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Try to keep posts as related to /cgl/ as possible.
This isn't your tumblr.

>I adore all things gothic but Moitie looks cheap and boring. Mana dresses far better than his brand but even he looks like a hot mess here and there.

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It’s time for a new generation of lolita models. Misato is old and is not aging well. Risa is overused, visibly hates lolita, and has changed her face so much with plastic surgery that she’s got a whole new face. Rinrin is too chubby now and doesn’t have a cute enough face to overlook it.

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Misako* f

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Tall girls shouldn't wear sweet or anything shorter than long length dresses. They look like adults trying to squeeze into a child's dress. I really shouldn't be able to see 90% of your thighs.

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tall lolitas SHOULD wear "fuck you" clothes

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I honestly agree. We should go back to the old ways of telling people who are showing half of their thighs off that they need to cover up.

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what does this even mean

>lolitas shouldn't look skimpy or like their clothes have shrunk
>c-coward!! those queens are just feeling confident in their body!! let them wear clothes that don't fit!!

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I can't stand the entirety of the western lolita comm. They are the most annoying, insufferable, miserable, wokefag, genderspecial, SJW slacktivists, pseudo-feminist, oppression Olympics participants, leftist media mind controlled, covid tyranny propagating, self diagnosed mental illness riddled, state approved thought having, no personality, no sense of individuality, easily replaced with the next one because they all think the fucking same and none think for themselves, useless retards.

No one can stand you. You can't even stand each other. No loyalty. No real friendships. Just waiting for each other to 'slip up' so you can tell everyone how racist, bigot, transphobe etc each other is in hopes to make yourself 'look' better by proxy. So many pathetic people. Have you ever self reflected on your useless, disingenuous, faggoty existences. Probably not because you all wouldn't be such sad excuses and shit people if you did. I pity you faggots. It must suck to be you and live such a sad lie of a life.

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Go back to exposing your body for clout on insta

Are you ok

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Gatekeeping is one of the few things that has kept the community afloat. It does more good than bad.

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if you're having a mental breakdown i suggest therapy instead of cgl anon

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Comms are useless and sweet oriented/dominated. I don't want to have a tea party or go to your hello kitty meet for the 18834892th time.

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Transphobic racist.

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Your coord is not gothic just because it has black in it. Yes, that means you with your cutesy Halloween print.

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Based, if I was a conservative male I would definitely have sex with you. I wouldn't call you back though.

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Cope snowflake

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You're going to be bawling when the US is at war, snowflake.

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Tall sweets look like age players kek

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You all look like ageplayers. Stay mad that puberty actually worked on some people.

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That's like saying all asians never hit puberty. lmfao.

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It's painfully obvious you only know about basic run of the mill coords

Stay mad about how stupid you are

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Those socks do not look good on chunky legs.

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Those socks are seriously overdone regardless. I don't really like them on basically anyone. It doesn't go with most coordinates. It's just like wearing fishnets with everything.

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I agree but especially on thick legs

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Bare shoulders, sheer blouses, underbust cuts, true corsets, bustiers, strapless jsks, and necklines lower than the armpit are too risque

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fat girls shouldn't wear sweet or anything especially fully sheered dresses. They look like adults trying to squeeze into a child's dress. I really shouldn't be able to see 90% of your lard.

fixed your shit opinion

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fat girls should honestly just lose weight before bothering with lolita. being fat ruins the silhouette

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Hard bonnets should never be worn with short sleeves or ankle socks. It creates too unbalanced of a look. Soft bonnets I can be more lenient on because they do not interrupt the overall balance of the coord as much

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>chunky legs
where anon? is the hunger killing what few braincells you have left?

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Found the butthurt tall lolita.
No matter how hard you try, you'll still look like you left your clothes in the dryer for too long.

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agreed. fatties should also never wear gyaru because it looks straight up comical on them. if you're not skinny or dieting are you even truly gyaru?

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>it looks straight up comical
so dos gyaru in general, they all look like absolute trash

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Idk. The himegyaru of the 2010 era was really cute. Everything else is kinda fug though.

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>fully sheered dresses.
>sheered dresses

I don't think most fatties look good but if you're gonna larp as a lolita at least spell shit right.

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Dully noted.

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Misako looks good for an almost 40 year old woman. Gulls really have impossible beauty standards

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At least I can way 120lb and still be a stick

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Someone may look good for a forty year old woman but she still is a forty year old woman. And honestly misako really hasn’t aged well. Maybe white people who aren’t familiar with Asian faces who think all Asians look young would think she does.

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The people not familiar with Asian faces are the ones acting like they’ve never seen a single wrinkle on an Asian person. So when they see slight signs of aging on Misako it translates in their brains to “she aged badly”

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I’m Korean and I’m the one saying misako has aged badly but ok

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Nta but I think she's aged fairly normally desu for an Asian, not like as youthful seeming as say Haruka Kurebayashi (who is still only 30), but when she's not shooped or caked in too much makeup she looks decent for her age. Wouldn't say she looks younger but desu I don't care if lolita models look young. I care if they feel representative of the spirit of lolita and seem happy in the fashion, which Risa feels less like than Misako. Rinrin looks fine to me though idk why people said she's too fat or whatever. Isn't she fairly tall? I haven't paid much attention to her body but it's still on the normal to thin side or she's good at pretending she is if not.

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Well that explains why you have such a weirdly high standard for her appearance.

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Cute, racism.

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i don’t care if misako aged badly and i don’t think she did at all. i like to see her modeling still, she is so cute and i always feel a little happy when i see she’s modeling something new.
I want to see her modeling lolita when she is 60 or 70 still.
I don’t know anything about risa but i get bad vibes from her pics.

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yeah cause koreans totally don't have high standards for appearances or anything completely ingrained into their culture

quit crying wolf

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Is it racist now to observe that different cultures have different beauty standards? South Korea has the highest percentages of facial plastic surgery and most girls get plastic surgery fresh out of school (usually as a graduation present from their own parents). Koreans have absurdly high beauty standards and its not racist to notice that

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Koreans are socialized to have ridiculously high beauty standards. The rest of Asia is similar for celebrities and generally but Korea expects a lot even from regular people. You literally send photos with job applications.

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>WAAAAAAH someone pointed out why I'm culturally desensitized to high beauty standards w-what a racist!!!
I see you've been spending too much time on the parts of the internet where you can just call anyone a racist and people go along with it because they lack critical thinking skills.

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First it was
>you totally aren’t Asian
And now it’s
>but you’re the wrong kind of Asian

Literally racism. Cope and defend your racism all you want but it’s blatantly racist.

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Literally one of those comments was mine.
Other people can see how stupid and wrong you are too.

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Do you not know how to read? You said you were korean and so now, it makes sense that you think misako has aged badly. Because of korea's stupidly high beauty standards.

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Who are you that I should care about you, exactly? Or are you trying to imply I thought that was all the same person? I didn’t even remotely imply that.

Embarrassing that you’re calling other people stupid while being the top retard here.

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You clearly care by the fact that you keep replying and reeeing all over the thread lmfao. You implied it was the same person by claiming any of those comments were even remotely tied to the earlier comments about you being "not asian" or what you think is the "wrong" kind

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>east asian people age really well
>woah racism!
yeah, what an absolute retard

>> No.10668419

I didn’t imply that, you projected that onto what I said. If I wanted to imply it was all one person I would say “first YOU SAID it was” not “first it was.” It’s not my fault you wrongly interpreted what I said, racist-chan.

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You are on 4chan. Calling everyone racist does nothing here.

>> No.10668421

It is actually racist to say that because the concept of black or Asian people aging well is only in comparison to white people. Which implies white beauty is the standard and any other race is a deviation when in reality white people just age like shit and everyone else ages normally

>> No.10668423

nah bro, you saying that means your brain is rotten by the trash media you consume

>> No.10668424

Holy shit this. Please stop judging POC through your Eurocentric beauty standards.

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you know who ages well? attractive people. people just think they look better because they are attractive.

>> No.10668427

every culture judges every other culture by their own beauty standard, you walnut.

>> No.10668428

I’m not even a liberal. I’m just tired of white people trying to dictate my thoughts and experiences as a POC.

Wowee this spongebob meme sure does prove what I said wrong. What a zinger.

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koreans should never pull the racism card, we're ultra mega racist to everyone except some types of white people else even if the 2nd gens try to hide it better
t. korean

>> No.10668435

t. White person LARPing as a Korean to deflect their racism

>> No.10668436

Cringe. Wokefags spotted. You realize no gives two shits about that nonsense here. Go cry racism where someone cares. Your feefees don't matter. No asspats and hugs just for simply being PeeOhSee.

