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Last thread: >>10628241

> Newest releases
> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.

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Any news on a rerelease? I regretted it after seeing this photo (and the video that went with it), but it looks sad on almost everyone else.

Haven't seen any IG lolitas look good in it yet, anyway.

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Most of the skinnier/Asian lolitas on IG looked good in it, but if you're bigger on top then it's not going to look too good. It can accommodate bigger bust sizes but it'll be a boobloaf.
Also a lot of the lolitas got it for clout so now you have a bunch of shitty IG coords out there, it's the Honey Cake curse.

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ayrt and yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing a lot of LM listings in a year from lolitas who bought it for clout without knowing how to coord it.

I'm an A cup so hopefully it'll look okay on me. Thanks for the info!

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god shes so skinny fucking goals

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Annnnnnd that would be why their body fat % is so low.

I guess this brolita is something to be jealous of, unlike the troons that come flocking in here looking like hambeast 50 year old women.

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Not everyone you think is ugly is man, seethe harder.
Also even if she was, I’d rather if scrotes are gonna wear lolita that they do gothic (and actually do it well) than wearing sweet.

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That's famous normie model Kiko Mizuhara

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Imagine being this retarded

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Moitie prices sure have bee shooting up lately huh, makes me almost nostalgic. I wonder what caused the sudden boom?

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It's been like this since the revival. They're on trend so everything but skirts are going for ridiculous prices.

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Can anyone remind me who she is? I think she was Finnish, other than thatI forgot and I can't find her socials.

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Thaaank you

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I've seen a lot of Moitie pop up shortly before IG was rereleased, but that was mostly luckypack items getting sold for extra cash to better afford IG

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are there any pics of the new luckypack dress looking good on anyone?

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Any predictions on a second round of Iron Gate? I know they posted some time ago that they’re considering it on Instagram, but no news since then

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I just hope they include the white color this time.

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How hard is it to find and what price-range would I be looking at for a black Royal Gate JSK?

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Pretty hard, it isnt sold that often. I would expect that if it is on auction it would easily go up to 500ish since ppl are desperate for older stuff

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This pose and angle reminded me of picrel

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Please mana bless us with that round two, amen.

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God these are the kind of legs i want.

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Royal Gate pops up comparitively rarely, so quite a bit. Hoping the print merch that has come out is indicative that it'll get a rerelease eventually, I prefer it to Iron Gate

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what gothic brands exist other than moitie?

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Atelier Pierrot, Atelier Boz, Miho Matsuda, h. Naoto

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Also Sheglit, lapin agill, abilletage.

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Antique Beast

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Atelier Boz shutting down is honestly devastating. Feels like actual, quality gothic lolita is dying. Moitie is just releasing the lowest quality shapeless sacks they can get away with, Sheglit looks more like classic than gothic, Atelier Pierrot just repeats the same 2 cuts over and over again.

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RIP :'(

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Surely they'll pull a Moitie when Wunderwelt buys them over. Or a VM with some crowdfunding, r-right?

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Ate boz are the only brand that makes military lolita, other than cheap taobao shit, I'm annoyed. Why couldn't ugly ate pie die instead

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So sad, but it's better to let the brand die than cutting on quality. i VM and moitie post revival are just sad and disappointing.

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RIP boz :(

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Why are so many brands struggling? Stuff continuously sells out even when it's disappointing qualitywise so it can't be a lack of demand

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On their website they stated that Corona was the main cause for closing. It probably wasn't worth the effort to keep the physical shops alive. And with Atelier Boz being one of the oldest gothic brands, the owners must probably already be old enough to consider retirement. Excentrique closed a few years ago, also due to retirement.

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Boz' secondhand prizes are about to blow up even more now

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honestly, probably taobao resellers and aliexpress. alt brands need new customers to keep sales up, but when those new customers have a cheaper alternative, they will go for that more often. many loyal customers grow out of alt fashion eventually and if no one can replace them the brands can't survive.

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well I feel like if jp brands had natural sizes and didn't essentially encourage eds in lolitas/have them need to get literal breast reduction surgery from C cups and the like they might have survived. But you cant really expect to survive if during your haydays you pulled toxic shit, because that is what you get associated with later on. Kind of like modern LV/Gucci is synonymous with black prostitutes and poc middle aged single women

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The biggest chunk of their sales came from online sales tho and those weren't affected by corona, so that's a bit strange.

