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ex decided to text me today. it's been almost a year. apparently she lives in NYC now. I haven't responded or know if I want to.

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I'm not optmistic regarding vaccination and the new variants, and I'm not sure cons will be fully back next year. I'm afraid we might just get into lockdown again.

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>See that my Google Drive has pictures/memes i had from several machines ago
>Cringe at all the shit i unbelievably partook in

These DOTA2 esport gifs going straight to delete

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If a second lockdown happens between now and CCE I swear to God
I will not go back in the dog crate

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Wanted to go to nycc but was anxious if i ever get tested positive days before the event

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I wanna get back in to lolita because I miss how happy it made me and the belonging to the group. I haven’t felt beautiful like I felt when I wore lolita in a long time.
But I just seem to have lost aesthetic interest in the style - I don’t really like much of what I see and usually unimpressed with outfit pics, etc.
even the cof thread, there was only one coord I thought looked good in there (though I’d never wear it) and the consensus seems to be that it is quite boring.
I keep seeing these outfits that I dislike - idk if the overall quality of outfits from the community has lowered or maybe I’ve just lost interest? There is just so much awkward blouses and shoehorned colors and accessories. I have been enjoying a lot of goth and old school coords I see, they’re so clean and simple. But I don’t think I would want to wear those styles because I am not really goth in day to day life so I’d feel like a poser.

Would love any advice. I am so frustrated and I just can’t figure out what to do - I know I haven’t really asked a question..

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If you tested positive for covid days before you probably shouldn't go. Do you normally go to cons with a cold or the flu? That's pretty weird.

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My vacuum cleaner broke down before I left for vacation. That's not too bad, but it meant I left a kind of dirty home and came home to a dirty home, which I made more dirty while unpacking and FSDFJHGFDS
>Look at vacuum cleaners online
>Don't understand what's good about them
>Can't even make an aesthetic choice
>They're all vacuum cleaners
>Say fuck it and go to my local home electronics store
>Have a budget of leftover vacation money + savings
>Salesman plays me like a fiddle
>Buy a vacuum cleaner for 215 EUR
>Overshot my budget, meaning more savings lost
>Feels okay though
>He claimed it would last me ten years, and I got to clean my apartment within the day
>Finally able to rest easy
This would be a happy end. But of course it's not. Due to this cybernetic hellscape we are creating ALL MY ADS are now vacuum cleaners. When I'm browsing Lacemarket, ooh pretty dresses, nice blouses, NOPE, VACUUM CLEANERS ON ALL THREE ADS ON EVERY PAGE! They taunt me for being impatient and not getting a better deal online, so now I'm becoming salty after the fact and I HATE EVERYTHING

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Randomly got a deposit from the IRS the other day that was an extra tax refund for being overtaxed on unemployment. Got to use it to add to my savings which was nice.

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use an adblock.

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i understand to an extent how you feel. it does feel like the general quality of the hobby has lowered considerably (based on the majority of coords posted online; even my carefully curated lolita only insta seems a bit lacking these days), and this has affected me in how im trying to participate in the hobby. The good thing is though that you dont need a comm to dress in lolita, but i understand, being part of something bigger/a group is always cathartic, we crave friendships which share similar interests we can participate in together. There's nothing i can say about this except find a handful of people who are on the same wavelength as you and then make /them/ your comm you know?
im under the impression from your post you dress in sweet? this being the biggest substyle rn i can understand how seeing a constant stream of trite "sweet" coords can make you feel a bit discouraged to get back in. personally in a situation like this i would just feel even more proud when i put together a coord which i feel trumps others in aesthetics and composition etc. you know? its ok to be just a bit full of yourself and passing it off as simply "being proud"- but you also mention being interested in old school and goth. Honestly even if youre not a lifestyle goth you can totally dress in gothic lolita? its a fashion- you dont have to stick to just one style, if you want a singular gothic coord amidst all your other usually sweet coords you can totally do that, no one's going to even say anything about you having a gothic coord despite not being goth.
you're discouragement with the hobby is a currently shared sentiment, and i hope anything i said could have made a bit of a difference in how you feel about it currently; either way, its always ok to take a break and slowly get back into it.

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Yeah you overpaid by alot. But try to learn from it for the next time. On the other hand you can probably afford it so it doesn't matter that much

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Well i got my dream dress. and i don’t really love it?;_; It fits me but i don’t think the cut and length suits me. It looks ok. i don’t feel excited about seeing it on me. And i think the dress is too much yellow on it for me. It didn’t seem like this much yellow in the stock pic but oh well.
I will get a new dream dress i guess and sell this one to someone else :(

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My friend confessed to me, I already turned him down because I always thought of him as a brother so it was really shocking for me, but I still feel bad about this. I never thought this would happen to me, it's so awkward and I don't want to ruin this friendship.
I feel zero attraction to him and forcing it would have made it worse, this fucking sucks I want my friend back.

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When will you learn that scrotes aren't your friends, they only pretend to be in order to get close to you in the hope you'll fuck them at some point?

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What makes you feel like you've lost your friend? Is he just embarrassed or sad that you said no? Maybe reassure him you still like him as a person just not romantically and give him time for his ego to recover? Rejection is tough to deal with but if you wanna stay pals maybe you can just make sure you let him know that so you can stay in each others' lives.

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Man, fuck job hunting

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nta, but dudes generally won't be friends after. That's thinking with a naive woman mindset. Like, I remember not being bitter and thinking all my male friends were friends, but the majority of these fucks really put you on a ladder system. Too many friends who were trying to fuck me, personally and it really really makes you bitter. Because some men are manipulative types and it stirs up a lot of drama to reject them.

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this is very true, but add nlogs to the list trying to get their attention and blaming you for their shit behavior.

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This is 100% true >>10661215 you've been fuckzoned and he will not treat you as a friend

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She's not fuckzoned, her friend is friendzoned, he confessed to her.

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Too much stupid friend drama among people that I hang out with IRL but I don’t even appreciate that much because they don’t share my hobbies and interests.

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A lot of people would answer "yes" to that question on the logic of "well I already put the money down." If you think there aren't people making that same calculation with covid I have a bridge to sell you.

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I'm not saying I think no one is making that calculation, but that the decision to go to a con if you're sick/feel like shit is dumb for your own enjoyment. And this person said they wanted to go but presumably didn't because they were afraid of testing positive. Which implies they didn't put the money down to begin with. It could also mean they made no effort to reduce the chance they test positive if they're so worried. If they're a doctor or nurse or work in a service/public facing job seeing randos all day I get the fear of course because that's uncontrollable exposure and feel bad for them, though. Or maybe they are responsible and all but just have anxiety and were playing it safe and not going just in case so they don't miss out on money, I totally get that too.

There's a lot that is nuanced or open to interpretation in their statement.

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Fair point, but if she wants something in a relationship (not romantic, relationship as in friendship), then it can't hurt to ask if she hasn't. If he says no or is shitty then yeah no need to stay friends with him.

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just bought 4 really hard to find prints on my wl but still bummed bc I missed one other item i wanted. i should be excited but its just never good enough is it

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It's okay anon.

I missed a wishlist item because the seller listed it BIN instead of auction and by the time I got the LM notification it was sold. I feel glad that it wasn't yet another item bid up to hell due to sweet boom pricing but sad it wasn't auction cause I could have afforded to compete for it even if I'd rather have paid less.

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Looking forward to a comic convention later this year, but am slowly realizing that I've gone to a comic book store <6 times in the past 18 months... in past years I'd plot out dozens of writers and artists to stop by to chat and get things signed, but now I feel totally disconnected from the hobby I used to be really into. I bought a multi-day pass by default but now am second-guessing "what do you even do at a convention?" because it'll have been over two years since my last con by the time I get there.

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I've tried typing this like four times and I'm just too tired. I hate the working world and I've only tasted a fraction of it at my internship. I have zero time to be on my phone anymore let alone the hobbies that actually bring me joy. My sewing machine is rotting untouched, my cosplay is still only half-made in my project bin, and the commission I was assigned before this shithole began is glaring at me. I've barely managed to sleep 3-5 hours each night this week because of the fucking workload and it's only week 1. I'm genuinely so afraid that I've put all my passion into a career that is going to suck my soul dry and spit me out a bitter person.

I just want to see my boyfriend and sew pretty things and sleep at reasonably times and hours.. And of course I have to be gaining weight on top of it all. I have to choke back the bad-body feelings every time I get dressed for work. I'm so afraid and sad and unhappy anons. Please tell me its not always going to be like this for the rest of my life

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Don't make what you like a Job, anon. It WILL kill your affection for the thing. Do something you can tolerate that's in an adjacent field if you can. Keep the things you love away from work.

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ah these messages pain. I’m gonna go buy some liquor and respond after a couple of drinks. just gonna give her some closure and that’s it.

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Sorry that happened to you anon. I've been there with a couple pieces I thought were my holy grails but they sit awkwardly on me or were too short.

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Ahh I have a really pretty dress that's been shoved in the corner of my closet for ages now because I was too fat for it, but I've been really good with my diet lately and it looks so nice on me now! I've been playing around with coord ideas all night, I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!

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Why not dress is darker colors? If you're classic or sweet, you can still have the darker aesthetician without committing to a gothic wardrobe. That's what I'm doing now myself. I love the sweet look but I don't see myself wearing pastels anymore in the near future. Remember, what's the point of dressing up if it doesn't make you happy? You can do it anon!