>> No.10668439

Racism isn’t allowed outside of b or pol. Cope

>> No.10668441

its becoming painfully obvious that you have not been here long

>> No.10668442

wow. such brave colors of people. opinion so valid. don't talk over the colors of people kek

>> No.10668443

upsetting you by talking about stereotypes isn't racism, sorry. you don't even know what they mean by racism anyway.

>> No.10668444

better report them to zuck!

>> No.10668445

>ITT racists seething over being called racist

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you know that people who don't agree with you also don't care about being shamed/insulted by you, right?

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>> No.10668451

....when you venture outside of woke spaces and realize the internet (and world) is full of people who don't kiss POC ass for simply existing. Cope and seethe my friend. Welcome to the harsh reality of learning no one cares about you or your fucking skin color.

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the actual stupidity

>> No.10668455

Here is MY unpopular opinion. I hate when POC lolitas and cosplayers act like they are God's gift to the world and turn every discussion into a circle jerk about race rather then just enjoying the fashion or fucking off.

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>> No.10668457

I wasn’t the one who made it about race but ok

>> No.10668458

You are the one posting about people being racist lmao

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I'm literally shaking rn, have you reported this thread to the tumblr comitee yet, I can't believe my own eyes, so much racism oh my, I can't!

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>> No.10668461

>someone says something racist
>I say it’s racist

I’m allowed to call out racism when I see it

>> No.10668463

The original conversation wasn't even racist, this is so fucking retarded holy shit

>> No.10668464

I'm sorry women's bodies are threatening to you

>> No.10668465

I wish we could stop derailing these threads already

>> No.10668466

It literally was

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>Rinrin is too chubby
Do you have eyes?

>> No.10668472

Clearly programed to racism everywhere. What a fucking tool. It must suck to live in a world where everything and everyone is racist. You must hate your life. It must be really fucking hard for you.

Delusional faggot... Opps, was I being homophobic? You must not feel very safe right now :,(

>> No.10668473

Remember, when people are outed here it means they’re ok with racism because “muh board culture”

>> No.10668474

Literally, just proves that Koreans do indeed have high beauty standards...

>> No.10668476

Ok racist

>> No.10668477

wish ppl would stop flooding the ita threads with shitty low quality tiktok screenshots, especially since half the screen is covered by the text captions and screen widgets

>> No.10668478

should probably screen shot this thread and put it on twitter. evil wacists must be exposed. justice pweaze kek

>> No.10668480

Super unpopular opinion, but I don't really care if dresses are made of cotton or poly. I honestly like them both as long as the construction and lace is nice.

>> No.10668483

True but not an unpopular opinion.

>> No.10668484

Probably not that unpopular of an opinion, but meetups or even being a part of your local comm are not that important. I can't imagine anyone genuinely connecting with people at meets. Most of the time you have nothing in common with them (other than the clothes you wear).

>> No.10668485

I agree. Not even specifically tall people, but even when short/average people wear short salopettes. It’s hard to convince folks that Lolita isn’t a sex thing when half your comm is showing their whole ass in a slight breeze or if they bend over. It’s just not a good look.

>> No.10668486

Every time I see this I have to imagine that anon is either a scrote or a lonelita who’s only interactions with others are in the online space. After ten years and four comms I have only had one experience with someone actually being this way irl. Get off the internet anon, real people are never as extreme.

>> No.10668487

Unpopular indeed. I love my cotton, but mostly because if I wore polyester where I live, I would feel super stuffy and hot.

>> No.10668494

Yeah but cool trash. Fatties always look terrible no matter the style though

>> No.10668495

Anon in my experience it’s sad white folk who make everything about race (see Lor). Ask me how many times I’ve been asked at meets and teas about the latest police shooting, immigration, affirmative action etc by white girls tryna prove they know things. I’ve never brought up any of these topics. Go shit on your sad white guilt senpai, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a poc bring up poc issues at any irl setting.

>> No.10668496

Not even low key, my old school cotton dresses are such a nightmare to maintain I buy almost exclusively poly now. Sue me. I got tired of using up a whole lint roller for every wear, and spending 45 minutes ironing and starching just to have it get wrinkled again in milliseconds. Cotton is lovely, but overrated.

>> No.10668497

You could convince me of that, except that every black lolita that's popular makes tons of content about "what its like being a black lolita" and other equally eye rolling shit

>> No.10668498

Aside from a run in with wondercunt I’ve never seen anybody but white guilt sjws bring up social issues in my comm.

>> No.10668499

And who do you think consumes that content? White ppl.
Online people do all kinds of things but as far as actually stirring the pot when people are just tryna enjoy a good tea? That’s some white girl shit.

>> No.10668500

This. Models don't have to be super young and lean into mainstream beauty standards in alt fashion. I would rather have Misako who clearly loves what she does than a normal 18-year-old model. Not to say the young girls are bad, but pushing out people just because they are aging normally is silly.

>> No.10668506

Popular Black content creators in the Lolita community are only popular because of white guilt. There’s not a single one who’s coords and appearance are even halfway decent.

>> No.10668507

>tfw a bunch of old aging lolitas are WKing a 40 year old crone out of a subconscious need to prove they still have worth compared to younger women in their early twenties

>> No.10668511

Damn I've been on this board for almost a decade but CGL sucks ass. The only good threads here are the cozy threads and the ones with very, very specific topics. It's apparent in every single other one that so many of you are just not good people. Damn

>> No.10668515

this site makes me miserable but it's the only place i get brand updates spoonfed to me because i dont use SM much

>> No.10668521

Literally this. This place has its merits; there's a great amount of resources available.. I mostly hang around for somewhat of the same reason with the addition of comfy image threads, holiday coordinate threads, etc.

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this rose nocturnalia erasure

>> No.10668546

She whitewashes herself so much she doesn’t really count as black anyways

>> No.10668548

Unpopular opinion. Skirts look better often. Not because of the skirts themselves, but because only more experienced girls tend to pick them up because you need to give a shit about your blouse when you're wearing one

ditto. if i could get a single purpose stream of lolita brand info elsewhere with nothing else attached i'd never come back

>doesn’t really count as black
nyart but goalpost moving much?

>> No.10668552

Remove white washing from your dictionary, racist

>> No.10668555

So it’s only racist when people make comments about black people. Not Asians. I see how y’all are.

>> No.10668568

Sorry your president lost.

>> No.10668585

There should be more adult physical connections at cons.

>> No.10668588

Saging because this isn't an unpopular opinion but gulls on this board are SO easy to rile up and bait it's incredible.
It's like poking a hornets nest. Stop caring so much about random bullshit strangers spew on the internet.
All anyone needs to do is mention aging, weight, race, etc. and you all lose your fucking minds til the thread sages.

>> No.10668592

Black people should stop coal washing anime character. And try to just make original characters.

>> No.10668593

Nta but realistically - Biden is shitting the bed. I didn't like either candidates, but Biden is literally laying in shit that's all over the place. You must not pay actual attention to politics, outside of "my team won" mentality.

>> No.10668596

SJW women. For whatever weird reason, they use the most politically incorrect website. Not sure why, considering they'd disown their own families for associating with anything against their 'culture'

>> No.10668597

White people should stop trying to pretend that anime characters are white while also complaining about blacks trying to change the race of anime characters

>> No.10668601

Bruh. If skin color matters so much to you, how are you literally turning color blind only for color-less skinned characters.

>> No.10668604 [DELETED] 

Who let this retard niggermonkey out of its cage

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File: 62 KB, 500x500, 1618016913038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one said he isn't though. But given Trumpers are so sensitive as of late, what other sentiment can be said to a group of unhinged, racist, willfully ignorant, COVID spreading, Bible-thumping, women hating, racist, ignoramus delusional faggots? Flip the script and if Biden dick-riders behaved the same, the same sentiment would still be said. So, you can take that "my team won" comment and fuck off the edge of my dick.

>> No.10668614

Korean isn't a race lmao. Also your country has insane rates of plastic surgery which speaks volumes.

>> No.10668616

You do realize you can hate Biden and Trump at the same time right?

>> No.10668617

I think extremely large wardrobes (>80 main pieces) are unreasonable and impractical. At most I feel like you need half that and that's if you're wearing it every day

>> No.10668627

I rather have them be white and semi correct via they skin color then be charcoal black and pretend that anime characters somehow went from white to black. I mean black culture is shit either way.

>> No.10668630

every country will be under sharia in 50 years and thats great. you are all degenerate fags pretending

>> No.10668645

Curly hair tends to look better with sweet and straight hair with classic.

