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Cosplay recommendations: >>10651561
Crossplay: >>10650530
Stupid jfashion questions: >>10653128

Previous thread: >>10629190

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Unanswered questions from the last thread:

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I don't have personal experience, but I have seen people approach making chain mail in a few different methods. The cheapest and easiest is using aluminum soda tabs and linking them together. Rather than drinking a metric ton of soda, you could try to find a "creative reuse" store -- they essentially hoarde and sell little bits and bobs (like bottle tops, sponges, yarn, buttons, gaskets, rivets, pvc pieces, bottle tops, etc) that teachers, sculpture artists, and hobbyists can use. Sometimes they sell by the pound or via bag too.

Alternatively, I've seen people 3D print chainmail (either already attached or not). Perhaps you could check out thingiverse. If you don't have a 3D printer, look for your local university (and if you're lucky, community college), they typically have 3D printer access for a low fee. Or a makerspace. Or you could pay someone off Etsy to print it for you.

If I happen to find links to either of these types of projects, I'll link them back here. I wish I could answer your question with more specificity, but I hope this helps.

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>What material should I look for to imitate the look of the undersuit here?
Vinyl. Pleather has a rougher ... well leather look to it and the costume definitely looks smoother than that.

>I'm really lazy and just want to order one
Honestly, this is going to be more trouble than its worth for you. Vinyl is one of the harder fabrics to work with. That's why you only see really experiences cosplayers working with it. Also you have to buy specific materials to work with it which can add onto the cost. Remember that you can always alter a premade costume, you don't have to go all in for handmade or storebought.

>I'm also looking to make the boots and gloves myself, but what material should I get for those
It sounds like you want to use the same paint for the helmet as you do the gloves and boots. You can make the gloves and boot covers from a 4-way stretch fabric -- something like pleather would be good here actually. And as for paint, Angelus Leather paint is your go-to. In many shoe-painting tutorials, that's the material you're most often to see recommended.

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Planning out a Bites The Dust Kira wig... planning to add black wefts to a white wig, since the black strands are noticeably separate from the base hair in the source material.
Any tips for securing the wefts along the top/back of my head? Since his hair doesn't tie back into a ponytail or anything like that I worry that even with got2b or whatever all the dark strands will quickly get loose and messy.

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Has anyone had any experience with Cosplayonsen on Aliexpress? Im not good enough to make a costume since im just starting out. and its the only thing i could find that wouldnt make me have to commission a costume.

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For a cosplay I really encourage 3D printing the chainmail like >>10656874 said. Doing it by hand with no experience could take hundreds or thousands of hours depending on how much you need.

Here's one made by WillowCreative: https://www.instagram.com/p/COYV8ipjmap/
And a video using the files she shared:

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Was originally gonna cosplay Patrick Star from The Spongebob Musical last year until people decided to be… people.

I can easily get the flamingo polo, the other stuff I’m sorta worried about.
>the tie dye shirt I can (kinda) do myself(?)
>the green denim/khaki shorts (am I better off dyeing that to green and fabric paint the floral design from the cartoon myself or do green denim/khaki shorts exist?)
>might commission the wig (will be my first time doing the wig thing, was originally gonna grow out my hair then dye it but my friends talked me out of it)

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Be prepared for people to assume you're either not in cosplay or Ace Ventura

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Has anyone used Wonder Clips and if so are they worth it? Also does anyone know if the off brand ones are the same quality? On Amazon you can get 50 brand ones for $20 or 100 off brand for $8. Will the off brand just snap immediately

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I use them they’re amazing, the ones on Amazon haven’t failed me and I have both kinds

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I don't have any attachment recommendations but to keep the hair neat, this tutorial might be helpful https://www.deviantart.com/sparklepipsi/art/Drill-Curl-Tutorial-335773737
Just shape your hairs into the right shape for Kira instead of into a curl.

Your plan sounds pretty solid but for the shorts, I suggest hitting up places like ebay, goodwill, or poshmark and seeing if you can find a pair of green shorts in your size first. Dyeing a finished piece of clothing such a light color can be difficult and might come out patchy, especially near the seams.

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They are very worth, I can't speak for the knock offs but the on brand have lasted me for years

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You can use a matching black thread to loop over and tie down the ends to the wig cap. I've used it as a temporary and permanent measure for more complex styles

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Yes, they are worth it! I use them when I'm sewing layers of fabric that would be too thick for pins. They're also great for delicate fabrics.

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I have a big box of knockoffs from Amazon as well as some brand name ones and desu I don't find that there's much of a difference. The metal bit that allows the clip to open/close is just slightly more flexible on the name brand ones but otherwise, there's almost no difference.

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I've been curious about clips as well since I keep seeing them, but I've been apprehensive about investing in them because they seem like they wouldn't have as precise of a hold as pinning perpendicularly every half-inch, which is what I normally do. Are they really that good and an adequate replacement for pins on most projects? I also see that you'd have to remove each clip as you come to it during sewing? Is there a way around it or do you get used to stopping every other inch?

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>every half-inch
wtf, you know that you can place pins further away from each other, right? I place pins every 1-2 inches unless it's a really slippery material, but even then it's better to use clips.

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I like that the clips don't shift the fabric when you pull them out or try to pin them in -- I feel it helps me get an accurate "pin" when I'm trying to put two fabrics together (especially if one is gathered). I use pins when I need precision and clips when I want to move fast as I can use less of them to keep the fabric together than pins. I find that clips are quicker to remove too since you can just drop them back into their box as you move as opposed to pinning a pin back into its tomato. They're not replacements for one another so much as two tools with similar functions -- like different sized rulers or different types of needles.

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Hello! I was wondering if there were any good websites that sell something akin to this [I forgot what these are called, maybe hakama?]. I can make the headband with the feathers and most of the other accessories like gloves or the sash but I need help finding the type of attire Chisato has in this picture. If anyone knows a good place to get this, please reply. Thank you for reading!!!

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You're better off trying to find the whole cosplay premade. The design is complex enough that cobbling random pieces together will look awful at best and nothing like it at worst.

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I agree with >>10657638 . Either buy the whole cosplay or sew it yourself from scratch. Buying different pieces and trying to match them, while possible, is a recipe for disaster.

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For making belt pouches like these, is it better to use EVA foam or actual pleather fabric? I have leftovers of both but would appreciate suggestions before I go at it.
They'd be pretty much decorative rather than functional, since Travis wears jeans I can just put stuff in my pockets.

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I could see foam working for the general shape. I would probably use it along with some thinner craft foam for the lid. Doing that along side some pleather would look nice, but you might be able to get the same effect for cheaper with some adhesive vinyl that has a leather like finish.

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Foam makes for lighter pouches that won't weigh down your belt/costume and I've seen people weather and paint them to look just like leather.
Leather is arguably tougher to work with but would make for a lovely authentic touch if you know what you're doing.

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Styling a "Link between Worlds" Zelda and dunno which will make styling those bangs easier from Arda i really want "Lemon Drop" which they have in Ferrari or Grace, any advice?

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Grace will be easier to work with since it has a lace front. You could also use le tigre.

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I agree with the anon. When you lift up the bangs of the Ferrari, you're going to see the weft tracks and that's not a good look. You either need a lacefront like Grace or you need to be prepared to ventilate or glue-on those bangs.

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Went to a convention with the shittiest heels ever and my back hurt the entire day after a few hours. I bought a pair of pleasers afterwards because my friend told me they were comfortable to walk in.

What are your experience with those shoes? How do people even survive a con on heels the entire day??

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Reposting here since it's technically requesting advice >>10657961

Basically just stumped on whether the dnd character I'm intending to cosplay should have braided dreads or filled out dreads. I genuinely can't decide as I think both look good, so I'm going with whatever is a majority vote.

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would it be dumb to go to a con in an amai odayaka(one of the yandere simulator rivals) cosplay? i like the character(mostly nostalgia reasons), but i'm also aware of how much of a joke yansim is. i'm just nervous because it'll be my first con, since i got into cosplay a few months before quarantine hit and i'm very unsure of what to expect.

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Don't worry, nobody will give a flying fuck. If that's what you like go ahead.

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For wigs for characters with receding hairlines, pretty much everywhere I see places recommend integrating a bald cap (like picrel, or more obvious halloween costume wigs). I already shave my head so I don't need to cover anything with a bald cap. Do they make, like, "higher" hairlined lacefronts, or is this something I can modify on an existing wig to get the look?

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thanks anon, i think i'm gonna do it in that case :)

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Filled out

>> No.10658879

The only way to get one is by commissioning one or doing it yourself. You won't find them in any wig store.

The way about doing it yourself would be the same as in the video you sent, but using lace instead of a bald cap (and cutting out the unnecessary parts). I'm sure there are tutorials out there on adding lace front to wigs that don't have it

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Hakama are pleated pants worn over kimono (think of what samurai wear, for example). What she's wearing is a modified yukata or kimono, with a blouse underneath and an overskirt on top. And as the other anons said, you should absolutely buy this premade, or make from scratch. It's just too specific of a design.

I carry back up shoes personally, and avoid heels whenever I can. I've seen other people do this too, they wear slip on sandals and quickly switch to heels when asked for a photo.

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Look up tutorials on how to ventilate a lace front wig. It's a ridiculously tedious process but worth it if you want a really customized wig. Ventilating a lace front lets you change how high/low the hairline is and the shape (adding a widow's peak, adding bald spots, etc.)

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>people decided to be… people.
What do you mean?

>> No.10659329

There's too much slippage if I pin every 1-2 inches. I need my work to be precise and professional-looking.

Thank you!
>pinning a pin back into its tomato
Oh I found this to be time-consuming as well until I bought a magnetic pin cushion (tray). Changed my life. I can literally throw the pins in its general direction and it will grab it out of air.

>> No.10659335

I work in the fashion industry and used to work in theater and never pinned that close together. I promise you that placing pins a little further from each other will result in equally clean work. Learn to let go a little.
Anyways, as other anons said, clips are absolutely worth it. They're great for unconventional materials that would be hard to hold together or pins would leave marks on like pleather and vinyl.

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Those stories of people getting cancelled for what they wear at a con are mostly exaggerated or fake. Wear what you want as long as it’s not like a Nazi uniform or something.

>> No.10659498

This is true, some fat fuck made a post on the otakon facebook group lying about staff asking her to cover up despite her shitty outfit not showing anything.

It's amazing how easily the retards in the cosplay/con community will believe these idiots.

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The pandemic

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I am trying to get into actually making cosplay, but I have to be honest with myself, I suck.
Does anyone know what kind of fabric I should get for the coat?
Would regular white cotton fabric be too thin to act like a proper coat?