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Wtf are you going on about?

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I don't understand the appeal of Dollbe dresses. I think the prints are ugly and the bodice designs are weird. It's like clip-art. The tea table print is the only one that looks decent but then it's still kind of off. Did I mention that the bodices on all the dresses are all so fugly?! I don't care that the dresses are well made/size-inclusive/indie-made...design also counts when you make a dress and Dollbe just doesn't have that. I just really don't get it.

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I think it's the OP talking about the girl they were posting about.

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ex gf. talking to her right now she's antivax lul

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Based ex gf

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>haven’t worn lolita in ages because it’s so hot in the house
>got an A/C as an early birthday present from the folks

Looks like we’re dressing up this weekend

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I almost liked the pattern on the winter day and night jsk in the dark colorway until I noticed the pom poms and little snowman/mug clip arts... Also that sizing kek

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not based she works in healthcare. mfer even had a fake vax card made. who tf does that shit lmao

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bruuh she sent a pic and my dumbass is already lookin up plane tickets to ny

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>I always thought of him as a brother
r9k was right again!

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Just filter his retarded blog posts

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don’t do that

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My ex won't give up on our relationship, we're both in new ones yet every couple of weeks he'll contact me, i used to want to keep it civil with him so i used to read them, however as of late i won't even open his chat. I've thought about blocking him but recently he got into the habit of making other people message me instead of him to pressure me into getting back, i'm sure it will only happen more often if i do that. I already made myself clear on the fact that i want nothing and we won't work, but he's persistent. Don't get me wrong, i'm not as affected by it as i probably sound here, it's just a minor inconvenience/ kinda annoying to wake up to like 15 notifications from him and would rather he just stop, what to do.

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wtf? block him and if anyone else tries to text you in his stead tell them to fuck off. even if it doesn’t affect you you need to learn how to set boundaries bitch

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Yeah, even if it's just an annoyance i probably should, in all honesty i do suck at making others respect my boundaries and respecting them myself so this situation checks out lmao.

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Hey I dealt with this, went to the police and they told him to stop messaging me via other people.

What he is doing is pressuring you and guilting you, essentially emotionally manipulating you to be in contact with him when you don't really want to.

He knows what he is doing and you are being painted a bad person when he pressures other people to message you on his behalf, just talk to the police and tell them you're bothered by him and he is involving other people.

They can tell him to leave you alone and he will.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, in all honesty i hadn't even considered the police since i brushed it off as a minor thing, but if someone else were to tell me this i probably would be alarmed too.
Thank you again, it honestly put his actions in a new light, i think if he keeps trying to pressure me after i block him i will contact them.

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post nut clarity relationships makes you miserable being alone is the way to go.

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If I literally wasn't in the last stage of my program before completion after 6 years of schooling, I think I would. I thought that advice only applied to hobbies, but I see now. It hurts feeling like I'm going into this career with an exit strategy already.
Thank you.

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considering the unfortunate overlap between ddlg and lolita, its possible that some secondhand dresses might've been worn over someone's diapers and it disturbs me greatly

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This is not your personal blog. Maybe find friends or smth

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You should have blocked him long ago dear

>> No.10661602

Don't buy sweet and you're probably good

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I think it's a bit of an overreaction to call the police, before you set boundaries or communicate you want nothing to do with him.

Make sure you actually express how you feel - or not. You should be a stone wall/brick wall to people like this. I've had an ex that's messaged me every year for 10 years. I've had to block him on multiple outlets. It's frustrating, but I tell him off each time and he doesn't message me until the next year. Realistically, I should give him no response for him to bugger off but I'm understanding that some people don't get over someone like..ever. There's a lot of people out there like that. It sounds like your loose boundaries are giving the wrong signal to him, maybe because you like the attention or you're responding in a way that's not entirely a stone wall. You do understand you have to be firm, right? If you want nothing then you need to completely block him out. If you're confused when you talk, then that's something you need to sort through but it gives mixed signals.

>> No.10661612

>maybe because you like the attention
wow that's a bit harsh don't you think? She's the victim in this

>> No.10661615

Look. If you do not set boundaries, you're not a victim besides from your own mental victimization. You need to clearly communicate with people to be a victim. If you're not, you're giving mixed signals to people because communication isn't JUST verbal.

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I posted here before (a couple threads ago) about my mental health being bad, but it getting better and me working on my ED and losing weight. Well, I am finally at a BMI 25! I never passed a BMI of 29 but I also haven’t been not overweight since I was in elementary school. I’m so excited and I couldn’t have done it without caring so much about lolita. I’m not done losing weight but I do feel great about what I’ve done so far

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nah she's right, many actually do like the attention without noticing it
she should just tell him to not trying to contact her again and that she's blocking him, then actually block him and be done

if he however still insists on using other people to contact her she can go to the police

>> No.10661618

I started typing in kinda broken english a lot especially on lm because i spend so much time online in jp sites using google translate . I guess i can get away with it because i’m asian. Idk it kinda sounds cute . and also i’m too lazy to use proper grammar sometimes and i hate when my listing has a bunch of text.

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Found the incel kek. She said they are both a new relationship and expressed she didn't want anything to do with the guy.

He knows that and is still harassing her and convincing other people to harass her daily. This guy is a fucking creep.

Regardless of gender here (it would be just as fucking creepy if it was a psycho ex gf based on all this info) the ex is being manipulative and intentionally lowering anons quality of life for their own goals which seem to be breaking her down and forcing her to talk to him or give him what he wants.

Defense of this behavior unless any further context changes or clarifies any more of this is just stupid and blaming her for the actions of someone else who knows they're doing something wrong. Even if he was on the spectrum no amount of autism would explain sending over a dozen harassing "talk to me" messages every day and getting other people to send similar harassing messages.

>> No.10661625

you’re kinda forced to read every single word I type. in a way it is my personal blog. friends get annoyed if you don’t respond to them right away whereas here you can pretend not to be around and anon’s feeling won’t get hurt. it’s the best I’m the best click on the bell to get notified when I next post.

>> No.10661627

Are you retarded or something? Just block them, they're not defending the stalker at all, just saying that she should clearly communicate that she's not interested and block them
He clearly isn't interested in being a mutual or friend so she has to set clear boundaries instead of sending mixed signals

>> No.10661630

I believe in her post she straight up said she had made it clear she didn't want anything to do with him. Unless I misread or am thinking of a different post. And she said she was afraid to block him because she worried about how his harassment would escalate (getting EVEN MORE mutual friends to harass her too). Those are credible worries considering she is supposedly waking up to 15 messages from him each morning despite ignoring him.

I know she said it's only a mild annoyance but better safe than sorry; she should drop or have a serious convo with the friends facilitating his obsessive behavior before blocking him to make sure she isn't at risk of them all messaging like she is worried about.

I'm just pissed people are accusing her of wanting the attention because I've had a legitimate stalker who harassed and followed me before and it's terrifying, especially when police ignore it or people don't take it seriously. It only cost me a few car tires and damaged windows but could have killed or hurtme so I'm sensitive about this stuff I guess.

>> No.10661631

You don't have to be a scrote to give advice that is not just in the mind of one gender for two people, that are both genders.

But go off, autist.

>> No.10661633

also you realize, you sound like a femcel more than I do right? I actually have experience dating people.

But like I said, go off autist. Maybe one day you'll get a boyfriend, but based on your overreactive nature and autistic social capabilities. Probably not.

BTW Autism is only justified if she is setting clear boundaries, which she hasn't. Autistic people "can't understand" clear boundaries. He's having the message conveyed that she is open, because that's the communication she's giving him by responding. She hasn't set them. That's why you're clearly coming out at the autist, here.

>> No.10661641

I have a boyfriend anon, I just don't use that fact to try to accuse people being harrassed by an ex of being attention hungry. Also autism is no excuse which is what I said. Even if there was a clear boundary, autistic people literally DO understand those when it is explained or clearly expressed, it's the unclear social cues they have issues with. This isn't even about autism though.

I agree she should block him but said she should take precautions to prevent him from further bothering her like discussing this with the friends she is worried will be helping him circumvent being blocked because this screams creepy stalker behavior from the ex.

I just find it fucked up to basically accuse her of wanting attention just for not knowing how to handle a difficult person exhibiting this behavior.

>> No.10661644

People laugh about you. This isn't the flex you think it is

>> No.10661645

Soup clearly has a fetish for humiliation and being verbally abused and desperately craves any attention. You're just letting him win by trying to roast him.

>> No.10661647

I already told him multiple times i'm not interested in a relationship again, i also already told him it makes me uncomfortable when he sends his friends to message me, i already tried being firm, aggressive and everything i can think about, i went no contact after all of those didn't work.

>> No.10661648

Also, forgot to add this to that comment, but i block every friend of his that sends me messages, it's new friends every time.