>> No.10668649

So called businesses which rely on go fund me, patreons, and general donations are not businesses and are pretty pathetic. When did it become normal for people to beg for money while also claiming to run a “business”?

Tangentially: any cgl folks pan handling on the internet and spamming my feed with your hospital pics/ailing pets/ broken down cars. Get a real job and pay for your shit.

>> No.10668659

They're incapable of logic. Considering they voted for a mentally senile old man, they also don't think.

That anon is just pure 200% my team won

>> No.10668666

Kek yeah sure the black people who don't suck aren't *really* black /s

Tbh though most western lolita content creators are trash race aside. And before they have a chance to grow we tear them to shreds so I've given up expecting anyone interesting to subject themselves to that when there's also other methods like podcasts or blogs in particular that are easier to do without as much scrutiny.

>> No.10668671

.... Can you fuck off back to whatever side of twitter you came from?

>> No.10668672

Ankle socks and tea parties look bad on almost everyone

>> No.10668676 [DELETED] 

Hot take:
lolita is an apolitical fashion, y'all should stop making it one

>> No.10668678

Hot take:
lolita isn't a political fashion and y'all should stop making it into one

>> No.10668686

wait who is even trying to politicize lolita? its just niggahs trying to be kawaii and shit, right?

>> No.10668724

SJW leftists make everything about politics. what the fuck are we supposed to do?

>> No.10668725

Oof, likewise. You voted for a womanizing, laughably retarded, racist celebrity into office. Ewww, and you're calling the kettle black?

>> No.10668726

Why would you assume somebody voted for Orange man because they didn't vote for Dementia man? There were other candidates or they could have not voted at all.

>> No.10668728

They are apparently incapable of reading, nevermind thinking as well. It's no wonder we have dementia the pres

>> No.10668730

I find sjws as annoying as anybody, but the history of Lolita is quite politicized and its origins are in a social/political statement so I suppose you can’t be too surprised when aspects of that carry over. Cry harder.

>> No.10668733

It isn't. It literally. isn't. originating from political anything in Japan. You sound like a newfag that found Lolita from TikTok.

As soon as you start claiming that, you're literally exposing yourself to the rest of us as a fucking newfag to the fashion so thx

>> No.10668736

Yeah, Japanese politics. Don't insert your weeb-tier interpretation into it. It's raycist.

>> No.10668737

Cry. Harder. Alt fashion in Japan has always been a socio-political statement against conformity. Read literally anything about the origins of Lolita fashion or stay mad newfag

>> No.10668738

That has nothing to do with colonizer SJW culture moron

>> No.10668739

It literally is anon lmao. Besides, if you don’t center your whole world around the Lolita internetz you won’t even notice. Crawl out from under your rock and go out and meet some people instead of complaining non stop about the proverbial sjw menace.

>> No.10668740

If anything SJWS are conformists. It literally is the fucking opposite you dense bitch. Why do you think the majority of us dislike the SJWs?

>> No.10668742

Read much anon? Kek

>> No.10668743

Go get your welfare, food stamps, and continue sucking the government's dick, conformist

>> No.10668746

Lmao scrote troll detected.

>> No.10668748

Sad. Imagine being this pathetic y’all. Get some help buddy and go outside or something.

>> No.10668749

If you really think SJW culture isn't conformity, then you're retarded. You literally can't compare jfashion to SJW shit in the US. Completely opposite, because you're a virtuist to appeal to society. Jfashion isn't to appeal to society. It's just in the same vein as why people dressed punk. That has NOTHING to do with SJW culture.

>> No.10668750

That's literally what being a democrat/liberal is fighting for. If you're SJW then that's your political alignment. Or are you actually just SJW for show? You people are the pathetic ones

>> No.10668751

Sseeeeeeetttttthhhhhe but by all means keep going I love starting my day off with hysterical laughter.

>> No.10668752

Cheap bait but 2 anons believed it was real, so 2/10. Low effort tho

>> No.10668753

Obviously you SJWs make shit all about you. You're about as bad as trannies claiming every character created under the sun is a troon

>> No.10668755

Take your meds and get a psych evaluation. You don’t even go here kek

>> No.10668760

Unpopular opinion: the hammer and sickle insignia is incredibly offensive and people who shoe horn it into their edgy looks should be treated the same way as people who wear a swastika. It’s unbelievably ignorant.

Fun fact: 10s of millions of people died under that insignia under Stalin alone, and yes, it was used to target specifically racial, religious, and ethnic minorities during land collectivization. That shit ain’t edgy or cute.

>> No.10668763

.... Holy shit you women are bat shit insane, no wonder good men don’t want to be around you.

>> No.10668765

STFU newfag. You're the SJW vulture among seagulls. NONE of us like troons

>> No.10668766

>inb4 "not ALL troons are bad"

>> No.10668769 [DELETED] 

Weak ass fuck, dawg. Drinking that onions milk by the truckload, ey?

>> No.10668770 [DELETED] 
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Weak ass fuck, dawg. Drinking that onions milk by the truckload, I see.

>> No.10668771

Trannies are dog shit and have to rely on cowardly shit like abusing pajeet mods or outrage culture in order to shut someone down because they know they’ll lose in a flat out arguement. I say bully them every chance you get.

>> No.10668772 [DELETED] 
File: 948 KB, 245x219, Ok.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weak ass fuck, dawg. You want to talk about being incapable of reading? Republicunts are as idiotic as it comes. Take your worm meds.

>> No.10668773
File: 948 KB, 245x219, Ok.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weak ass fuck, dawg. You want to talk about being incapable of reading? Republicunts are as idiotic as it comes. Take your worm meds.

>> No.10668774

Is this unpopular? I kind of agree to some extent. But I would hammer and sickle is edgy, the same way nazi/nonreligious swastikas are edgy. Things that bother people are considered "edgy" to immature people who like to try to do stuff to upset others for shock value.

>> No.10668778

I think we should start gatekeeping Chinese knock offs of Lolita. Technically nearly every Chinese Lolita brand is. It's syphoning money away from where the actual fashion's brands reside and I'm noticing a lot of people outside the community think all of this is the same as Chinese made Lolita. It's killing the brands in Japan, because of the displacement.. It was all harmless until China started pumping this shit out like fast fashion.

>> No.10668785

great thread everyone

>> No.10668787

I’d agree if it wasn’t for the fact that many Japanese brands have lowered their production standards to fast fashion-esque levels, and for the fact that I don’t think there’s a lot of crossover there. People who buy AP might also buy taobao, but people who buy TaoBao probably never buy any brand, and if they do it’s secondhand. The cost gap is sufficient to keep Japanese brands distinct, but in general it’s hard to compete when more brands are out there. There’s also not really a whole lot of replicas out there, “knock off” is super subjective.

>> No.10668789

What do you mean by Chinese knock offs? Like replicas? Or just brands that have a vaguely similar aesthetic? CC cat has a sweet aesthetic but it’s designs are pretty distinct and at $40 a dress I don’t see that as at all the reason for Japanese brand shrinkage.

Japanese brands are shrinking imo because they have a lot of structural problems unless they can pack the punch of AP or Baby. Import taxes into Japan are super high, but labor costs within Japan are also high. This drives up the cost of production and the risk on any particular release. Plus they have a shrinking domestic population in their target demographic, and other East Asian countries like South Korea are dominating in cultural exports. That combined with the new Chinese cultural revolution ( see Chinese actor getting disappeared for posting pics at his Japanese friends wedding) pinches the international market for J-fashion goods and makes Japanese branded goods less competitive. It’s not just evil Chinese brands stealing the whole scene, it’s a global shift that Japan has failed to adapt to and which Japanese companies have to contend with.

It’s important to note that fashion retail has always been an incredibly competitive space, but the niche of Lolita provided some artificial cover before it really took off in Chinese production. Upwards of 90% of fashion brands fail basically anywhere, and only a tiny fraction of a percent ever become hallmark brands.

>> No.10668790

To be fair anon, this thread is 90% one unhinged scrote troll.

>> No.10668792

You do realize this started when Japanese brands moved production abroad to cut costs right? What do you only buy pizza from Italy?

>> No.10668793

The typing style tells me that it's probably either one Reddit tourist or one underage kid from twitter. But a majority of /cgl/ are from either twitter or tumblr so it's -really- hard for me to make out where it's from.

>> No.10668795

>You're about as bad as trannies claiming every character created under the sun is a troon
Maaan, remember when that was the only problem? Now it’s so out of control you can’t even call someone out for not being on hormones

>> No.10668798

T b h I don’t think I even like that many dresses. Some dresses from brands are just consistently ugly.