>> No.10659843

I would go with twill. Cotton, poly, or poly-cotton would all work but keep in mind cotton wrinkles more, so you would have to iron it each time you wore it. And don't forget to line the coat so it looks good hanging open.

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Something like a medium to bottomweight suiting will be fine, like polyester twill or gabardine. You can always look at various heavier fabrics in a store and ask yourself, "does this look like what an overcoat can be made of?" I would steer away from satins and silky fabrics in general unless that's the look you want to go for.
By "cotton" do you mean like quiting cotton or broadcloth? Those would be too thin.

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I want to make an Eva01 cosplay but have no Idea how to make it fit with its thin build. My idea is to sew velcro to an morphsuit and patch the parts on, does anybody have an Idea if this could work and are these kind of suits even strong enough for this?

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I'm new to cosplay and want to do Enkidu, but I haven't bought wigs online before. Where would I go to find wigs, particularly very long ones. Also, I would like to have one this length (about 130cm on me) but the anime has it a bit shorter so I can go with that if I can't find one longer.

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Personally I recommend finding other ways to attach the armor - using straps or velcro, snaps, etc to make the armor attach to a webbing harness or to itself to stay up. EVA foam (no pun intended) is pretty light but even still it's nice to have your armor be adjustable for maximum comfort by not having it attached permanently to an undersuit.
There are lots of guides for cosplay armor that, even if Eva units aren't armor, should have good techniques. I'd say looking up what Iron Man cosplayers do would be a good start.

>> No.10660043

It can. It's all about the strength of the velcro and glue to the fabric. KamuiCosplay has used it in her builds -- you can see it pretty well in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NovgPB4UAXU

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Also, this anon >>10660000 is right on the money and the dubs prove it.

>> No.10660071

>130 cm
Tbh anon, I don't think you should get a wig that long. It'll tangle easily and be a pain in the ass if you plan on wearing this cos at a con. As far as I can find, there aren't even 130 cm wigs in a suitable color for Enkidu. The only ones I've found are black, brown, or white, so you'd have to dye a white wig the shade of green you want.

>> No.10660103

>have big stupid feet
>cosplay sites sell custom shoe sizes cheaper than most large shoes
there's gotta be a reason I can't just buy cosplay shoes and wear them like normal ones for daily use, right?

>> No.10660110

Seconding this, go with a long wig, but not one quite that long. You will look great, I love Enkidu

>> No.10660118

I built Armour with straps and buckles before and they came Out pretty bulky, so i wanted to try something that fits the Slender build If an Evangelion better, but these digits cant lie.
I guess i have to work out some hybrid with straps sewn into the undersuit, with the egdes concluding to the velcro for Sharp lines. But before that i'll lurk at Iron Man builds. Thanks

>> No.10660124

Yes, this Video brought me to the Idea with the morphsuit. since I'm an 1,90 Tall longlet and the EVA units barely have human proportions i want the frame as slim as possible, but as >>10660000 Said i probably need to fasten the armour pieces in order for them to stay in place. I fear that the plates will Rip out the sewing If i do a wrong movement, leaving me with an irrepairable costume at a Con

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what would i need to cosplay eren yeager other than pic related?

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File: 99 KB, 1018x1500, coofandy cosplay 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and this?
was thinking of just black jeans and some black boots i already have

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Cheap cosplay shoes are cheap for a reason.
- Usually fine to wear a few times for short events
- Your toes will hurt
- No guarantees on quality
- DOES NOT hold up to daily wear and tear
- Thin, like missing padding that you don't normally notice in shoes if you don't look deeply
- Made in Chinese factories without your country's quality control
- Probably smells, will need to air out prior to wearing
- Probably carcinogenic (especially in California)
- You get dinged on shipping costs anyways

>> No.10660264

thanks, I'll go with a shorter one. My own hair is 110cm so I thought it would be fun to go even longer but you're right in a con environment that long would tangle and look like a mess quickly.

>> No.10660267

did you ever wear one of these for a longer time, like 4-5 hours? They are terrible, the rist hurted like hell, i got 3 blisters on each feet and the skin is purple-ish sinceppkxt

>> No.10660540

>Collect reference photos of as many angles as you can.
>Take a long hard look and write down every article of clothing (and underclothing) that you see or can think of.

>> No.10660585

Wig, makeup, lenses, and any props you want to have. Eren is a easy to recognize so don’t sweat the small details.

>> No.10660612

With how elastic morphsuits are, if the sewing is good there's no chance of it breaking. With that said, I also prefer the harness method over sewing directly on the morphsuit.

>> No.10660662

This is more like a general makeup question, but con I'm going to in a few weeks is requiring masks and I'm concerned about makeup rubbing off. Anything I can do to keep that minimal?

>> No.10660668

a 10pack

>> No.10660688

p l e a s e do not skimp on shoes, you will regret it. I already tell everyone within earshot to never buy shoes from clothing retailers that produce shit in house (like H&M/Uniqlo shoes; slides are generally fine); buying shit from cosplay sites is as bottom of the barrel quality as it gets. It's going to blister, they're going to fall apart, you will have an awful time.

>> No.10660785

Get a good theater quality setting spray like blue marble. They’re formulated so that actors’ makeup don’t move at all under hot stage lights or with costumes/props touching their faces, and are cheaper than most setting sprays from Sephora.

>> No.10660787

Insoles are also REALLY nice to have and definitely worth the investment. I use Superfeet and can be in combat boots literally all day and feel fine.

>> No.10660791

this, if shoes don't come with insoles I just don't buy them, so do the same with cosplay. You'll never look back once you have them

>> No.10661165

ok yeah that's kinda what I expected but good to have it confirmed
no, I don't own any, which is why I asked
>p l e a s e do not skimp on shoes, you will regret it
as someone with big stupid feet it seems like my options are to skimp or get absolutely gouged, but I guess for now I'll keep looking

>> No.10661190

>if shoes don't come with insoles I just don't buy them
you're retarded then because we're talking about buying good insoles not some aliexpress garbage.

>> No.10661212

antaina, you have options

>> No.10661229

do these come in wide sizes (or do you know anything that does)? some light googling indicates most online shops only mention length, which isn't a good sign IME

>> No.10661240

I struggle with shoe width too. Wide 6.5 feet means my shoe size is basically 7 because 6.5W sizes are rare even in the US.

>> No.10661447

aside from chinse shit on eBay, anyone know where I could get some knee length riding boots (not cowboy boots)?

>> No.10661492

already have long black hair
brown eyes are close enough to his grey ones.
will have to be a chubby eren desu
i do think my jaw/face is at least a bit similar though

>> No.10661502

exactly, the half size combined with wide is even worse!

>> No.10661857

Any crash course makeup tutorials out there? I'm a guy and I want to start incorporating very basic makeup (just to cover up 5 oclock shadow mostly; shaving after steaming works pretty well but there's still a visible zone). Was wondering if there's a youtube series like "makeup from literally 0" or something anyone could recommend

Goodwill/Salvation Army always has some sorts of boots, for cheap. just make sure to clean them before putting the mon

>> No.10661930

Look up how drag queens do it. The basic steps to cover a 5 o’clock are to color correct the area (orange base for blueish shadow, yellow base for purpleish shadow), put full-coverage foundation over it, and if foundation isn’t enough, you can add a layer of concealer.
Invest in a good quality foundation and concealer bc those are ultimately what covers the shadow up. Go to your local makeup store (Sephora, Ulta, etc) and ask to get color matched and for some full-coverage foundation samples. Also get a blending sponge. You don’t need to buy a beauty blender or an expensive one. A $5 blending sponge does the same thing as a $20 and there’s no noticeable difference between the 2.

>> No.10662281

>already have long black hair
You should still get a wig. Regular hair gets greasy or unstyled over the course of the day whereas a wig will remain styled and clean looking.

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How would /cgl/ start on a Giant Isopod costume? I'm thinking of making/buying (if it's even out there) one for Halloween and other parties. Found that no store [ive checked many but I may be wrong] dare to sell the Giant Isopod costume I require. So I have arrived here to find answers to my journey. I am aiming for a non-realistic type of costume and more just for fun. Here is a picture of a Giant Isopod.

>> No.10662418

Start out by mapping the outer shell and creating the individual layers/folds (?) srry idk what they're called of the isopod. I'd personally try to attach it in a similar way you would a samurai armor with strings on the sides to mimic their movement. If you can get it, i think worbla would be good because of how thin it can be. That's personally what i would start out with.
If you don't wanna spend that much on a costume for Halloween then perhaps you could do it with some sort of thick vinyl and make the base out of a tougher material to help it keep its shape.

>> No.10662426

can you like shut up?

>> No.10662429

The girls here are going to give you way ott advice for what you’re asking, so here’s some quick practical info starting from 0 for someone who just wants to touch up their skin for cosplay
1. Walk into CVS/Walgreens
2. Go to makeup aisle
3. Buy: a liquid foundation matching your skin tone, a liquid concealer, translucent setting powder, a beauty blender
4. Go home and apply foundation first, then concealer where needed, then powder. Use the beauty blender to do this
That’s literally it. Look up YouTube videos to get a better idea of how to apply these. Also YouTube for any specific needs your skin has (ie your 5 o clock shadow)
Ignore the trolls saying you can’t use drugstore makeup, you need X product, you need to do X technique, you need to go to X store, etc. You seem to have pretty basic needs that should be met with basic products and a standard regimen.

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File: 178 KB, 1500x1500, 1047B751-2A02-43EB-806E-E9BE993BC916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And just for clarification: I say beauty blender in a generic sense. Don’t buy an actual name brand one those are needlessly expensive.

>> No.10662437

Buy a giant pillbug (roly-poly, wood lice) costume, add antennae to it

>> No.10662441

>>10662418 has the right general idea but it'll be easier on you if you build a lightweight wire frame under your shell. that way you can get the right shape without using less material and the shell won't be as heavy as if you tried to build the whole thing out of worbla/vinyl.
>getting assblasted over an anon telling you to get a wig
you won't make a good eren with that sensitive snowflake attitude.

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>goes into the help thread
>gets help
>cries about it
jesus christ dude, get a grip.

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File: 79 KB, 680x625, DxHgKN0U8AEDtlI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not gonna make it

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alright so I want to cosplay Baal

but my thighs are too thick to wear typical thigh highs, what do I do about her legwear to replace it?

>> No.10662633


Does anyone have patterns for masks and helmets? I want to practice but I don't want to buy or pirate from the youtube cosplayers.

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Anyone, please? I really need this sword.

