinate themes now?
What kind of costume contest is egl nowadays

>> No.10676570

You can’t wear a gingham apron with a sceptre because it’s just retarded. It’s not a “theme” so much as just dressing cohesively. You wouldn’t wear ball gown gloves with denim shorts, would you?

>> No.10676573

Are you illiterate? No one said the “theme” of the shoes dont match. They said the colors. They also never suggested that the mismatched colors are the reason it’s good. Learn to read

>> No.10676574

Your vendetta is showing

>> No.10676576

Nayrt but she literally looks cross eyed in that photo. It was also the first thing i noticed. Is she actually or is that just a bad pic?

>> No.10676584

And you can't wear Evangelion shoes with a cheap toy Taobao print because it's just retarded.

>> No.10676595

The dress literally has arcade claw machines on it. Colorful street style is obviously the theme here and matches both.

>> No.10676603

>some ugly bitch is cross eyed
Lmao sorry the truth hurts.

>> No.10676609

right? girls get on here all the time and get salty about being posted or any criticism and sperg WK themselves.

>> No.10676610

bitch is out here making us believe she thinks m&ms and strawberry jam go together at all.

>> No.10676616

Shoes from a designer known to drug people. So classy.

>> No.10676617

>drug people
Are you sure you're old enough to browse 4chan? You might wanna finish middle school English before posting

>> No.10676619

Black shoes are fine when the person's hair color is also black/very dark, even if the clothes or accessories themselves don't have black. If you all weren't retarded and actually took normie advice on how to flatter your body: if you wanna play it safe, match hair with shoes because it'll move the eyes from the feet to the head, tying the coord together. If you look at Japanese street snaps, you'll notice black haired girls wearing "mismatched" black shoes but it works because their hair matches.

>> No.10676620

This could have been okay with a yellow apron and brown shoes. Or with no apron of course.

>> No.10676623

I think I prefer when shoes match other colors in the coord in really sweet looks like this but the idea that it's the hair they're matching to is not neccesarily true. I swear someone suggested it on cgl once this year or last and now everyone is treating it as fact unless it was stated elsewhere. They just happen happen have dark hair because most Japanese people have brown or black hair, and black or brown shoes because people often treat black and brown as neutral shoe colors. I really don't think it was some strategic thing, just more of a convenience or coincidence unless any of you have an example of someone Jaoanese or with knowledge of the Japanese sweet lolita scene claiming this.

I personally think brown shoes would be better for a chocolate coord like hers even if not neccesary cause it could be an easy cute way to tie in the chocolate motif with some Queen Bee or BABY chocolate drip shoes or something of the sort. Outside of sweet black shoes are generally fine because color palettes are more muted and normie leaning in classic more often than not (especially recently, everything is a dusty color. Even IW which has often leaned sweet) so the general fashion rule of black shoes works. And in gothic main piece colorways or accent colors are so frequently black that black is a default shoe color for many people.

>> No.10676628

This isn't fair anymore. All the comments are non-ironic wow amazing!!! Don't even call the group lolita anything. Just call it a group where edgy young girls can be 'one of the guys but no look I still wear dresses' and call it a day. It's just a group of dresses on top of shirts and random hats,chains, and socks. Out of here 30 photos I see, I see one actual coord that's a vet. I know Fanny has stopped posting on FB all together, but even she held out for a little bit (like a photo once every few months).
Rant over. So dumb.

>> No.10676639

Basically, this is how CoF has turned. We need a system or website that is like fb or insta but only for lolita and with heavy moderation of tags.

You hear that, app closet wannabe lolilibrary maker? Why aren't you making something we actually need.

>> No.10676643

I imagine modding something like that would be a pain in the ass. You'd have to pay staff to keep watch over it to make sure trolls stay out and actively managing tags. Not as easy as making an app for your personal use. I'm not that app anon, just someone used to having to babysit adults as a job.

>> No.10676644

every time i hear this concept it makes me sad that it seems no lolitas with the skills are interested in making one. i swear i am just gonna do it one day somehow, I want the damn thing so bad but I don't know how to code anything let alone make a whole ass app.

>> No.10676650

because we HAD one, and multiple attempts at one, but the problem that keeps happening is that running something like that isn't free, and when it comes time to pay the bill lolitas turn up their nose and bitch about paying a fee or having ads.

>> No.10676651

I don't think people should post coords unless they plan to wear it in public. It creates unrealistic expectations and turns the fashion into a cosplay. I bet most of these girls don't have the guts to wear their OTT coords to run errands. I have to constantly deflect stares wearing casual sweet

>> No.10676652

Go for it. Making the app/group isn't the hard part. Managing it and like >>10676650 anon said, keeping up with the costs is the biggest hurdle. It would be a job. Why do you think modding is such shit on almost every free community site? Volunteers don't last long, and you'll need income to pay ones that are worth it or competent (lol) bots.