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see, you're a good example of the problem.

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How do you even know any of that?

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cupcake_hime is that you?

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The biggest lolita markets are China and Japan, so these sizes were perfectly natural and reasonable. The gothic brands just aren't as hyped as sweet, and Boz wasn't marketing itself in China the way that brands like Ozzon were.

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This is the funniest post i’ve seen all week hahaha, black prostitutes? Poc single women? Did you get off your meds?
who the fuck is getting breast reductions to fit into burando, like at that point find a different fashun hahaha

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What the hell are you talking about? Boz was one of the few modern brands who still made my size, and I have an entirely normal BMI. I'm getting so fucking sick of everything hanging off me like a sack.

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Do you not follow them on social media? Because their online-exclusive releases kept selling out within minutes.

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>Fitted lolita brands are either changing or struggling
The absolute state of the world.

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There's no way to say how much stock they are making. On top of that their prices didn't increase that much over the years.

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>Stuff continuously sells out even when it's disappointing qualitywise so it can't be a lack of demand
they probably produce as much as they can with the capital they have, without resorting to cheaper methods. some stuff sells out but they still have a lot of unsold stock. not being able to move that stock probably cuts deeply into their already narrow profit margin.

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I believe what happened is that because of the ongoing issue with keeping up rent and lack of irl sales, that in general stores are closing. Boz could close some of their stores and continue. But they dont seem that into it anymore, they never were keeping up with the internet and international crowd. Covid just was the last nail.

That being said from the info we have there is a designer that wants to take it over so we may get neo boz.

Boz was introducing larger sizes this past year so sorry that you are fat.

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File: 771 KB, 1536x2048, inspo for boz skirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

w/e dude

Hell, i'm fat and I could still wear some of Boz's stuff with no problems. I'm going to miss them so much

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On the topic of Boz's bigger sizes, I barely fit into VM and the OP I ordered in L from them felt big. I was surprised by how loose the waist was.

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I'm seeing a lot of takes like this on Twitter.

Boz mentioned nothing about sizing as to why they closed. It seems that people are just saying this to comfort themselves.

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Hi A. Atelier boz had multiple sizes, this is not only a chronically online take, it's wrong.

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is this gothic lolita?

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why does she look like she almost had downs but god decided otherwise last minute

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he was too late

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Corona has fucked up supply lines, shipping, hours of operation, customers' budgets, and about a million other things. They likely were making a smaller amount of stock because of that, and reduced sales can't possibly keep up their rent with a dwindling market. Competing with cheaper retailers for new customers is slowly killing a lot of the shops/brands in Japan. Hell, even second-hand stores like closet child are closing their doors to the public these days.

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The dress could be but the hot topic fishnets aint it

>> No.10664495

Atelier Pierrot does a good job with international customers and let's you submit orders to the brands they carry. I'd be way more surprised if they closed.

This. Look at their stock. All M sizes are sold out practically while L sits.

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ayrt and yeah it never ceases to amaze me how people have a lot of shit to say AFTER a brand shuts down, but didn't complain about sizing earlier.

if it really matters to them, maybe they should start more discussion about it rather than just harping on AP all the time.

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Jawline. She’s just young (or was here). She’s very pretty, and iirc this outfit was for some kind of weird play chosen by their freak pedo uncle, so it’s not supposed to be stylish.

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i love marble, but wtf is this
it's literally on their shop rn i'm crying why did they style it like this

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As someone also looking for black RG, I think 500 is a super underestimation. I think 800+ easily, there are a lot more people looking for that print that stay a bit mum on it compared to IG. Also the JSK fits more people than the skirt or OP.


I didn't know about this... When was this announced? I watch their twitter store accounts and didn't see anything about it when I last scrolled through, in fact I had seen some new releases posted?

Dude, all of Marble is styled like this. Being tacky is their whole brand identity.

>> No.10664774

i was about to argue sadly with you about how not all of marble is tacky but like you're right...i guess i've only seen the nicer things stocked by atePie, and not the rest of their weird catalogue

>> No.10664841

It's 'actual' old school. Atie pie reps even call it this in Japan. They never changed their style since the very beginning.

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You know what? Good for them. Clearly it's working for them, since they're still around.