>> No.10662636

Commission someone less retarded to make one for you

>> No.10662647

As you can expect from someone as retarded as me, I don't even know where to request something like that.

>> No.10662660

Twitter, facebook groups, instagram. Check hashtags, message commisoners to ask for quotes, etc. etc. Be aware that for something of that size, you need to lay down big bucks. You might wanna look for someone local too since it'll likely be too difficult to ship.

>> No.10662662

>but I don't want to buy or pirate from the youtube cosplayers.
That's an odd stance you're taking, but alright. I'm glad you're atleast not pirating them.

PunishedProps has free patterns on his website. Otherwise Etsy

>> No.10662664

Making your own is your best bet. You can (and should) sew them onto nude tights so they always stay up and smooth out the color of your natural thighs. Just look up "boot cover" tutorial

>> No.10662666

I just realized you said "true" weapon. I mean, are we talking actual metal here? If so, you'd obviously have to go to a blacksmith. Nowadays there's bound to be a nerdy one out there. As to where you'd find one, well fuck if I know

>> No.10662667
File: 326 KB, 800x529, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Either way is fine, actually, a fake one and a real metal one. I would even swing it at home to exercise, but I know it's too big and elaborated so I would probably have to stick to a plastic one and buy a metal OG Zangetsu since those already exist online (but at this point I could just use something else since I don't quite like it nearly as much as I like the true Tensa Zangetsu).

>> No.10662675

Agreeing with other anon, you're likely looking at making them with nude-colored tights to keep them up

>> No.10662678

You can always commission someone on Fiverr or in a cosplay-specific commission group to make you a pattern you can get printed on tights. That way you don't have to sew anything.

>> No.10662769
File: 1.45 MB, 2612x1132, dafgadfgafdgafg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, I am trying to find a binder for a future crossplay and was curious if any of you have any experience with the different types? I am looking at these 3 currently. Appreciate any help.

>> No.10662785

what type of fleece to use for the main body of a kigu so it will withstand lots of cons? anti-pill? blizzard? polar? whatever you can find the right color in?

>> No.10662786


I wouldn't want people to pirate my stuff either unless I rely on spreading the word. Like with gundam or musicians. But in this case I find the known coplay/prop makers scummy and I want nothing from them.

>> No.10662840

I prefer the short ones, I had a long one and it kept riding up.

>> No.10662854
File: 62 KB, 640x960, tumblr_mmuimnmsMK1qfassvo10_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like to make a bionic eye like picrel, does anyone have any tips on how to make it? i've got 3d printers but not a model to print sadly

>> No.10662862

Make it entirely from craft foam. Make a simple pattern from thin cardboard first for each small piece. Or free hand it, it honestly looks like its composed of simple shapes. For the center piece I say use a red reflector (you often see these in home depot where they keep the signs and mailboxes). For the electronics thats really easy depending on how high tech you wanna get. I would recommend finding a thin LED flashlight that uses thumb batteries and dissembling the casing so you can have a switch you can turn on and off. This was one of the tutorials I followed ages ago if you wanna see what I mean https://youtu.be/kfZ8a03AiuM?t=103. For the rivets I highly recommend using googly eyes you spray paint over.

>> No.10662868

Thank you very much for the advice, i'll try making in foam even if it's a bitch to find in italy at a decent price

>> No.10662872

Np and good luck anon. You can use other materials, however it might be heavier/more costly. You could very much 3D print all of that if its more accessible and still use the led light suggestion I mentioned before. People that do steam punk essentially just glue junk they have lying around the house together to get a basic shape. Tops off like gatorade/powerade bottles can be used for all sorts of things.

Also not sure if you're exactly making that, but if you plan to wear a hat but you could glue it to one side of a head band that way its secure on your ear and the band won't be visible. Few dabs of spirit gum might not be a bad idea though to keep it secure to the inner part of your face.

>> No.10662926

What >>10662862 said, but if you are into cosplay and have a 3D printer you should consider learning some basic 3D modeling in the future. It's going to open a ton of possibilities.

>> No.10662956

you are right, and i know the basics, but i hoped that somewhere there was something already ready to print. Still i'll probably follow your advice and model something simple with a red led inside because finding decent materials to make it by hand where i live is a nightmare. I truly do envy the big chain stores that americans have

>> No.10662992

Blizzard and polar are one and the same. Just go with anti-pill since the fleece is already pre-pilled.

>> No.10662997

I live in Spain and had to order high-density EVA foam from Belgium because I couldn't find a decent one anywhere else.

Also if you can take a 3D scan of your head it would help a lot with making a fitting design. Otherwise, just grab the closest-looking 3D head you find online.

>> No.10663121
File: 2.40 MB, 2500x1300, image-asset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

honestly i feel a bit stupid asking this here because it seems like such an easy item to find for a pretty basic cosplay but i have made absolutely no progress getting this jacket or anything like it online, checked a bunch of reselling sites too. i cant track down the original's brand or anything, from what i've seen the original costume was never sold, but im at a loss at what to look for- i've been looking for a 'ribbed mens fleece' but idk if im being a brainlet and looking for something too unspecific or if im gonna have to make it myself. does anyone know if im using the wrong keywords, or if not what materials and type of pattern i should be looking for to recreate it?

>> No.10663133

Try "ribbed knit full zip sweater mens" or "ribbed knit full zip cardigan mens"

>> No.10663134

This was 100% a costume made specifically for the movie. I’m usually pretty good at finding dupes for movie costumes but man, I couldn’t even find a cheap dupe for this. Every one I’ve found is at least $85. The search words I used were “men’s grey ribbed zip up”.

>> No.10663137

shit, the other original costumes that were auctioned off were almost entirely off the rack (albeit expensive) so i figured it’d be the same. honestly i wouldnt mind sinking some money into it since i like the jacket regardless, but my main issue is i literally cant find anything that looks the same. i could probably modify something but its not ideal

>> No.10663175

If you can find a similar jacket and fabric that you like for the contrast, you could bring it to a tailor and have them alter it. It won't be cheap but if you like the jacket, you might as well treat it as normal clothes and wear it on a normal basis too.

>> No.10663225

what embroidery software do people use nowadays?

>> No.10663311

Ink/Stitch (which is an extension for another program called Inkscape) is what I've successfully used. It's pretty simple after watching a few tutorial videos and it's all free. I'm pretty sure it's the most widely used embroidery program on the free side of things.

>> No.10663542

Seconding ink/stitch. I haven’t used paid software much but afaik, ink/stitch is literally the same thing but free.

>> No.10663551

What sort of material is see through but doesn't look elastic? I need something that looks more like burlap/rugged. Or maybe use a burlap material and then a see through mesh just for the eyes?

>> No.10663560

Burlap has a pretty open weave, you can probably see through it if it's covering your face. What are you making?

>> No.10663567

A sin sack, so basically just a sack on my head. I just need to see through it

>> No.10663610

thanks, will try it out.
used to have a really dated program that was a pain to use and the only pc allowed to install it completely crapped itself so I can't use it anymore

>> No.10663619
File: 67 KB, 800x800, d633080dfa954cb783d99a68aeefe5bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone have any tips to best recreate this? What would be best to use for the red pieces?

>> No.10663634

You can make the red pieces pretty easily by cutting down some plexiglass and putting reflective tape on the back. Otherwise try finding bike reflectors. I’ve definitely seen tiny ones that are only a couple of inches long before.

>> No.10663671
File: 135 KB, 663x1115, 772f49fb0e7f01d1496a76d6477b6da9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would anyone here be able to recommend any stores/or affordable tailors for decent mens regency clothing - particularly tailcoats?

Ive never bought custom or historical clothing before so its a very new thing to me.

Also I am aware of that guy in the BBC who go the news article but he is top of the line price wise.

>> No.10663926

>bike reflectors

lmao you're right, there are a ton of these things on amazon, cool well that makes it real easy

>> No.10663955
File: 117 KB, 640x495, Alex17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For attaching resin gems to worbla armor. Should I first paint the worbla or first attach them and then paint around the gems?

I plan on giving the gems color by colouring the back of the gems with acrylic paint. The worbla will also be painted with acrylic paint (after priming)

>> No.10663965

You'll get a cleaner paint job if you do the worbla first. If you're worried about the color of the worbla paint interfering with the gem color, you can put a white coat behind the gem color to "seal" it.

>> No.10663968

Thanks a bunch, anon!
I'll first press the gem in the worbla to get the correct shape, then paint, and then stick it on permanently at the end.
The thing I was mostly worried about is the gem not sticking well enough on the worbla because of the paint in between.

>> No.10664005

If you use a strong glue like contact cement it will hold well regardless of paint.

>> No.10664006

nta but you need to sand the back of the resin gems so it will adhere to the other surfaces and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol so it isn't dirty, then it will adhere to basically anything but silicone.

>> No.10664478

Is there a website that you can get custom arm socks made with uploading an image or something like that?

>> No.10664586

Idk a source for arm socks but I’ve see people buy custom printed tights and then cut and sew them into arm socks. If you can sew or know someone who can, it’s worth trying out.

>> No.10664591

Yeah I can get them, the issue is the pattern. I'm a vtuber and have a robot arm and I want to have a cosplay for my hands when I do stuff with them.

>> No.10664657

Contrado has opera-length gloves, never used them so can't vouch for quality.

>> No.10664829

When dyeing fabric is it better to cut out the pattern then dye or dye then cut out pattern?

>> No.10664840

You are limiting where you can go with a metal sword. No con will permit it as it is considered a weapon on it's premises. It's not rocket surgery to make with EVA, have you tried any sword tutorials for foam design?

>> No.10664847

Dye then cut so your pieces are dyed evenly.

>> No.10664866

How do I look older with makeup without looking too old? I'm 24 and get told I look 19. I already tried losing weight to make my face look more gaunt, my doctor told me to not lose any more because my bmi puts me underweight. The character I'd like to cosplay is in his late 30s or early 40s. I don't mind shelling out for sfx stuff, but I tried liquid latex and it made me look elderly

>> No.10664900

Try looking for resources from people who cosplay the winter soldier. There's bound to be some premades out there that you can use

>> No.10664903

Yeah, you went a little too deep into it. It would take a millenia to write it all out, but essentially focus on contouring your face to make it look a little more sharpened and angular. Children and younger people tend to have more round, squishy faces. The best place to look for resources for that is youtube. If you have any specific makeup questions, there's a makeup thread on here too.

>> No.10664967

>implying I give a fuck about cons

>> No.10665017

Dye then cut, because the dyeing process is stressful to the fabric and will likely fray it badly, plus warping it further (especially if you haven't already prewashed it).