>> No.10676656

I wish I could wear it in public more but I haven't been able to go out much thanks to covid.

>> No.10676657

Kek everything about this post reeks of LARPer. People stare at you in your casual sweet? How quaint, must be so hard for you!

>> No.10676658

i was going to do this, bought a domain, made the website and got everything set up but had a moment of clarity before i went live: that it's just going to be another place for people to screenshot and talk about, that nobody's going to want to moderate it (and the people who will want to moderate it are probably sus as hell), and that i'd get crucified for even trying to bring something to the comm.

for people who are employed full time and have any amount of marketable development skills, the project is a waste of time and resources and more people would hate it than appreciate it. so it just sits on my hard drive. sorry i hope i'm not coming across as a bitch, but this comm is fucked.

>> No.10676659

Nah bro. If you can wear lolita outside, you can wear OTT outside. It's all the same to strangers and we all get that.

You're just a fucking larper.

>> No.10676661

Sure. If you market it only to lolitas. You can divide the area between fashions. I think at this point in time with the way genz has latched onto fashions, cosplay, anything with dressing up..well.. it's your time to shine, as long as you divide it up into sections and make a voting system for tags. You know why you do that? You put moderation in the user's hands.

Lolita community is good at gate keeping and keeping our rules strict. The rest of them? Fuck it. Let them keep their ambiguous mess of fashions, but the additional ones are the ones that would be the fuel because we a lil too niche.

>> No.10676662

Your hesitation is valid but it's not just this comm, it's any online community. Even with paid staff it's a dumpster fire, look at social media in general. The only way I can see it working is that it was made as a premium service users would pay for, but in return the staff would have to be paid decently as well as the site or app itself being high quality.

>> No.10676663

There is 0 point for anyone to do this, and those who have already tried in the past were crucified for their projects that they put a lot of time, money, and effort into.

Moderating is a thankless job and a site only gets more and more expensive as the userbase grows. And how would you grow a userbase, how would you convince people to use a new platform when fb/tiktok/etc exist? And then how would you convince these users to help fund the site?

This idea has already been tried, failed, tried, and failed again. Unless you have thousands of dollars to burn and dozens of hours of time to waste and are completely immune to endless criticism and shittalking, then sure go for it

>> No.10676665

Truthfully, you didn't read much of what I posted at all.

I offered a tech solution to only one problem. Realistically, figuring out what users want/need from is literally my job in tech. I could go through everything, but the idea is not literally impossible.

>> No.10676668

Your solutions will never work or solve the core problem: the community is rotten and doesn't deserve it

>> No.10676669

Ntayt but my concern lies in trolls and handling them. In your opinion, what would be the best way to keep them out and handle the ones that get in? User moderation wouldn't work in this aspect because said trolls would be part of the userbase.

>> No.10676670

There's a lot of factors at play, including undertone of the colors. It depends on your natural contrast too. I too have black hair and light skin, so my head looks like it's floating when I wear monochromatic outfits. But when people with light hair and light skin wear it, it blends well with their appearance. Having a dark color shoe helps balance out the outfit if it doesn't have much contrast in the first place, which is usually the case for sweet. In this specific case, yeah, a dark brown shoe would work well because her socks are white, so the white x anything dark combo mimics her natural contrast (her dress is too low-contrast to complement her by itself). I'm just tired of hearing "black doesn't work in sweet" all the time when it's situational.

Looked around chiebukuro and there's some lolitas who play around with the idea of matching hair color with shoes.
They're just exchanging color combos that work for them, but not pushing rules on one another

>> No.10676673

Level system for users. Gamefaqs had something like that once upon a time to moderate which areas someone could use for categories.

You could have a level system that determines overall voting % or points towards a tag to get it to determine either a switch in tags or tagging it into one genre to begin with. Obviously the user posting it is going to 'set' a tag first, but the audience would decide ultimately if it belongs there.

shut up lmao.

>> No.10676675

I'm a dumb bitch and was looking at the wrong photo >>10674721 when I wrote this but whatever, point still stands

>> No.10676677

But what if the "audience" is a false one? I'm just remembering the times /b/ has fucked with polling systems to get things to sway the way they want. Not trying to be argumentative, these are honest concerns and ideas are appreciated.

>> No.10676680

I mean you can track the votes. You'd have to have some sort've auditing system, maybe based on level system for the users.