>> No.10661649

What these two might be skirting around btw is that calling the police is nothing but trouble if you are a person of color, they probably won't help you at all. Its awful really, but blocking him is probably the safest, you want to minimize any interaction with law enforcement these days

>> No.10661650

It's always an overreaction until the girl gets hurt, then it's "why didn't she try harder to get him to stop/get authorities involved"

>> No.10661655

This shit right here. You're an attention whore and sending mixed signals even when you tell them to fuck off and seeking further help or taking this shit seriously makes you an autist, neurotic, overreacting, etc. but when the crazy ex kills you it's "Why did she just ghost him? Why didn't she assert herself more? Why didn't she call the cops? Well the cops didn't do anything so she must have been exaggerating"

Women are always in the wrong and dumb, creepy, stalker-like male behavior always has a justification that typically blames the woman or society and never his actions.

>> No.10661657

I seriously doubt anon is a Black man from Flint, most police deals with harassment and DV using a specific unit that is usually woke af

>> No.10661659

OK. Well, if you've been firm with him then you need to get a no contact order. It's not a police endevour, but you have to tell him to "stop contacting you or you'll pursue legal action." Getting one is relatively simple as well, but that enough will usually make them stop dead in the water.

The police aren't going to do anything, regardless, because they aren't there to "prevent contact" unless there's an order in place. I understand the other anons are trying to be helpful, but they actually don't know the process. If you've been firm, which is what I was trying to uncover; despite you saying you've conceded and talked to him then well, you need to not talk to him. You need to threaten legal action, if he doesn't stop then pursue a no contact order, if that doesn't stop him, THEN you can contact the police because him crossing the line from that is dangerous for you.

>> No.10661662

You shits twist everything out of context. Just stop, you actually legit don't know the process for this crap obviously.

>> No.10661670

>using a specific unit that is usually woke af
Tell that to the thousands of untested rape kits from actual rape all across the US

>> No.10661675

I also think there's a misunderstanding here, i said i would contact the police if he keeps trying to reach out to me after i block him, which is still what i plan to do/ at least i'll seek out legal counsel in that case.
I blocked him yesterday after sending a message explaining clearly why i was blocking him, because i know him and know that if i just do it out of the blue he'll contact me again angry because i blocked him without a reason.
To clarify the timeline, at first i tried to keep it civil between us because he seemed hurt by the fact that i broke up with him, when i did he had a suicide scare and i felt bad about it. I then realized he was getting the wrong idea from me answering so i stopped, i have had contact with him twice since then, once when he told me i might be in danger because someone was tracking some trips we made to see each other to threaten him, the second was the first time one of his friends contacted me and i told him that this behavior made me uncomfortable. After that i haven't answered any of his texts, we were no longer friends on Facebook and i never answered his friend requests. While this was happening i blocked the friends that sent me messages and a family member he was using to contact me.
Yesterday i blocked him on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and every social media i can think of.
The comment i made regarding my boundaries comes from the fact that if i'm pressured enough i'll probably give in, which he knows, one of the reasons why i think he hasn't given up yet.

>> No.10661676

We don't have to know the precise police procedure (which for most cops is generally ignore the problem until someone actually hurts someone in an explicitly illegal way) to point out the frequent dismissal of the serious problem that people are doing by accusing her of wanting attention when she did exactly what those anons said she should do before contacting the cops which they claimed was an overreaction. It's frustrating to hear this stuff over and over again when she is doing the right stuff and the guy is the problem but she's being told it's her fault somehow.

Also keep in mind a large portion of cops are literal wife beaters, this is in part why stalking, harassment, domestic violence, rape, etc. is often overlooked.

>> No.10661680

>You need to threaten legal action, if he doesn't stop then pursue a no contact order, if that doesn't stop him, THEN you can contact the police because him crossing the line from that is dangerous for you.

He is dangerous to her the whole time on an emotional and possibly physical level. She even just said he was kind of suicide baiting her just to get her to reply. People like that are psycho and even if the no contact order is just the last line that has to be crossed legally speaking for the police to get involved, that doesn't mean that he isn't a danger right now considering all the context here.

Whoever claimed she just wanted attention can fuck off. That's been the main thing I and I assume other anons found stupid as shit, people acting like she is being ambiguous so she can get attention when in reality she has tried to make this stop and he just didn't listen.

>> No.10661686

and medical negligence exists, but if a person is peeing blood or throwing up what looks like coffee grinds I am telling them to see a doctor even though I personally distrust doctors and consider the medical system rife with nepotism.

You know why?

Because they have tools that I do not have.
A man that refuses to leave someone alone is creepy enough, the fact that anon has to keep blocking more and more people means that he will not stop and will not "get bored of" harassing anon.

He crossed the line when he started getting another person to message anon, now there is a growing blocked list.

>> No.10661693

The no contact order requires you to talk to the police in either case, and they usually make you wait/re message him to leave you alone.

Also if his initials are TS and he lives in Canada go to the cops asap, he is a dangerous person and has a violent history,

>> No.10661696

Thanks for explaining it further, anon. I'm sorry you're going through this. Yes, you do need to consult legal action.

That first contact actually makes me really suspicious, because
>i might be in danger because someone was tracking some trips we made to see each other to threaten him
That sounds like a girlfriend, honestly, but other than that .. it sounds very suspicious and telling you something like that is to get some sort've reaction to begin with. I think this guy is just really big into manipulating you from how it sounds, so you definitely need to be firm on legal consultation. If he is getting any sort've sadism related kicks out of your reactions, then you're 100% in danger because it's sounding more and more like this is the case with his harassment.

>> No.10661697

Not in the US. You do not need a case from a police for a no contact order.

>> No.10661699

Dude, you're fucking unstable. She didn't explain the situation until after that post, you moron.

>> No.10661701

You're misinterpreting my comment; yes she should go to the cops and do as much as she can legally to stop this guy of course. I'm one of the few people who agreed seeking legal action WASN'T overreacting, but the SVU or DV departments and whatever else are usually not actually all that woke which is important to be aware of because you might have to explain the situation or present your problem in a way that the not-woke cops are actually going to be receptive to. Not lie or anything but you don't wanna trigger Sergeant Mcwifebeater and make him just ignore your case with how you explain it. She said she is gonna have legal counsel when pursuing any of this which is smart as the system is difficult to navigate.

>> No.10661702

Don't worry anon, it isn't the case, i don't live in Canada.
Thank you anon, i still think i'll do it if he contacts me sometime in the future. I simply want to have as much of a tight case as i can because i live in a country where the police don't do anything if you're murdered, let alone harassed, so i don't really think what i have right now would be enough to get them to mobilize.

>> No.10661703

She explained it clearly enough that I could tell what was going on and seemingly others too. Waking up to a ton of texts after telling this guy to leave her alone and him getting his pals to bother her too was obvious creepy shit from the start.

I'm not blaming other people for not having the same experience that led to me seeing the red flags more immediately, I'm literally just upset that people's first response was "maybe you just like the attention" because that's harmful and lets people like this dude get away with their behavior by intentionally or inadvertently offloading responsibility or fault onto the victim who already did the right thing.

>> No.10661706

My boyfriend is struggling financially, out of a job since a year and a half, and I love him but i'm secretly bummed out i'm never getting any gift from him or going on a date unless i pay for everything myself. It's not his fault but
i'm so sick and tired of this situation I want to be spoiled too. My birthday is coming and i have to see all of my friends getting amazing gifts (real RHS from VW, brand, designer handbags,...) from their SO while mine can't even gift me a single flower yet I gift him things and help him with groceries from time to time.

>> No.10661708

Oops. Meant to reply to >>10661699

But yeah imagine calling me unstable for seeing obvious red flags while simultaneously being like "Hehe ur just an autist with no boyfriend" because I said don't victim blame.

>> No.10661709

>i live in a country where the police don't do anything if you're murdered, let alone harassed, so i don't really think what i have right now would be enough to get them to mobilize.
That clarifies a lot in terms of action. Yes, the unfortunate thing is the best thing you can do is just be very consistent or a "brick wall" to the entire situation. I think if you can build a case you might be safer, but just do whatever it takes to keep yourself safe at this point. Does he know where you live? If he does, then you need to invest in something to keep yourself safe and especially for peace of mind. I had to go through a break in sometime in my teens (while I was asleep) and having something next to you alleviates a little anxiety. Although it was a machete and I was a small girl, just knowing those things are around helps. I think in terms of legal action and police it's fuzzy for advice outside of the US, so I can only advise you to arm yourself / take defensive measures..

>> No.10661710

nta but calling the police is a bad idea, especially depending on where she is. police aren't trained to calmly intimate people.

>> No.10661711

Dude. I'm trying to help out someone. You're like a little fucktard bird that won't fly off from pecking me while I'm trying to go about helping someone else out. Go touch grass or post on twitter besides being *TRIGGERED* over something ON 4CHAN.

>> No.10661712

You are nuts.

>> No.10661713

Maybe just don't give each other pricey gifts until you can both afford it if you feel resentment or disappointment? It seems like you're aware of his financial situation and understanding that he isn't able to do gifts for you atm.

I get the FOMO though. My bf is hard to shop for so giving him gifts besides homemade sweets or gag gifts is literally impossible and he isn't really the type to give pricey gifts either so we just buy our own things, but that means missing out on the cuteness of exchanging Christmas and birthday gifts and that kind of thing which sucks.

>> No.10661714

gb2twitter autist

>> No.10661717

He does know where i live but he lives a couple of hours away so that gives me some peace of mind. However what you're suggesting does seem like a good idea, luckily i live with my boyfriend so that may also deter him from doing anything.