If the fabric is too big to fit into your dyeing vessel, you can chop it up into smaller pieces with generous allowances and I recommend setting timers to ensure that you dye each piece for equal amounts of time.

>trying to look older by losing weight
That's an awful approach. You really should take a look at what most other people do with good makeup skills and study tutorials/videos.

>> No.10665028

I'm a man and typically don't wear makeup outside of cosplays so YMMV, but this is what works for me.
Find your natural wrinkles - forehead (raise eyebrows), browline/crows-feet (squint, scowl), laugh lines (smile broadly) - and apply makeup along those lines. I use a fine brush and lightly run it down the creases using makeup a shade or two darker than my skin tone. I've found eye makeup is especially effective - darker circles in the socket under the eye and a few creases to add bags and crow's feet really make me look old and busted.
If you want the gaunt look then contouring under your cheekbones is really simple and effective. Sounds like you're already skinny (don't put your health at risk just to dress up like cartoon characters!) but even if you have fuller cheeks it's a look that's easy and effective. You can look up either fashion or costume tutorials for that.

>> No.10665155
File: 61 KB, 600x600, fx-mehron-tooth-f-x-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a couple porcelain crowns - is there any risk using tooth makeup on that?

>> No.10665158

You really should ask your dentist about that instead of expecting sound dental advice from /cgl/

>> No.10665204

Then go to /diy/ and fuck off

>> No.10665223

I'm doing a casual male Homura Akemi cosplay. What pants should I wear to substitute leggings?

>> No.10665257 [DELETED] 

I think getting trousers in the same color as the skirt, and then rolling them up to about mid-calf to expose high socks that have the pattern that is on her tights, would be cute and different, since a lot of designs just have black/dark grey pants

>> No.10665259

I think getting trousers in the same color as the skirt, and then rolling them up to about mid-calf to expose high socks that have the pattern that is on her tights, would be cute and different, since a lot of designs just have black/dark grey pants

>> No.10665287

>implying cosplay is limited to cons
Look at this retard

>> No.10665315

I’m weathering a costume that’s mostly velvet, silk, and then embroidery and beading over a silk base. Wear should be Victorian-ish, think muddy streets, polluted air, and general city grime. What are my best options for technique and materials? I have an airbrush, but all tutorials I’ve found don’t have good looking end results.

>> No.10665338
File: 228 KB, 434x431, rupan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are there stores that you can buy blazers of any colors for a price that doesn't cost you a leg?
I tried going thrift shopping at first but never found anything that wasn't black, grey, or brown. I tried looking in shops specifically for suits while I could find a color like red or green they tended to be more expensive than their black counter parts

>> No.10665582

You could also use dye, chalk/chalk pastel dust, drybrushed paint, and even literal dirt. Drybrushing will give you a more natural effect than airbrushing for grime smears.

>> No.10665641

newfag here, could i send a picture of the custom outfit I plan to make for a cosplay and get some help & guides on how to sew it? if not then does anyone have any guides for witch hats ^^ thank you

>> No.10665665

I recommend going out, digging a hole, and then not washing the clothes.
When I went to field school, I accumulated so much dirt each day that my shower floor would be totally covered, and need unclogging every other week because of the mud. An hour or so of being in the dirt shouldn't get you nearly that dirty, but will do the trick to a reasonable degree. It should be obvious, but only wear the parts you want to get dirty.

>> No.10665776

What would you recommend to seal the chalk? I’m hesitant to use actual dirt bc I can’t be sure how it’ll wear long term, and I’m not sure if judges will like it.

>> No.10665800

You can post the images here and ask for specific help. It'll be difficult if your question ends up being "How do I make this entire costume?" and you expect someone to hold your hand through every part and detail.

>> No.10665864

it feels like a fever dream but I remember someone on 4chan sharing a link to colored daily disposable lenses with 10 of them in one pack,

does anyone happen to still have a link to that? I personally hate yearly lenses because they feel nasty as fuck.

>> No.10665879

There's a ton out there. Dailies are more popular than monthlies or annuals in Japan for cosplayers. I personally like the etia and Papillon ones. You're probably thinking of sites like Assist Wigs that have a US storefront online and sell the lenses from Japan?

>> No.10665885

what site do you use? candylens has tons of dailies in really high prescriptions even

>> No.10665889

I've checked pinkyparadise, uniqso and some other shady site, the shady site had them for sale by pair, other sites only had those natural ones as daily disposables
That's exactly what I'm looking for, thank you!

>> No.10666023
File: 374 KB, 2510x1200, lupintic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lupin-colored red, green, and pink (and brighter blue) jackets will generally be more expensive simply because they're less common shades. Other than getting lucky at thrift shops I've found success with:
- Aliexpress or Amazon have various suit jackets in a lot of colors for <$40. I wear Shenrun green and pink jackets (picrel). Make sure you double-check to see if they're using Asian or Western sizes, and if you're on Amazon look for reviews with pictures to verify the quality.
- ASOS sometimes has the right colors, generally pretty pricey but occasionally has deep discounts.
- Ebay or Poshmark, cycle through "suit jacket", "sport coat", "blazer" terms. This can be annoying though because "green" will still include, like, deep olive or brown tones that aren't right.
- Costume-y brands like Opposuits have bright colors. They are constructed like proper suits (real pockets, etc) but for my tastes the fabric is still a little too polyester.

>> No.10666026

Also - even for "regular" suit colors I'd still generally advise against buying new at a department or suit store if you're mainly planning to wear it for cosplay. You can pick up a gently-used former rental on ebay for a fraction of the price, maybe spend a bit more to get it tailored, and be good to go.

>> No.10666071

Agreeing with >>10666023 and if you're at least a bit crafty with space, you can try getting a white or off-white blazer with the right cut/look and custom dyeing it to the specific shade you need. I've done it with a faded light red blazer into a bright burgundy.

>> No.10666320

Oh look, the helpful help thread. Sounds like the best place to ask questions related to cosplay for designing outfits/accessories.

>> No.10666414

Nta but I’m not sure you can seal chalk on clothes that well. You could try using a spray sealant and spraying from far away so that it won’t blast the chalk off.

>> No.10666794

There is faux dirt made for casualty simulations. I would try that

>> No.10666808
File: 92 KB, 657x720, 1524273784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm making a curved shape. The left piece is shorter in my pattern. I transfered the pattern, heatformed the pieces and now the left one is longer. I don't understand. How did this happen? Both pieces are pressed down the same in the pic.

>> No.10666820

you don't need to seal dirt into fabric you fucking moron

>> No.10666824
File: 44 KB, 554x554, images - 2021-09-02T075829.090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need serious help, i've been planning on making a Calne ca cosplay, already have the basic Miku costume but i'm stumped on the legs, i'm thinking of making it thicker so my legs don't show and exaggerating the edges so it still looks relatively boney, my feet would be where the "knees" end however i don't know if there's a way to construct the back so it isn't that cumbersome, i'd also appreciate advise on materials and how to make the chest, i'd rather not show my torso so i was thinking on getting one of those silicone chest pieces but i've never seen one in person and i'm not sure if they actually look alright.

>> No.10666825

Foam can expand/contract when heatforming it. Cut the extra part and don't worry too much about it.

>> No.10666845
File: 24 KB, 450x570, 013a1315-e167-5854-8808-e569d4285bce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where do I find a single layer cotton underskirt? I own pic related and I would like something similar but in cotton. I don't care if it's brand, indie or offbrand, as long as the quality is good. Length wise it should be 60-65cm.

>> No.10666846

I don't think you should be making this costume with how inexperienced you are. You should start with something easier like normal miku

>> No.10666849

Yeah it probably is too much for me to handle however i'd still like to give it a try and if it doesn't work i can always fall back on normal Miku.

>> No.10666853

>>10666845 I spent quite a while looking for something similar but ended up getting an underskirt like this one https://www.wunderwelt.jp/products/w-71603
It's poly but at least it has cotton lace at the bottom

>> No.10666869
File: 121 KB, 279x400, O1CN0158Dnwt1JRwrJhfvMG_!!136061026.jpg_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you but that's not exactly what I was looking for. To be more precise, I'm looking for something which can be worn under this summer dress. It has this semi-see-through strip and it's also a bit too short for my taste, so I need something can can go under it. The poly underskirt by IW which I own makes me sweat buckets, so that's a huge no-no for me.

>> No.10666983

This is a better question for the jfash questions thread.

>> No.10666992

I would start with the arm or maybe even a simpler design like Edward Elric's arm to learn how to make a decent robot-looking arm armor/prop, then come back to this. Those legs are definitely not for beginners and they look like a nightmare to wear on a show floor, better for private photoshoots where you can have helpers.

>> No.10667017

You're definitely not going to be able to find "affordable" historical costuming. Historical pieces are highly tailored and stores usually make them custom instead of putting out a line of sizes. If you're looking for affordable, expect the costume to look and fit like crap.

>> No.10667018

consider buying it from large lolita brands/ asking thm if they know of mal variations of egl

>> No.10667020

Update to the weathering question: I asked some other friends and one suggested chalk/pastel ground into matte when dry clear fabric glue. After testing it, this weathers well & it won’t come off if I need to dry clean the costume or if I sit/crumple/otherwise wear the costume as normal. It’s also opaque enough that you can blend layers really well, without the issues that watered down/thinned paints often have on fabrics

>> No.10667037

lolita brands don’t make historically accurate clothes tho. some pieces are historical inspired but if op is looking for true historical, aristo is nowhere near the real thing both aesthetically and in quality

>> No.10667207

> i'd also appreciate advise on materials and how to make the chest
It's cheaper and easier to buy it or simply close the blouse. There's a visible neck and arm seam but if you can cover it in photos, you'll be fine. Alternatively you could use power mesh instead of an actual open shirt.

>> No.10667208

> i don't know if there's a way to construct the back so it isn't that cumbersome
Define what cumbersome is referring to in this context first

>> No.10667290

As in ways to make it easier to transport, for example making the back part of the legs detachable, i've been watching tutorials on how to make detachable limbs for cosplay but since i'm not that versed in prop making i don't know which of the techniques i've seen would be best.

>> No.10667292

Although i am considering taking the advice one of the anons gave me to make it exclusively for photoshoots since it would be fairly difficult to wear it at a con.

>> No.10667302
File: 1.05 MB, 888x1662, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe take a lot of small plastic tubing, slice it into rings, then cut a slit in it so it's like curtain rings, a 'C' shape that you can flex open.