As in, user is a lolita, into fairy kei, has received x number of votes on genres. They are setting these genres on their profile, but it gives them a credential system for when they post photos that have a genre then they are voted against for whether or not they can vote for other photos and say something is more 'fairy-kei' or more 'lolita' than another user. I'd say higher levels could come into play for giving a larger vote. But overall, you can't avoid trolls entirely. There's also going to always be elitists.

I think there are probably other ideas or better ideas that could enforce things like this, however. But I'm spit balling.

>> No.10676695

you know I'm right; there's a reason why all the other attempts have failed + why people that could do it such as anon up above or myself haven't bothered. Pouring water out of a sinking ship when the passengers keep bringing more and more water onto the boat.

>> No.10676703

Personally, there are quite a few that are still alive. So that isn't a fact at all. I'm from when livejournal was the only thing we had.

Lolitas just have high standards, because some of them, are working professionals and personally, I work in tech. I'm going to shit on newbie made applications, websites, anything. You can usually tell when someone is a beginner, but regardless these things are still possible. It just needs to be made right to be accepted.

Big surprise? Considering UX/UI is important in the tech world? I think it needs to be well made in order for ANYTHING to be accepted.

>> No.10676708

anon even if something is well done, it won’t matter because people will come for the person who makes it anyway. having great ux/ui is as important as functionality, but that’s not the problem people are even talking about. it’s the userbase. you’re just taking an opportunity to blogpost about UX too far lmao.

>> No.10676739

Well, you're just shitting on everything with no value, so I'm not sure why you're even posting to begin with.

>> No.10676745

there's more than one person responding to you

>> No.10676755

Anon people are just telling you the brutal truth. Lolitas work in a constant cycle of "why don't we have more of this" and then immediately shitting on whatever they were asking for, rinse and repeat.

>> No.10676760

Not really, considering I remember when lace market and lolibrary were made. Maybe there's just too many people who lean into the lolita community with no talent?

>> No.10676769

lacemarket and lolibrary work because the social aspect is largely removed. people are talking about the feasibility (or lack thereof) of a new lolita/alt jfash social network. you're comparing apples and oranges.

>> No.10676770

lacemarket runs on circly and also the admin/s have been AWOL for over a year now

lolibrary runs because of the massive amount of community passion and effort to keep it going and getting funding through patreon. and also lolibrary has had a ton of bumps along the way, there were multiple times where it went through periods of inactivity and neglect

many of us are at the age where we have careers, families, and children to take care of. it's not really fair to say "the lolita community has no talent" just because those of us that can do something like that choose not to because we don't want to invest in a thankless project that loses them both time and money

>> No.10676777

>"the lolita community has no talent"
Yes. It is fair, because if you're in tech you should be taking on side projects. Sorry the truth hurts.

>> No.10676779

...nta but spinning up a nothing website won't increase your skills that much. maybe if you only do web dev. i'd rather spend my time studying actual algorithms, playing with servers, and doing things that will teach me things i don't already know.

>> No.10676784

just because people don't want to make a lolita-only FB clone (again) does not mean people aren't pursuing other projects - but hey if you feel this strongly about it why don't you pick up a side project and do it yourself? since you're in tech and this is your job and all right?

>> No.10676796

you know what, I'm unemployed, bored and want something related to lolita to do and I've got the money to get it going. been wanting to try my hand at app development anyway. I've started sketching up some ideas for a private and curated coordinate inspo app and this thread is giving me some really good ideas on how to deal with the trolling issues that may come up. I'd like it to be invite only if possible, even if that means a small userbase as I'd rather have quality content than tons of it. even if this app doesn't end up working out, it'll give me some good practice for my next project so I'm kind of excited to give this a shot.

what kind of features besides the basics of posting, comments etc would you gulls like to see in a coordinate-centric app?

>> No.10676797

Definitely the item tagging thing mentioned earlier on, where you can see how other people have styled a piece

>> No.10676844

Sorry your ESL is showing and that you don't know what drugging someone means. I'm embarrassed for you.

>> No.10676845

I want these shoes but not for lolita

>> No.10676849

Sorry. A little busy with a different venture that just fell on my lap with funding from a major company+my own side projects. I would have offered to help someone else, however. But yes, go ahead and make it about me while insulting all of the lolita community. If you want to whine and bitch about everyone tearing things down, meanwhile tearing it down then you literally don't have the right attitude to succeed at anything anyways. So why are you even talking to me?

>> No.10676853

Maybe some sort of flagging system so that user-based moderation is possible would be a nice-to-have than just reporting. More or less just downvotes without upvotes because the base assumption should be that people are uploading things worth looking at, and that with enough flags the offending post will either be removed or hidden from view.