>> No.10661718

The issue isn't that calling the cops is the objective solution. The issue is the downplaying of her situation by anons calling her an attention whore at first and pretending like others are crazy for taking her claims seriously is all.

>post on Twitter
I don't have a Twitter

Exactly this is all on 4chan so other than the advice to actually take this dude's psycho behavior seriously and be well informed of the best legal course of action in her own country none of this matters, you're not a social worker so you're not helping much by posting on 4chan either.

Wtf is wrong with you?

>> No.10661719

Kek nothing wrong with suggesting she arm herself but good God that "I was just a little girl with a machete" larp is on another level

>> No.10661720

It might, but I don't think it's always enough because if someone is actually stalking you then they will take down the times of when you are there without him. But hopefully he isn't *that* extreme, if he lives that many hours away. Just get something in case, if not like something small that you feel a little bit less anxious over. I think all of his actions are a bit weird however for having a girlfriend, as well. Do you know who she is? Or did he just say he did?

>> No.10661722

You really are an autist. Quoting the same post twice and pretending to not be samefag - did you get dropped on your head as a baby too?

>> No.10661726

I have PTSD from the break in. So sure. When you're in fight or flight mode, it doesn't matter how much something weighs. Also I was 14 and home alone and the fucker almost broke my door down in my room at 10 am in the morning, I wasn't 4 or some dumb shit.

>> No.10661731

I didn't quote the same post twice, I quoted 3 different posts in my reply?

>> No.10661732

>anon doesn't know what samefag means

Please, go back to fb or twitter. Where ever you came from.

>> No.10661735

Okay 14 makes a bit more sense lol I was worried you were gonna start pretending to be some Russian toddler with an ak47 waiting to kill the bastard who wronged your family lol

>> No.10661739

I think he does, before i went no contact he used to post screenshots of him flirting with one of his co-workers, he also posted a lot of pictures of the both of them together and dedicated songs to her and stuff like that, when we were together they were also really close and she was into him, i assume they're dating from the way he spoke about her however i never actually asked him because i didn't really care either way.

>> No.10661740

she sounds like she is doing that

>> No.10661741

I know what samefagging is and am not, it's just not worth entertaining the idea because you'll only interpret it as me being defense because I am guilty, so I acknowledged your claim that I was replying to the same post twice in my reply which is untrue (I assumed you mistook me greentext quoting twice from the same post as me replying to/tagging the same post twice, that was me assuming you were new or unused to posting on anon, funny how we both assumed that about each other). But based on your response I now realize I misread, and your actual claim is that I'm somehow the only one who found the machete story a little crazy sounding at first and therefore every reply to that was me? Cause that's also false.

>> No.10661743


>> No.10661744

I don't have a Twitter but have fun handing out machetes to schoolchildren being stalked, but only after you confirm they weren't just looking for attention first of course.

>> No.10661745

No. It wasn't anything like that. The machette was given to me by my dad just to "feel safe." The thing was way larger than I could have usually picked up, but the best justification I can give myself is that you know..adrenaline will let you do crazy things. Anyways, I was living on adrenaline nonstop after that. Very little sleep from the PTSD. Break ins are no joke. I'm basically lucky the guy gave up on breaking my door down and left.

>> No.10661746

A little but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here; when I was assaulted and no adults did anything about it I carried and slept with a pocket knife; sometimes even small things that don't help much or sound cringe can make you feel safer.

>> No.10661747

So you probably get it. Anyways, it doesn't matter if anons believe me I was just trying to give the other anon justification to help them feel safe for their own mental well being.

I'm lucky as shit the guy didn't break my door down. But he did come back and try to find a way in again around the door he broke into. I'll be honest with you, the guy reappeared in my garage like 2 times. Once before the break in with 3 other hoodlums, trying to get me to let them in "to lick my pussy." Fucking gross.

Then after the break in. Honestly. No one used that side of the house, so it is kinda conclusive that it was probably a childhood friend that was actively in a gang in the area. Really, what I am trying to say is I am lucky I didn't get assaulted because what they were after wasn't the cheap thrift store jewelry from my mom's jewelry box.

>> No.10661749

hi im soup and im gay i know i said im not gay but i tried it and changed my mind

>> No.10661750

did you tell your ex that

>> No.10661751

shhh im not actually soup im just doing this to watch him chimp out pls dont tell

>> No.10661752

Imagine not knowing machetes and people from other countries exist. Just because its unthinkable for Eastern USA or SF doesn't mean it can't/doesn't happen. Your reality, country, etc isnt the only one that exists

>> No.10661756

>Eastern USA or SF

Kek anon I live below the Mason Dixon Line in a trigger happy gun filled state and grew up in the country. The seeming exaggeration of a machete she could barely lift as a small child when there are protection options the kid at 14 could actually use if taught to like knives or small pistols or whatever else just made the story sound silly.

I guess we all are kind of rude for misinterpreting ESL typing and grammar as someone making up some fake cold war baby stories, sorry for that part. But not sorry for finding the thought of a 4 year old cradling a machete in one hand and a baby blanket in the other fucking hilarious and made up lol.

>> No.10661759

I was definitely not 4. Also, I didn't really have a choice in a weapon. My parents got an alarm system after, but my dad didn't exactly give me something that would be the best for protection. no. But I'm also from an abusive family and it could have possibly been the circumstance where he wanted to arm the assailant, considering the guy came to the house in the first place looking for my dad the 1st time with the hoodlums. My dad wasn't good. He was a bad guy. There's plenty of shit, if you really want to hear but it's not a larp. Some of us are from shitty areas, with shitty family, we go through a lot especially when I was hearing gun shots on the daily in my house from the area. Idk.

>> No.10661762

Yeah I'm not mad at you anon I just think it's silly that people think those of us who were initially confused by the story before your clarification posts are somehow crazy Twitter users who haven't left the east coast.

>> No.10661839
File: 661 KB, 720x1742, 1252655325667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow. It's like you all thought Ten Percent from the last thread was wrong all along like I told her but none of you bitches spoke up to advice her against future disappointments. Go sistehood...

>I don't want to ruin this friendship
There is no friendship here, idiot. Scrotelina is right for once. Half right. We want to fuck and romance you. You think you are so interesting that we'd want to be your friends. We have different values, different perspectives and thought processes. You are boring and frustrating to interact with. We overlook it because our dicks want rubbing and our hearts want loving. Anything else we get from our bros. The fuck would we put up with you if you won't love or sex us.

>a naive woman mindset
And you, shut the fuck up and use your cobwebbed brain. "Naive". It is self centered and parasitic. The other guy is giving you what you want and your head is too far up your ass to realize you're only giving him your presence. You never help with stuff or do favours or pay for shit like he does for you. And then when he asks for something back you either take offense at having to give back or try to retain this one sided relationship by saying you want to stay friends.
You're not bitter. You are pissy because you are inconvenienced.

>> No.10661843

>a naive woman mindset
You made a total assumption about how I hold my friendships with men. I make way more than most of my male friends. So no, that never happens. I don't rely on people. There's no favors on loan. I'm also a strong personality type. No, I'm bitter because my interests and personality is very 'masculine.' I prefer to keep my male friends around to do, you know, gaming and interest shit. It blows when they are interested. It's really not like what you think, but regardless I've learned in my 30+ years that guys just don't want to be friends with you, only. There are some, but it's few and far between.

>> No.10661844

also girls are crazy and dramatic. But whatever. Regardless, anon, I get where you're coming from for those types of girls but it doesn't matter whether you are one that uses men or one that doesn't. They still only want 1 thing.

>> No.10661845
File: 1.91 MB, 498x498, 4EFF5F71-AAC8-4659-9A09-75F667CD9C38.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

>> No.10661876

Some people preferring to date someone they know or have developed a closer platonic relationship with does not mean their male friends are entitled to date them.

You act like every scenario in life has to end with you getting a girl. No one is entitled to a romantic partner based on their actions and if you're simping in the hopes it makes a girl like you as more than a friend that's your problem. I do nice things for my male and female friends all the time as a bi woman and it's because I love and care about and enjoy them as people, not because I want to fuck them. And they do nice things for me at times too because they enjoy my company as well. No one owes you anything, if you're simping for a girl to get some pussy it probably won't work so stop wasting your time. If you have a genuine friendship with a girl and get to know each other as a person and decide you like her or not or she decides she likes you, more power to you.

I think society as a whole would be better off if it was less sex and relationship obsessed. This shit is ridiculous. Every boy out here thinking he's Ron Stoppable or whatever sidekick male best friend and gonna get it in with the head cheerleader girlfriend just for being physically present long enough instead of trying to make genuine connections with people in life. People think forced diversity in media is bad; I think the forced notion that the nerdy guy best friend earns the "main girl" in his life because he's so smart and always simping is the worst part about some of the media we grew up with. And the Taylor Swift You Belong with Me NLOG shit is equally bad. Good God I just want us to use this thread to share our feelings on things tangential to our frilly dresses and anime costumes and make fun of soup

>> No.10661953

I ended it but for some reason it hurts :(

>> No.10661991

Met a new girl at my work. We both like anime and we starting hanging out and I realized she is the most annoying person Ive ever spent time with

>in car together. She talks about wanting to go to comicon but always misses it
>suggest to track the date on their website so she can go next year
>she replies that shes been invited to go with people, but refuses to go without a costume
>so buy a costume
>she says its too expensive
>suggest picking a simple character that she can make/thrift the outfit
>she then says that she doesnt think she would look good as any character and that she probably wouldnt ever wear one
>so I reply
>So you want to go to comicon, but you won't go without costume, but you won't wear a costume so you will never go??
>she just goes "yea I guess"

We will not hang out anymore that conversation was so aggravating

>> No.10661998

The classic "I'd like to pick up a real hobby but I've predetermined that everything is too much work/cost/effort/bad so I'll stick to just watching Netflix/Sports"

>> No.10662004

She sounds like a bore, why put so many obstacles for shit you really wanna do.