Myself, I'm fishing for any ideas for head frame upon which to build a cyberpunk dystopia / post-apocalypse 'gas mask'. Pic vaguely related, I want to rig it up with LED effects and a creepy voice changer. Needs to cover eyes and mouth, and accommodate eye glasses underneath. Being able to quickly don and remove it is a plus.

So far I've considered workplace safety suppliers, military surplus, and paintball/airsoft gear. Bit hit and miss, anything that'd be a decent option is also pricy because it's actually IS some kind of serious protection mask. Any easy and obvious sources I've overlooked?

>> No.10667362


I'm seconding >>10666846 . This would be a nightmare to make even for an experienced prop maker. Also wearing this at a con is a recipe for disaster. It's either going to get tangled and break or hurt/damage someone's cosplay, that's if they even let you in with something that big.

If you still want to make this, put some wheels on the back part so it rolls on the ground instead of dragging.

>> No.10667374
File: 778 KB, 1920x1080, 4ction-Figure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone uploaded ripped models of the heads from Borderlands 3?

>> No.10667389

I was wondering if they is a standard width for pleat on real japanese sailor uniform? I'm planning to make a paper pleat mold for skirts and would like to be to able to use it for cosplay or nanchatte.

>> No.10667401

anon, you also sound like you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. that cosplay isn't a "walk the con floor" kind of cosplay anyway, it's the kind of thing anon would bring to the con and set up to pose for pictures for a few hours. no one is walking around in something like that.

>> No.10667501

Yes, they're not wrong. Cosplays like these are "Main Hall Centerpieces" meaning that you set up with your handler in one part of the biggest area of the convention -- the main hall -- which is usually where all cosplayers convene for pictures. You'll stand around in one spot showing off for a few hours, then change into a more mobile cosplay for the rest of the day. Or simply keep it to a photoshoot. You absolutely should not be trying to walk the convention in something this big -- that's just rude to everyone else who needs space to walk and safety reasons.

Anyway, to reply to your question: That's tough and completely depends on how you're going to construct the costume. The reason the other anons are advising you against it is because this is absolutely a Master level project. I would expect to see this level of skill at WCS. It's not just the aesthetics you're working with but your personal safety too. If you're going to be on stilts, that means that you can't also make them bendable or detachable because you could open an avenue for it to malfunction on you and send you to the ground. I wouldn't even call this prop making, but more like advanced theatrical and mechanical costumery. Maybe you can design the costume in a way that you don't actually have to build the stilts. I'm thinking of something like how people make centaur legs -- kind of like a boot cover.

>> No.10667521
File: 53 KB, 411x500, Th12Nue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would anyone be able to reccomend somewhere to buy cosplay? I'm looking to cosplay Nue Houjuu but as I've not done this before I don't know anything about places that sell this stuff. I've had a look around a bit but, probably due to the not-massive popularity of the character, nothing I can find has any reviews at all for this particular outfit.
There's one seller on aliexpress I've found that I'm pretty happy with, still no reviews for this one but they have good general reviews, but I thought I'd ask anyway in case there's an entire site I'm not aware of I'm missing out on or something like that. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

>> No.10667549

Thank you for the suggestion anon, i'm thinking of making the upper part of the legs somewhat like an armor around my legs and making the back part detachable so it's easier to transport as well as making the edges somewhat exaggerated so it doesn't look as stumpy.
I also don't have a deadline for this one, this is more of a passion project i plan to work on slowly over the years while i get better at prop making and such things, i'm done with the part i'm familiar with which sewing and garment construction so i decided to start researching how to build the parts i'm the most lost on.
I should have also mentioned that i'm getting help on the actual construction from a friend that has more experience building props, armor and things like that, so i'm not completely alone on this one.

>> No.10667567

>i'm thinking of making the upper part of the legs somewhat like an armor around my legs and making the back part detachable so it's easier to transport as well as making the edges somewhat exaggerated so it doesn't look as stumpy.
I think that's a great way to maneuver around the issue. I've seen a couple people use that technique and it can look really good when the illusion is done well.

Sounds like you have a good plan of action. Good luck!

>> No.10667569

>youtube search
>where to buy cosplay
>thousands of recommendations and reviews on specific cosplay shops and their pros/cons

>> No.10667571

Oh shit, never thought of youtube. Yeah I'll give that a look, thanks.

>> No.10667576

Thank you anon! And thanks to everyone else who offered their help!

>> No.10667645
File: 743 KB, 1081x1115, Dionysus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm pretty new to Cosplay and I wanted to cosplay Dionysus since I'm med and I like his shtick. I'm wanting to mostly take inspiration from the Hades version, but it doesn't have to be exact. I'm a total noob and don't really know where to start, how I'd make props, get the right footwear, what type of lenses are safe etc. Could I please get some advice from you guys?

>> No.10667658

Start by doing research. With the internet, the cosplay scene is so much more vast and accessible than it used to be. Youtube is a great place to start. There's videos on how to plan cosplays, where to find materials, and often people posting their walkthroughs or tutorials of making their own costumes. A video doesn't have to be about your specific costume to be helpful either. You can start learning the vocabulary, materials, and steps just by incorporating more videos of other makers crafting their projects into your watch-time. You can always come back here if you have more specific questions too.

>> No.10667789

If you can't find a tutorial to this character's costume, break it down into parts (i.e. toga, staff for, flower/fruit/grape crown, manly makeup) and look for tutorials on each part.

>> No.10668045
File: 118 KB, 964x768, fafnir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of glasses are these and anyone know where I can get similar looking ones? The ones I've found aren't looking right

>> No.10668068

This is gonna sound so dumb, but get pet sunglasses, pop the lens out if they aren't clear, and fix them to your face using skin-safe tape (not regular tape, that shit will hurt you) or lash glue.

>> No.10668071

They are the old style of glasses ppl used to wear. You would have to seek out similar stuff in vintage shops, they arent made anymore. They keep on by squeezing your bridge btw.

>> No.10668072

that...that's actually an amazing idea and I found what I was looking for immediately
thanks so much lol

>> No.10668096
File: 102 KB, 576x1024, Regency-Mens-suit-at-Jane-Austen-Centre-in-Bath-576x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for responding, for what it is worth by affordable I'm thinking around the 800US range.

And yeah it does seem to be a big dichotomy in quality. Are there any historical stores you would recommend?

My plan b would be to find a pattern online and start cold calling tailors.

Thanks anon Ill keep that in mind as a back up option.

>> No.10668097

They are known as "Pince-nez" glasses

that said for tiny ones that other anon has the best idea as actual ones are normal sized.

>> No.10668098
File: 249 KB, 1080x1080, 82258171_3150685218293855_8502174494448680960_o-1080x1080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're looking for Pince-nez glasses (oxford glasses) if you want to get accurate. Good luck now that you know the actual terms.

>> No.10668109
File: 77 KB, 920x204, Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 6.48.59 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tbh you're better off asking this question in a group like pic rel or reaching out to your local reenactment society rather than asking cgl. I highly recommend contacting a local society if possible because if one of the members is open for commissions, they can take your measurements in person which will give you a better fit than buying through the internet and hoping for the best.
Good luck on your historical costuming journey, anon!

>> No.10668143

With regards to ordering stuff of a custom size: I guess cause I've never took my measurements before I'm a bit cautious (I have double checked them at least), would it be worth say adding 1cm to them to be extra safe or do you think that's pointless?

>> No.10668150

Thanks anon I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

>> No.10668154

It's always easier to take clothes in rather than let them out.
I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly, but I've had the most success measuring *clothes* that I like the fit of, rather than my body, and using those numbers for reference.

>> No.10668164

>It's always easier to take clothes in rather than let them out.
That's true, and the other thing is "would I rather it be a centimeter too big or too small" to which I feel the answer is obvious, but it's occured to me maybe 1cm is a lot less significant than I was thinking so maybe if I'm doing that I should go for 2cm, I dunno.
>I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly
Like measurements to give for tailor made stuff, not to pick a size. Not sure if that's what you meant or not. Not sure why I didn't say "tailor made" before regardless.
>but I've had the most success measuring *clothes* that I like the fit of, rather than my body
I can certainly see that working for picking sizes, but as it happens that wouldn't work for me anyway as all my clothes are too big for me.

>> No.10668167

You can if you want, but if a custom maker knows what they're doing, they will add in the necessary ease for you when they're making your costume. It's more helpful to provide accurate measurements than what you think are ideal.

>> No.10668168

Most custom makers will ask for your actual measurements, not what your clothing measurements will be. If you send in numbers based on clothing you own, you're going to end up with garments you're swimming in since it will be clothing ease on top of clothing ease.

>> No.10668282

Yeah that's what I figured, but I guess I'm just overly cautious as I've not done this before.
No yeah, these are my actual measurements I've got not based on clothing.

>> No.10668402
File: 20 KB, 250x613, duck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know of resources on how to make a tutu? I want to cosplay Ahiru but every tutu tutorial I can find is for a shitty limp tulle skirt and not an actual ballet tutu.

>> No.10668405
File: 136 KB, 245x574, legoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do I do Legoshi cosplay? Just looking for a good shirt/pants/suspenders/tie that emulate this

>> No.10668446

please make sure to ask, don't assume like >>10668154 >>10668167 say, especially if you're getting custom from china. you need to make sure they know what measurements they are getting because some "professionals" have no clue what they are doing.

>> No.10668454

>especially if you're getting custom from china.
I indeed am. So what, should I contact them first, or state alongside giving the measurements that these are body measurements (that what you'd call em?)?
And I suppose if we're at thispoint: they don't ask for shoulder measurements but should I give them them?

>> No.10668488

You can pick up pretty much all of those pieces for cheap from a thrift store or random Amazon sellers.

>> No.10668505

try searching "classical tutu"

>> No.10668516

I want good-quality shit that fits well and I can actually wear in the world

>> No.10668518


Townsends has amazing basics and maybe some of your more speciality items. They will do custom measurements. Their stuff is finished beautifully too.

>> No.10668570

>go to a consignment store since they generally have better quality than thrifts
>take clothes to a tailor

>> No.10668610
File: 5 KB, 199x253, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, a fellow person of Princess Tutu culture. I had the same problem when I was making my costume. Everything premade was either a Giselle style tutu or a Party City tutu. So your options are: alter a premade or make your own. The style of tutu you're looking for is called a Platter Tutu -- it's the kind professional ballerinas wear. Unfortunately, they are also professionally priced at $100+ dollars. The process of making one yourself will not make this any cheaper and honestly may run you more expensive. These tutus are made by layering stiff tulle netting and sewing it in rows pointing "up" and "down" kind of similarly to how wefts are sewn into a wig. When a wig is made to be spiked, the wefts are sewn with the hair pointing up so that it can defy gravity -- it's the same concept with the tulle strands. Then the whole shebang is heavily starched and steamed. You can find videos of this online and tutu kits, but again they're expensive.