>> No.10668799

Nah, Japanese brands have done this to themselves. Just look at APs look book this season. Am I gonna buy any of that hot mess or something from Yolanda or Arca et Orvis, or classical puppets? There’s plenty of TaoBao brands that aren’t so called knock offs and that make pretty damn good shit. I’ll buy from Japanese brands if they’ve got something I like, but I’m not going to hold a pity party for them when their shit designs can’t compete.

>> No.10668801

Girl, I’m only here for the taobao links and AA thread. Engaging in the madness will only make you crazy

>> No.10668803

I think this about both black and white Lolitas.

>> No.10668804

My arca et orvis shorts are soooo much nicer than my Aatp ones. They were expensive for TaoBao but still like half the price of brand ones.

The only Japanese brand I still buy from consistently is OzzOn and even then only some of their stuff suits my style.

>> No.10668805

Hard agree. I’d bet my left ass cheek that AP won’t have a single sell out this whole season. All that shit is going to the bargain bin. Even with atelier Pierrot and other failed/failing brands that don’t have that kind of pull, it’s a business not a charity. If you can’t make a product people want for a price they’re willing to pay then sucks to suck. Git gud son.

>> No.10668807

Idk that it’s unpopular but Captchas on lolita boards should be obscure Lolita related quizzes to weed out the trash. It’s been especially bad lately.

>> No.10668830

Angelic pretty is literally the opposite genre of all of the taobao brands you named.

I doubt you've ever bought AP in your life. Most of you taobao lolitas are just Larpers. If you can even call yourself a lolita.

>> No.10668839

Yolanda makes sweet Lolita you retard, the fondant cookie carnival is probably their most successful print, and the cotton version is nicer than anything APs put out in the last few years aside from MTOs. Even if that weren’t true, I’d still rather explore a different sub-style than buy this seasons looks.

There’s plenty of folks who love AP and buy from them frequently but think this seasons looks are just awful (myself included). Just glance at the AP thread.

>> No.10668841

I lose all interest in someone's coordinates or their closets or collections once I realize everything was bought with mommy and daddy's money

>> No.10668844

Is there any particular reason why? I get being put off by someone’s wardrobe if they’re a sexworker because it inherently links kink to their wardrobe and that’s gross. Or if a poorfag is using government disability checks to buy it because they’re exploiting taxpayers to do so. But if someone’s just well off why would that put you off of their coordinates if the coordinates are good?

>> No.10668845

>love AP and buy from them frequently but think this seasons looks are just awful
OK. Got it, Larper. I am one of those people, but you can't talk on quality and comparison without ever owning AP you cunt.

>> No.10668849

Ugh it would be so great to be a European living on the dole. Burgerfags don't get cash, (Unless they have crotch spawn) food stamps only buys unprepared food at the grocer. Doesn't even buy soap.

>> No.10668852

There’s other ways you can get $ like disability. Plenty of fat fucks and lazies get guvbux because muh disability muh autism

>> No.10668856

You clearly have no idea how hard it is to get ssi
There are fuck tons of conditions and diseases that don't meet the qualifications and even when you do meet them it takes years to fight in court for it

>> No.10668857

Jealousy. There’s nothing wrong with rich people buying lolita that should put someone off. It’s just jealousy.

>> No.10668859

I’m sorry you’re not legally retarded enough to get givsmebux from taxpayers pockets. But if you want I can testify for you that you’re a megasped

>> No.10668860

I'm put off by all those things as well, but that's not really an unpopular opinion to dislike those kinds of people. If someone's well-off through their own merit, that's completely different as well.

>> No.10668861

But why be put off that someone is using their money to provide their child a comfortable life? Isn’t that everyone’s goal?

>> No.10668862

Not sure you understand how it works in every state. I know someone who gets money for just being depressed in NJ.

>> No.10668863

you seem like a well put together individual i bet so many people like you /sarcasm/

>> No.10668866

feels more like laziness. buying whatever you want when you want it, i feel like the daddys money people are the same ones who bid up random items on lacemarket insanely high just to wear it once because it was trendy.
when you earn your money your more careful with it hunting for and carefully picking your wardrobe.
its easier to waste others money than own
in my opinion

>> No.10668868

>i feel like the daddys money people are the same ones who bid up random items on lacemarket insanely high just to wear it once because it was trendy

There’s a lot of poorfags who do this too. I can actually think of a lot of poorfags like Z and that one lolita who always posts “urgent sales!!” For rent money or whatever. In fact, you can tell that most of the people who did this in the real take off of the sweet boom were poorfags because you no longer see them bidding it up now that stimmies have dried up.

> when you earn your money your more careful with it hunting for and carefully picking your wardrobe.

I see a lot of lolitas who impulse bid or buy things at high prices just to sell it later because they couldn’t really afford to keep it after their insta pics were taken. Most of them aren’t rich.

If it was something that only/mostly high income lolitas we’re doing I’d get it but this is common behavior amongst all income classes in this hobby because people jump on hype trains so easily.

>> No.10668869

Careful, if you say anything about pricing on lace market you must be poor and deeply jealous. Really over that same obnoxious commentary from people who don't want to admit they're shit people for driving up prices unnecessarily. Calling everyone poor isn't in going to shame anyone into bidding on your overpriced dress you probably forgot that you own because you don't value anything.

>> No.10668870

exactly. you can feel the seethe in some of these replies kek

>> No.10668872

>Really over that same obnoxious commentary from people who don't want to admit they're shit people for driving up prices unnecessarily.

How does it make them a shit person to buy something at a price they think it’s appropriate? Because it makes it so strangers who also want that item can’t have it? You’re so entitled it’s astounding. Lolita is a hobby. You aren’t entitled to win an auction if you aren’t the one who’s willing to pay the most for it.

The people spending money on items they want aren’t “shit people” because now you can’t afford what you wanted.

>> No.10668876

>y-you’re a shit person for paying more than me!!! I-I wanted that dress!!! Reeee!!


>> No.10668877

Lmao ok stay mad ho. Anybody who’s owned anything from the last year or so and something from pre-2012 knows AP is now taobao trash. Aquarium Carnival, for example, is one of the lowest quality pieces in my wardrobe.

>> No.10668878

Yeah, people don’t realize there’s a whole economy built around trying to get ssi. You basically need a good lawyer who specializes and ironically a lot of people with genuine disabilities can’t afford to use these services to get approved.

>> No.10668879

>Careful, if you say anything about pricing on lace market you must be poor and deeply jealous
as if i even bother to open lacemarket. sorry i dont want to scroll through hundreds of scalped items for the off chance that somthing decent for a reasonable price hasnt already been purchased

>> No.10668880

What I want to know is where the fuck these people are living where ssi will cover even a fraction of living costs. I literally kept my job through chemo because my blue states ssi required me to liquidate all my funds and live off of like $500 a month.

>> No.10668882

Poorfag cope.
I make 6 figures. I'm the one who buys the overpriced dresses. I haven't gone on vacation in 3 years. I've got a retirement fund. I've got a house. You think I can't drop a few thousand on dresses that make me happy? You think people like me just...don't exist? According to you, everyone in the community is secretly poor or so rich that they value nothing(???????) Yeah it's all a conspiracy to keep the dresses out of your hands, we're all conspiring against you. Seethe.

>> No.10668884

Lmao cry harder poorfag.

>> No.10668885

Ironically you sound like the shit person for thinking that people can’t spend money they have on things because it makes those things inaccessible to YOU. Which is very selfish and a way of thinking entirely based on fulfilling your own needs despite your shortcomings. Why are you so special that these things should go to you over the people who are willing to pay the most for them?

>> No.10668886

NTA but idk arca et orvis, but Yolanda and classical puppets are really high quality. To be fair, classical puppets is a higher price range than AP, but my Yolanda jsk is definitely on par with cotton special set AP

>> No.10668887

I miss the short petticoats from classical puppets. They don’t make them anymore but goddamn that’s the best petti I’ve ever had, brand or otherwise.

>> No.10668888

That's nuts

>> No.10668889

To be fair, I’ve never seen financial irresponsibility to the extremes that I’ve seen in Lolita, except for maybe the edm crowd.

>> No.10668890

I do agree some anons just want to bully and troll randos into buying shit they can't afford. I always wonder if those anons are from the farms, hoping to get some lolita to become a lolcow and have a public nervous breakdown from shopping addiction. Milking for lols?

>> No.10668891

You must be absolutely roasting under that tin foil hat anon.

>> No.10668892

Damn sounds like you need a vacation

>> No.10668893

This is so retarded. Nobody is bullying people into buying things they can’t afford. The people who are saying people winning auctions are “shit people” and doing crazy shit like the anon who keeps a list of high auction winners to shame them are bullying those people though.