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Right ?
It is nice that someone is sticking to their ideals, and designing what they want. I actually think a lot of the pieces are really wearable for normal life if you mix and match and remove some of the stranger parts (like the giant bows/cameos).
I cant wait until my next paycheck, to get my first Marble pieces. I will feel awesome in my old school and my 13 year old vampire aristocratic obsessed childhood self, will finally be happy

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File: 84 KB, 1080x1080, bottom left ulgy marble stock photo compared to atiepie stock photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It has also a lot to do with Marble's terrible stock photography and the ill fitting dress form they use.

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File: 734 KB, 1024x341, marble stock photos vs atie pie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another one

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another example

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dumping some more atie pie coords

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I can never tell what is going on with these weird double collar OP's, I do wish they showed more photos with the different layers removed.

>> No.10665552

I miss BPN

>> No.10665578

me too, anon.
sheglit has only gotten increasingly classic; i always forget it was born out of bpn.

>> No.10665581

I hope Atelier Boz's succession brand doesn't follow that same trend.
Speaking of, do you think they'd be willing to sell designs/patterns to other brands? AtiePie tends to hose cheaper fabrics over all but if there's no other alternative i think i could trust them of Sheglit to keep the quality decent.

>> No.10665680

Chose* not hose

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It seems like Goths never sell any of their stuff, or if they do it's years and years down the line. You'd think that this would mean that sales would be higher than, say, sweet where the trading and selling of different items is more lively. I wonder why that isn't the case.

>> No.10666512

Because the gothic side of the community was smaller back when. There were only very specific people who had the 'prized' pieces, along with lolita not being that accessible compared to how it is now. Even then, those prints were going for 800-1k. It's not changed much on pricing.

Seriously, I feel like the newer gen really just doesn't understand how hard it was to get anything back then. There were just more APfags internationally. Nearly everyone else was cheap.

>> No.10666724

I dunno, didn't Ruins Cathedral just go for 1k euro? Ever since Moitie came back from the grave it's been trendy and the prices for their old stuff have been ridiculous.

>> No.10666726

So i’ve been a classic fag forgive my ignorance. but I keep seeing this mention of moitie making a comeback, but weren’t they always a thing since 1999?
Did something happen? I think mana sold it to some other company but that was recently i thought

>> No.10666730

Yeah the comeback was when Wunderwelt's parent company acquired them. Before that their newer stuff had been sitting on sale on cdjapan for ages and mercari/fril prices were in the $50-150 range. They really hyped up their brand on social media and the fans will buy anything with a candleabra on it so it really took off. Feels kinda bad that people newer to the fashion are being wrung this dry for older stuff but ehh maybe it'll all be on LM for a tenth the price in 5 years.

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File: 33 KB, 600x483, mana kill my wallet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes it did, but aren't there still MmM pieces sitting at wunderwelt waiting to be grabbed. you would think the popularity would mean nothing should be left, much like AP bloodbaths.

>> No.10666848

I've finally listened to more songs by Malice Mizer than just au revoir and I LOVED merveilles, which got my hopes high for bara no seidou
But honestly I did not like almost any of it because it's so much influenced by classical music also with the church like singing, I just, I'm just a little sad now haha

>> No.10666850

Just noticed that there is in fact a visual kei thread sorry lmao

>> No.10666868

>Feels kinda bad that people newer to the fashion are being wrung this dry for older stuff
Not really. Welcome to economics.

You literally don't *need* an old release or a new release.

>> No.10666912

That's because the new stuff is worse.

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True enough.Pisses me off though. I wonder how long the rest of the gothic brands have before they,too land in the Dead Brando Graveyard

>> No.10667652

I like Sheglit's tailoring and I like the specialty fabrics they choose, but the basic polyester they use for their solid blouses and etc is just awful, puckered and cheap looking. I wish there were better blouse options for gothic again because Moitie and Sheglit's materials leave much to be desired and AtPie's construction always looks so iffy and unflattering.

>> No.10667852

Do you have examples of blouses you think look cheap, and why?

>> No.10667903

I completely agree. I love her new blouse design (the one with the cape) but the fabric looks so thin and shiny in the stock photos.