When I made my costume, I was a beginner sewist and on a moderate budget. So, I took a premade giselle (ie. soft knee length) style tutu and stuck a wire frame in between the layers. Then I tacked the edges down so the wire frame was invisible-ish. It worked decently except the wire I used wasn't strong enough and kept on getting bent out of shape. If I were to do it again (and a direction you might want to go into) would be to make something to the equivalent of a drum farthinggale (in other words a very short and stout hoop skirt) [pic related]. Then, wear the premade tutu on top and add some similar colored tulle or harvested layers from your tutu and attach it to the underbelly of the farthingale so you can't see the guts.

I apologize for how long and rambly this is, but hopefully some of that made sense to you and is useful. I love to see Tutu cosplayers, so I wish you all the best!

>> No.10668611

Make a list of the pieces of the costume and either purchase or make each part. Use youtube to find tutorials on what you don't know how to make -- they don't have to be for your specific costume either, just any useful tutorial. The furry community will have plenty of resources for you.

>> No.10668623

for an aeon flux cosplay and poor sewing abilities, do you think my best bet would be to invest in some latex/vinyl pieces and modify them? also if there is a site with a good pre made one or someone who could do it custom let me know, i haven’t been able to find one yet

>> No.10668658

Latex is glued, not sewn. Both are tricky materials to work with, so it's better for you to find a cosplay commission group on Facebook and find someone who can make the costume for you. Don't expect custom latex/vinyl to be cheap though, even a relatively simple commission can run you several hundred to several thousand dollars due to the cost and time it takes to make a good costume from those materials.

>> No.10668685

Has anyone tried making or wearing wigs made of anything other than conventional plastic fibers or yarn? I'm curious if people have tried anything beyond usual wigs and the end results.

Not expecting anything to beat out traditional wigs of course, just very curious about creativity.

>> No.10668688

You’ll see some Borderlands cosplayers making theirs out of craft foam to get that in game cartoony style. I’ve seen a few super saiyan wigs from craft foam too.

>> No.10668696
File: 189 KB, 616x353, cruelty squad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd love to do a Cruelty Squad cosplay but where the fuck would I even start? I think getting a fishing rod would help make it more distinct.

>> No.10668808

This is going to sound like backwards advice, but check out the Bad Cosplay Thread. There's creative ideas, but executed really poorly. So take inspiration and find a way to actually make it look good. One example that comes to mind is a Kakeguri cosplayer who tried to make a wig out of playing cards. It was inventive, but looked like shit. Perhaps a better way to do it is by using the red and black backs of cards to emulate realistic hair color and cut or otherwise shape the cards to look like hair too? Idk, it's a thought!

>> No.10668815


Amazon has acrylic shades with LED’s on the side if that helps. Gyakyuyoga has a few guncrafting tutorials if you’re not a coward with foam crafting.

>> No.10668829


I'm retarded; I can't find these acrylic shades. Are you talking about a specific product?

>> No.10668848

How do I untangle an extremely knotted up wig and how do I prevent it from getting tangled and going everywhere
I wore a long wig for the first time and it was awful

>> No.10668853



I got you homie.

Fabric softener and a shit ton of combing. I personally keep buying my wigs over and over again because I am a retard who sucks at wig care but I know some wizards who fabric soften their shit.

>> No.10669156

Omg thank you! All of this information is really helpful so don't worry about it being rambly. I'll look into the techniques you mentioned.

>> No.10669161

Ah, I'm happy to hear that. Best of luck!! :)

>> No.10669168

Mane and tail detangler also does wonders and keeps wigs detangled.

>> No.10669176
File: 29 KB, 510x612, 21ce9afdc64da6078587057b9b5b04a4[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello there /help/,

A friend of mine gave me a black coat (a medium-long Zara coat) for my cosplay shenanigans. Problem is, he tried to clean a stain and accidentaly decolored the shoulder/chest/arm (think a black coat with dark blue "stains"). I was thinking about sewing cloth on top of it in the shoulders ala pic related but I think my skills would only allow me to do it while creating the coat, not over the actual shape.

Is there any way to dye it? Asking my buddies they all warned me about dyeing something which is unevenly colored, as the final look will nonetheless be uneven.

Any idea/tip about dyeing it or fixing it?

Thanks in advance!

>> No.10669241
File: 1.24 MB, 1125x2000, 20210907_100124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is probably an extremely simple question but I'm a dumbass who hasn't done a cosplay in a long while. I'm working on a scalpel for my Faust (Guilty Gear) cosplay and I was wondering if I could cover up the blade part with anything that could smooth it out, since I used cardboard and tape to get the general shape constructed. I imagine modelling clay or something else would do, but I'm not sure.
Thanks for the help in advance.

>> No.10669243

Modeler's putty or caulking in extremely fine layers + smoothing. Both shouldn't add too much weight if you're doing it right, otherwise I would suggest

As a decent study guide for blade crafting later down the road when you inevitably feel like remaking it.

>> No.10669244

Dyeing something pure black is pretty difficult since most black dyes are actually super dark blue or purple. Tbh of the stains are extensive and noticeable, you’re better off getting a whole new coat.

>> No.10669247

Like other anon said, dying isn't really the way to go if you want it to look even at all. I will say that "square panel" sewing on the exterior is easier than you think; if you look at Jensen there you can even see that the patches are raised. If you can do a hemming or ladder stitch by hand it should end up fine.

>> No.10669263

Awesome, many thanks for the help, anon!

>> No.10669370

Ideas for literally baby's first cosplay? Some sort of outfit that can be adapted into a baby-friendly design and identifiable even with simplified details. Wig will be optional.

>> No.10669384

Doesn’t get any easier than Shinji Ikari
>white button up
>black t-shirt
>black belt
>black pants
>white sneakers
>white mug as prop

>> No.10669421

School uniforms are usually simple. Typically you can use them for several characters too

>> No.10669425
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, 8AAD04D4-C815-47D7-AD5C-08141DF5FEBE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No problem, I’ve been making props my entire time cosplaying so most of it is second nature.

Pic rel

>> No.10669426

The best baby/very-very-little-kid cosplays I see are ones where they're cosplaying along with one or both parents, like as their child or pet or a sidekick from the series.

>> No.10669445

A wig will look stupid and uncomfortable on a baby. Also making them a standalone character for a show they don't even watch is weird, so your best bet is to make a comfy and cute costume of a pet/sidekick character that matches your cosplay. Like some sort of fluffy onesie with a hoodie.

>> No.10669470

I think there has been some confusion. I'm guessing you mean a literal baby and not "I am new to cosplay and want easy designs", correct? Sometimes people use "baby's first" jokingly to mean "my first"

>> No.10669475
File: 101 KB, 1500x1500, 610m25gVo0S._AC_SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Need help making a skeleton mask with articulation. I saw this nice one on etsy but its too detailed and it costs $500+. Any ideas?

>> No.10669479

Thanks, I'll go with the sewing!

>> No.10669556
File: 70 KB, 700x700, 001_Skull_Mask_Pattern_by_Kamui_Cosplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kamui Cosplay has a foam pattern you could use as a base.

>> No.10669583

anon, are you retarded? who the fuck is handing mugs to or putting school uniform blazers on literal babies?

>> No.10669730

But its only for the face and not a full head mask. Thank you for the suggestion though.

>> No.10669741

Thanks for the suggestion, but Shinji is so non-descript that it doesn't look like costume and can be easily mistaken for a lot of other generic-looking male leads.

I do want to make a generic navy x white sailor uniform! Question is, which school uniform to base it on...

Love this idea! It would work out great for Halloween, keep the baby warm and be recognizable for other kids and maybe even some parents. Would you recommend the Eevee head part as a hat or a hood to the bodysuit?

If only I were still making costumes for myself to match... Pregnancy did a number and I'm still physically recovering.

>> No.10669774

Nta but you may be able to cobble together a full helmet using Kamui’s skull pattern on the front and adding a back part from an iron man or other superhero helmet pattern. Just be aware that your helmet won’t be skintight.

>> No.10669798

I think you misunderstood my comment. I and another anon thought OP was saying "baby's first" in the joking manner of meaning "my first" or "i'm a beginner at 'x'", not a literal infant. And as such, that is why we gave the suggestion of the school uniform because it's a good entry level costume for beginners. That is why I corrected myself because I realized from the other comments that, "oh this person means a literal infant, I was mistaken, and therefore my suggestion makes no sense"

>> No.10669919
File: 60 KB, 640x438, D5366EC3-91CC-4353-A935-9BAE9458598E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So specifically with the breastplate, I have a theory that I can trace the contour lines of the indentations on a sheet of foam that’s been fitted to my chest followed by scoring along the trace, then heating and pressing it to the other side to get the muscle shape/curves. Was then planning on measuring and cutting out additional pieces of foam to line the trim and detailing. I’m using contact cement and some armor metallic fx paint on plastidip primer.

Is this a sound plan? I’m in crunch time and got waylaid, the scoring/pressing method worked for a Greek style hoplite breastplate I did as a test but this will be my first actual cosplay.

The other stuff in the image is fairly straightforward but if anyone has some tips or wants to chastise me go all out I’m here to learn.

Also I’m not expecting it to look like this masterpiece I’m just using it as a reference.

>> No.10670025

Yes but depending on the depth of the foam. Better results if you use 5mm stuff from Joann’s (crafting section instead of buying over priced Yayahan junk) thinner it is = easier to form.

You’re essentially making an eevee Kigurumi. But congratulations on being a mother!

>> No.10670042
File: 248 KB, 1800x1012, DZzSrS0X4AAOZsB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

howdy people , im on the planning stage for this costume , i have figured out mostly the lighting part for the armor except for one thing , i have no clue on how to bounce light from the inner layer of the suit without using white fabric.

My idea was to get a tight fitting sport shir or something and wear on top the armor plates ( think batman from the nolan movies ) but i want it to look completely grey when the lights are off...any suggestions?

>> No.10670090

Am I too old to start cosplaying at 25 (male)?

I'll be 25 in 3 months

The people I look up to had started in their mid teens at the latest and are about retiring in their mid 20s

Always wanted to try it but throughout my teens and early 20s I had terrible acne and was far too self conscious to try.

Now I feel like it's too late, that my face doesn't have that youthful quality it used to, wrinkles will start showing up soon...

Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.