>> No.10662025

My ldr boyfriend of over a year turned out to be a huge pathetic loser that lied about everything, from his income to his true personality. Good fucking god, realizing that I will never get over 2 years of my life that I wasted on him back is demoralizing to say the least.

>> No.10662026

This sounds like he doesn't value you anymore. A simple flower is not too much asked of anyone. Maybe there are more things going wrong in your relationship than you think and you should consider ending it and talk about that with him

>> No.10662029

Go back to r9k incel

>> No.10662031

Nah it's true, men do not want to be friends with women either. Go ask an ugly woman if she has ever had male friends. Men ain't shit.

>> No.10662032

This happens most of the time with ldrs. Atleast you know now

>> No.10662037

Got a vm dress for super cheap as it had some stains on it but i had a good feeling i could get them out

Washed it and the stains are totally gone

Fuck yes i am loving life

>> No.10662055

Did a dumb thing and calculated how much I have spent on international shipping and fees over the past year... and how many main pieces that would have bought

>> No.10662071

ughhhhh just want to sell all my LM listings soon, i'm moving in a bit and won't have space

>> No.10662081

I think you're all salty cunts but at the end of the day, I have so much affection for you all, gulls. Thanks for being here.

>> No.10662085

victim of... receiving messages?
idk man, it feels more like the person doesn't want to say "don't message me anymore" and instead makes the other person think they still have a chance.

Personal take: the other person isn't a criminal, it's just an autist. If telling them bluntly to not contact you anymore doesn't work, then yeah, that's the point where you should scalate.

>> No.10662086

One of my best friends in HS was a girl who I never considered to be pretty, but we had the same hobbies and managed to connect by talking about anime and manga
One girl from middle school had a crush on me, similar case. Didn't become a relationship, but we hang out at cons (before covid...)
I understand not wanting to date people you don't find attractive, but you'll miss out great friends if you keep a distance _just_ because they're uguu

>> No.10662087

that sucks, but how does one lie about their personality though? how did he do that

>> No.10662088

you're the /pol/tard from yesterday aren't you?

>> No.10662089

I've never browsed /pol/ and absolutely despise that board, I have no idea what you're on about

>> No.10662107

just say that you're helping homeless people out or how generous you are while eating tendies at mothers basement and screaming at her because she got you the wrong burger from big fast food chain
well that sucks but how the fug does something like that happen
have you two never met?

>> No.10662109

ldrs aren't real

>> No.10662110

mimicking other people's behavior

>> No.10662115

Tell his new partner that he's doing this.

>> No.10662118

fuck no. the other girl and him will both cause drama. it's never ever worth it to tell a stranger their SO is being or trying to be unfaithful, especially if you are the one he's targeting. he's anon's ex for a reason, the new girl is fresh and probably doesn't realize how crazy he is, but she will more than likely defend him and start shit with anon.

>> No.10662119

Ha ha I'm on jp websites so much that I can't help but spiiku buroken eigo aren't I soooooo kawaii

>> No.10662120

Wore lolita to my friend's house the other weekend and fell on my ass in RHS going down their huge ornate staircase. Amazingly the layers of poof served as something of an airbag and I barely felt a thing.

Also have seen two dresses I'm absolutely rabid about in a size too big for me on fril recently but have managed to abstain from buying them knowing they won't fit. This sounds absolutely ridiculous typing it out, but I'm a former debt-ridden shopping addict and it's a very big deal for me.

>> No.10662126

Already said repeatedly that i've told him to leave me alone time and time again, both firmly and aggressively, jfc how many times will i have to reiterate that no, i'm not flirting with him and then complaining about it.
He's also not autistic, y'all need to stop thinking every case of a person being a dick is an indication of autism.

>> No.10662131

>Already said repeatedly that i've told him to leave me alone time and time again
You said here >>10661647 that you told him you're not interested in a relationship. This is not the same as saying "do not contact me anymore".
Also, you should calm down for a bit.
Wish you the best of luck and hope you and the dude can finally move on. cheers

>> No.10662134

I have thought about it, but i really don't want to give him a reason to contact me again, besides i now have him blocked everywhere and i don't have access to the girls socials.

>> No.10662137


Here, let me spoon feed you since apparently reading is hard.

>> No.10662139

Also, i don't know what kinda mixed signals person can get from getting told you want nothing with them and then getting ignored, but sure, i'm stringing him on, fuck off.

>> No.10662145

I had a good chuckle at the mental image, thanks anon.

>> No.10662146

Started working out again and using a calorie deficit ~30 days prior to my next convention, I have about 25 days to go. Let's hope this works!

>> No.10662150

you can get a visible change even with just 1 month if you do your cardio right. Ganbatte, anon!

>> No.10662151

Good luck anon! Which exercise regimen are you using, if any?

>> No.10662152

that's really encouraging, thank you!

thank you! on days I go to the gym (2-3 times weekly) I'm doing cardio using some of their machines, and on days I stay home I do 50-60 each of pushups and situps. It's obviously not the most refined or complicated routine but I'm really sore so maybe it's working lol

>> No.10662153

Nice! Honestly it doesn't have to be complicated, if you feel it working it most likely is.

>> No.10662175
File: 438 KB, 730x496, i hate muh lyfe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been a long time i was ghosted by my lovely friend. It wasn't even a romantic relationship, it was a friendship, and i haven't managed to replicate it since. It's gotten to the point where i'm seriously considering therapy. I wish that she'd get back into contact with me, so she can tell me what i did to get ghosted. If you're the woman who ghosted me i hope you come back one day.

>> No.10662236
File: 52 KB, 700x1000, 28736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you offer the advice of looking and listening?

>> No.10662237

oh muh lawd.
In all seriousness no

>> No.10662239
File: 996 KB, 720x405, tits of lardation.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess she may have taken the advice of appearing offline.

In all seriousness, if you are considering therapy, I would give it a go. It may do wonders for you to help cope with this loss of a friendship. Good luck anon and keep looking and listening.

>> No.10662244

Do you anons think with words like a voice in your head? I used to think everyone just made that stuff up about the voice or only used it on purpose for like sounding out a word in your head. I don't think with an internal voice, its just pictures and ideas for me. Am I autistic?

>> No.10662258

I will be calling the psychatrist office this monday and see them about scheduling an appointment.
Shes appearing offline wont work, reel tawk,because appearing offline wont stop the trolls

>> No.10662265
File: 694 KB, 360x202, s02wvc3gfzr01.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good luck anon and I hope that works out! Like honestly, that's a solid piece of muscle.

>> No.10662431

she knows I dated a boy before her. man im running out of ideas on how to make her laugh. we're both introverted and homey and she doesnt have any hobbies. I think she's depressed. I try to send her those dumb monkey memoji's cause we used to facetime with them and it makes her laugh but I feel like they're going to lose their cool factor pretty soon. I need some new shit any ideas?

>> No.10662460

I love wearing lolita but I don’t like the lolitas of my local community. They’re all stuck up bitches with a princess complex and refuse to talk to new people, they only go to meets to hang out with their own little friend group.

I want to be a lone lolita but it feels weird wearing lolita by myself and dealing with all the stares alone.

>> No.10662477

Sounds like a you problem, you wish you were lke them, having little meets with your friends but you arent close enough. Are they stuck up or is it actually you?

>> No.10662479

Time to overthrow the government Nonny

>> No.10662480

You could lower the price

>> No.10662481

Well I think I do and I have autism

>> No.10662512

Ugh i really dislike people who just say shit to impress other people

>> No.10662513
File: 35 KB, 596x589, 1629423508872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reel Tawk, thank you for the words and you made me laugh.

>> No.10662566

Beloved childhood dog had to be put down last Saturday and I've lost all motivation to work on my cosplay or do my hobbies in general

>> No.10662569


>> No.10662579

Fuck bro

>> No.10662590

So guys, so far I'll go to aninite in vienna next weekend
How easy is it to get laid there?

>> No.10662605

Big ups!

>> No.10662624

I have a 36 inseam and can never fucking wear pants from Japanese brands and it kills me. Especially since right now since there's a secondhand pair of ozz on pants I'm in love with but the seller listed the inseam as 32.

>> No.10662626
File: 26 KB, 480x626, b42345_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh nevermind, it's worse actually. I converted form centimeters wrong and it's actually a 28 inch inseam which would fit like capris on me. Maybe my misfortune can be a short gull's blessing

>> No.10662629

So sorry for your loss anon. Take as much time as you need to grieve. A pet is a family member after all.

>> No.10662639

I’m going into my last semester of college. I have a good major, good gpa, some useful experience. Now what?

>> No.10662692

Get some pussy holy shit

>> No.10662697

4 girls this month. I can probably get another before the end of the month

>> No.10662700


>> No.10662702

that's nothing.