>> No.10668894

It's just a fun thought, I wish I believed it.

>> No.10668895

Right? Like I paid about 3k for a two week trip to japan two years ago. That’s way more valuable to me than any dream dress still on my list

>> No.10668896

Do you have any proof that actually happens? Sounds nutty.

>> No.10668897

You literally said you agreed that it was happening. Retard.

>> No.10668898

NTA but you new here or something? Every single time someone bids high on an item it comes up in second hand shenanigans and there’s always unhinged comments about how horrible these people are for spending their own damn money.

>> No.10668899

Newfag. People have talked about doing that since the sweet boom took off and I know of a few lolitas who have been harassed for their purchases. On a less extreme note you have people constantly crying about people’s purchases in the secondhand sales thread. It used to be a thread where people posted weird or nasty listings but now it’s just filled with people crying because x person bought y listing at z price

>> No.10668900

Partially, sure. Also just not being able to relate or connect to someone with that kind of background, the kind of person that never had to struggle or give up anything. We come from different worlds.

to be fair none of those other replies are me other than >>10668860

>> No.10668901

Yes, but you are not those people you taobao clolita larping cunt.

>> No.10668902

I agreed that people bully people into buying stuff they can't afford by calling them poor. The part I don't actually believe is my fun thought that it's for lolcow milk production. It's hard to process two ideas at once, huh?

>> No.10668903

Girl, same. Tech pays and most of these whining autists aren't good at anything and have no hobbies besides entitled SJW behavior.

>> No.10668904

Larper, if you actually had hobbies you'd know people aren't really like that irl

>> No.10668905

NTA but take your meds. The AP thread has been calling out APs taobao quality/aesthetic for ages.

Imagine thinking it’s someone else’s fault that you overspend. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it. Being “bullied” if you can even call it that doesn’t mean it’s now somebody else’s fault that you suck at managing your money.

>> No.10668907

>I agreed that people bully people into buying stuff they can't afford by calling them poor

This isn’t happening. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything by calling you poor on 4chan kek

See this makes more sense to me. Thank you for being reasonable in your response and not

>hurr they’re spending too much and I can’t afford what I want now

But I don’t think that rich people don’t have their own struggles. In fact every actually wealthy person I’ve ever met seemed miserable once I got to know them and all of it came from family issues. It’s why so many kids from wealthy families end up drug addicts.

>> No.10668908

I'm talking about you.

>> No.10668909

I'm not spending 50$ on an armpit stained bodyline blouse
20$ on a "handmade" hot glue mess craft
200$ on a dress still available on Taobao for 100
or 500$ on a brand dress that goes for less than 200$ on every other market

>> No.10668913


>> No.10668914

Tbh, not even just tech. If you actually try to build a career instead of putting all your energy into pathetically striving to be e famous or make money on YouTube, you can actually make pretty good money in most industries, 4/5 years out of undergrad.

>> No.10668915

They have money to afford mental health care, therapy, and rehab though. Poor people are stuck being miserable with family issues and drug addictions.

>> No.10668916

So idk if this will be popular or not, but I've not seen other people say it. I have a long wishlist on LM and whenever someone buys something on it I smile and think I'm so happy for whoever bought it. I'm glad especially for the things that have been there a while, to see it possibly go to its new home where it will be loved all anew.

>> No.10668917

The stigma around mental health is still incredibly prevalent. You see gossip about going to rehab/to get help, and it’s looked down on to the point where you can be ostracized from your family/community. So just having the money to get help doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier.

The struggle with mental health and addiction issues is less about class and more about how the society we live in views these things. Yes, it’s more commonly talked about than it was 20 years ago but it still comes with a huge stigma.

>> No.10668918

You’re cute.

>> No.10668919

Then…. Don’t? Are you not aware that you can both not buy something and not act like you’re entitled to a lower price? I see shit all the time I’m not going to pay their price for but you don’t see me crying about it non stop.

>> No.10668921

>The struggle with mental health and addiction issues is less about class and more about how the society we live in
Hahahhahahahjajajahahahjajahahahahja no honey, mental health is VERY much about class. Imagine being this fucking tone deaf kek

>> No.10668923

Gonna be real with you:
This is true. Any person I know that's from wealthy families with mental illnesses, there's more stigma around getting help for it and 'accepting' it as a problem than people actually getting help. They are really concerned about appearances, usually. It doesn't mean they haven't seen mental health psychs, but getting away from daddy/mommy's money despite total rejection of your problems is a lot harder than disconnecting from abusive families and getting help.

>> No.10668924

No, it isn’t. Having money does not magically wave away mental health issues. Mental illness is something that happens to every race, gender, age, class, whatever. It can stem from genetics, specific incidents, etc. Having money doesn’t undo your bipolar/whatever genetics. Having money doesn’t unrape you/erase whatever trauma you have and take back your PTSD.

This. The stigma around it and importance on images amongst the wealthy is disgusting and it drives people to substance abuse or other destructive tendencies and it’s all veiled and hushed.

>> No.10668925

Meant to reply to >>10668921 for the first part of this post.

>> No.10668926

Interestingly, even though that's true for the highest social classes the lowest also suffer a huge stigma on top of being unable to access resources financially. Idk if you've ever been in really poor southern US communities for example, but they barely even speak about the existence of mental health issues. It's the middle-middle upper classes that seem to have the most reasonable relationship with mental health. I do not know why that is, though

>> No.10668928

All of these problems and issues and stigmas are exactly the same for lower class people except they don't financially have access to the same resources for help that upper class people do.

>getting away from daddy/mommy's money despite total rejection of your problems is a lot harder than disconnecting from abusive families and getting help
is this a joke

>> No.10668929

Exactly. These stigma don’t go away when you’re poor. Poor communities aren’t these open doors where you can talk about your mental health problems any more than rich communities. Poor families are just as likely to reject the symptoms of their depressed/autistic/mentally unwell children as any other economic class if not more.

>> No.10668931

>getting away from daddy/mommy's money despite total rejection of your problems is a lot harder than disconnecting from abusive families and getting help.
Umm no. No it is not. Wooooowwwww.

>> No.10668933

Not any of the ayrt but while it's obvious having money doesn't fix every problem, being middle class or wealthy allows you the option of rehab or medical care at all. As someone who worked my way up from being poor, it is miles easier dealing with genetic and trauma related mental health problems that I have (ADHD, complex PTSD, grief, etc.) when I have the money for therapy, meds for some things, and just the ability to deal with my mental health without also having the anxiety and stress inducing thoughts of if I can afford to survive to the next month or year and keep a roof over my head or how I'm going to ration out my food each week or two.

Money doesn't fix every mental health problem but it really does make it easier than it would otherwise be. Poor people still have the stigma of mental health, often worse because of lack of education on how real or serious it all is, but no resources to even attempt to change things. Rich addicts have rehab, poor addicts have going so broke they become homeless or live with abusive partners, and spiraling down from there sometimes. And poor people who need help are looked upon with contempt for being homeless or "making bad choices" considering their income, while wealthy ones at least get pity and some surface level understanding and are more humanized.

No one thinks rich people have no problems, but in places like the US or other places with little access to healthcare or just basic neccesities for those with low income, people who have money at least don't have the fact that their basic needs aren't being met compounding their problems and causing then to suffer even more. Rather than pretend rich people have it just as bad as poor people when someone ignorantly belittles their problems, we should acknowledge how difficult it is at every level for everyone struggling with their mental health.

>> No.10668934

It’s not exactly the same. The lower class people also get some of it excuses by their circumstance because it’s seen as reasonable for someone having a hard time financially to have mental health issues. But people like you and other anons ITT dismiss it for wealthy people because they have the financial means to do so, and do not take into account the tons of other factors that go into it.

For example, let’s give a not so uncommon scenario of a mentally ill person from a wealthy family. Their lives are funded, they don’t have to worry about financial security. But due to let’s say, being bipolar they have severe mental health issues. They can’t support themselves financially, so they rely on their parents. But their parents aren’t willing to get them help because of how having people know they a severely mentally ill child who’s “sick enough” to need significant intervention would reflect on the parents/family.

This person cannot fend for themselves, they are cornered into sitting and stewing in their mental health issues because they would end up homeless if they tried to get away and their parents are abusive enough to not want them to get help.