>> No.10667904


>> No.10667906

How do I get into lolita as a dude, this shit is like peak aesthetic and crossplay is already fun

>> No.10667909

Kill yourself and hope you get reincarnated as a woman

>> No.10667923

just wear the clothes, dont be a creep, get used to people like >>10667909 and learn how to color block your outfits

>> No.10667929

Any word recommendations for places to buy from, or like anyone that does custom sized stuff?

>> No.10667931

It's neither thin nor shiny irl.

>> No.10667932

how custom size are we talking, like are you built like a tree? and what kind of lolita style are you looking for?
le carrousel does custom sizing and ships international, you just need to email them in english. they have great basics for a great price. i think lady sloth also does custom but i have never bought from her.

>> No.10667938

Try the stupid questions thread.

>> No.10667947


>> No.10668009

The most basic example I have on hand is their Victorian Frill Blouse- several of their other blouses and other items are made from this fabric, like the Ritual series I believe. The fabric just has no body at all- it's flimsy, it started to fray and catch noticeably at the buttonholes just trying it on, cuffs and standing collar area hang limply instead of resting as they should.

I own blouses from a lot of different brands, but I mostly buy IW and VM blouses normally in the past. Unfortunately they've become very scarce, so I decided to start trying Sheglit and other brands and was just disappointed. Even when they're using polyester fabrics like pearskin or satin other classic brand's blouses have a nice body to them that allows ruffles to puff out properly and sleeves to billow nicely. Button holes are reinforced, cuffs and collars are nicely interfaced and stand on their own.

I've had the same problem with Moitie's newer blouses, it's clearly the same kind of fabric if you own both them and Sheglit. And I own a few dresses and other items from Sheglit that have very nice fabric like their flocky series for example, and those items have a wonderful drape so it's clearly a matter of the fabric choice. Also, speaking of Sheglit's past, older gothic brands like BPN used very good quality fabrics. Unfortunately that was also back when nicer fabrics were also more cost effective, all that has changed now and it's reflected in pretty much every brand in either prices or quality. But some have remained better quality than others for sure.

>> No.10668246

Any blouse recommendations?

>> No.10668634
File: 136 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im 6'3 and built like a fucking wall with extremely broad shoulders

>> No.10668640

Get into EGA it'd suit you better

>> No.10668643


>> No.10668646

Elegant Gay Asshole

>> No.10668652
File: 38 KB, 463x800, SCAN0421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For real though, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat. It's much more flattering on extremely tall people and men
>pic related

>> No.10668699

Now I'm sad all over again

>> No.10668701

Same here, anon. Let’s hope that Rachel pulls through and is about to get their own brand up and running that carries on Boz’s legacy, including resurrecting some of the classic Boz designs.

>> No.10668720

If not, she can probably sell the designs to a different company. At least Guilleta and Roland can live on if so

>> No.10668732

It doesn’t help that new moitie is kinda trash. Went to kera shop while I was in Japan after stepping away for awhile and new moitie is legit taobao quality, so I guess that boosts the oldies. That and the cult of mana is clearly still alive and well with just enough people to keep these prices high.

>> No.10668779

The latest stuff such as the new bat bags in white and cream that got posted on fb look so cheap and nasty. Don’t get me started on the bat rings. They look even worse.

>> No.10668783

>Western 2nd hand going for well over retail
>Japanese 2nd hand going well over retail plus that fucking scalper
At least newbie me managed to get a few cute old stuff at 50-200

>> No.10668784

For new releases, this is normal.

>> No.10668796

I saw the bat ring and thought is it a joke? It’s so shiny and plastic looking?
Makes me sad it’s dying a slow death

>> No.10668802

They're not white and cream. They're silver and gold, which is even worse. KERA shop on Twitter showed a black version in genuine leather, I hope that one comes to WW.

>> No.10668810

I have the feeling that black leather one might be old stock from the last release. KERA sometimes still have items in their stores that have for long sold online.

>> No.10668812

Urgh. Yeah, def worse. I actually looked at the description properly and the pictures again. They look even worse on a second look. These plus the rings look like cheap dollar store crap.

>> No.10668818


>> No.10668826

No it’s being rereleased. Good luck getting it!

>> No.10669002

I feel you, anon. I would NOT be able to afford my current wardrobe today. It's depressing, this shit isn't worth what it's going for!

>> No.10669072

Yup, and it’s about to get even worse with Boz closing.