>> No.10662706

Tell me me how I can be an bigger slut then

>> No.10662708

Wow, one a week? You’re such a chad. This is college, not a monastery.

>> No.10662716


>> No.10662797

Needing a pair of Roji-Roji cookie socks to finish a coord, but not being able to find a place that ships them to the UK.
I feel empty and incomplete

>> No.10662876

Why don't you just go to meets and talk to the new people and form your own group?

>> No.10662889

Sorry for your loss... a friend had to do the same wit his cat recently, it sucks.

>> No.10663211
File: 25 KB, 303x1600, 95994efb-73d4-4968-af42-d23932ac1ad7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spent 2 weeks making this sword for Lucca 2020 , couldn't obviously go, this year is a bust as well. i swear to god if 2022 is gonna have restrictions again i'll make my own convention ffs

>> No.10663214
File: 222 KB, 512x600, 1591983429994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10663216

you were born ugly but you can live in (angelic) pretty.
- The Gospel of The Lord

>> No.10663249
File: 397 KB, 878x767, rubypreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The OF girl from our comm posted her thonged ass to Instagram and tagged our comm page for some reason.

>> No.10663265

please caps post on the farm.

>> No.10663270

I don't mean to offend you, but I find your promiscuity disgusting. How can you have sex with someone you don't romantically love? If the partner you plan on spending the rest of your life with told you that they had sex with 4 people in the span of a month, how would you feel?

>> No.10663273

how dare you! anon clearly has a horrible illness where he falls in love and then stops being in love after having sex!

>> No.10663274

kek, she wants you girls on the comm simping for her, as in subscriving and paying, she knows some of you LARP as lesbians

>> No.10663301


Can I ask for advice here? I was going to go to HolMat with a friend but I'm really not sure about her anymore, things aren't going well.... She's the only person I would know there. Should I go anyway? My instinct is to cancel but I have VIP tickets and everything.... Was really looking forward to it. This sucks. What do??

>> No.10663305

well what do you mean not going well? we need more context!

>> No.10663309


We're just growing apart I guess... She's kind of naive/airheaded, reallllllly slutty... I'm not like her at all, I don't even have an instagram or anything. I think if I went with her she'd end up whoring around the whole time and wouldn't really be present. She loves to party. I wouldn't be able to have fun with her. I hate hanging with strangers. When I go to cons it's always with friends. I just want to chill and have a cocktail at the hotel bar in my costume or something or go to the beach. Idk. It just sucks X_X

>> No.10663314

Looks like you let your brain get in the way of your feelings.

>> No.10663321
File: 205 KB, 634x758, chavlita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend's little sister wore a cosplay that bunches up in the crotch and now she's getting popular on Tiktok with people who think she's a "trap."

>> No.10663322

Man. I don't get why guys are more obsessed little girls having a dick than anything else. Even the fucking troons, man.

>> No.10663323

She's 19, not a little girl

>> No.10663329

Well, little sister is not very descriptive of age but the majority are going to think young. That's more on you for someone having that perception.

>> No.10663338

A photo of one of my coords is floating around online with a "sissy" caption. I know I have a strong jaw and broad shoulder for a woman but I really don't think I look like a man. Scrotes are unbelievably bad at determining sex

>> No.10663341

Nayrt, but maybe some people don’t find sex to be that romantic?

>If the partner you plan on spending the rest of your life with told you that they had sex with 4 people in the span of a month, how would you feel?

I would feel relieved that they don’t need love for sex, and therefore would be fine with just fucking other people instead of me.

>> No.10663349

>pinnacle of human interaction developed over billions of years
>reduced to cumbrain commodified instant gratification

We are in the end of times

>> No.10663355

>If the partner you plan on spending the rest of your life with told you that they had sex with 4 people in the span of a month, how would you feel?
indifferent; his sex/love life before we became a couple is irrelevant, as mine should be to him

and just before you call me a slut - I've had sex with a whopping 2 people: the my ex who I dated 5+ years, and my current partner. Our 7-year anniversary is coming up in 2 months. My boyfriend has definitely had more sexual partners than me but desu I've probably had more sex overall lol

>> No.10663361

>indifferent; his sex/love life before we became a couple is irrelevant, as mine should be to him
But if your partner doesn't regret their past promiscuity, then it shows their views on sex and relationships. How can you be sure your partner really loves you and isn't just using you for sex if they're capable of having sex with people they don't love?
Likewise, the above question applies to you.

>> No.10663362

And I’m grateful for it, because I don’t want sex, and I especially don’t want to be with someone who considers it the “pinnacle of human interaction”. Sounds like you’re the cumbrain here desu

>> No.10663363

i have autism and think in both words and pictures. my thoughts kind of look like an anime with subtitles although a bit dreamlike. can't make out details in my visualizations unless its about my hyperfixations, I can tell you exactly where all the bows and whatnot are on complicated lolita designs but cannot remember the details of my mother's face, or the details on my car or things that aren't a special interest. i doubt you are autistic just because you don't have an internal dialogue. its totally normal, some people have a very strong internal diaglogue and some have none at all but most have somewhere in between, and it has nothing to do with autism.

>> No.10663364

Because they are just as likely capable of loving someone without wanting sex with them. Also, as someone who doesn’t want sex at all, if all they want is someone to use for sex, they would have no interest in me in the first place.

>> No.10663365


You completely misunderstood my post

>> No.10663367

Then what did you mean?

>> No.10663368


In your position I would just cancel; it doesn't sound like you should have booked in the first place

>> No.10663371
File: 524 KB, 1774x1602, decadence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Forces in place since the dawn of time have driven humans to seek one another and give rise to things greater than the sum of their parts. The most obvious example of this is the biological example of sexual reproduction. I'm still hopeful enough to think this can also be transcendental love or the creative act etc etc etc who cares. My point was that we've taken this thing that was supposed to be THE POINT of LIVING--make something better than you, that will outlast you--and now it's just another dopamine hit. Congratulations fuckers, I hope it's worth it. I hope it goes completely well and is not self destructive at all. Great idea guys.

>> No.10663374

>the point of living is to fuck and reproduce
So, as someone who wants neither sex nor children, I have no reason to live?

>> No.10663375

ya i would cancel unless you want to go to try to meet new people.

>> No.10663376

>I'm still hopeful enough to think this can also be transcendental love or the creative act etc etc etc who cares.

Can you read?

>> No.10663378

Sorry, I thought you were describing sex as those things.
With the example of a creative act, think of it this way. Some people simply paint for pleasure, without putting their art out there or becoming successful. Some people become famous artists who impact the world with their creations for centuries to come. Is it wrong, however, for someone to paint simply because it’s fun, and impact the world in a different way? See sex as the same thing. Some do it to reproduce and that’s great. Others just see it as something fun and create something else that’s important.

>> No.10663418

tbf I want someone I can do this kind of thing together with

>> No.10663450

>If the partner you plan on spending the rest of your life with told you that they had sex with 4 people in the span of a month, how would you feel?
Kickstart another depression drinking spiral

>> No.10663458

I'm so happy to be sharing this fashion with so many fat people. My sister in law just got an evening dress delivered, but it didn't zip up. The saddest part was that she could close the hook by the neck, but not the rest. She was feeling all depressed about it, and told me. Aha! Thanks to lolita trial, error, and ingenuity I immediately offered advice on how to alter the dress to make the open back a feature instead of a fault!

Thank you gulls for teaching me that clothes are just clothes, and that altering is allowed. I love you.

>> No.10663461

>your partner doesn't regret their past promiscuity
why should he? if he wasn't in a relationship he was free to do whatever, not really any of my business what (or who) he did
>it shows their views on sex and relationships
not really? there is 0 context on these supposed 4 encounters - maybe my bf wanted more but it didn't work out, or vice versa? bad sexual chemistry? one didn't want a relationship and one did? etc. tons of reasons for the scenario to happen that aren't "I am a sociopath incapable of love", anon
>How can you be sure your partner really loves you and isn't just using you for sex
he's sure in it for the long con to be doing it for 7 years straight then lol

>> No.10663466

as a fatty I dont know how to respond

>> No.10663499

>Have shit day at work
>Phone rings,
>It's the package that has my lolita dream item in it
>Beret of my favorite print in my preferred colorway
>The rest of the day goes to shit but I couldn't care less, my dream item is waiting at home
>Get home and open package
>There she is
>Beautiful, in great condition
>It's time, it's finally time, I think to myself
>Try it on...and....it looks like shit
>The beret fits perfectly, the color scheme is incredibly flattering
>But the cut, the cut of it makes me look like a Dickens street urchin
>Nothing I try will make it sit right so it looks nice

Well, I want to die.

>> No.10663514


>> No.10663515

Don't get mad at other people because you're fucking ugly af.

>> No.10663516

I spent a lot on lolita this year, around 10k or so give or take. I feel a bit guilty, but I can afford it and I never buy myself anything nice. Gotta cut back on that spending though.

>> No.10663518

you need to get a bf

>> No.10663521

Got 2005 hawase doll in white.
The shirring in the collar is busted. I'm gonna kms myself...
Please hand your shit with vertical shirring up right.
At least this isn't too bad of a fix, though....