>> No.10668936

not accepting mommy and daddy's money is definitely not even close to being the same as escaping an abusive household. what the hell anon

>> No.10668937

There's a whole lot of projecting going on in here. If I see a dress listed for way over it's actual value, usually from a user who does that routinely, or see something go to $1k+ at auction, I'm not seething and crying because I feel entitled to the item at a certain price? I just wait for it to be listed at a more reasonable price, probably not on lacemarket.
Sellers who ~feel it's appropriate~ to overprice things right out of the gate are just trying to line their pockets. I personally am not willing to contribute to a precedent of that dress selling at way more than it's worth to help someone make a profit from their hoarding and shopping addiction.

>> No.10668939

this same scenario exists for poor people too except they also have to worry about affording a dependent - again, someone from a rich background will never understand.

no one is saying rich people don't have mental health issues but they never have to decide between paying their therapist or paying rent

>> No.10668940

>y, or see something go to $1k+ at auction, I'm not seething and crying because I feel entitled to the item at a certain price?

But there are people ITT and in the secondhand thread that do this all the time. That’s what’s being said here.

>> No.10668941

It's pointless to put effort into explaining philosophy and principle on this board anon, seagulls just wanna feel like they're better than you even if it's petty

>> No.10668942

I'm just saying lace market is shit and I hate westerners

>> No.10668943 [DELETED] 

>acting like there’s any real ~philosophy~ behind the screeching over people paying money the screecher can’t afford in the secondhand thread


>> No.10668947

>have money
>item I really want and have been looking for comes up
>pay what I can afford
>win the item
>happy that I got an item I was looking for
>some nobody on an anonymous Mongolian Mongoloid forum cries about me buying it
>calls me a shit person for purchasing something that I wanted in a hobby I enjoy
>poorfag goes on to try and act superior with “Muh ~philosophy~ muh ~principal~“

Y’all are clowns.

>> No.10668948

While it is pretty silly or irrational long term to spend unnecessary extra money on brand you know goes for less and is being scalped or bid way higher, it's also silly to shame other people for simply not thinking that hard about purchases and buying something they really want. People aren't evil for spending "too much" on a dress or for scalping even. These behaviors might be harmful for the greater community over time but they're not indicative of anyone's morality.

Shaming people for their purchases or pricing is almost always a self interested thing. Either someone wishes the thing was cheaper or dislikes the person listing it for other reasons and wants the validation of seeing others also complain about it. Being Chinese and scalping is treated as more of a sin than being a burger and scalping, or being otherwise disliked and posting a listing that has flawed items or over the price someone personally wants is going to attract attention on cgl if people have enough of a vendetta or feel entitled enough. Let people do what they want. Criticize them for it if you must but don't pretend it has any correlation to morality when posting them to cgl is equally as amoral/immoral as selling a dress from a fashion hobby for a couple dozen dollars too many.

>> No.10668951

What are you talking about? Wasn't the original "unpopular opinion" in this whole stupid conversation just about spending parent's money? I agree it was a pointless opinion, but no one here knows or cares about you personally. Get a grip or post about whatever you're talking about in the feels thread.

>> No.10668952

>getting this confused over greentext stories
>being this dense

It was a hypothetical scenario I made up based on what’s been discussed ITT. I didn’t write it because I think I’m being singled out. Maybe lurkmoar so you don’t get tripped up by >be me type stories

>> No.10668953

>they never have to decide between paying their therapist or paying rent
This. If money can't buy you happiness, sucks for you? Am I supposed to shed tears for faggot rich kids who at any moment's notice their parents can bank expenses for therapy, medication, and the best psychologists money can buy? Am I supposed to shed tears over rich kid social stigma that poor/middle class people experience too on top of everything else, is that it?
You're right. Covidlitas and tiktokfags need to go. Tiktok in general is infesting every jfashion at the moment isn't it? I've never been interested in Gyaru but I took one look at the thread here and it was a hot mess.

>> No.10668956

I think it’s really just telling about someone as a person that you can’t extend empathy to people in circumstances different than yours that you may perceive to be desirable. Saying “sucks for you” like money is a fix for everything and that circumstances surrounding people’s struggles aren’t nuanced and likely don’t have a simple fix is just malicious if it’s not ignorant.

>> No.10668957

i feel less empathy for rich people that can afford to fix their problems without incurring any financial consequences over poor people that don't have that luxury, yeah

>> No.10668958

Sucks to suck. Money sure can afford more than quality healthcare everywhere on earth, so I don't get the complaining?

>> No.10668959

I guess this is the response I should have expected vs thinking people here would have the capacity for empathy kek

>> No.10668960

You can find plenty of empathy with that credit card so again I don't get the complaining kek

>> No.10668961

It’s ok anon, I get it. People with autism rarely are truly empathetic

>> No.10668962

Post credit card anon, It's for my autism therapy I promise.

>> No.10668964

Not sure you're in the right hobby, if you hate rich people. You should spend your money on things that are a priority, if you're that poor. Realistically, it's a ladder with the class system. Sure, you'll never get to high class, but you sure as hell can work yourself out of low class. I'm not sure why you are feeling bad for fucking idiots in low class. There is a reason why the majority of people I know that are well off are immigrated from overseas and came here with fucking nothing.

Because they fucking work.

>> No.10668968

I mean, I don't. I specified rich kids who's parents can bank the healthcare they need because of that one anon who said getting away from mommy and daddy is harder than anything else.
If you're just an adult who has money lying around I don't think there's anything wrong with that, after all I am one of those adults.

>> No.10668973

>people acting like rich people or middle class people are bad for spending a lot of money while participating in a frilly princess fashion heavily rooted and inspired by rococo where dresses cost at least $300 new from brands

The actual stupidity

>> No.10668976

>who's parents can bank the healthcare they need because of that one anon who said getting away from mommy and daddy is harder than anything else.
Realistically, they can't 'bank the healthcare' because of rich mommy and daddy, as I said. It's frowned about. Your mental illness is rejected by 1%-tile parents. Believe it or not, it's not that easy for rich kids.

>> No.10668977

I'm almost willing to bet any of these entitled whiners are also SJWs voting politically left and never buy a single brand piece, but Japanese brands should be 'inclusive to fat people.'

>> No.10668978

I'm never going to understand how trying to inject your culture into a completely different culture isn't 'colonizing' other countries.

>> No.10668980

>you're a sjw because you're bullying rich kids!!!
Zero reading comprehension can we try again anons?
Is this the whole argument of rich kid opwession? Mommy and daddy? Is there any more material?

>> No.10668985

I think your view point is just ignorant. Lacking empathy for other human beings just because of classism is autistic.

I guess by that logic, then should rich people also think poor people are scum of the earth? Goes both ways, my friend.

>> No.10668987

Nayrt but you’re clearly the one with the reading comprehension issues if you think that’s what’s being said. But at the same time you’re dismissing and underestimating the importance of family and community ties to the truly rich. Every rich kid is having their strings pulled by their parents for the sake of the family’s image. You just don’t want to acknowledge the nuance of life circumstances for all income classes out of deep rooted jealousy.

>> No.10668990

low and middle class parents reject mental illness in their children too, anon, and there's a lot more of them

>> No.10668992

>You just don’t want to acknowledge the nuance of life circumstances for all income classes out of deep rooted jealousy.
Agreed. This is coming from someone who's witnessed many people get puppeted. They are just as much victims of circumstance, despite 'wealth'.

>> No.10668994

Mental illness is predominate across everyone, despite class. No one is getting help, is the core of this conversation. It's not based on money but society.

>> No.10668995

And the low and middle class parents don’t have the financial capabilities to essentially keep their children locked in a cage their whole life. The people from low and middle class families tend to be able to break free from their families. It’s easier to get away when you were raised in a way that encouraged independence so you could go out and provide for yourself.

>> No.10668996

Not really sure how me saying I'm not interested in rich younger lolitas whose collections are bought with their parents' money turned into the Mental Illness Olympics of who has it worse, but OK

>> No.10668999

Really? You come to the most easily baited board and make a comment about one of the most divisive subjects and don’t understand how it derailed to this extent?

>> No.10669000

>the financial capabilities to essentially keep their children locked in a cage their whole life.
Nevermind the social capability to lock someone down. Fuck. It gets wild witnessing rich kid puppeteers. I think low class and high class both probably have more dissociative disorders. That shit gets wild, unfortunately.

>> No.10669004

Kek, damn. All the Ms. "getting away from daddy/mommy's money despite total rejection of your problems is a lot harder than disconnecting from abusive families and getting help" came out to play.
Anon is right about it being divisive. That's a good number of people in the fashion right there, but I don't disagree.