>> No.10670131

You're not too old.

A hobby is never too young or old to pick up.

Good luck and have fun!

>> No.10670322

Absolutely not! Honestly mid-20s is pretty great to get into cosplay, since your tastes are more cemented and you may have more disposable income.
If you're looking for role models there are plenty of great cosplayers in their 40s and up you can look to. From bigger names like Adam Savage to DIY folks there are tons of very cool process and discussion videos on YouTube that cover everything from prop building to sewing to wig work.
As a dude rapidly closing on 30 (who was certainly self-conscious when younger) I do get where you're coming from. I'm pretty close to retiring most of my teenaged-character-cosplays, but there are so many more characters my age that I love cosplaying. Plus it's easier to "look old" with a beard or makeup if you have a more mature face.

>> No.10670338

>too old to cosplay.

No, I’m about to turn 30 in November and I’m just now adding in robotics to my prop work. You’re fine, most of the stipulation usually comes from kids who assume adults are there to fuck them.

>> No.10670366

what are some places i can order cosplays from
is ezcosplay a good site? im too much of a brainlet to make a cosplay, i just want to have fun

>> No.10670405

Ez Cosplay, Party City, Spirit Halloween, Taobao if you’re a twink I guess.

I have a bone to pick with EzCosplay, those dudes never delivered on the Naofumi costume I ordered so I literally just make everything nowadays.

>> No.10670414
File: 177 KB, 493x600, 1607671766771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cosplaying this guy. Anywhere to get or any way to make some decent ears and a tail?

>> No.10670433

Is it safe to just order Contacts online? Don't they need to measure your eyes out or something? I have absolutely no idea, I've never done it.

>> No.10670434

What are the most reliable places to get pre-made outfits from? I wanted to buy a Twice bodysuit (from BNHA) but I don't really know where to look

>> No.10670440


Is there a way to shrink foam props?

>> No.10670484

Thank you for the pep talk, helped me pick myself up after being really mopey over all this.

Idk about mature face. I had been looking forwards to having a more chiseled face before, which is one reason I kept putting things away. Now it's still round, just more tired. I do have a beard - because my face is round, though I will likely shave it to try to preserve the face I have with a skincare routine.

It'll be tough to find a character to cosplay, most anime is marketed to teens. I've seen women in their mid 20s cosplay Love Live characters, which worked out because they added sort of a statuesque charm to them. Likewise, some of them just aged very well and are great with makeup (keekihime).

Now aging up shonen protagonists is something that would likely not work well, remind people of the inevitability of time and worst case scenario make people think I'm after teenagers, even if the anime launched when I was 12.

It seems that Geralt of Rivia is the mainstay for any male cosplayer 25-40, but he's been done to death. I'll have to think.

Yeah, I wish I had a friend group to discuss anime, cosplay and other media with, but that ship has probably sailed in my teens - that is when I started wishing to pursue cosplay, among other reasons in order to find friends, but never pulled through due to acne and social phobia. In the end I never really had a social circle.

Having no peers at the events is one of the things I worry about, but it can't be helped if I still wish to do this.

>> No.10670508

I might be able to throw you a bone on that last part. I got a small community of old guard tier weeaboos who are in their mid 20’s and 30’s. We all go to or at least went to cons here in the US before things went to absolute shit in regards to COVID-19. If you don’t mind old anime or us shit talking tertiaries I’d be more than happy to throw you a link, I organize meet ups too.

>> No.10670510

pro tip from fellow 25 year old: Wear sunscreen on face hands and neck daily. exfoliate once a week. Use a skin cleanser. Moisturize.

Also, drink plenty of water, drop soda and large quantities of processed foods.

If I shave I can unironically pass for 16. An old man at the pub the other day was shocked that I was over 18. If you take care of yourself you'll remain young for a long time <3

>> No.10670512

>Now aging up shonen protagonists is something that would likely not work well, remind people of the inevitability of time and worst case scenario make people think I'm after teenagers, even if the anime launched when I was 12.
>people think I'm after teenagers

Stop hanging around superficial dipshits then. Literally cosplay who you enjoy and put your soul into the shit -you- want to do. Teenagers at cons are generally dog shit, but even in things like say BNHA or Demon Slayer nowadays, there are 20~30 year old shitters cosplaying them.

Moisturizing in general saves your ass but to add onto that, literally pick up lifting. Muscle de-ages you.

>> No.10670521


idk about it de-aging you but it does make anyone look better

>> No.10670532

There are a million tutorials about it on Youtube.
If buying is what you prefer, you can either get some cheap ones on Aliexpress/Taobao or get some custom made ones in places like Etsy.

It's safe to order them from trusted brands. If you use glasses you'll need to get a medical prescription, otherwise just get some with a power of 0.

No. You have to make it the right size first try.

>> No.10670560

Dude, shut the fuck up with "youtube, youtube, youtube". That's not useful advice if the anons don't know what to look for in the first place.

>> No.10670574

You should be looking for a square shaped box at the top of the page, where you can type the information you are looking for, in this case being "how to make cat ears".

>> No.10670576

That sounds awesome, I wish you guys the best. Unfortunately, I'm not in the US, I'm across the puddle in Czechia, small country in central europe.

Sounds great! My hands and face both have some scarring, but I'll start right now. Does applying sunscreen go for cloudy days, too?

I'll fix my diet up. Only soda I drink is pepsi max but that probably isn't too healthy either.

Thank you very much for your advice, anon!

I do lift! My dad credits his youthful visage (for a 69 y/o) to it, so I follow in his footsteps as much as I can. I'll be sure to start moisturising and exfoliating asap.

> put your soul into what you want to do
Yeah, you're right...

>> No.10670601


Yeah you wanna wear sunscreen every single day regardless of climate.

Follow ECAMS: In this order
Exfoliate (once or twice a week)
Astringent (not necessary, can be skipped)

the Tuxbell wiki has a decent section on skincare that you might wanna check out.

Good luck fellow Eurobro

>> No.10670627

>No. You have to make it the right size first try

>> No.10670668

I was going to dress as Diego Brando for Halloween but I have no money and recently watched Scream so I’m just doing my own spin on Ghost Face instead. As part of this, I want to put a bloody handprint and some other blood spatter on the mask. What’s the best, cheapest fake blood that’ll dry relatively realistically?

>> No.10670785

Just go to a Party City/Spirit Halloween store and they'll have all the supplies you need. There's nothing special and the really good stuff are probably more expensive than you'd spend on a one-night joke.

>> No.10670790

Fair enough, I think a $15 Ghost Face mask and a $2 bottle of deep red acrylic paint should do just fine, maybe I could mix a hint of brown into it if I’m feeling particularly inspired

>> No.10670802

Party city it up my dude.

>> No.10670814

alternative is the fursuit lj group which is full of broken photobucket images, image-based tutorials aren't as popular anymore

>> No.10670839

As someone with zero skills or tools, for a simple outfit would it be better to commission or piecemeal together? I was thinking of doing Stunk from Interspecies Reviewers as its mainly a cloak, baggy cloth pants and a leather chest piece that looks like an archery guard. Comission would be better and more coherent, but probably more expensive, where as the other route is maybe cheaper but varying quality.

I've never dealt with commissions so I wouldn't exactly know what to expect for a simple outfit with a hopefully smaller (within reason) price

>> No.10670873

Maybe a combination of both? You can piece together the simplest parts like the shirt, pants, and shoes, and maybe it will be reasonable to have the chest piece commissioned in either pleather or foam and the cloak. There probably wouldn’t be too much of a difference in quality if you pick clothing made from natural fibers and communicate with the commissioner to get them to match.

>> No.10670889

Thank you very much anon!

Should I also try anti aging products? Like the ones with Q10, AHA etc?

>> No.10670972

Based elf fucker

>> No.10670987

>That's not useful advice if the anons don't know what to look for in the first place.
It literally can't get more self-explanatory than typing in your same question to youtube. Youtube will literally do the work for you by bringing relevant videos to your search request and recommended. And if for whatever reason they, (you), can't find the right videos then just ask which search terms to use.

What's this magical alternative you're hoping for? Even if an anon typed out the entire thing, a textpost with a 2 picture limit wouldn't be as good as a step by step video tutorial.

>> No.10671012
File: 27 KB, 299x596, 14453453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I find some good faux leather chaps? I'm trying to find some I can use for Yami without breaking the bank. Motorcycle chaps seem to be the closest, but those are obviously using real leather and are like $100+. Cowboy style chaps have a bunch of weird stuff attached or buckles in weird places. A friend suggested making it out of some pants, but I feel like it would look really weird. Sizing also seems to be weirs since they're supposed to be bigger but at the same time snugger on your waist. Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.10671018

This is more sewing related, but is it worth trying to get an old (like early/mid 90s) sewing machine repaired or is it better to buy a new one?

>> No.10671023

Ymmv but I find that older machines are worth fixing up and are better quality than newer machines. Computerized machines are finicky and difficult to troubleshoot/repair, whereas mechanical machines can be easily fixed.

>> No.10671108

What are the best sites to buy wigs, particularly in the UK? The cosplay is just for fun, I'm not looking for anything fancy or of exceptional quality, so cheap wigs are fine. I've just never bought one before and a lot of the sites with the wig I'm looking for seem kind of shady and have no reviews, I'd like to be guided in the right direction.

>> No.10671145

Coscraft is based in the UK. Their wigs are in the middle of the price range for wigs (probably not as cheap as you'd like but not expensive either) and their quality is great compared to the price you pay.

>> No.10671154
File: 502 KB, 504x951, image_2021-09-12_030924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey /cgl/ working on something here. Throw me a place offline where I can buy belts in bulk without tearing a new asshole into my wallet. Thrift Store is a no brainer but I need a consistent amount of belts here. Alternately, if any of you guys know a cheat with fabric, I might be able to work that into what I'm doing too. Regards ahead of time.

>> No.10671318

Farm supply stores, after you fight off the people looking for ivermectin

Or if you have the skills and patience, craft a bunch out of craft foam. It's completely possible to paint and weather them to resemble leather.

>> No.10671356

Where can I get a good Toga from?

>> No.10671362

Any recommended sites to buy from? I was looking around but shit is too sketchy in some places

>> No.10671454

What are you looking for? Props, outfits, wigs... answers will vary based on that.

In general try to find places that have unique photos - a lot of sites will rip off photos from other sites, cosplayers, or just post pictures of the character from a movie/show/game. It's nice to see reviews (but beware ones that have dozens and dozens of vague five-star reviews) especially if they allow user-uploaded photos.
I've found that sometimes cosplayers will say what store they bought an outfit from so searching a storefront's name on Twitter, Insta, etc can help.