>> No.10669546

Anyone have examples of long waist-length hair that's been teased? Or advice on how to put it up for the same effect? Or even just similar achievable hairstyles that aren't overly sweet. Trying to go for more of a Siouxsie inspired look but not really sure if it's possible with longer hair. Normal I just curl it or put it in braids but I'm getting kind of boree of that.

>> No.10670298

are there any good halloween prints that goths really like? most of what i've seen is sweet.

>> No.10670420

Literally any goth print can be a halloween print

>> No.10670422

Do you think h.Naoto is going to close next? They already make less lolita stuff than they used to

>> No.10670424

They were never really a lolita brand, their look was more gothic clothes and they went for the designer look a long time ago. They do not cater to us.

>> No.10670425

I didn't ask that

>> No.10670431

>asks if h.naoto is closing
>evidence is that they don't make much lolita
anon clearly answered your stupid question. you'd understand that if you had any critical thinking skills.

>> No.10670446

Try searching up pics of Patricia Morrison instead!

>> No.10670494

I'm noticing that more and more people seem to think a lot of gothic brands are lolita brands, just because they pushed out one dressed once.

Is this Lor's doing? That gothic lolita video sure isn't helping.

>> No.10670495 [DELETED] 


>> No.10670614

Thank you anon! Just the inspiration I was looking for.

>> No.10671010

How quick do you gulls think that the bat handbag will be sold out? Because I'm broke until the end of the month <3

>> No.10671011

The black one specifically**

>> No.10671021

If you shoot me an email I can buy it for you and hold it until end of the month and mail it, because they'll go really fast. Email in the name. If you flake, then I'll just keep it because I was on the fence about buying it.

>> No.10671039

Moitie is gonna re-release iron gate again soon get ready if you missed out last time.

>> No.10671055

What are the odds of Moitie rereleasing the black cross bat bag in real leather?

>> No.10671066

When are they going to rerelease it?

>> No.10671083

22nd i think?

>> No.10671099

I was thinking about this and I have my doubts mostly due to supply issues still plaguing a lot of designers and manufacturers. But I wish they would.

>> No.10671161

How tall do you have to be for it to sit above your knees? I know it’s bad but I kinda only like it on people when it’s above the knees

>> No.10671169

At least 1m70 I think

>> No.10671176

Any chance they would re re release the short nun op too? T.T

>> No.10671176,1 [INTERNAL]  [DELETED] 

There secondhand one you can buy from WW right now


>> No.10671186

I wonder will it just be the OP again or other cuts too? Praying for skirts :(

>> No.10671188

Doubt it. Just look for it online 2ndhand

I highly doubt they will do new cuts.

>> No.10671202

It’s on Wunderwelt (secondhand) atm.

>> No.10671204

The model of IG OP is 158cm if it helps. One of the reasons why I decided not too buy it is that I fear it would be too short for someone above 175cm.

>> No.10671208
File: 1.75 MB, 2048x1536, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know what jsk Jill is wearing in her hallow mellow vivaldi video? At first glance I thought the print was of tombstones, but they seem to be small houses/stained glass windows?

>> No.10671216
File: 730 KB, 1246x1561, E3A800A7-621A-4831-BBEE-FE6B96ED8E26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alice and the Pirates is the only goth brand that does specific Halloween releases I can think of.

>> No.10671217

Same, the OP cut is kind of ugly

>> No.10671218

Honestly I wish they would rerelease something closer to the original nun rose OP style, with the short puff sleeves and the high collar. The new version is so boxy and unflattering.

It looks like something AtPie or Triple Fortune would put out by the cut and print style.

>> No.10671218,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10671260

The print looks like an enchantlic enchantilly one

>> No.10671264

Yup it is EE

>> No.10671305

holy shit, thanks anons!

>> No.10671327

Where was this posted?

>> No.10671335

Twitter. They also a while ago mentioned they were doing it anyways.

>> No.10671336
File: 1.71 MB, 1427x1991, D45DEE79-87D8-469C-ADF1-6D97474ACEB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like it was on twitter, only says the OP though

>> No.10671336,1 [INTERNAL] 

Disappointing, guess I will save my money then

>> No.10673747

Does Miho Matsuda sometimes just delist items that have been up for a while even if they're still in stock? I've had my eye on a blouse for a while and they still had stock in 2 sizes/colors when I checked a few days ago, but all of a sudden it's gone from the site.