>> No.10663532

My mom had a seizure this evening…I heard about it after my Dad called. She is awake after the fact and okay, but of course we have to check and see what the underlying cause was. I might have caught Delta strain and might not be able to visit from out of state…everything is a real mess right now.

>> No.10663573

Post it.

>> No.10663574

I can get you a job at Bank of America assuming you aren't a total sperg. Interested?

>> No.10663576

I have a bf lol. Relationships are expensive.

>> No.10663582

dump him and get with me

>> No.10663585

I love feels threads

>> No.10663608

First girl I loved offed herself recently, I feel like a piece of me died. Every time I see my phone light up I feel like it might be a text from her even though I know I will never see her again. I am trying not to blame myself, but I can't help thinking about what I could have done to save her.

>> No.10663621


>> No.10663622

Why not spend put some money towards a vacation instead?

>> No.10663628

Covid otherwise I'd go on a vacation as well lol

>> No.10663658

>Relationships are expensive
Yeah, for the guy. You must be doing something wrong dude.

>> No.10663679

Someone an heros and you made it all about you. She probably didn't love you back and nothing you could have done would have changed anything. Maybe try some real introspection and empathy for others.

>> No.10663691

Got the matching headbow to a print I really love in the mail today; turns out it is NWT which makes me even happier. Good things.

>> No.10663694

Sure. I don’t think I can say no to that

>> No.10663695

>altered a lot of my lolita to fit me when I weighed 140lbs
>now 95lbs, nothing fits

guess I'm adding shitty little darts in the back of all my skirts

>> No.10663706

Landlord sent a letter that upped the rent by $145. It doesnt hurt as much as i share it with three other people, but still…

Less frivulous purchases and Fast Food i guess. And probably look for a better paying job

>> No.10663707

My AP package was left outside my door when I was away and got stolen. I'm heartbroken. Anyone else had this happen to them before?

>> No.10663709

This is one thing I hate about inflexible cosplay like armor. It fits today but it won't at the next annual con.

>> No.10663711

Not me. but porch pirates are common everywhere

>> No.10663712

If possible, have your packages delivered only with a signature or picked up at the delivery hub

>> No.10663713

It's okay anon, it takes some extra work but letting things in and out where they need it to fit what you want to wear is always ideal and if you have to adjust it as your body changes that's cool too. It's worth it for things to fit your body.

>> No.10663725

Depending on your job, you could also see if your employer would let you get packages delivered to work.

>> No.10663727

>depression drinking spiral
Why? Its just sex

>> No.10663782

The more people they've been with, the more chances there are that they've been with someone whos better than you'll ever be

>> No.10663784

nta but why not just try to get better at sex then? do you hate yourself so much that you think you're incapable of doing something more enjoyably with reasonable effort?

>> No.10663787

imagine deadass comparing yourself with exes that might not even exist

>> No.10663793

There is a limit to which you can improve in anything
If you're old enough to use 4chan then anyone old enough to date you will realistically have exs

>> No.10663797

And that is why you should probably just learn to be happy without sex if you're still a virgin past 18

>> No.10663800

Nayrt but what

>> No.10663804

If you haven't managed to get laid by age 18 or so you clearly have problems to the point you're never gonna be able to have a normal relationship anyway

>> No.10663821

Please stop perpetuating this idea. It is 100% better to wait to have sex until you're in a healthy, meaningful relationship. Sex affects everyone psychologically much more than you probably realize. Saving your body for a serious romantic partner is much better for your mental health than sleeping around for funsies. I say this as roastie who had multiple sex partners as a minor, not a um "cope and seethe". I also say this not to change your mind or anything, because I know you're just going to berate me this is 4chan, but because I need everyone reading this to know you're not pathetic or losing out on anything if you haven't gotten laid yet.

>> No.10663822

You're not wrong, but you didn't have to be so mean about it

>> No.10663823

>There is a limit to which you can improve in anything

are you retarded? do you think some people are born genetically or innately better able to please both genders sexually to such a degree that any non-virgin person you come across or want to date has had this imaginary peak sex experience? even if another person is objectively more attractive than you, it's often a stereotype that hot people suck at sex.

are other people being wealthier, better looking, more fit, or more talented than you an excuse to not try to earn the amount of money you want, never care about your appearance, neglect taking care of your body, or quit all your hobbies because you are afraid someone else will always come out on top?

if anything knowing you are one of the vast majority of people in the world who will never be the best at anything--or even if you are not for long considering records get broken over and over all the time--should be freeing. don't do it to 'win', do it because you love it. same with a person and sex. don't do them to win at fucking them, do them because you like them and wanna do it with them, and maybe put some energy into making it feel nice and fun for both of you.

your defeatist attitude makes you sound like a quitter who gives up and puts in no effort. either have more faith in yourself and try to make the most of your life based on what you want/enjoy or resign yourself to your life of misery where you do nothing because you have a fear that someone else will do it better.

>> No.10663831

Sex is not meaningful you demisexual scum

>> No.10663839

>it's often a stereotype that hot people suck at sex

>> No.10663843

Not when you make the same amount of money or more and don't expect for everything to be paid for lmao. 2021 in America, you can make a shit ton of money as a woman.

>> No.10663845

>do you think some people are born genetically or innately better able to please both genders sexually to such a degree that any non-virgin person you come across or want to date has had this imaginary peak sex experience?
>are other people being wealthier, better looking, more fit, or more talented than you an excuse to not try to earn the amount of money you want, never care about your appearance, neglect taking care of your body, or quit all your hobbies because you are afraid someone else will always come out on top?
That has nothing to do with what I said
>don't do them to win at fucking them, do them because you like them and wanna do it with them, and maybe put some energy into making it feel nice and fun for both of you.
The only interest I have in sex is making my partner feel good, if I can't do that or I only can to a lesser degree than they want, then there's zero point.

>> No.10663846

Hot people are often worse at a lot of things than the average person. "Pretty privilege" is a thing. They get by easier because we subconsciously associate physical attractiveness with other positive qualities not directly tied to it. The only thing making them a better lover or better to have sex with is the social status of bragging about it or internal excitement over it but the actual things they do to your dick or pussy are often mediocre or the same as otherwise.

>> No.10663848


attractive people are worse romantically in general, statistically. no reason to believe this doesn't translate to sex.

>> No.10663905
File: 3.89 MB, 476x452, 1619399197613.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>another man tossed into the friend zone

At least had the balls that most men dont. youre not obligated to get with him but just know that you ruined his day. hopefully he makes himself a better man and then ignore your ass instead of turning into a simp

>> No.10663906

Oh just go visit her. Covid is nothing. Literally, you guys need to turn off your tv and stop listening to the fear porn.

>> No.10663908

ok slut

>> No.10663922

lmao butthurt much

>> No.10663923

Not butthurt. I've just seen this case so many times over my lifetime, it's just funny at this point. And then watching a girl (maybe its you) come online and say all the buzzwords (Im not attracted to him, he's like a brother to me), it's just fucking hilarious. I couldn't even finish my drink because of how hard I was laughing.

>> No.10663938

That is the most autistic shit I’ve read all day

>> No.10663957

Cool, do you have a temp email I can hit you up at?
Do you have no/some/full college? If the latter, what was your degree?

>> No.10663973

It's men's desire to dominate women coupled with men's desire to dominate other men

>> No.10663975

I'd spend 10k on lolita in a year if I could afford it. Why regret when you love the things you got?

>> No.10663976

Some people believe in equality

>> No.10663979

What's wrong with you? The majority of people in my country don't have sex before their 18 although it is legal. And why would you even care? When you love someone you don't judge them for their performance like an employer or something

>> No.10663987
File: 89 KB, 480x640, boz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just genuinely sad about Atelier Boz.

>> No.10664010
File: 988 KB, 500x300, 1418512387033.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too, anon. They were my favourite gothic brand by far and I feel like no one else really does the same aesthetic.

>> No.10664011

They don't. I hope WW picks them up or something, then we will at the very least have roland jackets for all of eternity.

>> No.10664067

Men do it to themselves

>> No.10664068
File: 1.46 MB, 992x1474, upset.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, man. This is going to hang over my head all day. They're my favorite brand and the runners up (MmM & AtiePie ) just don't fill the hole

>> No.10664071

>do you think some people are born genetically or innately better able to please both genders sexually
Stamina and refractory periods dont real

>> No.10664073

Those things don't automatically make those people able to know what to do to every specific person to make them feel good or orgasm. We are born knowing nothing about sex until a person, experience, educational material, porn, or the internet generally teach us. And not everything we're taught is good.

>> No.10664074

i am absolutely overwhelmed by the size of my wardrobe now that i'm no longer in college and can't wear lolita daily... i'm going to let go of a few pieces but keep the majority in case one day i have a job where it doesn't matter what i wear, or i can work from home without a camera on or something. but having this many and a whole room dedicated to lolita while i'm not really wearing lolita stresses me out.

>> No.10664084

start wearing it while you go out on walks - exercise plus you get use out of them

>> No.10664099

Thats not what I said, I just said some people are better at it than others.

>> No.10664116

So that's a reason to never try to have sex because of internal insecurity? Smoothest brained take I've ever heard.

>> No.10664137

sex is such an extremely individual experience, not everyone likes the same thing or can finish with the same thing. there isn't a "1 way works for everyone" method, lots of women (and men) can't finish from PIV, or dislike oral, etc.

anyone that's actually "good" at sex is because they ask their partner what they like and do it, which you can do and should already be doing as well. the best sex is with a person you care about that listens to you and what you want and vice versa anon, it's really weird to be hung up on not being as "good" at it as others.