>> No.10669005

Didn't stop Robin Williams from necking himself

>> No.10669010

Not everyone is saying that it’s a lot harder than escaping an abusive family. Hell, escaping your parents who have manipulated and groomed you into being overly dependent on them(financially/socially/etc) IS escaping an abusive family. What’s being argued is that there are real, complicated issues that the upper class face in terms of mental illnesses and it’s unfair to just say

>lol but u can pay for therapy? Sucks 2 suck

Like that is an actual solution to the complexities of any given persons situation. Please stop boiling this conversation down to caricatures of the actual arguments being made.

>> No.10669012

if an incredibly wealthy person actually wanted to disconnect from their parents, couldn’t they…….. afford a college education, get a job, and support themselves? i’m not on either side but all of this talk of puppeteering and how hard they have it has me kekking, they could get away if they really wanted to

this is coming from someone with wealthy chinese parents who i hate the shit out of so i waited until they paid my college and then completely dipped from their lives

>> No.10669013

no one was even talking about mental illness until you + other anons decided to sperg for multiple posts about how hard life is when you get everything you want handed to you kek

>> No.10669014

Not every situation is the same as yours. Some are able to, others aren’t. Life is complex and the solution for your problem is not the solution for others even in a very similar situation to you.

>tfw you started out shitposting but are now genuinely disheartened that so many people don’t understand how complicated life is for ANYONE

>> No.10669016

Conversations evolve. Relevant information was added to the conversation, so the conversation flowed in that direction. If you don’t want to keep up with how this conversation has turned that’s your right

>> No.10669017

not sure why you aren't understanding the concept that yes life is complicated but life is *more* complicated for poor people

>> No.10669018

unless they’re literally a paranoid schizophrenic, don’t have legs, are locked in their parents’ basement, or some other 2% possibility situation, they have the resources to get out of there and do what they want. it just takes effort, which rich people aren’t really accustomed to.

>> No.10669021

Not inherently. You’re just too close minded to really be able to understand that there’s so many more factors that go into a persons situation than just money.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness” is a saying for a reason. But your focus on it as the determiner for how difficult life is sure does show us how much importance you place on money. Gross. Maybe care about something deeper.

>> No.10669024

Something smells like HWC in here.

>> No.10669025

Then move to Japan anon.

>> No.10669026

multiple studies have shown that money does in fact buy happiness

>> No.10669027

NTA but Yes inherently. You’re actually retarded. Maybe try getting some ssi to help you escape mommy and daddy’s money

>> No.10669028

Nta but geez are you so obsessed with this rich kid pity party that you think someone acknowledging that life is tough for everyone but is made somewhat easier by having basic neccesities (and more) makes them gross???

>> No.10669030

Ah yes, the people not coddling overly sympathetic for rich rich kids who are apparently all locked up by mommy and daddy are the closed minded ones, not the rich people (who are supposedly sheltered by their parents and all according to you raised to have all the negative stigma and stereotypes) whining about more money more problems.

>> No.10669031

This. This shit is exactly why sjws go on their stupid eat the rich campaigns. No ones saying rich folks don’t have problems but damn if you can’t see how those problems get 20 times more complicated when you live on less than $30 a day you deserve to be “bullied” for being so incredibly out of touch.

>> No.10669032

Nayrt I think you both have points. But in my experience rich people don't have emotional intelligence. They have power and resources to call a doctor and set up therapy, but they don't have the self-reflection to understand that that's what needs to happen. Like I'm rich, successful, I'm doing great, of course I'm not depressed, I don't need help. Poor people be like that except it's more machismo or just being uneducated about it, I can pull myself up by my bootstraps, I don't need anyone else, I don't take no handouts from gubment or doctors.

So the rich person's quality of life is going to be better but he's still going to blow his brains out in his 5 bedroom mansion.

>> No.10669033

You don’t have to be rich to have your basic needs met. Even if you are poor there are social programs just for that very purpose.

I’m not even rich. I’m middle class. I’m just being reasonable and saying that life is more complex than just

>you have money

I know the studies you’re referring to and it’s more complex than the way you’re phrasing it

>> No.10669034

It really isn’t anon. Study after study after study find that yes there are diminishing returns but money is critical to satisfaction. No one said rich people don’t have problems, but even being middle class and having private health insurance gives you a massive leg up in getting mental health treatment.

>> No.10669035

nta but ya'll are actual idiots. No. It's not that hard to work your way up from being poor. Look, the majority of people who are immigrants come to this country poor. You know where they are at in 20 years? Way far above the people who victimized themselves into thinking 'woe is me' the entire time, because 'they were poor.' No. Poor people do not have it worse. You can improve your situation. Everyone in the US is enabled to. There is literally SO MUCH opportunity.

>> No.10669036

According to your close minded view of this study then nobody above a certain amount of income should have significant mental issues and that’s not true. Because there’s nuance. I don’t understand why “life is more complex than your finances” is such a hot take. Nobody in here is shitting on actual poor people. Earlier there was a discussion how it’s stupid to be upset over other people paying x amount and buying things they wanted, but it’s not outright dismissing or shitting on people with low income.

All that I, and someone or maybe a few other people, are trying to say is that life isn’t as black and white as

>the rich can afford mental health care
>the poor can not

There are so many different factors that have to be considered that it’s silly for either of us to sit here and debate it on such a vague scale but here we are.

>> No.10669037

Working up from being poor means you were at some point poor. Ie: the complications of being poor will still effect even if you do climb up. Your point is what exactly? Completely irrelevant

>> No.10669038

Tiktok ruins it because those kids think they can educate themselves about anything by watching a 10 secs. video about it or by watching someone explain it to them in 10 secs. instead of doing their own research. Kids with low attention spans (no I'm not talking adhd'ers and austists) love their instant gratification, that's why there's so many itas on tiktok: they don't google shit, they buy the biggest crap off devilinspired, they all just "learn" from each-other. And if they HAVE to put effort into something, they whine because that actually requires action from them. Infinite brainrot.

>> No.10669039

Happiness doesn’t mean you have no mental health issues lmao. You can be generally happy and satisfied with your life while also experiencing extreme mental health issues.

>> No.10669040

>You don’t have to be rich to have your basic needs met. Even if you are poor there are social programs just for that very purpose.

Yeah and it was mentioned upthread in more detail how complex it is for poor people too but you ignored that because it wasn't an angry reply you could argue with >>10668933. Plus if you live in America it's far more difficult than that for people and anywhere there are often people who live in a borderline place where they make too much to qualify for social programs that do exist but are not so wealthy that they have access to certain quality of life improvements like extra time for meditation, self care, to get get the appointments for mental health care even when they have access to public healthcare in places outside the US. People are just trying to get it through your head that life is more complicated than at first glance and social stigma and other issues exist for literally everyone, not just people with more money like you're pretending it is, and that some of those complications that have an important impact on your ability to survive can be removed with money. Plus everyone who has money is not a rich trust find kid with strict parents so your arguments don't even apply to all wealthy or financially stable people.

>> No.10669042

You do know the majority of rich people in the US, were poor once? I've met very many.

>> No.10669043

again for the millionth time no one said rich people can't also be mentally ill but you're being purposefully ignorant if you don't think having money that allows them access to better resources to manage it doesn't give them an advantage over low and middle class people who don't

>> No.10669044

*their great grandparents were poor

>> No.10669045

No one said some people couldn't work themselves up from being poor. In fact, having been poor and now having more money makes it extremely obvious to me how much easier basic things related to health on every level and especially mental health are when you have more money. I just think it's dumb to act like people who have money have it harder in life when I literally know even at small scale, going from below the poverty line to middle class on my own, that it is objectively easier to manage mental health.

>> No.10669046

Um no they definitely are not you retard I’m dying laughing hahaha like you do realize this is demonstrably false right?

>> No.10669047

>ou can be generally happy and satisfied with your life while also experiencing extreme mental health issues

I would argue that someone cannot be generally happy if they are suffering “extreme” mental health issues. Otherwise it wouldn’t be… an extreme issue…

If you just have an occasional bout of depression or anxiety then sure. Those things are relatively treatable. But by your own qualification instated by adding the word “extreme”? No.

You’re focusing in on a few select things that both I and other people have said and choosing to dismiss my general argument and the parts where I have agreed about the complex issues the lower class face so I’m not going to take apart this whole post and address every issue.

I have literally said that rich people have access to these things, and then went on to explain why that does not inherently mean they are able to utilize them.

>> No.10669048

>life isn’t as black and white as
>>the rich can afford mental health care
>>the poor can not

That is literally a fact though. It is that black and white. That is all people are saying. The other problems exist too and complicate things and affect people's quality of life beyond affording healthcare but what you said here is just a truth of life.

>> No.10669050

It isn’t. You’re welcome to stick your head in the sand and pretend that it is, but I’m not going to agree or play along because black and white thinking is too limiting to be logical.