Is it possible to email them in english for item inquiries?

>> No.10673750

I heard previously they will ship things from the store if they have it in stock, but tried doing that very thing and they absolutely didn't. So I doubt it'll do anything.

If it's taken down, I'd advise check Kera shop. I've noticed some things get stocked over there, after.

>> No.10673771

Thank you for the advice! I just checked around Kera's shops and it looks like it's gone there too, but I'll keep an eye to see if it pops up again as sale, I guess.

>> No.10674116

Love this look

>> No.10677253
File: 116 KB, 1080x1349, f8a24724c7cf54bc88607806f13fd33c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10679116
File: 91 KB, 499x242, eWqqXtBNQ8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like there's going to be a rerelease of the cross 3 tier jsk? The cross on the bodice is larger but the rest looks about the same

>> No.10679285

Does anyone have deets on those OTKs? I'm in love!

>> No.10679289

jesus christ this board is wrecked with newfags.

>> No.10679298

Anyone know if they're going to release it in blackxwhite? I assume they will?

>> No.10679307

Yes that is the other colour shown in the video

>> No.10679395 [DELETED] 
File: 89 KB, 480x640, f5e25397-7841-5536-9675-5e9b2b9a8da4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10679417

Yes, new people are born everyday. They grow up and find this board and see new things. Save your newfag crying for newfags actually being annoying, not just asking for where they can find a pair of OTKs

>> No.10679443

Someone just asked for a sauce on the OTKs chill out lol

>> No.10679499

Looks like IW Lace-Up Crown OTK

>> No.10679547

Thanks helpful eagle eyed anon.

>> No.10679657

I'm really ext to get my hands on it

>> No.10679808

How is the quality of the new Iron Gate OP? I have a couple older (2003-2006) skirts and I really like them but something about the stock photos looks a bit cheap to me and for the price I’d like something decent.

>> No.10680759

What was this posted?

>> No.10680775

*Where, god I’m blind as fuck

>> No.10680784

Honestly. I wanted to like it but I just can't. Fabric feels cheap and thin. I really feel like I could've bought two dresses that were way higher quality for the price. Feels like taobao tier quality and it hurts.

>> No.10680789

This was on the moitie twitter page.

>> No.10682068
File: 65 KB, 663x900, FA1vFiyVgAU80re.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From twitter:
This jumper skirt will be available later this month. Details will be announced at a later date.

Nun collar
Cross arch flare sleeve cut and sew
Rose lace garter
Blue rose over knee
Lace gloves with crucifix charm

>> No.10682072

I'm happy they're rereleasing this. Curious about no mention of the nurse hat(?) accessory.

>> No.10685819


>> No.10685912

It's really cute, hope the sizing won't be fuckhuge again

>> No.10687941
File: 44 KB, 800x800, a7d7bd7c-bd0c-4ea3-9ede-01e89b6cec25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

・Cross two-tiered JSK・
A jumper skirt featuring a different color and Cross Lace.
Light and firm, it is beautiful when the skirt spreads.
The lining of this special jumper skirt with the original logo jacquard.
Shoulder straps can be adjusted with a button.

Made in Japan

・Size 9
Skirt length・51㎝

・Size 13
Skirt length・53㎝

Outer material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Lace: upper thread 100% rayon, bobbin thread 100% cotton
Tulle: 100% Nylon
Lining:100% polyester

>> No.10687942
File: 58 KB, 800x800, b83737ef-5cb6-4828-9176-6f5d57f26e59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

・Coffin Lace Ribbon Blouse・
The item is made of thin sheer chiffon georgette fabric with a glittering dot pattern.
Cuffs and ribbon tie with original coffin lace.
Ribbon tie detachable.

Made in Japan

・Size 9
Shoulder width・36.5cm
Sleeve length・68cm(62cm+Lace 6cm)

・Size 13
Shoulder width・37.5cm
Sleeve length・69cm(63cm+Lace 6cm)
Collar height・3cm+ Frill 2.5cm

Outer material: 100% polyester
Lace: 100% nylon, embroidery upper thread 100% rayon, embroidery bobbin thread 100% cotton

>> No.10687943
File: 37 KB, 800x800, 89871fe0-87bc-41da-8fc1-2659334e14df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

・Candelabra Embroidery Long Sleeve Cutsew・
The candle embroidered logo is placed in the center.
It is a comfortable and excellent cutsew made of thick and 100% cotton material with an elegant shape. Also, it is a soft and skin-friendly item that has UV protection (97.2% ultraviolet-shielding properties).