Bookmarks instead of likes so shit's hidden from view and people aren't just on there looking for asspats or validation.

Tags would be enough for me though, most of the time I just want to see one particular item and how it's been used in a variety of outfits without needing to ask here, troll through IG tags, or stare at pinterest boards because google images has been taken over by that shit.

>> No.10676861

Aw this coord is really cute but would be much better on someone that doesn't they look like an inflated puffer fish.

>> No.10676863

You should probably finish learning basic English first before lecturing others.

>> No.10676897

>Bookmarks instead of likes so shit's hidden from view and people aren't just on there looking for asspats or validation.

Personally, I'd more count the tags towards one genre that people offer as what they call the fashion, so it's more user moderation but also "likes." But I'm going more based off my top suggestion of tagging genres. I literally just got way too weighed down, though. So this is probably the last of my ideas, since I suddenly have to make a pitch on Tuesday and get a team together before then.. fuck.

Wish me luck guys, because I guess I am about to become a CEO? How many lolita CEOs do we have now?

If someone has some sort've project ongoing by the time I'm freed up, I'll try to come in and help whoever tries to get something running though. Just as a fyi.

>> No.10676901


defnitely gonna have some sort of tagging system for both items and styles I'm thinking, and I love the idea of not having likes or upvotes but having a downvote/flagging system. thanks gulls!

>> No.10676910

I love the idea of bookmarks, because I'd use a system like that to save my favorite coords as inspiration and come back to them later, unlike COF/FB in general where it's such a hassle to bookmark

>> No.10676948

Themes based on sweet, gothic, and classic.

>> No.10677114

I was actually just reminiscing about when LM was founded, because I noticed the OG founder crawled out of the woodwork to auction something this past week and recalled how she had gotten shat on so much when LM was created. (To be fair- she had terrible selling feedback, so some of the worry was warranted.) I went to look it up in the archive last weekend to remember the details, so for those that weren't around for it:

It started as an idea on cgl, and the founder almost ended up abandoning the site altogether because some random /g/ user came along to crit the way the site was made, dug up her domain registration profile and outted her (though it was public, so). LM was only saved because a group of gulls banded together and offered to take it off her hands when she decided she was going to shut it down otherwise, and even then for a year or so afterwards there was a lot of radio silence and the group of gulls saying she had gone silent and refused to hand it off.

I don't remember exactly how the site transitioned from its original hosting and onto circly after that and whether circly is the product of that group of anons that took it over or not, but that's the history of it that I could find again in the archive.

>> No.10677129

to think lolibrary or lacemarket had zero troubles from beginning to now is naive and uninformed

if that other anon can't understand people's hesitancy to start a new site because they don't want constant harassment, doxxing, bitching, etc

hellolace got taken over by malware, lolibrary's owner fucking died, egl lj is basically dead, lacebook is kill

>> No.10677139

I remember some of the cgl conversations that got it started.

Pretty accurate to why I shit on idiots in here whining about really doing something. Lacemarket is still around, but if any of you really think that launching any website is without bumps, whiners, or problems in communities then you're really ill informed as well.

Anyways, could have been my fault for the ridiculing /g/ user. I was dating a guy at the time and a post like that is vaguely familiar in a very too familiar way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you work in tech, you need to get used to being challenged on your ideas regardless. So yes, get used to it if you want to get anywhere in the world. You will have to overcome hurdles.

>> No.10677151

you really think it's normal to expect to get doxxed, harassed, bullied etc if you start a project? it's not. that's not "being challenged", or "a hurdle to overcome", that's putting your safety in danger. over a website.

>> No.10677175

Take your website/coding/not COF bullshit to another thread jesus christ

>> No.10677178
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>> No.10677179

Good idea

>> No.10677180
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>> No.10677183
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>> No.10677187
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>> No.10677203

Here you go

>> No.10677220

The shadow on the upper lip is really killing this for me. I can't not see a man in a dress and it just doesn't look right

>> No.10677223

Shit thread

>> No.10677246

Lmfao. Always forget how much I love French Moitie Ita-chan til I see her again

>> No.10677260

These aren't my cup of tea but there's nothing wrong with them at all

>> No.10677261

Oh. Wrong thread.

>> No.10677297

i get lost too sometimes. the cof thread and ita thread are near identical

>> No.10677314

It looks like she caught a big whiff of shit.

>> No.10677510
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>> No.10677527

Why are you dumping? The thread just saged. Start a new one.

>> No.10677528
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>> No.10677532

You right, I'll make a new thread

>> No.10677683

Isnt it a dude? Look at the arms

>> No.10677725

New thread