>> No.10664140

>Just communicate with your partner and you'll be the best! Everyone has the exact same aptitude as anyone else! If you practice you'll be great

>> No.10664142

My job is cutting my hours for the next month after an already rough covid year. I'm job searching as it is, don't kick me while i'm down, world

>> No.10664162

Kek imagine having such little self esteem or desire to please your partner that you abstain from sex rather than have a fucking conversation with them ffs.

>> No.10664170

How do people feel about taobao brands? I'm waiting a dress from one taobao brand and i really loved the design, it was pretty simple but with a classy cut and print imo. I'm just worried about the material.

>> No.10664180

But that's not what I said

>> No.10664188
File: 11 KB, 260x194, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of my best friends has ce out as an adult baby and she keeps sending me gross ass pics of her doing adult baby shit.

How the fuck do I get rid of her? She's so unstable she literally hacked her ex-best friends insta, please send help!

>> No.10664197

idk how to help but i feel you anon i have a roommate who is into that shit and they show me all sorts of gross pictures too...why can't they keep this shit to themselves??

>> No.10664198

What is your height anon to where you can lose almost 1/3 of your body weight?

>> No.10664206

[email protected]

I have a BS in physics

>> No.10664217

Right?! Like, just keep to yourself. I don't need to know that you're wearing nappies ffs, I'm not your audience.

>> No.10664218


>> No.10664221

It depends on the brand.

>> No.10664222

What do you even mean by this, anon is right. If you refuse to listen to your partner's sexual desire don't be surprised when they get upset and eventually leave. It's a deal breaker to most people.

>> No.10664226

>If you refuse to listen to your partner's sexual desire
I don't disagree with that, which is why that's not what I said

>> No.10664243


>> No.10664245

Nvm good trolling

>> No.10664257
File: 27 KB, 1326x118, hdds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not keeping everything from all your machines ever even though it's a labyrinthine unsorted nightmare

>> No.10664259

redpill me on vacuums bruv what's your carpool lecture on the topic

>> No.10664266
File: 50 KB, 853x351, stoppable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People think forced diversity in media is bad
>I think the forced notion that the nerdy guy best friend earns the "main girl" in his life because he's so smart and always simping is the worst part about some of the media we grew up with
plot twist: the same people are behind both of those trends

>> No.10664271

I feel you, I was in the same boat
one day it actually was messages from her on facebook and I had a brief ray of hope that maybe it had just been the world's cruelest, most elaborate prank it was actually ISIS hacking her account and spamming execution vids to everyone of her friends

>> No.10664307

>they made an A drive

>> No.10664309

tbf that was from the mate I bought the comp off

>> No.10664353

ahhhh relationships are so confusing. Like does she like me or not. I don’t care either way I just don’t wanna waste timeee fuckkkk

>> No.10664412

Yeah but better than them keeping inside and not making moves at all. The guy was brave. He did what countless others never do. He may never approach a girl again, but at least he tried. Maybe he'll be one of the few that wises up and becomes a guy girls want to get with.

>> No.10664414

If you have to ask, she probably doesnt. And if youre not having sex with her, she definitely isnt thinking about you

>> No.10664424

>Like does she like me or not
If you have to ask..

>> No.10664539

Sorry to clog up the thread with this reply, but I’m hoping either the kind anons from earlier or someone else can help me with a related question

I’ve lost about an inch off each of my three-sizes so far, but was wondering if it’d be more effective if I hard-cap my calorie intake at 1300 regardless of how much I work out. For example, I’ve been using my fitness pal for calorie tracking, and it adds whatever I burned to my daily allowance. Ergo, some days I end up eating 1500-1700 cal if I burn lots at the gym. Should I be more careful not to do that, or will it not make a ton of difference in the long run?

>> No.10664546

Proud of you, anon

>> No.10664593

>more effective if I hard-cap my calorie intake at 1300 regardless of how much I work out
Yeah. I capped mine at 1000 a day and did pretty well (125lb/5'11)

>> No.10664640


>> No.10664664

I was driving through a shopping strip earlier and I saw a woman maybe in her late thirties with, I assume her mother, both very overweight and unkempt, dressed in gross looking ill fitting t-shirts and leggings, and they both had large, very nice looking Michael Kors bags. I know they're on like the lower end of price spectrum when it comes to bags, but they still have that kind of luxury aesthetic. This is really common around here. but I just wonder why women like this would even bother to spend $100-$500 on aesthetic looking bags when they don't bother to take care of the rest of their appearance at all. It looks like they bought their whole dumpy outfit at Walmart or on Amazon, why not just cheap out on the bag too, at least it'd be cohesive. My mom is like this, too, where she buys nice pieces from lower-end brand names like Ralph Polo Lauren, which is affordable but not like cheap by any means, and then never wears it- instead always wears a graphic t-shirt, sweatpants, and her nice purse which is just so jarring against the sloppy rest of the ensemble.

It's just hard to look at I guess.

>> No.10664695

if you're trying to put on muscle it'll hurt it, if you're just trying to lose fat it's the right thing to do

>> No.10664859

I guess this is the right place
>went to a convention today
>wanted to join the afterparty
>too late to register, cause the adentancenumber was limited to 200, to due corona
Well yeah, maybe tomorrow
And Ì might have been out of place anyway

>> No.10664910

Actually underweight

>> No.10664929

How would you tell a girl that her big boobs are fine and that you like them? Would that be condescending? when we were in Hawaii my gf was crying in the changing room because they didn't have any swim suit that fit her boob size. I think she might have body issues with her boobs. How would you go about making her feel better? Would telling her I like her boobs be weird? I never expressed it outright before so I'm afraid that she might think that I don't like them.

>> No.10664953

I wouldn't say 'they're fine' because the issue here isn't whether they're fine or not, it's the frustration of not being able to fit into clothing she likes. You can say that you like them, but imo the focus should be on validating her frustration. Also, when in doubt, you can always ask her about it. Maybe it was just a one-off thing in a dressing room, maybe she hates her boobs completely. You won't know unless she tells you so.

nayrt but all bodies are different

>> No.10664964

I don’t think it’s a one off kind of thing because she also talked about getting a reduction. How would you suggest I go about validating her frustration or bringing it up? I’m really dense when it comes to these things. I tried comforting her in the dressing room when it happened but I wished I did things better. We’re really poor at planning trips and stuff otherwise I should have taken her to go shop for swimsuits before we left. I’m not sure if it’s a body image thing or if she thinks I would get jealous of her showing too much skin. Is there a way to ask? My dumbass teased her about her glasses one time as a joke and she stopped wearing them. I think glasses look cute on her I was just trying to be flirty but I fucked it up. So I need to go about this where it doesn’t come off as being malicious.

>> No.10664965

If you girlfriend was struggling with finding a proper fitting swimsuit at the last moment in Hawaii, it might be a one-off thing. You could try following up with her and ask if she wants to try shopping for a swimsuit/check out a few boutiques.
Telling her that you like her boobs wouldn't be too weird, but in that moment she's probably angry/frustrated with her own body and saying you like her boobs may just annoy her more.

>> No.10664979

This was awhile ago but the going to a different store to look might have been the play. She ended up getting a long sleeve swimmer thing. It turned out to be good idea because we went kayaking and where she wasn’t covered up she ended up with a really bad sunburn. We’re planning a small trip the beginning of next year I’ll just plan ahead better this time. I just want to let her know that I like her the way she is. I don’t know how to put that into words though. I’m really bad at showing affections so if you have any tips I would be grateful. Like does anyone have things your SO does for you that you like.

>> No.10665040

I don't give a shit, wasted too many years of my life being a fat guy, now I can actually look at myself in the mirror (with clothes on) and be happy with how I look.

>> No.10665239

I'm not talking about confessing but pretending to be a friend of them when you don't actually want friendship. It's dump and pathetic

>> No.10665244

Carrying a bag is the least effort one can make on their appearance and gets you attention through the brand name. Atleast before all Karens started doing that

>> No.10665355

>now I can actually look at myself in the mirror (with clothes on)

>> No.10665372

Well i learned my lesson to wash everything first. Just tried on a blouse i got secondhand and then wondered why it smelled so bad and if i needed a shower? Well i hand washed the blouse and the water turned YELLOW i stg

>> No.10665387

>pretending to be a friend of them when you don't actually want friendship
from my experiences and discussions with other male friends, that's comparatively rare - more often you're just like "hey this chick is pretty cool" and then like six months later you're idly daydreaming and you realise she's the face in it
not to say there aren't pathetic dudes who try to angle in through friendship, just that ime they're exactly the ones you can pick at a glance

>> No.10665482

When you loose 80lb in a year after being fat for a long time, it screws up your skin

>> No.10665857

I'm so fucking annoyed whenever I use my SS's search engine because all I see is overly taobao and then I see something I really like and realize its a used baby or ap dress... like fuck I just want to find something that is new for less than 300

>> No.10666244

You are exercising, right anon?
Try some dry fasts and surgery, that's the general consensus for dry skin

>> No.10667911

Been there, a friend a hero and it sucks. Hope you recover, anon

>> No.10668108

I hope you have backups anon

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