Made in Japan

Shoulder width・30.5cm〜38cm
Neck width・19cm
Sleeve length・64.5cm

Outer material: 100%Cotton
Embroidery thread 100% rayon

>> No.10687944
File: 38 KB, 800x800, 842eccaa-5f3a-4aba-be4b-61c44217cbed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

・ Nun Collar (New colors) ・
white x white - white x black - black x black - black x silver - blue x black

Can be freely coordinated with OPs, cutsews and blouses.
※Made from different material than the Nun OP collar.
※Neck circumference can be made bigger by up to 2.5cm by moving the buttons.
※Fabric around the embroidery may appear wrinkled due to the tension the embroidery causes.
This is unavoidable and does not constitute a manufacturing defect.

Made in Japan

Front・length 19cm × width 29cm
Back・length 22cm × width 16cm ×2
Neck circumference・41cm
Collar width・4.7cm
Shoulder width・35cm

Outer material: 100% polyester
Embroidery thread: 100% rayon
Lace: 100% rayon

>> No.10687945
File: 61 KB, 800x800, 97285004-5b69-4a40-9ae4-ee2cc9451e49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

・Crystal Spiderweb Mouse Pad・
A print featuring spiderwebs, the MmM logo, candelabras and crystals. Suitable for optical mouses. The back is made from non-slip rubber.
※Outer serger seam may show imperfections on the back of the mouse pad.
Please note that this is unavoidable and does not constitute a manufacturing defect.

Back・rubber (non-slip)

>> No.10687947
File: 195 KB, 1024x1449, e6ebbeeb-b392-4c23-b4fa-776404db33b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot the prices! Sorry.

Cross two-tiered JSK - ¥39,600
Coffin Lace Ribbon Blouse - ¥26,400
Candelabra Embroidery Long Sleeve Cutsew - ¥9,680
Nun Collar - ¥8,360
Crystal Spiderweb Mouse Pad - ¥1,980

>> No.10687948
File: 131 KB, 1024x1449, 8d270ac2-0e74-4b99-8ee6-6d5623eecdd6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10687960

When’s the drop

>> No.10687967

I think i will pass on the jsk but i am very excited for the cutsew, i can't remember the time any gothic brand has released one in recent years

>> No.10687972
File: 596 KB, 2008x2048, FB0tH8dVQAMcod_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm beginning to think they're colourblind

>> No.10687974

Just got my first Moitie JSK from 2007. I bought it off Mercari so no measurements were listed, but when it arrived I measured it and it’s around 96/76? Are all Moitie dresses actually this massive or did I get unlucky?

>> No.10687980

Until recently the dresses never had real measurements so it was that dress which was running large. There are a few releases where there was a size 3 which is bigger than whatever 2 was too.

>> No.10687999

Just checked, it’s the size 3.
The measurements are both more than 10cm bigger than mine, so I might look into getting in taken in.
Thanks for the reply!

>> No.10688002

red and blue look absolutely awful together

>> No.10688003

>0 lace
>no cute details whatsoever

What's the point? I could buy the same thing in a normie store.

>> No.10688007

The blue lace and the strip really look so different here, I hope it's the lighting though.

>> No.10688011

Which normie store could you get that at?

>> No.10688013

Get an oversized white longsleeve, modify the sleeves , embroider a candelabra on it and you're all set

>> No.10688017

Are you talking about the coord on the left? I’m just seeing red and black in that one

>> No.10688018

I'm talking about that display, idk it's probably just my autism speaking but it just annoys me to see a coordinate with blue accents inbetween those red ones

>> No.10688022

It's most definitely not the lighting, the blue lace on the cuff is right next to the skirt part.

>> No.10688032

literally 2 seconds of searching could tell you this. get off cgl

>> No.10688113

Damn the sewing on the hem looks so weird.

>> No.10688214

I'd kill for this in ivory instead of white

>> No.10688228

ah is far right supposed to be a nana outfit or just inspired

>> No.10688282

Salon release of the new Moitie items is today, right? What items do you think will sell out before general sale? I'm assuming the JSK will probably be gone in bxw.

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