>> No.10669051

NTA but plenty of people with extreme mental health issues are happy. I have a good friend with schizophrenia who has to take her meds religiously but is able to live a very full and normal life. Extreme doesn’t mean un-managed. I have extreme ptsd (flashbacks, episodic seizures, night terrors etc.) but I’d still consider myself generally happy especially with my treatment options. But without the top tier health insurance I get from my tech job I’d be totally fucked. So would she. If I were poor, I wouldn’t have any of the treatment options that allow me to be happy and satisfied with my life.

>> No.10669052

You’re very lucky to have found a routine and mental health approach that works for you. Having access to these things doesn’t mean that someone is able to find the right combination of treatment that will get them to a place where they can be happy. And I would argue, if you have it under control as you are saying, it is no longer an “extreme” issue because you’ve found a way for it to no longer be an issue. If it’s manageable to the point where you can look at your life and say you are generally happy or content I think it’s a bit dramatic to call it extreme any more.

>> No.10669053

>I have literally said that rich people have access to these things, and then went on to explain why that does not inherently mean they are able to utilize them.

That argument was purely based on an assumption, since since claim you aren't rich, that all rich people have overbearing or abusive parents that seriously restrict their entire lives and somehow don't care enough about their own kids to get them help, which while this exists for some people at all income levels, is just not true for every single wealthy person or even neccesarily a majority. And you're assuming all rich people are reliant on parents. And doesn't even take into account the rich kids who can easily go to the doctor themselves because good health insurance is a thing and rich people also have health insurance so the kid could easily go and pay with their allowance or bill it to insurance with no co-pays in many situations.

>> No.10669055

This thread always turns into catty, petty squabbling without fail.

You gulls are all so pathetic and sad.

>> No.10669056

You’re making assumptions that I have these assumptions and that I wasn’t just giving examples to show diversity in peoples situations.

>> No.10669057

>rich people have money
>poor people do not
>money buys things, including healthcare
>no that is not the truth nor a fact how dare you say that you closed minded bigot

Okay so you're just a troll or an affluenza inflicted trust fund baby who can't fathom how anyone's life could be harder or different than yours lol.

>> No.10669058

>this thread

All lolita threads*

This is the flaw with black and white thinking that I’m talking about. You’re erasing everything else that was said that doesn’t fit the narrative so you can automatically “win”, when in reality the information you dismissed pokes holes in your argument. Learn to take in the intricacies of life, conversation… anything really.

>> No.10669059

>You gulls are all so pathetic and sad.
That's not an unpopular opinion, anon!

>> No.10669060

Who would have thought the unpopular opinions thread contains unpopular opinions that get people arguing

>> No.10669061

This is never gonna work but there should be a rule that forbids arguing but just the unpopular opinions without any discussion probably wouldn't be fun for the shit-stirrers

>> No.10669062

Ummm no it’s definitely pretty extreme. Just because I have the tools to manage the aftermath doesn’t make the acute symptoms any less extreme than they were before. And for example my friend can’t miss a single dose of her meds, because if she does she’ll go into psychosis within a few hours. I don’t think it’s possible to be happy if you’re condition is unmanaged for sure, but I’m still pretty confident that my mental health issues are extreme and I still very much qualify for and need schedule A accommodations etc.

>> No.10669064

It wouldn’t be fun for anyone. I genuinely enjoy discussing people’s take as long as they can do so without going full spearhead (see much earlier in the thread). Truth be told, cgl threads are pretty good when the trolls are absent or contained elsewhere.

>> No.10669066

>a rule against arguing
>on 4chan

If you want civil discussion this isn’t the website for it. Unfortunately other platforms really baby the conversation and you have to tiptoe around anything meaningful. I wish LJ was still alive.

If you have it under control and you really want to call it extreme be my guest, be the special Super Sick Victim you wanna be, but I think it’s really insensitive to those who have actual extreme mental health problems they can’t cope with.

>> No.10669069

NTA but what a cunt you are kek. Somebody who uses hearing aids doesn’t suddenly not have extreme hearing loss anymore. Somebody taking meds doesn’t suddenly not have extreme depression anxiety etc. anymore.

>> No.10669071

>for acknowledging situations change and that people’s issues can improve with the help of medical treatments

Sounds like you want your cake and to eat it too. You can’t claim that you’re perfectly functional to the point of being generally happy and content with your life via the help of your treatment and then whip around and complain because people don’t think your situation is “extreme.”

>> No.10669074

someone who goes into psychosis after missing 1 dose of meds and PTSD induced flashbacks/seizures/terrors aren't extreme enough for you?

>> No.10669077

Not really, since that person is allegedly so happy and content with their life. They shouldn’t miss any doses if everything is so good for them.

>> No.10669078

do you realize you are talking to multiple people that disagree with you or

>> No.10669079

there's tons of reasons that could cause someone to accidentally miss a dose of medication that has nothing to do with how content or happy someone is

>> No.10669081

If they don’t have any significant stressors and are happy then it’s just a lack of personal responsibility that would prevent them from taking their medication. If you know you struggle with these issues when you fail to adhere to your treatment you need to keep on top of it. Keep medications with you, set reminders, etc.

>> No.10669086

>then it’s just a lack of personal responsibility that would prevent them

Sounds like this is the real reason rich manchildren don't get treatment for their illness despite having every opportunity if they really wanted to. You can't whine about extenuating circumstances for one group and then pretend they don't exist for another.

>> No.10669088

That’s been discussed and talking about it further is beating a dead horse since people were just going around in circles cherry-picking things to continue a pointless argument. The conversation has moved on to special snowflakes who want their mental illness to be so uwu extreme!!! while also claiming to be super happy and a functional individual.

>> No.10669094

You must have an extreme mental health problem of your own to be so deadset on downplaying other people’s issues. No ones saying uwu feel bad for me, they’re just pointing out that many people live with extreme symptoms and still find ways overall to be generally happy/functional. I mean what’s the alternative? Be a salty cunt like you all the time?

>> No.10669113

>The same anon demanding more empathy to poor rich kids who are all abused and locked in mansions unable to be saved.
You clearly are a rich person in denial who says they're "comfortable", if not just an outright troll who can't string together a logically coherent argument, but wants to heavily imply that rich people suffer more and there isn't enough empathy for their plight. Is this fun for you? Is this how you get the attention mommy and daddy wouldn't give you?

>> No.10669117

That’s every board honestly.
Not even the porn boards can escape the unnecessary arguing, it’s hell.

>> No.10669140

The only larpers are the people on this board who pretend they have an entire wardrobe with no taobao. Most lolitas worth mentioning have a wardrobe with a good amount of brand, but it’s still impossible to spend years building a wardrobe and not collect a few taobao pieces. Most of us get our shoes from there anyways.

>> No.10669239

Lol you can be rich enough to buy lolita (which is extremely cheap as far as "expensive" fashion goes) without being some elite old money socialite who grew up raised by a nanny and never seeing your mother. Those types are out buying Chanel.

>> No.10669253

i really really hate mismatched color shoes in coords where nothing else mirrors them... it looks so fucking stupid good lord

>> No.10669329

Most wigs, unless subtle or perfectly matched to the coord, look like shit. It honestly makes some of the uglier women look like trannies.

>> No.10669403

Arguing about class and money is off topic stfu

A true unpopular opinion is that new AP is terrific. I bought like 10 mains last year after not buying anything besides blouses and accessories for a few years

>> No.10669404

Hard agree, even cute girls look ugly and weird with most of the plastic garbage wigs out there

>> No.10669543

On the other hand, too many people use "not using a wig" as an excuse not to style their mussed up hair at all. I assume it's their wig off-site days because they don't actually know how to do hair

>> No.10670233

shirring princess is ugly, large panels of shirring are ugly in general. The only reason shirring princess is popular is fatties who max it out and make it look even uglier

>> No.10670569

shirring is honestly really cute on the right person. it’s not gonna look good if your torso stretches it out in any direction. fatty-chans and titty monsters just ruined it for you. we need more petit gulls to save them from obeasts

>> No.10670793

It's literally extremely easy to avoid taobao altogether lmao
It's not even all that cheap especially compared to secondhand from Japan instead of westerners.
Cope harder.

>> No.10671162

Tall lolitas shouldn’t wear tall shoes. It’s just not cute and instantly makes them look like trannies.

>> No.10671409

Western lolitas worship Japanese lolitas to an almost stupid degree. Japanese Lolita street snaps are never posted in the ita thread, even when their same outfit on a Westerner would absolutely be. They aren't infallible and often suck at coording

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