>> No.10671455

Honestly anything. I'm planning on my first cosplay and kicking around a couple ideas and I'm wondering whats out there

>> No.10671500
File: 111 KB, 466x466, 91P7AgAiJnL._SX466_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


How do I bend wire mesh into a hemisphere?

>> No.10672283

2 part epoxy vs contact cement for a small handle on a sword that broke off?

>> No.10672415

whats the best place to get colored contacts

>> No.10672422
File: 127 KB, 750x1000, legoshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I get a pair of pants that are striped like this? Not a shitty pair either

>> No.10672629

Pinstripe pants? Those should be easy to find at formal sections/shops

>> No.10672756

Look around at what resources you have near you, like thrift/secondhand stores, hardware stores, dollar stores, party stores. Do your research into online stores before buying since returning those are a hassle or unlikely. Look at your budget as well.

>> No.10672765
File: 127 KB, 1500x1500, 81+HoI-mHnL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How would I go about constructing Goemon's Zantetsuken? I'm most concerned with the sheath - It's not a typical katana where it's separated by a tsuba or anything, the sheath and hilt are the same material and when closed form one continuous shape. I was thinking foam for the blade (with a rigid rod in the center) but maybe wood or styrene for the exterior? Maybe magnets to keep it closed?
Even just knowing the term for this type of sword would be helpful.

>> No.10672835

Shirasaya katana is what they're called. If its snug enough friction should keep it closed

>> No.10672858

I need to use paint on fabric. Is it a better idea to buy a premixed fabric paint like Jacquard's or buy a fabric medium and mix with acrylic paint. I'm going to be painting a LOT of lines, so my guess is go for the premix for color consistency, right? It's for a halloween costume, btw so it's not daily wear and doesn't need to stand too much use/washes

>> No.10672870
File: 16 KB, 436x550, 61EpDdKKacL._AC_UY550_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought a spandex face mask but it hugs too tightly to the face. Any suggestions on what I could use to put a little space between my eyes and the face mask? Tried using some lensless glasses but it bulges through the fabric and wont fit well with a mask over it.

>> No.10672876
File: 57 KB, 768x1024, FaceShell_1024x1024.jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spiderman cosplayers use a plastic face shell. You could probably buy one and use something like foam clay to create more natural eyeholes.

>> No.10672881

Need something slimmer because like I said in the original post im gonna be wearing a mask over the spandex face mask.

>> No.10672883

Yes, Spiderman cosplayers also wear spandex face masks on top of it. I just used a picture of a random shell, but theoretically you could find one that suits your needs or make one out of a material that is thinner yet sturdy (perhaps worbla?)

>> No.10672889

No I mean a mask on top of the spandex mask dummy lol

>> No.10672890

To be fair, you gave no distinction between your two usages of the word "face mask" in your original post. Also, the advice still stands as your best option. Sew the elastic ear loops to your spandex mask if its so important to you.

>> No.10672898
File: 10 KB, 823x90, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By the 2nd post its more obvious. What do you mean elastic ear loops?

>> No.10673035

So you agree that you made no distinction in your original post yes? Glad we got that covered.
I've given you advice already, so you can take it from here big boy.

>> No.10673074

Such passive aggressiveness over being wrong lol

>> No.10673198

Anyone know of a good, strong mouth LED? I see alot of led mouth guards but not quiet what I was hoping. Sadly, not looking to peirce my face with a wire like Till Lindemann

>> No.10673215

Any image references to what you are looking for specifically?

>> No.10673221

Basically this. I literally can't find any that either done require wires, or a huge mouth peice were I wouldn't be able to talk freely. I know its probably non existent, but figured I'd ask. Trying to do a daemon prince of slannash, thought a purple one would look neat.

>> No.10673222
File: 305 KB, 1118x685, Dessa-glow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like an idiot, I forgot the image.

>> No.10673281
File: 285 KB, 956x898, 1628049987247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't find an existing one anywhere, so what's the best way to go about making the middle bracelet myself?

>> No.10673370

So I'm looking at making a hoodless cloak, but I can't so for shit. I know nothing about tailoring, so is hemming *that* important, or can I skip it and be fine?

>> No.10673416
File: 127 KB, 1024x1024, Spr_Masters_Barry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is his hair something I can achieve through spiking alone, or do I need some kind of core in order to get the shape, do you think?

>> No.10673443

Alright, I understand what you mean now. The reason it's a full mouthpiece that rests on the teeth is that without it, you could accidentally swallow and choke on it.

Nothing is preventing you from buying a small battery-powered led sphere and putting it in your mouth for photos, but it would be quite dangerous to walk around with it for extended periods of time.

>> No.10673471

>so is hemming *that* important, or can I skip it and be fine?
Depends on what you want the final result to be. If you want a ravager's dirty and beaten up cloak then a raw hem would look best. If you want to make one for a knight, try using hem tape. You just sandwich the tape between two layers of fabric and iron it down. It's permanent, secure, and can handle washes -- super easy!

>> No.10673472

You could risk it falling limp if you don't use a foam core, but I don't think it's impossible. May your freeze spray be strong and mighty if that's what you're choosing.

>> No.10673482
File: 97 KB, 245x574, legoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, they are more like jersey-stripe slacks. Pic related

Where can I get pants like this?

>> No.10673486

I'm going for kinda a rough worn cloak so I figured no hem would be fine. I might try out the hem tape around the neck though.

>> No.10673671
File: 80 KB, 1080x1080, Icantdrawsorry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's kind of hard to tell from the picture but I assume the links are supposed to be metal. Grab a 1/4inch sheet of craft foam or EVA and cut small rectangles using an exacto knife. Then add holes using the knife before painting using acrylic paint gray or metallic gray. The connections between, if you can cut the shape out using the same sheet of foam you can glue fishing line or jewelry wire under it to add structural support to the connections, you can even thread the whole thing underneath the links as well.

>> No.10673731

Never done that before, but at least I've got some kinda lead now, where can I find that stuff? Micheals?

>> No.10673765

Any craft store should carry everything, the craft foam sheets will definitely be cheaper because you aren't planning on using the other benefits of EVA like heat forming

>> No.10673785

thank you!

>> No.10673836

Good luck!

>> No.10673921
File: 257 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210918-200925_Timestamp_Camera_Free.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey Anons, i have a question regarding uploading Pictures to instagram.

I have an app that lets me set the resolution of pictures so i usually set it to the max resolution which is 4624 x 3468. The more your resolution the better your photo right?

But whenever i upload a post to Instagram that photo gets blurry for some reason. I heard that the best resolution is 1080 x 1080, and the app lets me set the resolution to about 1088 x 1088, should i set it lower than that or keep it to 1088 x 1088? Will my photos be worse in that resolution, it seems like when i post stories the pics dont get hit that hard.

>> No.10674188

It could be that your app is upscaling your photos? If your source file is smaller then the rescaling could make it blurry.
I upload pictures that are bigger than 2000x2000 all the time (I edit on my PC but use the original resolution from my phone camera) and have basically no problems with photo quality.

>> No.10674354
File: 529 KB, 2048x1697, 82ne44iny6t51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how can i dress like gojou satoru from jujutsu kaisen in my every day life

>> No.10674430

please respond

>> No.10674433

what are y'alls experiences ordering clothing from etsy? I wanna get some jodhpurs made for a diego brando cosplay but I'm concerned the positive reviews are fake.

>> No.10674440

I've ordered some pieces before that I specifically didn't want to sew because I didn't have a pattern close enough. You can usually find fake reviews easy enough just like eBay when there are 5 stars but zero explanation. I will look at the other work the seller makes if available and see how it is reviewed and compare photos of the content.

>> No.10674616

I'm overly cautious on the internet so I look for reviews that explicitly have photos (on etsy, even seeing other products from the same seller can give a sense of their quality.
>You can usually find fake reviews when there are 5 stars but zero explanation.
This is good advice, people will usually give 4-5 stars if happy but if there are ONLY five-star reviews with no or vague/nonspecific comments then I start to get suspicious.

>> No.10674976

This is probably not the right place to ask but I really want to start making uniforms but I don't really have any skills with clothing (my only experience was home economics in hs) and I wanted to know how difficult it was to make uniforms like pic related?
What expensive tools and machinery do I need?
Where would the costs be?
The hats are mostly made from felt btw
Sorry if this isn't welcome here, it mostly seems to be about dresses and stuff

>> No.10675218

There are plenty of patterns for military style uniforms which involve using the fabric it tells you and then cutting out the design in the pattern. The part that is difficult is your lack of sewing experience. Do you have a sewing machine or were you planning on handsewing the whole thing? I would recommend a Learn to Sew class at a craft store as a beginner's start if your Mom or someone else will not teach you. Then you just follow the pattern being careful not to do any modifications if you are not experienced.
Good luck on that. I have never made a felt style hat, only leather ones.

>> No.10675263

Yeah I thought about that, would have to check if there are any patterns available, I'm not sure if there would be any historically accurate ones though
My mum did a lot of those in the past and she has a sewing machine so she could help me, I should probably just ask her lol
Thanks anyway

>> No.10675399

why is everyone (companies and dealers) secretive about sewing machine pricing?
is it just a scheme figuring most people won't take the effort into comparison shopping?

>> No.10675769

Alright, I'm trying to make the gourd, and I'm stalling on the tags. I absolutely refuse to cop out and just paint them on, and am half trying to keep them authentic-ish. Like actually sticking rice paper to the thing. I'm out of glue at the moment, so I tried some clear coat on my practice squash, and while it seems to adhere pretty well, the rice paper goes clear on me, it's super thin so I anticipate this being a problem on future attempts.

So I imagine I'll either need to paint the paper white first to preserve the color, or maybe a glue would preserve the natural paper look better?

Anyone have experience sticking spell tags onto things?

>> No.10675789

You'll probably need thicker paper or several layers of it if you don't want them to be see-through.

>> No.10675838

So by the next batch of tests I think the layering could work, but my first go at it failed pretty hard. I think what I'll do, is I'll stick a smaller plain white tag onto the squash, then either wet or dry, stick a second larger tag over it.

If that fails, a quick paint test with some left over lavender proved pretty tempting. I'd have ink the tag already on the gourd, hence why this is the back up plan, but not only does the paper texture still poke through, but the wet paint glued it to the gourd perfectly.

>> No.10675890

Anyone know a place to get good quality black sclera contacts? I know they fuck with your eyes so I'd like to at least get a good pair and lower the error margin.

>> No.10675892

Is it time to make a new thread?

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